The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 16, 1935 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1935
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Entered aa second class matter, VOLUME XL, yo. ins. Oct. 4, 1895, at post office at Tlpton, Ind., under the act ot March 6, 1879. j TIPTON, INDIANA, THURSDAY EVENING, 5IAY 16, 1035. Program and Announcement of Honor Awards Presented Thursday. HELD IN GYMNASIUM Usual Fun and Merrymaking Preceded Honors to Outstanding Students. hoi!}; IMstuiiro C'liess (innic Will lie Finished in 1O40 Blue Earth, Minn., May 1G. —With one player here and one in South Africa, what is probably, the jvorld's slowest chess game is V ei " s fought by mail. The players. Don Fitch of Blue Earth, and John Brooks, president Of thi Johannesburg ClH-ss Club, need sixty days to indicate a movtj. The game will 'bo finished about 1940. xc.iting," say.i "It is very Fit/ch. "1 oftei night woiulerint next move will lie awake at what Brooks' WILL BE The annual Senior Class Day i program and honor awards wi-iv j presented Thursday afternoon in j tin- hish "school gymnasium, j Annual Service Seniors Will gy classes in the building were dis- i missed so that the high School might witness the last pros rain prepared by tin- l!i:!f> graduating class. A numlier of p"a Irons wi're j also present for the afternoon. ! and enjoyed the various iVatur.-si which were presented. | The members of the senior ] .class appeared in their raps an.l j gowns, and occupied seats of honor in the front ot the room. The first par; of tin- afn rnoon was devoted to the usual fun and morrymaking. with th Methodist for T. H. S. Be at the Church. SCHOOL EN D T OFFICE 10 SEPTEMBER I Alvin Rayl of Prairie Township, Will Be Superintendent on the Job. WORK TO START SOON Wrecking Company Expects to Have Site Cleared by First of June. S MAY 23 • The annual baccalaureate serv- j ice for the Tiptoh high school ' | senior class will be held next Suni day evening at the! Kemp Metho- takiiiE tiro form of a radio Imviil-| <t' st church with jthe program can. At this time tin- class will ! Contractor Henry Dattner was liere from Detroit Thursday morning, being accompanied by Alvin Rayl of Prairie township, who will superintend the construction of the Tipton postofflce. Mr. Rayl was born and reared in Prairie ownship, beinp a son of Former Commissioner Richard Rayl of this county. Both his parents are deceased. Alvin Rayl has had much experience in the building and construction work, having within thej. last three years built the auditorium for the University of Texas, at Austin. He has also built post- offices at Memphis, Tex., and Monroe, La., in recent years. "Birdtoan" to Risk Death Again I ! i | PI : William Picuhe ! '• • ' Undismayed by the failure of his wing harness on the first attempt, William Picune, 19, above, of North Bergen, N. J., will make another try from! an altitude of 10,000 feet. His first effort narrowly missed ending in tragedy when the device failed to check his fall; and Ficune was saved by his parachute. and prophecy were ellted a clever manner, affording much ni< rriment to the eiuin: pathor- ing. Several other numbers were also included in this part ol" tho program many of which contained clever allusions to school experiences, tors. and instruc-i rious turn, the senior •s pre clont, William Ross, prosented ins short talks. ' \ The valedictory wasr splendidly i given by Ethel Adams, imls-tami-1 ing scholar of the class for UK-I four years. i was conducted by Principal ('. R. i Stemen who was in charge of ihe presentation of the various merit awards given by th" several organizations. Those giving awards this year were the Sunshine soci- ty of th-' high school which gave a scholarship to the senior member of tl'a organizatioa with the highest rat ing; the Phi Beta Psi sorority, a ! scholarship for a complete nurse':; training course to a girl from tho senior class: the Tri-Kappa sorority, a cash award to the member of each of the four'classes with the highest rating for the past year: and the American Legion, a medal of honor to most outstanding boy and girl in th-> school for the year. * Those receiving tho various awards were as follows: Sunshine Society, money to be used in school work next year, Mary Jane Premier; Phi Beta Psi sorority, complete nurse's training at St. Vincent's hospital* Mary-Jane Presler; American Legion medals of honor, Mary Jone Presler and William Ross. The Tri-Kappa sorority gave cash awards to the memebrs of the four high school classes with the highest rating as follows: Senior, ' $25, Joseph James; Junior, $2.50, Doris Alli- aon; sophomore, $2.50, Joanri Martin; freshman, $2.50, Jean Alice Banta. Mrs. Louise Newkirk made the : ;Tri-Kappa presentation, and Qer- aldine Crail presented the* Phi. „ , Beta Pal scholarship. The other I >' awards were made by Mr. Stemen. Remaining activities for; the * graduating class are the junior- •st .eenipi in to be held in the ! the Masonic temple the baccalaureate r evening in the church, and i Thi IN A (EADLOGK ; UjJL'llill^ 111 1 . ,» \J U 1-4U tor, Kev. John Ware liver the sermon arc "The Hoad Ahead." Pearcy, Rev. J. A .'