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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 1

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1952
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i Weather Forecast Scattered showers Wednesday. High yesterday 88, noon today 76. Full Weather Infonnatlon Page S DEPARTMENT OF r.lZ> DCS MOINES BY FAR THE LARGEST CITY. IK URAL, TOTAL CIRCULATION IN EMMET COUNTY 84th Year; No. 203 Combining the Vindicator & Republican Esthpr\illc, Emmet County, Iowa, Tuesday, June 3, 1952 An Independe-nt Newspaper We *k SOr: Copy 6< m . ' - -_ (Daily News photo and cngravlnB) . SCiioOLCENSCS TAKERS started their canvass or the Esthervillc school district yesterday to discover the number of young persons up to the age of 21 years. Audrey (left) and Shirley Fransen will gather statistics in a house to house survey and age distribution charts will be made for the town and country areas. Other charts also will be prepared in the superintendent of schools office comparing present age distribution with that in past years. The Information will be invaluable in determining the size of new school construction in the future. City Policy On Salaries Outlined •,City employes received a written statement of policy on salaries and working conditions from the ^ city council at a regular meeting last night". ~' The written statement, adopted by the councilmcn, includes a few changes in regard to time oft and salaries. Perhaps the chief change was in regard to overtime. Under the yrltten schedule, workmen will be eJIdwed time and a half off for ;^»vortlme, jjIPor exa^mple, Jt work-^ ' man'works, overtime four hours, ho Is allowed to\tako six hours off. This time off is^ cuiJlulatlve for a period of 90 days. ' ' . «" • • • ^ THE POLICE', which becomes effective as of Juno 1, was adopted l<y the council as an answer to a request by city eAiployes fer recognition of their union as a-bi^rgain- ing agent. A representative of the United Gas,.Coke and Chemical Workers of America (ClO)-appoar- cd at a previous council meeting to explain that city employes Mad bo- come affiliated with the unjoo'-and asked that the group be recogqizcd as their bargaining agent. City Attorney F. E. Rosendahl advised at that time that the council had no legal right to enter into such an agreement. • The written statement of policy approval last night also includes a $30 a month raise for police Chief Eugene Bolty which raises his salary to $326 a month, it also provides for payment of Injured workmen until .workmen's compensation takes effect on the seventh day off from work. « « * • THREE PERSONS appeared bo- fore the council with, rfsqiiests during the meeting. Urias Uptagrafft requested further improvement of a temporary road to his lots hut the council did'not,act on-U'Oi> the grounds'that it ^y|ls• only meant to be a temporary road.. William Hanson spoke briefly on beginning another taxi-cab service in Elstherville and Srnest Smith showed illustrations of tractors and mowers the city'might be Interested (n purchasing. The council approved a transfer of funds, $6,000 from the utility fund to the general fund and $20,000 from the. utility to the street ^und. ! A resolution prohibiting parking oh the east side of Ninth street from Central avenue to Fifth avenue north was read for a^ second ttine and parsed unanimously for adoption. A -l^ld from Marklcy's Oil cpm- pany for gasoline for the next 8|x' mohth period beginning ^uno i -vtaa accepted. The bid at 20.6 cents a j^aUoa was the same as, thi^t J^^dc by the Hammond Oil; cqmpiw^ and the decision was made in' seoret ballpUng. Other btdn w;ere r^oti^v- ed by Standard Oil Rsd Cr'dwh And Mid -Continent^Petroleum cpihpaiiy. ;A RKSOLUTIOV o !t -jiec ^^tv ,t9 imftall curb and gutters j>n"Wrth Twelfth at >eet from'*Second'^ to Fourth avqnue north on twUr side* the street was Introduced and a hearing for objectors to the pro. nMed improvement wai set for 7:80 inn.,^ulyT.,- , ..'