Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 22, 1948 · Page 15
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 15

Cumberland, Maryland
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Wednesday, December 22, 1948
Page 15
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Phone 4600-for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 22. 19-JS FIFTEEN NBA Tabs As'logical'Contender For Louis' Title Final Ratings In *48 Belittles British Boxing Ezzard Charles Rated Second To Jersey Joe In Association's Pick By EDSON WASHINGTON— (ff) — The National Boxing -Association said, today it- thinks'-- Joe • Walcott 'Is the logical contender for Joe Louis' .Title— and then threw an Indirect punch', at BritishVboxlng.. All tils corhe'~out Jn the final ratings for 1948. ' % Tie NBA-dldn'.t name any logical contender, iotf l)ouls' Crown.. But it listed Walcott; as the most likely lookinc of the-, lot. . • . Next came" • "Ezzard Charles, the- Cladnnati",llght Heavyweight . who knocked out Joe Baksl, the . pride of Kulpmont,.'Pa-.;'in the llth round of their -fight in. Madison Square Garden a couple of weeks ago. SavolcLTops List Now we come to the international tngle. For. at .'the. top of the "hon- ornblo mention", group Is Lee Sii- TOld of Paterson, N. J. • On December six Savold lost on a loul to Bruce Woodcock, who swooned ,to the canvas following a low tlow. > :•'• -V. 1 ' 7 . l , " •Well, the - KBA showed what it thought "of that performance • by putting "tb.e---'BrJtSsrier tenth . In a • Held which "admittedly is. far from brilliant. -; •• Following .Savold, and ahead- of •Woodcock, are 'such boxers as Billy Conn, Joe Maxim, Jimmy . Bivlns, Johnny Tlynn; 'Joe 1 Baksi and Eusty Payns. "_; • ' ' * — ft ..'or /Walcott The NBA. rating committee, headed by Fred .J.. Saddy, put in a special plug for Walcott. "The logical:'-contender for Joe Louis' Heavyweight Title," said, Eaddy, "must.always Include Jersey Joe Walcott,,and the NBA believes that the final selection for a title match should be Walcott or-the heavyweight who Is good enough to beat Walcott in an elimination go," In case you're no student of boxing, you.jnay be interested to know that three new champions got that way during 1948. ' : , • The new-' kings: Light Heavy- freight Freddie Mills, Middleweight Marcel Cerdan and Featherweight Bandy Saddler. The committee is counting on at least three more ex-champs in 1949. . It figures Welterweight Ray Robin- Kin and Bantamweight Manuel Ortiz will STOW too fat to defend their titles. The third wasn't mentioned by name, buf Saddy obviously referred to Joe Louis, who has been'talkine- jettreirient lor the past iive. years. Barton'Quint Nips Fort AsKby,30-28 BARTON—Barton High /nipped the Fort Ashbp Eagles, 30-28, here liist night as Don Bean connected for a. twin-pointer In the final mintes of play to break a 28-all deadlock. --..'. The teams, were deadlocked at 2131 and 24-24-in-a hectic lust half. Fort Ashby-oncc. forged -ahead- at 24-21 only to have Barton roar back to tie the score. The Eagles TOUfted a final chance to send.the-game into an overtime TXiriod as three'foul shots at. the hoop bounced.away. Barton hit on 10 or 15 -free throws, to make up for Fort Ashby's : 12-10 advantage in baskets.. ; .- Arnold-aichnell led the winners •with 13 points, but left the. game on personal fouls at the automatic ttaseaut. Blauch with. 11 points .and Boatman with ten led the- Fort.. The Barton -B team topped the Fort Ashby.B team, 28-24, in the preliminary with.Bailey leading.the winners.with 13 points. The-line. Birton • Imtecp, 1 2rezm&n, f -..'.-.'.-;.. Arnold Tlchnell, c Berry, s F 0-2 3-3 7-a .0-1 o-t 10-15 rii. 6 5 13 4 30 Totals .,....' 10 Uoa-icortas aubt—Clark, Shaw. Kirk. Tort Albby GT Pis. urer. t o BU-Jch. 1 .... 