The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 4, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 4, 1939
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS - ---- . __ ^DOMINANT »BWPATOOM,« t rf: AlauiMAa Am> . so(JTr ' ^ •" T ? k^ niylhevllle Courier niytbevllle Herald Says Necessity For Sending Warships To Far East May Arise Mississippi valley Leader BlytheviUo Dally News > . so(JTIrBACT MISSQURJ BM'TIIRVILUC, ARKANSAS, PKIDAV, AUGUST -1, 10JJ9 By Uniled I'rm would make it necessnn' Hect lo Hie " -However he lcllnu , ea iroin implying any threat la do so soon Chamberlain spoke at the closin- session of commons prior to adjournment until Oct. 5. Chamberlain admitted lhat the present British Asiatic fleet is ,,o iisli forces in China 'are to protect Britons 1 which Kuvopuim "blood blood boll- ", l ' 1!U ll mndc h)s to read of some of Wherein Goat Makes 'Goat' 01' Motorist Various Obstacles To Completion Of Program Cited By Opponents LITTLE ROCK7~Ark Allir I've alleged obstacle., to the ,,l8h" way bond refunding b | «„„h opponents said , lm ,t be remove " Meanwhile Germany's army nearcd peak strength as tens of thousands of reservists, called up for training, settled down to th» routine of camp life. It was estimated Dial when the last batch of reserves report for training Sept D 2 0 ,-™" 5 ' »'0«ld have close 'to 4230,000 men under arms ^Military activity was reported throughout East Prussia and Pom- erania .adjacent to tlic so-called Polish corridor, in preparation for early maneuvers. Thousands or .ill-planes concluded maneuvers last night which extended from the to the Polish froii- Uufch frontie tier. Nav.i authorities arc drafting office and factory workers to get in the harvest along with "volunteer" helpers from universities secondary schools and the Hitler youth organizations. Work on fortifications along the western and eastern frontiers is being pushed ahead with Increasing rapidity. In the Far East Japanese bombing plunes damaged the German embassy and the French and British consulates and wrecked the home of an American newspapei correspondent in a terrifying moonlight raid on the Chinese temporary capital of Chung King it was the third raid this week m the light of the hill moon Eighteen Japanese planes attacked the city shortly after midnight but Chinese pursuit planes rose swiftly, and drove them off. Arrhour -later a second group of nine planes broke through the Chinese anti-aircraft defenses and bombed the city heavily. LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Aug. (UP)—A (raveling- salesman told this story here yesterday. He said lie slopped his car on the Camden : Fordyce highway to give the right of way (o a herd of goats classing (he road for a change ir pasture. While he waited and the herd ambled leisurely across, a motorist hi a midget model automobile drove up. The newcomer didn't, have the patience of Ihe salesman He started edging his tiny vehicle through the herd. state" „ to rc- "-•"<-• people would be cir- in every county in Ihe by Sunday or Monday. exact word n o Self and Sons Rcalw Face C1IICAQO, Aug. Adele Lunger, 4 (UP)-Mrs, former) refugee from Foes pointed (o (he Kxac *»e o Article 5, sectlZ Constitutional - Its provislor hn of Fort Smith « a legal member of lhc Senul, ^^^Mr.GtKensoluvsvo'ewhic, e»"r g encr*u£ !U '°" UO " of " Vhl ™ Cy ,, S , a i Cl I"" 1 "* General Jac! get car he slopped, got set and charged as only biilygoats can The salesman said the tiny car's door was crashed in, the goafs horns pierced ihe-metal and (he mile car was turned almost around by (lie impact. A two-hundred pound demolition bomb struck 20 feet from the home of P. Tillman Din-din, correspondent for (he New York Times One side of Ihe tircly off. house wns torn New York Cotton NEW YORKTAuT. 4. (OP)-Cotton closed Oct. .. Dec. .. Jan. .. Mar. -.. May .. .Ally steady open high . 000 304 . 883 . 871 . 