Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 29, 1952 · Page 2
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 2

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 29, 1952
Page 2
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Social. NeM '9 Dallman'Torreson Wedding Solemnized By AJ.ICK IIIGINUOTIIAM Miss Mnrilyn Carol Tornsoii. (lauKhtrr of Mr. and Mrs. Chrst< i- L. Torroson of WalliriLifcrd. and Airman 2 /c Duanf H. Dallnian. f-on of Mr. and Mr.«. Harold Dnll- of I:;.sthcrvillp, wrrc matrird Sunday, May L'5 at 2:30 p_ m. .it Iho \VallinKfi >rd l ,uthir :in Vhurch Thp P..'V. (• I!. r;.ir.(l,i-oii ..ffH fci :)t Ihr- (l.^ijhl. liriL: < •^••ni' n Cand. Irit.rn :iiul tin.-k.-.- of oi id and whit- cl.-idi'.li d. .-.-r-.t. d clitirch Mis .<h' rni:)n i;und.i>vin. it.; ist. arrompani-d Mi:- .*^hii!-> Fcn Nvhu sari.; B.'. au^- ( . r.• l . r.^a-., r.y arai Al.p. H.T.-l. ff enni; TI ;t' I.' rd •= Pr >y.a ' a Ol- •Ala t!; For Athlete's Foot Ufe T-J-L for 7, to r> day.-. Ii no; ; • plea.srd. your 40c hack Wau h I the old. tainti^d skin ^^loiivrh off Ui ,. bo ri'plao-d hy hi'althy >kin. i; ; . in.sUint-dryinj,' T-4-I, fron; .iry . druppi.'^t. Now ai KsthorviJIc DniR Store I rcurlo kn -1; at th- ..'.•..u T.'-.-' trid'^. piwn in niarriaj'^ li- •.h.r. •.-..r.- a -.v.'. it. < iti:-. .-r;.rfd v.:;h .i Charti::;, ; ' - • !!,•: i.r.^- r tij^ 1- r.iitii •. • .. ; a!;;-, a !i. t wu- •! ! a 5 t. ira H, ; ;• w,;r- ; .-.a: rir..-.-a w i,< a ^a^' ff'n. 'r-.-i-c'i m .^h- car.-ird i •vh:t.' Bi! n v.i\;ca f?t J a sin- NOTICE We will be open from 7:00 a. m. to 8:00 p. m. on Friday, May 30, Memorial Day Peoples Cafe Dick Srock, omier Professional Directory Dr. J. B. Oshcr DENTIST Pbone 1S» Stairway Between Rexall and Coaat-to-Coaat Stores Dr. IV. R. Ellsworth DENTIST rhone Tl Over Estherville Loan and Investment Co. Richard G. Coxson Ccrtifiod Public Accountant Gaardc Building Phone 139 Dr. Fredericksen DENTIST PHONE 106 Orar L. U. ChrUtensen Store N. J. Lee Phone 85 General Law Practice Office over Christcnsen storo Dr. A. I. Reed Eya, Ear, Nose and Tfaroal Glasses Fitted Satisfaction Guaranteed Office Hours: i)-12; 2-5 Office over Rexall Drug Store Bea. Phone 497 Office 32 Dr. L. L. Sliarp Chiropractor 805 Central Phone 1681 Dr. L. F. Hoffman VKTERINAIIIAN Located First Door U' of D-X Station on Central Avenue Tel. Res. 515 Office 151 Dr. Terry I. Anderson Optometrist Successor to DF. R. C. Biggs GLASSKS FITTKD Emmet County Bank Bldg. Phone 432 Dr. A. N. Rugiiv Dentist Ptione 14S Above Robinson Jewelry Dr. Leiaiul F. Hunp;e VKTKniNAUlAN Office-Phone -16 Home O. S. Kirkegaard, M. D. Physician and Surgeon Parkview Clinic Phone 272 Res. Phone 1361 8*t Evenings 7:30-10:00 and by Appointment Dr. F. L. Wilhv CHIBOPRACTOB 815 First Avenue N. Phone IM "Dr. K. L. Johnson OFTOAlETItlST Eyea.Examined Glasses Fitted Oardaton Hotel Bldg. Phone 72 Dr. G. E. Tondiave CHIBOPRACTOB Pbone 620 Residence Phono 764 Dr. Wra. A. Boies IJENTIST Office in Grand Theatre Building Phone 237 Dr. R. E. Lester DENTIST Phone 1390 214 North 6th Street First House North of PoMtofflce John L. Powers, M. D. .'fflYBIOIAN and BURGEON m N. 8th Office phone 191 ItMldonce 1093 M. T. Morton, M. D. I'lIVSICWN and Sl'lUiKON Park View Clinic Phono R ob. 123 -- Office 171 •A int. -t r.aam. la -r.l.iil -Aitli whV: -atin .Ml- r "ial!a-i C-aHLT. si.-t.a of tii. t.i ul-iji-Aa- maiion cif lionoi. .