Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 29, 1952 · Page 7
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 7

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1952
Page 7
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RfM'frf ill ilu! ISV MS Class Day Program Tomorrow Askid T(t Display ria ^s IJI! 1II'I<I .-It !i:ir, ii m I'ip i n. ' '1'•! i' ' • till- hl»,"ll Hcliool. Miil'la .-ilMl!'/ '(I:,;- ri^uni'i.: ].-, IX'i-Htil'-nl iif l»i<- :« ni-r ••••ill : M..i,..,ri.,l <);. . ih<- iiiKh Hrtiool ; HH1 iiiiiv KP.'.-IJ ' promoted to Corporal ;i..<l. will ri -iipuniJ tnf I li' ' Tlic Hiiliil :il')iv Will !)•• vi '-'i ,'i I li'inor stu'iciit in liii' iii'jj < 1.' • ' >' ' ' .•Hul (In- v;i|.i|ic t .,1-. .Mil I.- -r.i'.i' Uy Slililf.V DNun. ' l.ii-h. -t liotn.t M.^r.. dr.: fitiirli-nl. ll^ni;, I'.uM. i will !!• •.,.,„;, ,,. , Mi'flt Un- vkNu!()••.< I i< • '. ;iri 'i ;' j^,,..-. t. will 111 :ii( . |,1 1.| t.v |.;.M ,," , ' Sliirlry f^lHoii will |.r. .-• Ill llw . , r,f •• I'liy liiioU ID ';I(,II.I 'Jiin'ii, \'>,il '.M •.,,„• r.ij-.u;.'. H ; r'.. . : H. 11,-ininii'i' will |ii.-.ii' ( ..l|. ,,, •,, ,j i^.....; .-,:,r.:\ int'i- ; .Mh(>l;ij ship jiiii' Till- M iij'>i ill ,j, j.J 1, Ti r. 1T'-'j] r. •'* Will HIM;,' (!« (Ill 'I,,,;. |,i. ( . .Iiii/ 1,.,...,. t, ,ir .ir,t' '•.••ip il' iliii cliiHK iifi -^Mi .,j,.,l WI'K ' 1 r,.; .-..•(ivl If: K'T- a in Jar.• iir'.- <' rr i . • a r T:.- ^'.n M: AllliDUU'li 111' AU, k .,n -arr -r.'l .'.!••- A .'.'i.'.'. . J Kop; )•• Kn.- •••|iiTiil'. nii)i-K 111 II.- 111.- 1.1 r,-..t l.ii .• .... f.,!m. riy ri>!. <: Ii -i-, if rniiiil li-iiMj t 'l -',^•l:.^ Jyijiiji-T.-r.ui j .iy.i .....j.o'i. fined for S|M'edine ' ATr.-:<l AnUk'T of K -t'.. ; viil. . v.;;^ f,... i «... r,r ! af:- r h- (i - •. • a . :.a: i;. '"•f sj., I'li- ir.r in .'.:;iv^.; P'l.n HIJA .i.-d - court Vjlay. .Masons Asked To .>feet ti »>..•• 1 Tl.. 'I. f:i.-' to fi::..i! jn . ' II- i in-t. ;i i a:-., r. ^ju-;.-. d at ! ]r, ; r:t Frifi : fan. I..: of K I K.; ;-• .Wi); ),• 'r.'}'i :• .-"ar.iiir. Kur.. ..-a! i. in Oak!i;]| <• r:.- t- : y. t a- tn. hi:i •o att. r.i<. «h. I)!. I V: J- :); at tit<- •wi* h r.ui :al ' V\l-J:7:i;i-y// SUNDAY AND MONDAY CA|{TfX>,N AND NKVVS ENDS TONITK DA.N I ).\ll,|;v .lOX.NSi, mil '•'Hie I'ridr „[• St. I,(jui^" The .Story o( Dizzv Dean After IJie Pjcriici^felax ir^Cool Cbmfoph.: Here-iyyilh,Nyut-' faniilijjawd -friends ! CONTINlOrs .MIO.MOKIAI, DAY SIAicTINf; AT !:()(» FRIDAY AND SATURDAY '' JACK BUETEL- MALA'POWERS • BILL WILLIAMS =^ CO-FEATURE-— Bil)le School at Gruver •,••0- E:;.;.. >• hooi o; .irv;- .-. r !': i -^tivtrriar^ f';ur'h -A".;; t-^in; Mi .r;.ia\ J:;r;.- J i"!'is-.> ^v;!; >ta:t :! '. 1 ••• rr. ..a^:: :::orr.]r.