Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 22, 1948 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1948
Page 13
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Member Associated -Press The Newspaper For The Home WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1948 Second Seclion Jones Urges Removal Howe \, '•- 'J ^ , . , .' . And Rutledge Union Leader Blames Deaths OriF allure To Enforce Law In a"letter'today to Gpv.'William Preston Lane,'Jr., 'John T. Jones,-:.presiae'nt'df District 16,-United.Mine Workers of America/"demanded", that John J..Rutledge be removed as director of the Maryland Bureau of Mines and that;Clyde.J. Rowe','-of Westernporfc-be-'removed as bureau Inspector;; \,. ;..;;.... ,, In releasing-ti' copy, of the letter to The Evening Times, Jones said he was making.-the-request because of the mine-disaster near Kitzmiller claimed the lives ; men. ..•••.;•' Jones charges'that .state laws were violated, that a-.'star chamber.' hear• Ing -was held, that the bureau failed to Its duty .to.enforce the laws. yo Recommendations Made Jones' letter • to Governor Lane follows: . ,'.-.". '-.: "On November 6, -1948, I sent you a telegram; with'..reference to the disaster at 'the-.iTethkln mine near Kitzmiller, Md," which cost the lives of Jive miners. The'dlsaster occured on November-4,' and 'at the. time I seat my, wire I' had been, advised that J. J.-Rutledge, director.of the Bureau of Mines, -was about to con-; duct an'investigation of the matter and refused -to permit the inspector Irom the'/TJ/'S..-Bureau, who had also -Investigated .the disaster, to be present. - - - ; "I am advised.on .July 12, 1948, that Clyde J. Row.e'madC'an jnspec- -' tion of the' same • mine and this condition .."-.then 1 !'.existed-, but.- no recommendations'were'made by Mr. Rowe to ellminateithe hazard at'the fan house iwhich-.resulted in the loss ol the lives- of^th'esejflve men'.-. ' "Alter flie. disaster, nn inspection und investigation, ."was made by the U. S. Bureau of Mines, Those making the investigation were Messrs. W. Dan Walker, .Jr., Engineer in chaise, T.VJ. McDonald and W: D. Baldwin, coal -mine^inspectors. "The investigation • by the state was made by ".'Mr: Rutledge and apparently by : Messrs. Clyde J. Bowe and '.Prank,.'T. Powers, the litter two being-'district mine in- ipectors. The'Particular mine where the disaster .ticcurTe'd was in the Inspected areaiunder the control of Mr. Rowe. ,.,'.'^~ ..•',' Covered By; Stat« Laws "I now iave a copy of the report made by Messrs'..Walker, McDonald fcand Baldwin as a" result of the Investigation. -.This -report" shows ,the disaster w&stprobably caused because the ventilating current was provided by a f an which was located directly over: an 'entrance to the mine. The Ian' was- not reversible mnd was -housed .in .a combustible irooden structure and there, was'in- sufficient lire-fighting, .equipment at Ihe mine, .either at the surface or -underground. Of great- importance is the fact,that there were no direction ~signs- posted at the mines to indicate. escape routes. These are matters covered by the mining laws, of'the State of Maryland. . .... "It Is, of course, the.duty of the director of. the..Bureau of Mines to ' supervise -the execution and enforcement of all laws for the safety of miners. The directors and mine Inspectors arc required to see that mines are.) operated, in Compliance ; with 'the- law'-and in as safe a manner as possible^ It is apparent that the Nethkln mine"-was not so operated and, .as noted, its operation did not^compljv.with the .requirements of such state laws,, as for Instance are found in the Code of Public General ' Laws Article 89, Section 77, 78. and', 103. Thus, the responsibility for.;, this disaster is • placed squarely on the shoulders of the director, of^lhe Bureau of Mines. "Yet, in conducting an investigation into'thls'disaster, the director refused TJ. S. Bureau of Mine, investigators permission to attend the Investigation, which was held in Kitzmiller; Md.;- on November 6, 1948. .. '... . ' Asked for-Report On December; .7,. 1948, I 'sent a telegram to . Mr. Rutledge asking that he-forward me. a' copy of the transcription~'of testimony -of the tearing or November 6, and further requested that'I; be .furnished with i copy of the-'State investigators' report and '..examination of the Nethldn mine, made prior to the disaster, in .answer to my telegram, I received & letter, dated -December 7. 