Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 3, 1958 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 3, 1958
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JULY 3, 1938 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SEVBN Upper Alton News Events BAB* Hit *f HOMfc James Hook, two-month 6ld son of Mr. tunA Mrs. Virgil Hook, of 3027 Mayfield Ave., who was struck on the head by a Softball, June 6, at the Henry street diamond, was brought home Wednesday evening from St. Louis Children's Hospital. The boy. who was rushed to St. Joseph's following the accident, and later moved to the Children's Hospital, suffered a multiple skull fracture, and was in critical condition for abotit A week and a half. His condition is normal now, doctors told his parents Wednesday. The couple's two other children. Deborah, 5, and Joey, 3, are sick at home with the measles. Their condition is satisfactory. ST. MARKS YOUTH HAVK COMK AS YOU-ARE PARTI 7 Some 30 young people, members of the intermediate and senior youth fellowship, met at St. Mark's Methodist parsonage, Wednesday evening for a "come-as-you-are" party. Highlight of the evening was a treasure hunt conducted by the Rev. Fred Beck, Miss Bobby Whitten won the 'prize. Refreshments wer.e served on the church lawn, by Mrs. Fred Beck, after which a ping-pong tournament was held in the parsonage basement. GRANDCHILDREN VISIT MRS. LURA McKEK Visiting for a few days at the home of Mrs. Lura McKee and at home for the next couple of months. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. Lester Thomas of 2736 Grandvie-* Ave. PARROTS ruoM PEORIA VISIT SONS HUM!: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Taylor of £eorfa are spending a couple of weeks here with their sons and families; Mr. and Mrs. Don Lem- mort, 230 Alben; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lemmon, and son Stephen, 5, of 3601 Wickenhauserj and Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Sales, 427 E. 8th. They also.will visit other relatives and friends. LtSf EVKNf 8 AT , COLI-BOK AVE. BAPTIST A film entitled. "An AU-American Cowboy," will be.shown for the youth, today at 7:30 p.m. in the basement ol College Ave. Baptist Church. In other news: The W.M.S. meets in the sanctu- ary'of the church today at 7:30 p.m. Sunday school will be at 9:30. Sunday, and church at 10:30, followed by a baptismal service. B.T.U. meets 6:30 Sunday evening and worship Is at 7:30. HEAVE TODAY FOR CHIMJCOTHE, MISSOURI Mr. and Mrs. Elgie Posey and children of 2203 N. Rodgers, left today for a weekend in Chillicothe, Mo. They will be guests of Mrs. Posey 's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Beaver. Mr. Posey's mother. Mrs. P. .1. Posey of Independence, son, Eugene of 2900 Brown St.. arejMo., will accompany them home her four grandchildren from Plainview, 111. The children, whose parents are Mr. and Mrs. John O'Donnell, are for a months visit here. i HILUWEST YOUNG PEOPLE TO ATTEND CONVENTION Mrs. O'Donnell Esther McKee. is the former Eugenia, 7: Gladys, 6; Johnny, 5; Five delegates from Hillcrest and Richard O'Donnell, 4. JNazarene Church, will attend the annual young people's convention Friday at Springfield. . Guest speaker at the convention, which is held on the Nazarene Camp Ground, will be the Rev. Orvllle Combs, former Upper Al-jHarold Daniels, new district su- ton resident, returned home Wed-|perintendent. The Rev. Daniels! nosday from St. Luke's Hospital,)was recently appointed to this of- St. Louis, where he had been a pa-l/ice from his pastorate in Phoenix. FORMER UA RESIDENT RECUPERATING AT HOME tient for about 25 days. Combs, whose wife and two children live at 318 East Dr., East Alton, underwent brain surgery June 11. This was the second of this type of operation in the past year and a half. His condition is. fair, his wife said, apd he will be recuperating PANORAMIC WINDSHIELDS FOR ALL C.4HS LYONS CLASS CO. •4M Bella Mai 1-»731 Attending from here will be the Rev. and Mrs. Robert Weathers. Faye Taylor, Hardy Weathers, and Mrs. Elsie Mauley, local president. Other local officers, who were elected Sunday, are, Mrs. Genevie ve Foiles, vice president; Ruth Ann Weathers, secretary; and Ray Brown, treasurer. REV. MARVIN SCIIULTZ AT SALEM PRESBYTEKIAV The Rev. Marvyn Schultz of Fos- were lost while their families were having a pitfnic in Rock Spring Park. Two policemen were sent to scout the park for Julia Weihe, 7, and Cfndy Clarkson, 5. About 8:45, Mrs. Weihe reported back to the police that the children had been located at the home! of an aunt and uncle on Elm street.. MRS. MOLMfc LAMM INCURS HIP Mrs, Mollie Lamm, who mikes her home with