5' £>»7t<m, c 0 M»y. K 2 Smith. 5 1 Zo&irata, i 4 0-0 1-3 0-3 0-2 1-2 2--T ,.12 4-H ToUll .......-•,. Score by periods: . . BARTON ;...-....;- 13 »8 21 TORT JISHBY 8 12 23 ReJcrs 28 Petersburg High Tops Thomas 64-34 - PETERSBURG, W. Va.—Peters- burg'High School captured its first basketball victory of the season here last night;."when . they trounced Thomas Sigh 64-34 In a Potomac Valley Conference contest.. Coach' "Walt. Owen's passers rolled up a 32-9 lead at halftime. • lineups: Peterfbwr Smith, i Dolly, i . O^rs. c-. . Moommu. Crltcs. g enf elter. TbomfcS Sttaipif, Jot Depollo. DIBacco, c-. Orecco, K '.'...;• o Ocnnantonlo." K : Jlurlman, tub ..- Jno. Depollo, nub 1 Rrnn. mb , 0 .Cunttro. »ub 1 BSiiiM-. sub 1 Football Has Annual Battle Of Greenbacks Pro Clubs Make Bids ' . For Ration's Best . College Grid Talent . 'By HERB ALTSCHTJIX • i PHILADELPHIA — (^ — Professional -football battened down today for 'its annual battle of the greenbacks.' . . The .choice, college, gridiron talent was drafted'yesterday at meetings of the All-America Conference .at Cleveland and the National Football League at Philadelphia. ' But it's a generally accepted axiom, that a football player can't play, two ..different teams at • the same time'. - ' . • ' That means there will be bidding —with cash—for the services of the best football . players in the nation: Ridzeley Loses Last Minute Eastern Fives Green Wave To Seek National ^ °* Rating InT wo Tilts Witlilrisli 31-30 Thriller To Alumni °At'least'one person who ought minutes of second'half action Led! to 'know-NTT, Commissioner ' Bert! b 7 Cr!s Lockard ar.d Bill Phillips, .GERMAN 'CHAMP—Hein Ten Hoff, G.erman heavyweight champion, signed in Berlin for two fights In New York and- a possible crack at Joe Louis-and, the world title.- He.will be the- 'first Kraut to appear in an. American.ring since World War •n. to 'know—NFL Commissioner ' Bert; "J — — —-—-"••- •*••- —•• .Bell-is Inclined to think, the cash j the second stringers wiped out .won't be particularly 20-19 Alumni lead and went ahead 24-22, only to. have the score tied all" T3ell said "there on them as "Fats" Wilson connected weren't many outstanding name from the side seconds before the players' in the college ranks this first team came back onto the court, vear. There wasn't anywhere near It was the ijrcatcst collection of, 'is many as there have been-during former stars ever the past several seasons." Ripht On -That Count Two City Clubs Undefeated In WM Rifle Loop WESTERN MARYLAND LEAGUE . . - p n - Players ranging from the 1940-41 He's right on that count. There state tournament team, .-represented weren't many names like ' Charley by "Bub" Thomas to last year's Trippi Johnny Lujack, Bobby state tournament outfit, represented Layne,' :Bob Chappuls, Glenn Davis by Joe Moss, threw up a two-platoon STANDING. OF THE TEAMS Won LoKt. Cumberland. 1 . Port Hill ProstburR '... Port Asnby . Barton ..... LaVato ... i. Cola Spring Tot. 1.000 i.ODO .750 .333 .250 .000 .000 Cumberland ' and Fort Hill remained undefeated. in' the. fourth round, of the Western Maryland Rifle League matches held, yesterday on the LaVale range. Cumberland defeated LaVale, 1361 to 1249. Paul Nycum 'led the winners individual score with 278-while Harold. Everline led the LaVale team with a 2CO mark. . Fort Hill handed Fort Ashby -a 1357 to 1307. setback .with Norman White pacing the winners with a 286 score while Dick KauSman. was top man for the West Virginia team with a 284 mark-up. •. t Frostburg- received a throw-away victory from .-Barton by forfeit. Arthur Hoffa's 271 was first on the Mountain City roster and .the final team total,came to 1319 points.. Cold Spring was not-scheduled to play. The scores: CUMBEBLAND Kneel Total Competitor rrono Stand p II Nycum. 