Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 15, 1953 · Page 3
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 3

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 15, 1953
Page 3
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Williams field Lions Club Plans Campaign for Blood Donors The Willinmsfield Lions Club will sponsor "Truro Township Pay" next Wednesday at the Knox Courtly Branch Regional Red Cross Blood Center here in the People's Building in an effort to increase the station's blood donor rolls. J. Tloss Baird of Willinmsfield as chairman is heading (he drive in the township to enlist blood donors. Other clubs and church groups in the Willinmsfield area arc cooperating with the Lions Club in this project. The center will need a sizable list of donors next week if it ex peels to maintnin blood quotas for (he Armed Forces and civilians, since only 4fi pints of blood were drawn at last Wednesday's reception. Collect Only 46 Pints Mrs. Rivers Sulivan, volunteer administrator of the center, reported that Wednesday's tally was the lowest in the number of pints of blood drawn at the center in two years. "I'ersifer Township Day" was marked at the station Wednesday, with Mrs. Max Gale as chairman of the recruitment committee. Members of Mrs. Gale's committee were Mrs. Elizabeth Folger, Mrs. Milo Stevens, Mrs. Clarence Cochran, Mrs. Earl Stone, Mrs. Eileen Gibson, Mrs. George England, Mrs. Floyd Wagher, Mrs. Harry Thurman, Mrs. Walter J. Moore, Mrs. Alma Woolsey, Mrs. L. E. Olson, Mrs. Will Parker, Mrs. Ronald Fields, Mrs. Duane England ami Mrs. Cecil Palmer Club Adds Members The station's One-Gallon Club increased its membership to 289 when Mrs. Virginia Kclscy, 449 W.-Fremont St., and Mrs. A. D. Ncwlon, Cameron, marked their eighth registrations at the center. Ur. John L. Bohan was the volunteer physician in charge of the donor reception, assisted by volunteer nurses and lay staff. Guy Smith and son transported (he day's quota of blood to the Peoria Regional Center. Announce Gifts Twenty-two dozen cookies were received during the week for the canteen service from a group of members in behalf of the Abingdon Business and Professional Women's Club. Members who donated were Mrs. Vernon Coates, Mrs. J. 0. Simms, Mrs. Wayne Cline, Mrs. George Mahannah, Mrs. Howard Davis,. Mrs. Glen Castle, Mrs. Charles Dahler, Miss Loava Bird and Miss Annabelle Bird. Other food gifts were acknowledged as follows: East Main Street Church, fruit juice, coffee and soup; Phyllis Wheatley Club, 25 dozen cookies; Persifer Unit of the Knox County Home Bureau, 12 dozen cookies; Home Culture Club at Williamsfield, 12 large cans of fruit juice; Mrs. Myrtle Maurer, two large cans of fruit juice, and Rapatee Unit of the Knox County Home Bureau, fruit juice, soup and $2. Makes Arm Rests A handyman deed also was acknowledged at this time by the station in connection with the construction of new arm rests for blood donor tables by E. E. Elwert. The station also cited out Mrs. J. Howell Atwood, 2457 N. Broad St., for donating her fifth pint of blood on her birthday. Following is the list of other blood donor registrations recorded Wednesday: Seventeenth time donor—Mrs. Arthur Arie, Labor Assembly, Fifteenth— U E. Alexander, C. B. & Cj. R. R. Co. Fourteenth—George Powers, Butler Mfg. Co. Thirteenth—Harold W. Fllnn. Ma- rjuon, replacement; Elmer Murphy, Cameron, Butler Mfg. Co., and Mrs. Mne Olson, Gllfwn, Persifer Twp. Twelfth JnttifH Helton, Red Cross, and Km met I Cutler, Abingdon I'ollce Department. Eleventh™ Marlon Clark, Midwest ,MfR. Corp. Ninth-Robert K. SlnckhotiRC, U. of U F. and K. Seventh—Mrs. Max E. fiale, Dahlndn, Persifer Township; Ralph Snbettl, Abingdon, Sears Roebuck and Co.; Warren Ray, Abingdon, American Scnl- tary; Mrs. Flora Bates,, Orange Township; Harold Wlllslt, replacement; II. G. Hall, C. B. & Q. Tie Plant; and Mrs. Donald Williams, replacement. Sixth—Richard Buescher. Red Cross, and Mrs, Charles Welch, Corpus Chrlsll Altar Society. Fifth—W. H. Elliott, Willlamsfleld American Legion; Herbert Thome, Cat's Whiskers; R. J. Torvrr, Carver Center; Don W, Asher, Naval Reserves; Robert