The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 18, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1935
Page 2
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;.Continued trora Page 1. at b£st a stuffy little place, with but lone wash room, would have to be enlarged and remodeled and ano&er wash room provided. It would also be necessary to provide- for better accommodations In several ways that men juries have had in the past. jndge Russell and his predecessors have never instructed jurtf commissioners not to draw nanfcs of women, the commissioners merely having followed a rule" not to draw them. ; Only once in the history of the local-court has women been drawn on a' jury in the Tiptou circuit court and this, by the way, was a mistake. Several years ago dur- .!ng 'the term of Judge C. W. Mount. Mrs. Eugenia Heath, wife Of B. C. Heath residing northeast of Tipton was drawn for jury •sr'vi.-c The jury commissioners in going over the list of names thinking they were drawing a name, when they found it 'Gross Inefficiency 1 Charged to the Law Enforcing Officers. NO ONE IS INJURED (By United Press). LaSalle, 111., May IS Officers of the Apollo Metal Works, virtually wrecked last night by a mob of 400 striking workmen and sympathizers who fought seven hours to get at forty Chicago Minister and Dictator Being Arranged. DEPENDS UPON SPEECH (By United Press). Paris, May 18.—France may 1929. Police estimated that about two thousand persons swarmed about the station late in the afternoon and last night before the throng got so dense that busses couldn't come In to discharge and take on passengers and most of the frenzied financiers were shooed away. Inside the office seven stenographers worked ceaselessly notarizing chain letter blanks, selling mimeographed chain letter forms and selling stamps. The ante was $1 and the notaries watched participants inclose their dollars in envelopes and toss them into a conveniently located mail bag. Spaces foe ten names are on' the mimeographed forms. ; But there's usually a skeleton at the feast. At-last night's there: Laval would need instructions, were two, both of them postal in- as well as authorization', from the consent to a direct meeting between Adolf Hitler and Pierro Laval, French foreign! minister, if Hitler' makes • a conciliatory speech to his Reichstag Tuesday, It was reported today, j '•Such a meeting, it! was said, would occur if at all after the League of Nations council meeting, which starts at Geneva Mon- dine today prepared a direct attack on the Injunction held by the Northern Indiana Power; Company in the Huntington utility fight. Bangs is hgld in default of $2,000 bond on{ his appeal from u contempt of court charge growing out of the injunction. ; -_ Cline's ansWer to the -injunction will be [filed Monday when special Judgej David E. 'Smith, of Fort Wayne, returns here to rule on the cases <jf five citizens whom I he ordered to|disconnect from city power. i i When the answer is,filed, the power company may retaliate with a demurrer attacking sufficiency of the reply pr a direct reply which would Ipave the way for a hearing oh the matter of making permanent the temporary order. Will Sell Bills of 100 Millions Each Week to Meet Expenses. JUNE ISSUE COMING among the list of taxpayers. .Mrs. str j ke breakers, hurled charges of Heath reported with the J ury j "gross inefficiency" today at the when it wai to serve at ; county i aw officers. a trial but on account of illness, Twelve deputy sheriffs, using in her family, was excused before the' case started. AN ENJOYABLE. Continued from Pago 1. wa^Cnanced was made by the sale of Eskimo pies at the basketball games, the sponsoring of a Hollywood zoo. and the sale of yarn dolls in the school colors, and in spite of the elaborate reception _for the seniors, the class of 193G har. a substantial balance with which to start the new year. Officers of the junior class are as follows: President, Richard Turnbell; vice-president, Mary Alice Bowlin; secretary-treasurer,) Edith Mae Ogle; sponsor, Miss: Moore. The senior class is headed by William Ross, with Robert Pontius as vice-president; Philip- Benson, secretary- treasurer, and; Mr. Hiatt, sponsor. The seniors will be out of; school all next week, having com- I pieced their examinations Friday.! Baccalaureate service will be held Sunday evening at the Kemp Methodist church, with commence-: tear gas and clubs, kept the mob out of the plant but were unable to prevent it from setting fir-' twice to 'a themical storehouse or from shattering every window