-^h. v'..:. an I ri liid taff.ta irnwn •.viiti niatil.ini: - I -a.s and h.r. and ( a: d a , -l.iual !.fii:.iii. I c'f A carnati'.na Mr- Wayn- Ilirliard and Mi-• .l(tya. Ol .-i 'n. ta>usiris of til.- Nrid-, •.'..•r.. hi id.-n-aiuls- Thrv u nr.- idrn towns of lulr sjicn taff.ta : ;ui raiMid i.ionial <.f .••rr?:i.i catnati'-ris Mi.s- \'iif;!nia 'I'. .| r .'m m. .-1st.a oi tia h: i.i. . ailtal as junitti l>rid.-- tnaid KK a'.. I L'iil was i,in.l.a .<ia.t!. • -asm \hi' lind.'!.'iaa.ii). Th(-. •.w.i- L'O'vns :d. ntitai to the otlic: atl. ndants in oichid and niic green 'I'ii.' t.i id-LMnonrs ;;ttindani wi.s I^ilj.h Toll. son. I 'K.ui .r of tli.. tttad- . 'I'll. hiad-L'ioorn .and i>.'sr mat; h.itti wor.^ lit;tit husim s.s snit.s. I sh'is v\. I - I).all;os Custer and Donald Tornason. (Jtiiy Lo.. OI.«on. t oiisin >af til- hi ido. wai.« rin^ iiea-- The hride'.s mother wore a navy hUn- laci. diiss with white ncces- sorit 'H. Th^ mother of the hride- groom wore a hlue and white nylon dres.s witli white acces.surie.s. Both had pinii carnation cor.sape.s^ The rrr option, for 200 gui .sts, was held in the church dininj; room. The lace-covered bridal table was centered by a five-tieied weddio),' cak''. decorated in tlie bride 'K chosen ra )lor.s and toi)i)ed by a miniature bride and ^room. It wa.s flank ed by candelabra hoidin>r ,51 een candles and boucjuet.s. of lilie.s-ot- the-valley. Foiiowinu the cuttinp of the fir.s'. piece by the bridal couple, the cake was cut and .served by Mr.s. Noi- nian Ol.son and Mrs. Che.-ter Paulson. Mi.s John Huibieutse tind Mr.s Malta Jacob.son were dininp room tio.slisses. Mrs. ttlen Youn^; and Mr.s. H. M. Bradshaw poured coffee and Mrs. Gayle Snedecor and Mi.s.s Mabol Torrcson presided at the rcceptior. tahlo. •« were Mary Schaehcr- er, Janet Burff, Delori -S Schacherer and Mr.s. Harold- Ru.slad. Mrs. LeRoy Schacherer. Mrs. E. B. BurK. Mrs. Clifford Csher, Mrs. Norman Larson and Mr.s. Chester NO EXTRA COST BUY AND iraVE FIIM HERE Kstlierville Drii^ Co. "Your Corner Drug Store" .Andeison assi.sted with the le- 1 Iriaslimi-nts. .Miss Carol Skattcbo was in char ^ of the auest book and the gitt.-" . V. .-re opened and displayed by Mr.s. Vernon Torreson and Mrs. Mnrvlri nuhn. ' The bride chose as her Roing-aw- I iiy co.utume a^navy blue and white , suit with n.-ivy and white accosHor- i'-s. For the past year Mr.s. Dallmnn ba .s be .n a teacher in the Torrll schools and A2/c Dallman has been .stationed at General Mitchell Air i-oic.. base. Wis. Aft .r their weddinp trip ih^ ; .Mitin^' couple win be at home at I toll! Kansas street, Milwnukei-, I Wis, To I'rescnt rupil <t III riuni) IttM'ttal .Mrs. Delbert Hin.sch will present lor pupils in piano recital tonight at K p. ni. in the city hall auditorium. The public is cordially invited to iittend_ * To Observe 25th WeddUiK Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Glen Slinfferland will jibservo their 25th wedding anniversary Sunday, June 1, with an ojitn house from 2 to 5 and 7 to ? p. m. at their home. Friends and niativis are cordially invited to attend. * ."Nenlor Wpstnilnster Fellowship l-;ie<-ts Officprw The Senior Westminster Fellow- !