The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on April 26, 1947 · Page 4
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 4

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1947
Page 4
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Hagerstown Man Invents New Type Wing To Change Plane Performance . An airplane wing with a radically .new design that can cause a plane to laud and take-off at 15 miles per 'hour m 50 feet of'space has been invented and patented by Willard R. Ouster, of Ilagerstown. He backs up his claims with Army and privately conducted tests. The result.of experiments conducted since 1026 and the building of the first working model in 1938 and the first actual flying model in 1940, is the subject of the cover illustration of the May Issue of Pop; ular Mechanics magazine and is the subject of the "lead" story of the magazine. (< According to the magazine, the "heart" of the remarkable peffop mance of the plane, which • Ouster says can lift twice the pay load of present transports using the.same- power, and either hover overhead .or pierce the supersonic - speed zone, is the Ouster Channel Wing, adaptable to any type aircraft, and to piston, jet or rocke'f power. This new higu net device is a natural and the answer for operations in all the inaccessible spots of the globe. . Has Barrel-Like WIngt .The plane has stubby wings resembling half barrels flanking its fuselage. It resembles nothing you -have ever seen in the air before— but it flies. < .. "Simply; stated,"" '. the Popular Mechanics magazine article says, '"ah ordinary wing is fashioned so that air pressure—or lift—is built up beneath it and decreased above it, until the difference between the two makes the plane fly." ~ _ In contrast to the conventional airfoil, the Custer 'Channel Wing is shaped like the lower half of a iVenluri tube and has an adjustable pitch, propeller at the rear. The propeller's- tips sweep almost the entire trailing edge. Since atmospheric pressure on all sides of the wing is a constant .14.7 pounds.per square inch or one ton ner.square foot sea level, "Glister's ^ S io . reduce the the v,in K by the propeliur's sucking action at the rear of the channel, and let'the undisturbed Pressure of nearly * ton per square fo °t below the wing lift the plane off the ground," the article says. ; "Instead of moving the plane to achieve lift he gains it by/moving air masses through the channel To better control the lower pressure thus created within the wing, he has built up its sides above the pro- pellors center and slightly constricted the forward portion^' "This funnels more air V the propellor, increasing its efficiency so m uch that the pitch has to be adjusted to absorb unused horsepower," Custer says, "in contrast to this concentrated lift, a conventional wing's efficiency varies along its entire length, since the channel will lift : 75 percent of the Plane's weight without forward motion,, very little movement is'need- ed to make the craft airborne." See Our Line of '•'. Office Equipment R. M; Hays & Bros., Inc. EUREICA CLEANERS Bohmanr Warhe, Inc. Phone So ;•• 35 W. Franklm.St The House of Blue White Diamonds' ' wV • • • • : : ' •..•'•• '. • ) Rogers Je\velry Go. v 66 West Washington St. -Selection of " •'•''•••, CABINET BASES and... UTILITY CABINETS f JACOBSON'S Furniture Store IG-IS West Franklin St. ... ^ ' .: '~~Apples f ^Healtli Eastern Flavor Martin's Cold Storage —; Phone 4137' ;• Stetson and Lee ~ HATS MUSEY & EVANS 59 West Washington Street Has Safety Features . Custer. stresses safety features of the plane which he believes will further- popularize flying. "With it," he point* out, "planes can sink slowly to earth through the worst weather, onto deep snow of any other kind of unprepared ground at landing speeds slower than a nian\runs. The crash hazards of blind approaches and landings at nigh speeds are eliminated. Another important aspect .is that all the controls of the .channel wing ship are conventional-and it is easy to fly." Custer states thaV : .while most o~f the experiments with the wing have been in wind! Tunnels; and laboratories, a terft sliip, flew more than 100 hours over a government field at Beltsviile, Md., using .75 horsepower engines. • ^ Popular Mechanics says that "during these first tests the plane, weighing 1785 pounds with pilot, was held to a.'top^s'peed of 60 miles