The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 24, 1981 · Page 26
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 26

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1981
Page 26
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Page 10 The Salinfc Journal's Budget Savfet TUesdiy, November 24,1961 STAR WATCH Bathrooms crave drama By JAY MICHAEL Copley News Service ARIES: Don't fall behind schedule or let merrymakers take you away from your necessary tasks. Discipline your mind to get down to basic facts now. This is a tiptop period for your activities and hopes. TAURUS: Menial and tiresome tasks may have to be taken care of. Don't complain, just get them done. In emotional relationships, be careful. Don't complicate things and keep your promises. Be careful not to repeat a past mistake which held you back. GEMINI: There's no time for telephone calls, visits or chats with associates. You're too busy this week. Correct your errors, be thrifty and don't make any major decisions. Control your emotions. If you become angry, you will lose a friend as well as your temper. MOONCHILD: You sense coming trends and know where to put your money. But you need a sound plan of action in addition to your hopes. Get into more social activities. Stand up and be counted. Don't let pushy people get away with anything. LEO: A good time to make a change or tentative new arrangements for a change. Take a long-range view when meditating and do a favor if asked. It's a good cycle for special news, for investment and buying property. VIRGO: Legal matters take a turn in your favor. Much that you accomplish now can be ingenious and clever. Romantic happiness is promised now, and good fortune. Trust your judgment and follow hunches. LIBRA: Solve each concern as it arrives, instead of putting off any decisions. It's best to keep still and do no name-calling now. Social interests thrive and you can be popular. A basis for harmony can be found in a group. SCORPIO: Time to change a course that has gone the wrong way. Pitch in and try to get matters back on the right track. Don't yield to any extreme or argument. Be staunch, and avert servi- ous trouble. Emphasize ac- curacy and check out everything. SAGITTARIUS: Pressure may build up about a decision to make a change. Your intuitive intellect proves accurate and your prestige rises if you act on your best resolution. Be true to your own convictions. CAPRICORN: Pennies saved at this time add up to dollars. Don't go into debt just to make a big social splash. Go over financial accounts carefully and stay busy. The time your spend gaining information is well invested. AQUARIUS: Stop worrying about anticipated difficulties. Tackle each problem as it arises. For continued harmony, avoid the subject of money now — lending or borrowing could invite trouble. PISCES: You may be unhappy about love. Find out why! You may be more turly loved by someone than you realize. Tensions may mount up. Try to think positiviely and relax. If someone makes an unjust judgment of you, say nothing. Parents liable for children's actions? By EJ. DEMSON Copley News Service A child, with his parents' full knowledge, flouts safety rules and causes an accident that results in his death and loss to a neighbor. Are the child's parents liable for damages? Q. The parents of a 9-year- old neighbor child often watched and laughed as he rode his bicycle onto the street and made passing motorists screech their brakes to avoid bitting him. One day he rode in front of my wife's car, was bit, and died of his injuries. My wife's health and mind have been ruined, and our family will never be the same. Can the child's parents be sued for recovery of damages we have suffered? A. The statute in your state, Pennsylvania (112064), says the parents of a child under 18 are liable for damages caused by the child's willful, wrongful acts resulting in injury to persons. The limit of liability is $200. The parents can become party defendants if it can be /proved convincingly that they had a part in causing the injury. You should advise with a lawyer who is versed in personal injury cases. Q. What, in law, is meant by a writ of prohibition? I got a judgment in a California justice of the peace court, but the man has filed a writ of prohibition, claiming that court did not have jurisdiction to award the judgment. A. Am. Jur. 2d Ref: Prohibition, Sec. 1-52, defines such a writ in common law as an order to prevent a court from exceeding its jurisdiction. If a higher court issues such a writ in your case, your justice court cannot enforce the judgment. Q. After a marriage of 25 years, my husband tells me be is changing his will, and I will receive only $1,000. The