< Rev. Reuben Tunme •in the program. Commencement > be held on May 23ri nasium in the evenirif er for the evening v P. Deering, presider t City college. The annual senior gram was held Tha noon' at 2:30 in the Following is the the baccalaureate: Invocation. .Rev. J. "Flower of Dreams" Rose will de- his topic is Rev. H. R. nowlton and r will assist cercises will at the gym;. The speak- 11 be Dr. W. of Oakland class pro- rsday after- school gym. program for A. Knowlton Clokey Girls' Glee Club , Scripture and Prayai Rev H "Homing" ! • Girls Glee ( Baccalaureate Sermo Road Ahead". .Re ! Hymn — "Faith of C . thers" ''Benediction. . Rev ; Senior Class R< Miss Lois Slone Music. Miss Helen White ZiAXDKD IX M( Spanish Aviiitor Flyi To Visit swee (By Unltfd Pi . R. Pearcy . Del Riego lub n — "The . J. W. Rose ur Fa- 2ongregatlon R. Turnner cesslonal Director of Organist. moVoo 1R to Mexico heart. ess). Madrid, May 16.1 — Juan Ignacio Pombo, 21-year-old Spanish aviator who is the Atlantic to see h in Mexico, was report Radio Service today t .ed at Agadir, Moroc< He is flying by eas paratory to the wate Dakar to Brazil. . Bonus Bill It the Pr Washington, May dent Roosevelt will v< bill In the most fore at his command, the announced today. He will express to earnest hope that he ported in his dlsapp Patman measure, • Early, secretary, sal Washington, .May posals for a compro bill were renewed to erjr of the Inflation! lying across B sweetheart ed by Trans- o have land- ' stages pre• jump from Recently Mr. Rayl met with an accident in which his face was bady burned and he removed the bandages only Thursday morning. He and the general contractor talked over matters in connection with the new building and while here Contractor Dattner met a number of local people, including Postmaster W. J. Zehner and Mayor W. A. Compton. While here he established banking connections for the job to be started soon as he stated he expected to have the building completed by the first of September. Mr. Dattner has the contract for the new postoffice at Columbia City, which he will start with in the next few days and within the month will starf .the one at Union City where he also holds the contract. He also has postof- flce contracts at St. John, Mich., Zeeland, Mich., and Bellevue, O. In bidding on the postofflce job at Martinsville recently he was under bid $10 and he lost the Alexandria postofflce job by $300. This month he Is bidding on a postofflce job at Herrin 1 , III. While here Mr. Dattner announced that between 40 and 50 men would be employed on the work and that he expected to employ as many local persons as possible. .Julius S. Sarko of the Arrow House Wrecking Company of Detroit stated Thursday he expected to complete his work and have the site cleared by the first of June and work on .the new building will start immediately. Wants Divorce. Hollywood, May 16. — Llla Lee, motion picture actress, was le- ported en route to Reno today to seek a divorce from John R. Peine. Expected to Be Sent to esident Friday for His Veto 6. — PresI- to the bonus ful message white house :ongress the will be sup- oval -of the' Stephen T. . . • r 6. — Pro- ilse - b6nus iy as deliy- y Patman bill planned to attempt to have it passed as an amendment to some routine appropriation bill If an expected veto of the Patman bill is sustained. The proposal to give the president three ways of paying the bonus was [revived. The plan, favored by- Sen.. Bennett C. Clark, D., Mo., would .permit payment: 1. By, aj bond issue. 2. By issuance of currency. 8. Bjr.taWng part or all of Jfae |«.25MW. r ogo. but of, the M- IBlWBHHBII^HBHllllllfiBHBHHHHi^^H House Apparently Favors Two-Year period and Senate Objects, FIGHT ON BILL LOOMS (Hy United Press). ; Washington, iMay 1C. — President Roosevelt today approved ;i new seven-point JNRA program submitted by Donald R. Richberg and the NIRA board. The program included: "1. Two year extension of NRA. 2. A revision period of from three to six months for codes.. 3. Jurisdiction limited to imsi- commerce and ALL CAST VOTE Program of Wheat Control to Be Thrown Open to 1 the Growers. ; ness in interstate' those substantially affecting such.:| se IS NOW UNDER WAY Any farmer who signed a wheat adjustment contract, or any tanner who; is eligible: to sign a: contract, will be eligible to vote in the national wheat referendum in which Tipton county farmers will take part. ' i [ This plan of opening the voting to all wheat producers has been undertaken in order that the agricultural adjustment administration may have a complete cross- Action Brought Against the Chevrolet Agency to Be Heard Friday. BROUGHT BY STATE Jury May Be Used Monday ] in Action Against Archie Doyle for Assault. Soviet Orders a Rocket That Will Rise »i Moscow, May 1C.—A soviet stratosphere committee has ordered the . construction of u rocket that is expected to ascend at a speed of 2,200 feet a second. The .rocket would automatic scientific ments which, after the 'maximum height miles, would descend by parachutes. Plans for another rocket, said by its inventor to be able to ascent several hundred miles, are being studied. take up instru- reaehiii3 of ;;•; Thursday morning. former Judge (.'