Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 29, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1952
Page 5
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The Worlil ToilaT Does Congress Know Best? H> .IA.Mi:s MAUI-OVV WniihinKlon (/I 'l On..' MCMIII ,U>\K thai lunun : jlh.' r,..i:.rv ]>i«nv:,v., fl'l lotmi. B.ld, lhi> pillihi- IK liUi' .'I iii :in \v ;iti |iini; :i bull ' IM MI' throURh .1 Uliollinli'. llcH i.ulHiili Inolfiiu; in AlUio\i«)i i-vnyiiiii- U: |):iviii),' lon 'irii 'Hl ••••lU, his taxc.M, thin ih ii rli l >l ifiu'.ii IIMHI ili.- •vp.ii .i .i, ' of most pi-opl'' .•iri(i Ihc y Ihi !••[•.II h:ni IK |I.V< i; III> lo ^;OVi!i niiii'iil ijffici .ilK .-inil ii.n;-!!--! u, .liivl. how nuuli \vi' nil Tho baslt; li>,n i;< Who known htttii lio-.i nnnli houlil rui lorrlRn iiul, Ihi' >. MJ vi nffiii-il'; Mirutlir;'^- it conRretiH. T \io offl'iuls <itmi, th-;. I'.r.'^-v 1.. v.. i r KrctRR c 'laima it il' • Tin; I", s. IS i;.s (,A (.»:i) on HCtlll" With ri<iiiliii;i.i-III Ih.M ,ii. • nillllarv aid MT:. . it- • n • ntnnd firm :i (,-air ;'t Ih.- iii!,!; ir,; It lakiK SI III;i.' n. ' I ^ 'i i • hc'lpinfr (i .-i. k v. .-,1 ,| .'.i.-i- lift n t)i-tt'i,:- -i .-iMji .'i in thi- foi Hi ..I • • H , hi>)p alhi-y -t ir:'l t.v. Mic Banii- Uni-, ij';f- tr-r;. ' - • : itimn pri-ilu'. U-r, • ; •. • • • arm- fj</r?j .j- To caf: y oji •.' : ; • . • Truman -. MII. t > .- • .; ; •. :• • ' conomi'. 'irjfi M.''- OOO.OOf .i fii -.! • 'h- ••• i .• : . A M MBi;H OJ 01 i)( IM.- Statf A! ^ ; >. • : Hut til' li iMi f(;Mipn afl.'uiN tfirnraitt-i I'lriif Uii' ];'r, I' J-i! ,'/r>i Kj)>;:nt t IT h^t.'. i 'jii' ^'lori''1 •.aii 'i 'j- "ffif ;;t!e in Ii'r.Ltij; ; ""1, (.•.'i.. (1 It;.- :d. ;i r. • ( -J! J-.'i. .'. li'-t .i'li .5T,''"iW>r>ii C'M :i'->;.<.' .'.u.i: !.• <-,.•. ,-, !.,;ii-<r. .-fr.'i Ih.;.- ri(;-.:.-='-il 1 .r.-l ^'ri.-it. C-r.. K;'--. rih 'iv-• r v h! .- !'-r I/,*->'.r..- . r.n.ijj.'.r fi. ; ..f •!.. ri:.l;t .i: ; •;; ss tha* 6h ..ijlcln ; ,,n!i til. f whi< -'i I ir.L'- Tl UM.-'- I. -U' I c-^r-ir;- * r •.' u; • • A < f »MKIN \ IKl.V r>l FreshSoph Iniramural Meet Held i Mi.^s. Wf .ii 'I '.s I fnriirrootn copped i th< I 'l I shman -Sophoinoi I- inliiimu- ti.i'k Mi..|.! Iirld laillrr this •.v.ik I'/ larking- up -la'.- polnl'i ,\iih Iiarr .ll r',od (;i >r hudinf; th; Uis in. v.inm -rR with two flrit phu--. :-vo Mcond .s, a third and rur.^' on lii. hornrroom's win: ni .lL' ' o- mile i*lay t'-ani- M: KaiL-n's l.ompioon) was si-':- r.r; 41 ii<iin:«. Miss Cl.irk's •;,:rj .w. Mr. Stf'elc.s fourtii M: McCormicks fifth . • .r .d Mi-.- .Sat'cs ..-iMh wi'h .-^ , r7.::. . r ^ oT t;>- mr-*-*.' H/,' yart' .-..s . : <n.:'r: 1' Don Amund- -r. I. -•—:: .-^h^ipfr. 4. Bon ".V:^--. - • D;.;-v,n O: ri^: Tint.' Giaiils Hike l.