per hour. Take-offs and landings v.'ere made under 10p-feet, r upwind, downwind, and crosswlnd.''; • .Wright Field Test* ,• .Ouster says ; tfrb" "series of; tests were made 'by. .the, .Air. Materiel Command at Wright Field and tests show'that the' plane has a vertical lift comparable to helicopter with "a zero degree of attack." Another fact established at Wright Field was that the wing's lift increased even when its chord, the distance from front to:the rear of the channel was reduced to halt. ; In 1940.CuBter organized the National Aircraft Corporation with offices in Hagerstown, and the board of'directors at that time was composed of: Willard R.. Custer,-.presK dent; Andrew J. MilaHk-", Albert M Davis, Robert B. Gunnel),'Raymond M. Hudson, Jn • . . . In 1946. Vhen it became necessary to expand two new board members, Edward S.' Summers, and Frank D./Kelley, were .added, the latter being .elected president, replacing Custer, Svho became chairman of the board and'general manager of operations. ' Device. Patented - A number of patents-on/.the new type wing have been granted to Custer who assigned them to ttie National Aircraft Corporation. Custer -says the corporation, is supported by citizens .of Hagerstown .and the immediate vicinity.. The corporation has no connection with any other "firm. It is air experimental corporation and was organized to develop the.theories of Guster. ". ' •The first full scale ship (since dismantled) was. built in 194243, and Custer>ays ; the new flying .model (will be ready .for tests here in the fall. - ; r , "'•.•'••. During the early years of experimentation Custer says, "a. well known" Detroit manufacturer spent much time and\money "in aiding the corpora tion's experimental work." .. V - : '- t ~~ Two Views of Custer "Chonnel Wing" Plane channel < • $" CALL RINGER Electric Service 640 Frederick St. for Home, Industrial, or Commercial Electrical Work Drive out - plenty of parking space, out of high rent district Witness Relates May Lumber Deal ; Washington, April 25 (ff>) — A gnarled, weather-beaten Kentuckian today related"that he pulUd out of a wartime lumber deal with Andrew J. May, .then House v Military Committee chairman, because "I there was" something NEW BOOKS New volumes being added thi week to the book collection of th Washington County Free LibraiH include: "••.-A study of History—by Arnoh J- Toynbee. The : prestige of Ar nold Toynbee's "A Study of His try" is undisputed throughout the ^orld. lii; this one volume abridge merit;.or Vols. • I-VI, D. . c. Somer veil has done an unparalleled pieci ot work for it is no mere suhimar but is in Tact.the.very essence o Mr. Toynbee'g work. >. . Journey to the End of An Era— by. f Melvin .Hall. A rich,: spirited auto biography ' of .a man whose _life took liim everywhere in the world in the period from the firs World War to-the present time ^ The Pageant of Middle American History—by .Anne Merriman Peck An absorbing account of the~cul tural and social history of the -five republics of Central America with Mexico and Panama. _ It's "In Your Power—by.Roger F Lapham. An intensely interesting and practical which'the author presents a simple method of putting aside, your fears anc worries, thereby gaining full men tai and. physical health.' Off to a Good Start—by irma Si monton Black. A handbook for modero parents. .- : , .-'," Underseas Log—by Ecldie "Bush- jell. The records of ^ deep-sea decided wrong." Leroy W. Fi.eUls, 70, told a Federal-District Court jury trying formerYCongressman ;'M*a-y "and three others on war fraud charges that May failed to deliver 50 percent of the stock in the enterprise as promised. "It was about 11 months later that I finally, decided ; there was something wrong," Fields-said, decided to get out diver. War Reports of Genera! George C. Marshall, General H. H. Arnold Admiral Ernest J, King. , . Rental Collection ' •' Coble Hill-by :Edwin,I. Becker Against a Maryland setting i s told the story of Lucy Blanton whose domineering and vengeful nature worked to her final destruction. End as a Man—By Calder WilUng- ham. Two months in the life of a_cadet at a southern "military college. :• : _ •' . ,".... v •- • ' ':.. . .•',:...• Blood Brother—by Elliott AVnold. The'Story moves against the grim background of Apache warfare during the final stage in the opening of the west. . Gallows for the Groom—by Dolores B. Kitchens. Unless Two Be Agreed—by garet Pedler.