-^ U'V t'.v.j V.-. k- Tr - Ki' 1. h---! ;s urtd-r •r;. 'iir- . t.on of t/t- R. V H C Mc- - (^iiota for June Is One M.UA POWKKS SHOWS concorn «t th.. .^..warri ,^,ud for hor in ti.l,- rolo of -Rose of Cimar.-on." ,a Tw,-nt!.th C.nturv-Fo.T r^- 1. prcKiucd by Bdward L Aj.. r-.^on. Film-al in n.w- coior thi,s w ,5torn .idvpnturc will plav at th,- Gra/id thoator Fridav and Saturday. Co-hit will he "Y. .s Sir Mr Bono* • fii .- anr',-n..d ,dav J-J. f'-: :ndu -^.ir; ir- Jun. ^ H^, anr.oun.:.J at t:;at Fine Is Suspended Ilo'i*:::. .k tor i. v-a- f;n.d rs' ft ; rr,.- if P.-.-ir.- E LI '. n'.' I Mondav. fin• r ,G ;nL- th- p'j.-.vha to p:''-.-id.- f.-.i .Anijus Breeders To .Meet _^T.'.-- .Mi.-.-..—.ta A -.-d. da>' lind :, .cr;r Th "j.-.= da\-. ^t 'h.- fi.r ;rrojnd- at Brj y.-.r.r. \ ;:o ;.'.-r !.Ti r.-iy b- rar::.d V ;7 .nn:n:: at !0 a ' ry- .-iv != r ord;a;;v ;nv.t- n-At:r:j.= No 31onev To Pav 400.000 Postal orkers \V.'uhinp*.on. May 29 JP—Thf ro.-t offic dt-parlment said today it ha .i run out of money to pay abcut 4iXI .(X'0 postal workers scat- i.-T.d ihrousrhoul th.^ country. It hopts to cit the money from Uill Keoehe Diseharge a: rr.: K- - a'J'..-, fro.m t •.- ::;'.-*h,- ir • r<-d t:-.- a H. K -Vci -rpts .Are Broadcast v ,T :l;nt-- of 2- niv» in-zjdin;; •a- r r>-. of 'n.. f;-th '-rvi:;. V..,-. o.;o*.d on -rro.-n Kd:-or Ijr.y • broidca.-- an 40 a r:: -oday. ov<;r H'a-.. lov.-a ctation •.V.-:!.'! Ex'Estherville Resident Dies In Montana Mr^ F- C I.ytle returned honv y-.-t.-.-day ..jft'T .•.ponding nin.- V -.k? with h.r .'=irt':-r. the late Mrs. Anna Martin Richardson of Potion Mont., b.foic Mr.= Richard-, • • .= on< death. -Mrs. Richardson : .--on but meantime has ••rn.. r'.v of K.5thtrvinf-. ; r.otifKd j-u^tmaotcrs to withhoKi , , ,. . , 53 !ar%- pavm.?nt5 lO themselves and Ml. RKhard.^on died May 1^ m ^ ,,„,^ ,,,r5onneI for work don- hot.., Dieu hospital in Polsor ; .^j,,^ j,^^. and fun. ral ^'^rvices were he.<i, ^j,,.^, ii„„<j,.„. Ma--- 2^ :n the Retz Melnodisl chap- i i t-. I T--.- lad'. « o' Rebekai- department ran out of mon- :.'d.'.- of BIK" Fork.'Moni . conduct- : ^"'^''^•'^-^ congress last October • d i.-.-; .se: vices ^:,,[ >r^r.::^.d s.a\:^rics <,{ all postal om- :r. La,;. View cvm.frv at Poison P>«'.«s but provided no funds to ." „ - . pav the increases. B'.-n Jr-.n 17 1^. m New Be<.-' *^ ".^ ^ ^ . fo.-d li: -Mr.- Richard!=on moved, '"°'"'<^->' r.eeded is contained .vi'r. nir r.arrn-.^ in a covered wa.;-,» .'supplemental appropriation ,- •, F---.-r-.-!''- in ISSO In 191.J '"^ "P conpiess due to for Montana tnd =ettle.< ='''"''^'•^ »'--t'*'^<^" house and aen- •-.V,-. wh-r... sne marrk -c i versions. ' ;^.i.;.-.aidson the follow- L'ntii thi.'