Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 27, 1948 · Page 3
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 3

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 27, 1948
Page 3
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.. MONDAY," DECEMBER 27, .1948 Postal Rates Go Up On January! First Class, Air Mail, , Parcel Pogl Unaffected New postal.-rates go into-.effect January 1,'the Post- Office E>epart- ' ment'has announced. ,-'•- - — The new rate lor third class mail will be two cents for the first pound and oae cent for each additional pound','-Acting -Postmaster William C. McDermott said.-.The. old, rate 'was one' and'one-half cents -lor the Brst pound. . Other increases .will'also .be 'effective; -McDermott . pointed, out. Air mail letters will" cost six instead . erf five -cents.- A ,new 'air-mail .post card costing four cents -will be avail-; able, however. Special-delivery prices'have taken Jumps.'in. several pound categories. First class' matter weighing: up.'to two' pounds, 'formerly sent for cents, will now cost The old rate ol 17 cents for .mail weighing between two. and 10 pounHs has been increased to .25 cents. Mail oirer J.O pounds.,will. now^'need^35_ cents in stamps where it formerly „.. -newspapers, .magazines and other, periodicals may- b.e -.sent for the old one cent an. dunce fee', needed 25'. Although ' ' • •••' Broadway- ( 'Screwball S«ga- .- parts of periodicals -must soon ' go fourth class rather-'than third class mail. " ; -" 1 The- minimum fee for. sending a . registered letter will be 25 cents after the; first of the year where it had been 20 cents. Surcharges according^to value - and distance will still be made. ' Insurance rates will be five cents lor values up to five dollars, 10'cents from- five .to ten 'dollars, .15' cents from $25 to $50, 20 cents from $50 to $100-and 30 cents from $100 to $200. The previous -fees were three, cents •up -to five dollars, 10 cents from $5 to $10, 15 cents from 425 to ,$50 and 25-cents fror.. $50'to $200. C.O.D. fee's have been raised five cents in each 'price range. The minimum-charge, will be 20 cents rather than.15. . Money order costs will - increase from .a' range of six tq 22 cents to a range of-10 to 35 cents. . v The 'cpst'br sending packages b: parcel post will be higher in varyin amounts':"according -to .-weight van. tone. The minimum charge crease from-eight to 10cents.:- •Postage will remain the same','6. flrst ,class'.rnall_and 'air rnail parcel pOSt.''-.',.."'',"-';'. : '~ ,•_ -.": y.\ : ',. '" Food Allergy Can Cause Poor Marks , , . . ' AP N'ewsfeatures- •• Baby doctors-have come up with- a new explanation for junior's poor grades .In school. They say he may be allergic to eggs or other foods. Allergies can cause behavior problems like obstinacy or poor school performance, they say. Finding the guilty food, and taking junior of! it, •' often cures the trouble.-! ; Such doctors as Susan Dees of •Durham, N. C., Arthur Hoersch of. Cleveland, Ohio.:and Jerome Glaser ; of the Rochester -University School ' of Medicine, at a' recent meeting of > the American Academy of Pediatrics •'in Atlantic iCty, -were agreed that -'some children may come down with 'tstha mor the. hives; simply'from .smelling foods .such -as potatoes or "•' 'icrambled eggs being prepared by their mothers in the kitchen. •- -Food allergies ; can .