Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 5, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 5, 1952
Page 5
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'—'Local MarkeU- Soybeans in Price Drop, Flax Jumps Soybeans slumped two conls n bushel on the local ernln mnrki't | today while flax jumped eight cents to $3.76. Produce prices ' wcio unchanged. OltAlN Old corn $1.66 Now corn $1.62 Soybeans $2.90 Oata (36 \ba.\^ 74c Flax $3.75 Graves Otaln Company Oniver, Huntington. Maple Hill Your Want Ad Story Will Be a Best Seller Want To Rent 14 WANT TO RENT—Two-bcdioom unfurrJshed house or apartment. Ph. 24F16. Arden Hanson. 203-3x 14 Entertainment Automotive 11 FOR SAL.E—Four Two tubes. Call 30F2. 6:40x15 tires. L. E, Thomas, 205-3 .X -11 RACING THRILLS In "The Pace That Thrills" Friday and Saturday at the Grand. 205-2 -1 •1 rRODOCE Sweot cream No. 1 No. 2 73c 71c 69c 33c 27c Henneries No. 1 No. 2 23c Straight pun — 27c Hens, under 4% lbs 10c Hens, 4% lbs. and over 13c Heavy cock* 10c Leghorn, leghorn cross cocks ....8c SIOUX City Livestock Sioux City, June 5 W)—Sioux City livestock market quotations: Cattle salable 1,800; calves none: slaughter steers and heifers slow; early sales' heifers and steers abou*. steady at week's decline in a peddling trade; cows 26-60 lower; beef cows off most and some bids indicating further down turns; other classes scarce; commercial to low choice steers 27.00-31.50; several sales 32.00; load average choice and better around 900 lb weights 32.50; few prime 33.50; good and choice heifers 29.50-32.00; load mostly high choice around 800 lb weights 32.50; commercial and good 26.00-29.00; utility and commercial cows largely 21.60-24.00; few 24.50; canncrs and cutters 17.50-21.00. Hogs salable 7,500; general market very slow; lighter butchers strong to mostly 15 higher; top 20 up; limited sales li^vier steady to strong; sows largely strong; some sale 26 higher; choice mostly 1 and 2 barrows and gilts around 190-230 lbs 20.75-20.85 on shipper account; one lot 20 .90—also to order buyers; packer limit 20.50 bid; scattered sales choice 1 and 3's around 240£70 lbs 19.76-20.65; 270-300 lbs 19.0020.00; 300^60 lbs 18,00-19.00; choice 100-160. lbs 19. OO t20.00 on feeder and scrum account; choice so\vs around 400 lbs down 17.50-19.26; 400-650 lbs 16.00?;. scattering wet sows discounters ftrbuhd 1.00. Chicago Livestock Chicago, June 6 UP) —Fresh receipts of hogs returned to more normal proportions today and prices developed r, strong to 26 cents higher appearance. Cattle wer.^ .steady to weak and ^heefl ptcady to SO sents lowei' V '<•"•.' FOX LAKE Friday, June 6 BOBBY LINDEMAN Saturday, June 7 SIX FAT DUTCHMEN 203-3-1 They say she gets her good looks from her mother—who owns u beauty parlor. Buy three, one free. Including trade in. First Line Tires WHITISH STA-NDARD SERVICE 418 Central Ave. 205-2-11 DUJ>'ISELL Q Wedding Anniversar>-. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Honnctto and Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Honnctto were married 35 years -ago at a double wedding May 31. Their families planned a picnic Sunday at Okcmanpedan park to observe this event. The Oscar Honnette's daughter, Arlenc, and husband, Mr. and Mrs. William Croudy, came from Omaha for the event and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haml from Hutchinson. Local folks present for the all day picnic were the families of Melvin Honnottc, Paul Sonnette, Everett Honnette, Roger .Fueur- hakc, Philip Bredbefg, Matt Anderson, Maynard Anderson, Arlen Anderson, Donald Worthley, Messrs. and Mesdames G. Fred Anderson, Bert Pope, P. H. Allen and Charlotte and the Elmer Allen family of Monterey, Ethel Honnette, Tri- Mont and Naomi Mostrom, Minneapolis, who was a guest of her sister, Mrs. Paul Honnette, over the Memorial day holiday. The perfect June day addend much to the pleasure of those present, who said they hoped thev could he present at the Golden Wedding day of the Hon- nettes, when they expressed th<Slr congratulations. ricnie. at Swansons. After Memorial day cxorcisos at the Dunnell Community hall May 30 a group came to the E. O. Swanson home for a picnic dinner. The speaker of the day, Attorney Conrad Gaaernstroom and his family, Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Gaarenstroom of Fairmont, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Johnson and Christine of St Peter, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Oleson and Carey of Esthervllle. Rev. and Mrs. T. C. Peterson and Timmy, Mrs. J. A. Linder, B. B. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. C. Linus Peterson enjoyed the day together. SLANTS— Coutlnucd Irom page 4 try run recently in a Wurzburg military post Armed Forces day celebration. Rausch toured the distance in 14.21 minutes and run under ' the colors of Estherville's Battery C, 194th F. A. Bn. Winner was Jalck Davis of Hq. Btry, 194th. Rauach and • Davis both were presented trophies for their performances and their picture holding their awards printed in a service newspaper. Charles Clark of Esf therville's Battery C finished seventh in the race over the rugged course. The belief that certain person-i can Injure and even kill by a glance was widespread in ancient times and is still held In many parts Of the world. It's no more of a sin to play golf 6h Sunday than any other day, the way most people play It. DluiiiuU FerHoiialH. The Burton Lunds and Rupert Rumpels of Fairmont were May 30 guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lund. A brother of Mrs. P. W. Koenecke,, Rev. Carl ChoworowskI of Brooklyn, N. Y., Is to tour Palestine this summer and Is to report to religious publications and give lectures on his trip. Mrs. Walter Deerlng was lucky In the radio quiz "Answer and Win" this week, and won $17. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Spoden and daughters of Cold Springs wore Friday to Sunday guests at the Mrs. Amy Linder home. A get together was planned for Sunday chicken dinner at the home of Mrs J. A. Linder with the families of M. A. Linder, E. G. Swanson, Mel vin Linder and B. B. Peterson present. The Spodcns left In the afternoon. Dr. and Mrs. A. H. Bishop entor- talncd at dinner Sunday because of the coming of a nephew, John Holmes of Peoria, III., the families of Warren. Bishop, Esthervllle, and Judson Bishop, Shorburn, wore at the dinner to visit with the Illinois gentleman. BUZZZZZZZ Is your car radio buzzin"? We'll fix It fine in just no time. Expert repairing can't be l>oat. Call Steve nt 264. ESTHERVILLE RADIO 205-3-11 FOR SAFETY. Have us inspect brake system thoroughly . . . adjust or reline the brakes, it necessary. THOMAS MOTORS 205-2-11 1946 HUDSON Super 8 - 4-door Special at $450 Alwavs a square deal, at VIKING MOTORS Dependable HUDSON Dealer Esthervllle, Iowa • 204-4-U WE HAVE specialists, factory trained, for distributors, carburetors, ignition system, front ends and general overhauling. HEKAMAN MOTOR CO. 201-5-11 Loans and Ins. 15 FEDERAL LAND BANK 4<> LOANS National Farm Loan Association for Emmet County and Palo Alto County Meml>er Fcdernl Land Bank System H. E. BARRINOER. See'y-Treas. U04 Broadway Emmetsburg 205-1-16 SEE US when you need money. You may apply for loan of $50 to $300 on your signature, salary or auto. Convenient monthly repayment plan, suited to your Income. IOWA GUARANTEE, Inc. 205-3-15 Personal ALBERT & SUSAN: Soper - I oor- n't have 23"ac gas Just a few weeks during the year! He has it 365 days of the year. Regular 23'io at Soper.-i. 205-2-4 ONE SPRAYING of Boi'lou sttops njoth damage for 5 years or Berlou pays the dnmage. Protect your clothes, furniture, rugs, woolens with Berlou. Sanborn Furniture. 205-3-4 LET US take care of your automotive needs. Bumper .to bumper service—all makes. See us. Robinson Motors "Pontiac" 8th and Central Ave. 227-tf-ll 1 For Rent FOR RENT — 3-room, first-floor unfurnished apartment. All utilities furnished. Ph. 937. 1003 N. 8th. Loyd Allen. 205-tf-5 FOR RENT—Sander and edycr at your Coast to Coast store. 205-2-6 FOR RENT—3-room, unfurnished downstairs apartment. 314 S. 9th. Elmer Rosin. Ph. 1015W. 204-tf-5 SAVE ON Floor Finishing. Do the work yourself with a sender rented from Wards. MONTGOMERY WARD Esthervllle, Iowa 204-2-5 FOR RENT—Good sleeping room for a gentleman. Mrs. Elmer Wogcn. Phone 1138. 203-tt-6 FOR RENT—Three-room apartment. 320yj So. 8th. Andrew Scott. Phone 1082J. - 202-tf-6 FOR RENT—3-room modern apartment above Gift Garden. 119M: N. 6th St. Ph. 306 or 62. 201-tf-5 FOR RENT—First floor modem 6-room apt. Glassed in porch, garage. Available Juno 1. P. O. Box Y. 195-tf-6 FOR RENT—Furnished or unfurnished apartment. Ph. 213W. Clarence Golla. 173-tf-6 Services SALMON LOAF with mushroom sauce; hot hamburger steak, ma.shed potatoes 50c. DUTH MAID LUNCH 206-1-4 EVERY DAY In many a way you'll use Fina Foam to lighten cleaning, rugs especially. Martin Fur-l niture. 