Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on July 8, 1963 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1963
Page 7
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Progressive Pope at right time By Doris Fleeson ROME — It is President Kennedy's great good fortune that he has been able to present himself to a progressive Pope precisely at this time. The President, regardless of the much-discussed degree of his commitment emotionally to his party program, is now compelled by events to lead a national battle for social justice. In the inlerests of avoiding nuclear war, he is forced also to continue to explore with Russia a nuclear test ban. In the other half of the Ameri can hemisphere he finds his efforts to build a military-economic defense in depth sorely handicapped by archaic social systems to which the Pope can, through his Cardinals, speak much more directly than can the United States itself. The Administration has offered to these Roman Catholic countries to the south its Alliance for Progress, but it has never gotten off the ground. Pope Paul VI has repeatedly flown his liberal colors, both during the crucial days before his election and afterward. He has reconvened the universal (ecumenical) council for late September, the earliest moment on which he can count on its being reasonably cool here. Some observers had thought he would not reconvene it at all. He has told the assembled Cardinals that he stands for what Pope John XXIII stood for. not in pious generalities but precisely and forcefully. The liberals among them are full of hope and belief. It is, of course, unwise to predict the course of a Pope in other than general terms which take conditions into consideration, exactly as with Presidents and supreme Court Justices. Also, in style the new Pope is clearly different from the predecessor to whom he has declared allegience. I John XXIII was a warm peasant 1 who disarmingly revealed that the ' idea of the ecumenical conference just "came to me." Paul VI is an aristocratic intellectual, not lacking in charm but without the common touch. With respect to Kennedy's great problems he seems wholly com milted on social justice. Ameri can Catholics cannot expect that Vatican policy will waver on the Negro effort to win racial equal ity. The South American situation requires a disturbance of existing interests and practices. But the hemisphere has 10 Cardinals some of them aged. Brazil alone has three Cardmals, and it could hardly have escaped the attention of this Pope, who has been so deeply conscious of the role of the church in a modem industrial society, that that huge country is a cesspool of social injustice. It is in such areas that the Pope's choices for the red hat will have great bearing on his real commitment and approval of United States policy. Perhaps it is pertinent to recall in connection with the College of Cardinals the old Mr. Dooley sug gestion that "the Constitution fol lows the flag and the Supreme Court follows the election returns." John XXIII took people by surprise when he proved to be the man he was. Paul VI is giving fair warning and it is just possible the Cardinals also will pay heed. The situation is less clear on Paul VI's attitude toward the Ken nedy armed coexistence with Rus sia and John XXIII's efforts to improve Vatican realationships with Communist countries. There was some "that man in the Vati can" type of criticism of the latter heard here after Commun ists made gams in the last elec tion. IN HOLLYWOOD Chen is artist for film stars By Erskine Johnson HONG KONG (NEA) — Come with me to a Hong Kong wax works where movie stars are bom with feet — and heads — of clay Romantic Shatin Valley, full of legend and scenic splendors once produced "tribute rice" for the tables of China's emperors Today its one and only notable product is the artistry of little Jack Chen, sculptor in wax of movie and television greats. As a romanticist, I could say that the finding of Jack Chen was like the accidental discovery of rare piece of jade in a Hong Kon _ shop. But it was not. It was all very businesslike. Allen Parkinson, creator of the Movieland Wax Museum Anaheim, Calif., heard about the plastic objects d' art being produced by Hong Kong Chemical Industries, Inc. He wrote the company, wonder ing if its artist could create film star likenesses in wax, from photographs. The company could with the help of sculptor Chen. First in clay and then in full figure wax, Chen has since created 30 amazing likenesses of movie and television stars for the museum. Always smiling, always bowing, personable little Jack Chen in vited me to see his wax works in Shatin Valley. The trip took only 30 minutes by auto from the busy streets of Hong Kong, but it was like going backward in time. Or, like Rod Sterling would say, "crossing over into the twilight zone." In a little clearing beside a road dividing two huge rice paddies. Jack smiled, bowed and said: "We park car here." Then he led us over the rice paddies on a narrow wooden bridge longer than a football field. The bridge was alive with aged Chinese women with bundles of firewood on their heads, fat, waddling geese and little boys on bi- STEREO HI-FI Tape Recorders *39 Save 40% AS LOW AS SELF-SEEVICE TUBE CBECKEB Materials BO-XT-yOURSELF Home Technician ELECTRONIC /WHOLESALE MART lOBS N. Waterman a'Wi Oftn 9 'lU 8 — Jkf!-^ Sundajr 10 'III 5 liSTr Bedlandi Store Bedlaodj BiTd. at Texaa St. Open 10 A.M.