The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 18, 1935 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1935
Page 5
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"ii *T^?S£ •?»•*• TEH TtttON DAttJT tfilBtn« [HURRY ) UP/ BLOWOUT-PROOF TUBE. TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SAI/E^-All kinds vegetable plants, cheap. B. C. Chambers, 531 N. Independence. c-tf FOR SALE — Super clean hard coal tor brooder stoves. Phone 65. Edna Burkhart Co. c-tf WANTED FOR SALE—Used tires, tubes and batteries; practically all sizes. Lineback's. c-198 FOR SALE—Comb honey, 10 Ibs. for $1.00. Kathleen O'Banion. Phone 1616. tf FOR SALE — Modem home, or trade for a cottage if well located. 321 N. Main. p-195 FOR SALE—Broom corn seed. Mclntosh Broom Co. c-tf FOR. SALE—Complete beauly parlor equipment; bargain. Lloyd Huffer. Phone 24. P-195 FOR SALE—Good used Fordson tractor, late model. Hobbs Grain Company. c-195 IMPORTANT—Order chicks in advance. Hatch each ! Mon. Heavies !7.« per 100: UT25 per 500; $7.00 per 1,000. ILarge type Wiite Leghorns 16.95 per 100; $6.75 per 500: J6.50 per 1,000. Few started chicks. Hoosler Hatchery, Michigantown, Ind FOR SALE — Tip-Top chicks, proven the'Cheapest for farmer or poultryman; a few started chicks. Tipton Hatchery. c-lf FOR SALE — White Leghorn eggs, pullorum tested; flock is Grade B, under state control. Leroy Ehman. Phone Atlanta. p-194 FOR SALE — Soy beans. Ross Tolle, 2 miles north of Curtisville. FiTOne 1884 Windfall. p-195 FOR SALE—'34 model Crosley refrigerators, all sizes; used electric and ice boxes; one washer, radios; easy payments. Liiie- backs. c-19 8 F-OR SALE — The .Mary Cullen home, 318 Columbia avenue; 4 bedrooms, modern, brick veneer; garage; in fine condition. L. W. Fuller. ' c-196 FOR SALE — 6-year-old horse, Fordson tractor and Oliver 12- inch tractor plow; 2 I. H. C. rotary hoes; 9-in. Letz burr feed mill; 7-ft. Oshorne binder. Butz Implement Store. Phone- 33X8. c-tf FOE SALE—New Remington No. 8 noiseless typewriter, shopworn, regular price $79.50, sale price |61.50 cash. Tribune Press. tf FOR SALE^—Brick, lumber, doors, windows, etc.. cheap, while wrecking buildings on new post office site. Arrow House Wrecking Co. Salesman on job. p-195 MAYTAG SALES and SERVICE NEW AM) USED WASHER For Demonstration Call 88 SERVICE MOTOR CO. ^^•K-5^^^** ^^ PP. *•*** Coupe Oowpe A Coach WANTED—Girl; call in person. Palace Cafe. . c-195 WANTED—You to know we have plenty of wall paper at 8 cents a double roll. Rexall, Drugs. c-tf WANTED—Garden plowing; work guaranteed. Phone 3536. Ira O. Baden. c-195 CANDIDATE SEEN But the New lieal Leaders Are Not Alarmed Over This Movement. MALE HELP WANTED WANTED—Tea and coffee route man £or regular route through Tipton and Tipton county; apply by letter immediately. I. Kennedy Coffee Co., Kokoino, Ind. p-195 FOR RENT FOR RENT—2 sleeping 222 Mill. Phone 4181. rooms. FOR RENT — Housekeeping rooms. Anna Hooton. c-197 CHEAPEST house rent in Tipton: good garden spot. Phone 600! P-19S FOR RENT — Modern heated rooms as low as 53 per week Miller Hotel. Tribune Bldg. t* LOST AND FOUND. LOST OR STRAYED—Very small Boston bull female pup; reward. Walter Reed. Phone 1270. p-195 MISCELLANEOUS DELAYS are dangerous; ^if you had taken an I. C. S. course 10 years ago, you'd be sure of your job today; invest part of your Xmas check In I. C. S. spare time salary-raising training. International Correspondence Schools, Jack Cunningham, Representative, 1S34 South Adams St., Marion, Ind. c-195 MONEY TO LOAN FARM LOANS—Reasonable rat'.' Fielding & Fielding. c U FLIER IS KILLED. Polish TrausAtlautic Aviator Killed at Detroit. (By Unilcrt Press), Detroit, May IS. — Stanley Hausner, 24, Polish trans-Atlan- tic flier, was killed instantly today when his new plane, the "Marshal Jose PCiisudski" crashed through the roof of a home here, exploded and set fire to three buildings. A fire alarm was turned in immediately, and firemen extinguished the blaze. The cause of the acci'denj, was not immediately ascertained f but one witness said a wing had fallen off the plane while It was In flight. THE DAILY WHEEZE Employer (to newly hired typist) : "Now