Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 24, 1948 · Page 5
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1948
Page 5
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Phone 4600 for a WANT. 'AD Take* EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1943 FIVJ Your Individual Horoscope Look In the section in which your birth- HOWAKD ROBARD HUGHES, 'bora 'Dec. 24, 1905, In Houston Texas, son of an Inventor and*|; nephew of Rupert Hughes, the writ-j: er. EC left college fi (Rice Institute) s>Then his lather died, to manage the family business. Goine ' to Bollywood he boosted Jean Hnr- low, Paul Muni mnd 'others to lame. Attracted Howard Hunh« to aviation, he set many records, established his own company, -and headlined Congressional investigation j- with his giant plane. Marriage Licenses Trunk Minium Wilson, Jr.. 654 Washington Street, and Doris Mae Brown, Gr»yson D»le Holmes, city. Mid Anna Wirie Coot LftVale. WUIlam P»ul Blttner. Mcyersdale. Pn., »od Ei'elyn Bertlac Teuquay. San Jose. cms. Hirry Francis Slddaiore. WcKtemport. tad Silly Ann McNemar. Keyscr. W. Va. -Alexander Floyd Watfclna. 820 North Mechanic Street, Mamie Rosclla Shclton. P»Bl Herman Baaghm«-n ind Uarjorle Louise Poor, both of Everett, Pa. • •VTjlliam J»^s« Larkln and Carolyn Max- lap Crowe, both of Paw Paw. W. Va. D»lton -Osc»r Glesoner.- RPD No. 3. Bcr- an. Pa., and Elizabeth Ann Twlgg, Hynd- min. P». Joan LcJitfr O'NcII, 509 WooiMde Avenue. »ad Vlrslnii Bcatrlco Keith, Town Crtrk. Kobtrt Eutene Lossdon. Hancock. »nd »«r»h Wilson, city. Ponipello Ancclo Uccl. Irvlngton, N. J., »nd Mary Lois Piper, Ecthart. Topp Ash Robinette, Star Route. Everett, 2*ju. and Viola Margaret Price, Bedford, 7». Htrolcl Eucene Meyers. 5" Olfutt Street, nnd Helen Mario Zrlckson, 133 Potomac Strett, llicand I'lngfr »nd Harriett Blanche Ucaas. both of Saxton. Pa. Ktnneta Powell McBride. Levels, W. Va., a.nd Willie Maxlne Kartman, Springfield, W. V*. ' Harry Udrldge Eagle, 73 Lincoln Street, Zryser. W. Va.. and GayneU-Juanlta Maran. 12 Plerpoint Street. Petersburg, W. V». Burton Waubeki. Kltzmlller and Betty Lee B»n, both of RFD No. 4, Kcyser, VT. Va. -Long-spined " black sea urchins have needle-sharp spines that.con easily penetrate human skin, then breat 02 after carrying In R painful poison.. Unlike Europeans, Americans are slow In developing a taste lor wine as n complement to a dinner or other meal. r ch and Clock son Lighters REPAIRED 'John A. Mierman " and a Happy New Year . fo .' You and Your Loved Ones j, ^ 1(1 III STUDIOS 60 N. Centre Street MAY 21 to JUNE 21 (Gemini)—THE day mal:o your finer qualities shine, to give amlly and friends the benefit of your nturtalnlnfj, gifts. We trust you will not eglcct churcn services. Cheer and help omo needy folks. JUNE 22 to JULY 23 -(Cancer)—"As you ,ve no shall you receive" o« words 0' aport, especially pertinent this holy seam of Cnriatmas. No matter how HUlu ou have, sparo some of it for a- less'for- unato one. : JULY 24 to AUQ. 22 (Leo)—Your Chrlnt- us will be happier and. you will atom up plrltual graces If you start and dore the Christ Child, then help family, rlends and. some lonely one to have lun. ADO. .23 to SEPT. 23 (Vlrco)—This .Is tho 'day of days; give quickly of • your tote of blessings to others less i fortunate —to little children, those In hospitals, any cscrving poor. Smile about littlo things, 8IIPT. 2H lo OCT. 23 (LlbrtO— Open your ourt and rcculvu tile Babo ot Bethlehem, rum Him beg mercy for sinners, peace nd good will between nations, 'Enjoy to- ay;. enjoy .your Christmas! May the g/ow of Christmas /oy abound in . your home this Yule season. CURLS CAMERA SHOP ' 35 N. Liberty St.. ay comes and find what your ouUooi: is. ccordlr.t to the stars. . For Saturday, December K. 1U-IS ,\ MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL ' and COD'S BLESSINGS BE WITH YOO! . MAKCtl il to AI'KIL W (Arlom — The rthtluy ol our Saviour! Let -us pay ,hum;e to Him und thank Him tor.tlw prlv- and freedom we . In free countries, Honor:lWc pur j. ults lluve of the op-i - ijoy. Pray lor the. dellvcrnncu' ' Ill, the blind, the needy. Everything <ione for them In God's r.ume will brine untold blessings. JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY 20 (Aquarius)—You co:nc In lor n coodly share of favorable; vlbrittlcns. Heed fill good inclinations nnd cr.Joy n. ;ienk Sunciav. Tills Ifi Gocl'H day und we owe it to JTlin lo llvo it rightly.. PEURUARY 21 to MARCH 20 I Pisces) — . ^.onorniJlc pursuits have Che "Go" sign. p "! Fine Sunday rays, visit church, then en- jj.oy good friendships, a hobby. Send sonic Pass up expcnslvD plans, long trips. Proper relocation and energy-building stressed. Averse possibilities i: you work hard enough. • SEPTEMBER 2-t to OCTOBER 23 (Libra) —Your affairs, plans and exccut-ion should bring achievement 1C properly enacted. Aid •from employer, friends, family: tnl:c nil jraclously, Expedite duties sensibly, well. OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER 22 (Scorpio)— Keep coo: iinil livnirl r/nur.gllsll clr- cumsLnc^r, nl: liomc, lit work or' In IjuMneml. DOII'I. DC disappointed ciLHlly, Drlnya limy cause concern. Hold your point, place niul disposition. NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 1!2 ISagl- :ii-lus)—Stellar openings before you, pre' work, busi but If true to your finer Inner qualities will achieve In the way that endures and brings true You can succeed In a trade or profession—seek proper training for your aptitude. Don't worry needlessly; have faith In.God's help and the ability He gave you. Encouraging trend ".for many .months—wort hard, but don't „ be reckless. Blrthda:c: Admiral George. Dewcy, -American naval officer; Thomas Gray, • English poet; Elr Norman Angcll, utlior,. lecturer. For T)rcciiil)Cr'2T, ]!MK MARCH 21 to APRIL 20 (Aries)—Have real concern, about your manner and method In activities, handling valuables, news, Walt until certain before acting. Stars urge no ill-temper or unnecessary orders. . . APRIL 21 to MAY 20 (Taurus)—Plune- tary aspccis helpful. In enjoying your big or little' fortune, pns» «omo happiness on lo Uio lens /ortuniiU', Achievement may cause tendency to domineer—don't, Jt wl',1 hurt. MAY 21 to JUNE 21 (Cumlnl)—During loved ones, A Merry, OCT. 24 to NOV. 52 (Scorpio)—Be aml- ble »na enthusiastic, your helpful, cap- ble self. Let no discordant note enter Ino this day. IT you have aided others to a applor way, then 1 you have done God's or!:. NOV. 33 to DEC. 22 (Sagittarius)—Read otatlons to other Zodiacal folks today, lanetnry -configurations urge tolerance, understanding. Many will loot to you now or cheer, comfort, perhaps help—don't all them. > DEC. S3 to JAN. 21 (Capricorn) — How umblc, how' hopeful iind how happy we hoult! tea. this day! Christ the King Js orn I We would be ji hopelessly confused roublcd people Had. wo not His life's cx- mpic- to,nuldo us. JAN, 22 to FEB. 20 (Aquarius)—Today Is or rejoicing: It Is also for prayer, good ocds. .Church services, family lun. play with children, and essential duties on top' lonored list. I-EB. 21 .to MARCH 20 (Pisces)—Close Our eyes to the trials of the past and be ierry today. Good tidings- indeed, for our iavlour encourages nnd shows us the way —to a bettor life, moro blesMngs, YOU BORN TODAY: Should feel honor- cl that you claim this great day as your Irthday, You have many sterling qualities nd talents to develop. How you use these Hts Is all-Important. God has giver, you rec •ft-lll and a conscience and you must ive account of your stewardship. Prayer, ally application at rightful duties, will nsure contentment, build lasting success, ctbacts? Some