Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 5, 1958 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 5, 1958
Page 3
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SATURBAY, JtJLY 5,1958 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Piasa Oub Members Refurbish Own Plane You Don't Have to Be Rich to Fly By JOMfr' 8f fcf SON / fetegtapfi Staff Writer ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS i -r- The fact that a flying club is only as successful as the cooperation of its members was proven nine months ago when members of the Piasa Flying Club dismantled their airplane and took sections to the homes of various members for recovering with fabric. The story i>roperly begins in January of 1955 when Dusan Jellech, 423 State Aid Rd., Wood River, vice president of the club, purchased a 1946 model two- place Taylorcraft airplane. Jet* lich and five other flying en* thusiasts formed a club called "The Mits." In August, 1957, the group joined with several employes of the Standard Oil Co., who had : been contemplating the formation of a similar club and the name was changed to its present title. Do'It Yourselves The members voted to have the plane recovered and the motor overhauled to insure the safety of the aircraft, but when a price was quoted for the jobs they realized it would exhaust their funds. The only alternative was to do the job themselves, which was exactly what they did. Richard Lieber, 1717 Main St., Alton, who at the time of the recovering project was a successful bachelor living in Wood River, volunteered to shelter the wings and control surfaces of the plane. Carl Ullman, 201 Robinhood Dr., aircraft maintenance officer for the club, who lives near Civic Memorial Airport organization keeps where the the plane, was awarded the .honor of housing the fuselage in his garage. Jellech graciously volunteered to keep the propeller while the plane was dismantled. All fabric surfaces of the aircraft were ( covered with Irish linen, which according to Jellech, is the best covering and will usually last for approximately 10 years before INTO THE WIDE BLUE YOttDER Flying is the primary interest of members of the Piasa Flying Club when they get together at Civic Memorial Airport in their spare time. Some members of the club, who posed recently with their newly covered airplane and canine mas- cot, from left are: Dnsan Jellech, vice president; Dick Lieber, president; Dale Williams, flight instructor; and Mr. and Mrs. Charley Meissncr, who serve jointly as treasurer.—Staff Photo. Youth Commission Parole Agents To Have Seminar GRAFTON — The semi-annual seminar of extension field services (parole agents) of Illinois Youth Commission is scheduled for Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday at t^ie lodge at Marquette State Park. The scheduled speakers for the eight sessions, which will start at 8 p.m. July 8 and end shortly after noon on July 10. are: Richard S. Laymon, Champaign County chief probation officer and former' president of State Probation and Parole Officers Association of Illinois. Judge Thomas E. Kluczynski, acting chief, justice of Cook County Circuit Court anrt formerly connected with Cook County Family and Criminal Courts. J. Lester Buford, Mt. Vernon, 111., superintendent of schools and one-time president of the National Education Association. Charles H. Bowman, professor of law, University of Illinois College of Law. Lt. S. Harold Roberts, assis^ tant chief of police in Alton. Robert D. Patton, chairman of Illinois youth Commission. Harvey L. Long, executive secretary, Illinois Youth Commission. Malachl L. Harney, superintendent of Illinois Division of Narcotics Control. Robert J. Heilgeist, Chicago at- having to be replaced. The Job Is Finished The project was started in September, 1957, and all of. the sections were taken back out in to the sunlight and assembled during May of this year. "Nov that we are properly equipped for continuing our operation on an' active' basis," Jellech stated this week, "we are going to in crease our membership." "We are not in any way at tempting to compete with com mercial flying instruction organi SPECIAL VORNADO AUTO AIR-CONDITIONER All 53-56-57 Cars 4i 99 Installed '58 Cars $319.95 Installed BARNETT RADIO and TV Phont 4-3159 East Alton, III. zations," he added, "our only purpose is to try to organize people who normally could not afford to learn to fly." A membership fee of $200 is charged by the club and. then a $2.50 charge per hour for solo flight. Many people have the impression that a flying club is composed of full- fledged pilots. This is not the case with the Piasa group. Jellich and Lieber are the only two pilots in the club who have their private licenses/The other members are learning and have not as'yet completed their required 40 hours of flight time to secure a private license. The club retains a flight instructor who teaches members at a cost of approximately $4-per hour. The club keeps two copies