1948, signed by .Mr. Rutledge, chief. • .mine. engineer,' stating , that he would not. supply me with. the minutes of.- the hearing and the state inspectors' report, such being ' against the policy .of*his office. The facts I have pointed out, the .faults for this disaster lie not only -with'.-the operators for fiHure to comply; with the mining Imws of Maryland but, of equal, if not greater, importance-with .the director of , the _Bureau of Mines and the district mine inspector in whose district:-this mine is located, lor failure "to enforce the laws. "In addition,*, the 'director of the Bureau of "Mines is-to be especially condemned lor- conducting a (Continued on Page 8) SHOPPING DAYS i CHRISTMAS The song all the rage .today, "All I Want For' Christmas Is -My Two ?ront Teeth", doesn't' mean 'anything to 19-day-old James William Shobe, of Valley Road, as he was bora in Memorial. Hospital on December 2 with two . front lower teeth. - ''•'!•''.' He'is :the'son .of William and Reba (Nycum)' Shobe, and is their i five years were meted out .on an second 'child. ' indictment charging him,with steal- Mrs. Shobe said' her' % daughter, Sheila, 13-months-old, 'was ten months old /before getting her first ieefih.," •... • Full Delivery All Christmas Mail Expected Business at the main office ar.d Station A of the Cumberland Post 3fflce remains brisk but W. Russell Thaycr,. superintendent of malls, mid today It Is. expected that the 'clean up"" will be virtually complete by Christmas. "Parcels which appear ' to be ftristmas' gifts and which-.arrive n our office early Saturday morn- ng -will be delivered," said; Thayer. 'The department wonts- to deliver all gifts possible for Christmas'Day." The superintendent explained that delivery of -letter-size mail to' Cum- jerland homes is being kept up to date: He does not 'anticipate that delivery on Christmas Day will be necessary, but if there is a large >acWog one delivery is planned. . . For the first 21 days of.December, ending last midnight, letter-size cancellations have totaled. 1,239,000 as compared to 1,030,000 for the iame period last year, Thayer reported.' - " OrLCQi " ,-.— ,. ~ -,*''• K ~v - J-VMJu UL tc, . wcm i-w i-"— ->-ij " n»ji»»"n ; •Total cancellations yesterday were ton's/headquarters/ flower beds and 130,000 -with' 118,000 credited to the • •'" Whatcha stancfin' there fer? Cwarr;ouU and do .your •hopping- "• Whatcha waitin' fer—Christmas? All I Want- Ihfant Born Here. Has Two Front Teeth Rouzer Gets Long Term On Four Charges Former Bedford Man May Have To Serve 26 Years In Prison Involved in the theft of an automobile in Cumberland- se.veral months ago, 'Sewell W. Rouzer, Jr., 39, formerly of Bedford; Pa., has been sentenced to serve. 12 to 26 years • in Western Penitentiary . on four' charges after a. Blair county, Pa., jallbrcak November .20 with three other prisoners. H«>was also fined $300. ' "• In- .Blair County Court at Hol- lidaysb'urg, Rouzer was given consecutive terms' on each, of four charges after he entered pleas of guilty. Dismissed .were .three.counts of fraudulent. checks, larceny of a Maryland car, fugitive from, justice in '.Maryland accusations, .and a charge" .of violating the uniform firearms, act.- ; V"Severest of the .sentences im-, posed against Rouzer was seven toj 14 years in prison at separate andj solitary confinement at labor on an indictment charging burglary, "larceny and. receiving stolen goods in connection with a'robbery at 'the home of John'Daneval, Hollldays- burg. A fine of $100 and costs was also imposed. '.. ] • This term ran consecutively with one ' of from "one to two years in solitary confinement at labor on the indictment : charging prison breach. Identical sentences of from two to No Santa This Christmas main office. A new record was established Monday with a.