Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 22, 1948 · Page 18
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 18

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1948
Page 18
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EIGHTEEN EVENING TIMES, CL'MliEULANJ), MO., AVEUN.tiSIUY, DliCKMItlilt 2'1. Hume a. WANT , ; AD Radio Ringside By John M. Cooper NEW YORK.'(INS)—TSje appearance or Pred AJlcri as Rip Van "Winkle on' the Theater Guild program on ABC next Sunday should . be one ol the 'brighter parts of the holiday season, .. Advance information indicates that Allen will take considerable liberty with the famous story, 'n fact, he £ets so involved with the "thees"- and "thons" of the. old-time .language that he insists on transferring the scene from tho Catskitls to the Bronx. How he gets picked for the part is explained'in n sort of prologue to -the piny. In this, Allen is bought by a broadcasting company in a capital gains deal. "You know what a capital gains tax is, don't you?", asks the president of Ule company. "C r r t al 111 y," replies Allen, "That's n. lax on By Jimmy Hatlo ETT/ Lou GORGEOUS LOOKS LIKE ' ' .A MANIWM Bur LEAVES HER HOUSE-LOOKING LIKfE IT JUST HAD A PAWl£ JN~ Allen shows such versatility as a soap opera, actor, disc joc- kc.v and carJy-morjiinp philosopher that he is called by the Theater Guild to substitute for Alfred Lunt in the part of Kip. lie proposes to interpret the role an that "of a l;a.v neurotic, lint »t the same time Icvcl-hcaclod »nd full of Ko," To find out what happens, you'll have to listen to tne show. . Veteran news analyst ' Charles Casey' Mtarow Trill be a guest on tie CBS news program at 7:45 p. m. CEST) Friday, Dec. 24, to discuss the Christmas gift situation. Mnrrow, who is three years old, will be assisted by another fclloiv of the same name who is usually heard on the program. Casey's last appearance was a year ago, when he conducted ~a telephone interview with Santa . Clatis. Casey was quoted-as saying this "I don't mind helping out Pop *t Christmas time — particularly since I have 'a confidential report from one of 'my news sources (a Mr. Hooper) that Santa Claus is a regular listener." NBC announces that the Alan . Younj show will replace "A Date ivith Judy".Tuesday, Jan. 11 (S:30 p. m. EST). The latter has been dropped by the sponsor, young got his start on tho air with NBC,four and ,.i half years ago, as a Summer, replacement for Eddie Cantor. WHILE THE GAL WHO RUMS THIS HOUSE so CHARMING, so MEAT-IS ALL WRINKLES AND 'SUL6ES' FROM HER. HEAD TO HER FEET- Ll'L ABNER By,-Al Capp NATCMERLX WE' CANT GIT P,AH CHILES ) ^ttEN ™ ^i^ D 'SE N STIFF SLIMY, SMOTHERED CS°B,. r . r ) Vo" 13 ^'^^rlV/Cx CARCASS CUTA'BOTTOMLESS PIT-BUT ) / A-f-OVG.^ i ,„ ,ff WE KIN GIVE H IM A DECENT MOOSICAL I/o 1 ,. I I - , .& 5jJ.(°'jG:.' SEND-OFF rr CMON.r tll'S PUT A LI'L '1 ^V-' S&I —' >* -K~ *< LIRE INTO THIS FOONERAL. MARCH.':'' •'"*? RUSTY RILEY ^frffrs WHO WOULDN'T tV.. <. BE SORROWFUL. AT THAR AH-DlDNTWAMTA l :WHAR .INTERROP'TH' FOONERAb-BLJTjTWO. 'GENNULMEN! , h*^/ 1 ^ ri MAE. p y STEPPED'COTA A L BG. BLACK-CAR --_—— -|,AM' DRUV, OFF,"!' Hope To Broadcast From Berlin Zone IJy C. E. NEW YORK— (/PJ— Now an annual custom,' the ABC network again this year will have a repeat performance on Christmas Eve .of the greatest story's script based on the Nativity/ .This time "the drama is titled "Unto You Tills Day," and was presented last Sunday as the first of n two-part holiday -scries. The repeat will go on the air at 11:30 Friday night in the two-hour Christmas Eve scheduel running from :i p. m. to 2 a. m. ' Bob Hope has ..announced' i'.'om Hollywood that he. his troupe and. Mar j -Haworth's Mail I'VE HAP VOW? BAT SINCE BEFORE WE E? IN. IT OUGHT TO START THE TRUCK ALL RIGHT. M£AtJIWU£, AT COL. BUCHANAN'S HOME GOO3 Cr YOU TO JOIN TEX' WD .ME POR SUCH AM EAKLV B!?EA Iff AST,. CCtONEL, WE WANT TO''SET OUT; /NONSENSE.' TO THE TRACK AND LOOK ' V-"I'M SOIN& aTEVE CANYON By Affftou Cardff EDITOR'S NO'rlt: Girl, Iniporiuni, in A-mjil] home town. -'(.