in the building with tons of stones. Seventy-five sta^pc^highway patrolmen, mobilized from a widely surrounding region, rescued- tho strike breakers and deputy sheriffs at 4:30 o'clock this morning, escorting two buses into the plant and out again with the threatened men crouching inside. Workmen at the plant struck three weeks ago to enforce a demand for reinstatement of five discharged men. Officers of a lo- dis- for union activities. Offl- _pf the company said they PERFECT ON RADIO. Radio Speaker. specters. cabinet to make any contact with "The first false move," they| Germany as regards negotiation said ominously, "and we go into of the armamen ts problem. It was intimated that no such athorization would be given if In Washington, May IS. — Beginning May 23, the treasury will market §100,000,000 in bills weekly for an indefinite period in order to refund maturities ol $75,000,000 and to supply $25,!000,000 each week in new money to the general fund. It is believed that in this way sufficient money will bo made available, in addition to tax payments and other receipts, to action." The false move would be to mail one of the chain letter forms. Bangs reiterated his refusal to;' post bond today with the a n-j iiaildl e comfortably all current nouncement: j"I'li rot in jail be-;expenditures until June 15. fore I'll give'bond to insure pay-! On the latter date it. is no\v ment of any j judgment to the indicated that a substantial 01- Northern Indiana Power Corn- (By United Press). Berlin, -May 18.—The Scherl News Agency reported from Moscow that the Soviet's biggest-airplane, the Maxim Gorki, had crashed in a collision with another plane. Reports of the crash were meager; The dispatch said the Maxim Gorki . collided with a smaller plane near Moscow airport. The Maxim Gorki is one of the biggest planes ever constructed. It was built to carry 75 persons. It has eight motors which are capable of developing some 7,000 horsepower. The plane originally was built for propaganda purposes. It had a small printing apparatus on board and officials intended to fly it about Russia, distributing Com- munist'literature. First trial flight was June 17, 1934. Forty passengers were carried. MAY BRING ACTION. 51 rs. Evorotte .Aaron Places Case In Hands of Attorneys. his Reichstag speech Hitler adopt- Mailing the money alone doesn't ed a truculent attitude or de- violate any postal regulations. LEAGUE DISPUTE [, new England, France and Italy Will Try to Placate the' Abyssinian King. nounced specifically ] the French-Russian military treaty. Rumors persisted particularly in Berlin, that Laval would be invited to Germany. l{ was said that the invitation might be made by Gen. Hermann Goering, who attended Marshal Josef Pilsud- ski's funeral in Warsaw as Germany's representative j while Laval represented France; pany." ferjng in notes or bonds, or both, will be made to replenish tin: treasury's supply of cash nece-s- • sary for future financing of th-v j relief program. There will also b<> aid imported in ?tfunich as Catholics! 1111 exchange offering on June 13 ' jto refund about $416,000,000 of treasury notes, which mature on SERIOUS RIOTING. Arc Harrassed. (Ky Olnitpcl Prosa). London, May IS.—An Exchange Telegraph dispatch from Munich | today reported "serious rioting" when organised bands ; of Nazis tried to prevent a collection for The dispatch said the Nazis that date. Except for the sale of -short- term treasury bills on'a discount basis and of the so-called "baby bonds," there has.been no sale of government securities for cash since Dec. 15, when the treasury offered $900,000,000 in bonds ami molested the icollectors and thrust i notes. Other bond and'note-of- friendship, and he turned to Rus- »'"« »'* ir hi l nds conies o£ «ews-| ferings since that time have been sia only because of the German!"™ «*<>«!«"* the sentencing ; for the conversion of outstandm* rearmament program. to nve vears.- impribuuiiieui. uu ; * "*- •••*-«"«• .j ••«" — - •• • thut war FRIENDLY PROCEDURE of Sister Katharine Wiedenhoffir* securities. to five years!'