Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 2, 1952 · Page 6
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 6

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1952
Page 6
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Briefs in ihc Nrws Begin Takiup^ PublU School Census in Eslhvrrillv Miirri;i^c Liciiisc Issued The Hchooi < • ri' ij: i;, II • i: ' r . viilf; Rf.ho'j! \,','.':> ' t, rnorriint' by ' < r. •':'-t,i,:. ; . Arii' and Shirl'y I-i.-m-. A!)i::< .-.i •work>'d nx ;i c r.!--u • •i 'v.', • : , :-gO. T),'- r'-r. ; i i,. liui. ii i Fined for .S |Hi '{|in^ Jay Sti i 1 111 <t i' •• , till. MO :rnd <o:-:- ;i,n. t In • 'I , ii tv to H \ti-*-r\in^ in Mi'.oi I';if, JIo. ^jrd'r^ cour' to'l;i"-' ; A P. V.-, I,. An,, .Vi'W ( ars I.iccnscd .1 ,1 II' ,,,.1 A.-I, I'M I I'.'i.i., I Gratcliil for ('oopfration ' I.. . .-'.I. I ;-' »:•!.•: •. i-i .M""-' I'III* «•-.> I >:>.• >l" li Mint ri-. 11.,.Ml. fi i Personal .Mention i .MrH, I''. .M. Uii Itns.i mill nnit Koli• II "f "iiii.liii VI- I. .1 I • I.. j . I,.! u-iih Ml - I. N iii'l STEEL B'-t.i Kini.-i !')ii ni'inl'ii: in' Srati-ful for tli' <-OI)|M i .il inn mi'l h<-Ip t.tii.y |i-r. ivi'l I MIIII m.iiiv J.ii. frifniis iir.d 1,,; inci ; t,..ii .in rnukint; |,i .••^irii nt i'H, "f n,. : yii iiiid Mrs. /.ill IJ.rrUiill and Cdnc Adarivi S I K.V.- tli- it, Kit-, w i.l i- <:ii-M.-r. .lis' "> w.nji Tll'y nr.' i-,.-I,.' lull' ;• l • l • I nl , .-il 1. ml ti;. w.,|.iir,. -I l,.:n,.: Ml to tin- Joyce Lllliil,. I- Co K i •. D l ,|. n' i,! I,, l.,i. P.- i i, l-.ri- A/.l.\.V ;,.\J)I> \.N/J I-IZXBKTH SCOTT co-star in Hall Wallis' i:..| .\!..,w,'.iir: " 1':. I irnoijr.t nliasc showing at thp Grand It.. Ill 1 'IT ii.'. ihioT-'!, Ti.ur.-d.-iy. This Technicolor advcr.tur.- .1, i;ii, ti.. 1 , i-.r.'! nil,-- '..oi.r,'. '-pisod.- in the fabulous carter of a , .!_•,., I'..:.: ';-i.i' ;.-r:-i-,! tried to ccnqucr th.j wcjt. .Muflie SfO." . the f)ielild K.'.tl.i'i viiie i;,. ei,;„,,,.• .....l t. <"iianiher of ('oinni.-i <•. nie ill -1 ' JACK CREEK Ml Cars in Collision CaiK driven \y .I..I111 K lliiu'i of rural K. K I I HI vill,- :.i,.| K, :,,|,| Mi .1. Kifiit >.r K -ili. I vil). , olli.l.d :,i lO-'J-l [I III >i-l.iil,i-.. iiiei.idinr I', ciiy p<diee r.'i»oTl^ lo'I I'. 7'ii' nil haji oreured mm Ih- int .-i .s. < 1101, of Ciiilr.-il ami Niiitli I MII. Mu^;lie..; vva.'i iieadiiu: iioiiii i.ii ."".'oi- th N'i;)I)i -slM'. I aiuj Mirninr \v. .1 onto ("eiit a'. .11 a. « hi:. Sit i ;i iippioai hin^ from Ih. I'.n '.\'as iii, al.le to Mr.p 111 1,111. 1.. ...irl Ih <olliiion. 'rii.' re.if h,,:,if,.i aid shield of th. Hiudie-- . n, .-.. j. ,h-i,; ftiivtl, .a nioiirit in^' U> an .Hf in, .'I $0. 7'),.' .^ifiii ear ua'. iindan,;,;'. ,1 Mr. and .Mrs^ \erii ^Miiaii had; (.. :• ,1" • ! ' oil, I-"M.ia ,. I.I i S,ll.da\ -l-l;. '. •. Ml- N- -i.-l, riK.lii. 1 .Ml - v.- M V\-. •••••• h< 1 hi..' >,. I ,1. 