Taylor, Gllson, replacement; Mrs. Royal Ray, replacement; Ell P. Avcrltt, Red Cross. Mark 4th Villi Fourth—Mrs. M. E. Pine, B. & P. W. Club; Mrs. Esther Johnson, Knoxvllle, Newman Community Club; William Blake, Red Cross; Wlllabelle Williams, Carver Center; Mrs. Milo Conner, Red Cross; William Koch, Phi Gamma Delta; Donald Linn, replacement; Alfred Staff and Mrs. John Boydstun, Red Cross; Leo Leonard, replacement, and Miss Gladys Scoglund, Midwest Mfi;. Corp. Third—Maurice Webb, Dahlnda, Persifer Township: Allan Smith, Western Zero Locker Plant; Evar Swanson, Butler Mfg. Co.; Clyde Kramer, Red Cross; Helen Stuckcy, Altona Woman's Club; Mrs. Claris Johnson, Alexis, Henderson Grove Township; Miss Mary Chalmers, Congregational Church; Mrs. Nelson Dodge, Sears Roebuck and Co.; Dale Harvey and Pat Mendez, Red Cross; Morton Weir, Knox College; Betty Thomas, Alpha XI Delta, and Alice M. Rodeffer, First Methodist Church. Second—Harold Wuerzburger, Butler Mfg. Co.; Mrs. Bert Gustafson, Girl Scout Troop No. 12; Mrs. Beatrice Anson, O. T. Johnson Co.; Mrs. John Hclkes and Mrs. Floyd Ward, of Abingdon, Red Cross; Doris Wick wire, Abingdon, Henrton War Mothers; Jhe Rev. D. T. Caspcrs, Victoria Methodist Church, and Ronald Cook, Abingdon, Tau Kappa Epsilon. First—Mrs. Ralph Blcderbeck, Da­ hlnda, Persifer Township; Mrs. Betty Johnson, PMA office; Barbara Wagner and Frances Lyman, ot Knox College; Mrs. Walter L. Smith, Yates City, replacement; Mrs. Frances Ostrutn, Shirley Nyman (Altona), and Mrs. James" Stillman, Red Cross; Mrs. Edgar Elam, Presbyterian Church; Ernest Wurtzler, Knox College; Charles E. Flaherty, Monmouth, replacement; Judy Scott, Koox College, and Elizabeth Fitzsimmons, Red Cross. T 1 !. !¥/ .1 jf,effion of Moose llie Weather M^H .^ to He If eld ill Kewanee A meeting of Western fair tonight. Friday sun- I ir,l. Low tonight 42-W. I IM.JMOIS ny ari 'l r > I' J High hi til,iv in.lit). IOWA f-„ir lonlgbi warm l..,w lonight 42-4(5 northeast arid 4B .,1 M .uihwest, High 7884, SIAMESE TWINS LEAVE FOR HOME—The Mouton twins, joined together at birth, and later separated in a history-making operation, leave New Orleans' Foundation Hospital with their parents for their home in Lafayette, Inrl. Shown on hospital steps as nurses turn twin girls over to their parents are: (left to right) Mrs. Emila Fairchild, holding Carolyn Anne; Mrs. Ash ton Mouton; Mrs. Inez Herbert holding Catherine Anne; and Mayor Ashton Mouton. (AP Wirephoto.) Have You Heard That... Mrs. Richard Sandborg of 960 N. Cedar St. remains in a critical condition in St. Mary's Hospital, where she was taken nine days ago as the result of a heart attack. Mrs. Sandborg is the former Shirley Myers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Myers of 452 E. Loscy St. W. R. Wamsley of Peoria and Miss Agnes Martin of Los Angeles, Calif., visited Wednesday in the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. Guardala- benc, 758 S. Cedar St. The visitors are cousins of Mrs. Guardaiabenc. Miss Martin was employed 20 years a.s a buyer for the Block and Kuhl store in Peoria before moving to California. The Daily Register-Mail, Galesburg, Til, Thursday, October 15, 1953 3 Realty Transfers [Named Adminislmtor, Charles R. Wcssels of Galcsburg'j ^W«m Uoy tS*l*lk to Howard T. Holmes, 55(1 Bet Knox Coun,y Cm,rt a PF 0,n,e « nard St., property in Edward Addi- William Selkirk, 365 Division St., 'ion. Wednesday as administrator for Howard Holmes to Harry E.jthc estate of William Roy of Weiner of Galesburg, property in Galesburg. Mr. Roy died Sept. 29 CHICAGO AND VICINITY Sunny vrdfi an "" u " L ''-'" *v«<nic»uajr WKIU (Finch Addition. ; without leaving a will* and pi'....r,i this afternoon and'agaih tnc meeting of Galesburg Lodgcj Mechanics Homestead and Loan Heirs listed : are two sisters, rn«.,y. f-.-.w tonight. High this «/ter-1880, Loyal Order of Moose. 