-8 P.M. Snndir 10 AJL -5 PJf. cycles who rang their bells fur iously as they passed us. The bridge led to high ground and to Jack Chen's studio home. His home was a narrow, neat stucco building of two levels, with a narrow stainvay leading to his upstairs studio. The studio was almost a bare room — a low workbench for his sculptor's tools, a sculptor's pedestal, and a few photos of stars he had created in wax. One of the photos was of Nancy Kwan as she looked in "Suzie Wong." Grinning, Jack gave it a low "Yankee whistle. Then, slowly, he removed a moist cloth wrapped around a newly completed clay bust on his pedestal. It was the result of three months' work. Jack said, even before being molded into wax. He stood back and let the bright sunlight of Shatin Valley spotlight his latest creation. There was no mistaking the rugged image of John Wayne. Visitors to the glamorous Movie- land Wa.>c Museum may have wondered about the Chinese "wax works." Now they know. Nine dead in crashes in Germany STUTTGART, Germany (UPI) —Nine persons, including sLx British tourists, were killed Sunday in a collision involving a tourist bus and several other ve hides. Police said three West Germans died in the collision and 29 persons, most of them bus passengers, were injured. After the crash, the bus plunged over an embankment and hit a railway 50 feet below. NOTICE OP HEABLVG OS PETITION FOB PROBATE OF WILL AND FOB LETIEKS TESTAJIENTABV No. 32732 In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of San Bernardino. In the matter of the EsUle of CHAH- LOTTE B. MCKEHSON. Deceased. NoUce Is hereby given that the petition of Maruaret N. Adams for the Probate of Wilt of Charlotte B. Nickerson. the above name<J decedent, and for the issuance of Letters Testamentary thereon to Margaret N. Adams, petitioner, reference to which is hereby, made for further particulars, -n-iU be heard at 9:30 o'clock a.m.. on Friday, July 19. 1963, in the court room of the Probate Department. Room 308 of the above entitled Court at the courthouse in the City of San Bernardino in the above designated county and state. Dated July 3. 1963. V. DENMS 'WARDLE. Clerk. By Zdia. CampbeU. Deputy Clerk. HENTON S. BRENAK, 306 East State Street, Redlands, California. Attorney for Petitioner. (First PublicaUon July 8. 1963) H & A AUTOMOTIVE Specializing In Any and All Makes of Automatic Transmissions Complete Broke & Tune'Up Service ALL WORK CUARANTEEO 625 WEST COLTON AVE., REPLANDS 793-5118 First fruit fly found, trapping program under The first Mexican fruit fly found in the state in the past six years has been discovered on the California side of the Mexican border near Tijuana, it was announced recently by the State Department of Agriculture. It is the fear of this particular disastrous agricultural pest, plus others, that initiated the "flytrap" program in San Bernardino county where 250 of these traps are already in place. Raymond M. Schneider, county agricultural commissioner, reports there are two traps at each of the 125 locations in the valley and that these are checked weekly by inspectors. The objective is to determine quickly if harmful insects infiltrate the state so that counter measures can be taken immediately. The inspectors not only have to be alert for the Mexican fruit fly but the Mediterranean fruit fly, melon fly. Oriental fruit fly, European cherry fruit fly, olive fruit fly and the South American tomato fly. They also check for the Japanese beetle in separate traps scattered throughout the county. Robert \V. Harper, chief of the State Bureau of Entomology, said the Mexican fruit fly found near Tijuana was captured in one of the traps placed along the border as part of a cooperative project to gurd against the pest in both to guard against the pest in both California and Baja California. Mexico. He noted that the Me.xican fruit fly could become a major pest of many varieties of fruits grown way commercially in California if it ever gained a toehold in the state. Redlands Daily Facts Monday, July 8. 1963 - 7 way commercially in California if it ever gained a toehold in the state. MAKES HISTORY DOUGLAS, Isle of Man (UPI) —Queen Mother Elizabeth made history Friday by presiding over the annual open air session of the Isle of Man ParUament, the oldest such legislative body in the world. It was the first time that a woman had presided over the parliament at the ceremony, which goes back more than 1,000 years. POPE VISITS CARDINAL VATICAN QTY (UPI) - Pope Paul VI left the Vatican Sunday night to pay a visit to ailing Clemente Cardinal Micara, his vicar for Rome. It was the Pope's third trip out of the Vatican since his election last month. MAKES HISTORY DOUGLAS, Isle of Man (UPI) —Queen Mother Elizabeth made history Friday by presiding over the annual open air session of the Isle of Man ParUament, the oldest such legislative body in the world. It was the first time that a woman had presided over the parliament at the ceremony, which goes back more than 1,000 years. SALE STARTS TONIGHT, JULY 8th 5:00 P.M. JULY MEN'S WEAR CLEARANCE if s VALUE TIME af LEVINE'S and YOU are miTED! All Sale Merchandise From Our Regular Stock of Famous Name Brands • SUITS fOlsons Ham Brands values »<» ^ ^ ^ Fashioned of the finest wools or wool and docron. enc nn " Fashioned of the finest wools or wool and docron. 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