860 ,844 828 885 872 8G2 845 830 low 895 876 870 854 838 821 close 895 876 813n 855 830 822n Spots closed nominal at 955, off "o. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Aug 4—Cot- ion futures took a downward trend today and. closed with losses ing up to 50 cents a bale. open high low- Get, Dec. Jan. Mar. May July D14 894 880 871 855 836 914 896 880 872 855 833 900 887 874 864 848 831 rang- close 305 888 874 864 848 832 ment except to sav: "I certainly can't, is On' ma- Monday Warrants Will Issue For Many, Say Health Authorities POOD fc?ANDLER&_36 ior? 1 '," 0 "?"! 5 St>W Ml - "o'l's °P">ion must be reversed by die i preme Court if |h e bomls „ sold within CO days otherwise they contended, ihe act would not become effective until t], e end of that period. n J 1 '? , cllnrecrt ">e bill Itself does ot state an emergency, "although H does state what is purported to be an emergency." They said the he legislature has no au- o create n "vested ri>>ut" vole of the people." after Mr. Kimxcv flrm'nerving rthe-58 Btylheville fpod to the public . . - , . — -•" »•*!•- (JLIIJ111 whose employes have not been issued health certificates, as found m a, check made by public health officials, will be served warrants Monday, it was announced today by Dr. W. A. Orimmctt, city health cfflcer. A check of 116 Iccal firms has oeen made carefully to ascertain how many employes have not yet complied with Ihe liiw regarding- :iealth certificates and exactly one- half u-ere found disregarding- the ordinance, it wns said. This included same of the larger Part of Ihe em- the test and firms where ployes have passed part have not. For several months efforts have been made to have all employes of feed-serving places obtain these certificates before warrants were ssued. Dr. Grimmett snid. Members of the city health department are: Dr, Grimmctt and Aldermen L. H. Welch, Sam C O«-ens and John C. McHaney Jr Ga&ual NOTEBOOK by Samuel F. Norris For two cr three months Sonny B™ wh , without Immediately announced his referendum plans another opponent of the bill who declined to be quoted, said 'registered letters would be sent to known members of a hu»e cial syndicate with which nor Bailey, has -negotiated for. sale or the bonds advising them of the referendum effort. "It is our theory that Ihe bankers would hesitate (o buy any oonds knowing the law authorizing them faced an election," h e s nid. the act is referred to the people without, a valid emcrgencv clause, its operation will be 'leld m abeyance until an election is "eld if (he court upholds validity of the clause and Ihe net Ls referred, it will remain in effect nn- (H defeated at an election' Beloit Taylor, an administration lawyer, contended thai, wilh an emergency clause attached, the act is in effect and any contract made with bond buyers now will be binding even though the act is r»- jectecl by the people at a .subsequent, election. "No vested right is created yei' He said. "But when the sale is completed and when bondholders enter Into (he contract with the state, there will be one. The federal constitution says 'no obliga- *ion of contract can be impaired'.'" The attack on Mr. Gutensolin's fight to a Senate seat was based Czechoslovakia, fearing she would have lo return, clutched her two small sons in her firms i 0 ( e ] as t nlht nnd plunged wilh them from a 13lh floor hotel window (o (he sidewalk of Michigan Boulevard AH were killed Instantly A coroners Jury found today hnl she wns « victim of tempor- nry Insanity <iu c to "persecution." The verdict was returned after he distraught, husband, Langcr, a prosperous textile ....... [facturer until -Adolf Hitler's Gernan troops overran his homeland epeutedly had broken down'find, i-epl as he tried to supply the notive for his wife's act. "She was very depressed eve since we left Prague", Langer testified between sobs a(, the Inquest, They were Jews, he snld, tim when the German troops over their homeland they so!