(^u(l ill National l.oop .vATio .NAK I,I;A(;LK W. L. I'd. 20 r,j3 21 Itl 17 l.'i 2'-.. 8 N/*w Yo/k j Hrooklyn I Chicago I Clnninnati I f'hII.nd'-Iplii.i ! St. Loiii .K ! Boston j I'ltt.Hhur ;,-ii i WiMlncsday's n->':its: j 6. Brooklyn ,2: Cinrinnati 5. I'lttsburch 2 Only : eani.'." .«< h.-Uuli-d 8 I'l If! 17 18 21 19 32 .7<ir> .697 .568 528 .455 10', •147 11 406 12 .179 21'-, N(.-.v York Sport Slanls Red Sox Prospects Are Beginning To Assemble BV \V. H. I.. and it iwiicclod thnl by i the nanus of the playcr« llioy have Kathi Monday tlirn- will he upwards of a dozen hall players in town. Rlpht now there's a half dozen or more including; Mana(,'er Freeman. Don Hall. Jack Kaley. Jim Woltz. Bill .Mo.s.ser and Paul Blncketer with Mike Boettcher. Pat Dove, Joe Baitkow.iki and a touple of others dui- yet thi.<! week and a couple of lad.s from the t.,'niver..iity of Call- Chii iL-o 7 Si I>..ui« I '•^P 'T''"') Monday. Others -• '• ''""'"I have lieen invited to try out for the eluh and the ro.ster may hit 20 by i mid-week. Friday'- seheilule; N.w '\'ork at j Philad-iphia i2i; Bo.-ton at Brcok-| Bill Mo.'i.'iei i .-i a left-handed pit- |lyn <2<. Cincinnati at Chicajro ' = j rher who played with Pueblo in the St. I.oui.'! at Pi:t .shurL-h i2i. s>.<i '> AKU KIN. : Ti.ii Biak ;. . ~-! " P.-.r.r.t^- Om- L.: r..::.: - : 2 >n::•• :•: y .-.r T -ry Kr.jnk.'. :-: . • : rr^rk Mahar . t t .' T. : 5r.;-h 2 An- .•latli tr.TT.. ~ iJ.: 4V. ^ \r.v R»n\ : ruMiKiiP 'j I vt-:, i vM.:r.f i -jivf-;/-. £>u&::k? •6. UTb (i Thurs.. May 29, 1952 Kdli'jr aiid Puljlitutcr. I'.obtn -N l*t Ttif Aiw'icmtfet /TMJf If eoliUet. excJuv Ivflj It. til* ut«i- Jtr rtrjiutj]ii;b.ti;)t o,' Uif l«t[:u: iifwi" prmlec in Xixit nrvr»- KlTBBCri'JJ'TIO.N- T£:j:JtE mul. II. Lnimr;, turirX. I'tio -AJit. C'Jtj IJi?;UiriH'Jii Ji*cl:iiOi, xnc Ml.,r*.:t . t!ir«f nifjiil'ih 51;.;;;'. 'i wuukfc 11. tl: 71-. uui- nvm'.u «; tt(j ^Oc 'Jiit yvur 1:4 B:I munuif J' lii luv-t litii'v J "Viit /.Hi. .•.it.-.ivr. ?>t:i-.=*. C- AMKKKAN I.KA(wl K Boston St. L.Du..^ Ph::-i''-;:7 r.i.i D .-.roit Or:v -in:-- ^ci^^dul-.i : ?h;:xi-ir:;i S-^ York w I. I'c: r,ii -'4 15 615 2ij 15 571 15 571 2 If. .VI ;H ly -* 2"- 452 6'. \ 1 > 41? .324 r.^ult^: P-.::o t ^ I. ,** Chir.ij: o 1. - ii-rs '-ark J «K-rKK.V I.KA(.IK tr.-day'^ K'-^iilt*: !>,.-.•..! Sam E>posito Set* Ret'ord for Stolen Ba»es i Western lenpue season, oper- atinp prineipally as a relief pitcher. The season before he was with A .--h \iIle, .V r. in the TrI-State league, a elass B circuit. With Aah- I viHe Mo.s.ser won 15 and lost 10 and I had an earned run averapc of .3.42. struck out 117 and walked 66. hit only one batsman and uncorked si.x wild pitche.