Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 24, 1948 · Page 17
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 17

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1948
Page 17
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Phono 4rt()0 For u WANT AD Tnkur HV1DNINC. TfMKS. CUMWWr,,AND, MO, FRIDAY. DRCRMnER 24. SEVENTEEN Our.Members Wish You One and Al! • A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS THE CUMBERLAND REAL ESTATE BOARD -. 54-A—Display Classiflad HOLIDAY GREETINGS and BEST WISHES if * * * from i KESSEL MOTOR CO. \ Ernest & Courtney Phone 2560 54-A—Display Classified TALK-A-PHONE Worlds Moit Complete Line Of INTER-COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT ' Hr» Models ... New Low Prices Buy With Confidence— WE BUY, SELL & TRADE ' USED EUT NOT ABUSED CARS 105 S. C«rr«.St Phon. 1*44 54-A—Display Classified JOYOUS : CHRISTMAS SEASON Red's Used Car Sales 722 Grccno St. Phone 5008 Cash-For-Your CAR Taylor Motor Co. 818-N. Mechanic . Pbone 395 TW '• ' ' ^Z ^ The Allegany Insulation Co. I* *£ . . . , -23 i^ "Where Insulation i« not just a Sideline" j?| Wishes One and All .^. . g A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! <£ 644 N. Centre St. . Phone 4923 £ * S. J. Smith, Owner New Lower Prices! Easy Terms! REBUILT MOTORS Satlonally Advertised Pnrts Sucli as Scaled - Power Pistons, Pins & Rings; Federal Mogul Bearings . . . / '• Plus Latest Improved Machinery . . . Make .Our Motors Superior in All Respects SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY CO. MOTOR REBUILDERS, Locally Owned and Operated By Trained and Experienced Machinists i53 N. CENTRE ST. : PHONE 4782 OR 1813 54-A—Display Classified GET ACQUAINTED! $50 FOR 30 DAYS Costs Only 5c A Day! STOP IN OR PHONE! AETNA FINANCE CO. 7 N. LIBEftTSr — PHONE 52D3 If Sales 7k" Service COLLINS G.M.C. TRUCK CO. Route 40 East Phone S22-J OUR GUARANTEE!! LOWEST PRICES BEST TERMS IN CUMBERLAND '49 Ford Cust. Club Cp» '48 Ply. Spec. .Dlx. 4-Dr. Sdn. '47 Pontiac 4-Dr. Sdn. '46 Chcv. FM 2-Dr. Sdn. '42 Chev. 2-Dr. Sdn. , '41 Ford 2-Dr. Sdn. '40 Dodge 4-Dr. Sdn. • '40 Ford 4-Dr. S<ln. '39 Chcv. 2-Dr. Sdn. '37 Ford 2-Dr. Sdn. '36 Ply. 4-Dr! Sdn. '36 Chcv. Bus. Cpe. All These Cars Arc Winterized Ana Study To Go. 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Phone 2676 Season's Greetings / from— ALLEGANY CONSTRUCTION CO. Sidney A. Staggers, Mgr- ****** WARM WISHES At CHRISTMAS * Southern States Cumberland Service S. Georpc St. * * * Flione 34SO * WATCH REPAIRING SPECIALIZING Iliimiltoii, ElRhi, Tavnnncs BOtTLEVARD WATCHES MARPLE'S SIM N. CliNTItIC ST. * * * HAPPY YULETIDE SEASON TO ALL RAUPACH'S GARAGE Jim Ruupnc/i, Owner Phone 4160 USED CARS 1948 Plymouth Spend! Dlx. 4 Door, Very low mileage, Radio, and Hooter. New Car Guarantee 1939 Chevrolet 2 Door Sedan USED TRUCKS 1948 Rco with Dump Body 825 Tires, 2-Spccd Rear 1946 Chevrolet with Dump Body • 825 x 20 tires (Practically Now) Fish Plated Framo, Two Speed Axle, A-l Condition LFT Mack Tiactor, Saddle Tonk, Fifth Wheel, Completely Reconditioned mOTOR CO 218 S. Mechanic St. PHONE 2550 "Satisfaction Guaranteed" 14 Italian capital molding 16 Grafted (her.) 7 Chaldean rtty 19 Book of 18 Exist . . 