. bill is finally passed, postal employe.s in the field serv- ; r.. . n Lvtni, at Wood- , S- 1 no more pay. Jjn'- until h. : re. ; ' — - .^r." w;.- a memb«r of Th' Great Lakes contain half }•'••:K .•.f'-'hodi.-t churcr. fr._sh water on earth, says the z-j- and th.. .Span:-^;. ^'^»-ional Geographic society, A.-:.-t; a: \V::r V-f :-jns au.xiliary. .^a;v,v;.-i- r.'-r d.-at.h ar--- her hU-=- r.and ;...ur bro'.n '-.-.H. 0;l<y ilarlin o! H;'.! C.ty Minn . 0!'n Martin of .Sr.---.'o-j.'n. 1!..';.':.. CI yd- Ma.'-tin o: K.'.'.o-rv.l,. and I^_or.ard Martin o' ' i-orrland Or..: and two .'•i.-teri. iff... Ja.'r...- I Car~.n of Pol.son ;-rd Mr.-. F. C L;,-7.iv of Esther%•«!•.•. Hawkcve Bovs Stale Will Open Sunday I>es Moin..<. May » .1' The 14th annual American l^pion »iH >n- sortsl Hawkryo Boys State will open at C.imp IXMlse. ne,'«r hcrt-, Sunday. A total of 720 l>oys from every county in Iowa spt-nd :« M .vk in the .«tud,v of state, county and municipal Rovernniont. Director of Boys St.tle will be AlKin \V. Coon of Des Molne,« who has directed activities at the camp for several yoaiJi. l=pt \Tkerj who will appear at eve- nitvg meetings through the week include: Dudley Weible. Forest City, d.'^ partment commander of the lown American Lesion: O. W. Severance, Des Moines: J. Dalton, special a^ent. F.B.I.; CJov. WilUani S Beardsley; the Rev. Robert Rich- cvrds. r>etroit; Dr. Robert F. Ray. State University of Iowa, and Paul Tornquist. Davenport. Ix-gion national e.\ecutive committeeman. The European corn borer has U-cn found in 37 states of the Cnited States. ! SiiJi|)ond Liquor Pi»rnilt» De» Moine.v .'P-- Five liquor purchasing pentiiLt l.isup to rt Clinton man have been suspendwl Indefinitely by the Iowa liquor control c<immi!«»lon. Duplicate permits are issueii only to replace lost ones, and 1 the commission ihouRht it unlikely ' the customer had lo.«t four permits. The commls -Hioners suspended nil (hat had been issued to him. Gla.- The River Jordan flows Into the Dead Sea. m Ksthenillo, Iowa, Daily News Tliurs.. May 29. 1952 8 POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT Iowa Needs Men Uke KEN Ken Evans Republican for Governor I Hi i x\ORTHERi\ LL.MBER CO. Machinery Finance Plan QUALITY FARM - EQUIPMENT You can now buy your farm machinery on our finance plan. As low as 25% down. Balance over 21 months. Oui* interest charge is regular bank rate. No interest charged until machine i.s used. Northern Lumber Co. Implement Department Estlier\ille, Iowa v., p...v. Coi.rnnij .rK of Iowa in ! o;,. r.a*,o.^ -...-itri the un. v-r-.irv'.... : i.'.-f T. .w-!,.,,-t „,i ar.,] to. veript. ;.ror,ar-d .John M. H-nr-.- of 'h- j h. i :,T-,ir..-- K.^-uter and T'rihune ; V-n.en a eo'-ntry in the houth- tn ;.a;' of the Arabian i^tminsula -: aoo-jt S.Z.