rest will pass to our only child. He says if I file for divorce, he will agree to give me one-third of all we own. Can be do that? We live in Oklahoma. A. It appears that your husband is trying to scare you. Oklahoma Statute (Sec. 84-44; 84 Okla. 214) provides that a married person may not bequeath so much of the estate that the spouse would receive less than under the law of succession (Okla. 8423-23). That law gives a surviving spouse with one child one- half the estate. All states provide similarly for surviving spouses. In a divorce, Oklahoma Statute (12-1278) says property jointly acquired by the spouses is disposed of by the court as it deems reasonable. Q. Is a revocable trust, drawn up in Boston, valid in Arizona? A. Arizona Statute (147202) says it is valid if the trustee, now an Arizona resident, submits the operation of the trust to the county probate court in Arizona. This is true in all states. FOR NEW OR USED CARS BRUCE W. SIKORA Sales Representative WADDELL CADILUC-OLDSMOIILE-TOYOTA By BARBARA HARTUNG Copley News Service Q. I have a bathroom that badly needs some personality — it has plain walls, plain off-white vinyl floor tile and white bathroom fixtures. Please suggest some ideas for adding decorating drama to this bathroom, without extensive remodeling. — W.P. A. Massachusetts interior designer Susan Larson created a handsome bathroom by adding hanging modular shelving in combination with mirrors, plants and paintings. She created a background on the upper part of the wall with paint and the lower half with scrubbable wallpaper. On the upper part of the wall she hung a large mirror with heavy gilt frame in place of a medicine cabinet. Flanking the mirror are two wall-hung shelves that are actually open boxes upholstered in midnight blue leather-look Naugahyde. They hold plants and collectibles with one shelf each covered with sliding doors. Floral wallpaper is in tones of gold, rust, ivory and deep blue. She accessorized with lots of plants and art work and towels in gold, rust and blue. Q. I have a room 8 feet, 8 inches by 9 feet, 3 inches, with a window on the east wall and entry door on the west wall. I'm at a loss as to what furniture to use in such a small room. I'm thinking of using it as a quiet place for writing bills, letters, etc., utilizing a small desk. Do you have any suggestions as to what other furniture I should use? I like the antique look that was used at the beginning of the 1900s. — T.S. A. A small, attractive desk well night be your focal point in the room. However, remember that small desks often provide you with very limited work space on top. While thay may be very pretty to look at, they aren't for serious workers who have to spread out their work. KERO-SUN SPACE HEATERS Direct Heat- Radiant 10 IM Portable Heater Burns Kerosene 1 Tank 27-37 hrs. 9,600 BTU Wn 9244.98 NOW $ 220* 5 W« Mil "pure" KcroMrw (not * I O|«M!) AAJ%RenUASalM Decor Score A small library table might be more functional for your small space. You can use the entire flat surface for your writing projects if you desire, or keep a lamp and attractive accessories at one end when the space is available. You can use a library table for dining as well. Add two comfortablle chairs that can double for reading and relaxing — an upholsterd seat and back would give you more comfort. Add a small ottoman to make one of the chairs into a lounging spot, and push the ottoman under the library table at one end when not in use. If you shop at secondhand stores, keep on the lookout for a dining table from the 1920s with a split lengthwise. These rectangular-shaped tables open up into a square with the expanding leaf folded undernearh the table top. These tables are extremely functional and can be used for writing, dining or as a console. The table idea will only work if you have a closet that you can outfit with your filing cabinet and shelves to stow supplies. If you have no closet then you're pretty committed to a desk with drawers for storage. Make your room more functional with built-in shelves of a pair of etageres. A commodious end table for keeping books and magazines would be useful. INDOOR Truckload Sale Nov. 27th, 28th & 29th We purchased part and the distributor consigned a cancelled order of an Oklahoma dealer. Special prices on the consigned goods. HO WATERBEDS WHY DO YOU TOSS AND TURN LESS ON A WATERBED? On a regular mattress the pressure on your capillary system shuts off the blood supply causing you to turn. On a waterbed no part of your body will exert enough pressure to restrict the blood supply. You sleep sounder because you don t have 1o toss and turn. 736 N. NINTH (NEXT TO MARCO)

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