The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 20, 1935 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, May 20, 1935
Page 1
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Entered as eecond class matter, Oc 2-1 . 4,, 1895, at post office at Tipton, Ind., under the act of March 6, 1879. VOLUME XL, NO. 100. TJPTOX, INDIANA, MONDAY EVENING, MAY 20, 1035. OFINJEBEST Jury Ordered in for Tuesday to Hear Clinton County Damage Action. ASSAULT CASE TRIED Estates Got Attention at I the ports Monday Session and Re- Approved. New Slay Xot Kcjprt j Greek Throne Off<T Bucharest, 20.—Former Rumania, May Queen Elizabeth of Greece, asked if she plannijd a reunion with former King George and a return to the . thone with him, dramatically exclaimed: "The day is past when a woman may be sacrificed for a throne or a country." But the -lOlyear-old daughter of Dowager Queen Marie of Rumania, who nearly lost her life in Athens when she was about t > become a mother, then lost her throne and 1 finally her hus- l:z nd, did not exclude the :>os- si'uility sho might return to Ciioece if the people there f.e- F.ider her as queen. YEAR IN The petit jury has been ordered in for Tuesday at wbu-h time the 820,000 damage action brought by Mrs. Ola M. Praziar against the Horton Oil Company and others is sot for trial. .Mrs. Frazier was injured in an a-:-<-i- dent near Terhune last summ?r and alleges she is permanently ] disabled as a result of a colli-j sion of the automobile in which she was riding and an oil trues of the defendant oil company, which the complaint alleges .was traveling 75 miles an hour. Monday morning Judge Kussell gave attention to several estates CELEBRATED This Event Was Observed Sunday by Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Davids. AT HOME OF SON Mr. and Mrs. Zeno Davids, liv- ueforc starting the state case | j n ' g north of Sheridan, very hap- against Archie Doyle of Anderson. |,,j] y celebrated their golden wed- charged with assault and battery on. William Sharp a tenant on the Doyle farm near New Lancaster last season. After . hearing the evidence in the case of Doyle, the court suited it was not sufficient to find the defendant guilty of assault and battery arid rendered a verdict- of acquittal. Sharp resided on (lie 1 farm of Mrs. Neva A. Doyle, wife of Archie Doyle and the men bo- came engaged in an argument over Sharp vacating the place, in j ding anniversary Sunday at the country home of their son, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Davids, two miles east of Kempton on Road 28. The home was beautifully decorated with cut flowers in yellow. A large wedding bell with streamers of yellow extending from al! parts of the room was placed near the south side of the living room. Above the two doors were the numbers, 1SS5 and 11935 in golden letters. Approximately oi;e Commencement Program at Gym Thursday Evening Is Announced. NO ADMISSION CHARGE Dr. W. P, Dealing, One of Nation's Best Speakers, to Give Address. The program has been announced for the fifty-sixth annual commencement to be held in the Tipton high school —gymnasium Thursday evening7~May 23, for the 1935 graduating class. The list of graduates is also announced. Dr. W. P. Dearing, president of the Oakland City college will give the address of the evening | and many persons are expected to be present expressly to hear him. Dr. Dearing is one of the most outstanding speakers of the day, a man with a wealth of knowledge at his fingertips, from which he selects the material for his most interesting addresses. A class of sixty-eight young people will receive their diplomas Thursday evening following tht- completion of their respective high school courses. The class includes twenty-nine girls and thirty-nine boys many of whom have already made tentative arrangements to continue their school work in the fall at higher institutions of learning. The commencement program will not start until S:00 o'clock when the class processional will