-total of 175,316 cancellations.. The previous high was 135,700 for.December 17, 1946. The 'heavy Monday mailing is be- ieved accounted for by the mass- .ddressing .of Christmas cards by Cumberlanders on Sunday. Approximately 100 extra employes «re speeding up the handling of mall, both incoming and outgoing. If a 'delivery is made Christmas it will be by the extra workers, Thayer ;aid. ing a truck• in'Hollidaysburg .and a car in Altoona. He was fined $100 and • costs on the. two counts. Also dismissed was 'an indictment charging assault-and battery, aggravated assault and battery and assault and -battery with intent to kill. Authorities .said the state was unab'le . to .prove that Rouzer took an active'part, in overpowering 3arl B. 1 Dickson,'69, turnkey at the jail in the November '20 escape. After the jailbreak,. Rouzer was captured November' 25 -at .'East Stroudsburg, Pa. Two of the escapees, Ellwoofl C, Burger, 20, and Robert E. Maloney, 24, were arrested December 12 in Lubbock, Texas. The'fburth jallbroaker, Bob- crt E. Lott, 24, is still-at large/ City Tree Will Be Dedicated Tonight Ceremony Set For 9 •At Riverside Park The Mayor and Council of the City of Cumberland will officially open . the Christmas ' season here tonight at 9 with a dedication program for'' the' gaily-lighted--tree and Nativity scene at Riverside Park, Greene Street. More than 1,400' colored lights have been used to Illuminate the 45-.-foot; tree, :bandstar.d, Washing- j shrubbery. Tfte, lights received ,a final test lost night 'and Commissioner 3dgar Reynolds, chairman of the committee, said in readipess for! the ceremony. ' | Approximately 100 voices will sing carols during the tree lighting'serv- ice to . be ' conducted' by city • and county officials. Officials said the . program has been scheduled at 9 p. m. to enable store clerks to participate. The Christmas tree, which spectators last .night termed the most beautiful they have seen, is Illuminated not only by hundreds of colored .lights but highlighted from beneath by, .a circle-of green, neon lights. For the children, the chief at- I traction will probably be • the live l "- sheep peacefully grazing Inside a rustic fence built to the right o* Washington's headquarters. Even the gateways to Riverside Park -have been illuminated and Child Scalded By Water Improving The condition of Edward Craw .ord, two-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Crawford, 906 Gay Street, remained satisfactory' today jj Memorial Hospital where he was admitted early last night with sec-1 spotlights have . been Installed to ond and' 'third degree bums of the i light up trees in the park. chest and right arm. Attaches said the child pulled a pan of boiling water from a stove. Charlotte'' Ann ! Jenkins, eight, The' half-hour ceremony will be broadcast from the -bandstand of the park, ' Christmas, music - will be played jranddaughtei- of Mrs. George preceding tonight's ceremony and Windemuth, 431 Walnut Street, wasljhroughout the holiday season, taken to the same hospital yesterday after her sled ran under a truck parked on Chestnut Street! She suf- ;ered a .fractured, left arm and lacerations about the • mouth. Treated .were Arthur Monahan, 40, Route i, ProStb'urg, who caugh* Kiwanians To Hear Pastor 9 : 'Rev..Norman O. Scribner, pastor of.Centre Street Methodist Church, will, present a Christmas message his right thumb in a furnace door,! at a meeting of the Cumberland and William Monnett, Cumberland,IKiwanis Club tomorrow • at 12:lb for- a.right leg injury, | p. m. at Central YMCA. Fine Minister For Death Of Young Hunter ~. - A Mathias, W. Va., minister was fined $250 yesterday by Judge H. M. Calhoun at Moorefield. W. Va., after he entered a plea of nolo contendere to a charge of careless and negligent shooting in the- death of a deer hunter. •Rev.. Guy Ludwig was released on bond when' arraigned by Hardy county authorities at a.preliminary hearing"earlier in the month. Lynn David Swisher; 21, of Bio, Hardy county-, was instantly killed December 3 when mistaken for a deer and shot by Rev. Mr. Ludwig jn a forest region five miles west of Warder.sville. . Prosecuting Attorney W. D. McCauley, - of Moorefleld, said today that .the charge was pressed against the minister' because of the extent of the carelessness involved.- in the mishap. Rev. Mr. Ludwlp told \Ves 4 , Virginia State Police that while hunting he sighted what proved to be a white badge on Swisher's hat moving behind a.rock. He declared lie thought it to be a deer's mouth ar.d shot Swisher through the head with a .30-.30 carbine. i The 'minister has been- pastor of the Mathias Church of the Brethren more than 15 years" and formerly taugtit in Hardy corfnty schools. Obituary -•- Martin L..Deremer Martin Luther Deremer, 64, Route 3, Bedford Road, died early today in Memorial Hospital where he was admitted last night. . A native of'Bedford Valley, Pa,, Mr. Deremer had been employed at Hillcrest Burial Park. His parents were the late" George and Mary (Dicken) Deremer. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Lena (Lensurc) Dcrcmer; two dnughlers, Mrs. P. .D. Taylor, this 'city, and Mrs..G. W. Gates, Thorndale, Pa.; two sister?, Mrs. Carrie Nuse, Kn'oxvjlle.' Md.,- 'and- Mrs. Dobbie Clark, Pittsburgh;, Marshall Deremer, Bean's Cove,-Pa., and six.granddaughters. The body'is at the Kight Funeral Home. Chester F. Bishop HANCOCK — Chester Franklin •tiar. 'Church with Rev. 'Walter M. Twigg, Plintstor.e, officiating. In- 'terment Vill take place in the church cemetery. Walter H. Simpson LONACONING—Walter H. Simpson, 66, employed as a miner, for Woman's Death Still Probed By Officials Services for Miss Evelyn Bolyard, M ^ 20, Oakland, who died yesterday in many"years"aT6sage,"w. Va., and in Memorial Hospital.from burns re- tr-is section dred yesterday at hisiceived Saturday night at.Oakland, home in Klondike after an illness will be held tomorrow afternoon in of several weeks. Mr, Simpson wns bom in Gilmorc, a .son of l.he late James nnd Han- nnh (Hennessey) Simpson, natives of Germany. ! Mount Israel Church, Tunnelton, W. Va., where the body has been taken. Burial'will take-place in the church cemetery. Meanwhile, Garrett. county au- A funeral service will be held') thorities continued, this morning to at the residence tomorrow afternoon j investigate circumstances surround- All American To Make Local Flight Plans Officials Will Meet With Port Commission ' '.-. Here Next Wednesday 1 A meeting: to arrange'.for use of the Cumberland . Municipal Airport by All-American Airways,'Inc., when the firm expects, to begird airline service here in February, will'be Jield next' Wednesday at 7:30' p.m.' at-the. Mayor's office. ' ; '...'' .'•' All American officials have' in-, formed T.. Donald Shires, secretary i of the Municipal Airport Commis-' sion, that the 'company.- expects -'.to-.. have three -representatives at', tht meeting: • ;' '..'.. '.-. Commission members as well as. representatives of Mountain Air Service, operator of • the port, ' and Charles F. Heller, port, maintenance forman, are expected to: be present. Under' terms of the lease .with. Mountain Air Service the'city reserves the. right to 1 receive, landing, • fees.. All American 'has indicated; a willingness -to pay two per' cent . of the cost of the-tickets sold h'ere . with a guarantee of .SIM monthly. . In addition'the airline, wants to. arrange for office' space lor which : it will pay a rental lee. -Some remodeling, of the present administration building; may be necessary.. " All American" appears -confident' of being granted final approval by . the Civil Aeronautics Board to op- . erate a route between Pittsburgh and" Washington with'.stops at- Connells- . ville, Uniontown, Cumberland, 1 -Hag- , erstown, and Baltimore. .Alternate stops are also provided for. Frederick and Martlnsburg. ... : ' The company: also seeks; a franchise . from the Maryland • Public ' Service Commission to operate-on an intra-state basis..'If both permits are granted, as expected, .there • will be no conflict between intrastate ar.d inter-state service. The. lice .proposes to start off with • • two eastbound : and two" westbound flights daily and plans, to add "a third-flight before-the end of'1949. Power Shovel Worker Faces Forgery Count State Police at Moorefield,'w; Vi., •has apprehended a power: shovel operator. wanted .in two counties on i charges-of theft and forgery. ! Trooper,-E. L, Roush -arrested . I Cecil Crites, who has. been working Ion a construction , job at Buckhannon, and took him to the'Grant county jail at .Petersburg,- W; Va:. ' where he will face .action-of the A-pril term., of court for forgery. • ' Prosecuting Attorney B. F. Mitchell, ,,of Grant county,. said .today Crites is.accused of taking a check from the Highland.:County,'TTa,, Stockyards, issued to another man . named Crites, and iorging an. 