The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 20, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1935
Page 2
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a'hots Which whined past his head Ihen h*e made two trips to the woodshed and barn for stove wood. ' An hour later when he in [68 GRADULTES. • Continued from Page 1. ran, : Robert Coy, Ralph Curry, James Deakyne, Vera Gephart, Mary Good-. Joe Graf, John Gray, Margaret Haskett, David Holtsclaw,, Catherine Horton, John Horton, Crystal Hunt. Joe James, Glc'ddine Jenkins, Herbert John•Bon,; Herbert Jones, Joseph Jung Dora Kay, Lester Kirkpatrick, Ev- "clyn Lambert, Lorren Landsead- cl, ilaric Landseadel, Glen Lenninger, Eala Lewellen, Hadassah Lewc-1'.en. Mary Logan. Kathleen Lucas, Paul Lyons, Lena McCubbins," Roy McNew, Harold .Martin, Robert Murphy, Margaret Palmer. Buryl Pheanis, Eldon Planalp. Robert Pontius, Mary Jane Presler, -Robert Preslcr. Lester Rogers. Sam Rogers, Florence Rosen- thai, William Ross. John Schulenberg. Orville Schulenberg. Lor- walked dpwn the road, rope hand, to corral a straying calf, two young men stepped from a clump of bushes, seized him and threatened to kill him if he made an outcry. Taking his rope, they tied him by the feet to a beecli sapling and left him suspended head downward. One placed a bottle containing an anesthetic to his notrils and forced him to breathe. He lapsed into unconsciousness, but recovered less than two hours later. Although nauseated and dizzy, he managed to swing upward, clutch some twigs of the tree and free himself. .Merl Clay, Indiana university police officer, who investigated expressed belief that the outrage was perpetrated by two would-be thrill slayers. Police Chief Robert Eller, concurred in the belief. Raymond said his assailants wore good clothing. One was at- Three Men Injured in Razing of Buildings Improving. William Hornbeck and Ray Jox, injured in an accident at the old Kleyla theater building early Friday morning, are repprted to be doing as well as could oe expected. Cox's hurts are painful but not serious but Hornbeck has a fractured vertebrae and continues to suffer much pain, opiates being given him at .intervals. Elbert Burton, who was Injured Friday morning, has a very painful foot and It will be some time before he will be able to use the member freely. Work of razing the building proceeded slowly Monday, there being but a few workers on the job. Following the accident Saturday morning most of the force engaged in the work quit. Monday a rumor was rife in Tipton that Hornbeck had dieJ of his injuries, but his attending physician states his condition is as good as there is any right to hope for at this time, considering the extent of his hurts. A REVIEW OF POLITICS THIS SITE {son nor any ARE DOING NICELY. authorltles who investigated the Special Price mlsterlus torture case. on All Feeds. This Week. Raymond was the target of two Haddock, Ib. lOc McNutt Administration Has Outsmarted Foes by ilack- son Statement.; HAS SMOOTH SAILING ine Schwyhart, Edward Shuck, ,j red j n a white jadket and dark Walter Small. George Spradlinc. j trousers, an outfit popular with William Tulle. Frank Vice, Mark coUege students In this sector. The Wcismilkr. Mary Weismiller. i {(lct that tne attackers carried an Kenneth Woodruff and Nina Zit-1 ajies thetic led authorities to be- tifiger. EX-HEIR COMING. Continued from Page 1. lieve they might medical students. be university Both men had revolvers. Bullets fired from a .32-calibro gun were found by the Brown county sheriff at the spots •Nuts, i' : won't give you " iat ! where Raym ond was fired upon. pleasure. As long as there are 5 and 10 cent stores we shall get; along, even if we break a dish I every day.' ' •'•Maybe I'll pet an offer to po into tlie movies," the Count ".Otherwise I hope to earn a in^ writing. My wife was h'a$ a million dollars by a wobd firm to make two pictures. Out-of loyalty to me she rejected tha offer. father, Nathan Mobley, a on the farm of Walter 'liogers. Monroe county agricultural agent, had gone to Bloomington to visit his Wife who recently underwent a major operation, when the assault took place. ™ Q !? U ! Tho farm is fifteen miles northeast ttOllJ - DOCTORS' MEETING. l Continued from Page Six.) church will serve a fried chicken dinner. SW«-'iSHfWrj.Ti"r«« ^&J!f3^ 5 ^*#<'£JK;S:'5fw: •-".