Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 2, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1952
Page 5
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(Dally News photo anil engravltiK) DUST TO DUST AND ashes to ashes was tho old Biblical story retold here as the truck pictured above burned near Gruvor early ...Saturday morning. The truck, loaded with 17.000 pounds of tank­ age, caught fire when the driver attempted to reach town with a flat.tire.' The truck is owned by the Animal By-Products company Of Alpha, Minn. The Gruver fire department answered the call and put out the blaze. -Local Marketa- Soybeanis, Corn, Flax Take Drop Corn, soybeans and flax all took drops on today's local grain market. New com and flax were down three cents, old corn and soybeans ;a'i3enny. Produce prices were unchanged. GRAIN Old com $1.66 Ne wcorn - $1-62 Soybeans $2.81 Oats (36 lbs.) - 74o Flax $3.67 Qtttrea Orain Coaipany Oruver, Hiutlngton. Maple Hill FRODUCE Sweet cream ,No. 1 JZ No. 2 73o ™ 71c .... 69c Henneries' 31c No. 1 26c • No. 2 - 23c Straight run 27c .Hens, under 4% lbs lOc Hens, 4% lbs. and over 13c jHeavy cockn 10c 'Leghorn, leghorn cross cocks ..-.So i Sioux City Livestock Sioux City, June 2 (i<P>—Today's Sioux City livestock market quotations: Cattle salable 9,500; calves 800; slaughter steers and heifers slow, best reliable early outlet for light weight steers about steady; not enough weighty steers to establish market; water fills liber­ al;'cqws moderately active, steady; ! vealerV-sflktcc; 'stockcrs and fced- ,ers"very slow; early sales fully 50 lowqr; scattered sales choice yearling steers $32-$33; average to high choice 33.B0;%load mostly high choice to low prime around lOSO lb. avoragas $34; commercial and good i$27-$31; some commercial offerings around $25-$26; few lots good and • choice heifers $30-31.80; some commercial around $26; utility and commercial cows $22-24.50; few youpg|Commerclal $26-25.50; can- nere ahcl autters $18-21.50;- scattered sales good stock steers $31-$34; load around 625 lb. averages $35; small lots around 700 lb. stockors on the two way order 32.50; load stock steer calves $36; 64 head around 6 to 8 year old Wyoming icows with good and choice calves at side $275 per pair. Hogs salable 9,500; rather slow; .butchers and sows unevenly 26 to mostly 60 lower than general selling Thursday; butcher."t top 65 lower than Thursday limited extreme Choice 1 to 3 barrows and gilts around 190-240 lbs. 20.60-20.85; latter for rather liberal supply choice 1 and 2 around 200-235 lbs. to order buyers; packer limit 20.60; choico 1 to 8*8 around 240^70 lbs. $20-20.80; 270-300 lbs. $19-$20; latter price including load uneven weight 281 lb. average; 300-360 lbs. 17.50-19.20; few big weights around 17.25; good and choice 100-160 lbs. 19.25-$20 on feeder and scrum account; choice sows under 260 lbs. $18-$19; 360-400 lbs. 17.50-18.25; 400-500 lbs. $18-17.75. Chicago Livestock Chicago, June 2 (.ff")—Traders in hogs cleared the largest supply in five weeks with prices no more than steady to mostly 25 cents lower today. Cattle were steady to 50 cents lower and sheep steady to 50 higher. DOLLIVER SlVERUm Eleven High School Seniors Get Diplomas BY Bins. V. I.. miALKN Eleven seniors were graduated from the Dolllvcr high school In Commencement exercises held in the high school auditorium May 14. Tho program was as follows: Processional, "Pomp and