-appear even •in the first .week or two of a -baby's life. They sometimes cause' hives, colic, vomiting, and later .skin 'dis- eises as exzema, baby doctors say. In children, egg is the. most com- 'mon food cause of allergy, with .milk probably next,' followed by wheat. ..If mother will stop giving junior ..the food for a time, s'ays Dr. Glaser, the child later in, life often is able '' to eat Jt again .without getting a reaction, he'says. .It is 'estimated, he "says, that 10 to 20 per cent .of the population is sensitive to food at one time or another. Serious trouble ..may result if the trouble is .not diagnosed. Dr. Bret Ratner, of the New York University College- of Medicine, says that a fingernail test; and X-rays can often help children overcome allergies. These'tests spot physical troubles that weaken the child's resistance to the allergy chain-reaction; he says.- Overcoming these troubles helps junior to. resist attacks. 'Of course.'the main defense still is to avoid the offending foods, he says. . Dr.. Ratner feels that if allergic children are, treated early, there will be fewer cases of allergies in adults. The earlier treatment is started, the easier, relief can he obtained. B. &-0. Railroad Income Increases In 'November Reflecting an' increase in: freight rates,, revenue 'of the B. and- P. Railroad for November shows: gross income -of $33,475,231, operating, expenses of $27,773,897 and net:income Of $2,101,413. Compared with -November, 1947, there .was an increase-of $1,930,375. in operating 'revenues. Operating expenses increased $1,399,739. Net Income increased $784,638. Operations, -for the. 11 months of 1948-resulted'in a net income of ^21,14.4,544 compared with $7,523,793 last year,. an improvement of $13,620,751. . NEW YORK—It was that kind ''of a day.: On the subway down, a com- slete stranger pushed-'his face into mine, and snarled, "If I had yer dough I'd trow mine. away." .And ne passed on. In the office, an Indian chief with store-bought feathers showed up, kicked-his foot over his head, made a short speech about longevity;. and departed. Again explanation.'' . . • Then, Jim, Moran walked. in ami I related. It was nice, for a change, to see a familiar screwball.'Jim,-you remember' ,'ls; the '.6-foot,'.3-inch, bearded 'genius'"whp, among other historic things,' has sold an icebox to" an Eskirrio.Med-.-a bull-into-a. 5th Avenue. China •- 'shop',. and literally changed horses in mid-stream during the 1944. presidential'campaign: At.this writing, lie.was only in the second- - week ! 'oi his. campaign to shake' hands, .with -President Truman. Back in Hollywood there were 67.people who had each contributed $5- or-niore to subsidize his mission to 'Washington; to shake hands 'with Mi 1 . Upset .and then'.return home.'to shake"hands j with' his, sponsors so they could say they, shook the.hand which shook—but ma3'be you catch on by-now. .-'..-• ,-...-. ' ... • y 'Tm fio't" .sell any-handshakes. I'm .over-subscribed now," Jim. exclaimed. • "I've recreated to New York, • I'm ••• regrouping. my forces. I'll give .the,. President one more week to answer my wire and I'll go home a broken man fight the'Ba'ttlc.of.Bunker Hil! with near-sighted.. Jar.-sighted, pink-eyed awl. perf ectly, sighted men; to - prove 'no one ' could . ever. 'have, waited to_ "see the white of their eyes."- Was'it .just the' publicity-;.or-''the commercial - tieups . and " •ash , that went with most of the stunts?'Jim thought, • fastening' • his amazingly blue, eyes on. mine,' which • are a muddy. • brown, in -case you "care. "No," 'he-said,: "there's-something else: -I'm making-..personal, war. on people sitting around in a-fog. vie- then _~ „, - . with squirrel bites and mental bruises." The bites, Jim explained, holding up .two bandaged fingers, came from.-.some White -House squirrels'.which- nipped him while tie'.was . waiting' for the. President; The "mental bruises' 1 came from the FBI which tried to discourge.him. . It. was .James Sperling .Moran. the inner, man, I was. interested in..-'I wondered what had-impelled'him to tan the right side of his face under the Florida, sun and t "the' left, under the California .sun; to',sit on in ostrich egg .until it hatched; Polio Drive Will Begin Here Soon •>. - c - • •••.