••' '' ; " '"i'-y\:j"'' ~ out-and-out combl- Ination betwein the Peters and Van Nuys forces in behalf of any candidate for governor. —-_-~. It is t^cen for granted that Peters and Senator Van Nuys will oppose Greenlee to the last ditch for governor. jGreenlee's tentative candidacy presents a strange aspect to Hoosier political observers, who apparently anticipated he would be j the McNutt choice for chief executive. It is said jby Greenlee's intimate political associatek that, if he makes a fbrmal announcement within the nfext few months, he will do so strictly on bis own account and without holding off for the "go sign"] from Governor McNutt. In l&fft there are reports from the in'ner administration councils that jGreenlee, as prominent as he was in the McNutt primary campaign and notwithstand- »- : -*fW5S '.*•'::.'•'.'x- Flight of Capital From Paris Causes Serious Political Crisis. liglble EO that whatever goes; out new will come'back when French' capitalists feel safe again.. In other words, even if the government were considering an embargo, which It Is not, it would he only to preserve the potential profit of devaluation for the treasury rather than to let banking and industry get it. It will all be "in the family" whatever happens. DRASTIC STEP TALKED _,. _ , __ i »» , marv campaign aim uvn.t»».i>=v»".i- Pleas Greenlee May Not j jng - Uis close p ersonal relationship with the govbriior, is not in the McNutt books at all as a governorship entry!. Although Aiany scoff at thesa reports, it is becoming increas- Have the Official Okey of Governor McNutt. TWO SPEED RECORD&. French Fliers Break Land Speed Murks in Cup Race. Indianapolis, May 20. 4- Much of the information emerging from the Hoosier' "sticks" Indicates Governor McNutt and his cohorts laid their opponents in the Democratic party a stymie whfen Omer Stokes Jackson, Greenfield, announced as a candidate ; for re- ingly clear that the governor's "boy scout" managers are not for Greenlee. While the "boy scouts" have not reacKed an agreement among themselves, there is dope from the inside that Lieutenant- Governor M. ; Clifford Townsend for many years an -official of the State Farm Federation, has the lead with th6m in the governorship free-for-all. * # * County Democratic organiza- Noted medical men are on the j e i e «tion as state chairman, scientific program for the after-j The so . ca ii e d experts [say .the noon meeting, including Dr. | new y an N uys -p e ters ijombina- George Curtis of the Ohio State' tj(m wi |] fin( j jt ex trenielyj difficult University; Dr. Goethe Link of| to uaseat Jackson and c( i rt aiu oij C °™jf "P?^ U~is claimed'the situa- T_J.- !!„. n- A *> K-antnr nf . „ ji». T.,,.l,_ tlOHS scheduled tor tills WB6h art. .,:«•„,„„* l,onniicp thO Paris, May 20. — With the Bourse closed Saturday, excitement over the serious budgetary problem centered on the political rather than the financial aspects of the situation. Newspapers, no matter what their political leanings, seem agreed that the government will find parliament in a refractory mood when the session opens May 28, and from such papers as the Oeuvre of Left and the Journal des iDabts of Right political tendencies, come suggestions that the only way out lies in i's dissolution. The idea of parliament's dissolution has cropped up often since the riot of Feb. G last year, but it. is a virtually unprecedented move here and no government ha.'i been willing to' do anything ' (By United Press). Etampes, France, May 20. — Two land speed records were set by French fliers in winning permanent possession of the Deusche de la Meurthe cup yesterday. See Our Hand Bills This Week for •Wferth While Savings. 