I hope you thoroughly understand tbe importance of punctuation." Stenographer: "O, yes, indeed! I always get to work on time." It takes two to make gossip wicked—one to talk and one to listen. •• ""'- • •84] Was Tvoll Rupre- senk'd There Lust Week. Report on 1935 Round-Up. The :round-up at Purdue this year stiirtcd with a hang; with rain in j torrents from Wednesday morning until Thursday night, as SEE HUEY "SLIPPING" Xew Tube for Auto Tires Announced by Local Dealer. The last word in safety in event of a blowout while driving at high speed is now available to motorists in Tipton, according to H. J. Schrader & Co., local dealer for The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. The new development is a tubu for automobile tires that i-limin- ates the danger of serious accident following a blowout by changing the sudden blowout into a slow leak. "It is a known. fa"t that a blowout at Go miles per hour i.; twice as dangerous as one at l'i miles per hour, and at SO miles per hour is four times as dangerous," Mr. Paul Jlcndenhall explained. "With new cars having extremely high top speeds beins placed on tho market the need for such a tube is increasingly apparent. "The outer tube is similar in appearance and function to an ordinary tube and fits inside tho | available. ] casing," Mr. Mendenhall contin-i Upton Sinclair, who ued. "The inside carcass is built j thu California l)eimn:raUc organ!-, l . ll|de(1 ihe prcsen tation of up of two plies of fabric and : ;:a tion last year, announced iu Los,; ,,-,.,„.,... Rational 4-H Winners" by when in service floats free with-] Angeles that an EPIC candidate^ Smilh sUUe chll) i ead(?1 .-' At out chafing. When a blowout oc-j would buck Mr. Ro'osevelt in thu; niKllt a ,ii vcs tuck revue was pre- curs, air escapes from the outer j HI3C convention unless the sin -! spnU . ( j j,j. lllo i' lir( i uo animal hua- chambcr instantly but can escnp'.' j flair economic theories, arc ac "jbandry iilub. Preceding this we s). IS. a third President. Hie new deal is not alarmud. Front Tipton county this • year there w'ere -12 girls, 30 hoys and u adult leaders registered at ruumi-u|p. These representatives took a fery active part in making our roujnd-up a success. Wednesday morning. May 1, round-up began with registration at thu • Union Building. From 10:i)i) a. m. to 3:30 p. m. judging •Luft| an d demonstration contests were Ac 7:00 p. m. the schools of held (i:>- t-iiitol :PI- Washington, May Democrats JomUo to ImtkH'eUl. AC 7:00 p. party .•uullidute against k>"igine<^ing and pharmacy Ronsev.-H in 19S'G. But! 0 !"" 11 ""i 1150 " Tllis I )roved VCI 7 in ' | ten-sting as it showed Purdue Senator Ilucy IV Long has as-; t-urod interested Koiniblicaus that] In- will run against Mr. Ruiiseveki .students of these schools doing their d^ily class work. Thiirs'day morning open house . . ., ... " ,, i-1 t , ,-.. I was held by the Egg and Dairy da- lumsclf if no otlu-s candidate is , ? partments. In the afternoon a very interesting program was'prc- fvom the innt'V can-ass only • copied through thu single small vent I hole, which allows it to seep out slowly. "The tire then drops slightly to ride on HIP inner carcass. :il- lowing the driver to bring the car to a stop under perfect control. by the new; deal. , V( ,,.,, ( jeIiKlitfiilJr entertained by EPIC—if you Have forgotten | Purdue's band, —moans end poverty in Califor- The programs Friday morning niu. Sinclair was the EPIC-Demo- and afternoon were similar i.o He can pull off to tho side of tho road without endangering himself, his car or the lives of otlif.r motorists. 1 ' .•ratie candidate fori Governor last! lho pve(;ed i n g day Friday night November. Democrats trembled j everybody who could obtain a as his 1SI34 following swelled: ticket attended Fowler Hall to but J)y joining thi) Republicans, j ( -eJel,,-;it(j 4-H Club Night. This the now deal was able to. put a Republican governor in the office was the Jast program of round-up and everybody thoroughly en- KKOKE RECORDS. ijj California!!