The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 17, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1935
Page 4
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Phones 42 & 47 Family Savings NAVY BEANS—Choice Michigan, 4 Ibs POST TOASTIES— i Large box 3UTTER—Tipton creamery, Ib HOMINY—Largest No. 2% size, 3 for BLISS COFFEE—Vacuum packj Ib WASHING POWDER—0. K., IG-oz. box CHURNGOLD OLEO—None tetter, 2 Ibs MEATS 27c 21c 21c 5c 29c Swiss Steak, cut from round, per Ib 25c Beef Roast, tender, choice cuts, per Ib 22c Cubed Steaks, no bone, per Ib 30c Jewel Shortening, 1-lb. pkg 15c Beef Boil, 2 Ibs 29c Jowl Bacon, per Ib 20c Beef Liver, per Ib .19c Pork Roast, per Ib 25c Cream Cheese, per Ib 20c Veal Steaks, no bone, per Ib 30c CORN—Good quality, 3 No. 2 size cans JURE LARD— 2 Ibs. for 15c BANANAS—Choice, yellow fruit, 4 Ibs POWDERED SUGAR—Fine for those cakes, 2 Ibs 's Milk, 3 tall cans Pineapple, largest No. l\ size can Lim- Beans, nice, 2-lb. pkg 19c Vinegar, large quart bottle lOc Post Bran, per box .' He Raisins, 2-lb. pkg 15c Ginger Snaps, per Ib lOc Sheredded Wheat, 2 boxes 25c Corn Meal, per bag lOc Rice, fancy, 4 Ibs 19c Toilet Tissue, Sursoft, large, 4 for 19c Vanilla Wafers per Ib 15c >. No. 2 size cans 3 for 25c Sugar, pare cane, 10 Ib. bag 5k Fresh Eggs, per dozen 25c Macaroni or Spaghetti 4 boxes 18c Flour, Sunbonnet 5 Ib. bag 25c 4 for 196 *•** T^ Kansas Town Aroused Over •Killing and "Murder" Trial Is Held. TEST OF CHARACTER Lifebuoy Soap, 4 bars . .25c Pink Salmon, selected, 2 tall .-.. .25c Spinach, Ko. 2 size can ; lOc (Pufied Wheat, 2 boxes 19c Starch, quality lump, 3-lb. pkg. .. 19c Fancy Peas, 2 No. 2 size 25c Red Seal Lye, per can lOc Chocolate Covered Grahams, Ib., 21c Soda Crackers, large 2-lb. box .... 17c Pinio Beans, choice, 2-lb. pkg. .. .19c Super Suds lOe pkg. or 3 boxes 25e Wheaties 2 boxes 23e Crystal Wedding Oats, 2 boxes . .19c Golden Brown Sugar, 4 Ibs 25c Prunes, Del Monte, 2-lb. bag ... .21c . Table Salt, 10-lb. bag 19c Grahan?' Crackers, 2-lb. box 21c Vanilla Extract, bottle lOo Sanifiush, tall size ; 19c Climalene, large box 19c Camay Soap, 3 bars 14c Fels Naptha Soap, bar 5c Oxydol, larg-e box 21c Angel Food Cake, 13-egg 39c HEAD LETTUCE Solid and crisp, \ C 2 for I3C NAVEL ORANGES Per doz... 20c NEW POTATOES Good size. 5 Ibs. .. 17c ,i Green Onions, bunch 5c Button Radishes; bunch -.•. 5c Celery, large bunch lOc Sweet Potatoes, 4 Ibs. 19c New Pea^, per Ib IQc Mangoesj each 5c 'Potatoes, U. S. No. 1, peck 17c Grape Fruit, seedless, each 5c Fresh Carrots, large bunch 8c Fancy Eating Apples, 4 Ibs, 25c Pineapples, large, each 15c Strawberries, large, quart 15c Green Beans, fancy, 2 Ibs 15c. Cucumbers, large size each lOc McGraws' Columbus, Ktn., May 17.—The trial of Otis Stevens for the "murder" of Duke, a black Gordon setter, ended today in a jury disagreement with neither Sstevens nor Duke exonerated of Charges hurled by opposing counsel. District Judge Vernon I Bowersock discharged the jury after It had deliberated fruitlessly for nine hours. The jury reported it stood 7 to 5 from the first, but Judge Bowersock refused to hear whether the majority favored jconvic- tion or acquittal. Duke was shot to death the morning of Feb. 2. His j death threw Columbus into mourning and caused bitter feeling against Stevens, for the dog was considered unofficially the town imascot and was affectionately known by virtually the entire population of 3,000 persons. County Attorney Corbln B. Shouse attempted to prosecute Stevens In justice court on a charge of "destroying a domestic animal, the property of another," valued at $1,000. It was Impossible to get an unprejudiced jury. The feeling of the crowd that jammed the justice court was expressed by one of the talesmen, who said "It's downright murder." His attorney, Fayette Rowe, atempted to "prove that Duke three leadin ic Diana. the Diana Theater Sunday S are i blondes. This in itself Is a radical ding ladies in "Mr. j departue from the usual inj mo- L'nlvcrsal feature 1 tion picture technique. j that of a fast-talking, fastj moving, crack detective who out-} wits a master criminal mind and solves a series of baffling mur- liurder mystery drama, coming to { As a rule there Is sharp con- be- AAAAA to EKK &£— ENNA JETTJCKK — 9U flea's Smartest Walking Shoes. SHOE STORE Square — Tipton tra.