The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 24, 1981 · Page 6
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 6

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 24, 1981
Page 6
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Ptgr6 Tl» Salina Journal - Tuesday, November 24,1981 Living Today The Salina Journal */ Adult fare's fair Dear Ann: I am a 16-year-old high school student in Calgary, Alberta (Canada). Last week I rode the bus. I bought a ticket for 50 cents. The driver said, "That will be 15 cents more. You have to pay adult fare." When I refused, he told me to get off the bus. Well, that was just fine with me. Why should I pay adult fare on a bus when I am not considered an adult at the box-office of an adult-only movie? Also, I am not considered an adult when it comes to buying liquor. When I am REALLY considered an adult, I will be happy to pay adult prices, but for the time being I am not a child, not an adult - but a teenager. Come on, Calgary, get your act together. And don't tell me "it's the law," because if that's the best answer you can come up with, this city is in trouble. — Upset Teen Dear Upset: I've heard the same beef from U.S. teenagers. Here's the story on Calgary - from Rod Love, executive assistant to Mayor Ralph Klein: Anyone from 16 to 65 years of age must pay 65-cent adult fare on the mass transit. Student passes at a reduced rate can be obtained for those from 12 to 15 years of age. Calgary's mass transit handles 38,000 a day. Like every other public transit system on the North American continent, they are struggling to keep rolling. Inflation is a global problem. So, kwitcherbeefin' — or would you rather walk? Dear Ann: Recently our daughter was married. When she announced her engagement, we agreed to give her $2,000 to spend. If she wanted a lavish wedding and went over that amount, she would have to pay the difference herself. Anne is 23 years old and has been on her own for several years. She lives 100 miles away. The day before the wedding we sat down with the bills. Ann had spent $2,800. The guest list got out of hand, and we ended up ordering more food and beverages than we plannned on. Anne is upset because we did not come up with the extra $800. ann landers Have You Been Shopping ., VERNEDA'S Lately? 114-ASo. 7th 827-0831 Marc A family serving families for three generations, RYAN'S 137 North Eighth She took three vacations last year. My husband and I have not been away since 1978. We also bought her $300 worth of new clothes and gave them a lovely wedding present. We want to be fair, but we don't want to be foolish. Help us do the right thing. — Tapped out in Tarrytown, N.Y. Dear Tapped: LEND Anne $800, interest-free, and agree on a pay-back timetable. For newlyweds, both employed, she should be able to manage $80 a month. Dear Ann: You say that a person can be in his or her prime. How about stating the reasons some of us don't feel that way about our old goats? You can't pick up a magazine, a newspaper, watch TV or listen to the radio without getting the message that a woman must keep herself sexy, beautiful, clean, slender and seductive or she'll lose out. How about the man? He gets spiffed up for special occasions, but 90 percent of the time he looks like a slob. Because he is retired, there is no need to shave, bathe or put his teeth in, except to eat. His belly hangs over his belt and he looks eight months pregnant. Sexually aroused by that? Impossible. You always seem to be on the man's side. How about printing this letter and giving us women a break? — Need your Support in Van Nuys Dear Van: You've got it. But the major problem is the shortage of men over 60. The old goats don't have much competition. Darned shame, isn't it? Are your parents too strict? Hard to reach? Ann Landers' booklet, "Bugged By Parents? How to Get More Freedom," could help you bridge the generation gap. Send 50 cents with your request and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11995, Chicago, 111., 60611. Club Calendar WEDNESDAY VFW Auxiliary Post 1432, 1:30 p.m. cancer pack sewing, Post Home. Al-Anon Family Groups, 7:30 p.m. step meeting; 8 p.m. regular meeting, the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation, Max and Norton. Al-Anon, 8 p.m. meeting, Christ Cathedral, 138 S. 8th. Salina Composite Squadron of Civil Air Patrol, 7 