•(.•JK ovmvhL'lmi^d In city .society; Jeurs sho'a nol good onougb for her blucblood suitor. ' DEAR MARY HAWORTH: I am in love •'•with 1 John and he with me; but I have a horrible feeling that I am not good enough for him. and I am afraid that eventually taekground .th II the Jatter, that's the "difference" that might run everything between you w.hen. it dawned on him, as'it would eventually if you married him primarily to expedite social striving for snob-eminence as Mrs. Somebody in ihe l:irger world. Since you are a parvenu in John's J thipvill ruin everything ; present mJIJeu. prcsumnbJy he is . He comes of a socially prominent Boston family and knows me only as- an attractive girl who dresses well and is a good date. All that I am socially, in my present surroundings, I achieved myself. I spend all others will be in Berlin' and other I my money (and more) on beautiful clothes and a 1 nice place to live, when I should be helping my plain harciworJting- family get a r.ew car or paint their old house back in our home town. In our small community my family is prominent,. and as a child I Make It Quicldy! News for a hostess! .TWO HOURS ol sowlnR fun for this gay party apron, "Only five minutes more" to add those delightful bows above the ruffle! Pattern 4979 sizes, small' (14-16),• medium (18-20), large (40-42). Small size, 1^4 yds. 35-in; ••••-•• This pattern, easy to use, sample : to sew, is tested for fit.' 'Has'com-j plete illustrated instructions. _ I Send TWENTY-FIVE' cents in' coins for this pattern to .The. Eve-1 ning Times, 42 Pattern Dept.,-2-331 West 17th St.. New York. 11.JN..Y. Print, plainly XAJIE. ADDRESS with ZONE, .SIZE and . STYLE NUMBER. Look pretty while busy! -Choose from the housefrocks and aprons in our ANNE ADAMS Winter Pattern Book. Send for it today—only fifteen cents more! Fashion unlimited, Tor any time, purse, or figure! Guts lor all the family, plus'SKEE pflt-j tern of a hosiery case, printed in book! German 'cities for the Christmas season to provide special programs for American GI's .on the 'airlift. 3e -goes in response, to a request from the TJ.'S. Air Force, providing'the means, of his getting ;herc. Since he won't be back in time for his next NBC broadcast, his Berlin show will be transcribed and flown back here for relay in las regular Tuesday night time on NBC. This mil' be one of the Jew occasions that NBC has permitted transmission of a regular entertainment show from a recording. WTBO HIGHLIGHTS ' ' TODAV . 1:00 Backstay Wife (KBCj. . 4:16 Stella Dallas • (NBC)-. •. 4:30 Lorenzo Jones (NBCI. i 4:45 Younc \VIddcr Brown (N'BC). 5:00 Jive ul Five. 5:r,D News. 5:15 The Old Clllaliolm Trnl',. r>:00 2>cws. 6:15 Huwuil Calls. \ • • . 6:30 Tbn Sportsman's Corner. '• CSS Adventures in Research. 7:00 THo Supper Club (NBC). 7:15 News or the World INBC). 7:30 Talk by John Foster DulR'S (NBC). ,7:-!5 H.'V. KsltMborn (NBCJ. 3:00 Blondle (NBC). B.-30 The Orcnt Oildorslecve (NBC). 9:00 DuJfy's Tavern ,(NBC). !):30 JUr. District Attorney (NBC). 10:00 The. Big Story (NBC). 10:30 Curtain 'Time (NBC). 11:00 News. . / 11:15 Music for Moods, 11:30 Boy's Town Choir (NBC). 11:45 Mcudowbrook Club Orchestra (NBC). , 12:0!) News INBC). TOMOItltOIV G:00' Iiruiil:fuMi on « Plniter. G;15 News. C:2D Breakfast .on •& Plotter. 