300 '92 80' 278 J.'A, McQuIr 100 92 8< 278 R. V. Rln B !cr 00.92 79 =70 L E-Leasurc 100.92-77 209 H.M.Robertson <" B1 8° m Tctim TO.til .,..1361 Also firing:' R. Cramer, C, Pulk. LlVALE H. S. Evcrllno :00 87 73 200 H. A. Moon »8 82 7-1 253 W. O. .McCruary 07 7D 72 2<B ll. L. Zellcr OS 8J.6S ;« B. T. Emmart -98' 91 K 2-U Team Total Also flrlng; P. Marti.Jr. FORT HILL '. .r. o. white 100 9< 92- O. P. Simpson 100. 94 81 31.-W. Myers 100 84 87 W. C. Simpson 98 87 78 W. E, Elgin 95' 91 .72 ..1240 " 286 275 ' 271 262 262 Team Total .... i 1357 Also nrinp: O. Eyler, O. Weathurnor-z, M, ShumaKer, K. A. Myers, -K. BurUctt, H. Lynch. FORT ASUBT R. V>'. Kauffman 99 94 01 284 R.P.Adams.. 97 91 -80 268 O. B. Logsdon 97 78 88 263 D. 33. Welsh 95 83 '68 247 G. C. Adaras .' 93 70 S2 245 Team Total 1307 Also flrlnc: E. Kauffman, J. Eavillc. E. Brown. . • . • . FROSTBnRO A. S. Hotfa 99 -39. "83 271 H. .Morgan 100 88 81 269 P. E. LlvengOod 100 90 75 • 265 H Hi-ode ". 57 '90 74 261 T.-H. Harris 57 89 ; 67 253 Team Total ....'...'....'. ;.1310 Also flrlns: J. Golden. • BARTOX Forfeit • • Oakland .Captures Third Win, 4442 .OAKLAND—Oakland High's quintet racked up its third victory 'in six starts here. last -night with • a 44-22 thriller over Terra Alta- High in a return clash. Terra Alta took the first game. The score was tied five times In the hectic contest and Marl Fauber of Oakland and Hill of Terra Alta left the game via. thte- personal foul route. • • Fauber • led the winners with 26 points while Harland Kelly played mlth paced the local team points -while Ours, Dolly and ^counted for 40' of the win- lies. Stemple was top man » .• • c r Pts. ...:... 11 -. o-o 2: .. G 2-4 H 7 1-7 15 c 0 1-1 ' 1 .;":::•::":.. s • 1-2 . :: ib ..."."....'.... 0 1-1 1 29 6-15 . 0< ring «ubs — Landes, Michael, Ash••" G T rts. t ;..'.::;..... 5 1-1 n no. i o o-o o Alta with ten points Oakland Bnkcr, I Totals .' 1 Non-scoring subs— Hau Term Alta Parsons, f Winters, i Smith,* sub Wblitnker, sub , Score by. periods: B-7 1-3 2-4 0-0 . 1-3 10-17 2-6 0-0 0-0 0-0 1-1 0-0 0-0 JjlOAKLAND ' ?iTERRA ALTA C ^^^^^^ •Hauser, Steyer, K&hl, Pti F 1-3 1-2. 2-8 2-5 2-3 0-0 0-0 .14 . Totals ..:.>.• ...... Score by-periods: PETERSBURG .'..V...' ..... 19 32 THOMAS... ..... > .......... 5 a Reterecj— TV..Mlers and Stewart. - Ellnolj 71; Cornell 47 •tton IUJ1 5S. Detroit 43, Bcnrtlnt Grten • (Ohio) 83, South Carp- lto» 54- - - Jurflue 71, Drake 58 •t. Louis 74, Rice 47 . aentriem Methodist 5B, Missouri 49 , ICebrasta 83. .Western Reserve 80 ladlma State 56, Los Angeles Loyola SI EAST CCNY 53, Oklahoma 51 Duqucsne 57. Arizona 51 St. John's (Brooklyn! 71, lown. State 4' Coltrnte 74. Boston University 52 Boston College 47, Harvard 45 Sp.-inef.eld (Mass.) 51, Cortland Teach- crs 49 " . - ' Villnnova 70, William. & Mary 4S West Vlrclnla. Teachers 72, Bcctlcy 52 souTn Miami (F!a.) 58, Pitt 5! Alabama 46. Auburn 45. IjOulsvllle 70. Louisiana State 44 Southwestern Louisiana 45, Spring Hill 41 . • I By JOHNNY BORCHERT ' Kidgeley High's Blackhawks'today were smarting- from their first defeat o'f the season, a 31-30 setback at the hands of their Alumni before a small crowd in the Kidgeley 'gymnasium,-last night.'-.Coach-Jesse Riggleman's quintet lost in the last 50 seconds of play when the in-' comparable',"Ace" Comer dumped in-two quick lay-up baskets and'-Bill Thompson'added a foul toss, to break a'26-all deadlock. ;'The Hawks fought back with still 35 seconds left as Paul Lindsay and Paul Fisher pumped-in baskets, but Roy-Comer watched a last-chance foul toss roll off the rim. with 15 seconds left and the Alumni' held on to win. Second Team. Shows Despite the loss, Riggleman found comfort in the -'showing .of his second team which actually played the Alumni off its feet during five Capture Six Of Nine Tilts Midwestern, Southern College Quints la Riimier-Up Spot By TED MEIER NEW YORK '— (/P) — The East, winning six of nine games, took top honors in last night's-, major intersectional college basketball games, The East compiled a percentage of .667 as CCNY beat Oklahoma, 53-51; Duquesne defeated Arizona, 57-51; St. John's of Brooklyn trounced Iowa State, 71-47; Vlllanovn.' trimmed William and Mary 70-48; Seton Hall humbled" Detroit,. 