The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on April 23, 1947 · Page 5
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 5

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1947
Page 5
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Rails And Industrials MoW Forward Buying Is Far From Urgenl On Tuesday Dealings Slow After Fairly Active Opening Yesterday Ne\v York, April 22 (/P)—Selected rails and industrials continued to move forward in today's stock market ' although buying was far . from urgent and many leaders did little or nothing. Dealings slowed after a fairly active opening and trends were irregular until the latter part of the proceedings when motors and a number of other plvbtals hardened. Gains of fraction's to better than 2 points predominated at the close. Transfers dwindled to 830,000 shares against 1,150,000 Monday. American Tobacco "B" added 2% at 64&; 1 WorthSngtoa Pump 2 a ,». at 55; Barnsdall Oil P/> 'at 23 J /2; Chrysler 2% at jja, Norfolk £ Western 2\(, at 227^; Eastman Kodak 2% at 231%; American Woolen 1% a't.33%; Southern Pacific :1% at 37% and General Motors 1^'at 58i/ 4 . _ Ahead were U.S. Steel, Republic Steel,' American Telephone, North American, Anaconda, Kenne- cott, Phelps Dodge, Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Chesapeake & Ohio, Goodyear, U.S. Rubber, Montgomery Ward, Woolworth, American Can, Du Pont, Union Carbide, Allied Chemical, Johns-Manville and Pacific Western Oil. ' •••..— Sec Our Line of Office Equipment R. M. Hays & Bros., Inc. Closing Prices Stock Market Yorli, April 22 -—Today's close: American Can American Tel., and Tci'.'.'.'.'' American Tob B Armour '. Baltimore and Oiii'o Bethtehem Steel ..'.'. Celanese '..'.'' Chesapeake and' Ohio"." Chrysler Continental Oil Curtiss Wright ' Douglas Aircraft .. DuPont, .....'. Firestone '.' ""••••• General K lex-trie ... Gcuenil Foods' General Motors .. " Goodrich Rul5b'er .. Goodyear Rubber .... International Tel. and Tel' Keniiecnu Copper " Glenn L. Martin .," Montgomery Ward '.'. National Biscuit ........ National Distillers .....I'. Xew- York Central Norfolk and Western North. American Aviation . Packard Motors ........... Pan American ' Airways ... Paramount' !-....., Pennsylvania. . Railroad . Plymouth Oil Pullman Pure Oil Radio Corp Republic Steel Hears Roebuck -Spcony Vacuum ........... Southern Pacific ....... .Standard Brands Standard Oil Jnd Standard Oil NJ Studebaker Twentieth Century Union Carbide .." United Aircraft United Corp. L'. S. Rubber U. S. Steel Warner Bros 'Western Maryland ....... WeattnghbuKc Electric . (AP)—Stock .'iHVj i •> 37 % SO 1 /39% 66'^ 20 »A 97% 3 48% 70V- 14 ?i 5% . 24% It is believed that a new television development will permit observers to see inside oil .wells and steel furnaces. .180% 53 >i 53 12 '4 45 28% 52% 28% 27% 8% 614 1 3 24% 20 fc 21% 55% 2-1 We mre members of the following Exchanges | • ' ' New York Stock Exchange Philadelphia Stock Exchange New York Curb Exchange Los Angeles Stock Exchange Private Wirt System . L * '• Wareham Building, Hagerstown, Md. 2353 New York Los Angeles by KliB« i'eai (at barn).. ... •> K? Price* eaftf r«rmrr. ' "' LOCAL PHODCCE •ii-rices vary slightly every few _. . days) Country Butter ......... .ib 60c Shoulder '........ ib 40e PiJ? 1 ^*; " u *vU "*-'' Ci t>*3 f «**•«••»>« rfflV Jflf« Country Ham (old)'.".'.'.'.'" ib 75c ^rt eiF Ib.' ZOc *-*»"a .