7:30 News. ' 7:35 Breakfast on a Platter. s.-oo World News Bound-Up (NBC). B:15 The Minute Parade. 8:45 MornJnp Meditation, Ii:00 Honeymoon in New York (NBC). !>:30 Music for Thursday. !l;SB News. 10:00 PrcU WnririB Show (NBC). 10:30 nond or Llfu (NBC)). 10:45 The BriRhtur Dny (NBC). 11:00' This is Nora. Drake (NBC). 11:15 We Love and Learn (NBC). '11:30 Jiiclc Berch Show (NBC). 11:15 Music at Mid-pay. 12:15 Miil-Dnj' News. 12:25 The Bundstand, 1!:45 n. r. D. 1 :OQ concert Airs, 1:30 News. . 1:35 Cadence 120. , 1:45 Here's Jacl; Kilty (NBC). • ::00 Walter O'Kccfe's DouMe or Jfoth- JllB (NBC). 2:30 Today's Children iNBC), 2S5 Inturludos. ^:55 News. '3:00 Life Can te Beautiful (NBC). 3:15 Ma Perkins (NEC). ; 3:30 Pepper YounK'a l^nir.ily (NBC). 3:45 Richt to I-Iupplmss (NBC). disposed to love you 1'or yourself alone, which suggests that it's safe to feel your lack of "beauty, brains, money, etc.. Is immaterial to him if f he proposes marriage; and that f what v.'ould qualify you! from his JJiI5^| viewpoint, to share his life, would be your loving his intrinsic self, so honestly and ingenuously that you'd hold him. as dear if his parents were steerage immigrants and he a hod- carrier. ' ' Girl Doesn't. Do THAT MIGHT HAPPEN; SUT rr WOM WITH JVM= - BECAUSE'-I U6FT* IM ' PASSPORT IN THE SAFE AT MV HOTE- WHEN I TOOK TME56 TRAVELEC? OUT,TO BWNfi HEKE WITH ME.' HJf JO JJl O, • U.11U UO tL 1-J.lJJi-J A <_..• 'I f ' T • was led to believe that I was a mac\Hersfil.f Justice better than rny playmates who didn't .have dolls as big as mine or dresses You're not a bad sort, and are being unduly rough on yourself, I that cost as much. Then .we moved think, as regards your guilt-stricken to a larger town where no one i Attachment to tinsel values, After knew, (or cared to know) my fain-'all. tlia terms of your rearing for- ily; and I was just plain Jane Doe from the sticks, who had nothing bolter than her numerous classmates. Girl Is Playing T/ie Snob Circuit When I was ready for college iny family moved back to the old Jiome place, and I chose a two-year college,, mainly for the social life. I was out to make something of myself, for myself;-and during summers •! waited on table, saved pennies and fussed at my hard-working father until I had clothes as as any girl's-in college.' ,1 have nothing to offer John but my love and false—no mulatefi this' bias. It -appears that your parents permitted, and perhaps even encouraged, you to feel "stuck up" in relation to less plushy small town playmates; so they can't validly kick if you've .shaken the dust df home from your feet and tacitly snub them, too. in'process of fighting tooth and nail for cosmopolitan social rank. As I see the picture, .there is inextinguishable honesty in your character;, your private distress about your false front bears witness to that; but unfortunately your family 'indulged you in borrowed claims to personal consequences in early years, or rather, imbued you with wrong concepts of "import- beauty,'brains, money or complete j ance," so that free-for-all .compcti- innoccnce, whereas he can offer me tive social situations find you vrith- everything. He' doesn't know yet out conviction, of intrinsic excel- that I feel this way; and how can lence—hence your harried drive for I present my family to .him, in. view of my false front? How can I ever overlook the difference in otir backgrounds? Help me to pull myself lopclhcr, T orn't Klve up after coming this lar; I've reached my goal, buf how can I .retain it? J. D. Is Man's Prestige, Or Self The Charm? DEAR J. D.: You say that John can offer you everything, moaninj; what? Are you in love with John, the man hjmself? or is it his birthright social position and aristocratic fancy wrappings' and titular support, to be your social sesame in adult life. . What you lack, essentially, is true i self repn,rcl. Given that, you would feel no need to apologize lor plain origins, nor- to seek eminence via the precarious "route hanging.' of coat-tail M. H. Mury Haworth counsels through her column; noc by mull or persona) Interview. Write her !n cure or The Evening Tlrop.s. (Copyright, The WijiihlnRLon PnsL) (Distributee! By .