Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 1, 1958 · Page 28
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 28

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1958
Page 28
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TUESDAY, JULY 1, 1958 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE OfttttftAftti! »o. tfti AN ORDINANCE LICENSING AND REGULATING "NURSING HOMES," AND "HOMES FOR THE AGED" AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR THE VIOLATION THEREOr. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS: Section 1. That for the purpose of this ordinance, unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms are defined; (a) "Nursing HoM«" means a private home, Institution, building, residence or other place, whether operated for profit or not, of « county home for the infirm and chronically ill operated pursuant to Sections 4-17 to 4-24 inclusive, of the "Public Assistance Code of Illinois," approved August 4. 1949, as amended, or any similar Institution operated by a political sub-division of the State of Illinois, which provides, through its ownership or management, maintenance, personal care, or nursing for three (3) or more persons, not related to the applicant by blood or marriage, who by reason of illness or physical Infirmity, are receiving such care. (b) "Sheltered Care Home" means a private boarding home, institution, building, residence or other place operated for profit which, through Its ownership or management, provides sheltered care t« thrne (3> or more adults who are not related to the applicant or owner by blood or mar- will tfty other inspection offi-1 cers of thft Clt* of Alton deemed! necessary by the Corporate • ^, < authorities or the fire marshal Fluttered to determine that said homes are! in proper order and are being) WASHINGTON (APJ — Vicei operated by the licensee In the,president Nixon Monday came!" proper manner. section 7. That the minimum standards ANNOUNCEMENTS HA RIDER* RIDE WANTED — Prom Alandale Sub-division (Old Jerseyvllle Roadl to downtown Alton. 8 to 5. 2-9509, to the rescue of a flustered chairwoman, Mrs. Rollwege Collier, whoj 1 1 HELP WAfrtED^MALE EMPLOYMENT " ent" .at the United States and -, Care Homes" and "Homes forwent" /.at the United States and; need apply. the Aged" relating to: (a) "That all rules and regulations adopted by the Department of Public Health of the then hastily corrected herself. Nixon told the audience amid MEM laughter at a luncheon in honor r atri anxious to talk to 3 men who State of Illinois relating to the of Spyros P. Skouras, president; «7«*«mW<«*[ operation and conduct of "Nurs ing Homes," "Sheltered Care Homes" and "Homes, for the Aged," and the care, treatment, rehabilitation, recreation and maintenance of the residents thereof, adopted or to be adopted pursuant to Section 35.26 of Chapter llltt of Illinois Revised Statutes 1957, be and the same of 20th Century-Fox Film Corp.: "It's appropriate to refer to the vtce president as president because he is president of the Senate." One Thing and Then Another LINCOLN, 111. P - Vivian T. incorpora^d hereir,vGlick. 40, Jumped from the frying (b) Number and qualifications iP n » inl ° tllp fire Hfler P n .v'ng of all personnel including man-i $150 fine for drunken driving, agement and nursing personnel! He was hauled back into court'of having responsibility for any| JusUce of thc Peacc Dan T . A(lc . (c> "Home for the Aged" means any home operated not for profit under the auspires of a religions, fraternal, charitable, or other non-profit offeaiization, or operated not for profit, under an endowment, which through Its ownership or management, as Us principal objective. provides maintenance, p e r s o n al care, nursing, or sheltered care to aged persons, and in the conduct of which provides such services to not. less than three (3) persons over sixty (60) years of age .who are not related to the applicant by blood or marriage. <">ient of Public Health of the Stale of Illinois pursuant to Section 35.19 of Chapter 111 of the Illinois Revised Statute.' 1957. (That three (3) copies of the aforementioned minimum standards have been on file in the Office of the City Clerk of Alton since April 30, 1958.) Section 8. That pursuant to the terms of this ordinance all "Nursing (d) "Maintenance" means food, shelter and laundry. (e) "Personal Care" means assistance with meals, dressing, transportation and movement, and such other general oversight of the physical well-being of the residents of the home, exclusive of nursing, as may be required by their condition. (f) "Nursing" means professional nursing or practical nursing as these terms are defined in Section Four (4) of "The Illinois Nursing Act," approved June 14, 1951, as the same is now or may hereafter be amended, for sick or infirm persons who are under the care and supervision of licensed medical practitioners. (g) "Sheltered Care" means maintenance and personal