Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 4, 1952 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1952
Page 4
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Red Sox Win Opener, 8 to 5, from Blue Earth Will Play St, ianu's on Friday ISight BY IIOVT I.l'ITIIl.V Thi' EstlicrvUU- lUd Sox .stiirt.'d tilt- 1962 CHmpaiRn in piopi'r fiinli- ion la«t nipht. rai'P'iU' out ="i victory over thr Blui' Kmth HliH's lit .taycpc fifld with Hill MOSH.T do- iriK tlio i)itcliinK iind ii fiiir sliiin- uf the hlttlnp. While the Hod Sov wire viclori- uiis it IH quit!' <'Vidrnt llmt they iiion't rrndy for Town Htiiti' lc(if,'iii> play. This fnct is well known to thf irmnaRcmi-nt. howmcr. nnd they nre worktnj; to plug the unps in the Estherville llniiip. From liisl nij;h ('H K-'i'iic iiulic.i- tlona are that the infield will be stronger offensively and on a par defensively with lost year's cluh. Gordic Winkel and Mike Boettchor will certainly provide added hatt­ ing power at third base and shortstop with Boctlcher a considerably more experienced and morc^ steady performer afield than Frank Swan. * ft i: A COUPI-K of frontline pitcher.^ and an experienced receiver arc the vacancies that will need filling ns «oon as possible and one outfielder probably will be needed in addition Ip those already counted on for service. Jim Woltz will shift to the outfield when a catcher is hired and Bill Dudding probaly will be used in the field. Another gardener, described as n proven product, la duo here June 7. One more outfielder should solve this shortage. CkmblolBK tho Vindicator wiil nepubllcan. PuMKlwd Every Evenlne Kzccpt Siuidmy , >od Prliiclpal UoUday*. Box vSfore Gatared as lecond claai matter ocu *. ^1030 at the poatottlce at tMb- enill*. Iowa, under ihea act of Mamb 3, lan. 4 Wcd„ June 4, 1952 0*med and Publlahcd By: l>e<mcr l-ee, 'Bdltor and Publliber, Robert N. t«e, AdvartWoe Uaaager. The AMOclated PreM u entitled exclui- tvely to the (or rtpubUcaUon of all tho loca] newn printed in thla newi- paper a> well as all AP aewi oii- patchea. SUBSCRIPTION TERMS By man tn Emmet, "iCofiuA, Palo Alto, Clay, Dickinson. Jackoon jnd Martin coubtiea: one year t8; alx mjntha.ti.2S; three montha IZ.2S; a veeka tl. By mail outame abovt co intlea one year tlO; tlx n»)nlh« f5.2i: three mooUu t2.TSi one month iX.OO. By Little Meroimnl j>»m<ir; per weeu 30o; one year ill, «lx monlha n.2L; three monlha J3.7.'i. Member of the Iowa Pri-ss A .isf^latlon, Iowa Dally Pre.ta Ajaoelatlon. National Editorial Aaaoclallon and Inland Preaa Aaaoelatlon. Klu<< Kiirlh ThoninH, of Buhr, ss Bowers, 3I> I''roehti', r. B<'nver, rf (ierniunn, If I.. .Nelson, Ih rlill.son, ',>li Kornlmiini, p Nelson, p TotalM I';>itliervllli' Killey, ef Hoettehcr, ss Freeman, 2li Hartkowskl, Ih Wolla, e U'Jiikel, 3b Artuniiui, rf Blaki'ter, If iXIosser, p Ilohrer, p TotalH Bluo Karth Ksthpr\ille Summary: K, Bttrh, L. Nelson, Chllson 2, KombauTO. BUckcter, Freeman; RBI, Buhr, Bixavor, L. »l»on, Koni- baum. Freeman 3, Wolti, Winkel, Arttmlan, Monner; 2B, Wolfct, IMoNScr, Froehio 2, Beaver; SB, Woltz; SB, Winkel; DP, Nelson-l>. Nelson; Wlnkel- FriHiman-Bartkowskl; left, E*- thprvllle IJ, Blue Karth 8. BB, Mossor 1, Rohrcr 3, Kombaum I. NeJson I; SO, Mossor 8, Kombaum 6, Nekton 3; II and R, off Mosser, 9 and 4 In 8, off Ilohror I and I in I; off Kom­ baum, 10 and 8 In 5; off Nelson. 