1-, , i.d : •. I -M ' I 1: I" 1-- ..l • ' f e ( eeil JC'j;i:s atte/ldefl . ofMflielH •'• 11,. 1,1 .-•.••ill.-. - : I ',1 a. I. ,.; • i-'i (J.I;. .1. .ili: : .'1 I.a- 1.. 1-1.- ... J ; • I. 1.. Il, 1;. -III-. ••! .-'(.ii;' H- 1' • , .1. .d a !', A a rid jo.i I na ii .<n. I. a. h .Mid, • rail-111 10,1 • .Ml l;. ' ' I l-:i,:-.l 1 1, at L- l-:r:. Mr and Mr -fi'J IV.., li tuu ' .*. I !; 1: I-'o' -• Kia k-.,i. V!i a:.,i y.: K .^-n Ma .-a ,!.•! I e.v- .n o' fi .•••,. - vi-it. d f/.r. nti.l V.*: :. M ,-or. ;o.:i.- fr-,::r Th.j; -d -. .1 -d V TI.-- ur-.j-- •- a • - : M .l.d .Ml - Hi 1.- -• • • I.unehpon Guests. Hel<;n and Annie Welsh wire; Tuesday afternoon luncheon g-ues-.i' Merlin I'hillip^ .at the hom- of Mr. and Mrs. Ar; • .Ml .r.d . N! M i'-:r.!-f,n and Mrs. Anna Risk. .:r..: }.:• - ij '^n ; ; Mr and M:.« Byrle Felkev c- accompanied by ilr and M;.- Jame.« Ellorston .«pen* .S .'.jrdav evenins; in Fairmont Moie peopli- criirmt - ui a folk tiian •.vjtli a krof- Mrs. I.ditli <>dkisrtri and D'liin i flilki '.n lelaii.'d lo "a. 11 i.-.a:. .r KH-M'"!!.- S ^.-•.•^da•. .:i.-i i!'f>f ( • t •• ar th' r'.- 'Mk.-^e-. i,.,li.. II,' I, >-i • r: Ml- f':,-;i <;•! Seek* N«'\> Trial ill--- P-a- ASK YOURSELF THISI TWO QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU FINANCE YOUR NEXT CAR Ar —Do I v/ant lov.'-coHt financing that will Have nnc monf-y''.' —Do 1 want to place the* insurance with my own local in.sur- ance agent—.scj I can ;zet in touch with him immediately when needed? If your answer to hoth these questions i.s "ye.-;. ' .set u.s before you finance your next car. . Iiit^r<-st, Payable .Semi-annually Iowa Irusl & Saviiig.s Bank V'-IU! Clf•:»•,.>.!"•• •'••••'}icf\ n\, to ^1 t,i>, I miMKH'. Hi- •lill i I 1)1 /'. 1. -1. /; \ f - V - f I. ^ r The Weather on I( lAI. TKMPKKATIKK- rOlJ~ \S KATIIKK IDW \ t OKI-f A> r MISNf.-OIA tOKf.r A»7 J': NJJ>- HI.Mil '^ll|»l|. Slll'i fill! f^Utlt.Ui f rii'i • \' I It Alai, ^ oMt.;- lijfiuh Kh>/»» ltidj« rl .Merrill TUESDAY THRU THURSDAY PLUS: "Test Pilot Donald" ''^r Contlnurd frvm pajicv t vetoing of laws he thir.k* b.^J the constitution i-< r.I•:t^vr •.".vr". nor equivovaJ a'-out wh.^ make laws which the J^v<..'.i;r.; to execute." s * -.• BL.\CK SAID th- po^v r .. r pre."is to adopt "sai-'h p..;Mic :-o".\.-t< a5 those procLaim-xi bv th* t'^t:!; dent's ord'T is b<yov.jL He Went on; "It can au':hjriik- ta* {3ii :rri private property for ou^io I* can make Uiw^ rejuUtini tfii- rvU tion^hip-s befA 'een .fKipU^N-^'f A.".! employ.-ps. prei,-rtbir,.<: r'l'.if v'-^- -sipned to 5et ;!e Ubor dis;-'.::--* fi.xm; wases and wvr'iir.i c-.-r-i • tions in certain fields uf c-.:r ^O-T.- on-.y. The con .5t :tu'.icr. did r..-- <-i>- ject this liw-makir.,,: rc-.v'.-r .-.-r- ;;re-«,'! to Ff'«'-'i<i<"t:A' or r.i::;tj.--y <-^- pvrviiion or contrcL •It 1- ?aid thit cth-r Without conirr••=^•<:o-i; i_':>..-r-.:> have tak-T. FCs-jejsuT. cf r—.