Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 1, 1958 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1958
Page 20
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PAGE TWENTY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, JULY 1,1958 farm Column Soggy Fields To Bring Out • ,,: f ~ J ^ Qfemical Weed Killers value now. There is but one gen- oration each year. Fields treated with a soil insecticide prior oireceivrd In IIP! clearances for per cent DDT granule? per acre to farmers and other interested Another insprtiridr. KnnYin. hasip eo p| P Copies are available at jr nrm f) ur p nu office. tent have also withstood the in-iphrne in granular form may also: . sects. V used. I>> not apply DPT and'f^' 10 " f ™ d ** o «,M be- Mrs. Parks Renamed Head Of Greenfield Library Board The corn borer situation varies,t^xaphene to corn to Iw used for .held at the Slock Pavilion at Ur GRF;ENFIELD _ Mrs _ . BY TWtiMAN W. MAV Madison County Farm AdvJvf Tht» recent rains are making the weeds in tlve corn fields grow fast j,. rr , es They are also preventing cultiva 'a great deal, with the earlier-imsilnge for dairy rattle. recommended amounts and wslng !planttt j corn more )ikely to b c| Wheat Harvest low-volatile esters of 2.4-D when:j n f ps tpd. This rounty is just south field temperatures exceed S3 de- of the area of heavier infesta- Ibana on July 19 iParks was re-elected president; f fflffclHf fftfltf itfhlfl * flre tions, but fields should be closely and treated if Wheat harvest is yetting way this week, somewhat later than anticipated berair of the cool weather. Dry weather is A new hybrid Mr,,in of ^f%^™*^ ^ $ Cl'lSSSSi"Members ,1 -'*• =./r ^ ±^, t:SL M«. "S52 fter ** Aenes W.ckfleld Order of East- veloped that will ^row well in central and southern Illinois. For more information about this har- -•-. • ,,t<.-,i^ „,*- KI-IIIIIK .",> m many,""""'" •»•'•-'." "••« •••=••.« -^^, „>„,,,.,. ,^, f ... _, .... k f f thc Mrmger as vice president anq »"H»' K ' omuiuajr, «u lion and many farmers are plan sovbean fip!ds 1oo M so .vheans|"e.pssary. Sweet corn growers [needed now and the crop stl(ll ' l(| !,f n ^.p,. s ' it ' v ' of |,, inois ro f| PK P of J«se B. Parks was electe-Jwill Start at 6 p.m. fling to u?c chemical sprays to a) ; p wrv SUS( . optib | e to iniuryjhavp been spraying for borers|be Rood, barring heavy rains. A i( , u( , urp circular 778, "Zoysia treasurer. jDuckels, worthy mail ,the weeds. ^Normal cultivation is the best Weed control in corn, but if you from spraying with 2.4-D. Kx- tremely light rates of 2.1-D. 2 ounces of the aminff type perj and earworms the past couple 'of weeks. To Determine .Ratio hail or wind. Clover in the wheat s excellent and should grow fast after the wheat is cut. Agriculture flrass for Illinois Lawns." Bacterial blight is damaging isome soybean fields. We will dis- Can't Ret the weeds by rujtivating. nrrP , before the heans arc 6 inch-: Fields may warrant treatment i Officers of the Madison "ounty" 1 "" .,.,,. Why not spray'.' Some fields are'cs high, may ho used to control « the tassel'ratio is 30 or aho.-e Agricultural Extension Council j :US! j ™* fllsoasp ln thls '.'olumn already too tall to spray without i oekleburs. ragweed pigweed and and 75 per rent or more of the plpcted at the council's regular' 111 '* " e ' • breaking a lot of corn, unless high-morning glories wilhou' damag-.plants show fresh borer feeding] meeting last werk. tor the new "ANY BHITON ('AN tnounlrd sprayers are usrd. ing the crop. However, most soy O n the whorl leaves. Tn determine fiscal year starting .Inly 1, fire^-flip ANVWHKHK"—•LORI) ' '•"- -..