<)l In hair and coloring tween the feminine participants in a picture. Some even go so far as having their hair bleached or dyed a different shade, just to conform to this rule. But the sight of Jean Dlxon, Esther Ralston and Verna Hillle, all fen- ders In a most eztratordinar^ manner. Have Baby Daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Woods?22 Oak street are the parental a fine b»by daughter born Thur called on a lady friend near the Stevens home the night preceding his death." "But the lady had other gentleman friends," said Rowe, "and considerable dissension arose. Duke growled at the other suitors and howled all night long. He became so angry that he even chased Stevens' 4-year-oldj son into the house and later attacked Stevens. j "Duke, the town pet, heard the call of the wild and reverted from a peaceful and friendly animal into a beast as vicious as his wolf ancestors." | The crowd of 1,200 persons who filled the courtroom considered Rowe's remarks slanderous and murmured Its disapproval. Shouse vigorously denied Rowe's accusations and charged that "Stevens maliciously shot a thorobred and a harmless j creature." ' ! The defendant was the ! only witness who testified to Duke's "viclousness." Mrs. E. S. Lyman, wife of a Columbus merchant; E. H. Ellis, a retired banker, and Homer Lucas, a filling station attendant, were character witnesses Shape for Employment. ! (By' United PreoO. Washington, May 17.—Works Prop-ess Division Administrator Harry L. Hopkins yesterday opened the Way to start the nev. deal's $4,000,000,000 re-employment drive as. President Roosevelt pronjised immediate distribution of the money. As the chief executive! . summoned fhls advisory committee on allotments to | the white house to start dividing^ the $400,000,000 grade crossing elimination and highway construction money and making allocations for non-federal projects, Hopkins announced: 1. That relief rolls declined approximately a'oO.OOO persons between March ! and April, aiding the government in its drive to end direct relief by employment of 7,000,000 needy. 2. That he was completing state organizations of his works progress division to accept grant project applications. 3. That works progress division projects would! not compete with private industry. 4. That he is' considering a plan to deal directly with five or six cities where the unemployment problem is larger than the need for the rest of the state. , "With that much done," Hopkins said, "we; are setting, up an organization to deal with projects In a simple and straightforward way." : The next problem, he said, is to determine what wages will bs paid to needy taken off relief rolls and placed on government payrolls. | WHAT ONE VETERAN DOES. John Wesley Wflbnrn Spends Much Time in the Open, I Paper 8c Per Double Roll Up Many Patterns as Low as $1 Per Room $1.25Indo-Vin ...98 C 35c Vick's Salve, 29c 60c Syrup Pepsin, 4t)c CHI-NAMEL PAINTS VARNISH ENAMEL 40 Years Satisfaction iWonHHiMMFelti Bo a REAL Man. 20 Hiwr Ouster Tonic" Eny-to-takeTaliMs I "I .felt old before ' tny time. No vigor m Then I tried I 03TREX. I felt • younger overnight. 20 years younger. .