12 Years Ago Lish Oiles, Jeff Reed, Percy Beckett, Verl Hershman, William Standerford, William ; and Garrett Jackson, searchers lor Raymond Delmotte flew the 1,- Thomi j s Burkhardt, missing since 000-kilometer course at- an average speed of 276.9 miles an hour, and M. Arnoux recorded a new mark of 291.4 miles an hour in the 100-kilometer race. Five fliers competed, all in Caudron-Renault speed planes. The. races were the last for the trophy which had supplanted the Schneider cup; won by England in international competition. Delmotte won the 2,000-kilometer race with a speed of 239.S miles an hour. M. Lascombe was second,'and Arnoux third. M. Franco was forced to withdraw duo to leaking oil ine. the 18th found his body in Cicero creek near the foot of Dienl street. _ ; * ' * * John R. Nash, administrator ot George Myerly was advertising an auction sale of the property • on North East street for June 6th. Word was death of Mrs. received of the Elizabeth- Coje, Indianapolis; Dr. A. E. Kantor of tliem go so f ar as to predict Jack- Chicago; Dr. T. D. Noble of Indi^; son will have no opposition. anapolis; Dr. Luke Hunt of the! Hayiftg nianaE ed a successful Billings Hospital and Dr Matt- 0 ? 1 HL'XTIXGTOX CASE. Ti t/llCl . . '/'when I arrive sh'e TiiKy.recoil- Kivc consumers Ordered to l)is- _. _ _ . . \_ _ : _ r I -iiv.. il or Go to Jail. hew. Winters of Indianapolis. Dr. B. A. Burkhardt Washington, Monday night; Hammond, Wednesday night, and Rochester, Thursday night. Other AKI...*t, —D— - -- cnoster, inursaay IUKHU ^mu> campaign last year Jackson has Dem ocratic cbunty meetings :ire nrecedent in his favor. It is I T>i,,t,,Jr,T,,i MOV «s nnfl that t]le a nU-McNutt 8e t at Richmond. May 28. and ur. u. A. cu.Kaa.u,, I""; pointed ollt that the ant -Mc*uti Bloomington , 1 May 29. dent of the county^.society, will j ^tian cannot fight Jack s on co u- ,., deliver the welcome* address toi - .. _ , J,._. t.., i the visiting medical men attending this meeting. | sistently on the ground that he BONUS GROUP,. A MOMENTOUS. ' Continued from Page 4.) sid'er the.offer. I may even be;offered a small part. I am willing ! , • —. to play the second part. That! Huntington, May 20.- would be another shock for ithej cust omers of the municipal »B»"-j family." '' I plant were ordered by Special Uiaco. The Count exclaimed that J his • Judge David E. Smith, Fort has not been a good chairman ^ ^ and that, If opposition td him is j ' launched, it merely would! amount | Continued from Page 1. to the ambition of another elc- " caded tho S rou <> S°in B K> ment to take over -control. It is conceded generally that the It JO tUiH-Cl*^-** o^-'*'- mv "*J -...-representing all nations, was con- nor and his Iie .tenants, yoked in extraordinary session to, ^ resQrted to gmart jp omic alj rnnsider thp war between Para- • . .. . ... _.,jl ..i 1,1 I \vhito bouse, i "We have some arguments that <~an not be answered," he said. Administration leaders conced- tion is now different because tho two governments of national union have not saved the country's position and because there is no powerful leader available to take up the task If Premier Pierre Eti- eune Flandin were overthrown. It is also true now, however, that during the time it would take Lc dissolve parlioment, hold new elections and form a new-government the franc would be subjected to intolerable pressure. Consequently than ever a XE\V. INDIANA LAWS. Distribution of tho Acts,-Will Begin May'33. and ine ura have resorted to sman IIUHLK..H i j . . . ., ,.i ,,„„,,, led Patman's : claim the house I strategy and tnat the odds should . ' . L -r would override the veto. They de- But the council meeting overshadowed everything. It had on ! head. He will be tliere when arrangi- allowance was only $200 a month, j Wayne , today to show cause why .^ a ft not on , the Italia)I . He will be mere wnen arrans"- provided by his father, whomj he, thej . shollld not be sent to jail °»j Abygglnlan digpute bnt the Jugo . meats are made for the conven- f i .— j has not seen since December, i j con tempt charges. CIRCUIT COURT. Continued from Page 1. i . Judge Smith gave them until 1 i p. m. to disconnect from the city j plant lines or go to jail. The defendants are Charles slavian-Hungarian quarrel arising] SHt V 1U11-X1 Ull£ul Ittll "iuailcl f.ll^il'o I p from the assassination of Kins -. tor governor and other state of- Alexanderof Jugoslavia by Croa-k'ces. The present organization lian terrorists allegedly sheltered j««! h ave charse when the tlelC ' _ » --„- -. ,011 Hungarian territory, friction I gates are being elected to the na- ard F. Scroggs against Roy | D. Strickland, Mike Peppas, Chris El- between Naz , s and othcr groil , )S ! tional .convention, which will en- the Danzig Corridor, and 23 i able the governor's managers to ccountins for serv-ijjs, irl King and Gilbert Cox. ^ ^ Danzjg Corridori a nd 23'able the governor's managers to a rule to answer; i They were named with Mwr° r | , e8ser pomica)j economic and so-! name and instruct the delegation by Monday May (ji are W. H. Bangs and five city i .