-.itf !-usin--55 <r.t-:r-r-iej :r. j-rit-T tc f;".- tM labor duirutf^. "But even :f tni? b^- tr^:- cv^ ETe «3 ha^ no; thery-'ry :t.« txclj- con5t :t-jt:o=.i; i«th^r:-.y n-.a.k.> laws re-,-• ss-ir;.' rr-T.^: :c carry- out the pcw-rf t-Taf-.^i >y constitution the scv-frr.^---: cf the Ur.ite-i State?, cr »ny d-:-^.- or offi,-er th-cre-c^f." j; r*. -THE FOrXDERS c'. tr.j r.'.- tion ea:rti»t-'d the Uw ~.ij::ri: rc-n-- er to the co-;>af? ::i ^..-th r-»ci and bad t;n-.t« It w-.-uli cc CO so:<! to rc<il'. thr hi5t^r,.-,C Calendar of Events Ttmixhi .:>.:••.•.•.* M».>^v.^* •<>•.': >r f^;nv',> .a! : «.> .-. Vi ,>i- \ .•':.;>. K'tf IVrttrw ^ WwAr t X V. -a '.V'^iwr.;'; :ot.-. ^/sar -.f.' '•..-.v.-.-f .sT y.:-«. ;A\aj-,* TK^U'-. M % '."i.aT \t.a", o^.>f€a».-f- ^s5. V''.--i»*,f l> ?N*»>t^'S?- ;.' x.r- Vi **T M>W I JL W *•»!.>> : V- -•• At -yt X-.T.-iY .^r Vi-s. )i.-r -T.£ F..-,r. ,-Ji?. 'T?.f..-;'.aT. .v! thf ^.-..rt:-. t^ \ I*..; • : X 7. r.-. At thf .-^^::•.••h >,.-..-. .r..i >£•.-«< >£j>r^.a- Kr-nfif S-p-ari- -••.'r-fi tr^ Missj.a:; .-ir.-Jrf. Siviftl OrArr tJx- BMkooeounl. : .t.i T. r.-. At th.- Xt.<,.«.-.r.!,- h*.; .< r.-. Ir. the 1 O O F hi.:; Mr-?. K-'.? M;lJer j%rf«.-.-.r .s K;f.-- :;.-r. .f .'_<isir.-.h:y c.rr3«:-s Cr.tcr- Tffr .--5 .hnr>fr.t.?. TTednesfiay R O^J U Neirttbnrs of .\nwrMW. T 7. r.-. At th* I O O F h.Cl A:: —.t—birf pKiiif hr-.-f -ut(Ti- r.--v the V«^•l1el^ »vand Trac' tt.-.' fAv .'."•inventi<yn tVM*» JlA<yib* UitWi--^ K<«>M<« S. Til ^M- held in the lUplt «.. >-.vM ms/lit ^rinTift Ticket* m»y K- rfl7ivh»»r*vi fi>'>m the Otrl ^ r. m. At the X'ei's club. Ue.j;\i- iM rrnftini: Tileftye nete oh^npv in <1.vte ttn /i m.v-iinR H.-'rt- /•sufs Wii" T->«nk Olte>. Wrs. 'Biivh. Mrs H MM-N- Ijoewen- >v^i-t, K;-* .tf'bn ,>'rtn. XTrw. WiMfisvi v'iNhf"!. Mi-s v""*!'? !S\nfr- ^n•l.'•h M "r«<. JiiIi.H Shell ren, Mrs. Torvderiim. Wi-s. ^Vl1!KM^ M.-wre. Wf* Wh\-fiMVi A»i<*Ars«Mft. •i so f> m At the hikTl wwdi- t .->;!uTr, Spe.-'iRl tlJi|;' flnfl pt-Hs-\ ! i .-e h\- Wmnnei \"'ATn "Oli<lste<t v.h.-v>i .hiMren. p n -i R(>frji1ftT Ti-i.-v-tin(r. Tvif-mher AsVfVi to brint wwo- ; thjnf fv>r the Mste cwivention j 1v)fs-tie>n M rtele(:»t*>s f,^^ the ,«.t*te o»wx-ent7.-)n xnlJ he hpM. ln-,7Virtj>r.t ttijAl *11 meriih<T}: he 7.r«<eT.t.. 1.4jTick hy ^'mmittfe. h .airt i-is.«es Mrs CW^Mfe MHtlt-r, Mt-s. N .arx-.RTi M»-.rie. Mr*-. Cletuj Ke^ ch.. Mis* Anns Andersaon, Mrs. J. .T WaMron fcnd Mriv Oty.- XJcJv cilwn. Country Onb I JM II OS !»»>•, ir *P p. n-.. W The Country ch;b. Lt:ncheor. foDowed by poU and bndce. Finds Bodies of f Couple in Park New York, June 2 O-Pi—A stroller in Continl park yesterday came upon the bodies of a man and woman lylnp four feet apart. Police found on the t>odlea t\to notes written on one sheet of paper. Both were to the same cffectt ••Cannot live together and are not )rolnK to live apart . , . hope wT wUl be burled together as one." A .4ft caliber automatic pistol lay nearby. IVliee iM \ld it appeared that Loui!