her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar L. Heuer of 2118 Washington, is in St Joseph's'Hospital suffering from a fractured hip. Mrs. Lamm, who is 92, was ad milted to the hospital Tuesday evening following a fall in her home. Her condition was reported today as satisfactory but it is not known when she will be discharged. In other cases: Mrs. Hattie Brown, 2350 Lincoln, entered Alton Memorial Hospital Tuesday afternoon for observation and treatment. Her condition is satisfactory, her husband report ed, but she is not expected to be discharged for about two weeks. Charles Ethridge, 4500 College is in St. Joseph's since Tuesday. He entered for observation. It is not known when he will be dis charged. ON TWO-WEEK TRIP THROIICill WEST Miss Margaret Ringcring and Miss Susan Ringering, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. -Russell Ringering of 2324 Edwards, and Miss Pokie Walters, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Charles Walters of 3106 Leverell. left this week by car for a two week trip through the West. Miss Margaret Ringering is head nurse of the chest surgical floor in Barnes Hospital, St. Louis. The other girls are senior students at Alton Senior High School. State Lists Roads Closed For Construction Eight sections of roads have been closed, the Illinois Highway Division announced today as a guide to holiday weekend motorists. One-way traffic at intervals on 53 other roads also was announced. All are due to construction work or repairs in progress. The following have been closed and motorists are instructed to SaysTVFare Weather Delays Grand IsEveryone's Opening of Drag Strip Problem News of Area Men In Armed Forces Marlnp Pfe. tloiiglm L. Brnc*. c,*son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. The grand opening of Alton Dragway Inc., dual-lane drag strip on Fosterburg Road tt the former Stanly Castle Farm h*9 been put off because rain haft de* layed construction, John Storey, president of the organization, an- Everyone connected with the production and viewing of television programs has a responsibility from which there can be •—••---- ------ - _- nount . e( j today. no escape. Alton Te Deum was"™ of Mr - and Mrs ' HaroW H ; the grand opening was set for told Wednesday night. Bruce of 2915 Watalee. «boardi Sa|urday and SundaVi July 5 and Prof. Charles S. Costello. aithe support aircraft carrier USS'g. but has been rescheduled for former member of Actors Equity;Yorkfown. is taking part in thejSalurday and Sunday, July 19 and of the Screen Actors Guild.IFirst Fleet visit to the San Fran-'and 20. was the speaker. HP is now head cisco Ray Area July 3-7. However, the asphalt strips Nvill of the department of speech mid The visit commemorates the'bo in use prior to the grand Open- drama at Marycrest College, Da-:5f)th anniversary of the visit offing with a one-day stand slated venport, Iowa. the Great White Fleet to San'for July 13. Costello, former director of thCiF r a n c I s c o during its cruise Loyola Community Theater in Chicago and Catholic Theater Guild of Los Ange'es. spoke at a dinner meeting at St. Patrick's Hall. He said: around the world. A full-scale Naval review will he staged as the Fleet enters the Bay. Following a long weekend of recreation, including many civic- sponsored events, the Fleet will 'Children blame their parents.jput. to sea on July 7 for a five Princeton Seeking New Radio Station WASHINGTON (AP) - The. Federal Communication Commission Wednesday received an nppli- parents throw it back on thc'day striking force exercise, code.catinn for a new radio station Ht children or Ihe broadcasters, the'named "Blue Bolt." ; Princeton. 111. from Russell and broadcasters on the producers. the producers on the sponsors ,,„,<._ Robf . r) ( ._ Wa|u . r MIldred ^Armen.rout. son of Mrs. Catherine Sims, 715 and the sponsors on Ihe public'' h m , rn( , v , pft Kor| with no one willing to take his y participate in a; own share of the blame for bad progi'HiiiminK. Kach is trying to dodge his own inescapable re-: The Armrntrouts are associated) iwith the Bureau Broadcasting Co., '.ouisiana. Mo. The station would operate on 1490 kilocycles, 100 watts, unlimited 'Greenland. Walters, a mechaniclT| 10 24-year-old soldier is a 1951 on the other fellow. The influence of this techniological monster must never be sold short. Shaping of the minds of our future generations to the free and demo-i the 155th Transportation Company, entered the Army in .1951. fend certain contingents of society while they are at the same time pleasing others. graduate o( Harrisburg Township High School and attended Kansas State Teachers College, Em» poria, Kan. He is a former em- ploye of Cinder Block & Material Co.. Indianapolis. Ind. His- wife, F.lsie. lives at 211 Twenty-third St.. Virginia Beach. Va. LAST OF MOVING PROJECT Union Electric Co. linemen have just lowered a transformer to the ground after setting new ones on new poles back from the curb on Ninth sired. Widening of Ninth will begin shortly, and this is cratic way of life, demands that! Granting that the programs time to time 1 we give carefuljare set up in advance^ and that scrutiny to the program content!the viewer has only the choice,"!'