55-43 ar.d Marshall of Huntlngton, • W. Va., whipped Hardin-Simmous, 62-59. These offset Cornell's, loss to Dlinois, 11-47; Pitt's 58-52 'defeat at,the Tigers Score Fifth Straight Cage Victory LONACONING — Central High's untamed Tigers romped to a 50-20 triumph over Grantsvllle High last night for their fifth straight win in an undefeated season, , -n-ii, jritus 00-.** ut*^o.« «»,...„ Thirteen players saw action as (hands of Miami CFla) and Yale's _' i_ -rnit^-im,. •*/fr\*'i\T*e' miinf TO i*Pff r»O £*)• Hr-.l>( »t™ Vii- "CfonfjiT-H lormer stars ever assemuwa on tnci -"• — •: " . - ..,.1- r m irth Blackhawk court against Hldgeley. 5^^ J±L ^ ' ^B rout o or Doc Blanchard among: the players performing on college gridirons this' year. "It stands to reason," Bell went on, "that 1 there won't be any fabulous salary' offers for ttie crap that's available now." • The NFL commissioner predicted that • there won't be muny. fat bonuses for the '48 college crop and that ."economic conditions 'will bring the scale down for the high salaries players in the game today just as they will for bricklayers and carpenters and other tradespeople." Of the' teams—ten in the National - and eight In the' All-America— only the Philadelphia Eagles announced their complete. draft list. Some made public only as'many as two ' or three. names, keeping the remainder secret until contacted.. , NFL Spokesman Answers League's Disagreement PHILADELPHIA—OT—A spokesman, for the National Football Lea 1 Sue come up with an answer In cold cash to why the NFL and All- America Conference didn't come to terms at Sunday's meeting. • The' spokesman, • who asked that Ills name not .be disclosed, '. stated his answer somewhat epigramitical- ly. said he: •"There is no way of strengthening by adding the weak." A saving per club of roughly $50,000'- per 'year. would be accomplished through elimination of .the double draft, he said,, adding: "When, you think about that, you ;get the fdea at first that that's quite a saving. But it actually isn't. ' Boston Yanks tost He pointed out that the Boston Yanks of the NFL lost between experienced 'in contests. some All-America Coach Johnny Meyers' quint raced to a 27-9 halftime lead and coasted to victory. Kenny Burt topped 10 points with Ralston, 78-62' licking .by .. The Midwest, with a win six and lose six mark in 12 games; the Pac- uentrui wiwi iu jjuun,a ivn.»> ii^...^.., )[[ c Coast With a 3-3 record and Lee and McKenzle playing out-! southern teams with a 2-2 mark, tied standing: floor games. Keister top- f 0r runnerup honors at .500. South- , oh the i ped the losers, with eight points. Central concludes its 1948 schedule against its Alumni on Wednesday, December 20. preliminary the Central system against the high school live. Don Loy and Paul Lindsay played a magnificent game under the baskets for the . Hawks with Boy Comer, Paul Fisher'and Dick Dorscy displaying a nice passing game. The Hawks hit on only 11 of 52 shots at the 'basket last night and missed 15 foul tosses. Lindsay Top Scorer Lindsay led Rldgeley,scoring with 11 points and Loy hrui seven. "Ace" Comer topped the Alumni with nine markers. The Alumni jumped off to a 3-0 lend in the first two minutes of play on Thomas' foul toss and Moss' fielder from mid-court. Eoy Coiner's two free throws broke the ice for Ridg'eley with 6:30 left, but Jimmy Flanagan hit 'from near-mid-court and the grads led, 5-2. Roy Comer hit once