care. (h) "Applicant" means any person making application for a license. . (i) "Owner" means the licensee In the care of a licensee who is afi individual; and In the care of a firm, partnership or association, licensee means each member thereof. Section 2. That no person or persons shall open, conduct, manage or maintain s> ."Nursing Home," "Sheltered Care Home," or "Home For tht Aged" or advertise as such, without first obtaining a license therefor from the City of Alton; PROVIDED HOWEVER; that such hornet In operation at the time of th* effective,date of this ordinance shall file application for *ame within sixty (60) days after the effective date of this ordinance. Section S. That the application to conduct and pperate a "Nursing Home," "Sheltered Care Home," or "Home For the Aged" shall be made to the City Manager or his designate on forms furnished by said City Manager. All applications shall be under oath and contain the following: (a) The name and address of the applicant, if an individual, and if a firm, partnership or association, of every member thereof, and In the case of a corporation, the name and address thereof and of Its officers. (b) The location of a home for which a license is sought. (c) The name of the person or persons under whose management or supervision the home will be conducted. (d) The number and type of residents for which maintenance, personal care or nursing is to be provided. (e) The number of persons presently receiving care in said home If said home has been operating prior to the effective date of this ordinance. (f) "Surh other information relating to the number, "experi- part of the care given to residents; (c) All sanitary conditions within the home and its surroundings, including water supply, sewage disposal, food handling, and general hygiene, which shall insure the health and comfort of residents; (d) Diet related to the needs of each resident based on good nutritional practice nnd on recommendations which may—be berry and fined another $20 for speeding—he was in too big of a hurry to get out of town. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" ANNOUNCEMENTS LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby glvon (o all perms that the first Monday In •Aiwist. 1958. Is the Claim Dine In • — - . . .. _», i INDUCE is nereDy Riven 10 an made by the physician fltlendin(?; ?ons tnat lnc fi rst Monday the resident; and (e) Equipment essential to the health and welfare of the residents; shall be as provided by their own. Men who are and sincere. I have ft job that is permanent and pays J420 per mo. to start. . u previous experience necessary. We train you If you are sincere and honest in your efforts to obtain work and own a car. see employment Manager at 219 Herbert St. at 11 a.m. sharp. NEED 2 MEN with car*. Appointments furnished. Klrby Co.. Alton 2-4934. H HELP WANTED - FEMALE 5 WAITRESSES and 4 curb girls needod. Applications will be tnkfn between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. only. Apply Phil's Ranch House. BUSINESS SERVICE 5~~ BUS. ANNOUNCEMENTS POWER LAWN MOWERS Repaired-—Sharpened Complete line Toro Mowers. Springfield riding movers. Manco rldlni mowers. Gllson tillers. STOBBS TIRE SALES 3S25_CpLLEGE 2-7326 TREE': TRIMMED or REMOVED Power machine: stump removal. For FREE ESTIMATES call 5-5957 RENTALS 48APARTMENTS - PLATS CLEAN. 3-ROOM DUPLEX with basement. 447 George. East Alton. 5-5708. T COMPLETELY MODERN— 3 rooms. private; heat and water furnished. Apply 309 central. Alton. ____ i-ORRENT — 3 nice large tnodeVrTTm- rooms, upstairs. Private 4-5685. TUCKPOINTINO — Chimney work. basement. 1 ! waterproofed. Free estimates. Reasonable. Call or write 1014 E. carpenter, Jerseyvllle. Ph. 367. VETERANS SANtTATiOrl SERVtCE Septic tans, cesspools and vaults. Cleaned and repaired. Reasonable price, free estimates. 24 hour eerv- ice. Ph. 4-8231. __ MIDDLETOWN '~~i-n>om~~»itn private bath and entrances Heat and J« BUILDING - CONTRACTING A 1 CARPENTER REPAIRS-Roof*. porches, floors, basements, pslntln* very reasonable. Phone 2-2901 BACK HOE WORK Ings and septic hauling. 4-0195. tanks dug. Dirt GENERAL OFFICE O1RLS—24-40. Light dictation, good typists, credit clerks. Several vacancies In local area. GREATER ALTON EMPLOYMENT SERVICE. 