-s m 224 innings of toil, l^is! y. a- .Mo-s-^er'..; record was 2 and 5 will-. Pueblo. » » » -Aniuni: tl :e oth»'rs listed a* schedub. d fur tryouts here. Blackel- er :s tho University of Kentucky in- fi.Ulvi Mike Boettcher played t'nird ar.d .-hort for the Sox last > • a: at the start of the season i.ut '.V as cut loose by Manaccr McNuI- •V to make lOom for Ray Acplo- on tap within the next few daya. * >i-- » Spi-nccr hn.s announced the return of Jim Gibbons, popular Notre Dnnie youth, who played n lot of third base for the Cardinals last year and who also pitched soine creditable baseliall In the closing week." of the season. Also return- Injr is Ron Unko, who wa.s tough on the mound for the Cards and then did the opposite of Gibbons, went from the mound to the outfield and did some hefty hitting near the end of the season. The Cards have signed Lefty Tinno, a Loras college moundsman who left- handed himself to seven victories this spring. The Cards nlso signed a third baseman-oulfieUler by the name of Moss. » » * Spencer will have the colorful University of Iowa Scottish Highlander b.and on tap for its opening home league same June 11 with the Carroll Merchants. The Highlander lassies in their colorful plaid kilts, tuigpipcs and drums will sail for Scotland this summer where they will participate in the Edln- !<urs:h festival and also give other porforrhancos in Europe. « * » The Wall I>akf Negro club is de- j finitely in as the fifth ISL member and tho complete league schedule will be published in a few days. Kanawha Beats ^ Roland for Slale Tille Mason City. la.. May 2» (/P)—Don and Jack Mewe.t combined pitching and hitting talents to lend Kanawha lo.ita first spring high school baseball championship. Kanawha slopped previously unbeaten Roland, 4-.3. in a nlno-lnnlnt' tame played in damp, cool weather befoic 1,900 fans last night. Don Mews served up n throc-hlt pitching performance to cut Roland's victory string at 16 straight. He struck out 18, walked seven men and rapped out three singles. Brother Jack picked up a double and two singles, including the' game-winning hit which drove home Howard Grimm with the tle- hrenklng score after two were out in the oscond extra inning. For brother Don. only a junior, it was his 11th pitching victory of the year and ninth st; night in tournament competition this season. Gary Thompson, Roland's outstanding athlete, was reached for 10 hits but struck out 14 and walked seven. one mentioned although he was lifted in the eighth frame. Keokuk beat Quad Cities in that contest, 6-3. fOOTRKLL THEOW : r !it: . - - - •».-cr.- LX->vv :s a catcher from .Arkansas i The June home league schedule for «r .d B.^r.kowsk: h.