Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 31, 1952 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 31, 1952
Page 3
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IV TSOIIH I iMciilioii Sgt James VanValkenburg Arrives in U.S. from Japan Sgt. James F. Vnn ViilkmbciR has nriIvod lU San Fiancisoo, making the trip from Yokohoma, Ja pan, by plane. Sgt. Van Valkonborg has spent the past three years in Japan whore he has served as a RUrffical nurse. He telephoned his mother, last night. Yesterday was Mrs. Van Valkcnbcrg's birthday and she reported this morning that the call was the best birthday pre.s- ent she had ever received. .Mrs. R. C. Brown received word this morning of the birth of a son to her son-in-law and daughter. L.t. and Mrs. Lee Cunningham of Cheyenne, Wyo. The baby was born yoif- terday and has been named David Lee. He weighed .seven pounds. The Rev. and Mrs. K. C. Bowyer and family are leaving Monday for a two week's vacation to be spent In Canada. They will stop at Sault Stc. Marie, Ontario, and will also visit tho first mission served by the Rev. Bowyer at Englchart, Ontario. They win return by way of North Bay and then to Toronto where they will visit tho Rev. Bowyer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Bowyer, and Mrs. Bowyer's mother, Mrs. George Bracewell. They also will visit a sister of Mrs. Bowyer. They expect to return home in about two weeks, making the return trip through Detroit. Yesterday the family drove to Decorah where they spent the day looking over their future home. They expect to rhbve about July 1, at which time the Rev. Bowyer will take charge of the Episcopal church at Decorah. Excitiiig New Scientific Discovery PeRFOR^\S CARPET CLEANING MAGICn GLAMORENE . ... lh« ham* baouty Ireolmtnl lor rour 'ugi Quicl>~So(e—Eotyl Completely Different) Not o liquid, toop. (oom e> powder Pocked leody to use Sprinkle on. brush in, Vocuum oH. DUTS GONE. CARPETS DRY reody te walk an In 1J minutes Removes Food Sfoifis, Greose Gum. lipstick, Tai even Shoe Polish One Gollon Beautifully Cleans op proximately ' Fouf '9x12 rggs Half Gallon %i79t GaUon $3 79 ^Ir. and Mrs. W B U CT WilliuniN had a.s gucst.s yosteidny Mr. and Mrs. Eldic Mustard and Pnt'.y. Mi. and Mr.s. Grady Giles. Mr. and Mr.s E.aric" Duncan iif Dcs Moines. Mr. and .Mrs. Sherman Morton and Vione are spending the Memorial day week end at the homo of tlie former's parents. Mr. and Mrs. O. E. Morton. Mr. and Mrs. Roln-rt Foster, John and Marcia Kay of Storm Lake left for home night after making an overnight visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Van Valkonborg, Tom Foctei and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Helen. Guests at the George Hunt home over Memorial day were Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Werts, David and Diane of Gillette Grove, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wody of Spencer, Mrs. Keith Capnor and Pamela and Robert Young of Terril. They also visited at thi' A. Fishor homo. .Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carey wori> host and hostess yesterday to members of the Carey family at a ba.sket dinner. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Paul Salyers of Boom*, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Carey, Mrs. Or- vllln Carey, E. A. Carey, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Carey, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Carey and Karen and Sidney Steuland. Mayor and Mrs. Uaii Howard returned home Wednesday following a four-day visit with their daughter's family In Des Moines and relatives in Osceola and Wintersot. The Howards saw their son-in-law, Donald Boyvey, receive his master's degree from Drake university Monday. He will teach in the Des Moines schools this year. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Alliertdon and David visited Thursday at the home of the former's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Blxby and with his mother, Mrs. Zella Albertson of California, now visiting at the Blxby home. They Ciime for the graduation exorcises of their niece, Marcia Kay Albertson. tloianne Manner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dannor. left Thursday night for Columbus, O., to visit her uncle and aunt. Dr. and Mrs. Joel Bolnhard. Her brother, Donald Dannor and family, took hor to Fort Dodge where she boarded the train for Chicago. She was met there b.v Mrs. Bolnhard. who accompanied hor to Columbus. Mr. and Mm. Johii rnrt<>r of On- | kaloosa are spending tho week end at tho homo of tho lattor's brother- in-law and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Fitzglbljons. At Holy FamDy Hospital Mr. and Mrs. James Kennedy of Esthorvillo are parents of n son born Thursday. I Salitfach'on Guaranteed • To make a loaf of quick broad festive, sprinkle a quarter cup of chopped nutmeats over tho top of the butter before baking. Bill and Poggy Schloenian corffially invite you to visit tlicir new sliop at Lake Ol^oboji, opening Sunday, June 1st Schlbeiiiaii's Lamp Shop CUSToSi MADE LAMPS AXI> SHADES We build lamps from idea.^—yours or ours. West of Bill's Drive-In—OKoboji, Iowa South of Brooks Beach Golf Course Mr. luid Mrs. Lloyd Cart of En- thorvllle are parents of a daughter born Thursday. Edwin Zilterirh of (iraxttlngor entered the hospital Thursday for medical care. Mn», Hermit Onihike of Superior was admitted Thursday for medical rare. Mrs. George Shellaharger of Km- metsburg WTUS admitted Thursday for medical care. Btthy Marilyn llaag of Swea City entered tho hospital Thursday for medical care. Kenneth VIe.nsen of Graettlnger was admitted Thursday for medical care. Ohnrles Shultz of l>oni> Rork entered the hospital Thursday for medical care. Mafgiiret Schacherer of Wolllng- ford was admitted yesterday for a tonsillectomy. La Donna and Honold VnJen of Esthorvillo entered tho hospital Thursday for surgery. Mrs. Edwtn Rtggs of Esthervllle was admitted Thursday for surgical treatment. Samuel Wood of KsthervlUp entered the hospital Thursday for surgery. Edwin Thompson of EsthprviUe was admitto/1 yesterday for modi cal care. .Toy Isemingnr of Esthorvillo wan admitted yesterday for medical care. Henry Gam-Its of Graettlnger entered the hospital yesterday for medical care. Mrs. Robe-rt Hanson of Esthor­ villo was admitted yesterday for surgery. Dismissals Thurs<lay were Mrs. Rus.soll Clark and baby boy of Dickons; Mrs. Maurice Boggcss and baby boy of Esthervllle; Mrs. Walter Hagon and baby girl of Ceylon Mrs. Charles Jones of Esthorvillo medical; Eugene Harlan of Eldon medical; Glen Hanson of Rlngstod tonsillectomy; Mrs. Henry Frelsnor of Esthorvillo, surgery; Palmer Paulson of Rlngstod, surgery; Mar ilyn Bowon of Esthorvillo, medical DismlssalN yostorday weri> Mrs. Wlliam Howard and baby girl of Esthervllle; Mrs. William Brown and baby girl of Graettlnger; Los tor Perkins of Emmotshurg, mod leal; Webber Yagor of, Fenton medical; Edwin Thompson of E .s- thorvlllo, medical; Margaret Scha choror of Wallingford, tonsillecto my. Mr. and .Mrs. I ^urits Sundo will bo dinni'r gur-.its tomorrow of Mr and Mis, Osonr Sundo of Wallingford. Dr. and .'»lr«. Jishn U Osirnoil. John. Jim and Su?an visitod yesterday at Spencer with Mrs. Osgood's mother. Mrs. K. OoUy. .Mr. and Mrs. Loo Brown of (ill- more City wore Memorlnl day vl.