- • IK •£_ .............. section J5c coGntVv" B/.COD ::::;;:; . I0 ° Jb V 3 iic 9 a "?enon :.:;;;;;;; bu nJo BAp'iMoiiB LIVESTOCK: i n n Apr " "' <AP>— Department of Agriculture.) e "° < ' ' very . , . y , broad: representative active, fully steady with dd 5 - iead ^.medlJiii and w , el ^ ht slaughter steers rjd(i » 1Ctliu i» heifer 16.00; *- COJ1 ""0" and medium L dairy ^dl'ife- largely .OO. top medium crows to 15.00; canners and cutters D.50- 1.DO mostly 10.00 up; bulls scarce. medium and grood ' y.; mixed lots good and ,-r 20 J l)s " la ''sely 20.00, .strictly choice .25.00; common and medium 8.00-15.00; 'culls down ^y o.uu. Hogs— 800.' Active, but 1.00 lover than Monday on all classes; prac- 5in Hft 01 u 2 H° ft: ^ od and 'choice J:1" n14 - 0 - lba x -°-50-75; UO-J60 Ibs ;.V r P°-, 7 .^ "0-180 ibs. 23:00-25 : is?: ^0 Ibs. 23.75-24.00: 220-250 Ibs ;5-°0-^: ^50-300 Ibs. 21.00-25; 300: J.oO Ibs. 10.75-20 00; 350 Ibs. up 18.75}*-™> 8-ood and choice sows 18.7517 00 with heavy S0 w s selling con- aiderablyloiver. n?,hf eD ~^ 25 ^ ReeeI P ts consist of ?rS H i de l k c , u ." and common ooled lambs asking- steadv, but no early action. " . .\EW VOKK KGG¥ New York, April 22 (AP)— Kp- prices moved irregularly today with mid western grades holding- firm .Nearby browns moved we'll and nearby whites were in good supply n^L ^ eld f Leafl >'-' Lower mixed colored grades were off ab'out V. cent a dozen. -Eggs. 45,549, irregular. Spot quotations follow: (Based on wholesale sales by receivers to jobbers and larger, retailers). • Whites: -Extra fancy heavv- weiglus 52%^53; extras I and SCOTTS SCRAP BOOK By RJ. SCOTT tL£^""" k rJ~i" > T'"~ <K '*' N ' •& * OirfofZl /f.' A \ £JVILIZA1"|ON$ ... -<HAf HAVE. .>-ARISEH£lMCt [CP HlSl"oRy, 14 ARE KKOWK OMLY DID SfOriEA<;i MAN MAKE. MUSIC ? PAPUA. HAVE <rf£ i -TKI extras 1 and 2 median CHICAGO GRAIN Chicago, April 22 (AP) — Graii futures started out today with thi same weakness they displayed h tne previous session-hut then turned strong and held most'of thei gains. Closing- futures: ».^ e! l l: May -2-5G?i-2.57;- .luli 2.2-1^-%,; Sejn. 2.16-2.16 >/i; Dei Corn:.May 1.72-1.71$; July 1.6314 l.C.-»; Sept. 1.58»i-%; Dec 14'' Oats: May 87'i-SS: J u i v - S0-\i Sept. .76%-%; Dec. 75%. " KAVJEWELRYCO. IVMI 40 W. WASH. ST. -.GIFTS ON EASY CREDIT ARRANGE FOR SMALL LOAN FOR MOST ANY PURPOSE 15 Summit Avc., Hajjerstown, Md. Phone 3320 CANT WE GET AtVAY FGOM THAT HELLO. NE!GWSOC. J r fAM t-,1 IW CHtOcy_"LETS LUG A i AWN^ 'SOME EATS UP TO MY MOV^ L .^!A^ISIS i* WfLLVOU MUGRV-* WE'LL BE LKTB FOQ I'M PurriNG UP FOG THE BOYS, SO TWEY'LL k>X3V I NEVER SAW CONNIE AGAIN- AND I DON'T KNOW IF THE OUKE'S MEN CAUGHT HER OR NOT. X MANAGED-TO RSACH A SHIP WITH CUDDLES--8UTI WAS FOLLOWED -AND WATCHED"' FOLLOWED RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR -NEVER KNOWING WHEN THEY WOULD TRY TO KILL U$~" AMVFACE" HAS SUCH A FAMTASTKAUY PLIABLE FACE-HE CAN PUSH IT I WO ANV SHAPE- ASSUME ANY IWWTITYfT •SO.!*'.- } ( A/M-/7/7"-IF | WERE MIGHT n CRIMINAL WHO COULD AHWMwrjsgr&gr 1 "^ GtT J WOULD i HIM, ^ASSUME? FOSDICKff THE AWSWER IS CRYSTAL? CLEAR rr-THE FACE OF THE MOST RESPECTABLE. MAN IN TOWN !* ~ " (-THAT BRAIN fr- CONNIE ESCAPED. THE DUKE'S MEN THOUGHT YOU'D LEAD J THEM. TO HER, r OTHERWISE, THEY'D HAVE —AND THAT WOULD BE <J. SWEETPANTS G6ODBODY Tf ANYFACE.T-TMEOIG is UP. I'LL NEVER FORGET.'.' THINKING**-} c DID I EVSQ HEAR OF OLIVER TOD IA.««^ APS M3U-KIDDING? WRVJ HE WAS MV SORT OP STEP--DQDDY "-TILL-TILL THECF WAS AN' <3WFUL ACC1 DEIST- A N N I E WHY, I'LL'BE-1'WHY, HE WAS JUST ASCXJT THE ] ASKED-BUT BIGGEST BUSINESS GUY ( HOW DID sbu THGT EVER WflS! HOW COME HAPPEN TO YOU NEVEP TOLD ME? / ASK NOW? VtW-SHE S«O YOU MIGHT'BE THE SAME ANN€"-WHV, WW MUST BE PSYCHIC! IMAGINE— OUT OP r MILLIONS OP PEODLE-A(SD SHE ! GUESSES WHO YOU flR£. f |T^ W-V: T E R R Y ON wo WES' AVP V'ET- ro PI.VP oyr YEAH! AND r*jw WHO IS V7W- OR DO I HAVE TO GUESS THAT ONE- GRAY OFFCUCc-TO rwLusecaw.