- imprisonment on] The treasury has held down Us charges of smuggling currency out; new cash financing since : j n e r'a-r^mtnv \~ Tho nnnvipHnn nf-date in order to leave the will try further to convince Eu- of Germany.i The comiction ot the nun was the first of; fifty case3 free for the large refunding oper- Berlin Mav 18—Adolf Hitler Berlin, M 3J IS. Auoit HIller i rope that Germany's; conscript j army is to be an instrument ofi°f I peace when he addresses the and nuns charged with : j Reichstag Tuesday night. Geneva, May IS. — British,' His speech is intended spe- (By LTnlteil Press). New York, May 18. Presl- French and Italian delegates are' cificnlly to be an answer to the j expected to confer here tomorrow League of Nations council resolu- , i in a last moment effort to prevent j tion condemning German rcarma- a serious dispute before the j ment as illegal. i League of Nations council Mon-j Actually, it was said, the I day. | speech would cover m:iny Europ- Abyssinia has appealed to the, can problems, including that of violating Reich laws. The Nazis j displayed banners which said: "DonT give a penn/ to the foreign exchange smugglers" and ' <N ° German should give to the Roman Catholic traitors." : MORE STRIKERS. R • "it ' • tl e world's best aeue a £ ainst Italian war prepa- j eastern security and the .French-j French StcniiLship Company Hiiv- mcnt exercises in the high school! " ^ according to Prof rations in East Africa. Italy has ( Russian military j assistance! j n( r serious Labor Trouble. auditorium Thursday May 23. School will close Friday, May 24, for the summer vacation. evcninB ' Jane D. Zimmerman, a'speech in- said bluntly that U is none o£ thc treaty—whose signature angered' GERMANY IS TO. Continued from Pago 1. structpr at Teachers College, Col-j umbia, who is making a study of recorded radio speeches of prominent persons of this country and Europe. The President has an almost I ideal voice. Miss Zimmerman League's business. 'employes of the insurance system. said Hjs 8en tences are compact Under the now regime the gov.| and smoo th, his rhythm excellent, ermrrcnt has established a vir- j and n j g ar ticulation is clear. 'He never lets a sense of strain get into his voice," Miss Zimmer- tual-tmonopoly of the Germani money market, having blanket powers to raise all the money it j man said . "Like his picture, his needs. But the money market re- vo j ce gives the impression of a mains extremly fluid. The dis- ge nial smile. It carries a sense of count rate is dropping and some security." banks are -even refusing new] Mlgs Zimmerman has recorded Germans, well aware as they are Paris, May 18.— The .crew of the transatlantic liner Paris — numbering 700 — joined the walkout of some 2,000 members of thf Open intervention' is . impossible! could build a fleet on naval craft, | crews of thejbig French line ves- se ] s today coincident with action known that Great Britain against whom it is aimed, and France are anxious regard-' Naval experts discounted today ing Italy's coxirse and intention, i the possibility that j Germany present, however, because Italy I manned by crews of I five men has said it would tolerate no in-: each, to carry torpedoes. It was to charge the strikers! with dfi- | said authoritatively, i however, Ba: terference. Many believe that the council that north sea and Baltic ship- would try to arrange some friend- ( yards were turning out hundreds ly procedure that would pacify; of light, speedy craft ofi two types, leaving the substance of the dis- each carrying two torpedoes, pute for later discussion in the; **• —j— Abyssinia and not anger Italy.! Mlcawberian hope that something would turn up meantime. SELLING FLOWERS. Little- Girls Helper! Out Brotherhood fur the Blind. funds because of inability to utilize them profitably. GREATEST NEW DEAL. •Continued from Page 1. the PWA, FERA, rural elc-trifl- cation, homestead, housing and. various other agencies and departments he thinks should be .given out. The offices are in a building a stone's throw from the treasury, with rails built to bar; the public, with private offices for fhjB "public relations" men, big on a circular table for press EeJeases and a room -for reporters. government's practice of ploying newspaper men has assailed and defended on ol hill and in publications. : more than 1,000 radio speeches of public figures. She believes in general most American business men and statesmen have better radio voices than most radio announcers. Sen. Huey P. Long's voice was "sometimes very good" but at other times bis speech was "very Ineffective," s~he said, while Father Charles E. Coughlin's "pulpit" voice was too formal and unnatural. Miss Zimmerman decried the "false enthusiasm" of some news commentators. TOM8BEHINDD. from Page 1. ; Lineback's, jCompton nc. 1 , Tipton Ice Cream Co., iHOrocery, Case's! Bakery, ~bbs, Shell Service; E. E. Suite and j Barrum, pBoiaty Salonj Tipton *"'* Yonng'ir Fnrni- fanity Cleaners, W. E. Burgeie Motor Coir 'Co., .French MOXKY STATISTICH. U. S. Ha« An Observer Studying Question in Europe. Washington, May 18. — • Following close on the heals of Secretary Morgenthau's stand on the international monetary stabilization question, treasury offlcuila disclosed yesterday that for weeks past they have been secretly gathering financial statistics In Europe. ipr., Harry Whitej a former Wis- coWn college professor, was em- pljjyed by the treasury as. its ob- Whlte hag been moving Jfakfand and " conttn- ' ' " " number of girls Were about tho city Saturday selling flowers in behalf of the American Broth- Addis Ababa, May 18.