and Don Loy twice as Rldgeley roared ahead .and went on to lead 11-7 at quartertime. Paul Lindsay sliced'in two more baskets, as the second quarter started to bulge-the Rldgeley..lead to 15-7.. Then the Alumni, lead by "Ace" Comer's -five points, cut the Hawk lead to 13-17 at halftime. : 20-20 Tie The Alumni forged ahead with 1: period straight victory with a 35-18 rout of the Grantsville lassies. Miss McPartland and Margaret Dilfer led the Tiger sextet with 15 and 11 points respectively while Miss Yommer had ten markers for the losers. The lineups:. west teams lost three of four games for a .250 percentage. Wiislilnirloh TJjiscl Stanford, TJCLA, Duquesne. St. Louis, Indiana, Purdue and Miami (Fla) remained in the undefeated class, but .perhaps the most outstanding feature of last night's play was the upset of the University of BOYS GAME C Central Ruls'.on. I K"cKenilc. £ Hurt, c Eichnorn, c Lcc, g Cook, nub John/ion, mil) Wilson, aiib Schrnmm, wub Non-scorine subs Winner, C»mcror.. Grantsvllle ^' Kqlster. t 3 Ttcndcr, i 3 I'cttlt, c s. i Crowe. K 0 Miller, g 0 Kolly. sub 0 Brenncmin, sub o Wcngerd, sub 0 Totals 0-3 0-0 0-1 0-1 2-2 0-1) 0-0 ' rts. 3 • 9 JO 4 | By KRIS KREEGER NEW ORLEANS—(#>)—Tulane's Green Wave has embarked upon a two-year'-plan .to win top national football rating the 1 hard way—by beating Notre' Dame. ; / The plan was revealed last night iri a routine announcement of the 1949 and 1950 schedules, which include,a home- and home series with the Fighting Irish. Navy, Virginia and six Southeastern Conference opponents also are on each card. And on .both schedules, for "the Saturday preceding the Notre" Dame contest, are two highly significant words—"open date." That means Coach-Henry Prnka will have two weeks 'each time to point for a vfctory over, the Irish. And what's more, he should have one of the country's strongest teams to point with.' The next two years are expected to see the cu'.mination'of a rebuilding process which Prnka started when he took over Tulane's , war- wrecked grid machine three years ago. Jackets Rout StrasburgFor Third'.Victory... MOOREFEELD, W. Va,— Coach He whipped up a better team than most people expected for the- past .season, winning all games except lor an curly-senson.Joss to Georgia Tech. . But. 194D was the yer-- Tulanians hoped would bring a return to old- time glory. Then, they said, would come a band of mighty men such as those which unbeaten sea- was the : upset of the nive sy o sons . unde , clark shaugtaessy Washington by the virtually .Ji- B , Bie rman in 1929 ""• " ' - known College of Puget Sound, 48-41. The Huskies, defending champions of the Pacific Coast Conference, was within hailing distance at 38-36 until Puget Sound put on a strong finish. .„ .,2, in the feature of _ . - at the San Francisco Cow Palace. 1 JI Michigan.' Big Nine champs, romp- 41 cd to a 53-37 win over Santa. Clara * j in 'the opener. ~ e \ UCLA, Southern California Win Stafford, 'oawson,' In a doubleheader at Los Angeles ^ UCLA chalked up its sixth straight, ft " 'Press' believe the sports only"l3th in the Assoc could slight-n. team 1949 Tulane .team, with two weeks 0-0 1-1 o-: _i a 49-44 triumph over Northwestern, c!Southern California whipped Wis- TVr rt r»co Wallrvne .2'consin, 3G-31, In the other game. • J.TJ.UUSC >T cUJ.UJ.Ji5 ' Duquesne dunked Arizona, 57-51, T> 1 T T?' "' o" for its third straight at "Pittsburgh JK.lLD.Der Jf 1VC, i while at St. Louis the St. Louis Billikens rang up No. 5 with an easy- by periods: _ jouiiKens rang up r*u. n wjui un UMJT- p on m ya tossed ill 12 points ana 30' 74 to 47 triumph over Rice. Easy Ed Huffman 'ten as ihe -Cumberland Macule as usual, sparked the BiLs ^ ..... GRANTSVILLE Central CM} Johnson ... McPartland M. Dllfcr .. Clark n. outer .; Smith GIRLS Co*. JMaculey, as usual, sparked the Bills J! with 26 points. In. another game at St. .