-hii> group of the Presbyterian church, which is comprised of youn^c people of high .school age, has elected officers for the; coming year. They are DarroU Rodger, president; Edgar Warrington, vici- pri'sident; Anno Lyman, secretaiy and treasurer. Commi-ssion chairmen are Jim Lubker, fellowship; Stanley Nickels, outreach; Arditli Amdahl, faith and life and Becky Robinson, stewardship, * Lincoln First Graders .Sec Mo\ies of Picnic Lincoln first graders were treated to movies yesterday afternoon when Mrs. Fay Higgins showed those taken at their picnic, which they enjoyed May 20 in the backyard of the Wayno Huntsingcr home. Vcrlyn Vedder took the movies and Miss Fear reported them to be "among the best home movies I have ever seen." The children were especially pleased because every one of them had their picture taken, either while eating or playing. * Ea,st Blversldi> Club Welcomes New Jlenilx-r Members of the East Riverside club met at the home of Mrs. Jesse DoVoss on Tuesday and during th-j course of the afternoon's business welcomed Mrs. Ed Carey as a new member of their group. The routine business meeting was called to order by the nev/ president, . Mrs. Alex Glasnnpp. Programs for the coming yeer were distributed and discussed. It was announced that the next meeting would be at the home of Mrs. James Hartman with roll call to be answered by the topic, "Travel- where on your second honeymoon." A social hour was enjoyed at the conclusion of the meeting after which Mrs_ DoVoss served refreshments to three guests, Mrs. Edg'ir Higgins and daughter and Mrs. Gladys Nelson and to the following members; Mrs. Edward Ahrens, Mrs. Walter Blagg, Mrs. John PERFKCT ATTKNHANCK and never tardy were these Jackson school children. They are (left to right! David .-^mundson. Jackie Mustard, David (Diiil,v News photo and enuravini; i Frank, Cheryl Woods an.l .lobe. Hacket All but Jackie, who is in kindergarli n. are .second i ;iaders. Blagg. Mrs. J. P. Chiistenscn. Mrs. Gla.snapp, .Mrs. John Gieig, Mrj. James Hartman. Mrs. Howard Hevwood .Sr., Mrs. Howard Heywood Jr.. Mrs. Earl Hornby and Mrs, William Ramsev. • Mrs. .MantJie To Present Piano I'liplls in Recital. The pupils of Mrs. O. F. Manthe will be presented in a recital at the city hall auditorium on Sunday at 3 o"tlock. Those appearing on the program are as follows: Alan Robinson, Jay Barklie Johnston, Mary Anita Rosendahl. Mary Keeier, Jfariys Hippie, Linda Hansen. Susan White, Diane Huntsingcr, Betsy Gray, Normanda Ohlund. Diana Collins, David Bowyer, Peggy Bowyer, Mary Bauman, Henry Steveson, Kaylene Steveson, Ronald Schaper, Janet Quastad, Kathryn Valon, Beverly Valen. Hope Rovn, Pauline Nielsen, Kathleen Weir, Jean Sunde, Charles Sundc, Alan Harris, Karen Carey. Roxic Jensen. Fred Blake, Marian Christensen. Myrna Simpson, Virginia Hippie and Kathryn Ohye. The public is cordially invited to attend. '•^it-lTIC A I, ADVK«T 1S V. MK.N" POLITICAL ADVKKri»l:MENT A Vote for w. n. Nicholas Js a Vote for Cl<!an, H<)n<'si Slate (jovernnieiit lust in Hurry To Get Home Dallas, May 29 f/P)—Police shook the door of the Love Field state bank before dawn yesterday .and found it open. Suspecting burglars. Officers J. W. Gallagher and C. H. Hockctt drew pistols and entered. The vault door also was open Piles of currency and sacks of coins lay on the vault floor. But no burglar. The officers called .a bank vice- president. "I guess somebody was just in a. hurry to get home and left the bank open," he said. Although most turtles are nearly voiceless, some turtles can whistle, says the National Geographic society. (Daily News engraving! MISS MARILYN Carol Torreson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chester