^i,,.,^. rhe council also agreed to pro- jlght it the city ball, pwjk. was dlsouwton-bu&jnp'fc- ) t^9tl on 80 per toatf 00' o\ty itmvn^w M Mivmf! tn >bon4lnK of more «ity tm-, iind^r » blanket boqr %~M »ii nt^or repeal of «>tnU (i>^ mayor, Sorry Folks, Boggess CanH Accept Votes No one was more surprised at the election results than Nolan Boggess. Boggess not only didn't expect to bo elected—he didn't even know, he was a candidate. When Boggess cast his vote yesterday in the primary election he was amazed to discover his name among twenty-one others as candidates for election as delegates to the county • Republican convention. And what's more Boggess can't accept the position as delegate. In a statement to the Dally News today Boggess • stated that because of his position with the post office department he cannot accept the ol- flce and, furthermori', he said, he would not have allowed his name to be placed on the bnl- lot had he known of It in advance. It's all a comedy of errors Involving a man whp didn't know he was a candidate and obviously didn't expect to be elected—and can't servo anyway.. Negro Coed and White Fiance Will Marry Richmond, Ind., June 3 IP —A Negro coed and her white fiance, with diplomas • from disappi'ovlng Earlham college, headed tor Ithaca, N. Y., today to be married'Wed­ nesday. ' The two, Grace Cunningham, 22, of Berkeley, Calif., and Robert McAllester, 23, of Ithica, were together at Earlham's common.cemont Monday after a month of Involuntary separation. McAllcstcr said he was "fo.rced" by the college to complete his final month of academic, work away from the campus. • Beardsley Wins by- Safe Edge Dos Moi 1»ii!',(Junc 3 (^t—lown rcpubllcanbibaniored the wishes of their stattiitmd eongrcsslonal of- ncoholdpry,,ltloludlng Gov. William S. Beardsley, by giving renomlna- lions in yesterday's primary election to all who asked them. The only eye-opener on the dcm- ccratic aide wns the vlctorj- of Herschell C. Loveless, advocate of liquor by the drink, over Othn D. Wearin for governor. Secretary of Agriculture Clyde Spry had the one real toe-to-toe struggle among stutehouse incumbents. As returns from the 2,479 precincts neared completion. Spry retained the thin margin he had gained several hour."! after tabulations began. * * * lIOWEVKtilt ,IT MAY tako>thi official canvtita to nail down Whether he ttot the 315 per cent ho needs to prevent the decision going to the republican state convention. Spry hold tenaciously to 35.9 per cent of the total vote in his race end Francis Johnson clung tightly to 34.3 per cent. The third man In the contest, Harry B. Thompson, had 29.8 per cent. It Was virtually a certainty that the GOP choices for lieutenant governor and commerce commissioner to till n vacancy would be tossed into the convention's lap. State Senator Alden U Doud moved into first place for the republican lieutenant governor nomination this morning after his colleague. Senator Leo Elthon had been the front runner through the night. * * * NEAR THE CLOSE of tabulations, Doud had" 29.9 per cent of the vote In that race, Elthon 