p.m. meeting, basement of the police station. New members welcome. Coming Soon PIASTERS' Watch For Details Teen abortions linked to suicide attempts NEW YORK (UPI) - Items: • Annually, 30,000 unmarried girls less than 14 years of age become pregnant. • Between 1960 and 1973 births to mothers aged 16 to 17 increased by 25 percent; to those younger than 16, by 80 percent. • Adolescent abortions account for one-third of known abortions in America. The statistics form the backdrop for a report on adolescent suicide attempts following elective abortion. The report in Pediatrics, the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, alerts doctors to the possibility that a teenager who has had an abortion may attempt to kill herself on the day that corresponds to the birth date had the fetus been allowed to come to term. Dr. Carl L. Tischler, from Ohio State University School of Medicine and Children's Hospital, Columbus, describes two female adolescent patients. He ties their suicide attempts to the so-called anniversary complex, saying: "Recurrent attacks of anxiety in patients have been observed to coincide with the day of the death of a parent (that is, significant others) or sometimes with the birthday of a child »t Following are details of "two cases exemplary of anniversary reactions following elective abortions." Case 1: "The patient, 17,... driving under the influence of alcohol and 28 Bufferin tablets ... smashed her car into a bridge overpass repeatedly, damaging the car beyond repair. The patient had had an elective abortion appoximately seven months prior to the suicide attempt. The date of the accident was on the perceived birth date of the child. After the accident, the patient walked from her automobile and was discovered by the local authorities sitting in a cemetery." Doctor's comment: "The patient's community and her family saw her as a well-adjusted, high-achieving, beautiful adolescent who participated in statewide baton twirling contests and had a prize-winning hobby of sewing. "The patient described herself as having a beautiful, sincere, secure outward appearance and depression inside." Case 2: Patient, 16, ingested about 27 Tylenol tablets and was brought... to emergency room. She had quickly admitted that her drug ingestion was a suicide attempt and revealed she had spent three months at a local psychiatric hospital prior to the attempt. She had become pregnant during her psychiatric hospitalization and had an abortion. Based on her information, it was calculated that her suicide attempt corresponded to the approximate fictional date of birth for the aborted fetus. Yellow cornmeal colors special dressing recipe Hi there - A promise is a promise, and here it is! The dressing recipe I promised you in yesterday's column. It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving at my house without this traditional recipe my mother began using many years ago. You'll find it tastes best cooked in a pan instead of inside the bird, especially if you like your dressing tender and crisp — not soggy! To begin with, you'll need biscuits, cornbread and white bread. Canned biscuits work just fine, so don't go to the trouble of making them from scratch — you won't be able to taste the difference. A recipe for good southern-style cornbread is MY favorite but a packaged mix also tastes great. (Yellow cornmeal gives a better color to the dressing.) This recipe is a good way to use up those ends and dried-out slices of bread you've been saving too. Bake the biscuits and cornbread, if needed, and toast the bread slices all in the same oven. You can do this a day or weeks ahead of time (every minute counts on the big Thanksgiving day, right?). Just pop 'em in the freezer until T-Day! Here's the actual recipe: 1 can of 10-count refrigerator biscuits (baked) 2 to 3 cups crumbled cooked cornbread 1 (1-pound) loaf of bread, toasted 1% cups chopped onion 2 cups chopped celery tops 1 tablespoon sage 1 tablespoon poultry seasoning 2 cups water 1 cup chicken bouillon or turkey drippings Salt and pepper to taste 2 eggs Crumble the biscuits, cornbread and bread slices into a big pot and set aside. Put all the remaining ingredients, EXCEPT EGGS, into a saucepan. Let boil 10 minutes, or until the celery and onions are tender, then pour over the bread crumbs and toss. If it's not as heloise II hints from heloise moist as you