* Qualifying' for Memorial Day Raws. Sinclair sought. El'IC demands J joyed themselves with the infor- ;hat Air. Rooscvcltj adopt the [ma! entertainment given, -production for use" system of,' At ml |. flrst Junior Lea d e rs unemployment relief It is a sys- • meetills ij,,.. smith gave an ad- Indiaiiapolis. MaylS. — Twoj young graduates of California \ dirt tracks cracked old which the jobless would i ( j ress „£ ,,, on aske(J for di s cus . jwniiport themselves jby statc-fos-' sion on :.j. H pro |,i ems . | lered industry, agriculture andji owing were discussed: business. j ! ]. sho'uld Junior Leaders have Some new dealeiv are suspi-; more responsibility? records! ciouis of Scnator Burton K. Wheel-,' 2. What should be the age limit er's 1336 plans. Wlieeler, a Mon-|f or 4.1-1 members? tana Democrat, bolted in 1924,' :i _ Should older club members to team with the elder LaFollette j judge and show with young club the 23rd annual 500-mile Memorial Day race began at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. . , . _ . , They were Rex Mays, Los An- "f^' ^™* l ^\*«L™???» geles. pacific coast champion for 1934, and AI Gordon, Los Angeles, Pacific coast champion In 1933. Four other drivers qualified during the forenoon. They were Wild Bill Cummings, Indianapolis, last year's entrants, diet Gardner, Denver, Colo., and Floyd'; Roberts, Los Angeles. The seventh car to qualify was driven by Ralph Jlebiini, Los Angeles. He averages 115.15G in as Progressive partyivice presiden-j mc'mbers; (what should be Ic bae in 1!)2S and was Mr Mr. Roose-! On tho: first I made a report on veil in 1932. Now j Wheeler isitho activities of Tipton county's slipping away from ; party head-j Junior Leaders organization and quarters. I J the responsibility given our jun- Only Wheeler among senate jior leaders. Dr. Smith, having ' Democrats voted for Long's rcso-j spent a part of his earlier life, in Million to investigate Postmaster,Tipton county, said that he was General James A. i Farley's al- very proud of the fine work being done!by the 4-H club in Tip- j legcd connection with the letting of Federal contracts. One reason Mr. Roosevelt is so anxious to ram his ireform legia- the -1 which i lalion through congress this year uiu rear drive Miller . „,..„... , , . . . , ts that the appeal of a left Louis Meyer drove to victory in, " < I third party would '«» i-nn<m ID 33. Time for the other drivers was as follows: Mays 120.736; Rollers, 118.761; Gullott 115.458; Gardener 114.556; Cummings, 116.901; Gordon 119.481. HAVE NO TIDINGS. Relatives and Friends of Charles Crawford Hopeful of parole. Relatives and friends of Charles Crawford of Tipton, whose application for clemency was reviewed by the State Commission Thursday afternoon, May 16, have received no word as to the action of'the board. They are hoping the announcement will favor the young man. Among the cases to be reviewed by the commission Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, May 20, 21 and 22,. is .that of Wilbur Fer- gttson,, sentenced from Hamilton >: ' "andjPaul Boyer and'Guy • sentenced from ly reduced in 1936 i[ new dealers could take credit for: •, 1. Social security)- legislation. 2. Abolition of unnecessary public utility holding companies, i 3. A new deal Jin banking whereby the private y controlled central bank in subs:ance if not precisely in form. Threats of a lo ig-share-our- wcalth third' party fo not alarm new delaers now as they did,a few months ago. Some t bservers be- licve Huey began to flip in March ton county. i In conclusion I might say that every hoy and girl who attended round-up came home- after having a fine time, .and with a much better arid thorough understanding of 4-H club work. iESTEL W. KELLEV. when he outlined h a ahare-our- wealth plan to a listening nation during the Long-Johnson-Cough-r lin radio debates. • »» LIQUOR LAW VIOLATOR. i First Arrest in KoscI isko County! Made By Shtriff. THEj BOXUS MESSAGE. | President i Seeks Seclusion on tut* Potomac River. <&y tJnltcil Tress). Washington, May IS.