-inlvvlllo (IK) Yonimor Durst Ravcpscrolt RUsh Jones mlth (t- -, .MCB-BMil! Subs: Central — Duolcu-ortli, Amoruso, Indiana won its sixth- straight against Washington of St. Louis, 51-44, Purdue took its fifth straight against Drake, 71-58. 7>itt Loses, 58-52 Miami of Florida stayed unbeaten ^.m. Order of. Moose. quintet \val- lop'ed Local No.. 26 United. Rubber 3 ; Workers, '50-26, last night at ' SS. '" Peter and Paul gymnasium. ^ Cantone topped the losers with nine points. The Moose held a 26-4 advantage. The lineups: by os' central -~ ^JUCKWUJ wi, AIUU. "^u, u v ^111.^.11.^ oi.v ^VIIILA >u i Timncy, Gardner. GrMtsvine-Wilcy, | 4fl secon ds to nip Pitt, 58-52. 3. - ' . A r\*'/\Mlfl nf 11^ 10Q lll^'llriH six points in the last scaiietti..c. '.'.'.','.'.'. Nickel, g ni lorgen aneaa ^u-i» Comp . . . --• """-. ~ f YciW thr'llod to -m- wiiidows. ( t in a low scoring third cokis - Johnson 3, McParttami 7. M, A ciowd of 15,U3 tiir.ucd to ,m- Ka , JIflnan ' Rifleman sert in his biirer 3, Duckworth i, Yommer 5, Durst i, other cl&se finish to Madison Square corn^n, .Riggleman sent in nis K , att ^ Garden as CCNY squeezed by Okla- Jno. An B e!l Mason S Cut tOSS w _,,,, Ynhicrtn i_i McPartland 1-3. . ___-.. . ~ , ..-, ... „ team. Mason's gift toss| knotted the. score at 20-all as the' final .period began. •Lockard's lay-up as the- final period' opened' sent Rldgeley ahead, but Bob Stangle's -one-hander tied it again at 22-22. Foul shots by Mason and Leo Day sent Rldgeley ahead again, but "Fats" Wilson's , twin-pointer from the side tied the count as the Hawk first team 1-3, UcPartlantl 1-3, ulg _ -, ^ jjujj-j 5 _, Yommcr 0-3, Durst 2-0. Referee — Kendrlck Hodgson, Parsons Defeats Coalton 46 to 37 _ _ games on-the.Pacific Coast, bowled PARSONS. W. Va.-Th C| Parsons g N d t wl , . . - 1 nigh School Panthei's defeated Coal- - *- yanss 01 m<= i-.rxi w» *»»*.*•• Lindsay and Wilson tended bas- Sis'ooo and $20,000 in a single game kets, then Comer raced down _court with the- Chicago 'Bears and added on fast breaks to dump In two that undoubtedly similar losses were baskets and the Alumni went on to-win. In. the preliminary Bonnie Burgess •''Now','if we added Baltimore and tossed In 16 points to lead the Buffalo' we'd' have 'two more weak Rldgeley B team, to a 39-19 victory "isters It would be bad enough OV er the Calvary Methodist quint - •• - -.- -'—-a 1 " *„„.*,* , * ne central YMCA Church gue. Harry Arlington topped losers with six points. The Thomas, s Thompson, s ... A. Comer, i ,, •* Wilson, t " Stanglc.'R 2 Phillips, c ;....'. 0 J. Phillips,' g 0 Totals 13 5 Non-scoring subs—J. Phillips. Rldcclcy . . G R. Comer, I 1 Loy, : Lindsay, c Dorsey. B. Phillips, s 0 Dny. f " Carder, f o Mason, c 0 Packard, (T ! Totals 11 Score by periods: . ALUMNI - 7 IT 20 31 RIDGELEY 11 18 20 30 Officials: Referee— "Bee" Orndorfl. Umpire—Eddie D'.elil. Timer—Harry Arrlns- ton. SOUTHWEST Marshall 62, Hardin-Slromons 59 ATLAS GUARANTEED Batteries $4,00 Allowance for .your old battery. HOLLAND'S ESSO STATION N. Mcchonic at Bedford St. Telephone 861 p o-o o-o o-s o-o •2-3 ' 1-3 0-0 0-1 0-3 1-4 1-1 0-1 0-0 1-3 0-0 2-3 0-0 ru. o 30 when the Bears played' those teams, D f the Central YMCA Church but'think of what would happen League when the Yanks played, them," he the lo: went on. . • lineups: •"So, you. see "the clubs would gain Alumni $50,000 a year and lose at .