L. Torrcson of Wali- ingford, was married Sunday, May 25 to A 2 /c Duane H. Dallman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Dallman of Esthervill.;. Vote for W. H. (Bill) NICHOLAS Republican Candidate for GOVERNOR IHIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR NICHOLAS FOR GOVERNOR: lie favors a safe, inodern highway system, and wants it done NOW, not 20 or 30 years from now. Iowa's primary and secondary road systems need immediate attention. .'Vny bond I nniik lh<< people of lowu might vot«t to build thiH hlKh- way HyNt4 'in could lie riiiimcutt with u ontv^-ent gaK tax levy, nnd would NIOVKH renulro a property tttx. No property tax waH iieeih-d to build our lilghwiiyN th(« flnit timo — NONE WILL DE NKEDEH NOW. He is aljsolutely in favor of local control of schools, and feels that any re-organization law must come from the people most concerned — the parents and taxpayers of local districts. He favora state aid, but NEVER AT THE COST OF LOCAL PONTROL. NICHOLAS FOR GOVERNOR CLUB M. B. Crabbe, Secretary Events Calendar Tom fill t North .Star Ix)dge No. 447, A. F. & A. JI. 7:00 p. m. Third degree. Knights of IVhiu.s. 8 p. m. Regular meeting. Friday Servicemen's Firing Squad, 6:30 a. m. Ateet at the Servicemen 's club. in summer khakis. Knights of l>}-<hlas. 10 a. m. .Meet at the hall for Memorial Day services. Memorial Day .Services. 11 a. m. In the city park. Saturday Estherville Lutheran Cnnflmuition Classes. 2 p. ni. I'icnic for both classes. Sunday Wa/-Tan-\'e. 1:15 p. m. District meeting will be held in the Shore room of the Gardston hotel. Moridoy Gniver I'rt^byterlan BIbIn School. 9 to 11 a. ni. Classes each morning for .two weeks. Tuesday Four Mlln Lako Club. 2 p. m. At the home of Mrs, Henry, Klein. Mrs. Leo HIckey, ns- Blsting. Roll call "Section of the country I'd like to visit." EKthurvlllH Ltitherun Tea, .2:30 p. m. At the church, honoring Mlsa .Marion Brlnglo, Sponsored by the Mission circles. . SAVINGS CLUB Iowa Trust & Savings Bank Esther \111e, Iowa 2'/<' Interest Payable Senii-annually VOVR DEPOSITS INSURED VV TO $10,000 Mail-froni-Honie Situation Licked With U. S. Seventh Division, Korea, May 29 (.-Pi—Pvt. Don Hoope; has the mail-froni-home situation licked. "All you need," the 22 -ycar-old Texan says, "is a sister who teaches English in a stateside school." Hooper's sister, Mrs. Justine Bailey, teaches sixth grade at Sundown, Tex. She had her 26 pupils, averaging 13 years in age, write Hooper as pert of their studies In li tter writing. KOJE— Continued from page 1 them like children on the need for obedience. It was another step in his policy designed to bring order to the unruly stockade of 80.000 prisoners, niost of whom have indicated they want to be repatiiated to communist lerritorv. * * * THE MEETING in his headquarters was in contrast to some previous ones in which former camp commanders talked with Reds at the gates of their com- l )0unds. One of the former commanders. Col. Francis T. Dodd, then a brigadier general, was captured while doing that and held 78 hours by the Reds. A camp staff officer said at least 475 POWS had escaped from the camp hut 391 were recaptured. He added "no one really knows" how many others had broken away. He reported most of those who fled wa.