^ prob , emg for him for vice president! if they . _ .1 \ T..-1 T»...- \ , . •_ A «.« * 11 nt nt /*Vl U ffTPR t' -_- l n^n{n<^1illClH I Girard for an accounting for serv-' j| Si i r l King and Gilbert Cox. ices rendered, a rule to the .?omplajnt . ; 271h was entered by Judge Rus- Employes in contempt charges sell. | filed by the Northern Indiana The court also approved jthe | power Company on complaint final report of the Citizens iN'a- i t ha t a court injunction forbidding tional Bank, administrator of the j extension of the municipal facili- estate of the late Mrs. Carolyn t j es had been violated. .Means. •„ k™- «f would override the veto. They de- he at least ten to one in favor 01 • i . . .. t , i . • ™,ir,i nt the !nied l )is assertion, however, that Jackson being continued at the, , ...... one vote would decide the issue in the senate.j They claimed two more than tlie necessary 33,; sustain the vpto. Meanwhile.l telegrams both fa- voringrand opposing a veto, continued to arrive at the white house. It was estimated congress and the president has received approximately 125,000 messages on the subject, i - ' • tion that nominates candidates TORXAPO STRUCK. In t!ie liquidation of the Kempton Bank the department of financial institutions filed an anslvor Mayor Bangs is in jail in default of $2,000 bond on his ap Alabama Town Asks for All Avn liable Medical Assistance. __ _. president) are so inclined. Probably three-fourths| of the present district chairmen will be reflected and, while the been mutterings among tie Indi- (ny T'nilcd Press). Atmore. Ala., May 20.—Call for .peal from the contempt convic- all available medical assistance ana congressmen against ernor, and particularly (r.y T'nltcil Tress). Indianapolis, May 20.—Distribution of the acts of the 1935 legislature will -begin May 23, Secretary of State August G. Mueller announced today. The laws will become effective on promulgation by Governor Paul V. McNutt as soon as acknowledgement of re- has been returned by clerks UlOaV* 1 II Ill/I* «0 JI1W1 •- ; - . last resort and the!in the ,92 counties, expected about situation will have, to grow worse June 1. before it is adopted. Every indication, therefore, still points to Flandjn's premier fighting it out in the hope that parliament, realizing that to-over- which occurred during the night at the Methodist hospital In Indianapolis. ; ' * * * s : ' "_'_ The home of Art Swing southwest of Sharpsville was • thrown into confusion when lightning strucki a. large tree near the house Chattering it to pieces. « * * Mrs. J. N. Penwell was chosen national delegate of the Ladies of the G. A. R. in the state'meeting at Muncie. « « * Mrs. Gene Utterback and daughter Martha,Ellen were here from Van Wert, O., visiting relatives and friends. • .» * The county commissioners granted a petition for .the extension of the Scott Skinner paved road west to connect with the Range Line road.' ; First distribution of tlie acts will include only the 20,000 copies to the various county clerks. The 1935 acts are the largest in Indiana history. They contain 1,785 Pages, are 3* inches thick, Fitzsimmons, 11 months old, Emergency Operation. Indianapolis, May,.20.— ' f of , l 100 pages are o T* in^n^^ L,I.V...,;- • throw him would mean the down- • . • ](]s ^^ The Gree ncastle, was recovering today fall of the francs at the same "me.,- ^ cOntained l 392 p ageg .iat Riley hospital following an will support a drastic program for • LJ00 ' "— ••- • ~ <• financial reform. That these hopes JANE ADDAMS BETTER. Believed Now [This Famous Social "XVorkcr iAVIIl Recover. are considered slim will be realized from the following quotations taken from three newspapers which are widely separated politically: "Is the present chamber prepared to take responsibility for a massive reflation," asks the Oeuvre. '.'Mauy people doubt it he gov- against fBy Press). Pleas Greenlee, his executive' secretary and patronage distributor, cial' Institutions filed an anstvor t , on Four citv employes posted j was received from the town cf, j t does not appear likely pie con- in general denial and a <:ross|pe-11 tucir appeal bonds, and one pairt McCullough, Ala., 15 miles north! gressional delegation v^ill cut to tlii petition of Johnj A. j lhe damages, his amounting to of here, after a tornado swept j „,„.