like, add more liquid. Let cool. Add the eggs, mixing thoroughly. Now, place the dressing in a greased dish and bake at 300 degrees for 30 minutes. For a more moist dressing, use a smaller pan and pile the dressing thicker. For a drier, crustier dressing, use a larger pan and spread it out to about 2 inches thick (a cookie sheet works great). Um-m-m! Smell that delicious aroma! It's a shame we don't have turkey and dressing more often throughout the year. Guess it wouldn't be so special if we did. Hope your Thanksgiving holiday is as special as you are to me! — Hugs, Heloise Dear Heloiae: I have a little rhyme I say when using a screwdriver or the garden hose. "Left, loose; right, tight!" It sure comes in handy even when those twisties that come on bread wrappers. — Maxione Lau Correction A 2 to 4 p.m. reception is scheduled Sunday, Nov. 29, in the Fellowship Hall of the Assaria Lutheran Church, in post-celebration of the 45th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leander, Bridgeport. An incorrect date was given earlier. A "natural" choice for Christmas. Natural Grain Walnut Desk Sets — Cross' newest addition to their fine desk set family. With lustrous chrome writing instruments and matching nameplates for personal engraving. Single $40.00, Double $80.00. Hwrs: MM. tkri Frl. I* w i:N p bUrtoji IN w-l2.a p 108 North Santa Fe . Serving Salina For Over 50 Years Use Your VISA or Master Card Doctor's comment: "The patient's mental state clearly manifested vegetative signs of depression ... a sad effect and poor motivation. She was referred back to her psychiatrist who had treated her as an outpatient, prior to her suicide attempt." Tishler said the cases raise the question of the motive of guilt. "Should the patlent'a perceived death of the fetus during abortion be punished by suicide?" he said. / "And does a real or perceived anniversary of birthday reactivate the internal or interpersonal conflicts? "As pregnancy in adolescents contin- ues to be a common occurrence so do significant emotional factors relating to having and keeping a baby, aborting the fetus or placing the baby with another family. "The pediatrician must be alert for adolescents who seem vulnerable and at high risk for selMestructiveness, thereby helping to provide an important resource in the prevention of adolescent suicide." Suicide is the third leading cause of death (after accidents and homicide) among 15-to-24-year-olds, accounting for more, than 5,000 deaths in this age group in the United States in 1977 - an average of 13 suicides a day. to Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 26. >> 'i ill Send . € the season's miSmJb^' best. Remember special friends with beautiful plants or floral arrangements in a variety of price ranges. "Flowers Whisper What Words Cannot Say" IIMIO.U THE FLOWER NOOK "Sallna's Only Downtown Florist" 248-B. South Santa Fe 827-0351 S PROFESSIONAL UNIFORMS Introduces Our • "Pro of the Month" SHERYL SVOBODA 444 Baker, Salina Winner of a '25 Gift Certificate! She is a .Respiratory Therapist at Asbury Hospital. Come In A register tor our November "Pro ot the Month" PROFESSIONAL 147 S. Santa Fe UNIFORMS Salina, Kansas 67401 ' 913-827-7787 or 913-827-7638 KEMPTON S PRACTIC "Spinal Curvatures" TAe Far Reaching Effects A spinal curvature generally begins in early childhood. Chiropractors are able to correct such curvatures, providing they have not progressed too far. Regular chiropractic checkups are the best way to detect and correct spinal curvatures in their early stages. A curvature forces segments of the spine to assume an unnatural position; this may strain muscles or ligaments, crowd the internal organs or impair circulation. Spinal curvature may irritate the spinal cord and nerve trunks also. These nerve trunks supply various organs of the body. Therefore, it may be said that any organ could be affected, and any bodily function impaired, because of spinal curvature. CLINIC HOURS Monday thru Friday 8-5:30 221 So. Santa Fe 825-4691 Dr. D. E. Kemplon Doctor Of Chiropractic •vtf* xrt 'KTofF AN Chic lean* * Corduroy* $ 5 rebate Je*n Station Rebut* Total Why are w« giving you the world's ; best olf«r «mth« wwW's best fitting leans? Bocauw we're «ir« that one* yow'v* wrn * pair of CMC ieatis by h.l.j, you'll never b«y another br« wh*t your I THE

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