29.E per cent. Dr. R. J. Oltman 23.5 and Ralph Slippy 17.4 per cent. It was clear that Doud had little remaining opportunity to gain the required 35 per cent. The five-way battle for the GOP nomination for commerce commissioner to fill the vacancy was so crowded near the top that the spread amounted to only a few percentage points, there was no chance that one would come up with the needed 35 per cent. The order of standing, with relatively few ''pre<^ncts, ,Ha'¥(!P9i'tcd° was A. J. Ander.son, Johii A. Tallman, Peter A. Jcssen, John M. Ropes, and Otis De Voll. The only other nip-and-tucli'tus­ sle In the whole election^ .was for the dcmocrotic noml'natlon'for congress in the first district. Results of Monde's prlroajy election In Iowa as of 12 noon; Ufpubllcan— Governor: 2,473 precincts of 2,479: Beardsley 129,322; Evons 110,263; Nicholas" 92,820. Lieut. Governor: 2,478 precincts: Doud 83,288; Elthon 81,889; Oltman 67,630; Slippy 48,132. Secretary of State: 2,473 precincts: Kallcmyn 41..'i69; Long 89,200; Synhorst 140,617. • • • » » • STATE TREASURER; 2.468 precincts: Abrahamson 163,049; Cruickshank 94,327. Secretary of Agriculture, 2.403 precincts: Johnson 93,286; Spry 98,155; Thompson 81,321. Attorney General: 2,472 preclnc ta: Larson 216,344; Yeaman 70,737. Commerce Commission (full term): 2,472 precincts: Jollcy 69,023; Reed 116,696; Youngorman 76,784. Commerce • Commission (short term) 2,460 precincts: Anderson 69,712; DeVoll 24,640;• Jossen 61,792; j- RQPCB 47,763; Tallman '64.134. Democrat— Governor: 2,440 precincts of 2,479= Loveless 48,008; Wearin 36,006. Twito, Peterson, Oleson and Win County Races Emmet Supports Beardsley Governor Carries 13 of 16 Precincts Emmet county remained loyal to Gov. William S. Beardsley yesterday in his three-way battle for re- nomination as Iowa's governor on the Republican ticket. Voters in the county's 16 precincts gave him 1,523 votes to 868 for Lleut.-Gov. William NIcholna and 433 for former Lleut.-Gov. Kenneth Evnns. Beardsley carried 13 of the 16 precincts losing two to Nicholfti and tying with him in another. Nicholas won In Denmark and Iowa tAkc townships and tied with Beardsley In Jack Creek. Boards- ley polled his heaviest advantages In Esthervllle's three wards but al- ao ran well ahead of his two opponents In several rural prcclncls. • • • HEAVIEST VOTK-GETTER on the state ticket was the popular Robert Larson, attorney general,*^ who racked up 1,818 votes to 811 for his opponent, Chester C. Yeaman, Sioux City attorney. Francis Johnson of Arnolds Park, candidate for secretary of agriculture, ranked second in total vote with Beardsley third. Johnson polled 1,596 to 443 for Clyde Spry. IncumbonJ^ secretary, and 290 for the third candidate, Harry B. Thompson of Muscatine. Emmet county favored State Senator Leo 6lthon of Fertile in the four-wuy race for Republican nomination for lieutenant-governor, giving Elthon 1,037 voles to 737 for State Senator R. J. 0)tman Of StoiTsi r ^ke. who was secoffd in the voting here. State Senator Alden L. Doud got 364 votes and Ralph B. Slippy of Waterloo, 177 votes. Elthon carried 12 of thi county's 16 precincts with four going to Oltmun, EslhervlUe first ward, Denmark, Jack Creek and Twelve Mile Lake. • • • COUNTY VOTERS also favored incumbents Mclviri D. Synhorst, secretary of stater and M. L. Abrahamson, treasurer of state. Synhorst outstripped his two opponents 1,421 to 654 for David B. Long and 276 for Edward J. Kal­ lcmyn. Abrahamson polled 1,411 votes to 746 for John Hamilton Crulckshank of Woodbury