- : Mar- Sees Solution To Teacher Shortage Baltimore, April 2o (&)— The teachers shortage still exists but >.w^ ..^ cvci uuv ucuitube L never ^J 161 " 6 are "hopeful signs" of solu- had received any of my stock." tio15 - ' Stat e School Superintendent .The witness said he wrote and Tnonvas G - PnUsn- -Tr »v>™rt 01 -? telephoned from his Whitesburg, Ky., home to May in the latter's omce here in the National Capital. "I've, forgotten just how many times I asked him about it," Fields said. "Did you ever any satlsfac- Jr., reported. ., . Dr. PuIIen said yesterday that one Maryland teachers' college has as many applications for next year as it had at the start -ot the 1946 fall term. He added that "we may be able to get a few oC the teach- ers ^°J. eft tne schools for more lucrative jobs to come back." FILMS DEVELOPED Any 6 OF 8 Exposure Roil'of Film Developed and Printed for .... w? ,,.:•..•• I Special Prices on Enlargements lill's Toy & Novelty Store 11 South Potomac Street . One incentive is the 1947 General Assembly act increasing instructors; pay. Minimum salaries for non-degree instructors were jumped from 91,500 to §2.000 annually and for those with de'grees from $1.700 to S2.400. The act also provides for an annual increase of $100 for 11 years. : BIG -Jemand for used farm mach- V Tougher Libor Bill Campaign Opened Toft and Ball Proctt With Plant Dtspitt Veto Threat Washington, April ?5 (/p)-~sen. tore Taft (R-Ohib) and Ball (R Minn), ignoring talk of a Pres denial veto, today opened a driv to toughen the Senate's labor bi. in Its curbs on unions. the move promptly collided wit opposition from Senators Ive (R-N.Y), Pepper (D-Pla) and Mu ray (D-Mont). . AH flve Senators are member of the Labor Committee, a,nd th fight on the floor brought into th open a wrangle developed whil the committee wasVriting the bill The measure is generally mlide than the one the House passed Jas week by a .heavy vote. But boll \\ould ban the.closed shop, authbi i/e court; injunctions to bloc! strikes affecting trio general we fare, create a new Federal media tion service and make unions sub ject to Federal court suits. The Senate scrap-started whei Ball proposed to restore a jiro vision knocked out in committee It would prohibit union's fron coercing or interfering with work ers in their free choice of unions Murray delayed a vote until nex week by reading at length from i 42-page minority report of the La bbr Committee written by Murray Pepper and Senator Elbert Thorn as (D^Utah). The Senate then re ceBsed until Monday. New Method Found To Season Lumber h W ard , Cll?ter ' Cedar La ' vn - P° mts ' to ^ channel v ,ng 5 a ? i -S akea possible safe 15-miles-per-hour takeoffs 'and and doubles, plane's lifting capacity. Test 'version (shown above^n inset) has fl own more than. 100 hours (shown One Of World's Richest Men Dies London, Saturday, April- 26 (IP)— The Marquess of Bute, one of the world's richest men, died Friday night at the age of. '65. "" ' The, who had heen in H health for some time, died at Mountstiiart House, his estate on the west coast of Scotland. The British Press Association es- .iniated that the "capital value of m entire estate cannot be short of £60,000.000 ($240,000,000)." .. The marquess owned six castles n Britain and Spain and his land holdings were estimated at 117,000 icres. Before • nationalization' of Britain's coal mines he drew £117, : "' ..... ($468.000) •oyalties alone. annually in coal IF IT'S $30 FOR 60 IT'S $1,920 FOR 960! Louisville, Ky.— (/p)—K this keeps up, there'll have to be a speed limit for'rocket projectiles. The police court docket Said the prisoner was arrested after traveling 9GO miles, an hour'across'the Louisville bridge. /'Hmrnm! : A pretty good rate of speed," commented the judge/But after learning the motorist owned no atom- driven vehicle, the judge sliced 900 miles off the charge and fined the man 30 dollars. Some chemists of the Middle Ages believed that the "elements of compounded bodies were composed of salt, sulphur and mercury" and that a mixture of the three produced a fourth type of matter,,but the four were all supposed to contain a fifth "element" "quintessence" of creation. It's Your Headache, Too ^^__^ Second National Bank The Oldeat Bank in Hagerttown Municipal Light Plant Maintained for the Sole ••ntflt of tha" Cltlzena and Taxpayer* of Hagerstown. Office hour* 8 a. m, to's. p.'m. Dally Phonci 765-766 Uncfe Sam s huge debt represents nearly $2,000 for each of hi* nephews •nd nieces. How shall it b« managed? The Committee OK Public Debt Policy, formed by leading bankers, inraranee ofttckfc, indtutrialists *nd AT \e>v«fc^tiirc)i Charlotte, N. C.