• lcas , c !S™L cr<! j 340,000 because of adding the weaKi M - M5 _ j _ Sisters.' It jUSt isn't gOOd business,' Flanagan, C the spokesman said. NL Not Apaint Baltimore "The National League doesn't have a thing against Baltimore. We think it's a great town for football. But we don't think a 40-mile Metropolitan area of less than 2,000,000 people' can support two teams," he said and a'dded: - . "Our -Washington club couldnt do any better financially. It has made money in-its. last 28 games. A Baltimore franchise in our league would certainly hurt the Washington situation. "That's the way it is now. Maybe in a couple of years, the picture will be different in Baltimore and we'll be-'anxious.'to take them into -our league. Who knows?". ' And, he said as a parting shot: "It wasn't only Baltimore that kept us from getting together Sunday There, were at least a dozen other points in dispute." FLYERS TIE BUTLER ALTOONA, Pa.—Altoona'S Flyers vaulted into a third place tie with Butler last night in the All- American Basketball League with a 44-41 victory over the Cubs.. Each team' has won three of seven starts. SHOOTERS WIN TURKEYS 'Three turkeys each were won by William Goebel of Frostburg and Delmer Taliman of-Cumberland as 40 shooters participated in a trapshooting match, -last Sunday at the Ridgeley Rod 'and • Gun Club 'traps on Frankfort Road.' ADDITIONAL SPORTS ON PAGE 21 Good, c .... Kettcrman, K Wolfe, g ... Rhoadcs. sub Barton, aub 0 Totals 15 SPORTS MIRROR (By The Associated Prcssl , Today A Year AKO—Prank Kovacs defeated Welby Van Horn for National Professional C:ay Court tennis champion- Three Years AKO—Cor.nle Muck, manager of the Philadelphia Athletics, celebrates his 83rd birthday at Miami. Five Years ABO—AlonM StajJ -was voted the outstanding comebaclc ol the year In the AP poll. • Ten Years ARC—Acf' Parker, former Duke athlete, '-was bought by Chattanooga baseball club from Baltimore. ton High here last night Of 46-37. Ketterman paced the winner's attack with 20 points while' Moran racked up 16 for Coalton. '• over Nevada, . In other standout games, Illinois overwhelmed Cornell, 71-47;-Southern Methodist beat Missouri, 59-49; Ohol State .humbled California, 74-CO; Colgate smack-". Boston Uni- Parsons outscored the visitors 13-7 In the final period. Lineups: f C. 1'arnonM F 7-3 •,-l 3-5 2--I 0-0 0-0 1-4 14 -23 rls. verslty 74-52; Boston College nipped Harvard. 47-45, on a long shot Jn the last 46 seconds; Indiana State nick- Los Angeles- Loyola, 56-54, in. an overtime struggle; Bowling Green (Ohio) sank South 'Carolinf, 83-54; Nebraska shaded Western Reserve, 83-80; and Louisville beat Louisiana State 79-11 Non-scoring subs—Pelton, White, Patch. Coilton . G Harvey, t : 1 T. Ross, c ..;.. 1 J. Ross, g ...' 0 SJcldmore, g 1 Jones, aub 0 Totals ' 11 15-i6 3V Non-scoring .-tubs—Hollcn, Rovan, Yeas- F 4-5 2-5 1-1 3-6 5-7 0-1 rts. s 1C 3 3 7 Score by periods: PARSONS COALTON Referee—Shcl'.on. 12 21 33 4G 5 IS 30 37 RICHEST WINTER RACE NEW YORK. (,P)—Richest race of the winter season will be the $100,000 Santa Anita Maturity for four year olds to be run Jan. 29. The mile and a quarter test will se'e Citation,'wonder horse of 1948, in action. FAR- WEST 53. Santtv Clara 37 DCLA 4D, Northwestern 44 • Ohio State 74, California 00 Stanford 78, Yale G- North Carolina State 70, Nevada 51 Try Our Complete ONE - STOP - SERVICE Mechanical and Body Work See "Dal" Miller • CUMBERLAND LINCOLN-MERCURY' 828 N. Mechanic St. / _TeL 544C Warmest salutation- of the season—that friendly gift of mellow Calvert Reserve! CALVERT KESErtVT! Blended Whiskey -85.8 Proof-65% Grain Neutral Spirits. | Calvert Distillers Corp., New York City j Christmas "Special" THURSDAY ONLY Men's and Boys' BASKETBALL SHOES ¥3 OFF S PORTS SH OP PE 108 Frederick St. Phone 5147 Totals MaeGregor, f ihoma, 53-51. A tap-in by Substitute Norm Mager with only two seconds left provided the winning margin. Brooklyn St. Johns swamped "'"J^-,.* Iowa-State, 71-7-1, In the opener of J '";_ r " _ the Garden twin bill. Huffman." North Carolina State, Southern Conference champs headed for , ... . sub .... Morris, sub ... Totals .—- Non-scorlnn subs—Gibson, Score by periods: MOOSE ;" .'