Circumstance," Sheryl Knutson; invocation, the Rev. C. K. Hudson; "Dance of the Leaves," Girls' glee club; address, Carl T. Fulhavcr, superintendent of schools at Fort Dodge; "Hails of Joy," high school mixed chorus; presentation of class, Supt. W. F.; presentation of diplomas, Gerald Richards, president of board of education; recessional, "War March of the Priests," Sheryl Knutson. Graduating were Beverly Bcbo, Viola Claliaugh, Marilyn Butterfield, Kmma Jean Evans, Sarah Hunt, Irene Neppl, Mary Rezac, Gcraldlnc Sampson, Fred Simon, Kenneth Steele and Shirley Yacklo. Class colors wore green and white, class flower, white rose; class motto, "I Will Either Find a Way or Make One." DoUlver Personals. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stow and Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Stow left on Thursday for a 10-day vacation and fishing trip at Gull Lake, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. John^Kono accompanied Eldo Harder to Keystone on Friday to spend the week end at his home there. Mr. and Mrs. Vic Whalen and Melvin Hunt returned on Monday from a few days, of fishing at Pelican lake, Minn. Mr. andMrs. W. F. Cass and family left on Saturday for a visit with relatives at New Albin. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Tvcdte, Mr. and Mrs. Barney Roscnow and George Rosenow of Earling spent the week end fishing at Lake Ida near Alexandria, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Vic Whalen spent Sunday at the Hugh Mnrlow home at Lono Rock. TODATS CROSSWORD PUZZLE SHck 'Em Up Answ«r to Previous Puzzle HORnBONTAL 1 Chewing — 1« sUcky /4Stickto(«thw aAdheslvt~* tasxut 3 Musical giouad hominy tltMlOV«S wMpons •Caudal ippandages tfubttln Mriy C^Uan lOKod lHjStoclcini •s disaiten is Salt MBaalbr an|«rtd UConnlvar S Qintury plants \ \ PIKW out U^darworM IT Pro(«««lonal eoum WLiiht colon , jTnavlan ssRagt OM who .^diiputat ' JCoatlyMe^ .JtaiaTmaUirt ITShdut S^Stthl loif' Mothci's t\ay gue«tii in tin- Olive Kumii:i homi' wort- Mr. and Mro. Kirhard Kvimba, Sherman and Mardclla, Mr. and .Mrs. Ashlon Woods and family nnd Mr, and Sfra. Jake Kumbn and Mi. and Mr«. fJi'orge Kumbn and family. .Mr. nnd .Mr.<<. Wnlter DHVi.s had their <hildri-n all liome foi Mi>- tlicr'." day dinner .Sntuidn.v. Mr. and Mm. Vernnn Juhl nnd Duane. Mr. fjid Mm. Von Furrar iind Tur- 111a, Mercer Davis nnd Lyle Dean. Also there were Mr. and Mrs. Lewl.s Johnson of Tcrrll nnd Mr. and Mrs. Ray Johnson nnd children. Mrs. Mercer Davis was aick with a throat infection and flu. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hintz and sons of Everly, Mrs.XLIiile Shotl and Betty Shott. all of Fenlon. were Mother's day guests In the George Thomas home. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hashrook were week-end guest.i In the home of her brother, Fred McMullen. and family. Mrs. A. C. Bringlr and Susan were Friday afternoon visitors in the J. J. Prohaska and Mrs. Louise Hasbrook home. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Prohaska attended funeral • services for Mr. Prohaskn's cousin, Mrs. Mary Graves of Glldden, recently. Mr. .ind Mrs. J. J. Prohaska, Mrs. Mabel Lambert, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hcick were dinner guests in the Kenneth Butler home and helped Gwen Butler celeliratc her birthday. May, 9. John, Butler spent Friday and Friday night with hia grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Prohaakn. Mr. and Mrs. Vern Westgate and family nnd Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Duckworth of Iowa Falls spent Mother's day week end in the home of their sister and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. George Show and family. Mrs. Guy Simpson took her eighth grade pupils on a picnic to Ft. Defiance park lost Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Chappell of Boise, Ida., called at the parental Amell Arndt home on their way to Minneapolis whore Orvllle was called to see his brother, who is critically ill. They returned home Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Arndt and family were guess in the Amiel Arndt home. Mr. nnd Mrs. Floyd Hoovel and girls were guests in the J. H. Barton home last Sunday and also evening callers In the Simon Knutson home. They visited Mr. Hoo- vel'a parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Hoovel. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Tow and family of Bergen, Minn., were last Friday guests in the Floyd Hoovel home. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tatman, Marlene, Connie and Doren, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tatman, Michael nnd Kath.v, Mr. and Mrs. George Leln inger and Vickey spent Sunday in tho home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tatman. The occasion was in honor of Mrs. Tatman's birthday. Miss Darlene Davis loft Monday morning for Des Moines to start worlt at the Bankers Life Insurance company. Mrs. Art Lynch spent last Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Billy Quinn nnd family at Esthcrville. Tho Rev. and Mrs. Howard Peterson and family and Janice Hou gc visited Sunday afternoon in the parental Martin Petersen home and Leo Peterson home. Tho Junior-Senior banquet was held at the Blue room in tho Gard- Bton hotel May 13. The theme was Tropical Dreams. Tho menu was game of the jungle, snowy flake dreams diced bamboo, llllikuc and taro cokcand papa mango ice cream, cocoa nut milk and flower nector. The room was decorated in the class colors of the seniors, apple green and silver. The program, toastmaster Serman Kumba; welcome, Mary Reuland; music; tribute to seniors and faculty, Don Weeks; looking forward to being a senior, Jean Reuland; changing schools, Dolores Fredericks; claas history, Linus Smith; class prophecy, Fritz, Umscheid; class will, Eleanor M'ncr; music, Arlenc Hougo, Donna Kicmpa, Mardellc Show and Bob Graff; thank you Juniors, Jane Inbody. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Erpolding and family of Esthervllle and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Case were visitors in tho Charles Seellnger home. Mr. and Mrs. I. P. Clark left Friday for a gathering at tho Charles Stanley home at Grundy Center. On their way they visited Mr. Clark's nephew and family, tho Merril Clark family at Oraettinger, They then went on to Bode, la., and spent the night in the Paul Wade home. Tho Wades and Clarks and Mrs. Hannah Wade went on to Grundy Center where they met Jay Wade of Techamah, Neb. Mrs, Wade and her four children were together the first time in aevcral years. Mr. and Mrs. James Howard of 1 Classified Ad-Writing to 10,000 Customers Personal 17 YEARS AGO June 2. 1935 Released by Boston Braves, Babe Ruth's big league playing career began nnd closed with Boston. SA.VPKRS ICE CREA.