8 Born Psalm* 9 Peaceable 20 Reel 10 First Jewish 23 Sea ducX high priest 12 Ermine 13 Solicitufl'- TOotstocJt 15 Bone 31 Redact* 17 Makes 32 Heed. mistakes 34 Ascended #! SEASON'S GREETINGS — from — BENNETT -*• . Gas & Electric ^i 52 Bedford St. Phone 3260 BANANAS FOR CHRISTMAS $1.93 bunch By the Pound 12c Also Large Fancy Bananas OLD FASHIONED MIXED Candy ... 3 »»• ?1.00 English Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Almonds, Filberts, Chestnuts' Etc. ORANGES 20 »>• b°g 98c to $1.19 Dozens and Crates TANGERINES 4 dor - 89c to. 39c dor HAGER'S Dependable Quality IN THE NARROWS AT LOVERS LEAP 19 Armed bands 21 Pinnacle 22 Flowers 24 Pertaining to a tissue 26 Abstract beings 27 Encourages 28 Deciliter (ab.) 29 Proceed 30 Doctrine 33 Grind teeth together 37 Idolize 38 Aerie 39 Ritardando : (ab.) 40 Wanderer 45 Fish 46 Auditory 48 Hemp fiber 49 He is ^ to microphones 50 Furrowed 52.Estimates 54 Paradises 55 Observed VERTICAL ITake into custody 35 Lateral ptcto 38Notic*— ••;- 41UncloMdl! t 42 Help* ' "" 25 Durable woo* 43 Mount; <«b0 -30 Edible 44 Auricles ..., 47Food flibr 49 Indian 51 Of the thine 53 An (Scot) Registered u. S. Patent Office. 6 G 5 V JT~ F 7~ R S~ D, i H r~ M S J -•> • o « A 5 E 1 F 8 I -J " E 8 B 4 A S 0 "J.-. 'T '•1 H . • s A i> G 2 ' A *. S 3 'F ' 6 P 4 R 7 0 •4 .EI- 'S L- .4 Y a G 4 T b I •? X, 6 S S o 2 I 7 Y 8 O 5 T 4 I 4 P 4 X t L 8 F S . L J C b E S G 6 A •S •, Y 4 3 7 . I 8 • T a c 7 ' A 2 G 8 T 6 p S E V T 5 N. 4 S T J 4 8 4 R' 8 . O 4 S 2 O 8 S S O 1. L S G 2 S « N 8 N 3 S •••4? '• XL 5 •'B v ', -J:-'U 7 G 5 I 4 - N, ,5.^ S 8 : ; E* •«•••• - H u 7 B 4 . A 8 •H TS,' JTi. s':.H ERE is * pleasant little game that will give you » mesiue «v«ry day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out your f ortun*. 1 Count the letters in your first name. II the number of letter* 1*6 or more, subtract 4. It the number it' lest than 6, add 3. Th« r«iult if your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner of the rectangle and check every one of your key numberi, left to right. Then • read the message th« letters under the checked figures Jive you. Conrrisht IN*, br WUIUm J. Kill«v Dirttil>ut«d by Klnj FwMm. Inc. 12*25 EJECTION NOTICE •. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF CUMBERLAND Cumberland, Md November 13, 1948. v The Stockholders of this Sank are hereby notified that an election for Directors to serve for the ensuing year will be held at the Banking House, No. 153 Baltimore Street, on Tuesday, the llth day of January, 1949, between the hours of 11 a. m, and 12 o'clock soar;. H. A..PITZER, President Adv.—N-T, Nov. U. 20, 27, Deo. «, 11, 10, 2-1. 31. Jan. 8. 54-A—Display Classified i PAWN BROKERS Quick Confidential Loans On All Articlct of Value HEADQPARTERS FOR DIAMOKPS Large Stock of .Unredemmcd Pledges HIGHEST PRICES PAID FOR OLD GOLD 33 Baltimore St. Phone 3770 For Tour Convenience Open to 5:30 p. if. Daily On Baltimore 'St. near Mechanic Pe&pje come from mile? around " A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS HARE MOTOR SALES James f. More, Prop. PHONE 4397 Bud & id's Auto Service Wishes: EVERYBODY! A Merry Chrisfmas and A Happy New Year f ^®smi$* for our "THE TRAINS" That's onJy the beglnnln 1 , I'olks! We can show you how to get more from your car or truck if you will just drive into our shop regularly for our