of a weekly flight schedule; one in the airplane to record the amount of time spent in the air and the other at the home of the president r Any member desiring to fly calls the president and states the time he would like to use the plane. No Conflict Yet "As yet," Lieber reports, "there have not been any conflicts in using the plane." He added, "when he have enough members to create a conflict we plan to buy a four-seater plane in addition to our present aircraft. This will serve two purposes; to lessen the usage of one plane and to provide the flyers of the organization with the means to take cross-country flights more comfortably with their families and friends." torney. In addition UP FROM THE RANKS LEXINGTON, Ky. ff — Ida Oplas, a policewoman who spends her time checking for overtime parkers, was head of the police department for a while. The police chief, the major, detective chief and captain were out of town attending a convention. Lt. Joe Hoskins, left in charge of the office, had to leave for a few minutes. He told the policewoman to take charge. All was quiet during her 10-minute tenure. WELCOME .. Laclede Steel Co! July 2nd wets a Red Letter Day for the citizens of Alton. We are proud to welcome you into the community in whiqh your officers, directors and em- ployes have played an important part for many years. We are proud of the fact that by your action you have indicated that Alton is a community with which you wanted to be associated and that you have confidence in the administration of our city's affairs under the Council-Manager system. • . While there are many problems as yet un- ' solved/ we feel strongly that Alton is finally on its way to becoming the community it always had the potential to be. The progressive spirit so evident in your action, ,. together with the new feeling of pride in a Greater Alton* promises a future of immeasurable benefits to a|l citizens of this area. We/ who have always said that good government is not just theory* are happy to see your step as another encouraging reward, Alton Citizens for Better Government to Patton, the chairman, members of the Youth Commission are Eugene L. Czachorski. Margaret C. Hayes, Lowell Dale, and Golden B. Darby. Kenneth R. Absher is superintendent of field services. Royal Neighbors Meet at Grafton GRAFTON —The Royal Neigh' bors held their bi-monthly meeting Tuesday evening at the Hall. A social hour was enjoyed with prizes awarded to Mrs. Beatrice Patton, Mrs. Charles Overmeyer and Mis;s Rose Wardien. Refreshments were served by the hostesses: Mrs. Cleve Plummer, Mrs. Wilda Strickland, Mrs. Eva Auston and Mrs. Edith Plummer. ' Entertains Club GRAFTON — Mrs. Warren Hempel entertained members, of her card club at her home Wednesday evening. Two tables were occupied at pinochle and prizes were awarded to Mrs. Louis Jones, Mrs. Vincent Arnold and Mrs. G, W. Critchfield. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Hempel. Mrs. Edward Fry and Mrs. G. W. Critchfield were guests. Knno «JE — Bennie Ray JWednesday in Medora «t the (Baptist Church. Ahhoft,; Mrs Ivan shackelford is spend- Miss A enter Boy ed in Th MedoraLocker Plant Slated To Reopen MEDORA — James Glowers of son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ah- jn? this week jn whjte Hal , with holt, was. injured Tuesday eve-if r j pnf )<. ning when his car went out of control and crashed two miles north of Jersevville. He received . _ , ,. TT • ' . , . is Tuesday evening. Mrs. Hous- treated at,. , _, , • , Aflce Thursday's Telegraph. Mrs. C. D, Houstoi. and Quinton Williams returned to St. Lou, an arm iniury and was ! ton had been here caring for her School closed Thursday. A pro-| gram \vas given in the morning Mrs. Henry Sterner is a ical patient this week In Jersey. vi)1e Community Hospital. lliams. who died this week. Mrs. \V. E. Lewis of Kansssi Old Saw Proved Again CASPER. Wyo. f? - A Great Falls. Mont., youth believes it pays to advertise. He inserted this personal ad in I a Casper "Will attend Carrollton Park in the evening. Mr. Arnold Crotrhett entertained her Canasta Club Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. Ed Weller was guest her sister-in-law, Mrs. H a r r y| Varhle. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Dempsey of Kirkwood. Mo., came Thurs- dav to remain over the 1 weekend Thrift Talks by don herold How crackpot can you get? East Alton, who recently bought speaker at a missionary meetingiwith Mr. and Mrs. Walter Glhor. the forrnjer Macoupin lockerplantl at Medora, is putting the building in first-class condition, and announced Thursday that he would be open for business in abolit a month, under the name of the Medora Locker Service. He stated there wc.uld be both locker and counter service. Kenneth Henderson of Springfield has been secured as butcher and will probably move to Medora. Meat will also be sold wholesale to stores in the smaller towns of this area. Ouest Speaker MEDORA — The Kemper Missionary Society