county. Votes were well split for the two commerce commission posts. R. O. Youngorman was top votc-gettcr for full-term commission post, getting 890 votes to 703 for Carl W. Reed, Incumbent commissioner; and 439 for Lewis Jolley of Adel. • • • IN THE FIVE-WAY race to fill a vacancy on the commission John A. Tallman of Clarion led the group with 478 votes, Otis DeVoll o» Sanborn polled 426, A. J, Anderson of Oskaloosa, 421;'Peter A. Jessen of Exira, 362 and.John M. Roiys of Dos Moines,.303. in the only Democratic party contest at the stale level Herschell Turn to p&ge 8, column 8 Sheriff, Clerk of Court Tahulation SHEIRIFF CLERK Uncoln TSvito LoRnn Taylor WiUinms Smith Uncoln m 11 2 6 41 28 Elstoerville, First Waixi 254 70 25 32 2(W 1.52 Denmarlc iX) 28 14 16 05 36 Estherville, Third Ward 252 84 46 41' 2(X) 100 ESstltftrville Town.ship 65 38 4 9 54 56 Esth|rvllle, Sc (Mnd Ward 401 123 53 75 342 .302 Jack^.CixH?l{ 27 18 2 8 X\ 10 Ells^vorth 44 14 6 3 .35 2«) Armstrong Grove 147 65 17 3(? 171 71 Iowa Lalte . . 26 11 2 7 20 12 Twelve Mile Lalto 2G 62 I 5 .55 20 WalUngford 25- 33 1 17 57 15 High Laltt; „ 43 30 5 20 (M .30 Center 62 30 7 12 64 30 Emmet 46 12 8 3 44 21 Swan La lie 84 26 7 12 78 .38 Total 16.52 664 200 3 \l 1571 107« Here^s How Ticket May Look in Fall Supervisor 5th District m RT WITH NEW CARS went, out of t tbree miles south of BatttervUie oa at noon yesterday and lianwly p^one pole, l^e four I>ontUMi can d»maK«d i)Ut » wheel was \wu (Paily New* photo and ensravin«) from Uia Jtranaport and the cab dur into the around., Name o( the driver and deatinatJon of the trwwwrt were not reported to local author^ Ule«. Dee Moines, June 3 l/Pi—Here's iho way Iowa's general election this fait shapes up ns a result of Monday 's primary balloting^ (R) designates republican, (D) dcsli;- nates iamocrot, (U) denotes candidate unopposed in primary, un.l (I) denotes that candidate is Incumbent. Oove^or—William a. Beardsley <R-I) "KKW Virginia vs. Herschell C. Loveless (D> Ottumwn. Lt. aivernor— State Sen. Leo Elthon (K), Fertile, lending but de- 'clsioti ^Jb', etafc convention likely, V« Se^iwH'^. Allen (D-U) Onawa. Secretary of state—Melvin D. Synhorst (R-I), Orange City, vs Mary S. Kellchcr (D-U) Port Dodge. State auditor—Chct B. Akers (R-I-U) Ottumwa vs J. Hex Weddle (D-U) Knoxvllle. • • • STATE.TREASURER — M. L. Abrahomson (R-I) Boone vs John P. Hclmes (D-U) Centervlllc. Seci<etaiV of agriculture- Clyde Spry (R-I), Bronson, holding slight lead but state convention decision Indicated, vs Lester 8 Clllctlc (DU) Fostoria. Attorney general—Robert L. iJir- son (R-I), Iowa City, vs George C. ClaasBcn (D-U) Cedar Rapids. Commerce commissioner - - II- year-terro)—Carl W. Roid (R -1) Cresco vs Walter I. Conway (U- U) Muscatine. Commerce commissioner ~ <2- year-term) — A. J. Anderson (R) Oskaloosa, leading but state convention decision probable, vs !..«'<) J. Tapscott (D-U) Des Moines, • • • CONGRESS—First district Rep. Thomas B Martin (R-I-U) luwa City vs Clair A. Williams (D) (indicates) Second district—Rep, Henry O. Talle (H-I-U) Decorah, vs T. W. Mullancy (D-U) Waukon. Third district—Rep. H. R. Gross (R-I-U) Waterloo vs Quorge R. Laub (D-U) Crescm « Fourth district—Rep.'' Karl M. Le Compte (R-I-U> Cordon vs Eur) B. Gtassburner (D-U) Oltumwa. Fifth district—Rep. Paul Cun- nlngham (R^I-U) Des Moines vs "Alvln P. Meyer (D-U) Van Meter. Sixth district—Rep. Jame* I. Dol- llver (R-I-U) Fort Dodge vs Francis O. Cjtitlor (DU) Boone. Eighth dlatrict-Rep. Charles B. Hoeven (R> Alton vs Mllo Price (D) LcMars If Price successful in democratic wrltc-ln campaign. Conscious for First Time 'Since may 11 Laramie, Wyo., June 3 UPy~A 24- year.