Triplets Graduate Together ill Dorothy Doris Triplet sisters graduate together when Dorothy, Doris and Dorcas McPhtrron, left tq right, of Oakland, la., receive their diplomas at Christian college, Columbia, Mo., next month. DOCTORS MEETING E WEDNESDAY sembled before noon and were present at the pitch-in dinner. The dining room table was decolated to that time, the high school orchestra will furnish a prelude of music as the audience assembles. in golden tapered candles with i The public is invited. There is no houauets of yellow and mixed col-| admission charge. which Sharp charged Doyle had J llund _ red friends and relatives as-j start> but for one -half hour prior struck him. In the estate of the late A. H. Wisman it was shown the gross estate amounted to $5.000 and that after debts and expenses were paid the sum of $1,607.91 went to the son and only heir, Walter Wisnian who pays no tax. The real estate of the estate was found to be clear of any lien tor inheritance taxes. Final report in the estate was approved and thc administrator discharged. The .court also held a hearing on the estate of the late Lucetta Achenbach finding tho real estate clear of any lien for inheritance taxes. Heirs are three daughters Mrs. Myrtle Miller, Mrs, Leota Dellinger and Mrs. Olive Day who each receive $1,540.57 jind pay no tax. .. ! Final report in the (state 'of the late! Charles W. Wsrne Was approved and the admij.istratfix i discharged. The admi: istratrix wh'o is also the widow p iid some Splendid Program Arranged for Entertaining Ninth District Members. OF THE LEHGUE Council Meets With Italian Abyssinian Controversy on the Ag6nda. WOULD PREVENT WAR League Is Unwilling Arbiter in This Argument Pilled' . With Danger. Cars Driven Mrs. Ed Scott and Lafayette Man in Bad Collision. BANQUET FOR PUBLIC iBOTH j DRIVERS HURT The various cc mmfttees in John W. Reynolds, 36, of charge of arrangements for the 1656 >£ $ast Main street, Lafay- Nlnth District Medicjal Society, tojette, and! Mrs. Martha (Bear) be held here Wednesday, have | Scott, wife of Ed Scott, residing on the SWoveland farm south of everything ready and if the day is a nice one, many doctors, accompanied by their Iwives will be In Tipton. Registration' will e at the Elks Home from 8:30 a) m. to 2:00 p. m. and the business session and scientific program will start at the Home at 2:00 p. Shoup, president of m. Dr. H. B. the Ninth of the debts of the csts not being enough personal property to settle. In the action brought by Bern- te thero Continued^ oti 2. CAB WAS DITCHED. Guy Arnold of Alexandria •Here for First Aid Treitmeni. An accident which occ trred on tbe. Harailton-Tipton county line night jat to Gny east of Atlanta Saturday 9:00 restated In injuries' .. Arnold, janip/ in the AUxandiia high school ;wEo was brought given first a; Brought to d treat- to . his home, inia car driven >y of Alexandria w 10 another tie belugf e ditih. ita a: id bit ored snap-dragons. ' The food was j on a long table which was arranged in white and the center' pieco was a huge angel food cake that contained forty eggs and was baked. by a daughter, Mrs. Blanche Young. The decorating of the cake was done by Mrs. Jesse Davids, with golden colored icing. and using In the -center miniature china dolls representing the minister and -bride and groom. All the guests for the dinner and several that called during the afternoon wero given a portion of the cake. Yellow napkins were arranged on the table and golden bells tied with yellow ribbon were given as : favors. Just before partaking of the delicious food that was displayed, Rev. M. S. -Sparger very briefly pronounced the blessing. Following the dinner, a program was presented, and a quartet, composed of Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Isgrigg, Mrs. LJoyd Beaver and Everett Johnson, accompanied by Mrs. Johnson at the piano, sang several numbers. : Continued on Page 2. The complete program is as follows: •Music, high school orchestra. Class