-•' •.•-Committee Chairmen Named For County -,. Committee leaders for the Alle-- gany county March of Dimes campaign have been named by, .Chairman John 1 M. Robb. . . ,,.'.-. Robb, who is serving his second consecutive year in the drive .for funds -to 'combat infantile paralysis, said 'the campaign will get underway shortly. ' •'• . •• -.-•-' Chairmen ' for groups In -Cum- Merchant Seaman Dies In Plane ALBUQUERQUE," N. .M.—Merchant Marine' Capt.'.C.. J.' Connors -lied in an air transrort carrier plane late yesterday.enroute to Maryland to spend 1 Christmas--with his family. Assistant 'Police- Chief Frank Doyle said Connors apparently suffered a heart attack. .His death was discovered 'ipon arrival here. Connors boarded .-the plane '.at Oakland, Calif. • . • ..'.".,.. Mrs; Connors said' • in' Baltimore her 60-year-old husband:was flying I'ome after ' returning V from'. six. months in 'Japan. ns ; commander of the S. S. John Cropper. . .^- . ' •. She said her'husband, a native of Providence,. R.. I.,.'.was educated at Farmer'.-. Academy in Montreal;-He had been a Merchant Marine skipper since he was 31 nd served with the Navy during the Haitian, campaign, the Mexic-n War and World;War I. . .During World War H he/made 32 trips .across 'the..English'' Channel during the Euiopean 'invasion 'for which-Mrs. Connors said : he,, was recommendet. fo. .the Navy Cross. The" captain and" Mrs. . Connors, the"former Juanita.Foster of Jcn- kinstown, Pa., ,had lived'"here". 15 years. Survivors besides his wldcny include a son, Army Captain. Charles J. Connors, Mr, in Alaska, . and', a daughter, Mrs. fonslance—;AW; Louisville.. : ' ••_-••• ......—_..-.—, — ,-^,,^...,- . Sole Survivors . "-',-• ' : PeVe : David's. deer i*:*-specie*; ot : deer that .can. be: .found" only"in -. one -spot'-in 1 the:whole; ; worldf^n an English - .estate;- :' Originally;;:;* ;•: nntiye':-of;.Chin'a,.:thisfspeciei'Jias; almost- disappeared.,from:-the;"eitth and 'the 'sole survivors• live on-tJje estate of\thc-puke:pf-Bedford^- . it was estimated;tharthere.were 525 536,000-'chickens on' the'-0faniis : --of- the United-:- states -at-.the .beginning of-1946:-, peupie Mutiny iuuunu in ^.. au(j, vn,- ciiairmen tor groups iu ouui- tims of the. deadly; 9 to, 5 -routine, berland are Charles L.. Kopp, .pub- f*i l*-H«iv tl-iirirre f m* CTI*'] n foH • A n vf-TllTlP" ! i • T_ ^ _i _. Tr^t... "D mr 7 T.n •nrfonr*** taking .tiling's for granted.- Anything to throw them off center amuses me."' lic schools; Very Rev. J. Lawrence Kilkenny, parochial schools; Mrs. ne."'. . '''.-.'" ' ' Althea.N! Correll, theaters; Charles It's the little'casual things, that jsrapf, sports'events; Sam'Cozad \'(avpr TV>flp>t nHnl: HP . Kfl-VS. - Which «^,J T7^J«HT, tr^Vln • f/\_nVia1i*rn/an nf never r-each print, he - says, - which are dearest to him. .Like the time he was riding, the Chief 'back from, the Coast. ..People in.the : 'club car '. and later; in... the dining-. car saw. him reading, very attentively, '•&.'•; book with -completely blank, .pages. .They would, see .him .laugh, arid 'they would see.hinv scowl and, they, would see , him , on the ' verge ; of- '. tears,.. but they .never saw ."any .print. "The .whole .train went .'crazy ^trying, to figure .'It-, out,- but, nobody , got ' up enough nerve to. ask. me,"- concluded -Moran; ,'- .--••. \ ' -'--.' , - Busy Byway ' If we. i succeed in, getting Brocket ships into -the upper atmosphere, the pilots' will not 'find, the flyways empty.. :. There- are" millions of meteorites plunging.-into.'the earth's atmosphere .'-every', day, :•' arid a ;col-' lision • .with one . would , be 'fatal to the ship;. '..- ' ' ''.... .''