-.. t asse | ra tj 0i measure from Elmer H. Pape. Ft. Russell town-: ii-imjun. ivurs. vjfiwt'l L-*. ortut-i <~ was re-elected secretary; Floyd,ern Star Chapter fit Chesterfield Frazier will succeed William w'» sponsor an ice cream and cake Stringer as vice president and where she was a flattent last week. Mr. and Mrs. William Phillips of Miami, Fla., visited last week here with Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Austin Cope, and Mr. and Mrs. Ruby Anderson of Jerseyville were Sunday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Rigsbey. Members of the United Church School will hold their monthly bust- Aug. 2. Serving Mrs. Velma matron will be In Business reports of the meet-'charge. ing include a raise In the'llbrar- A pink and blue shower was held ' much taller now anrHh Another reason for spraying Is,^ 8 " 8 that practically all corn is drilled)"'* *°° latf 1o »P™v fh ™' How instead of checked, so it caoj 6b cultivated only f one way and the weeds in thc rows cannot be plowed out by cross-cultivation. This results, of course, in more weeds in the rows. Be Careful Be careful in applying these Chemical sprays, as they can injure growing corn. You can minimize the chances of injury by using nozzle extensions to confine the spray to the soil and base of the plants by using proper nozzlp tips and maintaining correct pressures to apply the spray at th proper rate. To reduce drift, main tain a pressure of 30 to 40 pound per square inch. 2.4-D will control susceptlbl broad-leaved weeds, but it will no affect 'annual grasses. Until th corn is three or four feet tall, ap ply no more than '4 pound of th ester form of 2,-5-D or '/a pound o the amine form per acre. For tal er corn, you can increase the rat if you use the proper nozzle ex tensions and apply the spray at th base of the corn and to the soil. • If you expect a dense growt of weeds after the last cultivation follow with an application of pound of 2,4-D acid. To preven injury to the corn, use a boom extension and apply directly 1 the soil. Do not spray corn wi 2,4-D from the time it starts t tassel until after the kerne reach the soft dough stage. Stalk Brittieness Spraying with 2,4-D can caus stalk brittieness. It is most like! to occur when spraying is don after daytime temperatures 85 degrees F. and higher. It i usually most serious when th corn is growing rapidly. If storm occurs or the soil Is cu tivated before the brittieness dis appears, stalk breakage may b serious. This danger can be min imized by applying no more tha Soybean Damage Many more fields of soybeans are being severely damaged by liase of the plant to tip of the de- grape colaspis. a small white grub that feeds on the roots. Some fields have had to be entirely replanted. This insect usually damages corn more, but this ian's salary; plans for ordering Sunday afternoon at Keller Com. a group of junior and children's mun | ty House In honor of Mrs. books: and repairs to the roof Jack Arnett. the former Miss Mar- t>f the building. 1orle Rarids o{ chesterlifild who has The annual report for the fig. been resid)ng ,„ Alton cal vear was apnroved and sent mon , hg Her hugband „ ,„ , hc ..,,.. , , i,i i , • u i x, P it A ". vonp ™ n « H '" thp t(J P in '" , r S ' al u Library ' Springfield.^ s A Thpre wpre 20 gUPS | S to tip of the plant with ship, chairman: Normann K. Hen- Hrjtajn arrord|ni , ,., Sil . Gilhr ,. r :Tol<il number of Visitors was l,- |pl . espn , , tin*. Secretary to the Min-! 