202-5-4 Sale Calendar SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 2:00 p. m. S. C. Green, administrator for Reuben H. Green estate, on premises at 602 N. 9th St A complete line of household furnishings. Auctioneers: Foshler and Burns. Clerk: Iowa Trust & Savings bank. Sale ad: Juno 3. i Help Wanted WANTED Uidrrs to Boulder. Colo,. June 11 Conlurt Paul Stuart. Swea flly 20Mx-2 WANTED Nationally known company needs onr full-tlin.- nmn to train as nssistani sxijiervLHor In Esthervllle. Also 2 part-time men to work .1 I iouph with n>e evenings and Saturdayn. For interview write T A C U , B.ix 524. Spencer. la. 205-2x-2 HELP WANTKU Tlnve payment manager. 21 to 35 years of age, minimum 2 year* of college. Excellent starting salary Apply In person at Firestone stores, E«- ther\'llle. 2<H-3-3 HELP WANTED Experienced mechanic to work on all makes of cars. Excellent opportunity for the right n\an Cnhli' Motor Co.. Jackson, Minn Pli. 67 2 ComtUDlnt tiM VtMMtlw Mtd IW»«lM«Ml. .*uMt*liM Kwy K tmim tfii«*n matUkf 205 ThuFK.. .Iiinr 5. 1952 » K bimw J m m«<«<i rMN nntur Oct. Tin*, iowk, tiMMr IM Ml nt Htttt a. isr* For Sale 10 For Sole If I »r t <l4)r* THiM 6tift FtT* dan . . te ft wart •« im wonl He t*t mttt \»< 9*t ward Kaon •<MlUaMI diM> tc word MlBimam ad soc. iuim •» imt eotiMeaUT* laMriKVM of naw M. OaMllWd tuU an CASH WItK onnSR. Bo»kk««p(Bi ttMtt* ot \U (or ortdit. toc (trvtc* eMrti If r*- aMa ai« lakara by Dallr N*w« and Itc u eiur(«d l( ad camu add>M( or ptMM tvMtmr btii i»( advartuari ClaaainMi ad uatn ibonld llHtr adr*rlla«aMiu la U m (Irtt UwT a»»*ar aad t*tmr. anr ooc* aa BO alkiwancM eaa after tm (int taeua at Form FOR SALE r .oo .i, lati row Case eultlviitui BAB Ini|)leini'nt mod. 1 two Iiiqiiiri' at ;!04-2\-T For Sale 10 FENCE RItJI'AlH Tt.ME Creosote posts, all «iT.i'S. Slcil posts. Farm fom-e.s and liarlu-d wire. Kami gatis, JOYCE LUMBER CO 2W .1-7 TOP CASH PRICES FOR YOUR EGGS, cream and poultry. Flock culling service. Phone 91 for latest produce quotations. P. a. GRAY 203-3-7 Hl(? inrUNm'RK BAHHALNS .1-pieri- luHlmom suite ttetl, chest, vanity Reg $2.19 50. 8«lr $15950 'J-pleer lieiliDom setting lied. Ml. and Mm dresser conipleti- witli plate (ilass mirror. $71 fW. .Mattresses, $69,05 quality for J.19.95 I'latforni rockers, lielKe frii'ie. UoK $43.1)5. Sale prl.r $.19 9.V lied iilastio, Reg $.1450, sale price, $29.50 5 pl .ee dln.-ttr set, Hi'K $H975. special $09.95 12x15 all wool rug. Reg $144.»a. Hale pile.' $98 50 (lAMHUlOS 205-'M0 FOR -SAl.K Sergei is is nfrlicoral or .\pnrtm<'iit Rnunnahlr Mrs Jor Tondi-nmi I'h A24 JX sr. SAl.K SPKCtAI-S SnmkInK stands n-R $.1W Sptrlnl $.• M Wrttnut-llnlsh tHirner wa H racks. Hi K $4 «9. 8p.-i $2 !» Tf'Iejitjon*' stiind nnti chrtlr. walnut ivith shelf Mrs $1 ««0 Spe,>:»l $1S«V UnK lliniw roif< K >-k $119 SiK-rlnl K*>^- Hasso.ks It. (1 $.i:'5> .Spr. inl »l «H KliMir luiii|M. yalurs In $14 9A voui f hole<> $T x,4 IIAMHI.KS •:M •; \o t'AUI.OAl) ltl>IUt;KllATtlll SAl.K 7 wil»lr toot foroii.-ulo i>-frt>Ef( :itor» $149 l ,ii ..'ial «H ..wi\n.i> on \oui t>ld t fftii;:.'