Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 4, 1952 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1952
Page 6
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Briefs In the News Seven Local Sliidctils To Get Decrees at SHI Seven Mludonts from I lie K S II HI- vllln area will bo iimnn>r tluisc l.i iircivo dogrrcs at thi' St.'ilr? ITni- vcrslty of Iowa Commoni iimnl Kiiduy at 9 :,'i0 a. m. in the unlvri sily flpldhuusp. nccordiiij,' to Hi'i;- if-trar Ted McCarrrl. Lester Clay, Kclton Krncst Hout.s, Rodger Smith Kirkij;;taiil .ind Ijlllian May IJosinow, all iv Ksthorville, will neelvi' their liaili elor of ArtH dfgree. Lilliiiii May Uoaenow will he graduated with high dlHlinetion. Mauler or An-, degree will go to C'.erda MaNiii" Klrkegaard. Chi da is Rodgei Kii- kegaard'a sislir. Ariiiella Mac geman of Estherville will ri'eeiv/ her Bachelor of SeietKi in Coni- n:erce degree^ Baehclur of Arts <ie- greo will also go to Aliii' Mari^ Enllah of Terril. A. Craig Kaiul prol'esscu of wpeeeh at the i]ni\*erslty. will di- liver the ComnieneemenI address cm •'Ri 'sponsiliilities ol Free C 'i'MiniiiM-| ieation." The university haiui. di reeted by T 'rofiHsor Charles H. Righter. will pl:iy the proeession:ii and reccssloniil niaielns William n. Coder, coordinator of veterans services, will act as master of ei>i- emonies. and Kr. Rolu-rt .1. W'eleii .-..t .sociate profes.sor of leligion. will be chaplain for the exercises l"n ident Virgil M. Haneher w.ll present the charge to the candidal••s and confer the degrei's 'University station WSl'I will broadcast its traditional on-tlu- scene account of the Commenc >- nient as described by Professo. Flarrison J. Thornton, lieginninc at 9:15 a m Tickft.s Availahic Tielci'ts fcr lln' Doris .hoobs Dance Re\'iie. spon.soi'ed by the CJir'l Seoiits. ni;iy be purchased :it the door tonight, it was announced by Mrs. Jacobs this morning. The revue will be pirsented by pupils of Mrs. .fiicobs at 7 :.'l(l p. ni. both I tonight and tomorrow night at the Roo.-frvell inidlt orlum. Former Ldcal H<>.si(l(>ii( Dies M IS . Marie NiM'dham. formerh- of Kslhervllle. died at her hi>me in Albert I,en. Minn., yesterdiiy. She will 111' burled at Oalt Hill Cemetery hell' although date for )nirial bus nut yet been tinnounred. Mrs Xeedhani is the widow of 1* J. Xeedh.'im, f()riiierly loeomoti\'e en- giniei here, ind also of Dr. Harry i;. .lohnston. KIccts OJ'nci'rs Officers wei e elected at :\ meeting of tlie T.egion last night. Tlii 'V are Russell .Smith. eoniin;in»b'r; I-^dgar Warrington, vice commander: Dr. .lohn Towers, second \ii'e commamler: Herbert SehniidtUe, ;biii-d vice e(>n\ninnder: Kenneth K. Killenw:irth. adjutant: Kdiiie Hurt, sergi'ont of arms: Cbiire Cringle. elKipl :on; t'hff Hunt. iin:nu-.. oliicei : Art Bringle. sel \ lee v 'ftieer. RodiKT Time IVIeii iVlay Serve in IJ. S. Wa.shington, .luni; •! /I' Tlu' army today reduced the length of lime il .H ofriceis and nun may spend in this country before becoming eligible again for oveisea.s duly. The order means that those returning froth the far enst now become eligible for further overseas duly after nine In.steail of 12 months at home .Mtatlons. Army personnel retvirnitig from other overseas ari'iis will now become eligible for foreign service after six moii- llis in.stead of nine