The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on January 25, 1996 · Page 12
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 12

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1996
Page 12
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B4 THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 1996 Fun THE SALINA JOURNAL I'VE ASKED OOGBERT TO HELP US GET RIO OF OUR MOST TROUBLE SOME CUSTOMERS. TEN PERCENT OF YOUR CUSTOMERS ACCOUNT FOR NINETY PERCENT OF YOUR SERVICE COSTS. THEY BE ELIMINATED. is THAT THE GROUP OF CUSTOMERS WHO ACTUALLY USE OUR PRODUCT? PLUS THE ONES WHO WERE INJURED UNPACKING IT. Peanuts I KNOW THE ANSWER! THIS 15 ONE TIME IN MY LIFE WHEN I'M ABSOLUTELY SURE, BEYONP A SHADOW OF A POUBT, THAT I KNOW THE ANSWER! SHE WAS ONLY Y AND I A5KIN6 YOU / KNEW THE WHEN YOU WERE V ANSWER! BORN, SIR.. Beetle Bailey I NEVER VV THE HUMAN KNEW eopy HAS eaooo THIS MILES OF SLOOP BEFORE THAT EXPLAINS A LOT Hi and Lois WbUU? YoU \ RATHER EAT V C?l(?r Of? 5WL.E / CRACKERS CRACK'EPS?7 ISU£SS VfeU WONT PINS" LUNCH Born Loser •^ F- IF YOO'^S Five/AIMUV65 LATE, CAH WJSVie AHD BEKTTK6 BELL! IF IX FIVE MNUTEb (ATE, IK ALREADY m>Y! / \\ For Better or For Worse 5s?ffis^s8ss«- teH'smssras*. , we fe^irsjHs^ -1 CftNNoTPUT BflC ON/ CHflNSEMTBVHRLF! Garfield STOCK IN A STOPID TRE.E IT COULDN'T. P06SIBLY GET AN¥ WORSE Pickles hTfcS8IaiS3« (\^PPY TOCAY. ^^-^. II—11— MOOD.,. YOU'VE &OT ,B\&£WLEO YOUR FACE... IN , INWA/E? 1 UEWEK NO...W Rex Morgan, M.D. Jumble Crossword BY HENRI ARNOLD & MIKE ARGIRION BY EUGENE SHEFFER Unscramblo these lour Jumbles, one latter to each square, to form lour ordinary words. UPDYM .^^> ^ j eiWUtturw M«li tavlcu. he. GUNED f > IMPAGE K" ^ rv j YAVINT "1 f •> ^ j V J ^ j r ^ A SKINFLINT AT NOTHING WHEN IT COMES TO THIS, . Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. Print answer here : (Answers tomorrow) Yesterday's I Jumbles: DEITY WALTZ TYRANT HOOKED I Answer: What balding jokes do "alter a while— WEAR THIN" Cryptoquip GIL KFUUB GQPELW PJLUG'H PMEZNL GT LPNI PUM LELQB NWZLUG: WLG BTFQHLWK JT. Yesterday's Cryptoquip: A DAFFY FARMER NAMED HIS PIG. INK. YOU SEE, IT KEPT RUNNING OUT OF THE PEN. Today's Cryptoquip clue: J equals G The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another. If you think that X equals O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error. ACROSS 1 Talk a blue streak? 5 Restrain 9 "Mayday" 12 Troop group 13 Largest of the seven 14 Blvd. 15 Recent Emmy winner 17 Veto 18 Tough questions 19 Affected with vertigo 21 Opposite of nyet 22 Roman fountain 24 Osculation 27 Pitching stat. 28 Holler 31 Plato's H 32 Lair 33 Moo- gai pan 34 Masculine side 36 Comprehend 37 Academic 38 Loved not wisely but too well 40 Attention- getting call 41 Mickey's mutt 43 Sudden raid 47 Scale members 48 It'll get you down 51 Squid squirt 52 Loosen 53"—homo" 54 Spring time 55 Bridge position 56 Bank transaction DOWN 1 Point 2 Golden Rule word ope 4Tru 3 Letter jener Trusty mounts 5 "Mama" of • pop music 6 Canada's neighbor 7 Canine forename 8 Star of many Westerns? 9 Padres' place 10 Roman poet 11 Not merely attractive 16 A Gershwin 20 Wall Solution time: 22 mins. Yesterday's answer 1-25 climber 22 Cornered 23 Carry on a la Dennis Miller 24 Indispensable 25 "Give — restl" 26 Ohio city 27 Advantage . 29 Card game • 30 Realtor's offering 35 Apprehended 37 Tidbit 39 Close- fitting hat 40 Hearty laugh 41 Proper 42 Singer Home 43 Highlander 44 Mexican entree 45 Old Peruvian 46 Paradise 49 Italian article 50 Check cashier's two 9 14 17 10 11 The Lockhorns "SEPARATE ISUAND6, PLEASE." Family Circus on iK/iDcrY? F O I UlVIr CLJ f 1-900-454-6873 (99 cents a minute) on, touch-tone or rotary phones. You must be 18 or older. A King Features Service.' Ziggy I-2J OlBtl Bll Kltni. DU1. by CowHi Synd. Inc. "Was Pluto named after Mickey Mouse's dog?" ') 1996. Zigfly and Friends. Inc iDiH by Uraverul P|«| MooR"M?R---yoaRe KOTM .WHEN I H BOND... J _ I JUST MELT j^-^REALuV SOWEWINS ALLRISHT Cathy I'LL CHECK ON OUR RESERVATIONS OH DEAR, I'M AFRAIP IT JUST ISN'T QUITE THE SAME 6000 mORNINfj, STflff, flNO WELCOME ID WUP> HAPPV. STRESS-FREE WE'LL STflRT TODflV WITH ZO (MINUTES OF OWENflTlWfr STRETCHES...FOLLOWED 8V n CHflmO/niLE TEfl MD Fflt- FREE SCONE SNflCK.../HMD THEN WILL SREflK INTO SrtWLL &ROUPS FOR so minims OF SPECIflL SHflRIMfr. BUT FIRST, SINCE LAUGHTER IS THE BEST fllEOl- CINE, PERHAPS SOfllEONE CAN START US OFF WITH A JOKE OF THE DAV ' THE BAILES PRESENTATION HflS TO BE REDONE 6V I0:00flft\f WEEP- W6I5 ALSO A NATURAL RELAX- Sylvia Off. , H/,JONe,..;T§ = / I n MAC. (^gp.AT SEE1UG YOU LUHCH TODAY.' THEWS SOMHTHWQ CO/M/NG POIVN XT T«£ HOSPITAL YOU SHOULD KWOU/ /tBOL/T/ 3P//X J"5t F 00 ^ A rt&V OP TM -We pocKe.Jr op AN OLP £n GrOiNfr-fo OR.PCR. A " of sioFFFwi-fheV/c P°2. ^ . CASH IN MY <3TL« M e V^ neN+ BeH/ND hy I , 7 SecRe4 CVviAL06-...rM w^toB:

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