— President Rooiievelt today sought the quiet and' seclusion of the Poio- mac waters to complete the final draft of his smashing veto message. Taking with him a rough draft of ^he bonus message, 1jhe president left the white house i In mid-morning to motor io Quantl- eo, Va., where he was to board tho yacht. Sequoia, for a week end cruise on.ithe Potomac. ! The tlmje of delivery of the veto to congress has not yet been determined, on ; hls M. Wa4« n. but it was expected to bo. Tuesday. j ; • ! ' 'Mr. Rocseve'lt was accompanied s.trip by/col. SVats< n. Judke,* Samuel B. %fc^andMi(fa ^C'-.,-.-- -.. . ;J| ^ William Tolle is confined to his home on Oak street with a throat infection, and until the • exact nature of the ailment is determined, precautions are being taken and the home placed under temporary quarantine. • •• Ran Into Automobile. (By United Press). Bedford, May 18. — The first fatal traffic accident in Bedford in four years last night claimed the life of five-year-old Betty Hat field. She ran into the path of an automobile. WINDFALL. Beginning next Sunday even ing the first union'service of th three churches in Windfall will b< held at the Methodist church, with the pastor Rev. J. T. . Fros preaching the sermon; The union service will last throughout tb summer alternating the evening services among the three church es. The public Is extended a'cor dial invitation to attend. Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Winfrey o Alexandria were the Thursda: guests of Rev. and Mrs. G, W Winfrey. Mr. and Mrs. John Shaw enter tained at a delightful dinne party Thursday, Mrs. Ann Shaw of Bement, III., Frank Schneide of Broker, Texas, Mrs. Maud Moore of Missouri, Mrs. Margare Johnson of Russlavile and Mrs Clyde Baker and son James Cal vin. Mrs. Moore was also th overnight guest at the Shaw home. Rev. J. T. Frost and Juni Mitchell attended a Methodis meeting at Kokorao Friday. Rev. and Mrg. G. W. Winfrey Mrs. George Leisure, Miss Dor othy Morton and Omar Martin at tended a convention of the Chris tian church at Marion Tuesday. Mrs. Ted Armstrong and son Dale are both confined to the! home by illness. Dale is suffering with an abscessed head. The May meeting of the N. S C. club was held Wednesday aft ernoon at the country home o Mrs. Bruce Miller. The time was pleasantly spent in needlework and playing lotto. Mesdames Car Retherford, Walter Leisure, Wil Butner and Armor Burgan car ried off the prizes. At the close o: the happy afternoon the hostess served a delicious luncheon' to the following, besides those ai ready mentioned. Mrs. George Dennerline, Mrs. Grant Mitchell Emily Conkling and several children. Mrs. Arthur Stout is 111 afher home suffering with the flu. *»» PRAIRIE NOTES. The Rural Leadership club met Wednesday evening at the Prai rie school building. There were about thirty-five present. Demonstrations were given In bandaging in First Aid class which is taught by Leon Orr. After the regular classes, games were enjoyed. The Young Friends of the Rus- slavllle Friends church met Tuesday evening, at the home of WH- mer LIndley and family. There were about thirty present. After ana, Administrator of the the regular lesson study, refresh-, ments of ice-cream bars and mints were served. .Mr. and Mrs. Paul Boone -were guests of Thomas McKay and daughters Mattie of Frankfort, Sunday afteriooi. Mrs. Martha Brlstow of Danville is visiting Mr:' and MM. Parry Whlta. tailon with her narenta, Mr. and to. Elmer - - Mother's Day dinner gneats of itr. 'and. Mia. Jake: Holer lay Glass .of. Nashville, M Irs. Aubrey Qtinkle, Herbert Schildmier and family, Ershell 31ark and family, Marjorie and Blllie Hoefer all of Anderson, Mrs. Sazel Plnmmer and daughters of lear Tlpton, and Mrs. Edith Ludwig. Rev. Robert Kara and family of near. Elizaville were Sunday ditt- ler guests of Frank LIndley and amily. *•* — rptice of Meeting of Upton County 'Board of .Review. Notice ia hereby, given tnat _*^? Bounty Board of Review 'ot on County, State ot Indiana, wlH; meet at 10:00 o'clock In the (forenoon, Monday, June 3, 19,35, the ame being the flrst Monday In rune of this year, at the room of he county commissioners in the court house ot said county, for the 'ollowing purposes: 1. To hear <»mplalnts of any owner of personal property, except such property as is originally issessed by the state board of tax lonvmiesione-rs. 2. To hear complaints coneern- hg the assessment of real estate. 