- KinR Features Syr.dicnte) The Worry Clinic :By Dr. George W. Crane = WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 22 Evening .6:00—^ow« Koport 15 Alin.—nbc Newscast ISvory Day—cbs •' Nctwoflc Silent Hour—abc-east Kiddles Hour (rcpoaO—abc-west Network Silent (I hr.)—mbs-cast . .Kiddles.Hour (rop.oat)—mbs-wcst •6:15—Sports: Music Tlmt—nbc You and Christmas—cbs ' 6:45—Newscast by Three—nbc Lowell Thomas (repeat ID—cba •7-:00—Supper Club—nbc-baslc 1 • ' • • • Tho Boulah'Sldt—cbs News and. Commentary—a bo ' -Fulton Lewis. Jr.—mbs 7:15—News and Comment—nbc • • -Jaclr Smith Show—cbs Daily Commentary—abc I pinner Date—mbs , 7:30—Smoothies Trio—nbc -Bob Crosby Club—cbs • -Jjone fiargcr D.-amn—obc- • • News Comment—mbg 7:45-WeTrs Comment— nbc News Broadcast—cbs Sports Comment—mbs "S'lOO^-Bloncllo £ DanYood—nbc ', " Mr. Chameleon, Drama—cbj . .ThBjAmmour .Hour—abc . Can You Top This—mbs 8:30—Great CMcrslccvc—nbc , 'Dr; Christian Drama—cbs High Adventure Drama—mba B:5S—Hy Gardner Says'—mba 9:00—Tho Durty Tavern—nbc . Tour Sone anfl Mine—cbs . . . Milton Ecrlo Comedy—abc Gabriel 1 Hcatter, Comment—mb; 9:15—Nows Broadcast—mbs 9:30—District Attorney'Drama—nbc James Melton Concert<-cbs Groucho Marx Quiz—abc Family Theater—mbs 9:55—News for 5 .Minutes—mba •10:00-^Tha B!c Story Dnima—nbc Time's u Wastin'.—obs Einj: Crosby Time—abc- Manhattan Playhouse—mb« 10:30—Curtain Ximo Drama—nbc Capitol Cloakroom—cba Moredlth Wilson Show—abc Dance Orchestra—mbs 11:00—Mows, Variety. " lira.—cbs Jfows & Dancing Hour—nbc KoAVii. Dance Bund 2 hrs.—mbs 11:15—News & Variety to 1—nbc ConvTHHca—: EDITOR'S NOTE: Mil-hull's cnSi; Is a paradox In this modern world when 1 ..jcnlousy and selfishness nrc brenfcliiK up so mnny mtirriafjcs. Miriam's home J* nijout to lie wrecked bccimsi; she is too Rcncrous and unRcinsli. Try to diagnose her behavior. But youngsters who receive nioncy for no work, as by the allowance "plan, have not acquired this sense of value. "Gift" money may actually handicap the child's development of self- CASE S-245: Miriam L., aged--2D, reliance, for such gifts serve ns has been married for 5 years. crutches, encouraging him to lean ."Dr. Crone, I need your help on his benefactors or parents, in- very much," she began our dis-j s i,ead of upon himself. Miriam Buys Friends cussioii; - "for I seem to have r.o sense of value. "If guests admire anything in my-, home,' I am likely to present the object to them as a gift. I have given away, .many of my wedding presents, just praised, them. because somebody "My husband gets angry about it, and says I am a child. He tells me I-have-no .sense of value. Dr. Crane, what mates me act like this?" i ' • ' Emotionally Retarded Mriam's childhood clearly ex-j bribe plains her" present problem. She was brought up in a very strict Miriam didn't have a normal, adult conception of value because j she had never earned money. Her husband was correct, therefore, in saying she was childish. But in addition to that liability, •she was also so hungry fo'-' friends home where she led a shy, unsocial existence. Her parents did not believe in parties and dances. She had. to hasten from school each afternoon to help her mother with the housework. 