( their textile mill to their employes, nnd sought "n better life here." With only n. remnant, of their fortune—It had dwindled lo less Ihnn $8,0*0 today — they bogur their search for n new homeland They were admitted to the. United States on six months' visitors permits which soon were to expire. As the six months period slid away his«wife became more ami more depressed he testified fenr- ing they would have to return to O.echoslavakla. Ironically, Langer received per- mission from Canadian ntithgrl- iics yesterday lo enter Hint coijii- :ry but his wife already had left home with the children 'or her rendezvous with death— w minutes before a limit- nan delivered lhc iiollOcntlon. Lunger received the letter nl « nodest west side hole) where ' he and his .family had lived since heir m-rlval. He walled elatedly i or n lime for his wife nnd children to return home. Then he bc- inme worried about their tardiness Police found him pacing back ind forth 911 the sidewalk In front the hotel when they went to question him early today. He said he had owned the Hynek. .farpoles Textile company which had been owned by his family, lie (led with his wife ni'd sons to Franco kite In Jm ON July t CHmc , u (ho Ul)Uc aiiu-s. lie moved Into the we side hotel, ii e Kn ^ lo be nc[u . (1 homes of his wife's aunls, llennli Well nnd Ertha Bergman, nr other refugees In (he district We left Prague," he stvld, "Iw. cnuse of (he political slluallons I the country. We came here on visitor's six months' pass. "Since my wife 1ms been In II. country she has been despomlei and constantly talked about want !"6 lo commit suicide nnd ulso take (he children with her Yeslei'day she asked me for $2 id I gave It io her because sh sa d she wauled to go tn (ho bcaci wilh Hie kids. She .seemed to l« I good .spirits. They left and I dldiv .see them iigaln." A mitti who snld he was a- rcfu gee from Czechoslovakia and Mend of Langer's iidccl as inlcr prefer. He gave the alias of Erl EITCBPIEJGIIF SIIIIIT IB tlswr nnd said he would not re I nil veal his real name "because a refugee." .Attaches at the Congress Hole where lh c death leap was made said Mrs. Langer registered wit the children about 4 p. m. she car rlcd only one.small suitcase. Sh: wns wearing expensive simimc clothes and the children wen wearing sun suits. The allnclics said she appearec to be calm and thnt DIG chlldrci seemed happy. They described her US a heavy-set woman with dark inlr and gray eyes. The children they said, were dark haired. She took them out, about 1 p. u mui returned three hours Inter, a lour before the plunge. 'Donald Franklin, elevator operator who took them to their door, said she hnd told him tlic children were "pretty tired." "I'm going to put them to bed," she snid. "They should bo happy because they arc going lo see (heir daddy tomorrow." ' ,t~n hour later the three bodies hurtled to. the sidewalk belorc several horillccl motorists and late Iheater-goers. The hole! is located on lhc edge of Ihe "loop" district, and faces Lake Michigan. ' With Bailey T6 Si Bill on Amendment No. erts the governor 29, which as- shall not np- A T &T 1 67 i. Anaconda Copper 26 1-2 Associated DO Belli Steel Boeing Air Chrysler Coca Cola General Eiectric . General Motors ... Int -Harvest Montgomery Ward N Y Central Packard Phillips Pet RadiD '..'.'.".", G Schenlcy Dist 121-2 Simmons '. 24 Socony Vac 11 1-4 Standard Oil N J 40 7-g Texas Corp 35 U S Smelt 54 U S Steel 49 1-2 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111.. All" 4 (UP)—Hogs 5,700 Top. 6.45 170-230 los., G.25-6.40 140-160 Ibs., 5.50-G.15 Bulk Sows 3.85-5.25 CatUe 9.00 Slaughter steers 0.25-9.75 Mixed yearlings, heifers 7.50-8.00 Slaughter heifers 6.25-9.'