- of .N'ebj-i-ska but .-ani'. d . (.a.r, fo-jf t -.i -i.-.s a., many p':ople. The Weather Bible School Starts .Monday j In,roam,. ! l .ij 'hi-ran 'h 'Ji 'r.. 4'/<' ^'orlh Sixth Ktrei-t. will 'onduct a" laily Vaealion Hible xohool for ' ,vo | w-'.-:<:. r,*.;.'innir,t' ?,!on'lay, J'jri'- 2\ ar.<l ' ontinuir,;.' thro'j;;h .Iiiri'- Ki i Th. K'hool v.dll be rondijo-ted <-vi.ry riiornin/, .Monday throij^'h Friday, fiofii ft a 111 to 1I;.VJ a. rri. and ih d'"ii'n.d and j'laded for ih. ' hild- fin f>f til,, f-omrnunity of iffihool a;-.- Th" plirj /OK" of Ih'- KehO 'd IK to IrnpreHo upon th.: ehlldri-n th<- fiiJidaiiii-ri'al). of Ihi- f.'hii-tian M-li^'ion and lo irit<-i'rate th<-i..- i.-ach , iitif'i Into tl.i-lr riallv v.oi k and j play Thi- ni-ral Ih'-iii'- of >(..-• :.'liool till-* ar v.ill h.-: "I.ivintf ii-i' fhi|ili,-ri f,f fiod'• Thi- li.aiidi'-/:,fi and mod. in vl-nial .alda alno will i,i- liit..;-i a'.-d lo Djjj-. jji-iii-ial l>;.-/o'- lo-ritoi I(i-iilirii- '.vIll I,,- in .hiii;;<- of till- i"-iiool. Th,. dipai I nil nt -'i will ),.. .MiK Fi'il .Mri-i 'i|i-n V\'hltl«li, .Min. fJrviUi. SaMi |,ii (,n, .Mr:- .John ll-nnirk, .Min J '/.'Jl )i j;; Orl;.o./- .Mfa 'A .S iioM .Mom ltoiial,i.|le Kirk, .Mm l.on-n l.ui iiM ami .Mm Walter [tiiiirli OFFICIAL TKMPFKATLKKS ?.IaxirniJ.'n y.-ftt'-rday: Mini/ijurn luhl ni^'nl: ''^i TODAYS WKATHKH X a. ni. Sfin T'J.'ip.ratuie/.: i2 52 V.'irid, dinition Kt'. UK V.ind, velocity: 10 l.';.l« Harorn'ter: 21(7;) 2'.i.70 P.ainfall: T rao-i , .MI.\.\KS(*TA F«>ltLC.\.ST .Hh'iw-. IK and w-arrni-r t<iniKht. Hh'iv.-if. ending '"n'l fiunint; eool- <-r Fiidav' lonii'ld. ij. ai -10 in '•xUi -rfi' north'-'iitt t'j .Vi i-oiitir.'.-i-nt. Hij ;i, Kildav r,r, lo 70 IOWA FOUKCASr J'aMi'v e-U,iidv -'.''-'.i, fair . aMl Ihlif afl.-i fioofi. a liMli' \MUIfl '-l-. hii-'h Hh to 7(i .Seatt.-nd i^howeii-, and ••-arriii-i t</iii;'hl I-'iiday i-how- .-r.-. < n'lini-' .and tiiiiihi;,- eool.-r in •A. .1 Low ioni;.'h! .VJ ^o Uri Hi^'h . f-iiday iiiai (;.', nor! hw, hi, 7.0 lo SO j .outiieai.,l. l-'iJxtlii-r fiUMook: Show-) i-iii '.iMiin half of hliili until early nfn irioon .Saturiliiy, partly eloiidy ,-l».-v.-b'-r,. and a liUli- eooll I PARK PWOE HaUiMt in KHlh.Tvlll.. _ Knlil In KHtliervlll.. hv IIAROI.D'H rAHTKY HIIOI' Remember SALE EVERY Monday, 7:00 p.m. Armstrong Sales Co. Ai'iiiHd'odK, loua _P01.1T1CA1. ADVKRTI3EMKXT POLITICAL ADVERTIBEME.VT Vote for Orville Williams for Sheriff on the RepiUiU^an Ticket ^ Five years experience as^ a p^^ offfcJferf V > Capable ^ Honest » Well Qualified Vole for Orville Williams on June 2nd for a M'ell-run sheriff's office. -4

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