2 and 0 in 3; IIBP, Kombaum Kaley, Bocltcher, Woltx); WI', Kombaum, Rohrer 2; winner, MosHcr; lofter. Kombaum. Umpirpfi: WUIiams and Ifaim- m«r. all r h p<i a I n 1 I (I 0 I 0 .H 4 0 0 0 1 r. I 2 10 I 12 2 1 0 4 0 10 0 .") I 2 H 1 4 0 0 2 2 2 0 I 0 2 I 10 2 1 3(i 5 10 24 11 till r h po a 4 I « 3 I 4 I 2 II 2 4 112 2 n 0 0 10 0 3 I 2 K I 5 0 10 5 5 112 0 4 0 12 0 4 3 4 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 38 K 12 27 12 0.10 001 001—5 0.10 410 OOx—8 RKPIIKSENTATIVBS EatchanBe, Om :ihJi; also Atlanta an-" General ttdveill.liig n.|irM «itHtlvee; Inland Newspajier Reprcaeiitaiivca, JDC, Wrielcy Bide.. Chlraco: 5J2 Kirih Ave.. New \ork; Security Bids., St. Ixjiui, 1012 Baltimore. Kanaaa City, 4:28 Oram Oailaa. QANn ™^ BALLROOM* •• fAIRMONT, MINNESOTA WALLY PIKAL Thiu-.stlay, June 5 KAY PALMEK Sunday, June 8 Dudding will double as reserve catcher and reserve anything else when needed. Two more pitchers to go with Don Hall and Mosscr will have to be secured pronto. Mosser scattered nine hit.s in eight innings of work last night, allowing the Blues to get to him in only one frame, the second, when the visitors combined four hits for three runs. After that he was mighty stingy with the base knocks. He whiffed eight and had wonderful control, issuing only one free ticket. :i * AT THK PLATE he walloped the ball will all the gusto of an outfielder, whanging out four solid safeties in four trips including one double. Jim Woltz was the distance cloutcr for the Sox last night, poling out a triple and a doutile in his first two appearance.^. He did a workmanlike job behind the plat.- although not a catcher by trade Mike Bocttcher is the only other Sox to get two hits, lining two singles over the inficlJ. He got the only safe poke olf the old veteran of many campaigns. Screwball Nelson, who relieved starter Harold I Kornbaum for Blue i3arth in the sixth. The Blues scored fiist, getlini; three run.s in the second on .successive doubles by Don Fioehle and Gene Beavei, a single by L,oe Nel- .son, a throwing error and a single by Kornbaum. The Sox matched this in their half of the ssime frame on Woltz's triple, singles by Dick Arttmlan, I'aul Blacketcr and .Mosser and an error. rj t? * TUK SOX counted four times in tht? fourth on four hits and a Blue Eat th error and added a run in the fifth on Mosser's single, two infield boots and Gun Freeman's fly to Tifrn to page S, column 4 Doris Jacob's Dance Revue Sponsored by the Estherville Girl Scouts Wednesday and Thursday June 4 and 5 7:30 p. m. Roosevelt Auditorium StudfUts 'iOi — Adult.s Charles Is Favored over Jersey Joe Atliintlr Cily. .V .1,. .luiie I '.'I" One of the bi^^est in\"sterie.s in this fight (riiitiiMK I 'liiip renter is V hy the ex-cliiunii from Cinelnn:ui i.« such II bij; r.-iv.iii. tn ilethniiu' .lersey .loe \V,-iIci>tt in l'hil;uli'lphia lf>iiu>rro\v nighty .Vot-S(i-Ieafi fOzZiird u;t.- r.'it<'d i 2 to 1 lo ;•. tu 1 (hole, to hecoiiv the first forniei bea\\\'\vei!;bl kin?: in lil.";tory to iccnin the prized I rown. Although 0 nijijiiiity i.f the visiting fight writers are pUinkinn loi the 30-year-oid chrillenger tlu-y openly admit they !iie doing it witii fingers crossed. No one ajiparently has any firm conviction that Ezzard is going to win bedaiiKe of tho heavier powei in 38-ye;ir-old Jersey Joe's fists, .•i; THKY KNOW that the ancient gladiator froin Camden i.