processional, orchestra. Invocation, Rev. H. R. Pearcy. "Winter Song" (Bullard) and "Stout-Hearted Men" (Romherg), boys' glee club. "Praeludium" (Zamecnik) and "Canzonetta" (Wellesley), girls' string ensemble. "The Gypsy and the Bird" (Benedict), Miss Lois Slone; Miss Edith Mae Ogle, accompanist. Class address, Dr. W. P. Dearing. Presentation of diplomas, Principal C. B. Stemen. Benediction, Rev. John W. Rose. Music, orchestra. The list of graduates Is as follows: Ethel Adams, Paul Altherr, Mary Ellen Barrum, Margaret Basey, Amelia Beck, Philip Benson, Frances Beyler, Mildred Beyler, Howard Bonner, Judith Bridge, Jack Burdge, Eileen Caa- tor, Glen Chappell, Thomas Coch- Continued on Page 2. i $8 ftOOjMO More of Gold Bought in Paris as Liner Europe Brings in $10ftOOJ)00 New York, May 20;. — As the flight. of capital from France con-' tinned to force down the . franc last week and ' : to~advance the pound sterling, another fS.OOO,- 000 , of gold was engaged in Francs for shipment here. This engagement made (he total taken foiijshlpment.iii th» past week $4^,000,000 and the total 'tailings 090, which she *ad taken on board at Cherbourg. TEe metal is consigned to banks here. It was landed Friday morning. The weekly gold report of the federal reserve bank of >New York, covering movements up 1 to Wednesday, showed receipts of »4, 622,000, of Which f 2,935,000 came from'Hqlland, |1,67$,000 from\,{3anada;and 1,9,000 ftpnir OMtammlikThar,, .«.« * M i«tfS|] Tipton, were injured in an automobile collision near section of Jefferson streets at 11 o'clock Monday morning. ! L. F. Reynolds, riding (By Unitoil Pn>ss). Geneva, May 20.—The emperor of Abyssinia telegraphed to the League of Nations today, insisting that the council act at its present session to avert war between laly and Abyssinia. Geneva, May 20.—The Leagui of Nations council was thrust tin- willingly forward today as arbiter between Italy and Abyssinia in dispute threatening to lead to war of incalculable gravity. Aside from, jealousies of great powers over the territo'riai distribution *of Africa, there was the question of repercussions, perhaps after years, of racial enmities in a continent in which a handful of white men—masters— were distributed among 150,000,000 negro natives. Abyssinia appealed -to t Ti e League repeatedly to intervene to prevent a war over the disputed frontier between Italian Eritrea and Italian Somaliland, on th>j East African coast, and Abyssinia. Italy demands redress for alleged the inter- i attack by Abyssinians on Italian and Ash nationals in the deputed zone, and "Miss Franco" a German; .Cut Calls Upset Selection Paris, May 20. — A jury's choice of a German girl ^as "Miss France" in' contest nearly resulted in a riot among the audience Saturday. A committee picked Elizabeth Fitz, 22-year-old Saarlander, who took French nationality after the recent plebiscite. Tho decision was greeted with cat calls. Order was restored with difficulty. • After the, specators had been pacified, the winner announced she would not accept the title because of the reaction of th« audience, so the jury, awarded the crown . to a IG-year-old Parisian, Giselle Preville. Score of Lives Lost and Millions of Dollars Damage Reported. disputes the right of the. League to intervene. • FOUR STATES STRUCK | Propose White House f erence Biit Realize ident Is Decided. VETO ON WEDNESBiM Think President Will Tafce Stand Againstj All Kinds ri of Inflation. " > Cr:y United Press). Washington, May- 20. — FresK dent Roosevelt's address to cbn"4. gress giving his reasons for veto-i ing the Patman bonus bill-wfll'b'4 broadcast to the nation from thai f% house chamber, Sergeant at Armsfc Kenneth Romney said today. £ (Dy United Press). Kansas City; Mo., May 20. — The Southwest today paid with nearly a score of lives and millions of dollars worth of crops and property for the boon of rain. Cloudbursts in four states, accompanied by tornadoes in Texas, broke an unprecedented drought but left death and destruction beh'ind. Flood waters of the Red river and its tributaries buried thousands of acres of farm land, swept j away scores of homes and bridges (By United Press). it Washington, May;20. — Bonne eaders carried theiij fight for fhaf- nflationary Patman bill iiitoi; rankly enemy territory today inji i proposed white house conference) \ jlf with President Roosevelt.