The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 23, 1981 · Page 5
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 5

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1981
Page 5
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By Eugene Sheffer THE LOCKHORNS ACROSS 1 Sometimes split 5 Angler's need 8 — Morgana 12 Division of the Spartan army 13 Fruit drink 14 Solar disk: var. 15 Winglike 16 Style of gem cut 18 Mother of Samuel 20 Trickles, as a tear 21 Yale men 23 Corrida cheer 24 Soft leather 28 Collar or jacket 31 Simian 32 Ringlet: comb, form 34 White House nickname 35 Protective ditch 37 Sight in San Francisco 39 Decompose 41 Little Chief Hare 42 Marks in bowling 45 Savored 49 Coasting trade 51 Serving receptacle 52 Troubles 53 Old salt 54 Emerald Isle 55 Corner 56 letter 57 Flag-maker DOWN 1 Oriental nurse 2 Weight of India 3 Algerian seaport 4 "Silas -" 5 Rickety: Med. 6 Room in a seraglio 7 Obligation 8 Easy to do Avg. solution time: 27 min. 11-23 Answer to Saturday's puzzle. 9 Vigorous 10 Implement 11 Miller and Blyth 17 Spanish gold 19 Fish pickle 22 I/eather thong 24 Eccentric wheel part 25 GI's address 26 Endurable 27 Umpires 29 Turkish weight 30 Saul's grandfather 33 Miss Chase 36 Muscular 38 Religious festival 40 Asian holiday 42 Begone! 43 Couple 44 Glut 46 Musical group 47 Features of little pitchers 48 Stains 50 A fuel 18 24 25 31 35 42 49 43 21 26 39 36 32 40 22 37 44 53 56 20 41 50 23 27 45 28 38 51 54 57 34 46 29 47 30 48 CRYPTOQUBP 1123 DVZHODGI ODSDAVKP SNGJK SDII HA GJKNZ JKDPI Saturday's Cryptoquip - PRUDENT POLICEMAN PURSUED THE IMPOLITE PURSE SNATCHER. Today's Cryptoquip clue: V equals C The Cryptoquip is a simple substitution cipher in which each letter used stands for another. If you think that X equals O, it will equal 0 throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words, and words using an apostrophe can give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is accomplished by trial and error. THE FAMILY CIRCUS By Bil Keane t 1911 Th. ligiilir and Tr Syndkatt. Inc. 'Why do they call milk 'milk'?' "Because it's white." Coming Soon eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee BANTERS' eeeeee Watch For Details "HOW/ UONG WILL. IT BE 8F-FORE SHE CAN FINISH PATCHING THE ROOF ?" Bronchiectasis helped by postural drainage Dew Dr. Donohue: I have had a bad cough for quite some time. This has been diagnosed as bronchiectasis. I am taking an antibiotic for it. I am very short of breath and am tired most of the time. Is there something more I could do for this? — E.S. Bronchiectasis (bronk-ee-EK-tuh-sis) is a condition in which the air tubes to the lungs have lost their ability to contract. While people often use "plumbing" analogies to describe body parts, the body is not comparable to a machine. And even though we call air passages "tubes," they are so only in a most general sense. They are able to enlarge and constrict because they have muscular, elastic tissue in their walls. They are not rigid pipes. And when their walls lose elasticity, problems occur. Continuing dilation of the walls leads to continuing sputum production and chronic cough. As iMhat were not bad enough, the situation sets up conditions for lung infections, since organisms thrive in such moist environments. So, if you have been told you have bronchiectasis, this is where you are at the moment. The antibiotics are to prevent and treat the infections. They are usually continued until the sputum production is more normal and there is no yellowishness to it. You should speak to your doctor about postural drainage therapy. This involves getting the upper body in a position that assists removal of sputum from the bronchial tubes. I won't try to describe such positions because I think you would be better served by an actual demonstration from a therapist or your doctor. When you can periodically remove the sputum that is pooling in your airways you will be able to breathe more easily. * * * Dear Dr. Donohue: Will you discuss manic-depression? My doctor said that manic-depression is only a postulated theory. In other words, a psychological problem. Is that true? Or is it a physical one? Please tell me all you can about it. — Mrs. C.C. There are so many theories about various psychological illnesses that I could write from now to next Christinas about manic-depression and have enough left over to last until the Fourth of July. So what I'll give you is the shortest dissertation on manic-depression imaginable and hope it helps. Manic-depression is a cycle of despondent feelings and inactivity alternating with periods of elation and frenzied activity. Some feel there is a strong hereditary factor. Some feel it dr. donohue to your good health has to do with early upbringing. Others think there is a chemical imbalance of certain brain substances. There are many medicines for treatment. Antidepressants are used in the despondent phase of the cycle; lithium is used in the manic phase. And, of course, psychiatry is important in the overall treatment of the manic-depressive. * -tr -tr Dear Dr. Donohue: I have chronic prostatitis and have had it for years. Some time ago, arthritis developed in my knees real bad. I have been told that chronic prostatitis will cause arthritis. Could this be true? - C.G. Prostate gland infection (prostatitis) can linger and may be difficult to eradicate completely. At times, long courses of antibiotics are needed. Your case is not unusual. Now to your question. There are two germs — Chlamydia and Mycoplasma — that are possible causes of prostate infection. Those germs have also been suspected of causing a special kind of arthritis, called "infectious arthritis." Is that what you are referring to? Otherwise I am not aware of any connection between a prostate infection and the other kinds of arthritis — rheumatoid and osteo. Those are the two most common kinds. Infectious arthritis symptoms subside as the infection is brought under control. Emphysema can be controlled. To learn how to live with this serious lung problem write to Dr. Donohue for a copy of his new booklet, "EmphysemaBronchitis: the Twin Problems." Write to Box 19620, Irvine, Calif. 