Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 24, 1948 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1948
Page 15
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Phone 4GOO for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1948 FIFTEEN;.'': Kadio Kingsidc By John M. Cooper^ NEW YORK— (INS) —Christmas greetings and'best, wishes today to ail the .people in radio and television. Arid particularly: ' To ABC, lor its sixth'of a series of full-hour radio documentaries, exhaustively 'researched , carefully documented . and superbly written. "The Berlin Story," to be heard-on Monday, Jan. ID at 9 p. m. EST. This will be a dramatized Study of the crises In Germany, Trith" locus on Berlin and the Kulir; William L. Shlrcr -Hill tike part; -there trill be tape recordings made in » Berlin black market and a German ichool; and the music will be taken from Warner's "King of the Xibelnnjren." To CBS, for the smartest and tnost aggressive network operations teen in many. a moon; .which resulted in the grabbing of Amos 'n Andy. Jack Benny and Santa Clous only knows how many othersC the Internal Revenue Bureau -willing.) To go along -with all these new pro-, grams, the combined power of CBS »Ciliated stations is now the great- «st of any network, totaling 1,641,200 watts in the daytime and slightly less at night. To MBS notch news . eovenrc as exemplified by the "Mutual Newsrcel"—the kind of prop-am tnat makes other people say, "Why didn't I think of that myself?" Mntual Is now joining me bip program .race with a drive for new talent; nnont v others, it will acquire Lionel Barrymore starting Jan- , nary 2, To NBC for its programming code •which projects long suffering • listeners from, too-long commercials and in many .other ways shows a teen awareness of a broadcaster's responsibilities; for its continued pioneering In television; and for its new realization of.the importance of developing new talent. • The latter may perhaps be inad- Tertent and due to the sudden on- »laught by CBS, but whatever the. cause, it- will lead to better radio. To Dumont for the development • of daytime, television programming—one of the bijffest gam- ' - bits in the new video medium and one which' Is paying off handsomely both in cash and food Tlcwlnr. To the country's 'many independent stations, in such numbers that it is impossible to list them,-for doing on the whole a good Job: In some cases a superlative -job. To the National Association of Broadcasters, the National Association of Badlo;'News'Directors, :and other groups of people in-the profession—best, wishes, tool ... • TVTBO HIGHLIGHTS ; TODAY 4:00 EickitHEt Wile (NBC). A:1S 'Stella Dallas (SBC). 4:30 Lorenso JOEM (NBC). : 4:<S YOUHK TOdder Browa (NBC). _»:M Uive.At.I1ve. , . *::o N«KS. 1:45 The Old Chisholm Trill. 1:00 Xetri. «:15 south-of the Border. . 630 The • Sportsman'* -Corner. e:45 Errmd ot Mercy. 7:00 TSo Slipper Club fNBC). r-15 News ol tha World (NBC). TM Books Brlns Adventure. •JitS H. V. K»ltenbom (NSC). J-,00 Sine Crosby. »30 Jimmy Durinle Show (NBC). . »:00 Eddie C»nlor. Snow (NBC). t::o Red Skclton Show (NBC). 10:00 Proudly We Hall. 1030 He.-e'» To Vetcrins. 10:4S The Nlfht Before Christmas IXBC). . 11:00 Emmnnuel Episcopal Church Services. TOMORROW 1:00 BrrtUs-st On a. Platter, «:15 Neu-j. B-.20 BreakfwV On i. Plater. 