'Association to John Barnfield, Miss Annie Roy of Bangor, Ire- 383 W. Fourth St., property in 'and, and Mrs. Jennie Kennedy Second Southern Addition for of London, England; a half-sister, $2,000. (Elizabeth McDonald Selkirk, 138 Mechanics Homestead to Charles 1 Whitesboro St.; two nephews and be an initiation, will open at 1:30 ! w - Waldmann, 81 N. Pleasant Ave., '«? a " of Chicago Charles, p.m. A dinner and evening enter-j'propcrty in Halinday Addition for ( ' ro, » anr > Li] y McDonald, tainment will conclude the day's j 55,000. • program I Edward P. Wilson to Raymond .... yL. Cole, both of Galesburg, prop-! Ad (^)ITCCllOll Illinois Friday fair and; Lc « ion 112 ' Legion of the Moose second degree of the order, will be held Sunday at Kewanee, it was announced Wednesday night noon V, ;, lilt I.- lower near the lake., . ,. ,. . ,, Low tohii'ht and Friday night 52. High An executive meeting at,II a.m. f 'J''??Ji', ' l,, ' hl Vi,rl; < hl <- winds. will be followed by a Fellowship GAI .KS ii:/u; AND VICINilV: Fair i hro-ikfast it noon The business tonight Iri-I.v, s „„ n y an <| pleasant, i DrCdKIrfSt at noon I nt DUSines .S Low io,,,i;!:i 4a, high Friday 78, i<i W ! session, during which there will Friday 4:/. LOCAL WEATHEn ' •, 7!i, morning's low, 1.'I northwesterly, no prp- iiiisday's maximum, 7:t; Noon Hi. (.!• ai C 'ipll al 10 riiimmui a. In , it' ,,t at 10p Morning stars, Jupiter Venus ami Mar*;, i-viinmg stars, Mer cury and halm 11. I \v 44 The Western Illinois Legion i.< sun rote today at fi:i1 1 comprised of members in Gales-, -.„-,,„ .,, , «n 5:2<i p. m.; moon M-ts ij )ur g Kewanee Gencseo Fast Mo-' nor,n Brooks street for SO,500. Wednesday should have read Soot line, Moiine and Rock Island. i L3U . rpnco E . LcntZ( 2 43 K. Ber-i product was erroneously labeled mi oroer ._j.._ c ., : _ t ._„i 1 ...., .1 !..„..„.. v. i 1" HIVEH STAGES Dvlhvj 'jiH; 7 2 0.0. Davnporl 0.1). Hu/Imglori 7.2 0.(1. K '.-okuK 2 :j 0.0. LaSalP; -10 7 nii> U.I. Fiona -11.7 0.0. Kiivari- 5.2 use 0.1. IJi 'ardstov .ii '.1.4 rUr 0 1. Giafton-'-lf) 0 ns>: 0.1. St. Louiiv 0.1 rise 0.2. St. Chnrks 10.4 0.1. Wives Win Divorces In Three Cases in Knox Circuit Court Judge Riley E. Stevens, presiding in Knox County Circuit Court, awarded divorces to three wives Wednesday. The next session of court will be Monday beginning at 9 a.m. Mrs. E. Louise Jones, 914 S. Kellogg St., won a divorce decree on physical cruelty grounds against Frank L. Jones, 717 S. Farnham St. She received custody of their 14-year-old girl with $40 a month support money. He was awarded custody of a boy, 10. The court approved a property settlement which they had reached. Mrs. Vivian E. Ruland, Galesburg RFD 1, received custody of four children in winning a divorce from Robert E. Ruland on physical cruelty grounds. Mrs. Edith LaFollette was awarded a decree on adultery grounds against John G. LaFollette. Custody of their two children goes to her along with $15 a week support money. The court declared Mrs. LaFollette owner of their household furniture. *6AUW*'t CttAKfT <T0fS WC£ 1862* 125-135 East Main For Trick or Treats Halloween Mellow Creams — J5e lb. Candy Corn M lb. Jelly Beans 29tf lb. Assorted Caramels ___4fy lb. CANDY - STREET FLOOR LUNCHEONETTE SPECIAL FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Ham Salad Sandwich Potato Chips Deviled Egg Coffee LUNCHEONETTE - STREET FLOOR 'om 27 States, 6 Oilier Areas, Students Come to Galesburg Students from 27 states, Hawaii, Canada, Greece, Venezuela, Japan and the Philippines are enrolled at Knox College this year, according to a recent geographical survey conducted by the college registrar's office. Total enrollment at the college for the beginning of the fall quarter is 775. Of this number, 107 students list Galesburg as their hometown. Illinois, of course, leads the state totals. Tied for second are Indiana and Wisconsin with 14 students each. There are 10 from California and from one to eight each from Iowa, Florida, Missouri, New York, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Ohio, Georgia, Kansas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming and the District of Columbia. The total enrollment includes 504 men and 271 women. There are 127 seniors, 170 juniors, 205 sophomores, 265 freshmen, and 9 special students. Ambulance Calls G. M. Madison from 459 N. Seminary St. to the Cottage Hospital. Joel Haws 1547 N. Broad St. to the Cottage Hospital. Thomas Murphy from 976 Beecher Ave. to the Cottage Hospital. Pledged at