— -f._ _Breger, 617 SOME INTERESTING RELICS. Fred Richards Has Picture of Post Office Corner in 187O. Although 70 years have passed since the close of the civil war, there resides in the .northeast corner of Prairie township, one of the veterans of that war, James Wesley Wilburn, who refuses to let time leave too heavy a mark on him. Recently during the warm spell in April, this veteran was seen on top of a poultry house pruning the top of a peach tree, standing close to the building. Mr. Wilburn resides on his farm on Federal Road 31 one-half mile south of the Howard county line. Jennie Griswold being in the! home and attending to the house- j work. The veteran and his wife, Mrs. Missouri (Hutto) Wilburn, whose death occurred February 12, 1930, resided there for more than half a century. The veteran spends much of his ime in the open and likes to work among his flowers and vege- able garden and every nice day will find him out of doors doing ome task. Mr. Wilburn was a member of Company F, 89th volunteer infantry raised at Kokomo and took part in many engagements, at} one time being struck on top of; Hand of Death Has Made- Inroads j died in a few days, the head by a spent bullet and I on Family at .Sharpsvillc. | Despite their tribulations the 'couple have never lost faith and Thursday a Tribune reporter j the Sal)crton home is a place j visited at. the hosiptable home of, whei ' c one " feels welcome.. Both f ^ CLIP THIS COUPON— -| FRET if not delighted! ri\L.L. to -am NpwVnuth" to <;aiii New Youth il r . Ulgll b. — eel and act I IgET." • W IBM, St. New York. N. £"*"' " 7 J POD t be old at 40 or 60. Get new youth • , quick. Taka new discovery. OSTREX « Contains remarkable element found in I u raw oysters. Doctors say this' element is ' ( quickest gland invigorator. Also contains . blood-regenerating Iron and 2 ingredients I advised by American Cniverrity Doctor " "10 prime of life. f lets "today. For men and • I womeao. iaiici at meala and bedtime. If not „ delighted with quick results, maker refunds I money you paid for this package. Value (I. • L SPECIAL this week 79c. J BLUE FRONT DRUG STORE FEW RBUATIVES. land an expectant mother whoa ; she contracted pneumonia . and knocked unconscious for a time, | but he suffered no ill effects from; the injury. for the state. They testified Duke was "of excellent character and breeding and had a fine disposition." | Ed Maxwell, Columbus contractor and Duke's bereaved master, testified his dog was a i well trained hunter and harmless: The jury was composed o^ nine dog owners and three othei per-' sbns. Ten were agreed when Judge Bowersock interviewed them this morning that it would be impossible to reach a verdict. When the jury was dismissed 50 persons who had stayed up most of the night to hear the verdict went home disappointed that Duke had not been exonerated and his slayer punished. The prosecution took under ad- ylsement- the Question of another trial. Fred Richards brought to the Tribune office Thursday two pictures of Bast Jefferson street taken in 1S70 and: 1880 and one of them shows the site of Tlpton's New postoffice. At that time the corner was occupied by a big frame building occupied by Peter and Kristina Bauer who operated a bakery. The corner was wiped out by fire in 1 November 1878 land Martin Kleyla erected the Kleyla. opera house on the ground. : During the time the site was vacant the small building back of the opera house was erected by Peter Bauer and for the past 20 years has been occupied by Henry Fritz, pioneer sh'oe maker of Tipton. Mr. Fritz has moved his shop to his home on South Independence street. •• The old photograph shows Peter Bauer and others seated on the steps of the i frame building and also shows farther east, the three, story frame building in which Slesman Meeker conducted the Olty Hotel. Tipton at that time was a ,city of 892 souls counting men, women 1 and children. Mr. Richards also has a photograph of Tipton! ten years later showing Jefferson street looking west from the postoffice corner. The only building which can be recognized today, is the three story Gleason block. Both photographs show unimproved streets, a team of horses in one standing In mud and below the team is written Silas Honnold's rig. . Memorial Day which is tast ap-- Ml . and - Mrs Fred Saucrtoli in iare long time members of the preaching will hold both sad and j Sharpsville and there learned that | Ba l> tist church and of the Re- glad memories for this veteran,'this well loved couple, who have| bckah lod S e - Mr - Saberton having who is one of eight remaining men'resided in Sharpsvillc for thc,^ oined the odd