. W. Mount, who is appearing for the Wayne Cunningham Chevrolet agency, of Tipton. against which a temporary restraining order was issued by Judge Russell. Thursday of last week, tiled a' motion to dissolve the order. The charge was filed on behalf of the state of Indiana j through its representative Noel A. Purvis, to prevent the automo-j bile concern from advertising it j was off the code and to present j violations of the retail automobile i dealers' code and the hearing was stt for Friday. Judge .Mount Informed tho court he wanted to be heard Opponents of Administration Declare the Affair Was "Arranged." THE FIGHT IS NOW ON .Resume of Five Paints Suggested to Cut Cost of Administration. GROUPS ARE AT WORK the motion to dissolve at the Fri- | h ° K aml wllcat day session, before taking the . " l ( ' matter up on its merits to see weeic whether or not a permanent injunction should be issued. This is the first action filed i:i the state in which a restraining j order has been issued by thn j lourts to prevent violations of I the automobile dealers' code and j tane °" s the case is beinir watched closely Consolidation of Townships Is Main Political Item at Present, Indianapolis. May 16. 'The problem of making further reductions in government costs ia Indiana is being attacked on five fronts by a special legislative committee appointed by Governor Paul V. McNutt following the adjournment of tEe regular session of the state legislature in Marsh- Plans under consideration by the committee, which will report its findings to a special session of: the legislature- if called, or to the next regular session, include CQB=. solidation or elimination of townships, reorganization of rural school systems, reorganization of state and local ,welfare,-aetivitie3, who ral- j consolidation and improvement ia the" new deal here this [state government, and the eatafc- : were on their way horn*. JHshment of a. co-operative insnr- In their wake was angry politi-lance fund for all ^governmental cal" discussion. Administration j units of the state.- ; -...-. i critics, stung by President Roose- (By Uniteil Press). Washington, May 1G.—Heated words flew today over the question: Who started the farmers' "march" on Washington to support the AAA? Most of the 4,500 cotton, corn- velt's reference to the "specious lies" of AAA attackers, refused to believe the movement was spon- . The people's lobby by persons interested in this in- lustry. The motion raises the luestion as to whether or not the tate is required to give a bond. It was stated Thursday that the statement charging tl\« issued a president "was playing the game of landowners" and that "not even Ihu Tentative bills -carrying put ttio various proposals either have been drafted or are in process oE preparation by snb-commRteS. r Further consideration will fie given to the plans at the third general meeting ot the committee to be held at the state bouse May 27. The committee is composed of greatest bribe fund in the world'-, M'^e senators, five representative^ history, to be us.-d by the presi- Lieutenant Governor H. Clifford ^ Townsend, and Speaker Edward petit jury would,likely be used .dent, .can-make a success of th? deal schemes to maintain | H - stein - Clarence A. Jack against Archie Doyle of Anderson ; property returns at th:; expense director of the gross income tar s set for trial. Doyle is charged i of consumers." with having assaulted William j Sen. Daniel Q. Hastings. K., Sharp, an aged farmer who 'was i Del., likened the; president's tenant on the Doyle farm north speech to the farmers to the har- of New Lancaster the incident happening several weeks ago. that time Sharp has r.:- n of all w;heat i nlove (j f rom tne premises. 4. Provision for Voluntary codes;; producers upon the question of] i n t ] ie with adequate authority to im- ;i continuing .the wheat adjustment pose limited codes {involving minimum wages, maximum hours. child labor prohibition and reteu- prograni for 1936 and later years. The referendum Hvill be siriiila;- tion of section 7-Al 5. A definite authority and! standards to prcveht unfair competitive practices, monopolies and | f>r ' .! _ f>r\r I to an ordinary election, according ' to _the outline of procedure which ! has been developed. . All producer.'-, whoiare now signers of wheat protection of small enterprises. 6. Methods of code making, code enforcement, the further definition of enforcement by injunction and cease land desist orders. 7. Provisions to vidual rights and protect indi- small enterprises through hearings, judicial review and other methods. Richberg and the board spent 30 minutes with Mil. Roosevelt in presenting the program. (By Unifed Washington, Ma; of the house ways committee, conside tension, today show 'resa). 16.—A poll and means ing NUA ex- ed a preponderant majority in f^vor of a two- year act. Democratic leader's claimed also that a majority ot membership favors tension, as asked Roosevelt and in the senate's stand months from June J the house two-year; ex- by President :ontrast with or only nine 6. This vital difference increased the possibility of a tween the house ant deadlock be- senate, such aa caused a long del ly of the M>880,000,000 work-n lief bill. Opposition to • two-yei ir extension wa» adamant in the senate. ' • NBA offlplals'' vKo,1 v cpnferred !L-m**_ •" •^•——^.