—Abys-j sinia will continue its insistence! that all frontier problems be included in any negotiation with Italy over recent incidents thatjerhood for the Blind, this being a have precipitated a crisis, it was | part of its state-wide [work for announced today. the sightless. Headquarters for th«j day wore Rpme, May IS.—Italy reserved j established in Hie Tiplon public the right today to reject the library, and Mary Man arot Hash American and French authorities was in charge of the young peo- on international law whom Abys-|ple who were assisting sinia named as representatives to! The local persons''who . sponr negotiate the frontier dispute in 1 sored the drive were ]flrs. G. G. sertion. j It was disclosed that sanctions (or penalties) charging desertion of ship werd being formulated against the crew of the Champlain. The jchamplain has been held up threo days and many passengers scheduled to.sail on her transferred to the British liner Britannic foij the United States. Officials stjll were hopeful that the new No^mandie,. one of tho largest linersi ever built, would bj able to start! on her maiden voy- ago to New JYork on May 29, as scheduled. ! East Africa. I Davis, Mrs. H. V. Morris, Mrs. C. Pearly, Mrs. Sam Pitmann Benjamin Potter, ofiB. Stemen, Rev. H. R Long Branch, N. J., professor of: Rev. C. A. Wade and the institute of higher study of i Matthews. international law of Geneva University, and Albert De La Pra- dolle, famous French jurist, were the arbitrators named. Italy has insisted that Abyssinia's negotiators, under the Ital- lan-Abysslnlan treaty, must be of Abyssinian nationality. There was no indication that this policy would be changed. Prof. Potter is a native of Lon'g Branch and maintains a home there. He is but 43 years old. He has a most distinguished record that j dates from his graduation i with, honors from Harvard in 1914. He' has taught , at! Harvard, ;Yaie» Wisconsin, Texas, '" '" Bd Illinois' A^^i^s ifago, A complete check-ub will be made of the amounts turned in by the various girls, and- lovely prizes have been offered to those receiving the most ironey for their flowers. This is Indeed a worthy activity as. the money is us id to purchase materials with 'vhich the blind persons of the country may occupy their time and- to provide, a market for the! articles made by the less fortunate. Strike Ended (Bjr'Dnl ations later.; From Feb. 27 to April 3 if sold weekly $100,000.000 -of• treasury bills to meet ! weekly maturities of $75,000,000 and apply new cash, but on the latter date dropped the total ol these issues to $50,000,000 i week. j That step has called for the payment each week of $25.000, 000 out of the general fund ti> meet maturing bills in excess of the new ones marketed. Since that time the general fund's working balance has declined rapidly and on May 14 was only $702,158,988. In addition to this, however, the treasury can employ temporarily money deposited by banks for the retirement of national bank notes. The program to increase the issues again called for a combined offering of $50,000,000, maturing in 273 days, or nine months, and $50,000,000 in 133 days, or four and one-half mouths: AMERICAN HELD. Another V. S. Citizen Is Vnder Arrest in Germany. Wu.s Fatally Burned. Marion, May 18.^—Hurns suf-. fered by Mrs. Louise Henry, 85. when her clpthing caught fire caused her death here ;today. ! • * > 1- CHRISTJIAN SCIENCE SERVICES | "Mortals abd Immortals" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in all Churches of [ Christ, Scientist, on Sunday, May 19. The GolderjText is: "In the way of righteousness is life; and in the pathway thereof there isino death" (Proverbs 1228). • i Among the; citations which comprise the Lesaon-Serinon iis tho following from. Jesus to thosi he Bible: 'iThen said Jews which believed on?him, If ye continue in'my word, then are ye m; • disciples indeed; And ye-! shall knb'r the truth, and the truth shall m^ke you free. Verily, ra.Jfal man keen fi saying, nepnau never see death" als> includes from the "gel, ,dnn"8;8i,32,Bl). The Lessonf the 1 ^™.i« fDy T.'niteil fre^K Munich, May IS.