maintenance service. Gnrley Brothers Xour "DODGE" Dealer Dodge-Plymouth Soles-Service 123 S. Liberty St. Phone 258 Curb Service; Provided For Mailing Yule Letteri SPRINGFIELD,. Dl. — (£") — Curb service for motorists irr the Christmas mail rush. Is' being tried out by Springfield' postal •• authorities and apparently Is mslclng a bit. • An employe of.the Central Post Office stands at the curb and »ot- orists driving past . hand him batches of letters after slowing their cars. Postmaster'West M. Bourt'o »ays pntrons Dice the service and lt~»lso helps the traffic problem".'"'. " NOTICE Notice Is licroby given that' tb'r io persons have filed. oppUwtloa yMh the Clerk ol tsc clrirjlt Court";or AITcgany Counly to sell alcoholic ..bevcraffcs 'In Allccany County, under the. provision o! Senate Bill 90 us enacted by the Oencral Assembly of Maryland for the 1947 Session. Character of License, name of.;applicant and for whom applied, the residence oi applicant, location of. plice of business and owner of premises are as foTIbws":-~".V • BEER AND W1N"E—CLASS .B—OS." gAlE GENERALLY. .'... . , — ,; Applicant: Melvln V, Hafer,. Residence of .applicant: Eilerslle, Md. Por^wbom 1 tpplled: Melv!n V. Hafer. Location - ol pre-' mlses: 20 North Mechanic Street," Cum-, berlnnd, Md. Owner ol, premises: • Robert McEvoy. • , : The expiration d»te of »U IlceniCK u«ot- cd will be the 30th day o: April next cfur Issuance. First publication of thli"=otlc« !• T. December 18, 18M. JOSEPH 1 fJSODEW. Clerk of tho Circuit Court lor AlJeBany County. Advertisement - T-Decn«-J4 Law Offlc< tt Edward, jr., By»» Tnclma Swishcr vs. Howard-' Swlrtier. No. 21042 Equity In th« Circuit'CM^t lor Aliegany. County, Maryland;,-.-;;- 7~T7^ OHEDER C The object of this suit is to -obtala * divorce a vlncuto matrimonll 'of'the Complainant • from' the Defendant.-- ( " ; The bill Elites that tho pivrtlcfl ^hereto were married on Murcl) 20,''lQ43 t '!ln Cum- burlund. Maryland, and tliat.-no'.^clilldren were born of isald' mjirrlftKe^--thfct; tilt Defendant on tti« 1st day .ot September. 1045. without Jtut cause or-'ieason-de- ' sorted and abandoned 1 the'^Complatoant and has declared his intention'.,to Tlv* with her no longer, and that .such .desertion and abandonment haa bcon^contlnu- ous and unlntorruped for more thun )it,rnn ()U) monUiD ni>U In dolibrrnU I final nrtfl wlLliout nny TnnnonnbJ* _)r- (ir rnooi]Qi;intIon; (imt the Com- plulnunl Id u rfttildtint or tljt; Mintn of Mnrylund, ond' Mint tho Defendant IB & non-resident of onld Stute. It is thereupon this 10th day or December. 3048. by the Circuit Court;.-for AHe* gany County, Maryland, In equity, ordered that the Complainant 1 by causing"' ** copy of LhiK order to be published' In 4 8om* " newspaper, ouco In cnch o^four_l(<), successive wnckJi, before the. llth day of January t itHS. RivlnB notice to tho «.b- snnt Dcfcndfint of the object;.And pur- pone of this milt nnd vamlnK him to b* nnrt npp«!rir In this Court, rJn - person or. by Solicitor/on or befor<j,-thfl ^Bthrday . of January, 3349, to ahow -CB-URC. -if- »ny he has, why a decree ihould.not'T* piAsed as prayed. " „ JOSEPH ». BODCK. Clerk. Tnie Copy: Test: ,-'.^^ JOSEPH K. DODEN. Clerk. Advertifcment , T-Dcc.' 01-1S-J4-31

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