865 and book circulation, 1.767. \ rf > l^nln X'tolt «•. lei.ves extended. Split the plant lengthwise and measure from veloping tassel. Divide thc tassel height by the plant height and multiply by 100. Take an average for five plants in a field. This is thc tassel ratio* Bes. results from ke, Olive township, vice-chair rhan and Wilbur Federer, Leef township, secretary. The annual Black and White Show will he held by the Madison County Holstein* Club at the fair grounds at Highland July 25. Kindlon MeMIng F'lemminh. istry of Kdui'filion. He told ex-j change Inac hers ;it a London conference: "The notion "ople some- 1 aimes get that nil the 1e- 'ing peo-j pie from this country are out of the top drawer — F'ton. Harrow, Oxford and rnmbridge and so on -is just not true. Anybody can Fete Visitor p Charles Arnett Buddy Rands were hos- • tesses. i Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Phelps were te] e . i Saturday guests of their son, Clyde phone exchange, was the guestifhelps and family, Godfrey. of Mrs. Maurice L. Melvin and Mrs. Wes Pursey has returned year it is mostly in soybeans. Itjtreating field corn are ohtainedj F arme rs and landowners are,..,, ordinarily occurs in larger num-jwhen the tassel ratio ranges from.cpmjnfjpj ( O attend their township K pt" a'nywhe're and'does'." hers only where red clover hasi:tf to 60. : .......... . been turned under. |ASC election meetin, the evening DDT is still the most readily of July S. to elect community other friends last week. Mrs. John Vandaveerentertain-! from St. Luke's Hospital, St. Louis, ed a small group at a polluck *° visi * their daughter in Toledo. supper and canasta party Friday Ohk> The grubs have started to pupate|aviiilable insecticide. Apply I'iicommllteemen for the fiscal yearjket. shopping'center and motel! A $336.000 drive-in supermar-lnight honoring Mrs. Gillespie, •Inn Reunion and the damage is now dedin-ipounds per acre as a spray. A.r-jg1artlng August 1. (project is planned fo, Sheppar-i GREENFIELD- Mr. and Mrs. ! i _ — 1^. XT-,.,1 I.M UU tTl^*«uIn It f I 11 Tj^nn^nM nt Ti""t tt^AitlLk T'««* A picnic supper Is being arranged for members of the 1908 high school class, of which Fost- ing, although the effects will be.iange 2 tor 3 nozzles per row to! Catalogs for the annual Madi-jton in Northern Victoria. AustrH-,\Vill Foster of Ft. Worth, Tex., er is a member, and other friends apparent for some time. No in- cover the upper '» to 14 of the|son County Fair at Highland July|lia—one of Australia's first such j are guests in the home of Mr.ion the lawn at the Barton home ecticide treatments will be ofjplant. Or apply 20 pounds of 5|30 to August 3 are being mailediprojects. ' '— J "" "' ^ "—' ' u: ! "" NELSON DIETSCHY'S MARKET Sanford at Main St. FREE DEUVERV 2-0694 — PHONES — 2-0695 Ticket* »ent with order (or Telephone Radio. Come in and see it. Vou won't believe it can play. And it can be Noll's alt flavors % ICE CREAM .. Gal. Strawberry or Orange SODA gallon WATER bottle* ea. Large Ripe Watermelons, only U.S. Insp. Dressed FitVEBS Lb. Luer' . Ready-to-Eat Smoked HAMS, 5 to 7 Ib. BA_ Shank End* „„.. Lb. 996 Fresh Grd. Chuck KCjk HAMBURGER ... Lb. 996 Shurfresh CHEESE.... 69c Sealtest H AI _ LEMONADE .... Gal. W IB KOOL AID fi »•;". all lluvoru.... 9 pkgs, fcwB Regular 59c AXGELFOOD MA CAKE .......... Only OifC Assorted SANDWICH A pound L pkg. COOKIES ... HAS Twin Bag* POTATO CHIPS ...Special HeifeU DUI or KOSHEJi lull AA. PICKLES ...... quttT^ftaC Lee. Ref. Jar A MUSTARD .... ft for 50 In. BOOK MATCHES... Saiaer's A u 'at. CATSUP... bottles STUFFED OLIVES, Re».JarOiil.v Shurfine SOU Size i'ORK AND • BJGANS^ _. .<9 cans SALAD DltESSiNti, Shurfiiic, 24-oz. Uej. jar Yellow DRV «J ONIONS... Luer'b J'ur« ONIONS.... £ pounds LABP ...... 2 pound*, Luer'k Famout I'iece I n, 49e BttAUN- In Syrup Lgu. 