3. To equalize the valuation and assessment of property and taxa- bles made by the assessing officers subsequent to.March 1, 1935. - 4. To equalize the valuations made by the assessors, either by adding to or deducting therefrom such suras as may be necessary to fix assessments at the true cash value of property. 5. To review all assessments and to inquire as to the valuation of the various classes of property or parts thereof in the severs townships and divisions of the county. 6. To make such changes In assessments, whether by way of in crease or decrease in the valuation of the various classes of property as may be necessary to equalize the same in, or between the town ships or any taxing unit. 7., To determine rate per cem to be added,or deducted in order to make a just and equitabl equalization in the several town ships and taxing units so as to conform, throughout the county to a just and equitable standard. 8. To add omitted property In ail necessary cases. 9. To Increase the valuation o: omitted property, when necessary as made by the assessors .10. To correct errors in tha names of persons and in the description of property and in the valuation and assessment of property upon the assessment, ,11st. 11. To correct any Jtet of valu ation aa <may be deemed proper. 12. To correct the assessment and valuation of any property" in such manner as will inJ the judg ment of the Board of Review make the valuation thereof just am equal. 13. To add to the asseasmen jat the names of persons, the valut of personal property and the de scrlption and value -of real estate liable to assessment but omittei from the lists. .14. To assess the capital stock and franchises of all domestic corporations except such as are valued and assessed by the state board of tax commissioners. To consider and' act upon recommendations made by the county assessor. IS-. To do or cause to he done whatever else may be necessary to do to make all returns of assessment lists and all valuations in compliance with the •provisions of the taxing laws, and especially of an act concerning taxation approved March' 11, 1919, and the acts amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto.. The Connty Board of Review 's also subject to be reconvened in special session, to meet on Tuesday, August 6, 1935, to consider he certified report and information regarding the Inequality or lack : of uniformity of assessments :n this county as may. be presented to said board by the state board of tax commissioners. All to- be- done to- equalize the valuation and assessment of property and taxable in said county for the year 1935, and of-which, all property owners and taxpayers are required to 'take due notice. In witness whereof I. Joa Mat-. ingly, auditor of Tlpton Connty, State of Indiana, have hereunto affixed my hand and the seal of the board of commissioners of aaid county, this 18th day of May, -1936. JOB MATTINGbT. Auditor •195 _ot_ Tipton Cdnnty. Notice of Administration. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been' appointed by ithe Judge' of the Circuit Court [ of .Tipton Cdunty, State ot Intfi- of Marion V. Axtel, late of Tipton Connty, deceased.' Said estate IB upposed to be solvent. 1 DAVID L." THOMAS May 9, 1935. A- -'---PURVIS"*; PURVIS, Attorney!. Notice: 10': '•^Si?*! Oecfl HaaUag, Sottottar 130 Open* HOMO Btodt Ground Floor. HMOM r3S TJ- GIFFOKD, GIFFORD &j APPLEION 1 Lawyers v ; 18H Coon Bt Phone 809.! .." : ^ : Ki •..J* TITLE GUABAHT* a**' Fanners loan ft trust BHfe "" Hume 290. O. A. GttLYZE & Attorney* and Office Pfaon» 107. $0gf(| H. ». Wekeriny—«M» John P. Kemp Chas.A.Konp Citizens National Bank Bldg. Fhone SO. DR. V, H. COOPER Veterinarian Phones: Offioe, 188; Residence 1188- CLARE & MINER CO. Abstracts Insurance Real Estate Farm Loans 108 W. Jefferson St. Phone 6 See the New Leonard Electric Refrigerators H. J. SOHRADER & CO. J.CPENNEYGQ] 110-118 South Main St. LEATHERMAH FUNERAL HOME ! Ambolanee Furnace Coil*. Warte Fuel Beplace lour Coll With . . • sett Action ' •• :-': GAS WATER EEATEJl Pttbfic Service Co. of In* 1%-fc. loaf EBOCKER QQ. _

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