\r CO- 202-1-4 Want To Buy WANTED- ;0-lnvh Mcy.le. phonr l.lfllW John WU1\-20 Want To Rent 14 EVERY DAY in mnny a way you'll ii.sp Finn Foam to lighten cleaning, rugs especially. Martin Fui^ nlture. 202-5-4 BRAISED TENDERLOIN TIPS on tonst, mashed potatoes. SOc. DUTCH MAID LUNCH 202-1-4 DIcklns visited Mr. nnd Mrs. Bob Gibson, Sunday. The Howards were neighbors to Mrs. Qibaon's parents when she was a small girl. PETERSBURG 1 unaarwor 25 Cupola aeMtsUlce 37 Publications m Famous, city In Nevada' ' aSPoaiits 31 Weirder 33Catl<ln 38 Dress 40Froclt 41 Property item 43 Injure ^ 43 Norwegian capital 44 Followers 40 Fruit drlnka 47 Christmas wol 48Dull color;' 50 Frequently Family Dinner At Home of Lesler Pelersens By MR.S. JOHN WIK.SKUH Thi> Lester Petersen home was the scene of a family gathering Sunday. Those who enjoyed dinner were: Mrs. Bertha Gilbert, Mrs. Clnrn Gilbert. Mr; and Mrs. Arthur Nnsb.v. Mr. nnd Mrs. Louis Heav- erl and Marsha, Mr. nfld Mrs, Gladys Gilbert nnd Lois, Mr. and Mrs. Dnrrel Gilbert and Cher!, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Gilbert nnd Daniel of Mlnnonpolis, Mr. nnd Mrs. Lloyd Gilbert nnd Mary of Winona, Minn KntertAlns Hobby Club. Mr-s. John WIcskus entertained the Hobby club at tholr homo Wednesday evening. Several contests were enjoyed. Members present were Mrs. Melven Dorr, Mrs, Loren Shelgren, Mrs. Lloyd Naaby, Mrs. Jiimes Holmes, Mrs. L. C. Allen, Mrs. Kenneth Udon, Mrs. Paul Poyntcr, Mrs. I-*ster Petei-sen, Mrs. Melvin Rasmussen, Mrs. Claude Rasmusiien and Mrs. Roy Rasmua- sen. Mrs. Harold Petersen was unable to attend. Mrs. WIeskus gotv- cd a dessert luncheon at the close of the evening. \ WANT FUHNlSllF.n for batlplaver. wife Phone Bill Moss.r Cabins. np.irlinent, •ind child, nt Monroe L'01-2x-H WANT TO RENT .-^-bedniom modern home. To be nvnilnble In June for family with moilrst Income. Ph. 730. 19T-6-14 Lost and Found » LOST-XewRpap<>r rolleetldn book. Finder pli-nso li-nve nt Dail.v News office. 202-3x16 Real Estate 202 Mon.. Junr 2. 1»A2 5 KaiarKi M wvood out maiur Oct. •. t»SO at ta* »(i«t»(n<M kl K«IM» *ui«. low*. uMw UM art or Harea S. tlT* I or t ««K rtrm ta)r« - f<am day* .. - »• m II* p*r wart ISc Mr wori •aeh admUoMa «•» . Ic »w wora lUalmiui M »e«. lUlw at* pa- oaaaaeutm laaartKwu ol Maw a4. CMMIIMd a<U an CABU wrrH ORbKR. BoohkMptu abam «< t»a tor enati. »o« nrHf aaart* it r*- »naa ara «aku by Mlly Nawa aa« sa« la aaarg«4 It ad famat aaataaa or fboM Bunbar bat BM adraniaari Claaainad UMlr a4v aaouM la Uw nnt Uttr apraar aod npor. aar •mr al ooca a* no alkiwanaaa anar tka nn< Sale Calendar PAY LIKE RENT 2-bedroom home. I, U.. kllehrn. full basement. pn» heat 121 2nd Ave. S, $fi,!SOO. Pay $I..VVi down and $N1 per nio. K.'^THKRVILLE REALTY I'h. 1340 or IfinSJ •J02-1-S FOR SALE Choice fHrms. Your slie to TiOO A. Modi'rn or KDIKI ImlldluBs. Bln.U soil. All tlll- ahlo. Trunk hlghwny .i. Low prices. Terms. Wlite, see Johnson Realtor. Hector, MIon. 202-Sx-(! FOR .SALE — Three-room IIOUHO, 18x22. to be moved. Sultal^le for tenant or cottn(;e. Albert Olek. 121B 1st Ave. So. 202-Bx-K IMMEDIATE DELIVERY!! 24x30 bungalows, t3,144, erected on foundation or baacment home. Other alzes, styles. Your plans or oura. Free delivery 100 ml. Standard construction. Not prefab. Best dry lumber. • Visit Fahnlng Supply, Watcrviite, Minn. Open 8-8 (No SundnyHi. 201-2x-8 Klect<-d to School Hoard. At the annual school board election hold at the Petersburg school Tuesday night, James Holmes nnd Rudy Soucek were elected dlrca- tors for II three-year term. Lloyd Nnsby and Victor Ophelm were tho retiring officers. Sioux FallN ^'iHlt«rM. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Anderson from Sioux Falls spent the wepk- end at the A. J. Anderson honic. Kntertnin at Dinner, Mrs. Melvin Rasmussen, . Mrs. John Wieskus and Mrs. Claudo Rasmussen entertuined several women at a progressive dinner Thursday night. Each guest camo droaa- ed H« her favorite Mother Oooao story. Mrs. Basil Poyntcr won first prUe. She was dressed as "Old Mother Hubbard," dog and all. Guests were Mrs. Bud Cushman, Mrs, Hod Cushman, Mrs. Gvorgo Roggow, Mrs. Victor Roggow, Mrs. Lloyd Nosby, Mrs. James Holmes, Mrs. L. C. Allen, Mrs. Gordon Peterson, Mrs. Paul Poyntcr, Mrs. Basil Poynler, Mrs. Bud Pass, Mrs. Raymond Rasmussen. Tho first course was held at tho Melvin Rao- muBSon home, the second at -the WIcskus home and tho third at tho Claude Rasmussen home. Mrs. Richard Petersen waa invited but unable to attend. Petersburg I 'nrHonalN. Mr. and Mrs. James Holmes and family, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Petersen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Rajtmussen and family en Joyed a picnic dinner ot Clear Lake Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Soucek and family, Mr. and ^Irs. Melvin Rosmussen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lcatur Rasmusson and family spe nt Friday evening at tho R, J. Rasmussen home colobrating R. J. Raamusacn's birthday anniversary. Pocahontas Man Killed Pocahontas (/P)—Arthur Albrccht, 31, farmer near Pocahontas, was killed Saturday when ho apparently fell from his tractor and It ran over him while he was plowing a field. FUNNY BUSINESS .SATURDAV. JUNE 7, t.OO p. m. S. C. (Jreen. ndiiiinlstrHtor for Kcuhen II. (Sreen eslnlK. on prmtla- i -s III ft02 N. Itth St. A foniplote lliic- of household rurnlshinits. AuitioniM'is: Koshler und Burns. Clerk; Iowa Trust A Snvfngs bank. Snlc ad: June 8. Automotive 11 FOR TIRE MILEAGE have us swilfli tires nnd cheek whci-l allgnnu'nt to help cut down tire wrnr. THOMAS MOTORS 2t)2..Vll FOR SALE IMO Plymouth; IIMO Chevrolet; 19.19 Ch.-vrolet; IMfl Chevrolet, Any tensonable offii accepted. Hi'v Ervln Itupe, ltS3 N. 12th 81. 201-.1xll For Rent Notices FOrt KKNT I«.i«i>ni-nt liein. .Ni *-|y di'< ornii-d 2 t«slnwm« Kn^nt \;irtl. K'">lrn AVt-n KSTllKHVIl.l.K RKALTV l"i n40 or 1«3M yn^ f> V'OH HKST H.vnn npurtmmls IMi..n,- 127M Mr^ II F Stfln man. ^>^.1» UKI'INISH Your Dwn KU>..i« nt HlK .Havlnn"' lii-nl a hlitli «)i.-r .l Fltmr S.'imlrr from \V:ir>l<i .M<INT<;»l.VtKMY \VAK1> l-NUii-i \ ill.- I.vw.^ ?rt2 I FOR UKNT Thir. io«im apait 320'. So Sth. AnJr<-w Siolt. I'lum.- lOX.M 2o2 tf » FOR RKNT Lnri:. iipartmt'nt. Kcti-i^c with one .hlUI S .•Vinuo Sail 1 II nd Ul, TTftW nuiln floor Ailulls ol •I- K.I Sorum. SI rvK-r Ph 201 ax^-v FOR RK.VT .Sli.ntK.' Inirn floor iind Kooil iii .if Sl /i I'll IWSIJ W M Fi»nl.-r IMne UxSn 201 .1 5 Kt)Il UKNT Sle.pliiK room IMi 4SftW Minnie HII.i 201 S-fl FOR JUCS'T 2 loom »|iarlin)TII. cJoKi- In. pilvali' tiath ("iill SIHW Ralph U.hrl.>lii. 201 J ."l FOR RKNT. .1 loom modi-rn npntt ment iihovi' (ilfl (Jnnl'-n. IIH'..- N. nih St, I'll, stKi or ^^ 2oitf8 \VK I "ANT nMVT IT mr S«t io\n\ of our (riTnJs nnd riM- lunM-n hTi- hit\<> asked u* for t»i.' opix.rtonlly to shop » i»hl!<- lonK> 1 at our trrrlfi.- Stoik R'- do,-ilon <al.