„.], ice in selecting i district ** _-j i. **„„.-. \ r^.-itl^niinrlltlm.! tl^»-rv%irtV,tVinO T-d^» C^lfVT"t 1V lift f*T ;i />r>m r»1 it t QOTTIPT! Gritton, Mary A. Gritton and |lhe : Gcldsmith Rank as Ruardianj in, which they are asking to have, their claims held preferred on-33. , GOLDEN WEDDING. , ^ through the area shortly after 9 commilteemen. o'clock today. j 'j Continued from Page 1. '! i Greetings to Mr. and Mrs. Da| |vids, written by Mrs. Georgj Pausel of Noblesville, who was un\ able to be present, were read by. Miillins Services. BIG DAMAGE. Continued from Pagr* 1. erick was partially inundated -v. — -- •-gas Pipeline near Alva was brok-JMr. Cavids' sister. Mrs. Dolly Melen where it spanned a stream. I son of Sheridan. A talk was giv- Where the rain was not so Are-!en by Rev. Thomas Plougho of «ipitate it was hailed as a bless- Spircleville, an uncle of Mrs. Da- Ing. The Oklahoma and Texas vlds. He spoke of the changes of panhandles, southwest Kansas, i the past fifty years, and of living, southeastern Colorado and north- "Life Is What One M«kes It.'f eastern New Mexico were convert- j Several beautiful gifts and coned from a "dust bowl" into a r,eg- jgratulation cards were received during the day. The guests da- parted late in the afternoon, expressing best, wishes for manjy more years ot wedded life for Mr. and Mrs. Davidi. Ion potetnially rich in row crjops and pasture lands. The. weather continued rainy through most of the region today. "THRttL TORTURE." Brown Connty Boy fells Tale of Assanlt. I^Blliomlngton, May 20.—DC lire "thrill killing," , similar to )b-Leopold <ase, 4)rompt< da assault on-. 12-year-old J Mobley in Brown coun- y;/4i^ the opinion of .K*al William Mullins, father, and Lawrence Mullins, brother of John MulUns, killed while watching the automobile races at the Tipton fairgrounds Sunday afternoon were in Tipton Monday morning. The father stated funeral services for the unfortunate son were tentatively fixed for Wednesday afternoon at Alexandria and it was believed burial would occur in the cemetery there. The brother Lawrence came TWO INJURED. ! Continued from Page 1. investigated by Chief , of Police jijnes, who reached the scene soon after the crash occurred. i The injury to John W. Reynolds ia considered a serious I one and w»l Veep him In 1 the hospital for some time. , i Much doubt is cxprc-ssoc) whether Senator Van Nuys woujd enter the lists against Jackson.!Senator Van Nuys designated Jackson for United States marshal tor tho southern district and wasjfor him for chairman last year. Since then Jackson has refused the jippoint- ment as marshal and it is ichargnel by certain of the antij-McNutt. group that Jackson has cast his lot solely with the governor. This is denied by -closej friends of Jackson, who say he is jas close a friend as ever of Senator Van Nuys. There is no doubt the estrangement between the.governor and Senator Van Nuys, noted near Chicago, May 20. — Jane Addams, famous} social worker and N'obel peace prize winner, was reportedly recovering "better than had been expected" iji a hospital today after a major operation. She was operated | Saturday for abdominal adhesions. from Alexandria with the unfov- the end of the campalgi. last tunate man Sunday; to witness the j vear> ] ias been increasing c nd that them she being ill in bed and the news of' the death of her band was a severe shock. hus- in Your P _, f —Je cepmfc koaW ^r«*ef|G ** -A \ i^ B. I* , . ttr.lLH 2 Is Doing Nicely. Allen, tho three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Stoner - was taken to the Methodist hospital at Indianapolis Saturday afternoon, for observation and treat- men't and returned home Monday morning/Mr. Stoner^olng down after the lad and his mother. *The boy had an attack pf measles and following this an abscess formed under'JiUi arm and his tem'pera- *_jv L.