—It may sound a. little cock-eyed, but in North Carolina some fellows have fig iired out how to dry lumber in a hurry^by boiling it. Right now most lumber 5s dried n kilns which are big oven-like affairs. The process often takes a week or more. It's expensive slow and needs expert supervi sion. This new method takes hours .iistead of days. The lumber bolls Then it's dry. High Temperature the Secret The secret, of course, is the BO hition in which it boils. B. E. Barksdale, his son B. E Barksda^e, Jr., and his son-in-law H Walter Kellen, have developed a solution which they patented. This liquid has an extrelnelj high boiling point. Water and the sap In the lumber boll about 212 •degrees Fahrenheit. The chemical ia poured into vats and heated* to between 245 and 260 degrees. The lumber is dumped in. The moisture boils out .while the solution cushions the weedi keeps it from curling \varmng or bursting: Barksdale sayg a one-inch board can be dried in'about five hours Thicker timber, ot course, takes longer, but the ration of' time re quired decreases: "We can dry a 10-inch' timber five inches thick in about twice the time it takes to dry a one-inch board", Barksdale said. "And the ordinary kiln, which requires much attention, takes about \\eek to dry a board to the same extent that we dry it in running it through our process," Automatic Control Heat of the liquid is controlled by thermostats since the wood would burst at temperatures about.260 degrees. The thermostats do away with the need for close" supervision. And, say its de velopers^ the solution can be used over and over with virtually no waste. Barksdale said the new process was discovered while his-plant, a wood preserving company, was doing some work for the Navy during,the war. "We were trying- to do some^ thing -else and luckily we just happened on the process," he said. . , '....;.. » HOT BATH sweats moiature ou t of lumber fatter than kilnt "WATCH TEXAS" Bes Moines, April 25 (/P)'— "Watch Texas' 1 was the Up today m the opening of the 3Sth Annual Drake Relays., '"•: 'The Longhorns were touted as possible winners in five relays during the two-day carnival. Fellow coaches of Clyde Ltttlefield said the Texas mentor has his best balanced squad in many years, capable of winning the five races in which Texas was-entered. - FARMERS KILLED BY PLANE Shanghai, April 25, (#).—Three 'armors were killed today when a Chinese airliner ran into a nearby field while making an emergency anding seconds after taking off rom the Shanghair airport. The five passengers and three crewmen escaped unhurt. , The meats graded by employees of the Federal,meat grading serv- ces are beef, veal, lamb, and mutton. CURTIS Woodwork and Sllentite Frames Latest improved designs. Hagerstowri Lumber Co. 700 Frederick Rd. Phone 942 Genuine "KEEPSAKE 1 Diamond Ring*' Authorized Keepsak* Dealer SaumU Jewelry Store 21 Jonathan St. FILMS DEVELOPED 34c One day service HILL'S Toy & Novelty Store Womtn't and Children's Rcady-to-Wear The Mdrnlng Herald, Hagerslown, Md. A»ril y SEVEN? Bores Loye of Mee Arriving ui New York is Lorraine DQ Wood, the "La Tiuana" for whom John Lester Mee, Chicago lawyer slain in Havana, named his yacht. The night'club" singer admitted she had a romance with Mee, but broke off with him last September when she learned that he Was already mari-ftl. (International) Marshall Takes OH For United States U. S. Secretary To Report To Nation On Moscow Meeting ' By DANIEL DE-LUCE Berlin, April 25 (/P)—Secretary Marshall left Berlin to'day for y Washington to report to the American people on the Moscow Conference after discussing with Gen. Lucius D.