«ld former Cornell (la) cot- leg* coed has regained conscloue- a neaa for the first time since May { ,)1 and remember* nothtnr of the event* leading up to her brutal beating two nighu earlier. Albany County Sheriff Ted Burn- Btad said h* talked with MUe Virginia Anderson, a Unlveraity of Wyoming graduate student, yesterday after she regained conaclous- nese, "She 1* Btill weak and tire* ri Uy," he Mid, and added tb«t ho Rian* to queetlon her gradually. Mia* Anderson disappeared otter leaving ^er job a* a wsltrea* at a local hoUl. Her brutaUy beaten body waa found unconeclou* on a lonely •tratoh of prairie near here. She haa ranaiAed in a coma, except tor brief porloda. ever since. No cluea to her attacker have been (eund. Swan Lak(? Twelve Mile Lake WallinRford High Lake Total SUPERVISOR FIFTH DLSTRICP Conrad Giindoi-soiv Tlionisfii Oshcr 120 10 5 21 15G 28 :v.) 25 10 40 15 41 4 0 31 31 83 115 in Light Vote in Dickinson Election Returns from Dickinson county primary elections were r^tmplnte by 2 a. m. today after a light turnout of, voters at the |>olt*. Republican «ounty eandldates and IheJr votes were: Arthur Wclso, auditor, 1,216; O. W. Parsons, treasurer, 1,293; A. J.. Stephenson, clerk, 1,200; ikn Kissinger, sheriff, 1,232; Mrs. Ethel Christ, recorder, 1,161; Peter B Nttrey, rounly ntlorney, 1,269; MiO- vin McKlnney, supervisor in first dislrkt, .171. Charles Specr, candl date for supervisor also In the first district, recflvi-d 320 voles. On the Democratic ticket were IMU Meyers, auditor, who rocelvpil 121 VOIOH; Marvin t'ugh ,lrettsurer. 402; Jorry Kiilloy, sheriff, 442; lone McCllntock, ri'corder, 443; Dr. Iv L. Clayton, roioner, 466, At the stale level, for senator Democrat W, A. Ycager received 492 villi's and Republican Hurry Wiitson ret'oWed 998. For represen- iHllvi- Rcpiilillcnn Roy J. Smith received 1.175 votes and Democrat fJli'nn Doiiin rpcclved 428. Sup, 1st Dist. Hup. 1st nisi. EHer- Ole­ ston son EslhervlIlP 1st 166 300 Eathervllli- Srd 187 3ne Balhrrvtlle Twp. 8« 66 Emmet 48 20 Bathervllle 3nd 2B1 3M Total 707 800 Potato Chips Cause of Car Accident A flunny Sunday afternoon, n ride In thi' country, and a sork of potato rhlps ull eomblnnd to rnusf a mar tragedy for the Trygve (Tom) Evensfin family. Like many othir Ksthervllle families they decided to spend Sunday afternoon driving arnund the country ]ust soaking up the sunshine. They planned to go fishing later In the afternmin. They drove north from town over the pretty, green rolling hills. In Dunnell they stopped and got some potato chips before heading back to Esthervllla and their fishing date. Driving along, eating the potato chips, little Robert Allan, 28 months, wns In the front seat between his mother and father, and his older slst'-r. Joan, 12, had the )>ack seat nil to herself. * * « FOUR MILES north of Bsther- vlllc Evenson, who Was driving, choked on some of the potato chip* he had been eating. Mrs. Bvenson said that at first she didn't think to much about It. "You know, sometimes a person will choke, cough s couple of times and then be all over It." But Tom didn't get over It! "He turned sort of a dark color and seemed lo pas* oul," Mrs. Bvenson •aid. By then the car wa* off the road and rolling freely down a (teep hill. I.,eaning over In front of the behy Mrs. Bvenson tried to reach the brake . . . but tiefore she could get the car under control they crashed head on Into a