of the Kemper Baptist Church mot Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. L. Tober. Mrs. Edward Weller, Kane, an interpreter of West Central Association, was guest speaker, who spoke on "The Middle East," the misionary theme of thie year. Mrs, J. L. Tober had the devotions and Mrs. Marion Voyles gave the prayer calls for the month. Mrs. Weller was accompanied here by Mrs. Lester Springman and daughter. Refreshments were served at the close of the meeting. Home for Month MEDORA - Miss Sharon Wedding, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Wedding, was brought home Thursday morning from Barnes Hospital, St. Louis, in the Warner ambulance, 'or a month's stay at her home,' after which she will return to the hospital to undergo. surgery. Miss Wedding Aug. 16-31. Would like correspondence with interested female par* ty. Am 21 and single." He reports six replies and i* looking forward to his Casper visit. Orafton Notes GRAFTON —Mrs. Edith Brands is visiting her son and daughter- in-law. Lt. and Mrs. Paul Brands in Dover, Del., and is making the acquaintance of her grandson, who was born June 13. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Niemeyer of Arlington, Va., were dinner guesls Tuesday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Niemeyer. The couple was en route to Mozier to visit his parents. Niemeyer is in the USMC at Washington, D.C. Indonesian Rebels' Resistance Stiff MANILA (AP)-The Indonesian rebels reported today they are still putting up stiff resistance against the attacking government forces. A rebel broadcast said three villages on a vital road in the North Celebes, Lembean, Tumal- tuntung and Kaima, have been reoccupied. In Jakarta, the government said its forces are advancing steadily on the rebel centers of Tondano and Tomohon near Menado and expected heavy resistance there. suffered a serious back injury in an automobile accident five weeks ago. Medora Note* MEDORA - The Rev. and Mrs. Cletus Leverett and family of Cornettsville, ily., arrived Tuesday for a week's visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Golike. Mrs. J. E. Parker left Thursday, accompanying her son-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Ruyle of Collinsville, for Evansville, Ind., to visit over the weekend with another daughter, Mrs. William Schiff. Mrs. Clare Nell and daughter Elma, Vancouver, Wash., a n c Mrs. Jesse Hubbard, Wrights were visitors Tuesday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Pruitt The women are cousins of Pruitt. Mr. and Colyer Good and family, Milwaukee, Wis., arrived Friday for weekend visit with her mother, Mrs. Nancy Wood and other relatives. Society of will meet Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Bess Carter. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Frueh and family moved Thursday to the Russell Rich residence property on South Main Street which they have bought. The Helping Hand the Baptist Church The first Swiss exhibition of Women's Work since 1928 will occur in Zurich this year. care There ore actually people in the United States who believe "self " is out-of-date. Somebody in the Social Security department last spring even wrote a speech saying "saving for a rainy day and belief in individual responsibility are hangover ideas from an earlier economic era which 'hinder the fullest use of social legislation.'" The Social Security Commissioner was quoted as saying this in a speech, but he says these lines were eliminated from his speech as delivered. They were in an advance copy released to the press. I've seen people trying to live on social security payments. They're darned near starving. You are foolish not to have your own additional individual personal security saving program. I say LOOK OUT FOR YOURSELF. Save regularly at Germania! (Copyright 1958) USE ONE OF THESE CONVENIENT PLANS I EACH ACCOUNT INSURED UP TO $10,000 BY AN AGENCY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT SAVE BY MAIL ... POSTAGE PAID BOTH WAYS Alton's Largest Assets OVER 16 MILLION DOLLARS 543 East Broadway Hours 9:00 to 4:30. Alton, Illinois Friday 9:00 to 6:00 Phone 2-0058 Closed Saturday Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" if... YOUR CAR •IV HIGH REFINANCE YOUR OAR , , . REDUCE YOUR PAYMENTS KINNV KLOOf MIDSTATES FINANCE CO. Ml •!«••• Near Hey don't care who it belongs to. Might as well be you as the other feller. nut if you want it, save it! Where? ]n a bank. mat bank? FIRST NATIONAL" At First National you'll find a steadfast policy of safety . . . liquidity . . . availability . . , financial responsibility . . . aggressive conserve tis,m , . , All big words, but so important to you because they add up to one little word — SAFE — • » UVatt&nctf BANK • TRUST COMPANY IN Capita/ and .Surplus THIN* A\» HKIIi: STHl&TK MEMBER FEDi-HAi DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ALTON. IU4*Oli MEMBER FBPfcRAL RBSBBVE 9YSTMI

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