303 Commercial Bldg. Homes," "Sheltered Care Homes," and "Homes for the Aged" shall be considered to be a business and in accordance with Ordinance No. 1661 being the Zoning Ordinance' of the City of Alton, it will be necessary that said homes be in a business area, PROVIDING HOWEVER, that nothing in this section shall affect any such home operating and In existence prior to the effective aate of this Ordinance. Section 9. Any person, firm or corpora' tion who shall keep or operate a "Nursing Home," "Sheltered Care Home," .or "Home for the Aged," without first obtaining a license therefor in the manner herein prescribed or who violates any of the provisions of this ordinance shall upon conviction thereof be subject to a fine not to exceed $100.00 for each day of violation. Section 10. That this ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage, approval and publication according to law. PASSED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS, this 25th day of June A.D. 1958. APPROVED BY THE MAYOR OF THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS, this 27th day of June A.D. 1958. ATTEST: P. W. DAY, Mayor of the City of Alton, Illinois.' ence and training of the ployes of the home and the moral character of the applicant and employes as the City may dpem necessary." The application shall be accompanied by the yearly license fee as hereinafter provided. Section 4 The annual license fee for operating a "Nursing Home" and "Sheltered Care Home" shall be as follows: (a) 3 to 10 persons....$3!i.OO (b) 10 to 20 persons.... $65.00 ic) 20 to 30 persons....S95.00 (d> Over 30 persons—$95.00 plus $3.00 for each additional person. That there shall be no license fee for a "Home for the Aged." That for the purpose of this ordinance the annual license period shall run from January 1, to December 31 and the license foe as set forth herein shall be submitted toeether with the aforesaid application. The license fee shall be for the full balance of the ca'endar vear for which the license is being sought; prp- vlded however, that when an an- plication for a license is submitted during a given year for the balance of said calendar year the license fee shall be prorated In accordance with the number of months remaining In PAUL A. PRICE, City Clerk of the City of Alton, Illinois. (Seal of the City .of Alton, Illinois.) ORDINANCE No. 2738 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE No. 1963 BEING THE TRAFFIC ORDINANCE' OF THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS: Section 1. That vehicles traveling West on Moore Street- shall yield the right of way to motor vehicles traveling in a Northerly direction on Elizabeth Street at the intersection of Elizabeth and Moore Streets, and that, a "yield-right- of-way" sign be placed ai the Northeast corner of said intersection. Section 3. Any or all Ordinances or resolutions, or parts thereof, in conflict herewith be and the same are hereby repealed. SeotlmrS. That this' Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage, approval, and publication according to law. PASSED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS this 25th day Get cash — to Buy those NICE THINGS you've wanted ... as a PHONE SOLICITOR, working In your own home! Dignified work. (Insurance leads). If VOu can supervise yourself and If you have a telephone, write NOW, giving full name, address.? 'phone No., to Box 1(140. _care this newspaper. MANA~GER~ANb" BEAUTY "OPERATORS — For progressive, downtown ale n °, f °| EOR S l tf P ,n A , [hL dept." .Tore 1 " B^aSiy SaW Salary : S ' J? e . c ? as _ c , d - P°, n , d I" '".'. he nnd commissions. Store discount. Probate Court of Madison County Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without Issuance of sum mons. Dated this 17th da? of June REV. HENRY G. BARNES. 1958. Attest: Executor DALE HILT, Probate Clerk. ARMBRUSTER & DIAZ, Attorneys. June 24. July 1, 8 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby given to all persons that the first Monday In August 1958. is the Claim Date In the estate Of GUSTAVE ROTSCH. Deceasec pending In the Probate Court 01 Madison County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without Issuance of summons. Dated this 9th day of June, 1958. JULIA VONDER AHE Executrix Attest: DALE HILT, Probate Clerk. I. H. STREEPER, III. Attorney. 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Call office for additional information. ARTIST'S MATERIALS—P I c t u r e frames. Recently added, lube wafer- colors, numbered paint sets HANDY PAINT CO., IUTOSS from, \yood River Bank. 4-2212. . I of June A.D. 1958. APPROVED BY THE MAYOR OF THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS, this 27th day of June A.D. 1958. said year. Section 5. That for the purpose of thig ordinance the Chief of the Fire Department Is hereby deilgnated the Fire Marshal. Section 6. That no license under this ordinance shall be issued for the operation <H a "Nursing Home," "Sheltered Care Home," or "Home for Ihe Aged," until nn Inspection shall have been made of the 'premises hy the hulld'ng Inspector, Ihe flro marshal and the health officer of the City of Alton, for determination of full compliance with nil regulations contained herein. That the fire marshal thall make quarterly Inspection* of each home licensed under this ordinance as P. W. DAY, Mayor of the City of Alton, Illinois. ATTEST: PAUL A. PRICE, City Clerk of the City of Alton, Illinois. (Seal of the City of Alton, Illinois.) ORDINANCE Vo, 2789 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING No. 2064 BEING THE PARKING METER ORDINANCE OF THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS: Section 1. That Parkins Meters No. 140 and 141 situated just South of the Intersection of Fourth and State Street on the East side of said State Street hp and Ihe same are hereby changed from "two <2) hour" parking meters to "twelve (12) minute" parking meters. Section t. BIDS WILL BE RECEIVED — Until July 14th, 1^58, for tuck pointing or plastering the outside of the two story brick I. O. O. F. Hall . in Brighton. Contact and submit bids to Mr. H. A. Farrell. Brighton. Illinois. Phone Frontier 2-3206. We re- lain the right to reject any or all bids. VIRGIL J. JONES. Sec'y. BLAND ART SHOP - PICTURE FRAMING. Prints and oil palntlnns. 