telephone pole. They had traveled about a 100 yards In the ditch. • * e TUB PORCE Of the crash threw Mrs. Evenson up against the wind •hield and drove part of the rear view mirror Into her head. She said that her huebend came to Just »P ttr the crash and asked, "What I* the matter? Where are w^?" The children were badly shaken Turn to page S, eoluaui i in Seslsions To Begin at Lakeside Lab Spirit I,Ake, la - The summer session of the Iowa Ixkesldn laboratory opens Ht the Inlmralory on l.,nke Wi'Nl OlxibuJI June B. Th-< flrnt trrm contlniiKs through July 12 .and the second, which operm .luly it. rrintlnura through Aug. 10. Prof. Bruce K. Mshan of the rn. tension divlslun of the Slnto Unl-, , ... . , Iclnrt of Hwan Lake. This r«tur» v.TMly of lows, continues es deon. j „,„j^ „ ,„ j.^ |„p„„,b,, f,„ »„y nf his ihrre opponents to ovcrteka Interest Lively Results 2 IncumlM^nln, 2 JVcHtronifnt Namefl By IIOVT LtnTm.*' Two incumtient* and two comer* won nomination In Bmmet ruuniy 's Reput>ltcen party primary >>nti 'rilny na apivoxlmalely 3.10O viiteiii tmm thn county'* 14 pr»» I'tncta mill ballot*. Incumbrnts winning nomination ATr Shorlff lilmUt TwUo and Sup- iTVtsiir C K. ConriKi from ^h* tltUi ihatitcl, liot 'h wtnnlnic over three nppiinrnts. Newromtire lo win no»> Inntlon sr« ,Mr». Mary Toetenrud I '.lcrann fur <lcrk <>{ Ihe dtnlrvct iiiurl and Miiurl<->' H, OI «*on for aiipervlsor frmm the first dUrtrlet. MM. Peteraun di-(oet*d Htanley NiiilOi and Oleson defcetrd B. I. Kllnatim, ln<'umb«nl au|wrvtaor. • • • IIKinilTF.NKI) INTKRBKT In the race* for county office* led l* hi'nvl <<r voting In Ihl* yrmn'a primary Ihsn tn 1960 with a ne«r-r«K> Old primary turnout in K »th «r- vllle 'a second ward where 71T vwtea were rnat. tllustrailvn of the h**n lltterest with whteh Rmmet county reel- dents fiilluwed III* cont**l* laat niKhi wiu ihe steady -buaa buaa" of the triephunea In the Dally News offlvv. Call-laker* quit eount- Ing after Bnswvrtng 400 caU* but l< Is rattmatod that more th«n SOD rjuerlen on the elselion In Bmmet county were received. The Daily New* electlnn staff we* oa th* joh until «fter 3 a. ni. and it* tabulation* at Ibat time wsra eompteted <>xr»pl fur one preeinct. I)(ee*en< em were dtapalehed twice during Ihl- nlglit to uudylng precinct* to tiling relurna from polling spot* whrre ther waa no Irlephon* corn- munli -nllon. • * * IN TIIK t'ONTF.KTr.II f«ce. il was evident from the v»ry flrat r»- tutna tiinl ftheriff Eml«t T*ll« v'outd he «ucrr*sful tn hi* bid fi 'r rnnucnlnation hut the Ol 'son iCIIer- atnn and Pvlnreon-Rmlth mrn* worn not aellli'd for certain until Inter, slthough early trend* pointed to the rvrntuat winners The first return In lh« fifth dls* triri supervUor race mad* li apparent that Ciinrad had the Inalde track as he piled Up a tremindous- ly tup-hi<avy lead in hi* home precinct and Dr. J. II. Ilodlne, profnaaor and lii'sd of MJOlouy nt R.l/.t., r»tRlna the pualtUin of dlrrclor. Mrs Jea- sln Heger Fountain returns n* husl ness manager. "thn instrurtlonal staff inrludfa Dr. 11. I,. King, prof'saor of IOIIID- Ky. K IM , resident dirrctor end Dr Henry K. Cnnnrd. tlaitlng risearih protcHtor at (wtany. HU.I, will continue on the Instrurtlonal staff which Include* Martin L Orand. professor of biology, lown Hlat" Teachers college. John D, I>i)dd, im slatnnt professor of liolnny. Iijw:i Htal« cullage, and UKoy II. Ha« • Jr., uasUiiant professor of soology, B.U.I. • 1* * fX)URHKH OKI-'KKKI) diirInK the first trrm Include field t>lol'<gy, protozoology, biology uf ttio