always, but ddn't Ho have lore? You can't lost If you follow Goci's nd nature's laws. Birthdatc: Sir Isaac 'cwton, discoverer of. the law of gravity; Richard Porson, Eng. classical scholar; ohn Roach, lamed, bul'.dcr o: bridges. For Sunday, December 2fi, 1D-I8 MARCH 21 to'APRIL SO (Aries)—Vigor- US Influences for work cleverly <lone. lor rtlstlc professions, home, family intcr- sts, also for military and government iniutcrH. Remember vour jtoul'H ncodti. APRIL 21 to MAY 20 (Taurus)—Encour- glng lor'your personal and business In- crcsts. Plan, for • future gains; establish More firmly present holdings. Improve atural talents AND thank God. lor all Ills' Jessinus. MAY 21 to' JUNE 21 (Gemini)—If yon avo had a happy Christmas—and wc'hopc on have—be mindful of the many .who till dcp"cnd upon charity and kindness, vhat you render to them you render to God. JUNE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer)—Promises o be a generous day; you can make it cttcr by good deeds, helpful little tasks o those- -who aro lonely, ill, old. Go to Hurch; your day will be glorifying, pro- .uctlve. JULY 2-1 to AUGUST 22 (Leo)—Mcndly r enus ftnd Mars rays now should stlmu- ate and benefit a usefully busy you..Your ttltude toward, duties (a. cheerful dlsposi- on) will brine added trains. Heed Goci's VlshCB, AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER. 23 (Virgo)— deal for Sunday Interests, family, social ffftirs, caring for littlo ones nnd the eeble. After church and tasks are done, clax. enjoy music, a talent. SEPTEMBER 21 to OCTOBER 23. (Llbrai —Be not liable to mistakes throuph ex- esscs this stimulating Sunday. Gratefully lys. "O Lord, what shall I render Then or all Tliou hast rendered me?" Good ecds please God. . OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER 22 (Scor- io)—Today streaacs forethought and can irlng deep contentment and' blessings. If pent rightly. Do chores cheerfully; go to •.urch; enjoy wholesome recreation. Keep nlth: Rood humor, NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 22 •(Saf- Itarlus)—Tho moro (tcncrnl and unselfish ou aro now, tho creator will bo your accK, HdvatitUKfiR. Joy, 'Chose ivho worlc nd encourage othoru to healthy fun and ports will truly t«l«. DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Caprl- orn)—No clouds'should darken hopes, dim lappiness. Heed earnest pleas from the set sure, eful pact, P. M. Irritating Instances at times this Monday. Defer changes in business or posli.ion till sure, well-informed. Curb , pessimistic tendencies. JANUARY 22 to P33RUAH.Y 20 (Aquarius)—An uncertain period, say stars, but this -does not mean you cannot set ahead in your work or accomplish 1n any real endeavor. A little extra, cnre and closer application to csscntlaln. FEBRUARY 21. 10 MARCH 20 (Places) — Don't count anythlnB until you really have it securely. Patience, tnct und sagacious discrimination will help aurmount jnuny difficulties. Bo kind with opposite sex. YOU BORN TODAY; TtyjuKhtlul, ficr- lous, deep mentality; usually practical, persistent. A hard worker, not. easily discouraged. Will win over adversity.' und matter-of-factly Hurdle difficult obs'.aclcn —If you aro true to the better you nnd rlifhtly using your Cod-given talents, ability. Curb any tendency to domlntwr or bo ntullborn. \Vu munt bi! amenable, elastic In m'.nd If wu wish to learn, advance, and maintain harmony. A bcncflo configuration In 10-11) very nelpful to your progress. EC f\, '-.I., SCU & &U1C, tlLlv.ul ^JUV.1:. A. 1> U --- -- --"- " . ,,-. , T , T>_ „ offers more lavorable opportunity lor n n . alert, have lalth. Birthdatc: Louis Pos ancial matters, business. Avoid needless i Imr, famed French chemist; J. Kepler, not- legal or social 'differences. Fortune :ics ">•—<.