1 - ' ' ' . • . • Meanwliile, Miriam-longed for the normal good'times'enjoyed by other girls of her age. She was also very hungry to be and admiration, that she again demonstrated a child's reaction trying to buy friendship. . A youngster who feels aloof from his crowd, may try .to admitt-ar.ce into the inner circle by offering his toys or candy and chewing v gum to the other by socially included in their secrets, but even her clothing marked her somewhat as ar. alien, for her parents were imigrants-from-Europe and insisted on dressing her according to their tastes instead of in keeping with modern American standards. After high school graduation, Miriam wished to gee a job, but her father didn't believe in having women employed outside of the home. He grew violent at the suggestion that his daughter should have to| work for any other men. Value Ts A Habit The idea of "value" is a result of past habits or experience. A .child who has never worked for his money, cannot be expected to appreciate a dime us can the youngster who has labored throughout i childhood. "We even measure distance roughly according to our stride. Thus, a child thinks a mile is much longer than does an adult. Similarly, we measure worth or value in terms of the. work involved in procuring the object .-or 'coin. To a.child who has been properly educated-regarding money, a coin is a 'symbol- of minted human energy. He may regard 50 cents as a whole day's work, including mowing lawn, carrying out • ashes or running errands of various types. . children. Miriam is doing the very same thing. For it is so novel and thrilling to her to have people admire something which she owns, that she gratefully, hands'over the object as a gift. She needs to be socialized and to work for money. Tljis training should have started 20" years ago, but it isn't too late, even now, for we can learn as long as there life and motivation. She must join the complimentary club and . thus . win friends with words, instead of using her wedding gifts as bribes. . ; - (Ccyright by The Hopkins Syntlicute, Inc.) AUNT HEX By ROBERT QUILLKX TH£ MAM WOUU7 ToM- A FOEfiECB NA1V - I' .' WHAT WHAT'S THE • LUL \ EEF YOU MATTEPvCKEETAH? ) ALL THOSE XU'T you 'FEEL /TEAVELEC-; WELL ? HAVE It) COUNTSPSISN TUQVi \ 5O- IN FROKT OF TH£ MAN WHO WAS WAlTlMfi TO CIVS HlrACASW.' FORSER'-J IPEM-mY,/TUB TOWEL PAPSK5-THE "S CHECKS-AN FOE6EB. VWULPN'T LOOK LIKE THE 61V IOWM PHOTO EEN —AN'6Er- &£E<5 POUSH.' Alex Raymond BUGS BUNNY FEB. THEU 7A/MMMS' DCN'T "YOU WANT THIS ON IT. TOO ^^^- --C BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar • Martin 1 CftW Hft'SOI-V W "LO'i^VCV" SERIOUS By Lyman Young TIM TYLER'S LUCK HERE'S/AN UN1DEMT1F!£D LAKESHAPED LIKE A SERPENT/ IT'S IM NGAMA LAND, CAPT. TWIGG / NO, SIR— WE'RE GOING'.)"ONE CHANCE L'PTOTHAT XIN A-THOUSAND LAKE TO JOIN ^\ THAT THAT S .WELL,SIR, SPUD. AND I WILL GET . (DETERMINED OUR PACKS AND > TO HIKE TO BE ON OUR ^a( THE COAST' WAV— Ji& AND SISN UP ONA-TRAMP STEAMER, EH? E. SERPENT LAKE HIS NOTE MENTIONED— ADAMEVERTON- ay Merrill Blotter FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS NIMF FEET.TMEEE' 1 INCHES-THAT'LL ITS ROYAL OF YOU ID BUY A ITS A BEAUTY, sow. BUT A g LITTLE LITTLE HIGH ' NE.XMAS TP- 1 f^—^ A v u u A xflK^v ^^-rtk S^\ -* ;, . -•. , ^-. S}P COP?.IM ^NtA^BV^lNC. T. M. PCS. U: 5.>tT. Off. D Amy bra£s on John's cook- in' and 1 sets out of a lot o' work. I like the idea, 'i;ut ni> lioncsl woman coulrl brug on Pa's, cookin'. \5.«i MYRTLE By Dudley. Fisket HEY, PGP WOULO you LIKE TO FEED AAV PlCGV glNK ? IP VOUXL. 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