!0 Beef cows 5.00-C.OO Cutters & low cutters 3.50-4.75 try home en the north highway and now he hammers no more for » »-«i the streamlined racer that will „, carry Sonny in his lirst soap box RA '"o der by in Memphis Sunday afternoon is ready. Every wheel bcarin'g has been generously oiled. The steering cables are tight and the car's two brakes work like hydraulics. Everything is ready, including Sonny, who can hardly sleep for thinking abiiit the thrill of piloting the sliver racer n\ lhc race. •SUicc the car was finished a short time ago, Sonny has taken his daily workouts on the steep grade of the new highway overpass near Varbro, He lias practiced until he is certain he can steer perfectly- straight. Tliis Is Important, for when your car veers ycu lose speed. He has practiced, throwing his body backward and forward to help acceleration. He has practiced all the IHtle tricks the soap box drivers use to squeeze n Hide more 80 5-8 130 37 1-4 47 3-8 51 1-8 51 3-4 14 3-4 3 5-8 34 cut oi their cars. The car, christened "Courier tty Joint members of the General As- embly and expressly slates a suc- -cssor lo any legislator must be chosen at a special election. Gathings Casts Vote Against Housing Bill WASHINGTON, Aug..4,—Representative E. C. (Took) Gainings of the first congressional district of Arkansas was one of the Democratic group voting against consideration of Roosevelt's $800000000 housing bill yesterday. Tlic vote killed (he bill for the present term. Other Arkansas representatives voting against consideration were Representative Norrell, Representative Kitchens and Representative Mills. Voting for consrderalion of President Roosevelt's bill \\-ere Representative Ellis and Representative Terry of Arkansas. Seven Cases In ; Gounl) Widely Scattered; Craighead Reports Death Although there are seven cases typhoid fever in Mississippi county 'which broke out diiriii- July, no new cases have been • reported this week .nnd no epidemic is expected, according to the Mississippi county Health Unit. The cases are widely scnltercd with none in BIythcville. Five am white people and two are negroes As investigations are being made by Dr. R. E. Schirmer, coumy health officer, and George Shnm- Ifn. county sanilarinn, of possible sources or the disease in order to gain control, two and three clinics nre being held daily for inoculations. • There, were 1612 inoculations glv- !ii during July, compared to 998 given for the same month l.vt year and the 2903 "shols" given nst August are expected to be exceeded Ihls month. Last year, although there -.vcre only tiro cases of typhoid fever eported in July, there were seven wevlous to that time lo make a ota! of nine, the same number of -his year as only two coses had been reported to July. Craujhead County pases JONESBORO, Ark., Aug. 4'.— Oiw death has resulted from the ty- ihoid fever epidemics which b;- gan in Crnighead county last wert and health officials Immediately innounccd an extensive 'campaign of preventatlve pleasures which i'iil begin as soW'as possible. Or W. B. Harrcll, 'Jr., director of Ihs county health unit, said esterday that the number of cases could not be accurately deter- nined but that he estimated them at 15. 'Deadline' Oct. 31 On AAA Assignments County Agricultural Agent D. S. lanlrlp. loday announced that bet 31 has been listed as the date for i (|001 ' S werc opened, acceptance of assignments on the Rush Fills Theater PASADENA, Cut. (UP).—One W!iy of Judging the drawing power of a theatrical attraction is the speed with which the'theater is filled. At the "McgUn kiddie review" at tha Civic Auditorium the 3,000' scats were filled seven minutes affcr the LITTLE HOCK, Aug. 1 (UI>)Gov. Carl E. Bailey today was requested by supporters in Arkndcl- phia • lo "lay aside your personal feeling and sign at once the bond refunding bill" allowing (he measure ,-to become n law. •'•The 1 request was frpm'n group of men, at .Arkadelphia and was sent by -telegram. .The governor, after reading the wire, refused'.to,disclose names .of the, senders but«,said jokingly "I expected some kind of a crack like (hat from, these fellows . and I might acquiesce to their,.request." Open Cotton Bolls Are Exhibited Here Thursday Ed Brown, who farms on Milll- jjan Ridge land owned by Judge 5. L. Gladlsh, exhibited