Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on June 2, 1952 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, June 2, 1952
Page 3
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Prrsonnl Mcntinii Have Vacation Jobs at Yellowstone Park Mr. and Mrs. Gcorjrc Hapcrman drove their daughter, Nancy to Minneapolis Sunday, where she left by train for Yellowstone National Park. Her twin brother, Neil will leave the Itth. They will work at Canyon Lodge for the summer. Mrs. Edna Kyhl spent tho week end with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Pleder- son of Red Wing, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. John Oronstal and daughter, Mary Ceclle of Minneapolis spent the Memorial 'Say week end at the Earl Kruae and Bernard Vaux ti'omes. Mrs. Kmmn Love, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Anderson and Lorraine, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Love and family and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Starkey of Graettlnger spent Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glcn Love In Austin, Minn. Corporal L»\rronce K. Thomson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lars C. Thomsen has arrived home after spending nine months in Korea. At the conclusion of his furlough he will report to Fort Sheridan, 111., for reassignment Mr. and Mrs. Walt Enger and sons, James, John and Billy of Blue Earth, Minn., and Rolfe Randolph of Hopkins, Minn., spent Memorial day here. They visited at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Orvis and Marion after decorating the graves of Mrs. Engert's parents, Mr.'and Mrs. John Randolph. Mrs. Engor Is the former Jane Randolph. >^r. and Mrs. G rover Barber, Donald, Duane and Orvln spent Memorial day with Mrs. Barber's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Freeman and her sister and family, Mr. and' Mrs. Argel Askelson' and son, Richard, near Austin, Minn. The family circle •^vas completed by the presence of their brother, Raymond Freeman of -Fltchburg, Mass., for the week end. Orvln Barber remained to spend the summer In the two homes. Mr. and Mrs. M. S. (Neat) NUU- scn_ have been enjoying guests recently. Mr. and MrsC W. A. Koep- plan, their daiighter, Jackie, and son, Jblckie,'of Prcmont, Neb., vls- ited'-wl^th theni Thursday and Friday. 'Current visitors' are Mr. Nielsen's sister, Mrs. Bernard La Pann, and • her son, Stevle, - of • Boyes Springs, Calif., who are spending a fe,w days here, before returning to California. They are leaving the middle of June for Japan to join their husband and father, who is socvlpgoln the air force. i Carl .Shaw drove to Elmore, Minn., yo.sterdny tn fill n spcakln-i pngnijemont. Mr. nnd Mrs. Vaul Wellniti, Karen and Bryce of Webb visited Sunday at the home of the former's mother, Mrs. Palil Wellnltz. Str. and Mrs. Ray !Marley and Mrs. Mollie Pickens drove to Marshall town Thursday to visit over Memorial day with friends and relatives. William Sweet, Martin Peterson, Henry Peterson and Art Rasmussen returned Ptisay night from a moat successful fishing trip to Bnt fic Point, Minn. ' l.oyle Mason han recelvc«l his discharge from the Marine! and has returned •hojne from Hawaii where he has been stationed for the last eight months. Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Long of Springfield, Minn., visited Saturday with 'their slster-ln-law, Mrs. Bm^a Clemens, They were en route home after spending MemoHa.1 day at La^e City and Lanesboro, ' Mr. and Mrs. llerman Cohen of Dc8 Moines arrived Thursday for a visit at the home of Mrs.Luoil-! Peterson and her father, tllchard King. They expect to return horn tomorrow. Sirs. Rose Eglin and daught<'r, Mrs. A. R. Hendrickson and husband of Mason City and daughter, Ann Porter of Des Moines and nephew Charles Slzer of Minneap clis spent Memorial day here visiting old friends. Mr. and Sirs. Stanley ..I.angmo and sons and Sharon Meincrs uf Charles City spent the week end with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Langmo and also with Mrs. Langmo'a parents, Mr. and Mrs. James O'Rourke. Miss Meln ers visited at the home of her nunt Mrs. H. O. Schroeder. Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Langmo Pamela and Sandra spent', the Me morlal day weekend at B'arlbault Minn., at the homo of Mta. Lang mo's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. R, Bahl. While there the group drove to Rochester to see little Ronald Kolpin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wil fred Kolpin who is'undergoing medical care there. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Siilrley, Jack and JoAnn took their siater-ln-law, Mrs. J. D. Sawyer to hrr home at Claremont, Minn., yesterday. Mrs. Sawyer has been in Emmctsburg helping care for her father, Eugene Harrison, formerly of Esther- villo. Mr. Harrison is seriously ill and has been taken to the Em- 1 metsburg hospital. Mr. a-nd Mrs. Alfred Kelch were accompanied by the latter's brother, Lorin Gillert. of Fairmont Friday when they drove to Corwlth for Memorial day sorvlcos. The little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kelch is burled there. air. and Mrs. Olen llartman, Alan, Kathleen and Cheryl of Plntt.s- mouth. Neb., nnd Mr. and Mrs. Murven Anderson, Craig and Billy of. Forest City were visltois Memorial day In the Frank Hartman home. Glen Hartman is employed at F. A. C. at Offutt nir base, Omaha. Hurry IIi>dglin, Mr. and Mrs. I,e.' Hcdglfn, Lloyd and Patricia and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hedglin. Barbara, Bonnie, Charles nnd Ernest all of Sauk Centre, Minn., and Mrs. Ann Garrison, Bob, Jean nnd Dick, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hlgbi? Jr. and Nalda, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Roach, Brenda, David and Karen were Sunday: guests of Mr. and Mrs. HArry HIgbio Sr. Harry,' Lee and Edward Hodgllrt arc half-brothers of Mrs;; HlgblCk They had W picnic dinner at Ft. Defiance state park. At Holy Family Hospital Sharon Osher,^^^ of WalUngfnrd was admitted Soturdny for a tonsillectomy. ^ ^ Mrs. Leonard Beaver of Terrll was admitted Saturday for n tonsillectomy. •lean Ann Robb of Esther\-illi> was admitted Saturday for surgical treatment. Nancy Broadle of Esthervllle entered the hospital Snturdoy for medical care. Andrew Jacobson of Grai-ttlnger was admitted Saturday for medical care. Mrs. Mary Swan.son of Esther­ vllle entered the hospital Saturday for medical care. Ralph Cronk Jr. of Armstrong was admitted Saturday for surgical treatment. Chris Juhl of Esthervllle was ad mltted Wednesday for .surgery. Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Burg of Es­ thervllle are parents of a ton born yesterday. ' Mr. and Sirs. Harold Mustard o Esthervllle are parents ol a son born yesterday. Mrs. Archie Blxby of Esthervllle was admitted yesterday for surg ery. Mi-s. Joseph I'roehasku of Sup<'r- ior entered the hospital yesterday for surgiM -y. Jens Jensen of Ksthervllle was edmittod yesterday for medical cnro. ..Rjindy (ilasnapp of Esthervllle entered the hcvspitnl yesterday for niedleal care. .Mrs. Edwin Demers of Terrll was admitted yesterday for medical care. Dismissals Saturday were Jean Ann Robb of Esthervllle, surgical reatment; Mrs. Wesley Eidc and baby girl of Esthervllle: Mi-s. Gerald Olson and baby boy of Esther­ vllle; Joy tsemlnger of Esthervllle. medical; Mrs. George Schcllnbar- ger of Graettlnger, medical; Kenneth Simpson'of Graettlnger, medical; Charles Schultx of Lone Rock. medlcRl; Marilyn Haag of 3woa City, medical; Mrs. Monto Hintt of Fcnton, medical; Baby boy Twlgg of Esthervllle, medical; Charles West of Esthervllln, surgery; Harold Peterson of Armstrong, surgery; Ronald Gruver of Emmots- burg, surgical treatment. Dismissals yesterday were Mrs. "Ellis. Lundgren and baby boy oi' EsUierville; Mrs. Wnyne Boll and baby girl of Esthervllle; Mrs. Harry Schnell and baby girl of Terrll; Mrs. Raymond Halvorson and baby boy of Ceylon; Mrs. Orvllle Hel- decker and baby boy of Esther­ vllle; Kennelh Spires of Esther­ vllle, surgical treatment; Mrs. Martha Stafford of Esthervllle, medical; Mrs. Elwin Fnlrniann of Esth­ ervllle, medical; Clarence Clemon- sen of Graettlnger. medical; Sharon Osher of Walllngford, tonsillectomy; Mrs, t^eonard Beaver of Ter­ rll, tonsillectomy. JitK CHFEK Phyllis Hanson Is Honoivd Willi Showei* lly MEt.KN M. WELSH Mrs. Art llaiisnn iiml Mi> Anr.-. Risk Friday attended a inlsi-olU\- neous sluiwiM in honoi m l'hylll.>< Hanson. dauRhtrr uf .Mt nnd Mi> Thorwnld Hunson uf Ulnj;.s \i 'il ri>- hon\»* wn.«! drooratiHi tn sviit ihi^ i ^v ent. cn iFTTiycrn Tie !t( (liintplon Decorate <>raves. Mr. nnd Mrs Sam .skmv of Ijim- berton. .Minn., wint In Kmiin'ls burg to deoor.ili-' Iho .Slinw ^lavi -R In the crmeteiy thrnv Tl\.-y li.-i.l dinner with the Elli'intims ;\n<t lunch lit the Wi -lsli liotiii' In ill" afternimn. Sunday Supper c;uc<ts. James. Heli-n and Aniiio W. Isli were Sunday suppci ),'u<-il,s M tli • home of Mr. and .MIH fluitl .'.t Jackson west of Wallincftird Mr Osher of Oraettlni ;>M- ami Mr Thorsen of Wnlllnnford WIMI- also callers at the Jackxons' lionie tt\ MR.S. U M. vol >«. Plan for Memnrinl Da>. (Jrtn'ttm);-*! l.-^^KU^n and aoxiU'U-. ):r»>i|>!i :iri' iiliinnini; toi' (»;<• (lav I \ .uir-- !»t 't< "H M»^ Mr^ O 1. TIHM .Kini i.-luinnl 'rin-*(la> frt*!!"! a VV,'*'K"R VIJ*II \M Ihf U>i,i!«ill KlKiilt honuv .Mrs KUiott IS II ilmiKhter o( tli.- Tbon-sonn An t»th»^r dnitchi*'!, Mri* -\nibni !«4 Knut»iin nnd sun, Kils. of .Si.utli n >-nd. Inrt , i-i .T I:M>XI in tlii' Tliori- •*i»n honn-. .Mr and Mrs .Sum Hnv nnd -ninll (*ot\ ol <^!\iv*'r wcir Tuos^l.'iy I 'von inn dinniM- K'n""''' In the \Vn>m' Zi 'lgliM- humr Mm -irH Hay nnd Z.'lulir arr liidh farm V4l.i,Tn" Ti alnini; >:ro\i\» in!<t r\n'ttin< Mr» Clnrvnii- l)li>on ii>n>i>l't.-d ht -1 .Hrhool work Tluirsttav at l^iu MILS anil Is now at home hrri- Mi,s (1l !4 ,>n hai* cont rnoti-il ti> t<';iih atain ni\t yrar at l.aiirons Hobi-rt (u 'Vi -r of till- I' S mar ini's slatloni'il at Camp IVndlrton, <'alif,. and -Mrs Ccyir of VlHla. C'alir, are here viKlllnK Mrs. (Jt-y- irs pjir.-nls, .\!r. and Mrs 71 \V'y Sr and other tidatlves .Mrs Kr.<l Hrr^it'.rt i!id • li'lr.i.i'd itf.l f'..\t £' Konitnlnl o" M l:--. ' il tUr KiVmptOn ir { •!,• S'.ruJ.lV IU>»I( , ' HI f U Ml.. r»T'» tn . f ' -t > r,. - , n.( on '» »• i tv ^i- " f r , rii iif,.-d t if.t PiUi I.oo ot Cti.iilr'* tM\ T ,nd \( r i Ida I..-UIM.I.I I, . . :M ,1 . . n.l I \ \«iti.i •« m rr . <'i: u f « 1 • ii-.M Nit's (*ii:it >ll .<.iM..|-, it!.i\,l.,| 1 K.idrl! K'ui ^nit-: u? \V ot! l.iJi ^'~.*n .•^..Imd.ix .1 fJi. 1 ;i'h!.