-»In a. well-ordered life. , JONE 22 to JULY 23 (Cancer)—Exercise extra caution in. business, travel, changes In dwelling, or position. Safeguard health, family affairs from outside talk, Interference. Be loyal and .honest always. JULY 24 to AUGUST 22 (Lcoi—You arc among the lucky. Zodiacal natives today. Influences excellent Jor real and worthy effort. Carry on In' even tenor; 'don't blast. Relax, too; Any :frustra:ion lelt is only temporary. AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER. 23 (Virgo)— BJcle your time and action until really set". cd Astronomer. (Copyright, IMS, King Features Syndicate. Inc.) Some kinds .of birds bathe by pushing through or over, clusters of wet leaves on trees. - Some birds coke shower baths, sitting and- spreading their wings in the rain. • To your family and loved ones, may we wish a bright and joyous holiday season and New Year.. VUIETIDE JOY Mike McDade's Market (Closed Christmas Day — Open Sunday) Garage Workers o Receive Bonus A bonus totaling $8,000. has been distributed to the 28 employes of Gurley Brothers Gnrage and it turkey wits given cnch worker. The Christinas checks, based upon length of employment and service rendered, and-the turkeys were distributed at -a party held Monday night In St. Luke's Lutheran Church. A turkey dinner was served, and In appreciation lor the pnrty, gifts and bonus, the employes presented Charles F. Gurley and W. W. Gurley each with a watch engraved with their names. Following the program a color movie Tvas shown of the Gurley Brothers picnic held a; Deep Creek Lake in July. The picture was taken by Robert L. Davis. Also present were Mr. and Mrs. Lambert Blum'e, Mr. and Mrs. William Jewell, Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Hebb, Mr. and Mrs. Clark Martin, Mr, and Mrs." Ernest De- lawcicr, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kimble, Mi'. aTid Mrs. Kenneth Collier, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pah-all. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ardinger, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Dishong, Mr. and Mrs. ' LaMar Wentling, Mi 1 , and Mrs. Dale Kipp, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gi'ove, Mr. and Mrs. LaMar Brown, Mr. .and Mrs. Alvin Witt, Mrs. Charles Gui> Icy, Mrs. W. W. Gurley, Mr, and Mrs. James Gardner, Mr. and Mis Homer Dawson, Mr. and Mrs, William Wilgus, Mr. and Mrs. Eldrcd 'Wentling, Mr. and Mrs. E.-V. Rosen- markle, Lester. Garlick, James Norman. Bruce Dawson, Isabella Becker, Richard Sanders, Rosemary Di- Masi, John SneJson, Nan Ellen McCullough, John Nash, Lloyd Norris, Joan Dawson, Shirley Jewell. Birds bathe -In cold weather as well as warm weather. BANANAS . . . $1.98 Bunch Also 12c pound. Hager's at Lovers Leap in the Narrows, —Advertisement N-TDec 22-23-2-I May You Have the Merriest of Christmas and Increasing Good Fortune Throughout the Coming New Year FARM BUREAU MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. Ag-cnt: W'. W. Dawson . Phone 2H Dodge Garage, 123 S. Liberty St." Resident Phone 344Q-R BUSINESS ADMTSJSTttATION (Jan. S) year BuslneM AdmiiniBtra* tlon 2 your Junior Ex»outlv« Tralnlnf; 9-12 months secretarial cr&ln- ing for academic mid business high school graduates. 5-5 montlis Intensive CoursB for college studentG and academic high school grad- uatc* wlio 1 plan to attccc college In the fall or for early employment. year day cour»«—Jmi year evening: Feb.'35 D. C. S. (IcBrtc or strayer Dl- ]i\vunloil i.o of tlm uucrcrtli.i'fl coliiiirc tiru- Brwoln.1 rcirenbcr courwin In Khortliund, typowrltlng and business English. Latent • Catalan Washington 5, D. C 13th and F Streets N.W. Merry Ghristma$ American Home Modernizes, Inc. 43 N. Mechanic St. . Phone 4440 *r£ r-- • Sincere Best ,t-.:«-v«teafeBfev- 26 N. GEORGE STREET AND CRESAPTOWN THE COMMUNITY BAKING CO. PEACE ON EARTH

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