! .\ttii (•.AMnLJCS von SAl.K Dlnlnii ii>om s-t t)l. loiiK tntil,'. 4 .•Imlia small Initfi-I Walnut finish I'li I0«8.l Hern aid Fiy '.HM-S 10 LAWN MOW F. Its Kxp'-r* r<tt^r^' tvpv pow-cr lawn niov>rrs. $.49 M, Arllslan with 3 hor'<*^P<i« rr motor. lO-lneh <"ut, 111* M Mnn.J mowir* rii>« $17 »5 .«<pr.Ul !I3!>» n^r^'n ho».- 23 ft H.>- $*'«9 Hal.. $IIM tiA.Min.i':.s r.SKl^ MK .nfMANniHK Wrstinijhoiis.- rrfrlei-rwlor $19 M Norgi' rrtriciralur 199 Si> R^r\.l K!*-itroliiii rvalurnl g»» r<-riij;i-r-itoi, p^.«•ll.^nl lon- dltloii Iff: ."W) t's.-d t.«»n ruowri M .V) fi.d .Ir.-trle motor-s. \« and '. h p >it>« 14 Ml tSAMllt.KM .lyv 1 10 $.*) FOn YOUR UKFRlCKIlATOn regaixll >f when trntlril In on n 9-rt I'hlliro Wi> ask only that it works Hundrrds of Ireniendous say liiK'i durlns uiir (Slant Hale EHTHERVU.LE HAnmVAUK 304-2-10 Real Estate FOUR-ROOM house to be sold by sealed bid. 1633 3rd Ave. N. (Barber-Asliy addition). See after 3:00 p. m. To be sold In two weeks. 205-6x-8 FOR SALE—Lot on N. 12th in 600 block with building 18 by 24. front. Elmer Moore. Ph. 660J. 205-3x-« FOR SALE- fiJxcellenl 160 A. farm, 150 A. tillable. Good soil. Well drained. Good buildings all with lights and running water. Priced for quick sale by owner on farm. 9 miles west and 4 ml, north of Clara City, Minn. JaTte Kr'usc, Rt. 3, Montevideo, Minn. 204 -2X -8 UAST CALL for chicks 1 to 3 weeks old and end of season reduced prices. HAMILTON HATCHERY Bancroft, Iowa 194-tf-7 FOR SALE—House , 3 bedrooms, bath, L. R.. D. R., kitchen with built-in cupboards, nice floors, basement. 2Vj lots, large garden, lots of shade trees. See this one. $7,500. Ph. 1650 or 1761J this week. RIDOUT REIAL ESTATE 204-4-8 FOR FREE PICKUP and delivery. Ph. 49. P & G Cleaners. 256-tf-9 BOTTLE GAS SALES-SERVICE Installations —> Regulations HILL'S CORNER, Ph. 49J61 161-tf-9 TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE Bugs In It Answer to Previous Puzzle >ICli HOBIZONT^iL VERTICAL ' 1 Desire 2 Polccr stake 3 SufRx 4 Cosmetic ointments' 5 Spouse 6 Dine 7 Infinite , duration' 8 Cedes 9 Bird's home 10 On the 11 Former Russian ruler 1 StinfinK ' * insect S Insect for I honey • Small insect 12 Preposition 13 Rodent 14 Units of I reluctance 15 Plant part IS follower 17 On the ocean H Announce 20 Raver „uo».b. 22 Scottish river permit 28 Woody fruit ^1 Female 24 Doctrine relative '27Lliht wa8hers24 Rip SlGoa of love 52 Native of Latvia 33 Fiih eggs 34 Ventilate 85 European rabbit 8« Tumult , '^1 Entangle iasUble rooms 25 Slllcworni 26 Pattern. 27 Lease i sheltered side 28 Indian 29 Cnicifix 30 Hardens 32 Seigniory 35 Visit 36 Withdrawn- SB Courteous 30 Short-napped 1 fabric 41 Righteous 42 Blemish 43 Domesticated 44 Dismounted 46 Facility 47 Ceremony 48 Winter vehicle 51 Age PETERSON'S Radiator Service, just east of Vandy's, 1714 Central. Experienced in all types radiator repair. 116-tf-9 Printed Needs for The Wedding. INVITATIONS ANNOUNCEMENTS NAPKINS INFORM ALS expert craftsmanship Fine quality . . . ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS Northwest Iowa's Largest Printing Plant 205-3-9 GOOD MINNESOTA FARM BUYS CAROL BROCKMAN, Realtor Ceylon, Minn. 203-3-8 FOR SALE—Choice farms. Your size to 500 A. Modern or good buildings. Black soil. All tillable. Trunk highways. Low prices. Terms. Write, see Johnson Realtor, Hector. Minn. 202-8x-8 FOR SALE — Three-room house, 18x22, to be moved. Suitable for tenant or cottage. Albert Dick, 1219 1st Ave. So. 202 -6X -8 FOR SALE—Small, modem 2 -bedroom home, on two lots. Gas heat. Immediate possession. Phone 16. 174-tf-8 Two Pic+ure Windows 2 bedroom new home. Large living room. Beautiful kitchen. Will FHA. Garden area. Excellent location. Estherville Realty Phone 1340 or 1638-J 206-1-8 JSWiUowt jsOFtonotin' I? "TIMII W «{ your motlntr.' She's having such « good timo/ibil**, Feeding Cattle All weights and\s on hand at all times. If we don't have what you want we will order for you. Es+herville Auction Co. l'X)U SALE Fries. 3^ to 4 |>oundH Robert Fnv. Ph K1 \V6. 205-UxlO Jobs Wanted WANTED -Hewing in my home. Mrs. Jarvls Hlles. Ph. 1726J. 204-2 3 JOB WANTED — Experienced seamstress. Call for api>olnt- ments. Mrs. V. M. Balmor. Ph. 1439LW. 204-2X-3 JOB WANTED Fann work. Boy 14. Can drive trnrtor. Bill HIg- by. Ph. 1F51, EHthcrvUlo. 204 -2X -3 Farin J. M. ROBB, Mgi-. 203-tf-7 1940 MAHKEY HARRIS 7-ft. 8. 1 COMBINE Alwovs n square deal nt VIKING MOTORS Mnssey Ilnrrla-Ollvcr Esthervllle. Iowa 205-2-7 IXIU SALE 2 Hohsrt l>i>ylon mesl scnles. runt $400 00 rn $17S00. llohAit n>eal Rrlnrtrr, cost $4.10 00 $200 00 Two men! blocks, one new, cost $75 00 $5 and $20. IS-foot nwnlng. new. cost $1«K00 $100.00. Kleetric ment »«w, cost $480.00 -aJfOO00. Orenting canl set. never openmt, post $13t.S(V $100 00 .Mfttl l^nit. Spirit Lake. In.. Phono 71. 204 3x 10 JUST RECEIVED! New plain and plaid denims. EHLKHH VALUE STORE 2O4-3-I0 FOR SA1.K Figurines. I>nlnted or unpalntrd. Mrs. V. M Balmer Ph, 143ttLW. 20t-»x-lO FOR SALE Three-pound spring fries. Francis Al>ell. Ph. 20W7. 2O4 -3X10 FOR HALE tnrhments Mrs. Edna Elertnc drill with at nnd Knrage doors. Anderson, I'h. M6. 204-3-LO FOR SALE Hcglstered herefonl bulls. Vernon Martin, 5 miles east of Esthervllle, 206-6X-7 FARM FOR SALE Well imiiroved .'i(M) acres, impro \'t .Mnent.s i n c I u d e electricity and imth facilities. Soil is in high state of fertility. L. E. Stockdale Phone GO or 47 205-tf-7 Entiroly N*W and Difforont HOG CHOLERA VACCINE** (MODIFIED LIVE VIRUS) Rgbbit Origin—Vacuum-Dried ROVAC^ • Raquiret no serum • Only one in|*ction • Indvcet protection on* wok following vaecinallon • Will not caui* hog cholera unvaccinated animals • No special feeding required • Does not Interrupt appetite e Economical, aasy -lo-ute tOVAC ll • TDUir MOOtfllO »p« yint "M i I x* *ut. t». s. tmt, on. i. nt Ht. i,M,fft Estherville Drug Co. "Your Comer Drug Store" 204-2 -7 FOR HAtJC-Aiwortmenl of go«»d used 18 mm silent films. Walter Writxin. Cylinder. 