two open tolls of cotton here yesterday, apparently the first of the season to e shown here. •«. The wide open bolls were of the D. P. and L. variety. Srnilli And Four Qllicrs Deny Using Mails To IMraucI NEW ORLEANS. Aug. \ <IJP1_ fi ' men, ,, mm™ " (l " V '' rn c defendants were Dr. -cc Smith. resigned of Louisiana Stole Univer (In ^Seymour Weiss, former trens- chine, Monto Hart, asslslunt lo an oil New company llcnl • " Ui:C ln ""' S ° f <lcfel ~ s «'«''«»The five men were charged In connection with Ihe nltegcd sale or furnishings i,, |j, e „,,, lic | nv ,,|' iclc) In New Orleans to I, s U after the university already 'imd 'ought the hotel and Its furnish"85 for n nurses' i lom c The $75,000 check for (he rix- urcs was the one Item on which he government based Us case against the live persons high | u Louisiana polldcs. Asslslnnl u 6 Utorncy Clcnernl o. John Hoggo rged Hint ft \vas sent through he mulls in a scheme to defraud. New Indictments Uxpcdcd NEW ORLEANS, Aug. -I (UP)— tcports spread today the federal rand Jury would sttul Us sixth eek ot iiivcsUgiilliii} Iho I«ulslana candals by Indicting high mid owcrful figures In entrenching po- SINGI-K COPIES PIVR CKNTS Congress Wearing Final Barrier To Close Oi Session /4,s/i\s Audit; To Oppose ftond 7s,s//o Any bond Issue | o | )ny 0(r (hl ciirrejit. Indebtedness of Mlsslsslpu County will be opposed by (I, Mississippi county Farm ISurcnu I wns announced following a mcelini last night when the member' lire.wnl rated unnnluioiistv iipnlnv "'R bond Issue. • rt complete audit of each office- n Mississippi county, to be made Immediately, was asked by iho (iroup in a telegram sent .) Bryan Sims, assistant In Iho stole comptroller's offlcc, nnd Gov Carl E "alley after an unanimous vote wax lakcn tlmt the 1200 members the farm bureau nsk for Hi" aiullt has yet been mado ol years Most of lhc funds cut out by the house were restored by the senate coimnitlco. including the $110,01)0,100 fni'in fund. Another hurdle was cleared when hmise and senate confeires biokc lone deadlock nnd ugieed on amendments: lo |hp fn cluJ srciiritii net, frewlng payroll m ws Rt pres- .ni rates for a three ye.w snvlnr/.s (o taxpayers estimated nt $90r,000- . i»m. borne, scimlois siin H W dls- with lhr> final veislon of 'Hie thin) deficiency appropriation bill reached Ilin W nnle door with lo-Hlci-miL,?'"*" ' sm ' ) "' ;e ' 1 «'en the icaiieiMilji. An iippioprlatlon sub- c'ommlllee comnlcteU n diaft of „ »«>M«I'C moining ami the full commlitee quickly approved nnd rushed It lo (he senate floor. It. vyas doubted (hat addition of He $110,000,000 farm f, m <| whlch Sccrclary of Agilctiltnie Heiny A. Wallace snld wns needed to keen nrm prices from MVny ,„ ^ cvoi.,, wmtui cniiw any gieal dls- """ with house economy rulvo- or 193li. Coiispiisiis of UK. L , r , mn , nst light, nccordlntc to a ftlutctiicnt i-eleasctl today, wns (tmt the conn- ly lariu bureau fech tlmt nothing (IcflnJtc can be determined rcgardIIIB: ihe financial condition of Mississippi County unlll n complete inullt Is made by (he slnlc auditing doiinrtincnl because "prac- - tically all of the Information Hint tical circles. True, Ihc grand Jury wns In re ess unlll Monday. But [or the j olll V two days, It had' broken Its;''""" online of (iiicslioiilng and dls- wllnwses to work long ost closing time. Rigid court or- ers forbade Idcnltncatloii of the Prospective senate elloil.s to nof- " . Olc WPA's wnge nnd layolT wllctcs Inoiiied, however as a iiiise of major dhiiulc lhal made Uom-nmeni. (onlght most un- Iu reaching an agreement oix he social security amendments enforces eliminated Hie amcnd- lent, sponsored In the scnnle by enntov Tom Connnlly (Dem rex.) moll provided for two for one „„ „,„,, c<lcml conlrlbutions io stnte old the group Iws been able to receive " 8e t'ohslons up to $15 a month, has been fragmentary and on the • l ° r thc .Connally nmeudn\cut wbole, contradlclorv." would be an iidditloiml $120,000,000 ?s of Ihe lax money In (his n'on can Im actually determined " n over the next 15 years. hours. Monday was remedial measures win be adonteil 'lie group aimounced • ' working ic deadline rei«rIs set for new dlctmcnts. „ . . __.' White the' gr'hiiil -Jiiry*- Inquired ito angles of the judge S. L. Oliidlsli rrbiii'"niioriirM andnls on one floor ot the aus- In i.lttlc Rock whose opinion do bl re cderal building, Assistant U.'cd Iho constltutlonX o" « ," , A r^° C SL a ,l'. oh . n _^« B ""«)'"• "«n«l !