-, w.'rr conttntilne i' K-STH K R V11 .1. f: H A R rv\V A RK :fr} I* ni\l\tAllK .MAI.K llft»t<in.-nl Kpisi-opal churrh. .SlnrllOK » a »>. Juni* U H 1 Loons and Ins. " MO.VKY INMlNintTCH Cash limns of ^X> to MOO la ttvr- lianlae iMi.vmcnU or to •••til* 9Ui bills. RpfMy i-onw«nl»nfly. nn- cordini to Income. So enttana- m ('anil' in' UnVA r.trARANTKF, IJU? M9 3 1» For Sale 10 nil HKnniNO VAU'K .to«t .iiiUi-il Nrw i«nd u«>\4. I<li'»i lii-.t nn.l unbleai-hnd •in»l>'Ix-il SIKI-IO Also slntflr Iw^l matl- r<-»« rov.-r« and pillow rm»r» P 'r fret for eanip^-rs, r^aorts »nd loumtnt, hoMsi's .SI'HPLr.l .STORK 203 1-tO WE HAVE spoclallata, factory trained, for dlatrtbutora, carbur- ctom. Ignition system, front ends and general overhauling. HENAMAN MOTOR CO. •201 nil RKNT A TYI'KWUITKU Typt'Wrlli-rs In Koml i-ondlllon for rent by thr dnv. w.-.Vi or n»onlb Also nil Winds of tNping svippUr*. TYPKWRlTKll KXCMANnE Ift-t 5 I'XJR RKNT First floor mwlem &-raom npl, v]lnssr<l In jnirch, gnrnite. Avullnbli- .I\ine I, P. O. Box Y, 195 If-8 FOR RENT- Furnished or unfurnished Bpnrlmenl. Ph. 21.1W. Clnrnnrn GoUn. i;»-lf-« BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIKS IN CEYLON BUY'S CAROL BROCKMAN. Realtor Ceylon, Minn. 200-nR L. E. COLLINS HOME Located at 1508 N. 6th St. 2 bedrooms, L. R.. D. R., kitchen, bath, built-in cupboards, carpeted. Hardwood floopi. Unfinished upstairs. Double garage. Giis heal. Garbage disposal. Water heater. A beautiful home. $16,800. Shown by appointment only. RIDOUT REAL ESTATE , Tel. 1680 or 1761J 200-4-R 1949 HUDSON Super 6 2-door. Heater. Rndlo. Overdrive. Excellent transportation. Always a squnro deal ul VIKING MOTORS nejiendable HITDHON Healer Esthervllle, lown 200-4 11 WANTED Two tru.-U drivers. Call Chiirlis Cort.ln. 1249,1 2012-3 WAITRESS WANTED Htrlelly nliilit work. Hours 7 p. m, till closing. No Sundays Apply In person, Ciutii Lomn. 19ft-tf-3 LET US take core of your automo- tivo ncoda. Bumper to bumper BcrNicp—all makes. Boo us. Robinson Motoni "Ponllao" 8th and Central Ave. 227-tf-ll FOR BALE — Large 3-bedroom "house. Comer of Ist Ave. South and 0th. Attached garage, gas heat, soft water. Ph. 667W or 614W. 198-5-8 FORSALE—Two e«. Ph. ie74W. B. W. Nelaon. 2-bedroom hous- 1814 3rd Ave. N. 196-7-8 FOR SALE>— Small, modem 2 -bedroom homo, on two lots. Ooa heat Immediate possession. Phone IS. n4 -tf -8 REAL ESTATE BUYS FARM FOR SALE Cluso to E8ther\illc, 160 acres. Priced to sell. Clarion soil. Farm 7 CUSTOM RALlNti with New Holland hnl.r. I'h. 6F6. Harold Davenport. 202-2-7 FOR SALE Pure hnd bull. 3 years old. Oro. ban. Ph. 60J7. HerefortI \V Cnl- 202-3-7 1049 MAHSEY HARRIS 7-ft. Clipper, with motor Always n Hqunre deal nt VIKING MOTORS .Mussey Harris-Oliver Esthervllle, lowu 201-2-7 FOR SALE -Spotted Poland China hrood sows. Ph. 6 on 4, Walling ford. Kenneth Thlel. 201-3X-7 , 2-BEDROOM HOME Exceptionally good buy, beautiful carpeting included In the price. Almost new, Mnplecrest location. Possession July 1. ACREAGE FOR SALE 4 acres, high state of cultivation, modern dwelling. Property In excoptlonally good condition, 6ccuplcd by owner. FARMERS!! YOU SECURE MAXIMUM PROFITS on your eggs, crenm and poultry when you stop here. Free route and dellV' ery service. Phone 81. P. O. GRAY 200-3-7 LAST CALL for chicks 1 to 3 weeks old and end of season ra- dui-ed prices. HAMILTON HATCHERY Bancroft, lown lM-tf-7 2-STORY DWELLING on 5th Ave. N. An excellent buy. BUNGALOW Priced to sottlc on estate. Two