. Th'e proper tool -should be -used in removing" cylinder: head bolts, or there is a'possibility-of -breaking the end of a spark plug. . '. Andorra is the world's public. •• -. ' . ' - -.".'- .:*,,.. • • and Edwin Hinkle,' co-chairmen of the publicity committee which includes J. William Hunt and Wilbur K.. Bishop. '-' . : Daniel • D'Amicol, service clubs; Ernest B. -Treat, fraternal organizations; Arthur G. Ramey, veterans groups; F, Patrick Allender, C. E: Stutzman . and Playford Aldridge, labor co-chairmen; ' Mrs. Frank Martin, women's clubs; Owen L. Hitchins. Industry; Frank Martin, retail stores, and Victor Hebb and- Carl Daum, co-chairmen of the coin container- collections.' - - • ' Chairmen for the various county, communities include Mrs. W. O. McLane, Frostburg; • Forrest Mow bray, Barton; Morgan S. Riley, Lonaconing; p. J. O'Brien, Tri-Towns;' Ross F. Shaw, Old town; Earl Porter ; Mt. Savage; Herbert . Stevens, Midland; Harry Barton, Gresap- town; Mrs: -. Elsie ' Hill Roland, Flintstone, and J. Milton Dick, Po r tomac Park. . - . ; Robb said that the need, for funds this year is greater than, ever .with the epidemic of polio in '1948 topping ,all previous outbreaks. Not one state in the nation escaped with the heaviest attacks being in North Carolina. Texas and California. Americas Finest Every Ounce the ^/-Vitaminized and Homoqenized and Guaranteed for Goodness CHURHEOLB MARGARINE Everybody's Pointing fo REFRIGERATORS You never -.dreamed a refrigerator could hold so much — yet not be • 'crowded. " See this famous Hotpolnt refrigerator today! ,00' Others.. 318 N. Centre St. YOUWANT/T CHURNGOLD MARGARINE , zfe COLOR MIX BAG BUY WHITE CHURNGOLD Co/or YOU,CAM ALWAYS DO BETTER IN A P. S, MKT. COLUMBUS ALASKA SALMON Lb. Can TOILET TISSUE 4 •„„, 25' JERZEE MILK Cj!? MAINE SARDINES O cans Country Style SAUSAGE Crowning TOO Yean of Tri-Stote Service Extend a to Spring in •'.-. Make a. eblorfLri addition . your winter'outfit wl*t>;th«s« . double-woven-DuPont-n'ylon flbvit, .'..•. ... 'They're' Sh'alima.r'<Jcsign'*d-"'f«i:-^- steqdy,', sturdy service .-oVound-the^ Wash- and dry them .as you would: yo.ur-pylon Biscu'rt. .... Atlontk-S«a ". .. Metal. Ton ..', •"••' Silver Lustr«:, ; Mauve"-Ui Balericiqga. , Sun Lemon • • " Cinnamon Spjce : !- .'. Brown-Almond-- '. — STREET; FLOO* F ^g&y/'jrs How Is Your Credit At Jhe First National? * RenRoy Flowers Say it Better Phone 5161 S. Ut«rty at Pcnhing Auto Loans In 5 Minutes Wt.Ltnd Top Do/fors On Your •Car. 'Furniture"end Signoturt Loons • • Easy Repay Plan . • . . Florida ORANGES Grapefr'tG 29c Salad MiXp^l9c Grapes 2 Tomatoes .,, 27c •LOAN-CO. 201 SOUTH GEORGE STREET PHONE 2017 Ltitcr Millemon. ilsr. Abundant Parking Space At^ Conrcnicnt Location : Iceberj? '•>< ^Lettuce 2 heads 25c California I Pears .. 2 i bs 25c California, Carrots 2 bC h 5 17c Rome Beauty " ;'• Apples 3;. Ib , 29e U. S. No. 1 50-lb. 14.89 PotatoesC 1 ! Yellow Onions C49c A valuable'asset in. any'business'is the banking credit it (en joys.. , ' . . •--.... Many of .the" First National's, depositors have estab- • lished' a "line of credit" to. be used : if and..wheri .needed.' Other depositors-come, in ;qn"d.;- bprrow.'.on . their, financial'- statement .just .-when ..they, .need- money. Many->-others,- both depositors and, hon-' .depositors.find' the First National'/a pleasant-'place • fo.borrow on collateral, for example, stocks.,bond*, and life insurance. ' You are cordially invited to, discuss' .your 'credit. problems with us in confidence. .. . •• . , The First National Bank MEMBEE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION OF CUMBERLAND,, MARYLAND . Founded J.81'1 MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM 3 7 E A' R S O F - C: O M M U, N I I Y S E :R r -V : l C E

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