- '•'• •-'•./• ' [ **& The appeal to the president toj sign the bill preceded by two daysj^|| the: president's scheduled appear: ance before a joint session ot c gress to personally deliver his vet* message. : .j The group of senators and rep- . and drowned louthwestern seven persons in Oklahoma. T h c in the frojnt seat of the Chevrolet | There was Iittle for lhe League car with iohn Reynolds, also wasj to K ain in thc Problem, and much Injured, liis back being sprained, by way of P resti ee for it to lose.. and he received several bruises, soniR of which are severe. Mrs. Scjott suffered an injured District Medical Society will preside at business session and scientific program. j •, , ^, i. • „ „ i . back, but' X-ray examination At 8:30 Wednesday morning a ! golf tournament will be held at the Elwood Country Club with a luncheon at the club at noon. A luncheon for the ladies will he a|d served at the Elks l^ome at 1:00 p. m. and Mrs. H. JE. Grishaw, Airs. J. V. Carter, Mrs. R. L. Ful- terton, Mrs. A. E. Burkhardt, Mrs. B. A. Burkhardt and Mrs. G. H. Warne will be in charge of the entertainment for the ladies, which will include a theater party during the afternoon, while the doctors are holding tneir business session. The public will I be privileged There were indications that i.' war was prevented, while the League might get credit. Great Britain and France would b r j really responsible. British - and vealed no 'fracture of the spine aa| Prench de i e gates to thc League was at first feared. John W,. Reyolds, who operates | the KalaAiazoo Stove Company I start war; "ame prepared to do all they could to persuade Italy not to to attend the' banquet and program at the Presbyterian church basement Wednesday evening at 6:30 at which time! Lieutenant- Colonel Charles S. Bulock of South Bend will deliver his famous comical address, "Our Piscatorial Ancestors." Tickets for this banquet can -be secured of the secretary of the district! society, Dr. agency in; Lafayette, was injured about tho jlegs and arms and nif-: fere a -cut! on the left temple. His worst injury, however, is a broken pelvis, ana arrangements were being made to take him to a Lafayette hospital Monday evening. ; .Mrs. John W. Reynolds and her two daughters, Kathryn Ann, 11, and Marilyn, 6, were riding in the rear seat pf the Raynolds car and were uninjured except small bruises and shock from the experience. ! I Mrs. Scott was accompanied by her." fatheri C. D. Bear, who escaped a feV slight bruises, despite the fact that he was thrown out of As the council,, the governing body of the League, started Its meeting . the League assembly,Continued MI. Paen 2. TWO PLEAD GUILTY. the car to ': The ace the pavement. j dent occurred in front of the hoir e of Mr. and Mrs. John R. L. Fullerton, or by notifying any of the local'doctors. The ladles of the First Presbyterian Continued on I age 2. GIRL'S BODY FOUND. Little SBirley Evans, Age 8, Was Murdered and fBy United P., New York, May 2(T—The citywide search for 8-year-old Shirley Evans, missing since (Friday, ended tragically today when her body was- discovered buried in a monad of «and jtt ( the reai; in Queens. 1 'preliminary **£«iJ>l£^ till j Hummer, where Mrs. Scott and her father lad stopped and backed ijito the driveway. As they started out pf the drive, Mrs. Scott, who was drlvii g, j looked both directions, but failed to observe the Raynolds sar coming from Ujje east and a [though the driver* ajt- tempted to ivpid the! crash the caj-s met with i terrific impact, Boi h :opped o 1 er! against the norl h William Pratt of Slmrpsville and Edgar Gustin of Atlanta Fined. elge of thn street in front of th:e lays fillint station, and both were badly dam ,ged. i• I Mr. and ffirk Reynolds and ch?