-re "homesick farmers." Rabidly communist prisoners have mounted their own guard inside compounds to keep anti-communist POWS and internees from slipping away. Maylajr Workers Turn Down Company Offer Newton. la . May ;:;) -Tb.e CIO united auto workers union turned down a contract at twxi M.iyt:ig company plants and aut!:on:ed its executive board to cal! .i if necessary. The union, wliose currir.i contract expires midnight M.iy 31. voted at the Newton .^r.v! H.impton plants yesterday to reioct the new- contract as presented by th.' company. Maytag officials said thoy were advised by Robert Joh.-.ston of Des Moines, representative of the union, that the ^.SCO production and maintenanc.-- .nipioyes at the two plants would go out on strike June 1. .Johnson, however, aj^^rtt'd today that he made no "to company officials or -iny.jne else" concerning a strike date. He di> clared no strike da*.' his r-eon set. The union wants to cor.;:.T-.i.' its attempts to negotiate a s.;tr!.,.n;.,^nt. he added. A company .stater.-, r.: s.iid "tho issues on which a str :'K- -sraj called wei-e the union's d-.-:-.i.~i :r.i£ union representatives tr .r.i;i net only for grievance n'.r-::;:.^^? with man.agement b-^jt also for tlie tinif r-o ..r-i :f) investigate allegi'd rr, va.-.,; ;r. the plant." Masked Youth.*; Put on Fake Radio Program (.T«— •Ten thr TAFTIKE— Continued from pago 1 miles of the state with its soat- tered 652,740 population. Eisenhower supporters have made a concerted effort to get young people registered and make sure they turn out to vote on the theory that they are a major .source of his strength. Taft supporters claim strength with the farmers, and South Dakota Is predominately agricultural. Els<?nhowcr is considered strongest Inthe urban areas. Ithaca. .V Y,, May 25 ma.sked youths ov.-rpow. r ..... students at a Cornell univr-rsity ra dio station last nisr.t and broadcast a fake bulletin that Europ.-ai cities had been t/ombed and r.n air armada, was apprc,.irhin:? North America. A university official .«aid the incident looked lik'- a •'practicil joke." The station (WVBRi was nocxl- ed with telephone calls aft<r th- broadcast. Some callerB rt .sk»-.d more Information but m.-iny "call ed just to rib us," the .ttation m.-in aggr reported, and there ripp -nred to be no widispread alarm. R. J. McCarthy, Cornell sup'-rvi.s- or of .safety, said none of the raid ers was recognized in their Hallo 'A-- een masks. He y;i\i\ they "probably were students." Ithaca police said they had received no cilleries. Th.- station can be heard only faintly b. ec ,nd tii.- campus are .'i. Tho Hludent-operaled .utaiion \H not the official nniver.^if., sitaticn (WHCU), which has great-r rang- and powi-r. .Season the ^-ravy for turkey well: try adding a little , ep-rv c, garlic salt, Woicesiershire ^nv,- oi onion jiiic... OI I ICIALS-* I oiitiniind from pUic I ,Mi , Hay Ki iiiiedy (ind Katherin.-" M .Meiilei; Judges, Hedwlg Tntt!:-. I.illlan Mam li and .N'etti" Salyers. At till' AriiiHtrcjng Grove to\»-n. • hip leeelviiiK bo.'ird will be clerk.« I 'llirold lllllllley ludK' ail.'l do; and Grace Rovn; l.'iank Htelner. Elmer Sch- I ami lliiiiielle .Madison; count- l .onid cieikH, Ruth E. Bos- Hoi -lh iiml Ann E. Haworth; judp ,., Mailiii Anderbcrg, G. B. Van- .leiibuigli and John P. Korrect. Center (ownslilp clerks are Jesse [leVoHM and Li 'wis Harvey; Jud|?rx, .lohii .liihl. George Haar and J. A. lilies, Peiiiiiaik township receiving bo- ,11 ,1 clerks are C. L. Wclsbrod and M .iiiiiH S, Ni'lsen; judges, R. S. SoieiiHoii, Daniel Sorenscn and Lu- ellii lliinsi-n; counting board clerk .s. Cedilc Thonins and Lola Hohr.