Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 27, 1948 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 27, 1948
Page 7
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AI> Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1948 SEVEN „ Puzzling Mayan 'Calendar Studied GAINESVILLE.- Fla,— (fP^— A '57' year-old grandmother is :hard at work here on the'solutlon to a prob- ' lem which- has vexed, others, for .a quarter of a century— a. correlation of the Maya and Christian calen- •d&rs. She is Mrs. Maude Makern- soa, astronomer. with a quarter- column- of achievements in Velio's of the Astronomy at Vassar Collsge for id years. ..._." ... « She says little is known about the '^superstitions of .the Maya— who, in- t ciden.tally,-\ invented •' the zero— but j there' :'Js Reason* to. believe ..they* dif- ''fered'-llttle-ffotn those of' the :Mexi 7 .'rans. Mrs. Makemson said "there is [abtmdant'. evidence that the first i appearance" 'of the morning./ star -Venus:. so terrified the Mexicans :that they stopped' up .chimney vents Jand other openings in .their homes =to prevent'the-ravs from entering." iiShe said: -. "My correlation is based • on astro- ' tnomlcal predictions of.solor .eclipses Jand the risings of the planet Venus, '»Elven 'in. the hieroglyphic manu- '? script known as the Dresden. Codex. '.;it makes the st-artiriK point of the ;May» time-count a. day in 3373BC. ; .[:and foes through the great period ~of Maya v- civilization between '400 ^ and 800 'AD. This Is not completely '•-established:'' it is still a question. . >'There is need for more study. Tor •j Instance,' 'there are 20 , day-names • > (Instead or our seven) In the Maya .. calendar.-"" ' • •:. She said- .the- Books of Chilam .> Balam, five; or six' of which arc still •; in /existence,'. contain, references to '-tragic drought and Jamine I Then people ivere driven .by hunger "into- the; forests to eat the bark of .trees. The 'central theme of" their "'religion, she says, was directed ' to«• ward Insuring a sufficient supply •'» of food to' carry the population from ',•• on» harvest to another. ;? Number Of College ! Degrees Increases } NEW YORK— (/D '— A record 1 breaking number. o£ degrees were '; taraed"..tiy.-''college 'graduates dur- .i.lng the '.vein'-19*7-43, . . :. : { According' to Robert C. Storj', '• ZdUclOlonal Statistician, U. S. Of•*- f ice of ' Education. . approximately 'i 114,000 degrees-were conlerrcd dur- j:~lng this...period...This exceeds _the " previous record, set In 1939-40, by almost 100,000. . • ' Of the group,'173,000 men and >5,000 -women received the bachelor's degree and 46,000, advanced degrees. - • : ' On the bachelor's level most de- frees were. conferred In business •nd commerce; in engineering and In education. The leading fields of •tudy on the. .master's-level..were • education, engineering, and business and commerce In the.order named. The universities granting - the l&rgest numbers of degrees included: New York University, 7,590; University ol 'Minnesota, 6,359; Unl- tersity of California, 6,307: Unl- Teisity of Michigan. 5,801: ttnlver- »ity of Illinois. 5,787;-Unlveriity of Wisconsin, 4,731. " A English was the'wibjcct,In which "ihe cr«&test number'of. Institutions conferred bachelor's degrees. Other leading subjects were: History, chemistry, education, mathematics »nd biology. Th« Island of Ceylon,/with • an area about the size .of West Vir- •flnla, has a. population ; estimated at raore than 5,500,000. Protiet Your Clothes with FiM Ginning StnA them to the George St. Cleaners Wt co// (or, onrf Phone 15Z Cor. Union at George Your Individual Horoscope Loot In Hie'section In .