7 3D News. Tas Breaklnet On a platter. §:00 World News Round-Up (NBC). «:15 Diet Klbert (NBCI. «:45 u. S. Marine Band. »:00 Mind Your Manners (NSC). 030 Grass Valley Cornish Carol Choir (NBC). 10:00 Mary Lee Taylor (NBC). 1030 Adventures ol Archls Andrews (NBC). 11:00 Meet the Meeks (NBC), 11:30 Smllln' Ed McConnell (NBC). 12:00 Arthur BarrlaulV-News (NBC). 12:15 Saturday Serenade. • 12:30 Zddle Cantor's Christinas Party (NBC). 1:00 National Farm and Homo Hour (NBC). ' , 130 Edward Tomlinson (NBC). 1:45 Report On Europe (NBC).. J:00 Christmas 'Bound the World iNBCl. I.-30 Tint Pluno Quartet (NBC). 3:00 yes There Is » Santa. Clous (SBC). - 4:00 Holiday Star Time—Two Hours o! Stars (NBC). 1:00 News (NBC). ias The Sportsman's Corner, .. 630 NBC Symphony Orchestra (NBCI. T30 Vic Damone Show (NBCI. • ;DO Great Scenes Irom Great Plays, 8-30 Truth or Consequences (NBC). »:00 Your H'.t Parade (.NBC). 9:30 Judy Canova Show (NBC). 10-00 A D»y In the Lllo oJ Dennis r>«y (VBC). 1030 Grand Ole Opry (NBC). 11:00 Nrws -From NBC (NBC). 11:15 Soncs by Morton Downey (NEC). 11:30 Roo.ievclt Grill Orchestra. (NBC). i::00 News (NBCi. . 12:05 Wax Works. Radio, Video Set Christmas Shows By C. E. BUTTERFIELD NEW YORK — (fl 3 ) — If you can't find enough Merry Christmas all around you tonight and tomorrow, the radio, as well as television, wijl be .ready with plenty more. As a matter o'f-fact, television this year is plnying its biggest part yet. ! Seasonal cheer will be available] singng. vices and other .events tonight; King George's annual message' to the British Empire, two-hour shows and even tootball on Christmas itself. TheyH Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hado ' SPRINSLESS MATTRESS CO. WANTS TO PLACE ANOTHER. $4O,OOO ORDER. I POAJ'T' RECALL E^ER POING BUSINESS WITH THEM, DO ^OH ? .HJUM- BETTER LOOK IT UP-/AMD WHILE yoi'RE AT n; SEE •„ JUST WHAT VOLUME WE VID LAST VEA J FOR6ET-- DIN6LEDOMES : ,LI1<E A MOVfe v 'COtieo/S BULLETS^ STRICTLY BW ' ASK HIM HOK> MAKIV PAPER CLIPS WE USED LAST YtAi^AND HE'LL f)lTlT'Rl6HTOAJ THE NOSE. HE ONLy REMEMBERS) THIN6S LIKE THAT' HALF-OAVOFF HE 6AVE US FIVE "ftEQMLVTiME HE REMEMBERS HIS WIFE'S 6IGTH- pAy IS WHEM SHE TRIES TO LIE ABOUT HER A6E-! , WOK'-D BICIIT.1 r,rjcnvr.n.| IHERES ONE OF TMESE MEMOR/ WIZARDS- w EVERY OFFICE. - f ThiMJX.'ANO THE HATS OFF To HHLEM SMITH / ASTORIA, ui., N.V » Mary Haicorttfs Mail EDITOB'S NOTE: Man !n fIJUcs, lupplly wed 30 ycari, n»ks how to cope with love lor spinster relative; he dearly lores his wife, too. - ^,^^,. MAB? ;HAWORTE:. My •Rife;and.I Jiave been married 30 years. We have always had a happy life .together and we have one mar- 1]ilVB a spBtlB1 B4iil ,. UJ . iul -,»^. ried daughter, ily problem is .that O ther—a Jcellns of passionate. con- a lew-years ago I discovered that I!gcnia!l:y cherished since boyhood an unmarried i v v hjrn a* "the love of liis life," bosom. Or, "let's .say, try the shoe on the other foot, in order to figure things out for- yourself. Suppose, lor example, that your beloveB and devoted wife had discovered- in the recent past that she and a. charming bachelor kinsman .have a special affinity for each both in our fifties. In our conversation --which con in kind. Suppose they talked things over. in our convcibaijuu tun- Suppose they taiKea ttucgs over. firmed j - this feeling, Elizabeth told' woll dering what form, of expression me that she has been in love• with U,, „,.