|- I . . ^il. Sl'i \i\ t'ltv tiKoi Niittoik V« iioti r.tnt*' *'n hr'ti- h\ I'M* to »t-*'nil A: f< w h''\u!* \Ai(h hi.^ ruhft .\ .V : I,. Wis li,'f*»lt' 1' wHU. (nJ .v\ 1 II.* ^ limy l-"tiil\\ Ml ; .ik ' *.*n t,> llriU.' It, \ 1-1? i.|;tti\-^ ir,.-t\ i<n to Sti'itjv < "(^ \ \\ v.* » >• \\ .M t '-n hts pl;tn. • ,irk 'o N..M*>(K Jivtiir di»\' M(^ I '•\st'« t» Ht-, niilii,. - Ml,- timt' wlt^ > •'.'M •< ' »t N -i , f.tik ' Mr ;,n.! Ml-. II >ii.M \ •• kl. ; :ind d:i '.ii ;H;. I ..1 Vin. 1.4 •.'ii '«.4 .iU j ...1 n( tl .• M ,.|i (;iKj..4n l-'ii.l.n i Mr ami .Mi^ Ait !.\n4h 1n.1l.11.4l! to I'ouni-il Hliiflu i44 t ik.- Uuir I KMin4li>4in Mil !i .i. I 1.1 Us.- ticim. of ills piiii'iii -i. Ml .intl \t 144 .1 .(4 k, lAnili N !i4 !i'i4l li.ul „|., IK (ivi) wi-fki* with Ills y ,-t :in'l|i!H i -nti l.,u IV bad Kinnt a » i-. k with ttiini l>iit i wi'nt hnmi' Willi liin pari-nipi ttn-i wri'k Ill-fort' Tli.- l.\mli.-« uliirii ; ril b'lnii- Saiiniliii j 4 1 1 . f . I. 4, 4 .>;.ui .iil.4«t»(ion!i !i, il. HI •(.. I i4,i,.,l .-(in!,-. In l».' •1- . .li 1 -4 ni.ik-4 l .*lf4V '«ltin [.Milt.!.- f.>r nior. Ih!«n h *tf Ih." If,;,! .'f III*' 4 -.-iint rV K^lll.•r^in«^ lowi. Dally Newn Mon.. Iimo 'i. Um 3 IT Aii.'-i N ,'«i rv-.v^ f 4-5*''.•14 r CUKUchen THE 'gexolt DRUG STORE YOUR PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 1 Pharmacists on duty at^ all times. Serving your proscription needs promptly nnd efflclentlv. VERNE NYMAN, CRAIG COLSTON and J. U HOVE Phone 13 29*'' INDIANAPOLIS VICTORY Th« firtt thing en^eered in an International Schoolmaster chassis is safety ... safety for the youngsters they carry. That's why nothing less than the best goes in a Schoolmaster. The result is a school bus that's not only safer, but more durable, more dependable and more' economical to operate. So, if you are considering the piu-chase of a school bus, see us. We can show you which International Schoolmaster is right for your school. Check these outttanding International advantages: • Super-sofa steering lyilem—more poilllve control, tos- ier handling—even on the rougheil roads. • Haovy-duty frame, springs, axles, clutch, brakes assur* extra safely, less maintenance, longer Ufa. • Choice of three dependable International valve-ln-head engines built in the world's largest truck engine plant. • Greater driver comfort —more knee room, more lag room. New comfort angle puts steering wheel in perfect position. • The same traditional toughness that has kept Interna- tionoif irst in heavy-duty truck sales f of 20 straight years. • j^merlca's largest excluslva truck service organization. TROY RUHMAN WINS INDIANAPOLIS 500 MILE RACE AT 128.922 M.RH. ON FIRESTONE TIRES 4 ^ Inttrnatlonal Schoelmastar UK3 with ^S-passanger bedy. 4 other medals evotlabla to carry from 30 to M passangan. Spadol 16-pasianaar AAatro but b Ideal for imall Kheel wsa. for ceipplat* Mormalion ajbpvt any fnftrnafloncil Scfiee/inesftO >••-<, pftherville Implement Co. ^ Estlierville, Iowa NOW YOU CAN BUY WORLD-FAMOUS Tire$tone Champions FOR AS LITTLE AS 95 PLUS TAX EXCHANGE 6.00-16 MORE NON-SKID SAFETY . . . Wid«r, Flatter Tread With Thoutarrd* of Sharp-edged Angles Gives Greater Protection Agoinst Skidding. GREATER BLOWOUT PROTECTION . . . New Exclu- jive Super Gum-Dipping Eliminotei Internal Heot. LOWER COST PER MILE . . . Plutmileage Tread Rubber Gives Longer Mileoge. LIFETIME GUARANTEE PAY AS LITTLE AS 75c A WEEK YOUR OLD TIRES WILL MAKE THE DOWN PAYMENT T'ire$fone stores 16.18 S .6U1

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