\s been knocking th# Red Sox will find Spencer srcur.d thi i.i-ue. mostly -orith th? playing hen- June 10 and 22. Car- Lake5- for iho past two or thr*c \ roll June 20 and 30. Wall Lake June se ,^5o^.5, 'ooth at firs: base i ifi, 34 and 27 and Mason City June a=d in the outfield. The Southern ( 15. Garner awav in June will be Cju':forn :3 lads are a pitcher and a; jur.e 9 at Wall Lake. June 17 and , first sacker. j 35 at Carroll. June 15 and 29 at * * » i Spencer and June 19 and 25 at S;d La =r5 :o= acd Stan G'svjr.r.; Mason City ^ have h -f—n rir:>u:2 the appl-; at 3' (.-i- for'the Faincos: >Iart-j "^-^ Blue E>rth Blues which op- ir ..5 iV. Fi;ri-r.r.s tophv3.-.->- wins • «™ the 1952 season for the home ov-:r St. Ja =:es laad Ne-x uim. the i ^'ub here on June 3 walloped Sam :3itv >r"ra=-.^ b»irta' the 5eiic=* op-'. House, who pitches for Austin and -'s^r iiTleiugt;^ V-av 'or '.he SIar-.;=«.» to pitch and manage at Spen- Fai .-Ti :or;t -ion the z^s:-^. 15 to 1.; to the tunc of 11-3. House pitched for Emmons, Minn. Gone Beaver hurled six hit ball for Blue Earth. Blue Earth is leading the Faribault Countv league. * •* * Carroll has signed young Denny Rinaldi to its pitching staff, Rinaldi posted a 5-5 record for Car- -a-lth LjLnrst-t-r: rot a c«t;=z thre-' for' hon-:- rur ar.i fiv? i : VKCi for thret br&c>: of round ripj^r? ira:::«t St. James and ai-o ?ot t -A-ij fc!t«. GwinE a 'ifie fc-r Fa^r^rioct sn each ^.-r.* t:-» orS- th.?ft in »:-h-;r eon- JLHRIL Iowa Demo!5 In G^nvenlion "Rhuharh- .'•JIT. cind put tfji rri'iM 'in f. \'ot. H'- 'rejUi't.' :,. .',ii!'J ii'.'.ld tf.ul,!. . f'.; •-. ^tri n(JlIl^' \"'iti '.ti '!.. ::i'tl'.ir. * * MOIll. TIIA.N MAI.) tl,. d. !• "Ali iti I;j\oi dl iti. iie.tiiji, si.y thi- i--/i-; Mil,, fav . S. O. -- erj tr .i :r.'^ • ' '. A T.-. Dt 'S Mcjiriif. .'.I-,. L "-i '.'!'- I.ii,iir;;-' a m -f.Ki'jn liil. 0 v,ii..; .M.'J^V' catcalls. low;, d. rf.o-fnf v-f 'j y« • • | tfrday to • • rid •.M.-.-'.• t. 0 li'. fgation lo . :iM t',.'i-, r.ii'.i'.Ii: i tonventior. Beveral at'.w,;.' p' II tonv'-ntiori d-].-;•;.•.' ..r, ii.'n pi'.' eicnCCH f 'JI piei-.idi mi :d (',r 1 i-n'Jer 1 were defeated tiy \i ,i''- vi>Te. The corivi-nliijii .-<-!. M.d 44 »;(itf» of -.(.li '/tri 111 -.-ui lo'ji v.; I have a hall vo". . le 1- i.:- 1;4 voted lit Il:e fi.jlliyriiil I 'I •. I .• '• All the del.->.;,I .J '..O.l, ^^ :i >. fiCe to vote I,, . j , , . • the dele^jat lor, r .<, '<...;•. ; • the unit iul. It NKLKO.V i, Kl! Hi J • governor, v.a> <.-. .. > . largi; iiftei a • v nirnt. Xntitui.i w,• ...... Jake MOM- tlon, tak' ii ' !! i . . iigaln. The coiivi -i.i, .1 by Otha V.-i •:• • • - iJovcUtHn, riv:>i . ; - crnor. In wli .i). M • • • . 1., Vina the n '/iiii;, • .i',.-. day's primal , u delegate at )>,--. • - . .... be an alternat. 'J. L /OHt In llie l.'/ir.'i ....i'..!•wan the Idea ol i-r.