^. > AUDE op STONE, I /,W'HEP 7VE COA1 3 CALL ON ME H£RE> TON(^T. QlllTB>?LL»K;,V6...J>J wu.NoroNLyiaiow'" ro LOT 1^ OLPEE , THEODORE. > Anv BtfT UE ,W6KT EVS'J BE MIE 7Q OONTEPL irc SI 71 Serve spiced prunes hot or cold, as a relisli or dessert. | Galvanized I WASH TUBS I HARRYS. MYERS lll!!lili!lHllllilililllllll!lilllll!lllllli!l!iliilllli!!lil]||ll!ffl We offer low coit HOME LOANS FIRST FEDERAL Savings A Loan Asm. 33 Jonathan St. Phone 1001 Knights Templar Officials To Visit The Right Eminent Graud Commander, Sir Knight William P. Prettyman, together with the other Graud Officers of Knights Templar of Maryland, will pay an official visit to St. Bernard's Commandry, No. 9, this city, on Thursday evening of this week. The annual omcial visit will be marked by a dinner in the social room of St. John's Lutheran Church at 6:30 p. m. followed by music and entertainment for the ladies by the Arionettes with Mrs. Eugene Gordon in charge. This program also will be in the church social room, starting at 7:15 o'clock. The official visit and installation of local Commandery officers will be held in the Masonic Temple auditorium starting at 8:15 o'clock with the Masonic Choir and the Arionettes furnishing the'music. The installation will be open to the general public. ' The Right Eminent Grand Com- DIAMONDS WATCHES ' LUGGAGE — GUNS Joe's Loan Office 42 N. Jonathan St. Investment Securities Buckley Brothers Membert New York Stock Exchange Wareham Bldg. • Phone 2353 B U Y' -Y Q U R GOAL —FROM— ' CUSHWA'S Phone 2200 and get THE BEST Phone 3150 Joseph H. Dagenais Jr Investment Securitie* 1 • * Earle Building TWX-596 PAY FOR YOURS While You Live in It Home Builders Savings & Loan Assn. 128 W. Washington St. Phone 3233 The Morning Herald, Hagerstown, Md. NINE Weiliiemliiy^AprH 23.'1047. vm^ mandeiy who is a well known Rockville attorney, will address the conclave in the course of. the official visit, and later assist'in installing the new officers of St. Bernard's Commandery. Officers installed follow: Harry M. Hartman, Commander; Russel C. Urich, Generalissimo; William B. King, Senior Warden; J. Lynn McCune. Junior Warden; A. Kretzer McGraw, Standard Bearer; Edward E. Sushen, Sword Bearer, and Samuel H. Ebersole, Warder. New Location ACOUSTICON •'^•^•^^^v^H^^^^^^HB Better Hearing-Aid* Acousticon Le«calleet Co 158 W. Waihington St. Yolks for mayonnaise dressing should be cold, just out pf the refrigerator, to make a smooth emulsion with oil. Roofing L. R. SAUNDERS Ph. 4099-F-6 FILMS DEVELOPED Any 6 or 8 Exposure Roll of Film Developed and Printed for Special Prices on Enlargements ill's Toy & Novelty Store 11 South Potomac Street STEINH ELfCTKIC MILK COOLERS Improved ... to pfo« tect your p«ofit». More Steinhorst Electric Milk Gx>ien «« i« ,«•-. vice in th« gre»t Northeastern Milk Sh*<J tb«4 Improved . . . >e op«f. *te moct •cooocciictlly. PubKcly mpported, cr.biated ««»t» prove that » Stdnbont Coot- 'or per- ffam. two C«t the authoriKd Sleiahor.t deal« . . . ;nve 5 tig,te . . . , . . before you buy at any price. You'll choose Martin Feed & Implements 860 Penna. Ave. --Hagerstown, Md. RENEE KILLED THE^,.,„,„.. COUNT.' I CAN'T BELIEVE) HER ~. HER OWN BROTHER/7 BROTHER — S PROBABLY HES CAUGHT ME/ BUT r THINKII'CAN OUTSMART THIS BARRY KENT/ COME CLEAN, RENEE WHY DID YOU KILL ANDRE p HER HUSBAND. AND THATCOUWTPART WAS LfJDOUBTEDLY PHONY. BUT SO AWFULLY LONESOME.^ YEP' IP A PtRSOM V/KIE LOST |N HERE HE'D NEVER >EVER COMES BE FOUND! £ DQNT SEE WHY VOU HAD TO 60 HOME (HROUGH WIS- OLD LOTS SHOQTER^IS WAY:

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