The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 18, 1935 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 18, 1935
Page 1
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Entered as second class matter. Oct. 4, 1895, at post Tipton. Ind.. under; the act ot March 5..1879 VOLVME XL,, XO. 105. AN ENJOYABLE Annual Junior-Senior Reception Was Held at the Masonic Temple. 163 GUESTS PRESENT Banquet Followed by Theater Party and Later Came Dancing. French Cities Will Send Gifts to United States Xnmesnkcs - Paris, May 18.J—Three cities in France have decided to send good-will gifts to namesake cities in the United States by the liner Normanldie, when the gigantic new ship departs on her maiden transatlantic voyage this month. ; La Rochelle will send to New Rochelle. N. Y., a sculptured window keystone from her 15t'.i century city hall. Macon, fa- mour Burgundy wine cent jr. will send an urn filled with Burgundy soil and several will • growers' jars to Macon, Ga. From Cadillac, near Bordeaux, will go to Cadilhw, Mich, two finely carved coffers, one made of wood, the other of leather. The annual Junior-Senior reception of the Tipton high sdioo! was held Friday evening in til.' dining hall of the .Masonic Temple, with 1G3 guests present, including 'members of the twu ; __^_ classes their sponsors, members I ol the faculty and of the school |L on g List of Business Men and Others Who Will Pay Admissions. hoard. The hall was attractively decorated in the school colors »>f blue and white, table decorations j consisting of tall white tapers in i ~~ blue water lily holders. .nlu ; j memory booklets served at place j START EARLY IN JUNE cards for the guests. The delicious four-course banquet had been prepared by members of Rosary Chapter. O. E. S.. and was served by ladies of the House Cafe Xoses Spoons as Visitors Take Souvenirs TIPTON, INDIANA, SATURDAY EVENING, MAY 18, 1985. That Tjpton business establishments are greatly in favor of free order, all of whom wore dressed! movie pictures for their patrons in white. Music .during the ban-j was evidenced Saturday when Manager Nick Paikos of the Di; ana theater brought in the list of linns and business houses already in the agreement and stated others would be added he thought before the shows start early next month.; Two days, in each week, Thursday and Friday, will be turned was furnished by Ruth Prus- iiin at the piano; .loanu Martin, i-ello. and Udell Adair, clarinet. The girls were dressed in yellow organdie, in keeping with the senior class flower, the buttercup. At the close of the dinner toasts were given by Richard Turnbell, president of the junior class, and William Ross, senior j over for the free phows of th<3 president. In behalf of the senior j business establishments and they class, Mr. Ross also presented the | will pay the admissions of their class sponsor, William I). Hiatt. i patrons. Tickets will be in the with a lovely leather bag. shirt. | hands of the firms and .establish- tio and socks, gifts from the class jments sponsoring the free shows to express their appreciation for|t° patrons and will be given out the untiring efforts of Mr. I-H-itt'>i"' Purchases. The same pro- durine the year to make their pro-jeram as has been Carried outjn jects a success. Moore, junior sponsor, wore a beautiful corsage and rosebuds, the gift of the jun-, iors, who also gave her a fine linen,: handkerchief, tokens of appreciation for her generous assistance to them during the past year. Miss Ermina ! Previous years will be followed land nothing but high class late of gardenias i P' ctures . news reels and comedies will be shown on the two days. The first show will be on Thursday, June 6 with another on Fri- Officials Say Change Will Be of Benefit to Farnv ers of County. WILL CLOSE AT 4 P. M. On Account of Having to Attend Court, Clerk Will Maintain Old Hours. For the first time in the memory of many persons Tipton county offices in the courthouse will remain open at the noon hour, if a movement now on foot is carried out. Saturday the change had been agreed to by the auditor, assessor, recorder and treasurer but the clerk on account of having but one deputy and at times being compelled to be in the court room up to noon and also up to 5:00 o'clock in the evening announced he would follow the same old schedule of closing his office at noon. The matter of closing offices at noon, had been called to attention of several of the officials many times, by farmers and others who can conveniently leave their work for a few minutes at the noon hour to come into Tipton to pay taxes, have a deed put on record or attend to some matter with one of the county offices. Coming and finding the office closed they have been compelled to wait until one o'clock or return without having accomplished what they intended. Each office has a deputy and some one, either the officer or the deputy wijl be in the office all of the noon hour. The requirement is to keep offices open eight hours and with the offices open at noon they will close at 4:00 instead of 5:00 and it is believed the change will be found to be a convenient one for the public. It will give the custodian more opportunity to get the offices in condition after the day's business and in many ways will be a convenience to the pub- day, June 7th and from that week '' c on the same two days of each week will be for patrons' shows. The group then adjourned to the Ritz treater where they witnessed the show, "The Case of the Howl-!