-i-,y ,,. . '. . ., Gillette of Iowa . • for President 1,1, ti . ' . Chicago. It Ii H TIIK HU;(>KM , over tt move lj( ; ;, , Boti. EateM Kr la I.. . ! to UUte a pnfei. r, . 1, • • • OSB'dL'loguli -fmil i.'i.i,,- •• tlon. Old-tlmi p.iit, i. .11, ., tho. prln<;ipal npi n >•, - .;• . . thW would "lie a til',; , , Uor-iipproved 11. .j|ijti.,M fi giving the ai -vul, d. |i ;.;,l|.,i, ),., hand. .Advocutes III .1 -II I • .-,1. .. ed It wan only >.. ,. proper that lowu 'i. d. i. ;/n i.^i, , Informed UH to tin ...ei,., ,,i t,, pirty*!! runk und fili Tho atorm or proiei-i i,,.,n, ,(, XfQStor GllUtlle or KOCII.I m, V.I,/ prO'ldOd, heard a innt loti u, aJ wo Tte I he '.\ t,, ri vt. ••Tf,. I ,1 r, m.'J 1 '<.••• (I.^-l'jel r.t,;i r;Uiet.i-r al aa i "ul i,.-'J Hoii<jr<.d t.ti K.tJwSa ... 1;. \----,ji - if-. W J 'eiM.iiitlK J. • r JACK (MhhK jf.- '-'--.p -r^.-r. <--.-, iC-i 'i'.r- ~- '-rr.i-- ijw.e;a -.,-,n y. ' --••r. -. V-^r.-/^., if.!.- T^rh _M. ji - .'.C-x 7..-- •\r-.r.-j .-.VST -SBPH. ~ -• • - -. . • e - r r-„. X -.• V • e-,. -.r.-..- .r. • --li-.-T.-l:;-- if^v . r.::^ • V - •.«•.if.-- 'e-.- . ' •• : •-! - I.• ! : ,-.1 • « -. .v.. . ;-• r-.-- .'.f ,)•'.•- " -.• e . .J -. • ,< . ' .:; -. • > A :-; i • •A-T. -f Lt/t:.i: ;nTi.-. fi -j^ t.^.-r-.:f;c..>:> •.••r,..-l -.r,r,<. : ?- L'p ;5 the New L"rr. zajnc ' ™" league play last year. He is .r5tt= •.•.-i5 'Datttr-z X ^l ar.d: pitching for Western Reserve uni- O -ir ^sr. 'M. th^ on!v r-:suLar^ ex- i versity of Cleveland this spring. <:*p-. p :-:hiT» cvfr -h" ,y.O mark, j * *' * II;. >r r.-^tf:*l-i. r pitcher, had i ^^'a'l Lake has lengthened its a. .^^>.5 i=.i.-}c tut his avf-ra;:<> irciu-! short left field fence 30 feet and i^-i cz. r .-.z.!: officiai times at t<at as I thus hopes to eliminate, some of the Tc-r-.ja .-'i 'l »ith 23 ard 22 for Lang-i eht-ap homers rapped out in Wall vx,T. ar.'i <:;-.iii.-.r. McNultv was bat-! P^rTx. the past two or three •.•.Z .Z ly. t-j the N's:w Clm ?amf- 1 ^^^^n'- Jack Kaley undoubtedly •--t j;:^ zot two fiyr nvc- in that^'*'''! grieved to hoar of this M>th h:= average r.ait I .-...-••.r -t :r ,i-l-.. . cr,. -e^.^ ?nir.."t , •.e; -,r ..v fv , ^-r .-Ml •iwn i.-.rt in -.r_i .r, 4.1 .-..-.:r.?.i K r.i .^r...rl »."! v!».'x^<i .".s.-.- -i.-..-: ;.irf.-- •t! <'i--l 12 Baseball letters iicarded I'.v .i.-.-. /i<-n iv;i .-'i*rt li -.Sii.'r.a,'; ..•rr,>r< r/. .-r.iT-.h'.rs of fh> ,ur..r,r /Juir.t /-,r.<1 "'•s.'.-. K^.-r.- •-.e ^vrL'-t^ ir^r- 3 .fs."^r, r''.ifi.-- f^-..-< f-.??o',r. C. ?-irr .h:.' T .'.n:. fi -if.'-, f !«; IV--.-V<T. f-'-.'.M^-r. Jic.vr '•>»r«--< ^.-.'•S ?.'^r..'--.^r.!; .l.rr, '.••f.ij;!»'r'.rr, fs.» i >. ti^.r.^. /T'* if'.".