-which your birthday comes nnd nml what your outlook In nccordlns to the starn, , . • For TuMdn., December ^8, 3UJ8 : MARCH 21 to APRIL 20 -(Aries)—You should be on the w«y to. better thi.nns by nlRhtlall ol this Hoc day. Don't hcslutc to act when you think you arc Tichl. Anticipate in some cases, niter checking well. •• APRIL II to MAY.20 (Taurus)—Be even in temperament and moderate in thoufht and expression lor best results; also for better .assistance. Mechanics, builders, electricians,, motormen, miners newly sponsored. \, MAY 21-to JUNE 21 (Gemini)—To . advance and get proper cooperation, you need to be chearlul, helpful, always thoughtful. Stars favor ffcnc/a/. outlook ol moat honest fcml essential efforts. Remain, calm " JOrTE 22..W JULY.23.. (Cancerj—You In creative, -professional, important positions generally 1 can • expect a»lns. with careful rxccuUon of- .activities.- Guard analnst extremists, reddest talkers. Romance rates JULY 24 to, AUGUST 22 : iLto)—Aspects urce,study, real- 'thinking ..before, acting. Don't. Insist .on .claiming your .rljhts or opinion till the last word. When we civ* In occasionally, -we are blRRcr, more worthy. AUGUST.23 to .SEPTEMBER 23 (Virjo) —Can't'afford to : sklp a.'beat,, miss H. hint today. Zxtr* Tine vibrations, so get what credits you con early. Lay extensive plans lor brighter future. Benefits possible all day.. " , SEPTEMBER 54 to OCTOBER 23 (Libra) —ror. , practical purposes, ' don't rush thlnss. May be a tendency to Ulce risky chances.- make needless changes In plans, •*ofk—don't do it today; sleep'on It first. Heart'interests'favored. • OCTOBER 21 to NOVEMBER 22 (Scorpio)—Despite Komc annoyances, pains are Indicated for you strong-charactered folks. Cast off thoughts that may hamper your belter . Judsment. -Work..with ease; trust in-God;- smile. " • NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 22 (Suglt- UNION BARBER SHOPS are. BETTER BARBERSHOPS .• Cltan, Sanitary Shops • CompeUnt Workm«n Uirlun}—Stnr.% favor deals In properly, tftklnn on worfc or business contracts.'May be^an Inherit-nnce, leijnl matters 1 10 jseUlc. Svcrythlnc will be okay. If normn!,' DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY '21 (Capricorn)—Many . avenues from ••w'blch -co choose; • much ndvnnccmcnt for : you- wlio •n-ill work hard. Hcarc affnirs may linnp heavy, but don't worry, things right themselves for happier times. •"• 1 JANUARY 22 tD FEBRUARY 20'fAqURr- JUfij—Some trying hours thnt may tempt I you to be discounted;' don't -.Klvc Jn.! .Avoid 'unpIeaKiinc differences by pcrtcnd-; Inn not to ace, rontettlnp; others' little mistake*. Know humility. PEDRUAJlY 3] to MARCH, 20 (Pisces^ — Extra special opportunity now to'makc .the .Kalns you have looked for. Bencflc rays .fill day.' espcciftily for' money.- 'buslncfs, building, Importsnt deals. Cultivate optimism. ',-'•' . ' '.,',. " YOU 3ORN 1 TODAY: You nrcd little prodding; have plenty of . ambition; arc pcncrnlly serious In . thought, ' careful in deed. Practical and economical, you' who firs rightly developed carry on with dlR- nt:y. nnd nclf-cxtccm. Will so on despite obstacles-find urc'Cnpnble'ot reaching the top In wlifUever work or profession you choose, ProLi.'cL henlth senslijly. Curb Inclination to be .'nnlous, cxRcthiR; these are enemies of true and HRppinrjs. Mnny prominent Judges, lawyers, bankers. statesmen born under .this-Sign, .. ,; ,. iBIrthdatc: Wood row-Wilson,-u. S,'pres.; Sir John Ervlnc, plftywrlKht, author. (Copyrgiht, 10^B f King Features Syndicate, inc.) Seventeen thousand separation orders are granted' each year by, English police courts. Alias In Atlas "A -book of maps usually is called an "atlas" because early collections .of-iimps'. often contained a picture 'of '.ti-.e mythical Atlas • holding- up the":"rieavcns, ' according: to the •Encyclopedia BrU'annica. :". Thomas Crawford modeled the statue of Freedom'in the'U. S. Capitol,' and 1 it was shipped ''here- from Home. • . •-' -^ • • .• TWO HOUR D5J CUMBERLAND '<•• PAINT & GLASS CO. 165 North Centre St. — Phono 917 BE CAREFUL - WHEN YOU DRIVE DURING HOLIDAYS NORMAL SPEEDS ARE DANGEROUS when streets.are/joy. It. takes from 3 to 12 times more'.distance, to stop'in'your.'car., "So Ease UpTn A.Freeze Up!" •'•'•• .•"•"• ' ' • . 1J • .'. ' — : SLOW DOWN" ON'ALL ROADS Jn slippery weather:' .Be extra careful when..going down hill.'