bedrooms. W. S. CLARK '^'•fimifrilir ter th* SlwptounJ mattrtts Moocmt AGENCY Phone 550 202-3-8 Beautiful HOME FOR SALE Bpaciotk 3-bedroom home In dealrablo location. Large picture windows. Automatic gas heat and watur softener. HftrdwfMd floora throughout. Full baacment. Ona of the moat attractive home« in Ea- thervlUe. Newly painted and in wo94erft^, Gondition. Two lota fully laiMac«p«d. B« sure to aee the tntarlor to appreciate the real baauty of thU home. RAY AGARD 227 19t *l St. . aoo-M MR. FARMER Call our agent nearest you for prompt removal of dead stock. ESTHER VILLH DOLLIVER ORAETTINOER WALLINOFORD SUPERIOR ARMSTRONO i^ona TOO Ptaoaa 700 Fhona 700 PhOQo 700 Photia 700 Phona 700 Esthervllle Rendering Service EARL TUTTLE, Driver 202-1 DEAD STOCK WANTED 2-Hour Service E8THERVILt.E UM OOLlJVeR OFKRATOR SUPERIOR OPSRATOR WALLINOFORD W WE PAY FHONE CHARGES Bob WlUon, Driver Farnr)er$' Rendering Service Help Wanted Services FOR HA1.K More now TumhI- Tuifn' Hutrr lunisie*. short*, iihirl». pednl puihrr*. inckelx and pnjnmmi mite* \ tn M, KHLEHM VALUE STORE 103 } to \VK ST1I4. huve nomr power moW' rrn. R<i (Ar> nnd r«el lyp«<. Low »• %M60 17 W wixkly KIIIESTO.SR STORKS 203 J 10 IIHIIXJK LA.MI'. mrtal bn**-. p«r. rbni'ttt iihiid'v t7 tta HANHORN n'R.VITURK an .-HI) C\i»iiter WnKunii, uteri i-nn«(ru<*(lon. bAlUKin tlrin. M" 19M: 38". t3»S WESTERN AirrO ASHOC, STORE OIPTH FOR BRIDR Nu-Tone floor ehlnte*. i>rtc«id at t* 28 nnd up Telechron El»«-lri.- clockn nt t4 80 and up. AUo electric nppllnner*, 0IJ40N ELEfrTRlC RERVICK III H ath St aot 3 10 WINDOW OI^SS BROKEN? We cnrr}' n bin mock of jtlaai HrlnK In your frame*, we will riv Klnrn them. Prompt *ervlee. Commander Elevntorn, Htmtina- ton. W, E, Sermnnn, mnnimter. I'bon.' ^^w^ a03-i-» FOR FREE PICKUP and dallvery, Ph, 40. P 4k a Cleanon. 2B«-l(-B BOTTLE OAS 8AI<ES-8BRVICB In*tallatlonii — RaKUlatlona HILL'S CORNER, Ph. 49J61 IBl-tf-a PETERSON'S Radiator Sanrloa, Juat oait of Vandy'a, 1714 Caatral. Experienced In all typea radiator repair. ll»-U-« W«' ttVf «',\p<'rt.s nt prlndiiK «ll tytK'S of RULED FORMS No matter how compH- cntcd we can do the job, tailor - made to your ntifilK. ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS Northwc-st IOWH'B l^rKcst I'rIntInK Plimt 203-.1-U 111' rSEP RAOIOfi to nnd up (or bnme or auto ESTHERVIIJ.E RADIO , N. ath inwine W4 30»..1 10 CLARINET von SALE H..lm»r Slirn«'l. »o<«l, priictkttUy n»w. Donna Roitrbx, Ph. TMJ. Ml 0^10 FOR MALE llttby Iwd rompUlo. Oall 4lWai. Wilbur Juhl. 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Karri* Fuiviturii. 301-3-10 KOR SAI.E Thoroush br«d eack>r «panlel pupa, Dick Petcrioo. »30 N. «th, 301-*- to 202-3-1 ^ I ( I I —J FOR SALE Must Sell Immcdlntoly Maytac Dutch Ov*n (Wu Rangr 1M8 MaHtn 7.2 H. P, oultMMrd A -1 *hap''. Heavy duty »tand Included. Schedule for the Week Clip me out TONITE Boh Hop«- Hsdy Lamarr "My Favorite Spy" Tuesday-Wed. June 3, 4 DOL'BLE FEATURE Jan* Ruaaull -Victor Mature "The Las Yagas .^tory" —Plus- Monty Wooiey ThaWU' Bitter "As Young as You Feel" Two ball-b«arlBK •cat*, fwtvel boat aalvanlaad double tauadry tub* on I Land. F. C. Martinsen 814 North 5th 203-3a-I0 34 MAC LOGAN For SharHf Honest, deprndabk. REPUBUCAN PRIMARY June 2 vn-u-u Maurice Oleson For Simtrvinr •usaawfal CHWir. Mmp«i*at. REPUBuit/OH PRDCARV Jt«ie 2 VWB JNWt N. O. Chkmr ittc JmwrviMr and Bw%a tAka t «wii^|M.

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