- move. Manager Leo Rausch and his P.ingsted nine has started off the KoBButh County league play in a fine style, winning its opener 9-8 against Rodman and winning over Woden in its second start, Fenton higli sciiool copped- tho Ko.ssuth-Emnict County Line conference baseball bunting with a 9-0 record. Lone Rock finished sec ond a 7-3 mark, DoUiver was third with 6-4 and the remainder of the j learns included Ringsted 5-6, Whit- \ temore 4-5, Seneca 2-8 and Gruver ; 2-9. ijiiM Ro.sin saved a game foi Breezy Brzezowski the other night in Thi ce I league play. Rosin w>;nt in to pitch in the seventh and Keokuk got a run in the ninth frame lo ;fi ?*r.4 I'i 'lirlr.j; 'he '52 earn-j edge Cedar Rapids 5-4. Bntezow*- prfUKT, Th'-,- to announce ki won a game juat previous to lh<- r''.:".'- h:.iri jz^ve ' « * I T-.-- M4 .-t;r.» r.;r«-^ t.-.-tir fifth j t.-r-.-.^r th:.< w.'rk — Ted 2-<-.:^ -wr.o ha/i V>'i record with .Ht. .;->(-.r.f.. -s -r .h-A C club in the %V ,..-tr- A.iso^.jits'vr.. lajit year. E->.-;c r.^. lirjjtl-: in the out'i'rld and .r','^" : T.'.'% p .",;i -ii ,j .;r,, ba-i'-ball in \.> --.T. j*f ;eMf:.- conver- ••••< '.'^ Ii p-.f.h--.- ir. l'»4< T.'.-': .V ?.*.».-,r. Ci'-> t'--%Oi h%..-. an- r.r. .r.'.^i •.'.«:'.^ of Dick Mori»an, .-.A.-^ r.<r;;.-j <:a..t/;r .*T.', a.* miinager fc>r th': /-.iiih thi.«. JiAaJKiri, Morgan r»r.!tft'i r.»-Ar ».h<- !/>p in the home r-iTi trji r^rt rti»p*rtrfi':n»ji in the . 13;, for th 'v j.-aJit- tmro r .'-aMrin .i Major. CiV, 'I '.Ur.jtU »ay that they .',A-e 10 ^ "T -.^jiri proii[»<-cLif out f,t a rr/Ht' r o! 1.' y .Mch they In 1B51. the average yield per acre for cotton in Arizona was 740 pounds, the highest of any state in tho nation, says the National Geographic society. Dryi ^••yi M D«iiil<k, MliiCltY Club •« 1«S1 .1' 1,,-- ;* -,if fr,.!./;»r.i{ 1 p..* f.f'-i ^Ar: .,'.v, •f.»r •'i.rt.i-, K-/ th' w»<;rh'. '.f ."• '!..'..'.;( •r .'i i/'rfc a^sn j TONITE. FRIDAY and SATURDAY CorittnurrtM Friday and Saturday from 1:00 p. ni. •,-fA.\~v i-A. A.'>vf;,!:7r.-.f:M.':.'.'T r-fit.tnr.xi. ATjVKi'.Ti:-<.KUKsr I>r. H. r. 'Xf;-. j'f../i I /JruK Store CENOL !'/! oil -.fllcUll;)!' pliinl ;jri') bur, "Mitio). l-lh. f;;.(i 69c THE ?lMOflUG STORE CLYDE SPRY SECRETARY OF AGRICULTURE Second ^9Km! RIPUILiCAN Pr.iHARY JUNi 2 R«ii Scdii, frtiMtiil STARTING SUNDAY TIM 11 HOLT in ROAD AGENT" NEW $1,500,000 BEER BREWED SPECIALLY and EXCLUSIVELY TO MORTHWEST TASTES! Nothing more refreshing, more tMiifying, more thirst-quenching, than the only beer thatihas:at last captured that elusive comblnacioii of mellowness ami dryness . . . Keally mmmMELLOW Dr^ CITV CXUB Beet! ENJOY CITY CLUB BEER Jamb S «liinl« Bnwl«« C, M. fm*, Mlim, DiHlrlbuU'd by Russ W. Eveleth li^HthbrvUlis, Iowa '. : —CUA TME TV CKl'.^E CCUAWiO -y 51 "rear WHO KA$ I ZfcC - ^, -^-j;.-- •..•-••t -.IIC--^

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