nioiiths. The army announcement said that Indlvldimis may volunteer to return to overseas dutv in less than the six or nine months tluit are prescribed. Woman, 20, Gets 2'Year Sentence Iowa City, la., .June 4 (/pl —Laur .i .losephlne Pearson, 20, Iowa City waitress, indicted on a charge ol exposing a dead body, hii.s been sentenced to two years In the state womi-n's relormalory. District Judge Harold D. Evans yesterday gave Miss Pearson a suspended elght-ycwir sentence and $Sl> fine after she pleaded guilty to a les.ser charge of manslaughter in the death of her Infant son. Th • grand jury had indicted her on thi; ( llMlge, too. Miss Pearson was arrested April (i, two days after the body of her newborn baby wa.s found In the yard of a gas plant. Oaitns Leads in Search for Esca|)ee Omaha, June 4 James Dalton. special .'ig'ent in charg** of th-.' Omnh.i FBI office, said today his men are woiking on a "number of leads" in the search for a Minncso- i ta mental hospital csc.ipee reported to have stolen a jilane at Brookings. .S. D., last Sunday. The abandoned plane wa .T found unharmed Monday In a farm field ne,ir Elwing, Ni 'b. Dalton said there have been "tentative idcntificniions" of tli^ fugitivi' since then but his whereabouts still Is unknov.'n. The man sought has been identified as Earl Ross, ."il, who escaped recently from the St. I'eter, Minn., hospital. Killed in Tractor Ml.sliap Jefferson, la., June 4 iip—Mathew T. Finn, 49, farmer near Jefferson, was killed Tuesday when his tractor overturned while he was pulling out a car which had slipped Into the ditch near his home. Estherville. Iowa, Dally News Wed., tliino 4, 1952 WONDER Don't Suffer Another Minute What ever your Hkin trouble may be. Head to foot. Safe for children. SALVE oad SOAP Sold In Estherville by Parry, Ile .Yatl, nnil Knthcrvillu Hurt in Fall from Hikf Now Cars Lict-nsed Edwin Christensen. Esthirvi!!.. Ford, S2-49:M : Dr. E. K. Vai:he:. Estherville. Oldsmobile ,'!;-t?.\'> At Holy FaniDy Hospital .Mr. and Mr^. ron of Esth -.rv;:; son born v-,sitr .l :in,' Walk. r. e :inil M; Chest, r :i cem i:>s;e;-.. 1 ic. f;ice. and 'riuse,^ :ind lei: wher. le or. F:f!>-. :iv, l!i N:n;!i stie. • cvcle hi; ., ! s!;. w:i,- ;!\VT-. f;. h, r f.u!-. : i- por:.,- ;i. : p:n >:ci.,n ;c br n x:: Ho!v F.^n:;:v li.uichti r of Mr W:>lk.r. received :itior.s a'-out her e:i >:er l .f! .,r:n f. !! fvo:;i :i bicyo- e<t. ri ;;iy. Her bi:n the s;r-e; .ind f;on- The tuevde, d She IS s .iia ! V con died .iv i:i f.-iir Kenneth Theni;i- :<r< [..-irt nts . f i .Mr. and .Mrv. of Fairinrn: .ir. bora ycsttrci.-.y Mr. and .Mr^ yt j:urdiy. Harold Thompson ?Seu' TB Druii h Released Driiff Stores; or town tlrtlKKlHt. your Ilomo- 6 MORTON what are 'sAiT vegetables without Morton* PLAIN OR IODIZED -k Hr * WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS Owned aiiil operatecl hy Iowa men actively cnji;agef] in the business. r-- -Th- J &II>e Trunnt-il of Rotyrs McBain of wa* *d- ni-.'.tt-c ye5*.(rd^.v f:: c,-.r- Glfon John^n ot W Allind^rd TT-i-ildl CZTi . Jane Walker of tl ^vtherMlK ui- aca-.itted y .;s-..::c .y ; r r: i. . circ. Mrv Harold .Sau>er o( l.^th-i- viUc cntcrc<l ti.r h..s:. ;•. .. .. ---.