...., 34 3G 35 LOCAL 26 , 1 4 1C 'Rclerccs—Twlgc and Don Mclntyrc. Rulgeley Legion,. Aiuveis L! Top 4 Y ? Cage Clash. Ridgeley American Legion and trie Cumberland Amvets -will clash tonight at 8:30 In a cage battle to untangle the two-way deadlock for second place in the Central YMCA Senior. Men's Basketball League. Both, teams btjast 4-1 records. Port Cumberland Post, American Legion will be seeking its • eighth straight' in a game with Marines Reserves, at-9:30 p. m. BALL-BAND PETE *ay«— T/rey con'f be beat/ AND HERE'S WHY ... BALL-BAND Arctics «r«. made of tough, live rubber; properly reinforced; buckles are firmly anchored. They cott you lesi, becauje they wear longer; SO FOR A BETTER BUY BUY BALL-BAND!! LOOK FOR THE \ED BALL-TRADE MARK ON THE SOLE GARRETT'S 325 Virginia Ave, i<m for p". back Johnny Moorefleld . Paugh's High. fast-- moving Yellow jackets crushed Strasburg (Va.1 High School here yesterday, afternoon, 68-20, .for ' their third straight victory of tht season. :ILOUJI. Johnny Vance pumped in 16 points and Harman, collected 10-to lead" the Jackets who romped to 41 first half points and were never- headed. The Jackets meet their College Alumni. on December 25: .The lineups: " " Muoreflcld J., t ............ 1 l"l«l)cr, I .............. .3 W.'Ho'.t, 0 ........ .... 3 Hnrmun, ff ..... ....... V Ours, if ....*......*...' 1 : Sbcrir.iin. sub ......... ' 1 B.- Wcnzcl, sub ........ . o .Hawse, sul) ............ L. Vance, sub- .......... 1 WUclzol. sub ........ '.-.. 1 rr. Hon, sub : ....... .. 3 D. Wcracl,. sub .. ...... 3 . Totals .......... ---- -29 . 1-12-2 0-3 0-0 l-r o-o •2-3 0-0 1-2 0-0 10-17 tit. IS T 1 10 i - 2 Bcnscnhaver. Strasburr Mlnter, '. ..'.. siibV"— Wclton,. Rohibaugh, 3.- s "er, j .... Sraoot, 1 s Via. sub Tatt, sub Thomas, tub • , it works or not. Totals - — Non-Bcorlmt subs — ToirocB, Jluebmn, Stlcktcy. Polk. • . - . ' Score by periods: KOOREFIEIJD 58.41 57 6! STRASBURG" 1 .: *' 11 1*. 30 Referees—McNeil] and Halterman.- tossed, in 12 points and halftime r.ocil 20 ^ f lie. f' ..10 G .. 2 .. 0 .. 3 ,. 3 .. 3 1-2 0-0 J-l 2-4 0-0 1-1 f-9 F 1-2 1-1 .C-8 2-5 ' -4-7 0-1 0-0 rc-t. pti. 5 1 FIGHTS LAST NIGHT {By The Associated Press) U5S ANGELES—Cecil SchoonmaVer, 117, vew York, ouipoinicd Luis Castillo, 118. Totals Jomerrey. Mexico, 15. . Score by periods: NEW YORK" 'Park Arcr.a)—Burl Char- KEYSER ' New York, drew. 3. ' V • .2-4• o-r 1-4 0-12-5: 0-2. 0-1 . 1-1- 8-19 Keyser Defeats V Aluiauu, 38 to 27 .KEYSEB, W., V.a!—Keyser- High's • undefeated Golden' Tornado': quintet exploded ' in the final period- here last night''to beat a stubborn.Alumni five, 38-27,. , It was.Keyser's second victory of the season.... The Tornado went into tha final period with, a slim. 23-20 margin, then ..broke away: to dutscore the grads,. 15-7. .' ',Tyler 'topped, the ' winners with' .nine .points., 'and Jaworek 'and'Nelson had eight each. . In the preliminary Keyscr's tenth, grade quint spilled', the .Keyser B team, 19-18. ; The lineups Kcyicr Jaivorcfc, , Mosscr, sub . llitrtman, sub Cossarc, sub . Jomw, nub L, Rice, (tub IJroomc. Hub '. Molt, sub ..-. 9-20- 'g IT 23- NEW YORK" 'Park Arcr.a)—Burl Char- KEYSER - 8 " •": J« ity. 103, Your.2s:own, and Al Wlnn. 16254, ALUMNI .._. .....'... 5 13 20. 27 1 Referee—E. iliors. MARTIN'S AT THE L-O-W-E-S-T PRICES FREE DELIVERY Phone 5281 Complete Line of MINATURES Scotches, Bourbons, Ryes,Benedictine, Cordials, Gins, etc. * *' * • CIGARETTES 1.47 Xmas Wrapped Carton .... WHISKIES • 5th- Walkere DcLuxc, ~. 5.05 Glenmore 5.06 Canadian Club 5.59 Seagrams V.O. ...... 5.38 Old Granddad ...... 6.80 Old Taylor ..... 5.80 Old Charter 5JO SPECIAL DISCOUNT ON CASE LOTS Martin s Liquor Store Baltimore St. at Western Maryland Crossing: •••••••••••••»•

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