™ 80 " 1 ^ in . T |^! l .J s . lnAC ! ud ??,_^ ing Dag,"; as guests of the juniors. At the close of the picture, the/ .returned to the dining hall which had been rearranged for dancing. Paul Jones and his eight-piece orchestra from Kokomo, occupied a section of the room, fenced off with blue, pink and green panels, latticed together with blue and white, each lattice bearing a large "T." Suspended over each window with long streamers , wern large blue and white ''Ts." Ferns, Palms and bouquets of spring flowers were also used for;decoration throughout the room. ' The remainder of the evening About every kind of business rep- the list of establishments behind the movement. The list of sponsors is as folilows: B. and II. Cafe, Farmers Oil and Tire Co., Lane's, Kimpcl Wrecking Yard, Nell's Cafe, H. J. Schrader & Co., Shell Oil Co., C. O. Williams; Tipton Hatchery, H. D. Woodruff, Foltz Lumbermen., Inc., Wayne Cunningham, Chev. Co., Margaret Buscher, Western Union; Armour Walter Jones; Cream Arthur Station, Boring, Commercial Printing Co., Ray Moore, Floyd Crowthers, Kroger Store; J. C. Tolle, Young & Mason, Modern Bakery, James Mood, Continued on Page 2. was spent in dancing, playing | Service Motor Co., Citizens Na- brige, ping pong and other games until a late, hour. The girls were attractively attired in spring gowns lii pastel shades, making a .most delightful scene for this outstanding social function of the school year" All present -expressed their de- THUMBED A RIDE. Claud Jolly, However, Picked I'o- Ice Car and Went to Jail. Claude Jolly, who appeared on the streets early Saturday morning in an intoxicated condition and was in danger of getting hit by an automobile, was placed in jail by Chief of Police Jones Saturday about 10:00 o'clock. Jolly had taken a position on- East Jefferson street and when a car approached from the west thumbed to the east, but none of them stopped to pick him up. He had thumbed several and when the police car came along he did not recognize it and gave his signal. The car stopped. Jolly crawled in and was undoaded at the Jail. Two fongbirds JViatch Notes Grace Moore, opera and movie star, shown doing a duet with her songbird on arrival in New York from Hollywood, is en route to London to sing; before King George at a command performance. Recent Decision of. Supreme Court Regarding Women on Juries Scanned. MAY CHANGE METHOD List of Over Sixty Applicants Will Take Examination if All Appear. HELD HERE MAY 25TH The fact that since the organization of Tipton county in IS-14 there have been ino names of women drawn for iiury service has | established a precedent which is hard to break, but there are indications that it may be broken and soon. | All this has been brought about by a recent reversal of a case by the Indiana supreme court, which in commenting oh the fact that the jury commissioners drew only names of male taxpayers in preparing their list, said: "Jury commissioners haVe no power to exclude from juryj service, a class of citizens whichl the legislature has included among those eligible. That the qualification of jurors is a matter of legislative control and that women are eligible ;as jurors upon the I same basis as men is- settled . . . and a jury not organized in accordance with Leroy Plake, secretary of the local civil service commission, informed The Trobune Saturday that the. list of applicants to take the position for carrier at the post office In Tipton, was one ot tlu largest since he has been secretary of the local board. Mr. jl'lake himself has handed out 53! applications! and he understands! other employes of the Tipton po'stoffice have handed out several, and that ten or twelve made direct application to Washington] D. C., for blank applications, i . ; The! examination is to be heid in the ilarge assembly room of the Tiptoni high school Saturday, Ma> 25, and will start promptly at '.( o'clock a. m. Persons taking thu examination are asked to be there the'time of the statutes is an unlawful jury." In this county j the jury com- | missioners meet the first of each year and select ft-om the list jof taxpayers persons] whose names are printed on slips and placed into what is known as the jury box. From this box one week prior jto the opening of each term of court the commissioners meet with the light at 'the splendid party arranged by Juniors under the able leadership of Miss Moore. and all agreed that it was one of ' .. • •!..&..»