3025 College. First house east of Shurtleff tennis court. 3-3718. 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Licensed. Bonded. UNITED DETECTIVE AGENCV 1006 Washington Ave. Phone 3-73N) For Your VACATION CASH Stop in Today ALTON BANKING & TRUST CO. HI-FI SEE AND HEAR our outstanding line of Imported and domestic HI-FI units. CENTRAL SEWING SUPPLY 14 W. Broadway Ph 2-8214 That Parking Met'ers No. 351, 352, 353 and 354 and any other unnumbered Parking Motors South of Parking Meter No 354 within the Intersection of Fifth and Belle Street on the WPS! side of said Belle Street, be and the same shall be removed. Section I. Any and all Ordinances or resolutions, or parts thereof, In conflict herewith be nnd the same are hereby repealed. Section f That this Ordinance shall ho In full force and effect from and after tin passage, approval, nnd publ'cation according to law, PASSED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF! ALTON, ILLINOIS, this 25th day .of June A.D. 1958. APPROVED BY THE MAYOR OF THE CITY OF ALTON, IF CARPETS look dull and drear, remove the spits as they appear with Blue Lustre. Young Dry Goods Co_ NOTicii—From this day forward ~i will no longer be responsible for any debts contracted for by anyone other than myself Gerald B. Woolsey. 2931 Werges St., Alton. Illinois. July 1, 19,18. KENT Sno-Cone machine for vour picnic Call 8-1)347 RIDERS 'WANTED—TO \ jitf «T pine, SI Louis, 8 to 5. 2-3276. SAVE WASTE PAPER - Bring to Bov Scout's paper service, foot of Central, or call 3-362) for pick-up I'RACTOR . pLoWINa, "cultivating, M DRESSMAKING—TAILORING CUSTOM MAbE~SLfpCOVERSf — Work guaranteed, Mrs. Hale. Phone S E WJ NO & ALTERATIONS'donTTn my home. 4-9150. LAUNDERING 31 iRbNINGS"lN MY HOME — Reason able and experienced. One day service. 4-7943. BUSINESS SERVICE BUS ANNOUNCEMENTS ACCOMODATING ALL AREAS HAMPSEY'S SEWER SERVICE 2-9727 .4-0513 24 hour service. Work guaranteed. Insured. We clean, Install, repair sewers.'septic tanks, cesspools, field drains. AtTALtOtrAREAS STAMPS SEWER * SEPTIC TANK SERVICE —Sewer and septic tanks Installed for hornet. Inaiallailons. financed 124 Henry St.. Alton Pohne 2-4420 3 ROOM APARTMENT—Reasonable. DOTTLE GAS HOOKUP - Original Skcipas equipment and bottles aleo bulk Skelgai JIM IONES lnc 911 Milton Road. Alton Phone 2-2766 Complete LAWN MOWER Service AU rvpes Factory Authorized Service Statloa fort • Brim * StrattoM Engtnae • Clinton Englnet • Power Product • Lawtoo Engine* • Lavn Boy ORV MACHINE and IRON WORKS M4 EdwarOtvllle Road, Wood Mlver open Kveaiaat 'Hi * pm 4-oiM. P. W. DAY, Mayor of the City of of Alton, Illinois,' i WATER. 3-8308. Ilinur APPtJANCB- Repair.. HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS ROOM EFFICIENCY — "Adu'lTs" furnished 703 Washington or call 2-1740. 2~LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS —First floor near Glassworks. Uill- WOOD RIVER — 2 bedroom duplex, modern, clean. Unfurnished. Close in. 2-65B7. WORD EN APTS.. 1103'Washington^ 2 room efficiency. Available. Ran«e, i-pfriserator, water, Venetian blinds furnished. 41 t URNISHED APARTMENTS 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—$.10—mmTtlT 501 Dry. East Alton. Phone 2-3597._ 2~raiRNISHKn "ROOMS 7IeTn"~rnotf ern. 100. r > Pearl, at Central. Close to bus line. 2 PU RNlSHED ROOMS — Modern Shower, heal furnlsliM. Close to bus & industries. Ph. 2-.1891 or 5-9190 f FURNISHED ROOMS —~ Private bath. Automatic washer. All utilities paid. Diul 5-9258. 2 MODERN furnished rooms. 1228 jelle. S35. mo. Ph. 2-7216 or 9-9377. fTSrjOMS and bath, utilities furnished, references. 419 E. 4th. 2 ROOM furnished apt. All modem. Window fan, private entrance. Large closets. Adults. $10 week. S36 Ferguson. Wood River. 4-8882. 2 ROOM furnished apt. In East Alton. One or two children welcome. $35 month. Phone 4-9738. 2 ROOM furnished apartment. Lights, gas, hot water, bath, refrigerator. Apply 204 Henry street. Dial 3-7331. 2 ROOM furnished apt. Apply 632 E 5th. 2 ROOM nice clean furnished apartment. Phone 5-5384 or 2-9797, 3 CLEAN private modern rooms; one small baby accepted. 9-2533. 3 MODERN FURNISHED ROOMS— Private entrance. Adults. 115 Ohio. East Alton. 4-5139. 3 ROOMS—Private bath & entrance. Adults. Apply after 5 p. m. 714 E. 5th. 3 ROOM furnished apt. Private bath and entrance, all utilities furnished. $60. Phone 2-2712. 