—The American consulate today consulted political police chiefs regarding Charles Nisselbeck, latest American to be held by the Nazis. The charge against Nisselbeck is "activities inimical to the state." Nisselbeck was arrested Thursday afternoon. His case has been turned over to a court for investigation while police check the authenticity of his passport. It was held that another American was held in bail here charged with "utterances inimical to the state"—Hans Ludwig Bemel- manns, 37, an author and a naturalized citizen of the -United States, Bemelmanns was arrested in Mittenwalk May 14 after crossing the frontier from Innsbruck. He was brought to Munich Wednesday and turned over to a court next day for "Investigation. He was released on bail but his passport was i seized pending his arraignment. Bemelmanns has been living In the Italian Tyrol. Mrs. Everette Aaron of North Main street who suffered a fall on North Main street in February, when she stepped in an alleged defective place in the sidewalk on the west side of the Blue Front Drug Store, has placed her case in the hands of Attorney Ralph Waltz of Noblesville, according to a letter received here by the county clerk and Mayor Compton. The letter fronv the "Noblesville attorney stated that the claim against the city for damages has beeir placed with him for action and the matter wa's referred to .City Attorney Mount to handle. 12 Years Ago May 15th. i The junior high scfiool junder the direction of Mrs. TasajLove, presented the musical operetta 'Windmills of Holland." ! * * » ! Scott Magnett left for| Hot Springs, Ark., to take the mineral baths in hope of securing j relief from rheumatism. Peter Boltou left for Arcadia to pay a visit at the home of Mrs. Otto Langolf. : • ' .* * ; A frantic search in which'many people joined was under way for Thomas Burkhart who had disappeared from the home of his daughter Mrs. S. A. Culver: * * * : Mr. and Mrs. Frank Owens of Wilburn, 111., were visiting, their son T. D. Foster and family. * * * : Clarence Heath entered the Eastman hospital at Indianapolis for an operation. * * * i Rev. M. L. Teter united in marriage Everett West and Miss Edith Baitty. '' .'• '. William 'Jarrett issued a warning against farmers -permitting stock to run at large on the highways ~of the county. Little Girl HI. Anna Louise Montgomery, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Aaron is still suffering Don Montgomery of this city Is from the effects of the'fall, ami eo nfined to her home, and it is is under the care of a physician. She stepped in a hole in the sidewalk about twenty feet north of • the Jefferson street corner. FOt'GIIT GCX M KI,. Fishcuncn and Game Warden En-, iu Deadly Battle. (By Unitoil Frrfsi. Evansville, May- is.—A Hoosier fisherman was killed and a Kentucky ganu> warden was wounded iir a gun duel on the Ohio river near here today. Taylor Sly, 40, Enterprise, Ind., was killed' and his brother-in-law. Richard Daley, was arrested. W. F. Bellew, Kentucky game warden, was wounded in the chest and shoulder in the exchange of shots. The shooting occurred when tiie game wardens attempted to arrest the' two fisherman on a charge of using nets illegally. feared she may be taking scarlet fever. ' The? little girl has'been isufter- ing with laryngitis and \ other throat trouble and for the past few days has had a slight rash. It has not yet been ^definitely determined whether^ or not ^he. has the fever, and until then, outsiders are being kept out, although the family is not: under quarantine. A son, Billy; Montgomery, is staying at the home of his grandmother, Mrs. L. T. Harker. ' Tribune Want Ads Get Results. INVITING Kalph Ziniiiierman, 5O4 Ash. St. As a guest of The Tipton Daily Tribune at the New Ritz Theatre to witness "The Case of the Howling Dog" Explanation: This invitation Is not transferable and Is good only for the party whose name and address appear above.- ThejT>arty named above, accompanied by a member of his family or a friend should present this Invitation at the Ritz door'the same as two regular admission tickets. THE TIPTpK DAILY TRIBUNE I, Class Matter-. This new Sentinel 35 Hoover has features undreamed of when" you bought your cleaner .. Aromador /.Dirt finder . . 9-piece light duralumin Pusting Tods. A complete ; home<cleanFng equipment. Smart and. beautiful. See it . . try it, yithout oMM *A 50 i j gation. Convenient terms. As htH» osj 4^* M ENTINv

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