The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 5, 1975 · Page 32
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 32

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 5, 1975
Page 32
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32 The Pittsburgh Press, Wed., March 5, 1975 'Stepford 'Sheila 'Influence' Due LIKE GRANDFATHER, LIKE CRANDSON John Drew Barrymore, left, followed his father, the late John Barrymore ("the Great Profile") into acting. Now John Blythe Barrymore. 19, John Drew's son, is making his movie debut in a forthcoming David Carradine picture, "Around." Box Offices .Perk. But Film Changes Slated By EDWARD L BLANK ' Press Drama Editor Odds and ends from here and there: The Oscar nominations helped inflate boxoffice revenues for all the films involved. The blockbusters hardly needed the help, but "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" at t h e Kings Court won a reprieve on the strength of its jump. It had opened d i s a p p o int- ingly. Unless "Alice" holds well this week, though, it will be replaced next Wednesday by "The Stepford Wives," in which Katharine Ross and Paula Prentiss play wives who move to a strange .New England MISS NEWNAN ' town where all the women behave like domesticated automatons. One of the women, Britisher Nanette Newman, is the wife of the picture's . director, Bryan Forbes. . "Harry and Tonto" finally vacates the Forum and Encore to make room Friday for "Sheila Levine Is Dead and Living in New York." . ' . . Art Carney's nomination for "Harry and Tonto" caused business for that longrunner to spurt, too, but the backlog of pictures waiting in the wings necessitates a change. John Cassavetes' "A Woman Under the Influence," witty Gena Rowlands and Peter Falk, follows "Amarcord" into the Manor. LOUIS MALLE'S French "Lacombe, Lucien" won the British Society of Film and Television Arts award as Best Picture. Joanne Woodward was Best Actress for "Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams" (a 1973 film released in England last year) and Jack Nicholson Best Actor for both "Chinatown" and "The Last Detail." Not only has Buhl Planetarium scratched the evening performances of , its sky shows on Mondays and Tuesdays, but the entire building is closing at 5 p.m. on those days henceforth. Monday and Tuesday evenings tended to be sparsely attended during most months. The planetarium will be open every night during the Thanksgiving-Christmas period only. Puppeteer Peter Arnott's performances of "The Bacchae" and "The Medea" at the Museum of Art Theater, Scaife Gallery, this week were sold out well in advance to teachers and students. On the strength of this show of interest, Arnott may be asked to return for more performances at a later date, according to Jerry Clack of Duquesne University's Classics Department and the sponsoring Classical Association of Pittsburgh. Even playing to eapacity at $1 per seat, the shows this week will bring in only $400. The rest of Arnott's expenses are being paid by the A. W. Mellon Educational and Charitable Trust. IN CONJUNCTION with performances of "Pantagleize" in Stephen Foster Memorial Hall tomorrow through March 22, the University of Pittsburgh plans a couple of related events. Director David Rinear will moderate a discussion of the show at 8 p.m. March 19 in the hall. And a couple of films on' the theme of political madness, Charlie Chaplin's "The Great Dictator" arid Laurel and Hardy's "Double Whoopee," are slated at 8 p.m. March 18 in Room 223 of Lang-ley Hall on campus. Who can figure big business? "Wherels Poppa?" a boxoffice disap-pointnfent when first released in' 1970, has steadily built a following and draws consistently well in revival theaters and campus-area showings. Having finally acquired a name for itself, so to speak, "Where's Poppa?" is going into national re-release but with a new title: "Going Ape." I HE LONGEST YARD (R) E7 THE FRONT ?l At 1:00. 3,10, J20, 7:30 S 9:40 P M. WEB. MAI. All SEATS $1 UNTIL "5 P.M. THE ODESSA FILE IPG) Al 1:00, 3: 10, 5:20, 7 30 & 9:45 P.M. WED. MAT. All SEATS II UNTIL 5 P.M. 1 I :pgi PAGE I At 2: 10. 4:00, 5:50. 7:40 4 9:30 P M. WED. MAT. All SEATS SI UNTIL 5 P.M. V FREEBIE AND THE BEAN (Rj At 130.3:30. 5:30. 7:30 S 9,30 PM. WED. MAT. ALL SEATS SI UNTIL 5 P.M. L'Jsmnnri.Tii r BLAZING SADDLES IR1 1 oo. 6 oo & moo, LAST OF SHlfLA(R) 3 45 4 a PM. WED. MAT. All SEATS 11 UNTIL 5 P.M. EFtHE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN (PG) At l:JU, J:4U, JOU, B:UU ft XM: lUP'.M, WED. MAT. All SEATS SI UNTIL 5 P.M. V ) THl BEARS AND I (Gl i oo 4 30 b oop.m KING OF THE GRIZZLIES (6) . 2 45 6. 15 4 9 45 P M. WEO.MAl.ltll SEATS SI UNTIL 5 PM. A Hilonmn PfPfmoncr 8v Burt Reynolds! THE LONGEST YARD (R) Al 1:30, 3:40, 5:50. 8 00 & 1010 PM. WED M1 All SEATS SI UNTIL S PM J BARGAIN MATINEE TODAY TILL 5 P.M. urt "BLAZING V Mel SADDLES Brooks' New Comedy youNo ipci FEATURES TODAY 17.7-4-6-8-10 UIIIWMWWWTWWTP) P"l - ......... .i..,. seeti Gionl Double & fpnlurt SUM G V FREEBIE AND THE BEAN (R) MS, 3.20, 5:25, 7:30 9:35 P.M, V THE NIGHT V THE ODESSA PORTER (R) FILE (PG) 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7,30 4 9:30 P.M. II ,X. 3:15. 5:30, 7:45 4 10.00 P.M WEDNESDAY MATINEE ALL SEATS $ I UNTIL 5 P.M. 1 I I il OT7 u Rnrk In Ai linn Annin V THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN (PG) 1 The Most Controversial Film Of Our Timel THE NIGHT PORTER (R) At 7,30 4 9,40 P.M. "THE DEVIL IN MISS JONES" (X) plot The Beit from LINDA LOVELACE v.l 71 9 'Linda": 8 A 10 Jon Voiqhl in "THE ODESSA FILE"(PG) Today at 7:00 and v:30 p.m. mm i to4)r ( Jamos londl Moor in "MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN" PG) Today at 7:139:3 A Sptoculor Performance By Jon Voighl! 9 007 li Botk In Action Again' I THE ODESSA FILE (PG) THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN (PG) ' At 7: 40 4 9: 50P M. At 7:30 4 9 45 PM. j mm Jech Lemmon & Walter Matthau THE FRONT PAGE (PG) At 7,45 4 9(45 P.M. rr A Spectacular rVrlormonce By Jon VoigKH THE ODESSA FILE (PC) At 7:30 49 45 P M. 007 Is Back In Action Agoin! THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN (PG) At7,1549:J0P.M. The Molt Controveniol Film 01 Our T.mel At 7,15 4 