^—j-JAJ;, *f a.Li«.l_ —* Jtf*A contract$ will be registered on the vote register, and when they 'cast their ballots their names will lie checked loff. i For those fanners who are; not now signers, it will be necessary to appeair at the polling places and establish the fjact that (hey are eligible to sign' a wheat contract. ; j Cicero jtownship's voting will be held Saturday evening, May |18, at the corn-hog office, beginning at 6:00 p. m. i i Liberty township ! voted at itha Sharpsville school building Tnes- and it was' almost unau- day night imous foi Wildcat I ing was continued control. ownship on open m :et- leld, but the vote is be- it In control. Prairie to^rn- ship is vjoting on the question fThuradaylnlght at the Prairie high Ing taket. and it look like would be almost 100 per cent favor of In school b ijildlng. Has l the Measles. I Floral pouglas, the small fon ot be he ot Mr. atd Mra. Floral Hlnkle Poplar at -eel, is reported to 'quite ill vith meaalei. The is said tc have a well developed brought by action for Dr. Kenneth divorce angues of a "small town bully" and introduced a resolution calling on Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace to reveal what part, if any, his department Ayre's i played in the demonstration. division, is chairman. Follotring is a brief outline of the proposals: . ' (1) Consolidation or Elimina! tion of Townships—Two suggestions of this nature are being studied by a subcommittee composed of Senators Thurman A. GottMhalk of Berne and Walter S. Vermillion of Anderson, aai Wallace said he would welcome j Representative Frank G. torneys for the wife, filed a mo-1 any investigation of official cou- |son of Blu[rton - One of against his wife, Farol Ayres. at- i tion to require the husband lo|nt'ction with the "march." make charges in his complaint- AAA Administrator .Chester C. more specific. The plaintiff re-jpavis implied that the only data sides at Anderson, the case com-) which could be. furnished Hasting here on a change of venue, j ings were letters and telegram.s A schedule and affidavit for fix- instructing field agents not to ing the inheritance tax if any/in the estate of the late Nannie Echolds was filed showing the total estate to be valued at S3,380.03. In the action brought by the Van Camp Hardware Company against Ben Southard an answer was filed stating the note sued on was secured by chattel mortgacro on the stock of the Southard Hardware- Incorporation . and that the stock with the consent of the Van Camp company was turned back in payment of the note sued on. participate. ' "Darn few, if any" county agents were in the throng which assembled here. Dr. C. W. War- _,<...,. burton, director of agricultural er the> " deslre , to adopt «** Ity unit organization or would set up a model county « ganization plan, providing for' a small number of .townships in each county, but making merely 7 districts from which be selected representatives OH central county board. This plan might provide that each hold an election at which i of the Bounty would decide w: extension and "boss" of the county agents, said. Officials made it clear., however, j that they were overjoyed by tho maps demonstration of faith in government agricultural programs ami had not discouraged the trek. : The "march" was started. Davis rt on P»EP 2 present township Stabilization Bid, Offered to the World by Moraenthau, Finds London Is Cool London, May 16.—Great Britain's unwillingness to stabilize the currency at the present time .has not been: shaken in the -slightest b ! y Secretary Morgenthau's speech, of Monday night. On the contrary, it is felt here \that Mr. Morgenthau might have been eipresting Britain's cnr- rewy ijoUcy, Instead of America's, in sqme.ot the things he said. No ' aln,'the United States, dreads a battle of currency depreciation, but wants to keep plenty of weapons in her hands' if such a .battle should come. . :• ;in short, the British are looking out .for their own immediate Interests, Just as the Americans are looking out for theirs. They ate just aa determined as , the Americans not to_be pushed back Into the "unfair itosttfon" ot lor- really l me? , **• k^i* £| The only difference Ja ii»t»\.«>'.«!_. _^*f A*.J—,-t. r—* their ment. The second proposal' relatfn»3|»; townships is to set, by legis * act, minimum requirements townships based on property^ ation, area and popnl^Jiont'" would force consolidation. * ot -' poorer townships with-adjfl units. It has been pointed*!] members of the commit certain township fixed and inevitable, reg the wealth of the toil that in townships of $1,000,000 property^ average tax rate is <Uj ately high when comp wealthier units. (2) Reoganization. School Systems—Aalde^ change in the which would nat about by revising;] township gove consideration- has:* the committee ganliaUon bill int last session, of the Senator JT

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