'i,Vt cans Sburllne SHOBTEN- IN'O ....... Lb. CUH* Food King 1 Lb. COFFEE ....... Cua TEA BAGS 48 in Shurfino pk|C' U.S. No. I Red I'OTATOKS *|A A 196 TO. EiitiS 650 66c 95c l'rU'-e» Good Tnurmiuy and einturday. < 'luted (he 4tb to MM) you halurda.v, Mil and Mrs. M. D. Barton en route;this evening. ness meeting Wednesday ifeffing af the church. Members of the United Ladies (Aid Society will meet Thursday afternoon ffr their monthly work meeting. Mrs. AHce Bramley visited Several days last week at the home of her son, George Bramley and family. Hettick. iReaTTelegraph Want Ads Dally Enjoy yourself with an HFC vacation loan Extra money Brotn HFC will come in handy what- * •ver you do. Borrow up to $800 in privacy, wHh monthly repayment tame you select. For one day •ervic*. phon* «r trint; HFC today, America'• > oldeat and bttfw* sumer finane* ttMnp OMMlBy experience OUSEHOLD FINANCE 123 W. Third Street, 2nd Floor PHONE: 3-8871-Ahon Leant made to nnttfti \ FRESH, DELICIOUS DAIRY DRINKS REFRESH AND NOURISH, TOO! MEMO TO MOTHERS: This summer see that your youngsters get cooling drinks that are nourishing as well as tempting. With Sealtest Milk and dairy drinks you're giving them more than just sugar energy - you're giving them all the natural goodness of fresh milk vitamins and minerals, so Important to their growing bodies. Healthful milk drinks are not only better for youngsters-but there are many different ways to make them even more appealing to young tastes than other summer drinks. Here are some tempting ways to serve them. 3 SUMMER MEALS MADE WITH EASE, SURE TO PLEASE 1. SUMMER SALAD Dissolve 1 pkg. lime-flavored gelatin hi % cup boiling water. Cool to room temperature. Stir in 1 cup Sealtest Buttermilk and 1 cup Sealtest Cottage Cheese (beaten until almost smooth) until well blended. Chill until slightly thickened. Combine 1 tbsp. finely chopped onion (or finely cut chives), 1 tbsp. white vinegar, 1 tbsp. bottled horseradish, 1 tsp. salt, dash of pepper and paprika, */ 2 cup finely chopped celery and >/ 4 cup thin slices of small radishes. Fold into slightly thickened cheese-gelatin mixture. Pour into 1-qt. mold which has been rinsed in cold water. Chill until'firm. Unmold on crisp salad greens. 6 servings. Serve with Sealtest Skim Milk. 2. MELON MERRY-GO-ROUND Arrange salad greens on plate. Mound cottage cheese in center of greens. Arrange 6 melon balls, alternating colors, around edge of cheese mound. Top cheese with a melon ball. Cut strawberry in thin strips. Extend a strip from each melon ball around edge to melon ball on top of cheese. 1 serving. .Serve with Sealtest Chocolate Milk. 3. TINY COLD CUT SANDWICHES Make the sandwiches with your favorite cold cuts. Serve with fresh fruit and Sealtest Strawberry Float -a scoop of Sealtest Ice Cream afloat in a glass of vitamin Dmilk. BUILD 'EM UP WHILE YOU COOL'EM OFF WITH SEALTEST CHOCOLATE MILK Pure, rich, creamy. Pull of satisfying chocolaty goodness. Perfect for youngsters for it gives them milk's vitamins and minerals. Quenches thirst and nourishes. [TUN.1 SPECIAL OFFER YOURS! A 256-page COOKBOOK. Containing 641 Tisttd Recipes from the Sealtest Kitchen's. Features nourishing, economical dairy dishes with the accent on easy preparation. Just send 15(? in coin, with your name and address, to Sealtest Cookbook, P.O. Box 1000-B, New York 46, N. Y. YOU NEVER OUTGROW YOUR NEED FOR MILK! (;. Drink at least three glasses a' day. Milk is the delicious way to refresh and rebuild. Sealtest H.V.D. Milk is creami -smooth and fortified with extra vitamin D. FROSTY FAVORITES WITH NATURf S OWN COOLER-SEALTEST BUTTERMILK 1. IfMONSWIRl. Add 1/3 cup Sealtest termtlk. Beat well. Wrve in tall, 4, APNf SAUCIIUTTIIMIIK. Combine Lemon Sherbet to % cup Sealtest chilled glass. 1 qt. 8ealte*t Buttermilk with 2 oupi Buttermilk. Blend. applesauce. Mix well. 9* VfRY MIRY. Combine 1 qt. Seal- 2. IIRRY FROSTiD. Add '/ 4 cup cran- test Buttermilk with I cupi sweet- 5* HIM OINGfR. Fill glass % full berry juice to fa cup Sealtest Vanilla ened crushed strawberries. Mix well. with cold Sealtest Buttermilk.Slowly Ice Cream and Vt cup Sealtest But- ChiU. ft'', with cold ginger ale. Stir gently. Shirley Temple's Storybook, THE LITTLE LAME PRINCE, July 15, NBC-TV YOU KNOW ITS BEST WHEN YOU GET...... Af your alert or door DAIRY PRODUCTS

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