-^ apt to put Charles away with one puncn. and they know that Joe cin do it with cither hand. But they are go ing for Charles because thoy feci Joe is liable to come apart likj Joe Louis did against Chailes and Rocky Marciano. After losses to Charles in Chlca- Tum to page 3, column 4 Four Teams Undefeated in Softball Loop NOUT 11 IOWA SOtTBAl.t. l.KAOUK W Team W. I.. I"ct. Wulllngford 2 0 1.000 l.edyanl 2 0 1.000" Kmmetsburg 2 0 1.000 Ten ton I 0 1.000 Cylinder 0 I .000 KNthervllIe 0 2 .000 RIngMetl 0 2 .000 (Jrueltinger 0 2 .000 Hesults to Date: l.edynnl 9, Klngsted 0. MiiUlngford 12. Kstherville 3. KinmetHburg 26. Gmottlnger 0 I.edyard 7, Cylinder 0. Fenton 14, RIngsted 7. - Kmmetsburg 10, B^-sthcrvHle 4 Wulllngford 9, GmctUngrer 8 Cyllnder-Fenton in protest Bume, After two weeks of play In the North Iowa Softball league Em- metslmrg. Lcdyard and Wallingford have turned in two victories and Fenton one and these four clubs have not not suffered a defeat to date. Fenton and Cylinder have a protested game that as yet has not been decided by the club presidents. Ledyard has turned in two straight shutouts and Emmetsburg ran wild over t^.raettinpi r in .Tnolhei whitewashing. Grnettinger. Hiniistid and K.« therville K. C has e.ich stiffered two di'feat .'i nr.i] Cylinder one without a victor\ Kmmetsl'Urg has shown of plate power to d.ile, rackit^g vip 3t) runs in two (.'.anie.s while J .i \i- y;ird's two shutonis ."how.* lots ,^f defensive strength F^lcrtrocutfd Xoar Carndl Canoll i.V< n .'h.M Kies. ' Carroll, lineman for .i oonflt tu I ^on ! firm workitit: or. .i iiiial tle»-t i tfi-' cation power line nin, miles iitirUv ; east of here, was eleetioruted Tti- ' e.'day when the bcn-ini of a j>nl,- j setting truck came ui ocntael with • ,1 high vollrige lino. Ries Mn.* hold- j ing a i:uide chain <^n the boom Jnnior Ix^gion Haselndl Uoys M<^*1 l\»int)rrow Vlans are being woiKetl out for a l.epton haaeball pi-ojtram in V-sthervll!e this summer with Doti Wet>er, »>v-Mldfret Rreat and fmvi ^tsity >il Nebr.^sVn oAger. lo be in chnipe. Weber has <-alIod n meeting for t."vnioiiow at 6.10 ji. m, at Jaycee lieia fot n\\ intorr.'rtcd Iwyx. Bo>T! up to and including IT years of ivjte nrr cligiMc to iwrticlpalr and all those interested ar<> urged lo be on hand. Boys froi\\ other towns Turn to pag^ 5, colmn S U N. Gth Phone 298 EildsTonite BBaSBgm RMNEy mmmm mm Tim •• Holt in SUPEI^CNECTOL.; CO-HIT= ROAD AGENT" To The Voters of Emmet County I assure you 1 appreciate the vote accorded me in the Republican primaries on June 2nd and I take this method of thanking you. Emlet Twilo THE PICTURE THAT IS TAKING AMERICA BY STORM! Now it comes to our screen ... the epic of an era ... the drama of an empire ... the love story of the ages'. Never have you beheld such splendor ... or thrilled to such spectacle ... or lived such romance! Three years in the making ... actually filmed in Rome by M-G-M ... in color by Technicolor... here is entertainment at its greatest! 4. '(AKCHBK \ \OU V>EAN THEJ 1 THOUSHT"^ A POCTDR: \ A ^^o ^JE urn A SHOT HI5 / THIKJK CALL A.^ ^ AVXBHJLANCE? Guaranteed Jst Quality Materials Throughout SAVE ON WARDS RIVERSIDE TftlES 11.95... 13.45 6.00-16 Plut Fadirol Tax and yoiir oU «r, f 'G.70-1S FULL NON-SKID DEPTH-FULL TREAD WIDTH-FULL SIZE RIVERSIDE AIR CUSHIONS Size Tire Prieo-O Tub* ^t^e^^* "6.40-15 13.^5 '2.35 • 1 6.70-15 13,45 2,70 7.10-15 15.45 2^10 7.60-15 17.25 2.95 . 8.00-15 18,95 3.50 6.70-16 13.75 2.75 RIVERSIDES FOR OLDIR CARS 6.50-15 6.00-16 6.50-16 15,75 11.95 16.25 a .7b 2.40 2.75 M. Tax mJ yavt tk lit*, ••f/i/i M, Un, OyLY 10% DQWN ON TERMS. SAI .M6 <DS SATURDAY ' Dully Nu\v8 01a«8iri(5d Xda Pay. Try 6o«. V • - r- \

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