•_» receptions ever glv- r class for a group entertaining grateful to I mem- lodge e|nd of Germany Is to Raise Another Forced Loan on Insurance* Companies, Workers Berlin, May 18; — -A new government loan to consolidate at least -part of the vast short-term Indebtedness created by -the: government's employment - and rearmament programs and relieve the Relchsbank ot its top-heavy load of "labor creation : bills" is { now in preparation. ' I 'The slse of the loan and its terms are still th*-,subject of ne- gotiatlons, i:jn;[s»ys that* '#* ' ent but it Is now thought,, that it will be somewhere between 500,000,0000 and 760,000,000, The new loan will not be floated in the open market. Rather the, government will employ the "well tried principles" used In January, when it raised 600,000,000 .marks, from the savings banks. This time, however, the insur- , both private and; m clerk of the cou names are drawn first six are for grand jury service and the remaining twelve for petit jury service. The present juiy commissioners are C. A. Taylor ind J. E. Booth, they having servnd in' that capacity for several that they never women, although t and eighteen therefrom. The years. Both say draw names iof there are \ u number- of women who pay heavy taxes. Their reason for not doing so IB has been a recognized custom for years. to select only names of men to be placed in the Jury box, from which jto draw Jurors. j In the case on which the Indiana supreme cou: t reversed a decision of the low sr court, the reversal was on tistimony of the Jury commission* rs that they eluded names of women from Jwr. *«• I fill a Vacancy on Route 2, caused by the' retirement of W. B. Sturdevant 1 , who is now in Phoenix, Ariz., .'was announced in March and followed a cancelled order to completely change i the routes west from jTipton. Harold Mott has been carrier on the route since the retirement of Mr; Sturdevant. Thej department has also au- nounced an examination for carrier ai Windfall, but the date of the examination has not been announced. Among the list of known applicants who will take the examlna tion for the Tipton office job are HaroU Mott, ' Wajter Reedj Robert R. Gunn, Claude Louks, Ouy Spenctr, Garland [Needier, James t-ugar, Louis Wobd, Virgil Snyder, Clen Lawlerj James Sowers, Ray Wiggins. William Kritsch, Roy Watson, Ed Brumfleld, Meirla Bauer JLawrencej Galser, I Virgil Rains, FrankJGrifflth, Harry Cole. Paul • 3ole, Carol j Lord,. Kenneth Acheniach, Perry) Hobbs, Donald Lord, . Walter B.urkhardt,! Gail Hortoh. Lester Bear, ham, 1G[ PROBLEM ISDELAYIN6 RECOVERY ACT What Government Will Fay for Labor Is a Question Not Yet Decided. SPEEDY ACTION SEEN Indication Grants on PWA Prc jects Will Be Boosted to 50 Per Cent. Washington, May IS. ; — The perplexing problem of wages arose today to delay the new- deal's S-i;000,000,000 recovery drive. . President Roosevelt promised speedy action in approving more than $1,000,000,000 in re-em- plCyment projects recommended by his advisory allotment board to make the money immediately available. The U. S. bureau ot roads announced it was ready to distribute its §500,000,000 for highway and street construction, and grade- crossing elimination. The U. S. army engineering corps already has drawn plans for S102.1S6.500 public S2-40,- in developments. T'h e works administration has 860,000 in; low-rent houses readv to build. ! The spending agencies, however, cannot let contracts tor the work until: Harry L. Hopkins, director of the new works progress division, decides how much the government will pay the 3,500.000 needy the- 'administration hopes to employ on construction sites by July 1. t93«. The problem is one loaded with political dynamite. A bloc of senators demanding prevailing wages the country over delayed passage of the appropriation measure more than a- month. Hopkins has tentatively, approved a sliding wage csale between 20 and ,30. per cent below union pay, differentiating between city and rural and northern southern workers. Washington, May IS. — The spoons crisis in the house ot representatives restaurant is becoming acute because certain visitors'can't resist the itch to take home a souvenir. Reporting a heavy loss in tableware. Representative Lindsay, chairman of the house accounts committee, suggests taking off'the escutcheons now engraved on knives, forks, spoons, napkin rings and sugar dishes. The pilfering is laid to a desire by patrons to take home a memento of congress. ! Fight Against New DeaJ Collapses Under a Relentless Drive. Indiana High School Tourney Will Have Semi- Final Contests. MORE SPEED ts SEEN Measures That Have Been Held Up Are Now. Being Rushed to Passage. FOUR FOR THE FINALS (By Unilcil Press). Indianapolis, May IS.—A radical charfge in the method of con- Washington, May IS. — Congressional opposition to the administration's legislative program appeared today to have collapsed in the face of a slow but relentless drive toward new deal ob-_ jectives. Measures that were expecteQ to take weeks of debate have been rushed through in a few hours. reviving hopes of an early > ad* | journment and giving new cpnr fiden-ce to discouraged white house leaders. Settlenvent of the soldiers' ducting the Indiana state high j bonus issue and determination of school basketball tournament was the future status of NRA stood announced today by Arthur L. j as the major barriers to a quick" Trester. .Commissioner fqr the 1. ; termination of the current sea- H. S. A. A. i sion of congress. The tpurnamtnt will be spread The top-heavy administration over four weeks instead tit three. There will be 64 sectionals, with S to 16 teams in each; 16 region- majorities in both houses of congress were making, themselves felt by the sheer -force of numbers als. with four teams in each; | and the realization among the Re- four semi-final sectionals , with publican minority that resistance could delay but not block the president's program. The surprising lack of resistance to the Wagner labor tions bill was taken as ah indica- four teams each; and the final tournament in which the four survivors will compete. Dates for the playing schedule in 1!