„ their in \1ew of .that she has been in love-withj to g-; ve their feelings, in view of v <! r since she was a-young glrl,| your w i fc . s ] 0ya i insistence that she NBC—8 Paul Eve band; '8:30. Jimmy Durante. 9:30 Red Skelton; 10 Life of Rlley. CBS—8 Jack Carson show; 8:30 Mr. and'Mrs. Jane Ace;,9 Geraldine Fitzgerald in "Pilgrim's Inn;" 10:30' Spike Jones revue. ABC—8 The Fat Man; 8:30 This Is.PBI; 9 Break the Bank; 10 Sports Great scenes concert but had not dared to think of it as T - ].love 'because I was married. I also Christmas| have a i wavs .jiad for her a feeling •"" much deeper-than lor anybody ex- Show. MBS—8 Man Acquitted Of Rape Charge At Annapolis ANNAPOLIS—WV-Howard Ruby, 54-year-old laborer, was free today. oT "charges that he • assaulted and raped the wife of a next-door neighbor. He was .acquitted - yesterday in Anne Arundel County Circuit court by Judges James Clark and Benjamin Michaclson after electing a non-Jury trial. Bishop Sherill; 9:30 Yours For Song. & FRIDAY, DECEMBER 24 ~><; ' Evtnmg 1:00—•'News Heport IB MIn.—nbo Newscast .Every Day—ctu Network Silent Hour—abe-emt ^ Kiddles Hour (repeat)—abe-wes. Network Silent (J hr.>—mba-eant Kiddles Hour (repeat)—mbs-wut C;' 15 _Sporta: Music Time—nbo You and Christmas—coi «:45—Xcwscast by Three—nbo Lowell Thoma» (repeat ID—cb« ' 7:00—Suoper Club—nbc-basio Tho Beulah Skit—cbs - News and Commentary—aba Fulton Lewla. Jr.—mbs 7:1,5—Newu and Comment—at>c Jack Smith Show—cbs • Dally CommentaTT—"« Dinner Date—rabs .1 7:30—Toe Smoothies—nbo * ,• • Bob Crosby Club—cbs •Lone Banter Drama—abc News Comment—mos TM— Nows Comment— nbo News Broadcast—cbs Sporta Comment—mb» 1:00—Paul Lavalle Band—nbo Jack Carzon Show—cbs • Fat Man, Dotoctive—aDc Groat Plays Scones—mb« . »;30—Jimmy Durante Show—nor Mr. and Jan« Ace—cbs This Is F.B.I. Drama—abo L,eava It*to Olris—mbs 8:55—Hy Gardner S»ys—mbs 8:00—Eddie Cantor Show—nbo The Friday Theater—cbi Break the Bank—abc • Gabriel Heatter Comment—mbi 9:15—News Broaflcajt—»b» 9:30—Red Skolton Show—nb« I The Shorlff. Drama—»bo \ Yours For e. Song—ml)« ^ l •j : 5j—Five Minutes SporW—»!)• . Xews for S. Minutes—mb» 10:00—Life'or alley—Dbo Friday Playhouse—cbi Boxlnc & Sports—abo Meet the Press—mbs 10:30—Bill Stern. Talks—nbo SWke Jones Revue—obi ' Danclns Time—mb» 10:45—Pro and Con—nbc 11.00—Sews. Variety. 2 hra.—cb« News a-nd Hour—abe. News, Dance Band 3 hrs.—mb« .11:15—News ii Variety to i—nbo 12:00—Danclnc -Continued—«.bc-w«»t SATURDAY, DECEMBER 25 •Evening fi:00—Kews Broadcast—nbc Xowsuiut Every Day—cbi . SpeakiEK o£ Sons—abc . Sporu Parade—mbs-east Take a Number—nibs-west 6:15—Rellfflon In Nows—nbc . 'Lake Success-Memo—cbs 6:30—NBC Symphony—nbo Saturday Sports—cba To Be Anixsunccd—abc Dance Music—mbs-east True or False—mbs-wcst 6:45—News and Commentary—cb» 7:00—My Favorite Husband—cb« Dance Music—abc Hawaii Calls Musicians—mb* 7:30—Vie Damone Show—nbo Vausrhn Monroo Band—cbi . Tommy Dorscy Band—abc ' Xan-i Broadcast—mb» 7:45—To ; B» Announced—mbs 8:00—Hollywood Theater—nbc Slnuli Apaln Quli—cbs Starrlnc Kay Starr—abe Twenty Questions Quiz—rabs 8:30—Truth or Consequences—nbs Famous Jury Trials—abo Lite Begins at 1 SO—mbs -' 9:00—Hit Parade. Sinatra—Jibe Winner Take All—cb« • Cane Busters Drama—abo Gabriel Header—mb» • 9:15—Lanny Koss STiow—mbi 9:30—Judy Canova. Show—abc •- • It Pays to Be Isriorant— cbn Amazing Malone—nbc Cuy U>mbar,do Show—mbi 10:00—Donnls Day'« Day—HDO Home Town Reunion—cbi To Bo Announced—abo Chlcaeo Theater—mb» 10:30—Grand Ole Opry— nor -Military Ball—cbs Haylott Hoodown—aba' 11:00— News & Variety—nbc News, Variety. J tin.