> KiKArry, about 3(t and married, h»iii killed Mrs. Juanlta Rivera, a <iiwrx-ve alH >ut 30, with two shots snd then kilW himself with a shot in th<> mouth. «n argument is the best wivy to low * friend. Kstht-rxillo, laxsi^ Daily News Mon.. June 2, 1952 6 •s of jo-.v-t-r .-.r-d Visit at Ceylon. Mr and Mi.« Jim Ed-.vard.s vi«II ed lacer.tiy at th>- home of M.-. ,ind Mr.s Wiimont Ed-.vard." at Cev- lon. .M:nn- VOTING^ flteninjj CaJlers. Mr. and Mr.s. Ar; Hanson and i Mr.s. Anna Risk -.vt re Tuesday ev - . • il ! r..ns: Cillers at the home of Mr and • .- i Mr." Vernon Johnson. \y.:::.-.rr. H X3cho!a-«. one of th.-ee i rir.i;d5.t,:i^ for the F.ep-jbhcan i There are 165 daily new-spapers r.or .-.:n3t :cT. for p-avemor. and in; in Great Britain. I>-: 5 Mo:r.-: -uras voting reportt-d — hii-.i.r than m 15W Mason City ar.d rw= Moines both had cloudy ] ^ Attend \Veddin5. Jamejr WeL-^h. He!..n and Ann:-; . V,"e;..:h attended the wedding and r' ception of IJuane Dallman and • llarilyn Tfjrre.son Sunday -afternoon -.vhich t'ok place in the Wall-, ir.sford Lutheran church. hof-s for frf^os; thit Uy >*h:-c th-ir choice. S--ch a rev-lew -a-c-.^ld h-jt confirm our holdinp thl? .••"irure crc-^r cannot 5t .s-d. "The jUdrmert cf the. c.<:r.ct co'-r-; J5 aff;:~<-d " "or the d:5.sent^ri Chief Ju?^i:t Vinion .'aid co-urti rr.iy ' :-:h;nd a Pr''~-^:<i^Ti''s Tindini: tc- 5er i=-h*th- er a real ^-^.^ncy exist?." V:n=^on wrct^. "but. there is not th-- .slj- skif? fca =i5 for -'urrestir.r thit the Th-: hallctins: was .=potty at President's findinr in this case can Chtirle? City, where the weather i b- -.;" j was r< port-d as "s-jnny and I Vinson said the niir.onty felt ' '•'•arrn " Four precincts reported '!lT-d to register a d-l-ssent "l.-c- I votinp ranped from lipht to hea\-T.-. ' caus" -a - cannot apree that affir-1 T^e only other exception to the i rr.ance is proper on any ground. |-"^^ ploomy weather was at and h---ca-use cf the trans.cendinp | ^orx Dodpe. where conditions were i.ttpor.ance of the ouestions pre-! "^''^-ed - id al." Election officials' ."-nted not only in t'nis critical lit About SO million people visited the r. S. national forests for recriv C«ntino<sd IroBJ paurc 1 ! -Mional purposes in 1951. Tho REXALL DruK Stoiri HJtH Sure Kill ANT SYRUP Guaranteed to rid the pi-emises of ants in 24 hours. 4-oz. BotUe 35c THE7I^DRUG STORE Callers in Ber\en Home. M.-- Art Hanjfan and Mrs. Antui ; P.-.-k ••<•-••-. I: Friday c-venin;.- calierj • ;M. name of Mr. and Jfr.-. Geo.--' B-rv-n i (.olden Wedding. Ml .-ind Mr.";. Art<;n Sun- r.Cfti the 50th v.-j^ldin;; ari- r.iv--rs-i.-y of Judge and Mrs. N. J. it t.n-ir home in Esthervilie. l<-a\e> for Mjehiean. ; M.'f Art H-insi-.n. ace rr.panied' • V Kej. - V.-. lih. took Mr.--. Anna i Jl-jk \: Err..-r.etj.'