92714, sending a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 50 cents. Dr. Donohue welcomes reader mail but regrets that, due to the tremendous volume received daily, he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers' questions are incorporated in his column whenever possible. YOUR THANKSG TREATS DEL M V1NG )NTE Get 10<f off on any can of DEL MONTE® Pineapple: Sliced, Chunks, Crushed, or Tidbits. Naturally ,. sweet, with no sugar added. Keep plenty of DEL MONTE Pineapple on hand for your holiday recipes. Take this coupon to your grocer. IQt OFF on any size or style of DEL MONTE* Pineapple. Mi. Grocer: Del Monte Corporation will redeem this coupon lor 10« plus 7( lot handling, provided it Is received from a retail customer on UK purchase ol Da MONTE Plneappfe and II. upon request, you submit Invoices proving purchase within the last 90 days ol a sutllclent slock to cover coupons submitted loi redemption. Coupon may not be assigned or transited. Customer must pay any sales tu Void where prohibited, taied or resulted by la*. Good only In cities or towns In USA where advertised by Del Monte Corporation. Cash value 1 /20tht. Coupon will nol be honored through outside agencies, brokers, or others who are nol retail distributors ol our merchandise or specifically authorized by us to present coupons lor redemption. For redemption ol properly received and handled coupon, mall to Del Monte Foods. P.O. Bon 1450. Clinton. Iowa 52734 OFFEfl LIMITED TO ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE. Any application of this coupon, other than under the terms as slated herein, constitutes Iraud. 54000 117M73 Monday, November 23,1981 — The Salina Journal Page 5 Trivia buffs have own organization LINCOLN, Neb. (UPI) - Movie buffs recall Lauren Bacall singing "How Little We Know" in the Humphrey Bogart classic, "To Have and Have Not." But how many people know Miss Bacall's voice in the final version of the film was dubbed by a 14-year-old male named Andy Williams? Steve Tamerius is one who remembers that and a lot of other little-known facts. But then he should — he's president of the Lincoln-based United States Trivia Association. Tamerius, Tom Bowen and Ron Hicks, all local businessmen, organized USTA three years ago because "there was no unifying force in the trivia world; there was no national association or publication," Tamerius said. "Trivia, we think, ia American folklore to the nth degree," he said. The group has tried to emphasize that belief, largely through the publication of a 15-page monthly "Trivia Unlimited" magazine, which provides readers with tidbits about a wide range of topics. Bowen provides sports knowledge for the magazine, and his offerings often tantalize the true connoisseur. He relishes telling that the great Babe Ruth was the New York Yankees' second choice to play right field, and only got the Job when a promising young ballplayer broke his leg. You can see a gleam in Bowen's eye when he tells you the young ballplayer, having failed to make the Yankee club, returned to Chicago arid convinced the Staley Starch Co. to sponsor a football team. "Papa Bear" George Halas's career was set. The magazine also boasts its annual selection to the Trivia Hall of Fame. Robert Ripley of "Believe It or Not" fame was the first selection, and this year's pick was Art Fleming, longtime host of "Jeopardy," one of the most popular game shows in television history. Trivia Unlimited has fans worldwide and USTA now boasts "thousands and thousands" of subscribers in all 50 states and all English-speaking countries. To aid in compiling trivia for the magazine, editors are constantly gleaning facts from old movies, TV shows, newspapers, documents and records. Tamerius said he has about 30,000 index cards, stored in various parts of his home, recording trivia he gains while watching television. The USTA founders say they also frequently receive phone calls from people across the country trying to settle bets, answer questions or simply satisfy their curiosity. "The other night the phone rang at 11 o'clock," Tamerius recalls. "A little kid said, 'Whose dog was Blondie,' and I said 'Adolph Hitler's.' He said 'thanks' and hung up." RALPH WEIGEL Bonds - Insurance Phone 827-29O6 1 1 5 East Iron LAMER'S MARKET 145 N. Phillips Groceries - Meats Vegetables Open 8 AM To 9 PM Daily Closed Sunday DELIVERY SERVICE Sears CORRECTION Wrap up a beautiful Christmas at Sears circular for Nov. 22 on page 2, Down Insulated Outerwear, we will not be carrying. Sears regrets any inconvenience this may cause our customers. PUY DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY &. 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