—cba .New*, and Dance Hour—»bo Dance Bands, 2 hr«.—mbs 12:00—Danclnr Continued— abc-wett , ^pt my -wife. Having made knowi our love for each other, Elizabeth and I then greed to correspond with cjich ther; but we both want everything Mtwecn my -wife and me to con- inue as usual and fee] that this can 3e achieved, as Elizabeth, lives some istance away and we won't be eeing each .other often. Ihould Man Write ^o Sideline Love? Elizabeth has promised me that if, t -any time in future, I should be eft alone, she will become my wife —then, and only then. And although, we both realize that such time may never come, she says he happy and content as things are now, just knowing that sve love each other. We are going: o live so as to cause no unhappiness o ray wife, as I love her very dearly. My wife and Elizabeth think a preat deal of-each other, and I 1 wish o do the-'right and best thing for he ontinue the friendship as planned, la correspondence? -Neither Eliza- >eth nor I 'would consider doing nything to 'cause my wife-unhap- jincss, regardless' of-cost to each if us So what do you think? F. E. Try This Shoe On Other Fool DEAR P. E.: It seems to me the Golden Rule affords clear guidance iere. Be as considerate of your.wife as'you would wish her to be of you, the 'divided heart wefe in her The number or U. S. farm houses with modern bathrooms more thai Canadian fisheries produce nearlj 60 different kinds, of food fishes.- Rhododendrons and azaleas botl belong'to the same genus of plants. your wife's loyal insistence that she was inextinguishably fond of you, too, and couldn't consider ar.y course of behavior that might grieve you in the slightest. How would you hive her decide? Hidden Guilty Acts Despoil Contentment I think your answer- must be. em- pharically, that if she intends to stay married to you, faithful to the spirit of fine consideration;. ^id if she is honorably - disposed not to feed substance to the wistful outsider's "love" when no guarantee of intimate reciprocity can be offered, then she ought to decide, and Inform the man: "There's nothing at all we can do about'this, except to go our separate ways In the future as in the past, making no concessions to wishful-thinking that might be aroused by this stocktaking. Now, back to the literal situation: Inasmuch as" Elizabeth and your •wife are .great friends, there can be no social justification' on the face of it for correspondence between you and the lady; and a secret, cx- 10 tne-ncr.t ana DCSE wimg ior ,yuu «••"" •""• -•—•» irji -n, bappinel of. both women; so I change would, be Incompatible .w;th ,dJ whether It is advisable to self-respect on e^^ hand And JltJ_L—1 UsJJJV^U w** —•-—-when self respect-begins to dwindle, owing to hidden guilty action, there Js a worm, at 'the core of all one s experience, so that real happiness and sound contentment are no longer possible. Thus, for advice, close the door on-Elizabeth, to keep your •respective records right. M. H. MBry uiworth counsels