•;ir-. for surgery. # • # V.vs. modifr kiiow.s (hat .she can buy the at Fan-way and .still .save money. That's why .she sliops al Fareway every week where she can get the best for les.s. 4' Tide 4 - 88c Giant Boxes WITH PKOCTOK & GA3IBLE COUPON WORTH 20( Mixed Fruit Tomato Juice Pickles CALIKOSE In Light Syrup LIBBY NORTHWOOD SWEET No. 21/, Can 46-oz. Can Qt. Jar If - — - - •. .Steven \\oodlej was admittcc sr^t- sillectomv jt K«thFr>rUr -• Janet Burg of WaUinelord .-nt^r- fd the hospital y. r-i-.y '. . ^ : :. siUectomy. DKmUsal> ye^terdax »er»- Idwin ZitKrich of Gr -::::T.j- r r;i-i; Henn.- Garrflts of -r:: .-j-: medical; Randy G;^.?.-.!;; f H-r- er\ille. medical: Mrs V.'...:^:.. Brabham of Wa]:ir.L-f.,rc .T .-i.:=; Jons Jen-sen ol Eith-rv... -. c:U; Chris Juhl of £,-'.:.•;:•.:;:• 5.- f;iry; Mrs. Bern:::d lyjc'.'. f ^. • City, surgery: K:rh-;rd G . Litke Park, torunii-.rr-.;. A;:;.-.Randa of E«th.r:vi:'. • r-..; • my; Joan Rnus- :i F.--r.... tonsilleetomv POST DEAL ' Pork and Beans L.\RGE CORN FL.\KES 12 -02. BRAN FL-AJvES ^IKS. GRLMES Bo ,h25c 3 S^J- 29c TISSUE WALDORF 3 25c SUM-R-AID Assorted Flavors 2 For 5C Grocery Mix p\gs Feet .\.SSORTED C-A-\DY Wn^ON 1 L. 15c Sr- 59c Potted Meat ECONOMY 2 ^Cans' 15c KELLOGG DEAL KKLLOGG'S CORN FLAKKS ' KELLOGG'S BRAN FLAKKS BOTH 25c iVo Oil Lamp-i To Count IJaIIot> Pierre. S D , Jur- 4 .; convenience!; of ir.- •; . broke down and k';-' ':(c. turns in some pr>c:r.-r- f : .lones, Jack.<on and H.^xo.'; lies in tlie dark Electric .storms k' i 'y- trie llne.s and the!v i culled a halt on tab'j'.:!';:.^ Hald they wri- lorkir.i' •_:; •. ing homi-. They couldr. ' f:r.'l ; • ;. in an area tha- I'j -. • . • - ..• have eli-ctrie lir,.- to •. Tlie \^eather ! ^ U. S. Choice Round Steak¥89c tut Lp Keady fur Pope l»ius Ml Sufferinjj from Flu Vatican City. Jun.- 4 ! I'ius XII is siitiirir.L- f 'lj .'.'i tack of influenz,-. and !. v : J'icial Vatican pr..-^ o.'l. • Bald today. Tin. l,ull.tir: .-:,:•> ' tho 76-yeur-old I'ontitf t ;;i .j ' celled ft |)roHrani of .nidene' F causo of hl .H illne .s.-. but tt.a! 1.. coived MsKi'. Gicvaiir.i H :ii Montini, Vatican .sal .stitut.- : tJiry of slate, and other V.iiii a:, liciala to discuss ehuieli atfa-.i.- Today and Thursday HOW/ SPRING A Mil Fryers Ground Beef ••aeh For a UeliclotLS Meat Louf Lb. 85( 49t Sliced Bacon Itath .Mulberry Lb 27c Porlc Steak E.\tra Lean Lb, 49c Beef Roast Fancy CiiLs of Pot Roast Lb. 63c Skinless Frankfurts ^iS^rL. 49c Minced Ham One of the Best Fine Flavor Juicy Lb. Lb 49c Del Monte PEAS 2 "c^an^ 39c CHUN KING Beef Chop Suey Deal 55c C'O.MPLETE UINNKK GOOCII Macaroni or Spaghetti 2Glasses 39c (Substitute for Potatoes) BLUE BONNET DELUXE MARGERINE Lb. 32c BRUNCH Tobin's Ideal DOG FOOD 2 i Wrisley Bath Salts Water Softener Wrisley Assorted Soaps Sushine Krispics CRACKERS Schultz & Burch Sugar Cookies Airs. Clark's Salad Dresing JELLY A^^^"*^^^ 2 ^Can" 35c Cans 35c fiig 59c lO'Bar Cfl-» Bag DTC Box 25c 49c £ 49c 10-oz. Jars 09C Fresh from the Farm to You! Fresh Pineapple Sugar Loaf Jumbo 49( unions Yellow New Texas Ked Ripe Tomatoes 2 Lb. 35c Home Grown Fancy '•'•5'; Asparagus ! 2 Lbs, i 35c Honor Brand Frozen ' Raspb ernes box Low Cost Distribution Means Bigger Savings FARE WAY A T <r O V A » T rf^ V I I w \ »^ TORE IC O N OMICM 1 ()() I) Dis i Ui\ M 1 1 O \ Shop at Fareway and Save Bring your eggs to us for liigliesl price iu town. .1 1 3 09 g i f Ml

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