Fellow s lodge 45 in the county who took part iff thej pas t 23 yours, have been deprived I • vears as °conflict for the preservation of of practically all of their rela- i '_ ~~ lives, by the grim reaper. Mr. S.aliortoh's nearest relative is a half-brother Henry A. Martin residing at Vevay and Mi". Written By Miss Alta Mount Saberton lias one sister. .Mrs. Harold Scrietolmcior residing in southern Indiana, although the; • the Union. MUSICAL. FASTASV. nnd Given by Elwood Class. Edna Mae Surratt and Mrs. Charles Fouch and daughter, DR. C. W GRINSTEAD Registered Podiatrist FOOT AILMENTS Monday nwl Monday Evenings 51(> X. West St. Phone 3*41. were eight childivu in the I'ainilv. Mr. and Mrs .Saberton wero ', Charlene, accompanied Miss Alta I the parents of tour children all Mount of this city to Elwood deceased, three of them dying in Thursday evening where the lat- -childhood. Their daughtrr Nora ter was the guest of honor at a died at the age of 24 nnd hoi- Mothers and Daughters banquet J deatnwa s an extremely sad on.--, j given by the Golden Circle class' she was tlle wif e of Park Fretz ofi the Christian' church there. The program for the evening consisted of a musical fantasy which was written by Miss Mount an'd which was splendidly presented. Heinz Soups... .2 for 23c Except Consomme and Clam rhowdiT—.Saturday Only Sterling Grocery 420 Walnut St. Phone 234. Daily Bible Qnotation. Forasmuch therefore as your treading is upon the poor, and ye take from him burdens of wheat, yet have built houses of hewn stone, but ye shall not dwell them; ye have planted pleasant vineyards, but ye shall not drink wine of- them.—Amas 5:11. i dowed with golden tresses and all j day at ternooir, arid mo In t^ie same nicture, to * something lo perceive.:= —'^- 1 —'-^ 1 ASTHMA; CURE. Scientist Announces a Possible New Cure toi the World. Norwich, Conn), May 17. ; — A possible cure for! 90 per cent of asthma cases was offered ; the medical world yesterday by Dr. Stephen J. Maber', 75-year-old internationally-known scientist. In laddition, the bactertn has been used with moderate success In treatment of tuberculosis, dementia praecox ind St. Vitus dance; Dr. Maher said, and: may assume Inestimable importance In •medicine.;.'.!.. ~~t—"• i Automobile Accident: Indianapolis, liay 17.—O. K. :Matthewgi of Ki kowo, eacaped wjth »Wnt bratw • in an au^Omo- t het" Thuriday night cift' aaloe trucflt an ran a< Tr.-"--.. - : Speedwaj- Races. (By United Prcs>i). r' Indianapolis, May 17.—Ten of the fastest drivers entered in the 500 mile Memorial Day race have their cars ready for the opening of qualifying tests tomorrow on the Indianapolis motor speedway. Southeast Granite Company ; TOMBSTONES Jfew Designs - New Prices J. H. COPPOCK, Salesman | Phone 2471. Tipton, Ind. PIAMQNDS for Graduation Alter all, graduation deserves a gilt as fine as a diamond. : i It is easy enough to find and give just ANY kind of a gift, but:for " L inatton it siuralclbe '^- that) wifl fce as desirable " ice''.—H about I! Jl. JL JL DIANA Tonight and Saturday Shows 7:00 and 9:00 '• Saturday Matinee i Bargain Prices Both Days CHILDREN 2-Pictures-2 2-Serials-2 ADULTS IOC EXTRA SPECIAL PROGRAM—NEW SERIAL Bob Steel in "Big Calibre" Rip-lSnorting Drama! Red-Blooded Thrills! Also Last Chapter of "The Law of the Wild," Mickey Mouse Comedy and the Starting of Our New and Greater Serial "The Mystery Mountain" With KIMI Mnynarrl ;tnd "Turzan,"' His Wonder Horse Twelve Chapters of Amazing Action and Thrills •The Screen's Most Daring Daredevil and His Wonder Horse 'in-an Action. Drama of Death Defying Stunts. Don't Miss Seeing This Wonderful Late Show William Cagney (Jim Cagney's Brother) in 'Lost in Stratosphere' With June Collyer and Eddie Nugent Plenty of .Thrills at Miles Atove the Earth i ° i • - , "" I .. - j_.'' 1 SUNDAY; MONDAY and TUESDAY J . i '• SUNDAY MATIXEK 13 O'CLOCK .''"', . Matinee, lOc' and 13c — Admission — Xights, I0c and 20c DASHIELl HAMMOT'S Successor to "THE THIN WAN* L - -feB«3!

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