. Not "-only on -the other fellow's account, but because THE LIFE TfOV. SAVE MAY BE .YOUR OWN;: -SPEEDING AT ANY TIME IS A. FAST 1VAY TO THE GRAVE YARD —' But it's; about, twlce.'as dangerous'In, bad weather or at night.' "Taice a little longer:to get'tli'cre/'and'you'ir'have' a lot longer to live!". • '•'.•- . "PEOTECT WHAT YOU HAVE" . INSURANCE &: REAL ESTATE Tlie- outboard motor principle, canal boats. A removable combl- successrul-wl,, sman .oats, ,ow ^^^^"-."SSSf " can .be .applied-, to such shallow- power applied'from an enguie on water larger craft ns barges and deck.. Two-thirtis. of .the area of -Australia- has 'an inadequate ,-water; supply,' according to the .Encyclopedia Brilannica, The "Cryslal' 5 Knows that the holidays will be a lot more fun if you aren't burdened by a large family wash. Send it to The Crystal and be happy. Telephone 936 for EXPERT DRY CLEANING Phone 5163-M Pick-up * DtVntr/ Servict TRI-STATE CLEANERS Maryland Are. at Williams St.- Prescriptions We D«lir*r Free Up to 3 MHei . By Auto and Bicycle / We Moil Your Freieription or Send by Bu* WiHiin 50 Mile. Radius Just Call ' 3646 or 943 Walsh-McCagh MARYLAHffS LMDING PRKCRIPT10N SrOM . lOV N. Centre St. free Delivery Clearance Sale Dec. 27 Thru 31 REDUCTIONS AND MORE It fcrft To Cfosj T/ie To*fn To TAt KLINE FURNITURE CO. 405-41J Ave. Phent 2708 on Suitu, Chain, Rugs, Btdj, lidding, Sofabtdi, Kitchen Itemi, «t«. . . lorn CASH FOR EMERGENCIES,. OTHER PURPOSES On Signature, Car or Furniture NO ENDORSERS REQUIRED Do you need cash to take care, of any of the many extras that come up. at this time .of the year? You can.borrow up to" $1000 .at HFC and take 6,. 12, 15 or rnore months to repay, depending on the purpose of.your loan, Borrow For Any Good Rrojon Thousands.of customers; find money help at HFC every week! They'get cash to pay overdue bills; medical or dental bills, seasonal-'or emergency expenses. Repay Th« Convenient Way . Table shows sample loan . plans.. Household offers a variety : of 'repayment schecl- 'ules for your convenience. C«h Y.U&.I * flOO 200 300 500. •1000 MONT 20 . pejmt! 5 6/J 12.65. ]8.80 28.88 56.81 HLY PA' i; tiaymtt $ 8.08 15.98 23,80 37X7 73.66. rMENT F 13 • paymtj S 9.75 19.33 •28.82 46,09 90.58 LANS (,' P*ltr*ll .$18.15 36.13 54'.02 8834 175X3 /'nym/nd abGt* tntfuds eojtf Oj the loan if •rtbaifron ifhtdulr. Charm on faitm nbcn« tJOO arc madt.under the Judiutrial Finance Law. Q*r cHa'irj on nil balances r>f J.WO or Uii aft substantially lr*x than the jull rait permitted by law. No endorsers *are required and our -charge on loans of, $300 or less is substantially below the lawful maximum. FURNITURE v COMPANY , OPEN TONIGHT TILL 9 P. M. AFTER-CHRISTMAS SPECIALS!" BIG REDUCTIONS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT! COMPARE THESE VALUES BEFORE YOU BUY! SPECIAL! $59.95 CEDAR CHESTS S 49.95 SPECIAL! WHITE ENAMEL KITCHEN CABINETS M9.95 SPECIAL! S284.50 ELECTRIC RANGES SPECIAL! FAMOUS PICK-OAK COAL STOVES ROOM SUITES! $183 &PC. TAPESTBTT SUITE $289 3-PC^VELOUB SUITE $379 2-PC. MOHAIR SUITE ... *329 $349 3-PC. MOHAIR SUITE . . S 299 $389 3-PC. FRIEZE SUITE . . .'M !> BED ROOM SUITES! $5497-PC. NEW GUINEA WOOD $519 6-PC. MODERN WALNUT ^. ^469 $329 5-PC. MODERN WATERFALL ^399 $389 6-PC. PERIOD MAHOGANY . ^349 $289 6-PC. MODERN WATERFALL 1878 • Our,10th Anniversary • 1948 HOUSEHOLD FINANCE £*>~>^^* J *-r7*~ f . ' , ,• ^•^ f utiwjwiu wia • Libirty Trujf Co. Bldg., 6th Floor Entranct on Cenrre<Sl., Just off Ballimorf PHONE: 5200—Cumberland Loans .Mndr la Qrfidfnls pi iS'cmfty To:vi:f SPECIAL! REEDED CLOTHES HAMPERS SPECIAL! NASHUA and PEPPERELL BLANKETS S 9.95 SPECIAL! MODERN SECTIONAL BOOK CASES 1/2 PRICE SPECIAL! $259.50 7-PC. LIMED OAK DINETTE SET SPECIAL! FAMOUS REMBRANDT LAMPS 1/2 PRICE SPECIAL! CHINA BASE TABLE LAMPS SPECIAL! S219.50 9-PC. WALNUT DINETTE SET SPECIAL! EXTRA SPECIAL ALL PICTURES 1/2 PRICE NOTHING EXTRA FOR EASY CREDIT! 42-46 BALTIMORE ST. CUMBERLAND PHONE 70 41 »»•I h

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