3 ROOM furnished apt. Utilities paid. Hartford. 4-3031. 4 ROOM basement apt. for rent. Utilities included. 2-4627. $15 per week. 4 ROOM BASEMENT APT, —Private bath. 929 E-~ton or 603 Alby. Adults 2 ROOM APT. — Utilities furnished. Washing privileges. Phone 2-8078. BEAUTIFUL all~modern housetraiTer for rent. 9-2172. Bargain. Couple only DESIRABLE 3 ROOM clean fur <.is!ied apt. Garage. Adults. 842 Lew is. Wood River. FURNISHED APT.—All utilities furnished. Private entrance Adults only. No pets. Phone 2-7380. LARGE beautiful 2 room modern apt. Bus line, Adults. 2-9474. private entrance NEW 4-ROOM BRICK APT. — Adults only. 523 Central, Roxana Refer ences. ROXANA—2 room furnished apart ment. Lights and water furnished Private entrance. Refrigerator and gas stove. Phone 4-7888. TWO clean modern furnished rooms. Private entrance. Lights & water furnished. Ph. 4-2002 or 4-7611. WOOD RIVER — 2 or 3-room apt. Private entrance. private bath 4-6847. 47 HOUSES FOR REN1 2 ROOM HOUSE unfurnished. Gas heat. Nice and clean. Prefer working couple or retired couple. 2-2503. 2 ROOM HOUSE Water, lights, IDEAL TOR AUCTION HOUSE or' 3879 Berkley warehouse. Located on hlway in Collage Hills. Reduced price, call for dptnlls HALE REALTY CO Walter A. HnlR Jr., Realtor East Alton 4-S1I5. 4-6563 WOOD RIVER list Fernuson. Like new. 4 NORTH ALTON 4-ROOM HOUSE — Large scttftied front porch. Full, clean basement. Level lot with shade trees and fenced back yard. Extra large garage. Thl* house Is in exceptional condition. Located In nice neighborhood. close to bus and school. COTTAGE HILLS 4-ROOM HOUSE — Only 4 years etd, Knotty pine paneling in living roofrr. 3 lots included $3,250 GODFREY room ON DAVIS LANE — 3-brdroom brlc*. 2-2246: COMMERCTAL PROPERTY at 617 E»st Broadway Alton, formerly ot cupled by Oermanla Savings 'and Loan. The oullding was constructed In 1929 and completely remudeieii In I9S3. rhe building is ^0 wide and contains approximately 1800 souare feet floor space There Is • full basement completed fot business uie. Masonery construction through out. terraato floor*. 18 celling, ex cellent lighting, completely air-eon dltloned Call 3-0058 for additional Information ot an appointment to inspect the premises NTCE BUSINESS LOCATION —""For _sale._Wood Rlver_P,._p : _Box 2!>7 TAVERN "for sale~in~Be7riai(o."nr. $2700 Will lease to rldlil nerson Inquire Flattop Tavern. Rt. 140 17 "TTTOlvI AND LAND FOR SALE—By owner 12 acres!. 12 miles from 2094-W4 All on off Rt. Kin modern, insulated, BUS furnace, tile bath. Elect washer and drier, ga-! rage, fenced hack yard. Easy terms $8400 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS : 20B Westwood. Very nice 5 room> modern. H.W. floors, cabinets, In-! ja .,, sutated. gas furnace, garage. $i2.noo' After 5 and weekends. MSrjr Steiner less than one year old. Birch cabinets in kitchen BeautlMLSandraS floor. Automatic heat. Extra !arn8 lot. Owner leaving towfi. Priced reasonably. S-S REAL ESTATE 404 .EAST ALTON McCasland. 4 room modern home. Immediate possession. $5800 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Phone 1-3584 After 8 p m,. 2-1335 HIWAY FRONTAGE 5-acrc tructs. Wood Rlyei-lidwards- vlllc hard rond. $!10 down, MS per month. YODER HEAL ESTATE 4-9113 or 4-1484 NORTH ALTON » room 3-bedroom runch type. 4 veurn nld GIIS hent Income prop ert r on re,ir of lot. $KO per mo Price $15.300 MILTON AREA ••'i room brick. Breczeway and patio attached garage, very nice basement, gas hent. 10% down, G.I. or FIIA Inns lerm loan. Price ..$13.900 MILTON ROAD 5 room brick. 2 bedrooms. HWF and plastered walls. 8 toot garage, gas heal. Price $12,900 FOSTERBURG AREA \*i ACRES $8001 Modern 5 room. 2 bedrooms, can use 24 ACRES (10 acres bottom)...$59951 as 3. Living room 12x28. basement 9'/« ACRES on city water, prac- ! with oil heat. I acre of ground. tlcally all tillable with subdl- I more available. Owner leaving state. division possibilities $5995 ; Price $9.000 4v a ACRES on city water $3000 Any of the above tracts can be bought lori down and easy PREHN COMPANY BETH ALTO, ILL. 5-ACRE tract, Northbrook $!99f>j monthly payments. PREHN COMPANY BETHALTO, ILL. DU 4-3431 LOTS FOR SALE CARL or VIOLA TUETKEN 5-5095 ANYTIME GLA7.EBROOK AGENCY UPPER ALTON BEFORE YOU BUY See Beautiful :2419 Claire. 4 room modern home, 2-7404 Jack Vann 5-6463 We Need LIstliigi ALLEN & REALTOR N1MMONS 2-9248 Evenings: 2.7972 — — — J-1043 D'ADRIAN GARDENS 49 ESTATE SIZE LOTS—As little as $300 down. Dial 2-4403 or see Homer Adams at Gardens each evening. CHOICE LOT—75x120 ft. in~Georgene Acres. Brighton. III. Call Frontier 2-3727. FOX ACRES ANNEX • 70* to 135' frontage. Sanitary and storm fewer,"gas. Wood River School District. Easy terms. B. C. PURVIS. PHONE 4-5 \ST. LARGE LOT—Belmont Village, No. i 88. Nice trees. Ideal for split leve or open basement. 