3O4-9xt0 FOR HAm- Mteel clothesline p»l es . Carl Locsehen. Ph. 712J 30a-Bx-IO RAWLBIGH Baumenn. PRODUCTS. B. T. ini. 374J. 30 -lMO Ks FOR HALE Old newspapers, thervllle Dully News offlee. JM-tfx-lO REFIUaERATOR 8PECIAX. New, g-foot regrlgevntur. 8t>ecl ally priced at tl90.»S. IIHJIDKK ELECTRIC CO. 177lf-lU SPECIAL PRICES! BALER TVVINK OI ^rORATORS Field li'stcd for uniform and trouhie-free oiH 'ralloii! Treated with iiiKOct and rodent it'rx'llents . . QUANTITY DISCOUNTS to large users . . . Use our cumulative seasonjil dls- -count plan . . . Our ware- stocks are complete. Inquire at your nearest elevator no you loo may Iw entitletl to our sea.sona! disc^ounts on (i u a I i t y TWINP: products. COMMANDER ELEVATORS Huntington, Iowa 205-1-7 I ' h.'4«,kv*« in (awn .*4top tn nn .l ••i-r, t !ir »i- fini' FltifB GruH !.,»«kr(. l,tt.rd il iXm nnd up Ki. )..> N .nlv 14, nli-« I'H.- « eh«r r ..«l itrll! r!«i-«r irrtlU sn" prlos--"! ri.un 12 40 1 .1 U3»* (rharroal lirtt|M>tn I) li) jwiiind tmirs et f**' TliitriK" jiiK K«l mtr w-Uh pour- inii •.[•on! 13 mt <l»AHr Tt) ttJAHT ^)0-J It) CHOylKT SKTM prtfrd from |4 •» ii|< ItiiltlxT hr«ilr<l miklMs. pl«» -OAST TO COAJIT M»-3-10 KlHIIlNi! hi-en fotui- OVT Hl»« i» , omplri. All tackl* le nalton* !)! i.tftnil mohnj Buy your laetf I. «iih r.mfldrnrf. Retnetnbvr, you i-nit'l Ix -itt fiood iMkl*. co\HT TO OOA8T FltKK.:$l':U raitdns. tmgn, p^pvr. i:v.-rvllilng you nved In tt*mfr auppllr* COAHT TO COAST POI .niNO iKHitlum t>r boat iM«t, Vinyl plnsnr r.twrod. P»«ilt «4 UM WKHTERN AUTO A8MOC UTOlfUB NS-t(-ta NAVY WADINO AUVtB Wainrproor, covers entire b©dy, H KH I httrualn nt $U,M. BURPt .tm 8TOIUE 300-4-10 FoUrHALE Maytajt washin* tnZ chine and 2 separate KalvantfU tulie on standi! . Wra. Q. K. Tom- haw. 7o« N. 71 h at. no^io AHK POn Hnnder* lee Cr<«m at your r «»t>rttr store. HANOCRH ICK CREAM CO. :oA-tr-to 'lANOK A Bood selei-llon •< new Spinels and two email uaed piano* Pelemcn Piano Co.. Dunnell. Minn. 906^10 UHKU OAH RANOE»-l apt. sit*, also several (ull-«lM> u*Mi . f • rnnKi" t .'setl hllies from I3 .N u|> CXiAHT TO COABT -15^ HAMBURGERS- Dtiublre - 3fic SIIOP:STIUNGS~.I5* 8TBICTLV BUHIXESS "l^Vikot b* |4iiyful, Mr». Rai»ikii >-rC »»»«n your »Ko*!" JUNE SPECIAL! Rytex Flight Printed Stationery $2.25 for a $3.50 vakw 200 single, ICKJ douljle or 100 large, flat sheets plus 100 enveloptw. Prinl«»d with your name and ad- dr(*8.s. Paper comes in blue or white with envelopes llniHl in blue. BUY RYTiirX FLIGHT during the big JUNE SALE Estherville . Daily News 2O4 -3i (-i0 STAFFORD'S HAMBURGER SHOP lOt-S-IO Glaxii and BrasK Hallway Ftxturesj Mo<> Quality $5.95 Oi^ON ELECTRIC SERVICE 111 S. 6th St. to KUMMAOC BAI^E Haeamnnt E|ii«icop«l chttnh. IMarttnK 8 a. m., June 14. M>-lt-« Standard Red Crown Standard White Crown Whitish Standard tlH Crntrul Ellwanger Sfanddrd 101 N 7lh Larson Standarcl !<• C. nil .1 Service Station Service Station Service Station ^>-i i

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