930 P.M. J Jock Lemmon & Walter Mafthau THE FRONT PAGE (PG) At 7:45 & 9 45 P.M. J 007 Is Bock In Action Again! THE MAN WITH THE GOIDEN GUN (PG) mi parking b n ARK I Jock Lemmon & Walter Motthou THE FRONT PAGE(PG) At 7,45 4 9 35 P.M. Alan Arkin & James Coan Are A Riot In . . , FREEBIE AND THE BEAN (R) At 7:45 4 9:45 P.M. K Kit A A VJkfTJfAS X r wsmw l I0UTE 88 BETHEL PARK 833-7515 I MEL BROOKS I I HIS 1st TWO COMEDY HITS! I I CINEMA l "THE TWELVE CHAIRS" (PG) 8 35 I I Qnd also OSCAR WINNER. I fir "THE PRODUCERS'V(PG) BIB I cinema 2 "THE NIGHT PORTER" (R) todayaHTmTooV 4:vu, t.w, r.w, iu.uu r.m. - ..... t -,j r.T , , - . 1 BLAZING SADDLES R $ AI9 30PM THE LAST OF SHEILA (Rl 7,30 paa. THIS ENT.ACEMFNTOWIY All SfAT.l LI J Jock lemmon & Waller Matlhau THE FRONT PAGE (PG) At 7,45 4 9,45 P.M. 3 The Molt Controverjiol Film Of The Yearl THE NIGHT PORTER (R) At :43 & V: f.N. I At 2: 15, 6:00 4 45 P M . I I THE NIGHT COWMERS (R) I . AI4l54inOPM J ABBY(R) a. 8,i5PM. DERRANGED (R) At 6, 45 4 9,30P.M. THE GREEN HORNET PG At 4 45 4 9 30 P.M., ' TuiiuncocicT nr. ... .a... J Carlow College presents .... 'nt m "HTir fan by Patrick Hamilton ' TONIGHT thru SATURDAY 8:30 p.m. Kresge Theatre Admission: hr reservations. Call 693-4800, ext. 224 TTT SECRETS OF SWEET SIXTEEN 1X1 At 7 00 4 9,50 P.M. BETWEEN THE COVERS (X) At8?5P , RbbbbbbbbIbM' iaSUi els A 4.. TH.TM. AfANIASIICCAbl IN iMk AUNtW AIRPORT t375 (PG) At 7 45 4 9 45 PM IF. f M A MM A LENA'S GRIAl ITALIAN FOOD.' LUNCH DINNER COCKTAILS Hi ff SUndays Dinner at 4:30 P.M. Dress Casual w Jacket (Dinner only) TAKE MOW MRVKI AVAILAMJ CHAffGf CAftM NOMOMV 31S7 LIBRARY RD. (Rt.U) CASTLE SHANNON Phone 884-8484 Abby doesn't need a man anymore.. ' 4 MdEDW ..JHE STORY OF A WOMAN POSSESSED! i H " MyartaotH W& "DUCK SOUP" I itoVH ORSEFEAJ I MflWI "",!2S, 10:4$ i - starring I WILLIAM MRR5HRLL TERRY CRRTER 1 RUSTlli STOKER CRROL SPEED -rbby" iuffl hoorq scrwnpuw by G. CORNELL LAYNE skv by WILUAM GIRDLER & G. CORNELL LAYNE p-oaucd by WILLIAM GIRDLER, MIKE HENRY & GORDON C. LAYNE crxon by i SffiX ROBERT O.RAGLAND o. by WILLIAM GIRDLER MOVIELAB ! A WILLIAM GIRDLER PRODUCTION AN AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL RELEASE TO PLACE YOUR WANT AD BY PHONE DIAL 263-1201 ARDMORE DR IN forest Hills RQXIAN McKhs locks SOUTH HILLS DR IN Rt. 51. So" STARLITE OR IN Wexford McKEE. STARTS FRIDAY . HcKeisport East Liberty STARTS SATURDAY: Centre Avenue 2 EXCLUSIVE PITTS3U BtM 1 1 1 RUN ASULT HITS! YOUR WIFE ... OR MINE?" & "FREEDOM IN THE OZARXS" Starring ANDREA TRU! :i8YRS.-,::,) ijmim III miii nnnift unun niurni w MIMA r Alice "",IHU" lAKt HtK rlLIUKt ,r III DCnonHnwF nAY nwiw lit rcnauii " ' ' STARRING IN... ,A BON'T PI .V "WSJ, MFD STi I MANCINI'S LOUNGE TONIGHT WEED. JAGGERZ .826 ISLAND AVE. McKEEf RCCKt STAIRCASE TONIGHT! duvtum iinrc 818 Liberty Ave., Downtown lill I I lllfl ItllflUkf A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE IN SIZZLINQ ADULT ACTION! CLAWS INTO EVERY Y G SHE STUCK HER j? MAN SHE COULD! TiENMi mi M Til A i t' T:f - m-iwi DRIVE-IN THEATERS b'J'T fir K i-N MOVIE RATING GUIDE FOR PARENTS AND YOUNG PEOPLE The objective of the ratings is to inform parents about the suitability of movie content for viewing by their children. ' VIM I r k W., J NOPASSISACCIPTIB TODAY AT 11:30 A.M. 1:40,3:45, 5:50 - 8:00. 