throujb hnr column, not by mull or ncrnonii'. Interview. Write her In care oJ The Evening Times. (Copyright The -Washington Post) (Distributed, by King Features Syr.dlciite) The Worry Clinic ==By Dr. George W. Crane =±= EDITOR'S NOTE: Somctlmea tbc older generation 'ignores the current interest of young people. So her .5 a. beautiful example to give you «• glrapsB, of the faminlne viewpoint in a prc- puberty £irl. Paste It in your, scrap- boo): for iuture' reference, CASE S-248: Beth G., aged -12, resents an interesting glimpse or 'outhf-ul feminine psychology. I pre- ent her statements 'verbatim. Her adult ideas and language may urprise many middle-aged people who think . 12-year-olds are still infants and believe that my column 3 too "advanced" for such readers. "To begin with, Dr. Crane, I am ' years old,- rather attractive, and mve a terrible inferiority complex," he began naively. "-The girl who is'my best friend- ccuses me of being hateful, but, I can't help-- •"Do you think taking up piano and other music would' help me? I will do anything you say, only please help me!" Toot The Boy's Horn These verbatim remarks by Betii are valuable psychological data not only for parents and teachers, but for business men as well. They show the interests and outlook of the prc-puberty girl whose older,, ch-um is educating her to be too Interested in boys. - - You will observe the your,-? person's usual pride in. noting her opening statement. ' She lists as ; her first asset the fact' that she is 12 years old. Clothing merchants,', .please take notice. Observe, too, the common complaint .of young people; when Beth :an c neip--it. . •• . - • , . piainb.ui .yuuu* ^^^^^, n^.^. —— ."My father Is a man of moder-! sa y s s he feels that people are star>,'te means ar.d I have a fairly com- j [ ns r at her. . . ' • fortable- home. -1 am riot able to This stage of self-consciousness lave all the pretty clothes 1 want, u "common at puberty. Many young ' housh; and when my fiirl friend accuses rne»6f being 'hateful, it ust simply seems like I hate her, because she has everything:. "I get along well .enough with other girls, however. "When out alone, I feel people are staring at me. .thinking 'What an ugly child.' Is this natural to my Lge, or- is .it my fault? What can ie done to make me popular? Girl's AutoWofrraphy "Boys seem to stand .off from r.e and not like me. After going with me'for a. little while, boys seem to lose interest. "I feel myself grand, to hold a oy .friend for a week or- two. "The other people become so confused they wobble when they walk, or feel they will actually collapse on the- sidewalk. Beth wants pretty clothes, popularity,'boy friends, and a good reputation. These desires, are-also basic in women much older than Beth. She is puzzled by the fact that her "homely" girl friend can still exceed her in attractiveness, showing that personality is more important than just a pretty face. ' Beth, realizes her lack of social adeptness when., she volunteers the statement about being .an "only" child. a reliable source that boys who had soiie with me claimed I was- 'not a nice girl'. "I am ,a nice girl, Dr. Crane, and .