'en-. . dorsenient. . : . •:. ' Mitchell' added that Crites cashed ' the check at the D. H. Trenton Service Station in Petersburg several .' months ago, receiving $180 in cash. Crites faces action, on-a felonious charge of. forgery, Mitchell said, when.. court convenes.' No bond has been set, he added. ." • Mitchell also reported'that-Crites is wanted in Berkeley Springs in connection with the-theft of a dog 1 • nnd other articles. State Police' claim Crites .had a tire in his car at the time 1 of his arrest -which was thought to have been stolen. - . at 2 o'clock with the Rev. C. H. Goshorn, pastor of the Lonaconing Presbyterian. Church, officiating. Interment will be in Allegany j Cemetery, Frostburg. I • Dr. C. E. Dickey BiSw;a WT^eo* ^d' • SA^SBURX Bft£L* * «£- .ast &ht at his home'-after a Jong key, 77,, reUted edu ator and .0- War I. Mr. Bishop -was born . in Fulton county. Pa., n son of the late Lewis and Martha (Barney) Bishop. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Rosie Isabell (Ray) Bishop; a son, Lloyd Bishop, at home; three daughters, Mrs. Vclma' Mann,. Route in Pittsburgh, began his educational career in Somerset county. Born in Brothersvalley Township lie was a son. of Rev. and Mrs. Ephralm Dickey; His father was a Lutheran minister. . At the age of 16 he started his teaching career in a school near Schellsburg in Bedford county at $24 per. month. Later he was principal of the Salisbury' and Meyersdale schools. J i He was educated at the Walker School in Brothersvalley Township ..and the old Meyersdale Normal at"T6-3oV aTin'Buck Valley Chris-!School. Later he received degrees from' .CaliforniaStateNormal School, Pitt, .Columbus .and Harvard. Dr. Dickey married Miss Delia Boyer, Salisbury, who was one of his pupils when he taught in Salisbury. She died in. 1946. He was superintendent of AUe- gany county schools for 18 year's before he retired in 1940.. Dr. .Dickey was. a past president of tha Pennsylvania State Education Asso- , . . and Gera'ldine and Eileen Bishop, at home; a brother, John R. Bishop, Route ,1, and one grandchild. The body is at the Charles R. Bast Funeral Home until tomorrow night when it will be taken, to the residence. Services be held Friday . CHURCH CHOIK PRACTICES—In preparation for the Christmas musicalprogram : at St..Luke's Lutheran Church the, vested choir Is shown above'rehearsing carols and "sacred music. The choir expects to have new robes in', time for Christmas program. Mrs. John E. .Corn, organist and director of the. choir,, is shown as she .-plays the accompaniment. The 'girl singers irom .left to right, are Earlene Hardman, Helen Kerr,"Carole Reith, Edith 'Crabtree, Patricia Phillips, Doris Carson,.Carole Mathews, Dorothy Palmer, Catherine Mon- ton; and Geral'dine Rahrig.'The men of the choir,in the same order are-John Dora, Fred Carson, William Kauff man,. Homer Plummer, NeJson Zapf, Marshall Sowers, Carl Reith. and Milton Schade. Mem- •bers-of the choir'not present when the picture was taken are Beverly Smith; Hazel Plummer, Irene Reith, L:la Foster, Corrjn'e Smith, Pearl Allan. The choir will present. "The Christ Child" at the 11 o'clock service this Sunday-morning in connection with the church's. Christmas activities. . elation. . Duckworth Rites Final rites were held yesterday at 'the -Hafer Funeral Home for James Edward Duckworth, 70, of 134 Bedford. Street, who died Sun- Memorial Hospital. -Rev. day in William First Presbyterian. Church, and Rev. C, H. Goshorn, -pastor of Lor.a- coning Presbyterian Church, of- ing the young woman's death. Dr. I. E. Baumgardner said 1 he has issued no 1 verdict but indicated that suicide is a "strong" possibility" since she left a note saying "it's 'the only way out." • The no:e .was found in her room in a Water Street boarding house where her clothing ignited. She was employed as a. cook in Ward's Restaurant. Oakland. Dr. Baumgardner, deputy county medical examiner of Garrett county, said, the girl told him Saturday night she had turned on a gas heater and then shut it off when she left the room to answer the telephone. On returning to the room, he said, she lighted a cigaret and the gas exploded, igniting her chenille bathrobe. - • • Miss Bolyard tried to get out of the .room but could not open the door because her hands were badly burned, he. said. She then leaped through a third-story window and was found-by a boy "who lives nearby, authorities said. Flames from - her bathrobe had started a small,grass fire by the time she .was found, he said. Firemen -who extinguished the blaze'said da»iage to the house was slight. Dwight Stover, Garrett county state's attorney, reported that the gas heater was turned off when firemen arrived.' He. added that a partly-full bottle of. cleaning fluid was found, on the floor of the room in'which the girl was burned. Stover said he had not deter- 1 mined whether any of the' cleaning j fluid had been spilled on the girrs bathrobe. He said he had not established whether the'fire was a result of a gas-explosion or. whether .the Meyersdale^omaii Injured In Crash WINCHESTER,. Va.