10:15 PM. AWARPS i nrvfTB nr iw BARGAIN MAT. All SEATS 1.50 Continuous Performances from 11:30 A.M. c "FUNNY LADY" VARIETY CLUB and OLD NEWSBOYS BENEFIT PERFORMANCE TUESDAYMARCH 11 TH f y For Ticket Information Call 8 1 -1163 mwmm NOMINATED FOR 5ACADIMY AWARDS Including BEST ACTOR TODAY AT 11:00 A.M. 1:15, 3J0, 5:45, mm, i. i) r.m. Albert Finnev In OKitNTamssr" BARGAIN MAT.- mm" ALL SEATS M.00 Continuous Performoncot From 1 T:00 A.M. c NOMINATED FOR 8 ACADEMY AWARDS Includlnf BEST PICTURE TODAY AI 10:45 A.M. 1:45, 4:45, 7:45, 10:45 P.M NO PAS5IS ACCIPTIO mm THE IOVVEWNG CFERJO' RARGAIN MAT. J. ALL SEATS 1 SO ConfinuoueHferm c Til m. TODAY AT 111-4? 11? 1 If 1-K 1A-1I M 7 NOMINATED FOR Ifl ACADEMY 1 AWARDS Includlnf BEST PICTURE ACTOR k 11 fk - Tk wS.J. mm mm i uooiameri Hill II RARGAIN MAT. Jn. ALL SEATS M.50 ft f-t m -r vniii .m, . . ContinuousPertoiTO . TODAY AT 10:30 A.M. 12:15, 7:00, 4:00, i:00, 8:00, 10:00 P.M. oc was never, like this. W.WV, IV.WV .m. I D A Dfi. AIM U AT I00." A 1 1 CC ATC 1 ATI NOMINATED FOR 3 ACADEMY AWARDS Including BEST ACTRESS TODAY AT 2:00, 4:00, 4t00, S:00, lOtOO P.M Ellen Burjtyn ASCEDOESNTUYE : HERE ANYMORE BARGAIN MAT. All SEATS M.00 I NOMINATED FOR I 4 ACADEMY I Z AWARDS 1 lnludln V BEST PICTURE Art Cornty LIST 2 DAYS! TONIGHT AT 7:30 1 9:30 TM. GTONTO" 3 TODAY AT 1:00, 4:00, 7:30, t:45 P.M. NOMINATED FOR BEST FOREIGN ' LANGUAGE FILMI ft w.rtrn"!!!-'! i RUNS III II IIVXW Wtl BARGAIN MAT. A ALL SEATS M.00 All AGS AOMintO 'l r,.n.fnl Audiences PARtNlAlGUIDANCE SUbOISIED Tl Son, Mntenol May Nol B. L Lf' Su.lobl. fo. T..noQ. -l Btsimcito Linger 17 f.qu.ri occomponying ' Pd'.nt or (".uo'd.rjn NO ONE UNDIR 1 8 ADMITflO Ag. limit moy vary in crtoin atM HEATERS mil.ABI,F. FOR VnllRmMFDRT ARDMORE Voit Blvd off Arimor Blvd., 2ri-Mlt TV Dnrtl li Her Uverl "ABBY" Carol Speed (R) "DERANGED (R) DEPENDABLE S Min frsm Greoltr Pgh. Airoort. 544.7011 "SECRETS OF SWEET 16" (X); "BETWEEN THE COVERS" (X) GATEWAY "THE NIGHT PORTER" (R) rt Dirt unrMirlMtt HuapUif "THE NtGHTCOMERS" Marlon Brando (R) Looanl Ftrry Crtfnib o tl New Ktnsins'on, jjj imi GREATER PGH. Rt. 30, ' Mile Edit w.t-Inghouie Irldgi, .$ "THE NIGHT PORTER" (R) - " Dirt Boarfe-CkerlMte Reapilu "HOW T4 SEDUCE A WOMAN" (R) SOUTH HILLS Rt 61 So Pleasant Hills 4M7II1 TkeDtvlIb Ber Lever! "ABBY" Carol Speed (R) "DERANGED (R) SOUTH PARK "THE NIGHT PORTER" (R) Rt ll-Bethel Pork . Wrk RoMrJeVrlette rUnpHu "THE NIGHTCOMERS" MarlonBr'ando (R) SUPER 71 m. si st, to nr. t s. TkeDevUbBerUver! "ABBY" Carol Speed (R) "DERANGED (R)' WEDNESDAY, MARCH S, ins . ' r 7 t t r tod Ufck ' iA.--rxfiA . A Marvin Worm Hroaucnon A Boo Fosse Film Dustin Hoffman "Lenny" wm-mValerie Perrine David V Picker 5c-ri.,by Julian Barry Marvin Worth o-aib, Bob Fosse ?;SXrn! United Artisti BARGAIN MAT. ALL SEATS '1.00 TODAY UNTIl 5 P K. TODAY AT 130, 3:30,3:35,. 7:45 & 10:00 P.M.

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