5-1330. newly redecorated, large corner lot. A very good buy at $6800 HARRY F. HEMPHILL AGENCY Phone'3-3684 After 6 p.m.. 2-1335 I OT 15 & 1R—Fnirview Dr 172 frontage. $22.50 per foot frontage Apply 1641 Rodgers. MARIANA HILLS LOTS FOR SALE in 75 to 95 too frontage in beautiful Mariana Hills Terms. mile from N Alton. En . . trance from Route 100 at Altamon Place or Ghoul eau Ave. For infor mation see Frank Zerwas at 'Alia mont Place or Phone 2-6882. HOUSES FOR SALE BRIGHTON - For salt by owner 7 room modern home. FRONTIER 2-3153. §R7CK Breezeway HWF. Full 4-9586. Wood River. 3 bedroomi Garage. Gas hen' baiement. Corner lot some furniture furnished. 800 street. State 3 ROOM HOUSE—All modern, unfurnished. With utilities. $65. 3-8282. : ROOM HOUSE for rsul. PH. 2-4160. '. ROOM modern house for rent. Bethalto, across from high school. Inquire Gardendale Grocery. Du. 4-4901. ROOM semi-modern house for rent 59 North Williams. Cottage Hills. W1LSHIRE VILLAGE. East Alton, room brick. City gas. gas water heater, automatic washer and dryer Draperies._$12.700_4MI537. EAST~GiLLnSPIE-^4~room. all modern. Cias heal, large lot. .Sacrifice price. Phone Gillespie 458Y. 801 W. Virsinia Ave. 2 BEDROOM 7rame with basement and attached garage. $13.800. 163 Norwood Place. Rosewood Heights. JPhpne_4-0537. FOR SALE—4 room modern frame. Full basement. HWF. Furnished. $12.900. unfurnished $12.400. 4112 Abejdeen._Phone 3-3894._ FOR SALF.—?"« acre farm. 5 room house, water Inside. Outbuildings. Close to Horseshoe T.nke. D T Martin. Tamms, III. Phone 4-9815. ROOM MODERN. Seventh 56 th FOR SALE BY OWNER- Modern « Bu arprce Ga, ____________ ........ 500 214 Chaffer, Roxana. Phonr ROOMS all modern. 1123 Union 4-6258. street -... A .».P |y 52S E 8lh -._.._ ..... ... -..iwb6D~¥fVER~-~F~hpdroom with ROOM modern house. 2822 East, attached garngf. basement, gas heat. Broadway. For information call! aluminum storm window*. Idfial lo OPEN I to 8 P. M. EAST ALTON'S AVALON Subdivision 3 BEDROOM HOMES $450 DOWN $77 MO. MORE FOR YOUR MONEY $10.850 GEORGE PETERIE—Agency REALTOR 3-2539 $500 Down. $94 per Mo. 3871 Western Ave. t room, all modern, brick and stone home with large attached carport, large floor plan, full basement, gas heat. All aluminum storm windows and doors. $500 cyclone steel fence. Large level lot. l'/i years old. rice $15,500 Ph. 5-1239 REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE 2-9797 COLLEGE CREST— Attractive 4 room modern bungalow In new condition. Large kitchen. Full 'basement with oil furnace. Oarage. Large fenced lot 72 x 157. Only $10.200. GODFREY— This attractive 4 room modern home Is fully complete. Has stairway to attic for expansion, Breczeway and attached garage; Full recreational basement with automatic heat. Wall to wall carpeting in living room. Large dining size kitchen. Chllds swimming pool. Numerous shrubs and plants. Many fine features thru-out. Excellent lor $13.100. YOUR CHOICE of two 4-room modern homes on North St.. near school. Both have been reduced In price to $6900 and $7500 $300 Down G. 1. GOULDING AVE. in East Alton. Nearly new 4 room modern bungalow in A-l condition. About 4 years old. Has hardwood floors, attractive plastered walls. Forced air oil furnace. Immediate possession. Special for $7500 NORTH ALTON— Seven room brick home. One floor In A-I condition. Has full'basement with gas heat. Space for two cars in basement gurage. Large new carport. Can be used as 3 or 4 bedrooms. Two full baths. $1900 down. Special for $18,900. BRIGHTON. ILLINOIS — 6 room frame. Full bath, furnace. Large lot 80 x 195. Garage. $1000 down $5800 Alton on Edmond St.- Cute 4 room modern home in A-l condition. Full basement with oil furnace. Dining size kitchen. Two bedrooms. $1000 down $8950 WEST THIRTEENTH ST. — 4 room frame. Full bath, gas furnace. Will exchange for 3 bedrooms ....$5250 WEST 12TH ST.—4 room semi-modern. Two large lots. $300 down $2500 LEONARD ST.—( rooms with bath Furnace. Lot 50x125. • $400 down ,..-.• $3700 EAST ALTON—Pence St. Five rooms wjth 3 bedrooms.. Gas furnace. Two car attached garage. Nice lot Terms $7950 on Miami St. J bath. Aluminum ities furnished. Adults, rear 1712 Bozza.. 5-9126. Apply in 2 LIGHT housekeeping rooms, private entrance and week. Phone and bath. $8.50 per 2-07.66, 8479 E. Bdwy. 46 APARTMENTS — FLATS 2 ROOM FURNISHED and 3 room unfurnished. 717 East Sixth. Call afler 7. 5-2663. 3 LARGE ROOMS—Heat and water furnished. ' Private bath and entrance. 3-8006. 3 ~ ROOM ~ APARTMENT7 private bath, .private entrance front and rear. First floor. $40 mo. 197 Goulding Ave.^_East_Allon. R6bM~APARTMENT - Private bath and entrance. Wood River. 303A Lorena. Handy location. Wood River. 1)4, Ea»t Acton. I ROOM DUPLEX, unfurnished. Heat and water furnished. 615 E. 5th Si Call 5-9KM. I ROOM modern apartment. Heut & WUIPI- furnished. Private bath and jBiUrunce. 2-4203. r~So"oMs"~* "BATH—upstairs 714 Frontier_2-:)529. _ . ~R66N~M'obE'R~N """HOUSE—LesMe avenue. Wood River. Call 4-6678. KAST ALTON—117 OhlflTYlreel. ~4 looms, bath and utility. Available this weekend. References. $75 mo. Also Rosewood Heights, new 2 bedroom brick Radiant heat, garage aliuched. Available .Inly 12th References $95 mo. Phone _4-1710 FOR "RENT""—"Wooms".