-yj: g -where sh j.Jt tra.n for her home in Tren-j •',r. M.fh. to -.-i.'^it her dauphttri •..r.d fh.-r.ily Mr. and JL' FS. Olen; Sr.'..-.'. Mr" R:?k ha« been vie;tin3 : ,: a t.rr.' -..-itt her sist'rr and f.-im- .y Mr HT.-i M:.'-.. Art Hanjioa and -. It/, 'y.!.' .' reJative.- .'patjon but also to the powers the President 'sici and of future Pres-! idents to act in time of crisis.'' * * K VIN.SOX SAJD. -Those -K-ho sup-1 pest that this is a case invoK-inp extraordinary powers should be mindful that these are exlraordin- ari,- times." He then reviewed world tensions, citinp that the United Nations was formed to take collective measures to maintain peace and security, and that the North Atlantic treaty- binds each memr-er nation to resist an aj-med attack apainst any mem- J>er nation. Vinson gaid. "our treatie.s repre- .said votine in Fort Dodpe was "averape."' but indications were th-it ballotinp wa.s pickinp up as the dav propre-^sed. * * * IN DES MOINE.S and Polk county, votinp was. reported fairly hea\-y-. altho'jph not in record pro- portion.s. Election officials said ballotinp wa.s c<iual with or ahead of 19.^0 fipures despite early morn- I inp showers at about the time the polls opened. .Sioux City A .spot check of \ larper precincts in various paits of the city showed early votinp was considerably less than in 1950 or 194S primaries. The weather w-as warm and with lipht to i moderate showers forecast for af-! UOLUVEK. Wj.h corr.patea r.-r work -«t th« I-'oIJiver hatchery on iiatur- c<-y iXid '^epan -Aork it the Bob V.'iiJii.'.e (tare at Fairrr.ont on Mon- cay. Mn VL-'.V.'JT: Chiprriin. who haJ! ',-. u&derpojcp niedjcaj treataient V, Holy F'a-'.'iiiy r o.-pitaJ lor the ,oa>* Vi <l-ayi. returnee riOme on .Hat- urCisy , Mr a.j,d M:t Jack Eenjarnin and M; i.-)d Mm. Koi.*i-t Himon left T'-eji'jisy for a fe-,^ day* of Jiishinp e: l^-iY' Koronit, Minn. M.-1 Harold Y .u-a;i\i and f-on'., jyear. a.-,d I.ior;-»Jd returned Friday f.'or:. Io-/.'a ^,*:ty where the V JVI; had f/. • ,-; 'jr.dejpoir.p < xarninatJoriK at tr.. ';MVe)l--;ly h-»!.p!ta!. I,:. Joe Eek'r.a.'t ha-ii concluded i.,h fj.'lojph at tf.e hornt- of hin 1 r/.otr.ei Mr> Oiive Eckhart and f'^jrtxi i'jt' duty at Camp Caraon Colo. sent not merely lepal oblipations. ar,d niphl. but »how conpressional recopnition that mutual oecurity for the free •world is the security the threat of agprc-Ksion on a global Kale." Vmfcon cited the government's arpu.T.ent that pea^e is precarious I and then revjew-ed the role of maximum Fteel production in the nation's defense program GRAETTUSGER Ban Activities On Jewish Sabbath Tei Aviv. Israel. June 2 ,/?e-Tel Aviv's municipal council banned operation of taxis on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath, and ordered no ocncerts. movies or theatJ -r performances be held Friday night or Saturday. The action followed the j stoning