- dren'and the [former's brother, ]» I. Reynold's,ihad been »t Ande> 4 n . and f wtr4- on tt ^ vtcy to ***'* • ^"-'-etfe at the time Ot William Pratt of Sharpsville and Edgar Gustin of'Atlanta appeared before Squire -R. P. Rice Monday morning and said "Good Morning, Judge." Both, entered a plea of guilty to a" charge of intoxication and were given' a fine pf $1 and costs and an .admonition to go and sin no more, or the penalty would be more severe. Gustin was arrested at the Rustic Garden's at Atlanta Saturday night at. 11:30 and Pratt about the same time at the Friendly Inn j were, put on water rations. Fred- at Sharpsville. ' Washita and Canadian rivers anci their forks invaded towns ."arms. The Red river carried away a bridge at Burkburnett, Tex., am with it five persons. At least thro were drowned. One was rescued The fifth was missing. Tornadoes which struck nearh i dozen Texas communities killei eight persons. The overflowing Brazos and Trinity rivers eacii claimed one life. Damage to buildings, bridgss and communication and utility systems was in the millions ot dollars. Damage to farms through water erosion was tremendous. Fields and pastures Virtually denuded by the long drought and the dust storms of recent months shed (he rain almost as fast as t fell, causing overburdened streams to leave-their banks. As the floods receded the land was left, furrowed and starred, robbed of tons of top soil. JJew floods were threatened today in Texas. Railroad traffic -was halted' between Dallas and Wichita ;Falls. In southeastern Texas many highways wero closed b'- aiisi; of fear bridges .wpuld "o out. Water mains wero broken at Woodward, - Okla., and residents I." Ex-Heir of Spqiri Is Coming to Seek Living; May Ehte^ Movies With Wife Paris',' May 20.-r-The ; former heir to the throne of Spain has disclosed today his hope for, a fresh -start in democratic Amer* lea with -his beautiful commoner wife, t ( _ : .The former prince of the Aa- turiasj,now : the Count of .Car*-; *J-J— j T^ .L . » _.*^j?.!.^.J^.» * -- Count to "hope and believe that everything will come out all right." He said his love for the Cuban beauty Was "all that mat- be Count, tall, slender, blond ntj blue-eyed, blamed the nnfor- 1 of his father, for the that caused his 'wife to return Ilcny>nths:agi.^kedit av^^" ret'entatives making the laat-1 minuto gesture held little hope;! their mission would succeed.. ' •;•• President Roosevelt returned?],; last night from a week end cruise;*; on tho Potomac,, during' which-he |<f| put finishing touches to his —*^' '" •* scheduled to be delivered after noon Wednesday. * ^ , The president has,not reveal) contents of the message, but close to the white house it will contain a hard-hitting i tack on all forms of currency'i flation. It may chart the fntnre.;[A| court of new deal monetary ieies. •, '_ '. • They believe the message go beyond a mere veto of the Pi man bill and denounce inflation any form as a menace to gaven ment credit. Such aj message, was contended, would; serve to ire? : 3^ assure business and aid ,in the ''s&*'~\ ministration's program for ery. ' i ; There was a hint, too, president's unprecedented n personally delivering; > message, may outline; one <>tv major issues on which -'"the election will be fought, i If' done, inflation leaders kali were j ready to accept the enge. ; ; '!•• j • Representative Wright (Dem., Tex.) who wrote);! Mr. Roosevelt will j Continues on Page OPEX BIDS THIS : Highway; to' For BIncktopping ] It was announced, MOB >ids for bituminous . ment of 214 miles- of Is way would be opened 29, according ia a Unit dispatch to the John D. Adams, he| highway «ommls Monday that work ; wodli he Laporte"' and Or ricts as soon as'cont et., - I Among the pr hef program tare 9" rom the interse and; 31 w ontcouhty es " -west from

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