~Wlred for stove. Not modern. 522 Wyss street 2-5303 afler 4 p.m. FO~R~~RENT—3«i' ""bedroom house. Large kitchen, long living room, swirl board and knotty pine, gas heal, arranged for small apt to help with rent Monroe street, East Al ton_4-5139._ _ _ "FOR RENT~or~SAiTE—MliTorTaFefaT 3 bedroom brick with garage and full basement Tiled bath nnd kitchen Built-in oven and stove Large yard. JH25._5-6332_or_3-7088.__ FOR SALT? or RENT — 3 bedroom house. Hardwood floors, gas heat, full basement, hall and stairway carpeted. Rent $100 per month. Ph ifdwardsville 1258-W after 8 p m GODFREY^-6 rooms, 2-story, Stflfter cation. 4-8846 FOSTERBURG" 3 ROOM house, cabinets, stairway to MILTON AREA rooms with full siding. Special for $5500 COTTAGE HILLS—Attractive 4 room modern home in A-t condition. Full basement with oil furnace. Large lot 75 x 350. Bargain for ....$7500 CALL THE PREHN COMPANY REAL ESTATE BETHALTO, I LL. EXCHANGE ROOM stucco, all plastered, attrac- 2-9797 live roomy living room, halt knoitv pine- bright kitchen with cabinets j and snack bar; 3 bedrooms with large closets: lllcd bath and show-1 er: dining room adjoining cool! screened patio. Convenient attached \ garage. Shrubs, shade and attrac-'...„_ _._ „ _ . . live rear fence create quiet almos- i BLUM' ST. near State. 5 bedrooms, pherc. Thrre blocks from Belhalto 9 room.-, In all. HWF. gas furnace. Posi Office $14.200.00 !,,_„..„ .. __ v , „ „ $14.900 4 ROOM and bath: full basement. H. ppl i R ALTON — College at Mam stoker, fruit, garden, large lot. con ' st - V-room modern. _2-car .garage. veniemly located in Belhalto. On sewer and water $S.I'JO.OO ROOM on one and one-third lots , , on one an n r s tipstahs where more rooms could be • °" one an " $3 9< )5 uS McKINLEY BLVD finished. Large lot Reduced price. s m ail 'down"paymem' and" $30.00 per small flown navrnrni . i .*,».,*i, /-i ,-,-,, i« r>»tt, n u n t«... „»!„.* Small down payment TOM GIBSON—2-4258 ELI M. GREER AGENCY month. Close-in Bethallo location. Sewer and water available. Could be made very attractive by a do-ll- heat, automatic 3-8!i»7. —-—- yourself Ian. completely modern. Future business property $30,000 —,4U-room mod- Double garage. • $11.900 ern; gas furnace. 4-ROOM MODERN — Jefferson. . , ,..,, ,..„ Stoker, low heat bill, large front FOR KALE in Wood Rivet ."Ml ren- ;(j ROOM four down and 2 up Well 1 Porch $7,500 trnl Ave. 3 bedroom brick, wall 10; nnd ( . is ,e r n, 220V electricity. In wall cnrpeiing In living room andi M,, ro . $ 000 Can be purchased hall, gas furnace, aluminum storm; on casv payments windows and door. Large water softener, fenced back yard Good location. $12.700. Will consider contract for deed. WILSHIRE VILLAGE With shopping center, schools, church«s. A community of fine homes. Modern brick ranch style or con- PREHN COMPANY BETHALTO, I LL. DU 4-3431 "MARIETTA PLACE" 6 room, redwood siding. Interior nlastei'ed. large L-shaped living J BEDROOMS—7 rooms total. Milton area. Has 2 extra rooms finished In basement. Gas furnace, HWF, shower and stool in basement. $15.360 CONTRACT OR G.I. — Only S8.4SO. 6 rooms, glassed buck porch. Milton area. Lot 73' s 319'. TERMS AT $9,750 — 5-room modern. Good location on Uillham. Living and dining room carpeted. Full temporary 2 or 3 bedrooms, double I room, dining room carpeted. 3 bed-1 closets, ceramic tile bath, plenty of i rooms. I knotty pine, tile bath kit-1 basement, stoker heat. bullt-ins With or without basement. r h en hiis lovely cabinet!,, full buse- Citv gas heat Will sell on contract. mem wlt h shower, gas furnace, lot Priced from , hot water. $75 : YODER REAL ESTATE 4-9113 or 4-1484 $400 Down F.H.A. f ,, onn , -.. ,_. 8-ROOM MODERN on Brookside $13,900 70x145. Can be used as apartments. Terms if desired $5,500 4 room (> ffamo, ^2 bedrooms, dining j 5 ROOMS — Rt. 1, Godfrey. 100 ft. f rontlng ht-way. Part basement, coal furnace 15,250 area off large kitchen, plastered In terlor. utility room, propane gas ~3 "roornj and basement. Phone 4-6802. SKVEN~~ROOM D V JPLEX —"Near school, downtown Wood River. Hot water heat. 4-4774. SMALLliODSF.—MrPariTTanpTTn. _. ... coin Addition. Wood River. $2250 I ROOMS, ullllty. newly decorated, month. Diul 4-800R glassed porch, garuse, automatic rTTppp rinnM—Hnii'eS ii«r ?.,„,«, „„,! h.^t o,/uilp,hlu <u* mn THRKE-ROOM HOUSE — _ Alap water und heat available. Phone 2-1710. /"UNFURNISHED "IIOOMS—Private bath. 2 3-3388 ~ ROOM~ A pf~"a fid ~ privatie biitii Heal and water furnished. Cal 3-3080 or 2-5948. ROOM modern apt. Utilities fur nUhed. Private bath and entrance Inquire 1218 W. 9th. 4~ROOM unfurnished apartment "Prl vale bath and entrance Adult*. 325 J-asl Third. Ap_l_. No.J. i 'ROOM APT. — H«at and water Adult*. 