«.» thl InicT ..lira discussion of llip Ui.x pro))- Girl 1 "i Hal A lem, a letter was siibnilljed by uln > l:) > HSIQ io wait until IS43. nnd his aides worked far into the nights this week. Moreover, Rogue's administrative assistant at Washington, Hugh Fisher, will arrive here during the. weekend or Monday to discuss of- flcc matters pending In the nallonn] ciipllol. 'Hie lanky Rogue wns polite if noncommittal. "I'm slicking nround,," he snld. Federal Judge Wayne G. Dorah sils In his court on Friday and Mondays. On Monday, It ,wn s reported, new figures will be marked for retribution, Arkansas Peaches Are Sent To Roosevelt Gambling Ship Skipper Gives Up CLARKSVILLE, Ark,., Aug. 4. (Ul')—A bushel ot number one Johnson county Elberta pouches will be delivered to President jltoosevcll at the White House to- 1 morrow. The prize peaches, each one measuring over 10 inches in circumference, were grown by Mrs. Pearl Paucelt of Clarksvillc and were shipped to Ihe president under the auspices of Ihe Johnson county progressive club. > 1939 agricultural conservation pay- AssignmenUs on iho 1939 pay- Chicago Wheat ment may be made <cnly for cash or supplies furnished for operations Sept of -the farm during 1333. Hence, Dec. News" bj- sonny, has proved prettj fast. It's heavy, 14914 Ibs. Just a half pound short of the weight limit Down a good grade it liter- [ assignments" can "not '"caver" ally mes. With a little luck, Sonny' pre-existing IndebtcSiess orl' might win. At any rate, he's going. 1939 or cash renUirafas to be mighty thrilled Sunday af- of Ihe 1939 crop ternoon when the starler waves These BMI™.«.«. , . . the flag and his racer starts down mndoaMhe™?,, "* to te (he long hill. in th!. rn! , i mti ' aecll(s ° mcc Scpt in the court house. Dec. open 045-8 G5 high 651-4 657-8 low G33-4 641-2 Chicago Corn open liigh 413-4 421-2 41S-8 423-8 low closj 413-4 4218 41 1-2 42 Palatial gambling ship, Rex, with GOO patrons aboard, slopped roulette wheels and gaming | devices as Tony Cornero, above, captain and prohibition era rum runner, accepted restraining order, marking surrender lo navy ot 250 law officers who had held boat at baj*:,:t6ur miles out tn Pacific off California coast. For many hours Cornero strode deck, hurling defiance at authorities. All offices, inolitdliiff those of conslaljles nnd Justices of (he peace, nre n.skc'd to lie, Includi-d In (lip audit. Carole Lombard Is " Appendicitis Victim HOLLYWOOD, All|{. 4. (UPP — Carole Lombard, blonde screen slm has undergone an operation foi acule appendicitis and Is recover- 1ng snllsfnclorlly, it was Irarnw today. The actress was taken lo Com Samarium Hospital last night l« Jier husband, Clnrk Gable. Shf Jiad been III two days. Gable re- mnlned at Ihe hospital most. 0: Die night and snld he would be nt her bedside throughout Hie day ililcc Slm-y In Jialli-l PHILADELPHIA (UP) — Following their presentation of "Josepl and His Brethren," Die Miiry Dln- ncy Montgomery group will begin rehcnrsijie n new bullet, the llieme of which was taken from an ancient Azlec story, Werner Tosten. nccordinj; to OIK; Of "Poor Holler" Sisters Is Jailed While Oilier Carries Gun SALEM, 4.