.'. *.11*'-"'J!1_"1"1 of television. to take them or leave them, the' j "Thc child program fare de«.viewer, Costello said, has the remands a re-awakening of respon-| S ponsibility of dialing out the sibilities. Mothers must show the,program that fails to come up to same concern over what goes (he standards of taste and mor- into the minds of their children a ls upheld by that household. as they show over the food that The speaker was introduced by IROOS into their stomachs. Moth- President Alvin K. Stolze. The 1 C of C Meet Set July 16 News of A rea Men In Armed Forces the Great White Fleet to San iFranci.sco (inriiiR its cruise Wound HIP world. A full-sculp 'Naval review will be staged as Army Sgt, Dclmur K. File, the Fleet enters thc bay. A , fi ' O . son of Roy V. File, 3108 LeRoy Following a long weekend of A.I V^OUlltV t5Cllt St.. recently was graduated from,recreation, including many civic- EDWARDSVILLE — Kennethj Wohlford, president of the Cham- ;the 8th Infantry Division Non- Commissioned Officer Academy in Baumholder, Germany. Sgt. ., sponsored events, the Fleet will thln f V" PC ° P "u ber of Commerce, announced today that the general membership dinner meeting of the' Chamber will be held July 16 at Sunset Hills Country Stub. File received instruction in the principles of unit leadership. Regularly assigned as a gunner in Battery D of the division's 28th Artillery, he entered the Ar- put to sea on July 7 for a five- day striking force exercise, code] named "Blue Bolt". ;the broadcasters are bound to of- 2-Hnur Service at Our Plant l-U»y Delivery Servio* On K«i|ueit. 2501 State St. ers are meticulous ! n their care prayer was offered by the Rev.! the last preparatory step.-^-Staff Photo, jnot to servo their children taint-jFather John Crosson, pastor — led foods, They should he ever St. Patrick's. 50th anniversary of the visit of more meticulous in caring for what goes into the minds of their children." The sincerity of the men guid- ; ns the destinies of the industry WH.S never questioned by the •speaker. He admits that faced thc problem of being all Last year was Venezuela's first billion barrel year in oil, Caracas reports. !my in February 1956 and arriv-j Kangaroo-tail soup will be can- 'ed in Europe in September ofjncd at a new plant in Gladstone, terburg Presbyterian Church will 'follow the marked routes: conduct morning services at Salem ( 111 2fl— Sparlnnd to Henry. re- : chamber's 15 standing cbmmit- Presbyterian Church, July 6, i construction. Detour over 111 17.|tees. All the committee chairmen; The meeting will begin at '6:30,^ war Thp 2 ._,-yeHr-old soldier] Australia pm. and all members of the!^^^ A ,, on H | Rn S( ., lool and Chamber are invited to hear of was foi . merly Pmp | 0 y«i hy Graf- iho ton BoHt Works DRESSEL-YOUNG DAIRY GRADE A HOMOGENIZED MILK 4TH OF JULY SPECIALS ONE SHAKE and BURGER DOG and ROOT BEER I9e % Golden Fried CHICKEN Salad, frief. toasted bun, butter CARRY OUT ONLY S HAM- $ * 00 !! BURGERS \ ' Phone Your Order—2-I1M Evans PASTRIES And Coffw Bar 1100 Milton Rood Ample Parklnl thc activities planned by Communion Sunday. On Wednesday, July Theodore J. Tarranl. airman III 87, HI 18. Adds three miles. 9, thei US 30—B] 80 to Morrison, re- Ladies Aid will hold an all-day meeting at the church, beginning at 10 a.m. MUSING CHILDREN REPORTED TO POLICE Mrs. Carl Weihe of 3205 Duco, reported to the police about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, that two children REPORT OF CONDITION OF THE "BANK OF ALTON" of Alton In the State of Illinois at the close of business on June 2?., 1958. Published in Response to Call of Elbert S. Smith, Auditor of Public Accounts. ASSETS 1. Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balances, and cash items in process of collection..? 404,105.21 2. United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 575,061.88 3. Obligation of States and political subdivisions NONE 4. Other bonds, notes, and debentures 571,406.74 5. Corporate stocks NONE 6. Loans and discounts (including $9.52 overdrafts).. 