—A Meyersdale,. ;Pa., woman and two others' were injured when a pickup, tijuck driven by her father-in-law skidded on. the slick pavement on Route 50," : nine miles west of here Sunday, and . collided head-on with a coppe; State Police identified' the woman as Mrs,. Simeon- Oestei-,. Meyersdale, . and her. fatber-iri-la-w as Charles . Oester. Mrs.. Oester's 19-month-old son escaped injury but .was, admitted to a local hospital until • his mother is discharged./ . •' Others" injured in - the accident'. •were identified' as' Francis. Walsh, Washington, driver .of the coupe,, cuts and' bruises, and Margaret Walsh, 'a sister, dislocated hip. State -Trooper Lawrence .Coverstone. said'.,damage..-to both ears was estimated- at $600. • . Search Continues For Missing Man - BEDFORD; • pa.—H. -. A. ciark, • Bedford Borough police-officer,.said a search for George Gardner; 80, who "has. been missing since December 13, has produced, no results, but is continuing.. ' - ' ... '• . Clark said police In 'surrounding, have been'asked to be.on the A. Eisenberger, pastor of cleaning.fluid had been ignited by ' ' ' -'- —-' """ a spark from the girl's cigaret.- Stover stated that he did not believe gas' fumes were, responsible ficiated. Burial was in Cemetery, Lonaconing.. . pallbearers were George Arbogas, Edward Wright, George Kirby, Harrison Lemmert, .John O. Durst and Quinter Pike. , . • Deborah O'Donncll Deborah'O'Donnell, fdur-months- old daughter of James William and Rosline (Eshbaugh)' O'Donnell, Route 2, Williams Road, died-yesterday in Memorial Hospital where' admitted earlier in the she was day. In addition to : her parents, she leaves a half-brother, James Lee Lagratta, one half-sister, Mary Margaret Lagratta, and a- sister. Arvella Ruth O'Donnell, all at home. Services will be held tomorrow at 3 p. m. from the home of her uncle and aunt,. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ashbaugh, 329 North Mechanic Street with the Rev! Norman O. Scribner, aastor of centre Street Methodist. Oak Hill,for 'the fire, since damage to the ' room was' not extensive. • Dr.' H. V. Deming, deputy Allegany county medical, said an autopsy showed "Miss Bolyard's death resulted from extensive second and third degree burns, and a dislocation and fracture ' of • the ;pine, the latter sustained when 'she plunged through • a closed third- story window to escape the.flames. Born December 18, 1028, at Corinth, w. Va., Miss Bolyard was a daughter of Alonzo Bolyard, Tunnelton, and'Ethel Blanch Wagoner, Eglon, w. Va. Church, officiating. Interment (Continued on Page 12) will Theft Report Dud •City Police investigation revealed that the Bolt and Forge Restaurant, Williams Strett, was not burglarized .as previously 'reported. Several missing^ cartons of cigarets were found stacked near'a window and" no signs of entry, were '•discovered. lookout for the elderly Bedford re- - sident. He is reported to have been wearing a gray sweater,. ,blue. pants and dark hat when last -seen. ' .-• Help of the -Bedford Volunteer Fire Department' in the- search was asked late last -week. A 'score -of firemen combed Barclay's woods, not • far from the house where" Gardner lived alone. The search also. ; covered .• the Raystown Branch of thc'Juniata. River. . • . '-..•:•" Church Notices Due Tonight . The Cumberland .Evening Times will publish its weekly church page on Friday instead of Saturday (Christm'as Day.) this, week, . and:;all church notices, of. Sunday ./services must be in the editorial'rooms •of The Times-News building, before' 11 o'clock'-tonight. All information regarding^ Christmas Eve and Christmas Day church", services--must'be'. submitted, to The '• Evening Times not later' than noon tomorrow: 1 . ' ' :

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