Monmouth Katherine Huff, 1218 N. Broad St., a freshman at Monmouth College, tvas pledged to membership in the Beta Gamma Chapter of Kappa Delta, Saturday. Submits to Operation Sherrill Swanson of Victoria, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alden Swanson, is a patient in the Cottage Hospital in Galesburg recovering from an emergency operation for appendicitis, performed Sunday afternoon. He would enjoy getting cards. His room is 268. READ THE WANT ADS Churchill Wins Nobel Prize For Memoirs STOCKHOLM, Sweden OR—The coveted Nobel Prize for literature was awarded today to British i Prime Minister Winston Churchill, ji who is credited with "mobilizing" j the English language during World. I War II. } It was an open secret that the ! 78-year-old Churchill, who has j dedicated his remaining years to \ the cause of world peace, would : have preferred the Nobel peace j prize. i ; But he was genuinely moved, ; friends said, when informed of his : selection for the world's highest literary distinction. Churchill's choice by the Swedish Academy of Literature, over such contenders as America's Ernest Hemingway, is worth $33,840 in prize money. The designation was made a month earlier than usual to enable Churchill to come to Stockholm to receive the prize from King Gustav Adolf on Dec. 10. Churchill, the first active statesman to be chosen for the award, received the prize for his five- volume war memoirs, "The Second World War." Churchill's fame in statescraft tended to obscure his remarkable 1 writing talents but he was, even before the turn of the century, the highest paid war correspondent of his time and author of several brilliant books on military campaigns. Churchill's wartime speeches rank among the greatest English writings of any era and his eulogy of the late King George VI was a literary gem of such measured majesty it seemed almost to have been written in blank verse. In all, Churchill's name appears as author on the cover of 33 volumes on such diverse subjects as painting, biography, travel, politics, military tactis, autobiography and even fiction. The wartime phrases reproduced in his memoirs have become liter-! ature as well as history. His veryj first address to the House after hej was appointed prime minister in, 1940 was regarded as worth a vie-! torious battle in morale effect. Birth Records Mr. and Mrs. Leland (Jim) Grandt of 911 S. C St., Monmouth, are the parents of a daughter, Terry Lynn, born Monday here in St. Mary's Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Grandt formerly resided here at 1785 Clay Dr. MilUMS Alwwy* Carry YUMS! Tarns relieve t»s, heartburn, »cid in- dijenion in record lime. No waeer, no mixim—take anywhere WW On), 10 1 TUMI PC* TMi nit** BUY NOW and SAVE Reg. $3.95 and $5.00! Genuine Leather .THURS.-FRf. SATURPAV BILLFOLDS Many Other Styles to Chooie From. •erly on the east side of Day street 1 A Dopp Hardware advertisement cdncsday should have read "Soot Sheridan.of Knoxville to Destroyer, 2 cans, 87 cents." The The first decree of the" order' L5ur ^ t< , be conferred by Galcsburgi r ' f:n /»' • Property in Sanborn Sub- rat destroyer. I Lodge Sunday, Oct. 25, when thei" 1 ^ 10 " ['!!,?,:, ,, . .... . U..,,„ f . r ,. , tr<t,< M «t< ti " 'class enrollment ceremony wiUL ^-Wells ( , (o of II inois iVIAKRIAGfc LICfcNShS honor Hay V. Gibbens, supreme: ° U „ arcncc F ; ^".sius of Bloom-; Phillip Richard Linn and Miss junior governor. Plans for the:' n *'°\ pr :' perlJ . . at "^west cor- Rosemary Van Mecr, both of event were outlined last night b y !^ p ^ f """pkins and P"'™,Galesburg. LaVerne W. Johnson, governor, j B en"Litvin to Waller D. Coup-'same property Coupland to Harold A dance party for members and IanfJ bfj(h of 0a | c . sb urg. property : Arvid Booton of Galesburg for guests is scheduled Saturday/ Fincn Addition {or ^, 0 00;!S8.500. with music by the Ron-Lee Hoff- 1 ! T ...... man orchestra of Davenport, itjehairman READ THE WANT ADS was announced by Clyde Forshec'committce —. 1-'-—Ij Lester A. Sherman of Victoria of the entertainment'to Little John Coal Co., Inc., 160 acres in Copley Township. 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