-il- tors at tho home of Ml. and Mr'. Noll Brown. Rev. and Mrs. yilo Loods. Calvin, Carla Joan, Sue Ann and Jo Ellon wore Memorial day visitors at Aurolia with Mrs. Alhoit Frick. parents of Mrs. L,i'ods. Mr. and .Mrs. Harold Strain. K H- thy and Jan and Ml.s .s Shirh-y Strain of Webster City came Thursday night for n visit at the Young home near Graettlnger. Thoy will stay until tomorrow. ENDS JACK. BUETEl^MAJLA POWERS Co-Hit: G.\GS GALS GIGGLES GALORE TONiTE: "Rose of Cimmaron" "Yes Sir, Mr. Bones" SUNDAY and MONDAY i0YO(lH6^ Dim SHORE ^ROBERT MERRILL Mr. mul Mr<i. K.ario Dunrnii of 11.s Miiin. 1 .111' sprmlini; tin- work finl uttli .sun li^-l.'iw mul diUi j;hli I M I :inil Mrs iii;i(ly Cll.x .Mr. iiiid Mrs. ('. K. Swale n- tunitd TluiiMlay fiuiu Wiitriloo. whoio th.y vlsitoil iluughtor, Mrs, Mors.- .mil f.wiiilv ,ind bolpod thrin to s.' Ml th.ii now homo y\T. and Mrs, ('urnin Keith had at* visitoi s yt'st rfvlMv thi' l:itti'r> niotboi, .Mrs Iliith Caylrr of strung and hi-r brolhri and nistoi- in-law. Mr, ;iiiil Mis_ Knuurlt f»>- lor atid fanills V.lolso MoOoiuilil. duughtor ol Ml. iiml Mis. John M.-nonnl.l of Oiiii'ltink;oi- Is sl:iylng at tho homi- of lur luiilh.i-In-law nnd sister. Mr. and .Mrs. I,o Hoy .Mlllr'r of Emnu'tsliiii uliilo working iit Mr Mllli'is < ciuiiU lilo. k unil till' fuc- toi V. Mr, and Sim. Rolx-rt Bcrfc^on liom Mll« Muki-'- Wl.t . ItrrRo inn "111' (i.i« jiLnl ri'Oiiillv roliiin 111 fintti Knron iitiil Mls.< N«nr\ Johnson fiiiin l«» t'lnsso, Wis. ari- spondinK tl). wioK oml with Mis. t/iiti'it I.:*rson nnd otli.-i M 'I JI U VO* .Mr. und .Mrs lorrn Harlow, Jiin.\ J,irk ,inil Jiiily ilio\o In Sioux City yi'Sli-nlny and vlsitoil . with tho Krnost and llorlvrt Itnso fnmllU's Till' ihllilron n'niulnoil I Ihoto when tholi parontw rolurnrilj botue Inst nlKlil. Einrsl Roso, fnth : or of Mrs JiiuKiw. will lonio tii K-< j Ihi'rvillo sumo linio noM work X«a day's flshlnn. aftor whlrh >trs Uiirlow will roliiin to Sioux •'It', j with him for a vlsll of two or Ihni'j «ook» Whlli- tlioro slio "111 nls'i' visit lioi ,^lstor, Mis Han Gadbol-' uf Waliilnir\. Ni'ti Hs(her\-lUe, lowii, Ihiily News Sal., Ma> 81, 1952 3 VOTE FOR POLtTlOAL AnVKKriliKMF.NT. IMl.l I Ii'M. .M>V1-I'. riSV Ml- NT IMI I rir W. Al'VKHTIRKMKN- PLUS: COLOR CARTOON ••.'klOUSB COAIES TO DINNER" LATEST NEWS ANSWER by E. I. EUerston II was nol iiiv wivsh U) enter inl<» a fonlrovorsy with my opponenl for I have known him many years and feel that he is as entitled as I am to seek offiee. Because of the untrulJifulness of his si<;ned slalemeni in the News on May 2K 1952,1 am eompelh'd to make this denial. I feel that some of his so-called fri<Mids have h'd him to believe what they niicrht say, not he<'ause those statements were true, hut because they had a personal interest in not having been able to "put things across" with the board of supervisors for their own profit. Let me explain. Mr. Hollaway, an Assistant State* Auditor was here to w<»rk <uil a settlement M ith a <'er- tain former county office.', whom I believe should make a settlement with the county. I am NOT that person. I have never known of a member of tlie l^m- met County Board to double up on his <*harges so that he bills the county for a board meeting and a drainage district for the same time." "As far as I know the county shops have nol been used "to maintain a private fleet of trucks," and I am out there nearly every day. I maintain that it is $rood business to use county equipment to build our own roads for six or eight years and then when we receive federal and state aid for farm to market roads, to sell that e<piipment for more than it cost the county. The sales were NOT made behind "secret closed doors,'' and WK DM) HAVP^ competitive bidders. We did purchase heavy ecpiipment with which to use on heavy work, but we did not let .some "so-called friend" fool us into making bad deals. There is no law against that which we did — us(^ our good judgment. It does not take an advertised statement to make you know that properly valuations hav<' increased. All one has to do is to drive about the <*ity or into the colmtryside to see the vast building that has taken place in the last few years. We adopted our tax program after consulting with the best business men of town and country, school boards, town and v\\\ <'oun- cils. You have known the work of the Board of Supervisors for the last seventeen years and in those years I have NOT been told by any person to repay a single* cent to the county and the maker of a statement to the contrary will have to answer otherwise. I have not violated any law by doubling up any charges. I have not allowed the county shops to be used to main- lain a ''private fleet of trucks." I do not believe in official favoritism nor do I believe in resorting to untruths to obtain public office. If I am reelected as your supervisor I shall continue to serve you honestly and without any favoritism as in the past, L I. EUerston RAY I. TAYLOR Hrpiihliran Canilitiutr for SHERIFF If noiniimlefi and electiMi, I'll iiin the offin* in n Uwi- nes,slike nianiuT, (»ffirli'ntl\. ifttnoniirally, nnd Impor- tlally — Hiul .siM'vi' the ixttpli- of Iltninft nninly to tho iM 'st of my ability. / 7 warn in hii.niin'ss in F.slhvrville I ^H.rrH 'A!. AI >VKmi »l:MICNT niitrii'*!, Anvii HTiKKxr.jrr For Experienced and Courteous Service Vote for Mary Tostenrud Peterson Kopiit)!i(-an Caniliilati' foi nomination fur Clerk of Disfrict Court MONDAV. n NK 2, Ill.Vi I 'l'i'si'Dl il('[nily clerk I.ifi'lfinu rr-sirli-nt ol I '.mmi 't Countv Wl.lTli'AI. AKVirni Irtl MK.ST itji.irii Ai. AUVKirtiJiKMiuiT A V«»i«' foi" W. II. (Hill) MrlioliiH Is 11 N'otr for (!l('un, IloiK'hl («<>v4 -rntn<'iit Nol.' for W, II. (Hill) NICHOLAS ii4 'publiean C 'anditlAte fur GOVERNOR I ins IS WHY vol .siioiij) VOTF. von MCIIOI.AS lOH (;()VKHNOH: He favoi-s a s .iff, nifxlern highway .system, and want .H it done NOW, nol L'() or M) yvixrs from now. lowu's primary and scrontlary mad systems nwd im- nufiiali" att«'iilion. \i»y (Kmd luiir llic |>c*>tiU- iif liiwit iiilshl tnlr t» hillld thin hJch- »»> »>tttrni roiilil I MI finani't-il M IIH it i>nr>-mit (an tMj> b<vy, luui uoalil .VKVKK rrqiilr.. u piotxTl) Ui. .>"« prap«<rty tmt »»• III^H I to tHilhi iiur hlstiMa)* lti» flnl Itmr — NOVK H'lIX UK •NKKUKI* .SOU. He is abwjititi'ly in favor of kx-'iil control of school-s, and f «H 'l.s that any rt*-oi-Kani/ation law miust come from the iH -opif most lonci-rnwl - the ivirents nnd ta.xpay- er.s of Iwal districts. He favore .state aid, but NBTVEIK AT TIIK COST OF L<X"Al, CONTROL. .MCHOl^AS FOR (iOVFKNOU CLl'U M. R. Cral)l)«', Stvretary

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