„ hurts my feelings to be told this. Why do they say it? I always deny "My girl friend, however, -seems to have plenty of boy fiends. I 'am much more attractive than she ffor she may be classed under 'homely',' and I don't understand it. . "Please, Dr. Crane,' tell me how to get some boy friends. -I am afraid even now of being an 'old mrid' when I'-grow up. "If it will be any help to you. I am an only child and don't have much association with other children except at school. My girl friend -gets jealous if I .run around with anybody else. Boys Are Rcdc To Hc.i- "She is a year older than I and has a sister who is fifteen. , "Please- tell me- how .to be more agreeable. I. have ' a 'red-headed' temper, though a brunette. "The boys in my room say I ,:tlck my nose in otherpeople's-busi- ness. and appear to hate the sight of '. me. Compllnnont club', for this is a Qf winning friends. . (Copj'rgllil by The Hopkins Syndicate, Inc.) POOR PA By CLAUDE CAIAAN Ma planned • to send half her cake to rich Mrs. Higlitide, but .the caJ(C fell, so Ma sent half the frhnvmy Ihinff to another neiffhl jr, poor Mrs. Lowtidc. Ll'L ABNER By Al Capp, U C,,»LIC. BTIH r» "0^ -JO'tiir MC t-HYnC rmlJVv™ ™.i. ln«i w»r at* inv «unoi«:r. winoo'. McmsT J*'f "It"* J*» «'3T "III* tL"^- •w.m«en «, MAI*ICC TMI DIW 1W OKTO". FHCVt6'Ht"wrW UC«C AfllWT **tn ICAH fOLITIO^t. «O O CvtM * (-OUL»;;;-J CVtTCWUT HMCID »TMl[ t CD*I!«W W1IHX3 *CU!»EH,,tfI.AIO CT. BXUrr Bl.nll« » BCTTY llnaCt fllUIAU 0«TW IXHIS MCfK.CUTtlr DM- IK TttTVISlCW son nm «CNWT CmOM C. D. "LBBtLL "(U" LEW Mfj J^C^SOH BlBJlLL PiTTf- oCC«3t OA-IKC J*1 CMLO HUW c. WWLIC rx LE»,wY KEHT M[l| ITCI cye».n>j «YNCVX BAI OM^P, OT I>-C lUUtnh RUSTY RILEY By Frank OH, JEEPEES/BILL/ THOSE TREES.' THEY'RE HEACIN'S STRAIGHT AT STEVE CANYON By Milt* i Caitiff', '•& AFTER evsev WAE THE VOIP IN THE UVE? OF THOSE WHO LOST PERSONAL. LOVEP ONES 15 DEEP ANP TECUISLE, BUT NATURE 15 KINPER TD MAN THAN- H6- I&TD HIS FELLOW5, SO TOE SITTER EMPTINESS EVOLVES INTO A PEESONAU SECRET HUK-T—PUT AWAY LIKE THE PU5TY PCUM5... • BJT SOME OF THE COOP JOES CTPN'T 6£T IT CUICK...THEV 5T1U.UE OH COTS OK. SIT IN THclK WHEEL CHAIP5 IN VETERANS' HOSPITAL* ALL OVER THE ' C ° - -THSVteE NOT SEEFIM6—THey KNOW UNCLE SU6AC. 15 SIVINU THEM TUB'? BEST OF VVHAT HE WA5 LEACMHC- OF MEPICINS ANP THEEAFV, BUT THEY COULC7 ;? uls A PASSING THOUCHT FED/A YOU FOK WHOM THEV POU0HT A-FBE5 CHCKTAAA*-- THEV PICKEP I'P TUB CHECK FOR.' VDUK PARTY ANP THEVU. NEVER 510? PAYINfl OFF UNTIL THEIR. PARTICUUK. WAR ENDS... "W& HOPS YOU WON'T FOfZeET- THEV RIP KIRBY By AUx Raymond TOO BAD VOU'SE A TEETOTA^-Ef?, C5S...MDU LOOK AS IF VOU COULD USE A DRIS!i<...AN'D ' ' LOVIN'S' SAINT :WARD CARRIES 'HE TEADITIOMALj THE BRANDY FLASK 1 WONDER.,. 2 WONDER BUGS BUNNY TELLER'S.' ,/ti/*v.^Q—/*• 1 1 CHISELEK. / , BOOTS'"AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin ~ TIM~ TYLER'S"" LUCK By Lyrrtan FRISKY HIS MONK BACK AGAIN- WONDER WHY HE'S HANGING AROUND THAT^, SERPENT, LAKE/ MUST. BE SOMETHING REALLY EXCITING AND IMPORTANT UP .TWERE.OR AM ADVENTUROUS* GENT LIKE ADAM WOULDNT ' l—^-_^ BE ATTRACTED TO THE — ' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ay Merrill WHY. MARY— ITS JUST ) YOU SHOULW'T HAVE WHAT I WANTED/ ^s^.^ MYRTLE By Dudley. Fi«A« '•; POP MADE ME STAND WEBB FACING OlfC AND NOW I'M GETTING SOW LEGGED BUT-1 DONT THINK STANDING IN TriE COPNEP HAS ANVTHING TO DO WITH IT— IT'S A NATURAL TENDENCY-SOMETHING SHE INHERITED/ "^

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