699,759.21 7. Bank premises owned f None, furniture and fixtures $72,730.32 72,730.32 (Bank premises owned are' subject to $ .None liens not assumed by bank) 8. Real estate .owned other than bank premises NONE 9. Investments and other assets indirectly representing bank premises or other real estate 4,715.00 10. Customers' liability to this bank on acceptances outstanding NONE 11. Other assets 5,743.71 12. TOTAL ASSETS ." J?,333,522.07 LIABILITIES 13. Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations $1,047,056.85 14. Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations' ._ 463,448.08 15. Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) 26,605.12 16. Deposits of States and political subdivisions 528,126.90 17. Deposits of banks , NONE 18. Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc,) •" •"« ' 19. construction. Detour over HI 80, Garden Plain road. Adds 3 miles. HI 41—Galesburg south 2 miles, reconstruction. Detour over local roads. Adds 0.5 mile. IIS 52—Savanna to Mt. Carroll, reconstruction. Detour over HI 80, Argo-Fay road, ni 78. Adds 15 miles, 111 53—111 62 to 58. toll road and members of each, involving USX. son of Berl Tan-ant of Rt about 125 persons, are expected to attend the meeting. Circle Plans Picnic EDWARDSVILLE — Circle 3 of the Eden Guild will meet Tuesday at the home of Mrs. J. C. Wetzel, 651 Roosevelt Dr., for a noon picnic potluck luncheon Members are requested to bring their own table service. In case of rain, the meeting construction. Detour over 111 62. wjll oe held at the church. Mecham road, 111 58. Adds 2 miles. 1, East Alton, and husband of the former Miss Betty L. Fortschneider of Alton, with Fighter Squadron 64, is taking part the First Fleet visit to the San Francisco Bay Area July 3-7. The visit commemorates Rural Youth .Meeting KDWARDSVILLK — The July 111 55—Cook County; York road| mcet j ng o j tne vvl ral youth group as held Tuesday at the home 17,305.91 NONE TOTAL DEPOSITS $2,082,442.86 20. Bills payable, rediscounts, and other liabilities for borrowed money 21. Mortgages or other liens J None on bank prfm- i«l and I Now on other real estate NONE 22. Acceptances «xecuted by or for account of this bank and outstanding NONE Other liabilities 11,120.85 to \Vestchester, toll road con struclion. Detour over York road, 31st street, and Wolf road. Adds 2 miles. ni 64—Savanna to Mt. Carroll, reconstruction. Detour over HI 80, Argo-Fay road, and HI. 78. Adds 15 miles. II] 72-H1 59 to HI 58, toll road construction. Detour over 111 59 and 111 58. Adds 2 miles. St.. John's Summer \ Schedule Announced EDWARDSVILLE — St. John's /lethodist Church will go on its uinmer schedule of one WOP- hip service, the J0:10 a.m.. Sun- ay. Dr. William E.-iBush, »s- isted by R«v. Mrs. S. N. Atkjn- on, will administer the Saera- nent of Holy Communion at the norning service. Mrs. H. J- I'hiteman of the sanctuary choir 'ill sing, "One Night When Sorow Burdened". Church School all be at 9 a.m. The MYF groups will meet at :30 p.m. in the church social coins. Midweek prayer and Bile study will be held Wednes- ay at 7:30 P.m. Mrs. S. N. Atkinson in charge. 23. 24. TOTAL LIABILITIES (npt including subordinated obligations shown below) $2,093,563.71 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 25. Capital (par value per share 520.00) 26. Surplus ; 27. Undivided profits 28. Reserves • 200,000,00 30.000.00 NONE 9,958.36 29. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 239,958.36 30. TOTAL LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $2,333,522,07 MEMORANDA SI. Asset* pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes ,....! $ 310,796.26 32. (a) Loans as shown above are after deduction of Reserves of (Schedule A, item 9) NONE (b) Sjpiirltiei at shown above are after deduction of reserves of NONE I, W. N. WARNER, Cashier, of the above-named bank, do •olemnly swear that the above statement Is true, and that it fully and correctly ''ewesfnts the true state pf the several mat* ters herein contained and set forth, to the best of my knowledge W.N.WARNER Correct—Attest: HERMAN W. WILKENING ) ROLLAND E, WIEGAND ) Directors RAYMOND F, BLOCK ) f Ray and Delores Svoboda, "irst-aid kits were distributed to lie members. A picnic is planed by the group, to be held at •ere Marquette State Park July 0. The next regular meeting of youth group will be Aug. 5 at tie home of 'Myrna Kruckeberg. Hospital Note* EDWARDSVILLE — One area esident was admitted WednesdHy St. Joseph's Hospital, High- jnd. and one patient was dis- liarged. Walter Haitung, 235 Crane St., as admitted. Mrs. Joyce Wolf, 815 Troy Rd., >as discharged. AUTO mide (0 Her to fit yw MKOOK SM KINNY KLOOS MIDSTATES FINANCE CO. •I Hloie. Near Broadway Tonite P.M. inn, 30f HM, Aim, NI. Buy . .. 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