^Ciay possible effects of the Four-Power meeting on the German Occupation. He reiterated^to reporters here his disappointment over failure of the ministers to "get more agreement on fundamental issues" and write" an Austrian treaty, but' added: "i do not think the difference of opinion between" Russia and the Western Allies 1 was" increased at Moscow. It 'was 'clarified. We came to a cle&.r~ Understanding of what were the' disagreements." Marshall stopped for'two hours in "Berlin, and "Jn that time had a long and seridrts lalk with' Clay American • Military: Governor for Germany. - } „ , The homeward flight from "Moscow wm span the North Atlantic, with the next stop at Iceland for refueling. Plans to fly the Paris- Azores route were changed when weather was reported .favorable over, the northern route. * , i- Marshall expected to reach Washington by noon tomorrow, and his radio report'to the'Ameri- can people wilt be made.soon after that. Mis plane reached here from Moscow at 1:25 p.m. and left at 3:25 p.m. (S:25 a.m. EST). Railroad Ferry 'Service Started Cleveland, 0.. April 25 (/p)—The hesapeake and Ohio Railway Co :oday announced another first— 'Auto Ferry Service"—in its program to improve and expand the •ailroad's service to the public. The : first-'train, for automobiles and their operators was inaugurated today on the road's run between Washington, D. ; C.', an^ Cincinnati, 0.. it was announced by President Robert ,I. Bowman.. •• ' Under the system, automobiles vill be placed' aboard specially equipped express cars on the same ruins in which the car owners "are raveling. The vehicles will be vallabie within two hours after eaching destination. TO ENTER PARADE Richard-Showe, director of the foose Drum Corps, announced last ight'.that his organization will araticipate in the firemen's torch- 'ght parade at Winchester on May . Many new arrangements are lanned. The Moose Drum Corps is also lanning to.sponsor a fair behind he Western Enterprise fire hall rom June 9 to 14. The Lew Henry ides have-been engaged. The fundamental process in laking modern paper reduces wood to pulp and mixes it with 'ater. Weirton Steel Gives Across Board Boosts Members af Independent Union Get 121/2 CtnH More Hourly _ Weirton, W. Va., April 25 UP)— The Weirton Steel' Co'., toaiy granted its 12,000 iiidepenaeat union production workers a 12U cent across-the-boafa hourly wire increase- and hiked its minimum basic hour rate from $i to |i ifiU The 12,% cent figure followed the' pattern set by the u. 'S. Steel Corp..CIO-UnUed 'Steel Worker contract completed earlier in the week The benefits, like those of the u! S. Steel agreement are retroactive' to April. 1. • However, the U.' S. Steel pact provided an additional 21/2 cent spread for fringe items.. " • ; y Edward A. Ross, pfesident of the Weirton independent union, hailed the wage agreement as "the beit contract in the steel industry "' He added. ; "Our base rate scale is the^highest in the industry and this means the highest ever paid to steel workers." / '•.' . .' ; ;'...:. A company spokesman iata elimination of wage :ihequitie B was the other factor in raising to i-.i6V4 an hour the pay of employe'eB rfe- ceivihg less than $1.02 ah hour;The' minimum daily wage set at $9.32 per eight-hour flay ; '; ; ;. The CIO said its minimum r^te was upped fronl 36^ cents hourly to $L09 by its two-year U. s. Steel pact. New Mail Route in Mountains Desired County Commissioners at ^f*a- erick are endeavoring to secure an additional rural mail rout* in. Frederick county so. that some mountainous sections can 1 ' be served, including several places close ' to the Washington county line. A postal inspector' recently accompanied two commissioners oh one of the long routes, which'66V- ers 52 m51es, much along mountain, roads. Several families were feuc off from mail service some time ago.. The commissioners believe it will be possible to revamp routes ot the Myersville, Middletown and Smithsburg carriers.and add a fohftli carrier. Some ot the places covered on the trip inclined Wolfsville, Pleasant Walk, hear Boon'sboro, Middlepoint and Five Forks. The inen. reported seeing deer in two different places, attne'point five and 4t another place a herd, of seveja. URGE FAST TIME ' Cumberland, Md., April 25 (/P)— The Board of' Allegany County Commissioners today approved a resolution declaring daylight saying time "most desirable" and urged local residents to adopt it. •The board"was advised by its attorney it-has" no power to tnak* "fast" time mandatory.. / Keepsake DIAMOND RING ('Ring Convenient Term» SAUM'S 21 Jonathan St. YORK-EEAT AUTOMATIC OIL HEATIXG EQUIPMENT - BOILER-BURNERS CONVERSION BURNERS WINTER AIR CONDITIONERS IRIS SKUTTEI C. V. HARBAUGH PLUMBING, - HEATING. 39 E. Baltimore St.'

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