^ ludgi 'M, L. A. I'etcrsen, Annand Madsen and Peter Thorson. i :c t> 4 DI.I.SMOBTII township, cie;sk8. .,re Alfred Clausen and Holger Aimiiid; judges, Alfred O. Anderson. Kied Simon and Owen Mor- tlMI. Kiiuiiel township, clerks are Percy Whitehlll and Ed Maniece; judges, Kiner Christensen, Mrs. Ir\ ing .Martens and Elma Weir. EstliervlUe township clerks are C. A. Karnes and Lambert Hemi sen; judges. Otto Schaper, 8. O. l.undy and Florence Grelg. Iowa Lake township clerks are 1,. 11. Kiistman and Bill Mitchell: jiidgi's, John J. Sturm, Harry Vig- dal and Chris Fedderaen. Jack Creek township clerics ax -j Ivan Selberg and Harr>- Vabldleck; judges, Henry Wobbc, Lee Moor" and Henry Thlel. * niOII Iw\KE township clerks ari' Glenn Young and Jeffrey Olson; judges, otto Larson, Arnold Hoganson and Sylvester Berge. Lincoln township clerks are Ethel Whiilen and Agnes StiUman; judges, Gerald Richards, Audrey Griffith and John Kono. Swan Lake township clerks are John (Quastad and H. L. Domlny; judges, J. E. Hill. Mack McKean ;ind John Ullensvang. Twelve-Mile Lake toivnship cler- kr are Chester S. Anderson and Alvin Brinkman; judges, Clarenra Christiansen, Ralph Borchers and Oiaf Thoreson. Wallingford clerks are J. G. Gunderson and Blanche Munson; judges, Lewis Twito, Tilda Kasa and Stan Richey. College Boys Use Second-hand Hearses New Haven, Conn., May 29 W>— Seems there's a new fad less publicized than "panty pilfering^.developing among New England's college boys. It's buying second -hand hearses for making long, overland trips. The Yale Outing club has one and seven members of the club are scheduled to head for Denver on Thursday, The Yales report there are three similar hearses at Harvard and a fleet of six at the Massachusetts Institute of Technologj'. Cherokee Ties for Second Washington (IP) —Cherokee, la., tied with Little Falls, Minn., and Ellis, Kan., for second place among cities under 10,000 population in the American automobile association national pedestrian protei?- tion contest. Esthor\ille, Iowa, DaUy News Thurs., May 29, 1952 2 ADVERTI8EME2JT 1. TOO, AM DEAFENEa> AND WHAT I DID TO CORRECT IT. Twenty years ago I lost my hearing. Since then my life has l>cen directed toward one goal — overcoming deafness, both for myself and for others. The result of this work has been a tiny new hearing aid which can be worn in secret. With this small aid, oven your closest frienda will not know how you hear so perfectly. Voices, tho radio, and tho ticking of the clock sound natural. It you arn Interested in leanv Ing the three steps In the correction of deafness, vvrlte to mc, H. A. Lyons, Pevsonnl, 401 So. Washington St., Peoria, Illinois. 1 •will be. hajipy to write you the results of my experience. Beginning Sunday, .June | AleVt-JITtJlKVI KMT" " Worship Time ChanRe '•^•'V) a. m. Presbyit-rian Churcii .'Sunday Hehonl and WorshI,, He rvlee at the same lime. iiibriicAi. ADVKRTiamaeNT Francis Johnson "Kll IIM< AN OANnniATE •n.\K 2 I'UIMAUV I'Oll Sescretary Qf AQrkultiirt • ik)rn IHIM) llutltT County Ftirm • PreHltU-nl I«)Wtt Kurin Bureau ^ Vca^s • Iowa li «-glMlaiure 10 Yi 'arH • 8p(>»k«r of IIouNv • Iowa Taxpayi«rH AHNoclaUon Organiser • A^firchant Hybrid Sfied Cora — FMsd — Heed Varni Supplies

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