>3G were set as follows: See- tionals, March 5. C apd 7; region- j tion that such controversial meas- als. March 14. sf mi-tinals, March ures as < he P endin g holding COJU.- " 21, finals. March 28. BAKKAfKS MOVKI>. .State Police Unit CTiiingMl , from Hertford to Seymour. (liy IJnltfil T'nws). Indianapolis, May IS. — Re- pany bill and the social security program could be put through without the prolonged debate which had been anticipated. The Roosevelt administration would be content with its legislative accomplishments if "'those measures could be added to ,U»o ones already attained. j from Bedford to Seymour and Carl Alt Wisman, i Ralph -- Stanley Gra- Raymond Mason, Jimmy Harry Wblnson, Wallace i, Dwight an(1 !moval of the state police barracks I It was reported -In a reliable source that the white house would ac-eept whatever congress decreed concerning the NRA without mak- i Ing a fighting issue of the urea- - Eckart, charge. ity. The half-billion The president has not approved , appointment of Walter the plan. He said, however, the! Qsgood. as sergeant in government will pay less than in-j was . ann ouneed today by Al diistry so employes will have an p-eeney state safety director; incentive to return to.pYiv.ite pav-J Ueul Chester Butler of the rolls when offered the opportin- Lafayette barracks was ordered to go to Seymour .Monday to rc- doliars high- j ol -g anize tnc southern divisi6n of way fund that will be distributed tne stato police. to states on a 100 per cent grant . » .-. basis can be put to work" within j a month after wages are set so J contracts can be awarded, road officials said. PWA Administrator Harold L. Ickes was making'tentative nonfederal allocations on a'basis of RKRKLLIOX OVER. 70 per cent loans and 30 per cent grants although he was not certain that policy would be maintained. • The loan and grant ratio may be shifted to 50-50 to make feifc- eral borrowing more attractive to municipalities and other political subdivisions. A decision is expected next week. in Irak Ar.™ Conquered Uy Kegiilar Troops. (By United 1'rajao. • about all it desires. Bagdad, Irak, May IS. —Irak- ian army units made a ceremonial entry into Rumanitha yesterday in token of the collapse of a rebellion by tribesmen, dispatches said today. They revealed that the Irakian regulars, with the cooperation of police and airplanes, had indicted heavy losses on rebels in a : fight that pre-ceded the collapse. Greatest New Deal Publicity Unit Is \ Organized to Explain Vast Works Plan Washington, iMay IS..— r, New deal, officials have set out tb'as- tablish the most elaborate and intricate publicity unit that this capital has yet seen. j The bureau, administration spokesmen say, will explain the complexities of '- the »4.000J ,000,000 ' work program. i Instructions have gone, ; forth 0. enc t the office of Chairman Frank alker of-the_M«on«d ^merg- «ratf»b 100 or so newspaper men! for press agent purposes; , j > Centrally located on the! first floor, of a downtown business building, the work: program bureau ts to have its private ; telephone system to keep in contact with the sixty-odd agencies! involved in the-jwork-relief setup. In each ot these j agencies a man will bo delegated to give information to the "clearing holnse." Morton L MllfordJ'jPERA! pub* _* v _ j ... . *•*.. * r*, - »-.- - t. i ~ * eiit difference of opinion whether'the extension should &&' for nine months or two years. • The long delay on the $4,880.000.000 work-relief bill for a $gg$ ~jj set a slow and wearing pace new deal legislation. Now, ever, a .new spirit has manifest at the capitol and realization appears to have spread-':. that the administration, in way or another, can obtain" Just •', From a political viewpoint, t, tual operation of the work-5 fund undoubtedly has had feet upon, the legislative situs Senators and congressmen^ not felt'justified in jeop possible work projects for ,tl districts by prolonged to new deal projects. The senate which caused all*! delay on! the work-relief\ is- now in a position to speedily iwlth the new^ deal gram as it unfolds. Both the holding comp social security bills, are/t calendar, | awaiting ' at one time it appj each of those measuret casion stern oppoant Attitude indicates o$ tory antagonism. j[ Senators who have; the situation, with their Report a (.growing "(lie congressional" strengthening of dc home. All of dlcate i those

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