and burning of taxis and The First Lutheran churcn edi-[ private automobiles in the last sev- fice u! being painted on the exter- j era! monthjs by Sabi^ath zealots, ior by volunteer work from the nr.en of the congregation. The birthday anniversary of Mm. P«obert Vasey Sr. was pleasantly olj««rved Thursday aiternoon. May j 22 when friends and relative* came i for an informal coffw party. Mrs. I Va»e-j- received a nice assortment ! of gift* and cards in remembrance I of the oc'janion. Out of txjwn guest ' •was her daughter. Mrs. P.ob«-rt ' Oeyer o) Vista.. Calif . who with Mr. Geyer IB here on a visit. When Will it Stop? Me have placed un ii-duy clock in our tclndow. It will start running at I'i Noon, W' M I.,..Jun« 4. The one fX-TSon who comes closest to e«ti- rnatinji the time the clock will stop will re- c<;ive One $7.00 Book of TicketH for Keil Sox Ball GumeH FKEE! Come in and register, G. W. Robinson To Confer D<*gree.s Grinnell iT"--Five honorary degrees will be conferied by Grinnell college at it« June 8 commencement. Re^cipients will include Dr. Car! J. Friedrich. Harvard university; the Rev. Nelson I. Baxter, Bioux City; Gerard .S. NoMen, Des Moines; the Rev. Hudson Pittman, lyiK Angeles, and Dr. Earle D. I P^SB, Iowa State college. THIS IS THE END We are through hatching Baby Chicks. BUT — we still have some nice STARTED CHICKS ON HAND. Come in at once and get yours now while we still have some chicks on hand. Woodley s Hatchery South 6lh St. Esthervilie 1IIE CUBYSLtH IMPERIAL 6.PASSENGEa SEDAN \OU'LL FIND IT EVEN BETTER THAN YOUVE HEARD!.. It's been many yean since • new car has eattied as much talk today's Chrysler Imperial has. What you may not realize U l>ow lone it's been aince • car gave to many reaaon* (or excited talk as thi« one. May we invite you to drive and test tba beat and mo*( vorth-oumitm tnifitu on the road today? (Chryiler'a maKoifioeot sew 180 H.P. FirePower V-8.) May we invite you to liandle the *a$ie$l and $af$H iUerino wheel In existence at the roomant? (dtrysler'a /uU- Um Power SteerioK.) May we invite you to try out brakes which require at Utile as one-third the usual foot-presRure, and still stop you in many feet less than other cars do? (Chrysler Power Brakes.) May we invite you to sit on the most comfortable seat ctuhions, and enjoy the (ullqst window vision you can find? May we invite you to ride on the rough-road miracle of the Oriftow shock absorbera which only Chrysler-built cara have? May we invite you to driv a Chrysler Imperial... and learn how much you'd miss, and deeply r««re(, if you boughk another car today without knowing tt^ one first? We ... and Imperial by Chrysler.,» are at your service, any time, CHRYSLER THE FINEST CAR AMERICA HAS YET PRODUCED Donovan Motors. 203 N. Sijrth Street Across from Postoffice ; — EsthervUIe, Iowa

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