^'ii^ ^* L i At *»,. Af fni* Tiptoii Removals. In Memoriaiu. In loving'remembrance of our dear father, Claude B. Perry, who left us one year ago today, May 20, 193,4.. No one knows how much we miss him— Only those who have lost can tell emergency operation to remove a spring of beads from her esophagus. UCU * * c> • AIJI«J;I^' jjti'-'i**vii*vwtv»' •" it-** Among deflation, devaluation a«U | Of^he griefs 1= licence inflation one may suppose it w.ll may think we have for- hestitate like a patient asked to. • Eot ten choose from three purges, but whoi would rather taken none of them. " "There is no more parlia*| ment," writes the Quotidien.' gotten, .When they see us smile, But little they know the sorrow Which that smile hides all the while—The Children. INVITING Alvin Tebbe, 22» E. Washington As a guest of The Tipton Dally- Tribune at the New RiU Theatre to--witness' "AFTER OFFICE HOURS" Explanation:; This Invitation la not transferable and is good only- tor the party whose name and address appear above. The 'party named above, accompanied by a member of his 'family or a Wend should present! this Invitation at the Ritz door i the same as tpo regular admission tickets. tunate man Sunday^ to wuneos me year, lias oeen inuicaoiuj., uuu •.»*.races, they bringing along a small h t extends to certain meir.bers'Of daughter. The wife of John Mu;-l congresSi who, a couple of years Hns, was unable to accompany j agOj wcre chanting the governor's praises. . Political associates of Scnatoi Van Nuys say (off the record) they are not being invited to join any movement engineered by R. Earl Peters, former chairman, to obtain control T>f the stute machinery and to nominate a candidate -for governor. The r doubt very much whether the a itlpathy of Senator 'Van Nnys toward the governor, Qreenlee, and o ;hers of the McNutt Regime wU1 ™ ult tn his entering toto any politlsal pact J. P. Graf has moved from 433 Oak into part of the house with his son-in-Iav?, Ralph Miller at 451 Oak. i Otis Davis h'as changed his residence from 3;30 Wabash to 226 Kentucky, where Ernest Campbell lived. j ; Homer Brinegar and family now I reside atj 428 V4 N. Main In part i of the House with Clyde Pickett.- The House vacated at 402 Kentucky! is unoccupied. Eugene McDaniel and family former residents of near Blwo'od, are occupying the residence at 201 iS. East [street, vacated by John Graham.! : j • . t • l Sherman Loavltt has mored from 125 N. East to 4ll5 same "There are only cabinets which govern during the.: sessions by; threatening dissolution and after-j wards by prolonging parliameu-| tary vacations as long as passible. . . . One can see the recults at Lo Hevre (where the sailors are on strike); and in the municipal elections (where the Communists gained); and they are going to be seen again in the budget dis- jusslon." > "We ask nothing better than to see parliament collaborate zealously and with good grace in the with peter*. The theory also is held tain observers that the Ulk , of Nuys co; by cer- street, where lived. Cljas. Graysi Harry ;Campbell n and family have located at .309 S. Main. They moved from 181 Second street. Mrs. Monnie Dellinger IB noyr a esidence esence . he iremoyed from' ton; occupying the 227 E. resident of Tl Chris Boyd Washington. ner {farm sotit least of Itobbs. :>eMotay ifbttoe. 'lpton~cbapter. Orv budgetary task," writes the Journal des Debats. "But we have ovary reason to fear it can not and does not know how and will not collaborate. . . . Can anyone imagine that parliament, which is due to come up for re-election in May, 1936, will vote severe meaa- lir'es of 'economy, suppression ot jjobs and reductions In pensions which the government will have to demand? That would be fine -(-but we shall not see'it." Meanwhile the, flight of French c ipltal continues, Bourse or no I lourse.'French authorities do not .fear the'flight of-capital unless it should assume huge proportions. Qold in the; Bank of Prance is. ^ffreneh. gold. ''Experts are unanimous (iik;»gree'lng the amount ot foreign, capital here is quite neg- itec, TIPSfON. tilB Clui Matter fct Mptdn,. In* Jon, -Prop*. This new S«nKnel 35 Hoover Has features lindreamed of when you bought your cleaner .. Aromador . ^Dijrt Fintler .. °-^i*c« light duralumin Dusting, (Tools. A (4pnpleta home-cleaning equipment. Smart arid fill. See it . . try it, wjthoi Qation. 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