rnoiia- es, elgee, reaearch and Independ enl study. The couree in field biology will be continued durlni; the arcond t«'rm and advanced protuioulogy will he offered. Plant tuaonomy wilt replace biology of the moaarg and an sdvanci-d eoursn In alKn • will he offered. Th" research an.l Independent study will runllnue throughout the aummer session, e a * A TKACIIINti of *r|rni-e work shop will be held June 23 ihruuich the 27(h. and from Aug. l »-20 th'f central «tate* section of the Hoian ical Society of America wilt hold it* annual eummer meeting and foray at the Lakcalde Isborelory Excursion* tn the vicinity of the laboratory will be made each day and, at the evening •e**l<jn*, lecture* on the flora of thi> rr(l<>n will be given. The aummer lecture series, so popular In former yeara will be offered again thI* seaaon. Thrwf ar» open to the public and will tm held la the Shlmek library on the l*><ur- atory rampu* or In nearby Oull Point Btete Park L«d«e. LoHt Finli CoettM Angler Hiit Ufe Chouteau. Okla^ June S UP>~Th» fleh that got away coal 60-y*ar-«Ui Roy Vernon Young of Loeuat Oro- ve. OkUt.. liU life yteterday. State Trooper A. M. McDonald said Young's companion* told him a (l*h pulled Young's pole from nis hands. Young dived in the Orand river to retrieve It and drowned. him as they ap||t up the vote In lh.| III tier three precinct* of tha die- lrl< t. Howrver. Conrad only brush, rd past the Wt per c»nt legal nnjul- rement. rhitll^lng up a pcrcenlngn of .Tfl .1 iif the iiiul volra ca*t for the offlre, Twlt'i'a final total of 1663 ws* al- mAal fA*) vote, in excrs* of the ii,iiii>ln>d iiiiuU ol the uihtr thrse I Andldit' whlrh added up ti> UHt. The sheriff carried 14 of the coun iy'a le preelnrta. losing Tw»lv* .Mile I .i >ke unit M'nilingford to M«e Li'Kiin TvM'lvn Mile L^ke U l.o- gens home precinct which be carried over Twito. <3 to 3« t-ogaa rarrifd Walllngfurd over 'Twtlo, Si tn 3,1 I^igsn finiahed second Twil .i with S<4 vtxea with Orvtll.* VVillj.-ima ri/untlrif 3Ji sod ttav Tii>l-i. -.'Ofl. • * e IN Tlir IIACE for clerk of rourt. Mr* I'rl«t»on, at prracnt deputy clerk, carried 16 out of ip/t i-KUntya 16 precincts. losing to Hiiillii unly in tUtharvllle tqwiuihtp. Met rtinrglaa were not quite •« di-- rialve an iboap turned In by Twtto Hiiulti rnirled ICjith*rvtll« tuwn- (hl|i >'y a vote of 6« lo 64 and Uatl- ed tiy I'Oly iinr. vol« in Batharville'a Itilid wnrd, 2tiO lu 199. Mra Polar•on had u romfortabU t«ed aftar Eslhervtlle first ward completad It* count and she added lo It a* return* flitarcd In. The final vole wa. 1.671 lo XJOn*. Meurtca Oleson copped aU three Bathervllle wiud* from Klierstun but l"»t lu him In i:*thervU|e ttiwn- ahip by on* vote and In Bmoiat I'^wnabip. 4* lu 30, Oleeon dcvelur>- ed an oarty iced In the three city witrd* and malniainad it eJ, a sua- dy rate so that it became evldunl early in the counting that Bll«r> •ton rijuld not overcome Okaon's l«ad rcgardiva* of how w«U h« ran iiutaide iCethervtlle. Tolnt vote Witj OUaort »90 and BIlerstoA W, e * * PKOaABLY THB ouUteadlng ftatur* of ysati'rday'* votk>g waj the Kreal duiplay o( loyalty mani- feat by Hwan Laim voter* for Conrad, who hatle from that precinct. They expr**aed their preference for hie candidacy ta no uncertain fashion, giving him ^t a traction under 90 per cent of lha preciact 'S vote fur th* office. H* poUed 130 ot the IM vo(*e east for f)ftl> dia- trlrt supvrvlsor, ptcklltg Up M vot< ea in the other three praolncia. ' Turn tn page t. eoiiHM 4

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