—Tennessee, takes her meals at a hotel. She although she goes and comes at will, but she Is not complaining- about, the constructive confinement because the sheriff's protection goes with it, and she feels lhat she needs protection from her Poor Holler neighbors. Her only worry Is about her Slie Is rateful (o Sheriff Lester sister He-wie, 52, who is somewhere in Ihe Poor Holler neighborhood without a roof over her head since the neighbors burned the home and Its apurtcnances time back. Her worry, however, in the judgment of Informed persons,. Is misplaced because Bessie has her.' Collins for his protection but bitter and defiant against the .law that operates against her and, as it seems to her, does not operate against the "Stale Liners," a reputed band of regulators along the Missouri-Arkansas border, with whom tb6 Balls have long been at war. Officers say that. Ihe "bush- Ball! Miockers." as she calls them, arc good citizens in the main, although they may have gone a little loo far in regulating the Balls. It was afler Tennessee lind been shotgun and it is her that llro »ght here on the charge of at the whiskers off a' f el »Ptcd poisoning she can shoot man's face. The Balls, two bachelor brothers ong 1 legal. -.„ the Ball i home binned, and Tennessee Is l nrm in the conviction that the their badly scattered now. Dan Is serving i 15-year sentence for molesting a neighbor's little daughter, nnd Amelias gone lo jail for a year for intimidation. Tennessee is awaiting trial on the charge of attempting to poison Mat lie and Marie Nix, neighborhood hrowing thnt I lodged In warrants were out, had walked 40 mtles to the home of Prosecuting Attorney R. If. Wood at Calico Rock. Wood brought the three here nnd Allie, found guilty of intimidation, was fined $500 and 1 given n sentence of a year. Ten- nC5sce Slaying Of Planter A8HLAND, Miss, Aug. 4. (UPI —A in-year-old faun ghl, v,ho lives near Hickory Plat, was held in jail here inday In connection with the shooting of M W. Thompson. 05, n planter, dini'im a family argument. The girl, Audrey Thompson, Is a great nlpcc or lhc victim who Is near death In n New Albanv hospiliil from u bultel. wound In Hie head. Sheriff Wank Fell snld the slrl allegedly fired niter Thompson threatened her widowed mollier, Mrs. Emma Thompson, during all argumenl. Governor To Become "Portside',' Golfer LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 4 (U!>)~ Gov. Uallcy Ihe state's flist golfing executive in several years today told his aides about Hie new golf bag and clubs presented to him last night by n group of Fort Smith Friends. "I have been shooting golf for the past year right handed but by all rules I should have been play- Ing left' hanrtcd," he said. "With this new set l will become n port- siile golfer and hope to lower my score." The governor said his game was still in the 30's for 18 holes nnd that he hopes (o bring it down several strokes. Manila Barn Burns, Nearby House Saved MANILA, Ark., AM£. 4.—A bam owned by Constable N. M. Moore vas destroyed by fire last night but he cwner was nble to save his idjacent house by using his garden vater hose to prevent Die flairies rom spreading. Origin ot the fire Ls unknown, 'he building was aflame when the ire was discovered about eight I'clock. Realizing the barn was Icomcd. Mr. Mcore connected his vnler hose to the hydrant and drenched his house only 20 steps way. When firemen arrived the "ire was under control. In addition to (he fcss of (he >arn, valued at $1000 with partial nsnrance, Mr. Mcore also lost 75 jushels of corn, .1 number of farm- to:ls and a large quantity of jolaloes. onions and ether vege- ables in a storeroom of the bam. WEATHER > IM „ • ra »ry children, by j and Bessie was free<l When she e< en ing a powder on blackberries ! relumed home she found at *% . W .H.?.^;-K.! hc . _' 8 . "T « b ^ the farm home , In a vacant bulldinc inti ™,,"> ,,'iYJr;'" i"7 ,'""". """'" nuci i rlm ' vacant miiwmg and. outbuildings had been burned. J Arltansni—Fair tonight and Sst- rday, warmer Saturday. ' Memphis and vicinity—Pair tonight and Saturday, scwewhst warmer Saturday. . The maximum temperature here yesterday was 93,'•'minimum 70, ding to Samuel F. Norris, official slather observer, "

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