5-6454. ROOM APT - North Alton Tbli apartment U nicely decorated and hai large cloieti. many kitchen cabinet*, on busline, front and back private entrance. Garage. Heal and water furnlihed. 2-0315 8100 20055 or weih- en, cleaneri, fan etc 109 Virginia ATTEST: PAUL A. PRICK. City Clerk of the City of •Alton, Illlnoli. ILLINOIS, thi« 87th day ol (Seal of the City of Alton, J|ll June A.D. 1958. nois.) K Unterfartnk. LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED— XV ply at 817 Spring Street, Alton. LAWN MOW1BRS imARPENHD~ * - „ POWER LAWN MOWERS repaired. Sold. Parti. Call for and deliver. One day nervlcs 2-2413. ROOMS, ground floor near <l<>wn town, heat und water furnN'ed. Children permitted, no oeit, 42.1 George. Alton _ ACTON APTS — Modern" unfur*lihe~d 3 and 4 room apla. Heut & water furnished. 8 room. 168.00. 4 room, 175.00, Inquire Apt. I, 37 £. Acton, Wood Rlvef. APARTMENT UNITS - 4 roomi. ) bedroomi Bait Alton Defenie area. Private entrance Oai beat, electric bot water beater Call t-7631 ba twe«o 2 and f p.m- , room Lights, water, fas 5-5008. FURNISHED HOUSES Monthly payments $81 Includes taxes; furnuc «' 11la .r*e lot. 65x175. and Imurance ix>rlr<>"n>s 41 BEAUTIFUL 4 room housetraller. Private property. Modern, every; convenience. Washer, electric and; waler furnished. Adults only, frence rcmilred. Call afler 6 Phone 5-6336 se BUSINESS PLACES OFFICES - STORES - Available In Wllshlre Mall now being built la Wllshlre Village. Casl Alton. DON YODER Realtor 4-9113 or 4-14M OFFICE SPACB—Available lor lease in the new Germanls Savings Building. 543 East Broadway Alton Suite 103 with 560 square feet of spact on Ihe Front Street level Call 2-0058 for more Information or for an appointment 53 MISCf.LLANF.OUS I'RAILER SPACE - Simile, roncrde patios and walks. Quiet neighborhood $1.1 up 210 Cooper, l'<is! Alton. 4-6328. M WANTBD TO RENT WANTUO— Building suitable for ga- business. Prefer Alton urea, Phone 2;6779. ^ __ WANTED To RENT - 3 bedroom home, preferably Upper Alton. Write P. 0. Box 381. Alton. III. i INLAND HOMES Brushy r,rov» Subdivision Wood River Show House upen 4.30 lo 4'30 Sun day. 7 to S Wednesday evenlni RALPH H. LAOD "Bullileiv or National Homes" Realty t Obstruction Co FOR SALE BY BUILDER—New 3 bedroom brick veneer home with attached garage. Birch cabinets, ceramic tile bath, full basement, landscaped. Immediate possession. 4024 Aberdeen ave. Contract for deed if desired, $2300 down. For appointment call 5-9193 or 2-7817. FOR SALE BY OWNER BFST BUY ANYWHERE _ Look Ihu market ovur. theii see this On ly few minutes out ol North Alton Pull masonry, i.'alliornia Ranch, ui- inched garage. 6 rooms c CM.mile tile buth colored fixture*, chipoed HUMBERT ROAD Charming 6 room frame, located on 185x135 landscaped corner lot. lurge living room, fireplace, dining room with serving area • from large convenient kitchen, birch cabinets. 3 bedrooms, larxe closets, tile buth. built-in dresinu table, large utllltv Includes washer and dryer, oil fur- COTTAGE — Lockhaven area. Completely furnished. Dock space Included. Only $2.700 7 ACRES ON CLIFTON ROAD CASH OR TERMS at $7.700. Good for home or subdivision. jfl ACRHS — Jerseyville road Excel- mice, brrezfway, mlousy doors. lll«| lent subdivision lots, floors. 2 car attached garage, sione barbecue pil colored stone fire- DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT., place. Must be seen to be uppre $37,000 elated. MARIE THOMPSON REAL ESTATE $-1413 or 5-1133 Office open till 9 FRONTAGE on UM & O Railroad- Godfrey, g lots $7,700 PRICED FOR QUICK SALE $400 DOWN. F. H. A. LOAN $75 PER MONTH ROSEWOOD H BIGHTS 4 room brick, like new. Hot water radiant heat. 220 wiring Luis bulli In cabinets, plastered walls, vene tlan blinds. Insulated storm doors and windows. Nice level lot One block from school, flood street, al tuched garage $12.000 LOU COX - - - 4-325.1 FRED E. THOMPSON AGENCY 4 55I4 INCOME PROPERTY inarbift 1001 "fireplace.'"i'.evei"ToT <I2 W. 4tli Si. Nine room apt house Gorgeous cuMom designed Interior, completely furnished. Three apis Fruflwood cublnels. built In oven ""' " "" J "'•" and range. Many other features. $1,000 DOWN 111193 monthly Include* taxes and Insurance. Shown by appointment PHONE !T5622 Teiegwiph Want Ad»" 7 «CUCK" now reined. Paved street and side wuikc front and rear. 920 wiring, blinds and screens throughout. Two large front porches. Stoker beat full basement. UQO month Income (or ' LOU V GDlf *w - w 4- FRBD B. TWOMPSQN AC OMPS BUSINESS CORNER. State and Delmar ... North Alton *40.0J BUSINESS PROPERTY ON PEARL Building 40' x 100 $24,000 9 ROOMS — 2 or ;t apartments, near downtown bu»ines» urea. Aluminum siding, gas furnace, fireplace, carpets. 114.7 13 ROOMS — 3 upts . Elm St. F«1J i<«Kpmen x>\* furnace. 3 apart* meats furnished. All for .. IU.COO BODY SHOP and office. Excellent business spot f)4<wO GLADYS I HAP) MELLINS 2-2122 MABEL HARPER 2-5761 BEN MOORE, Realtor 2-1742 ALTON REALTY CO. 2-222,2 • 13 E. Gra«ci*iy "WI'U HU.P Y .M

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