The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 11, 1935 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 11, 1935
Page 5
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SIR- ANNOUNCE we HAVE A tARse AMP gXCtuSlvE UNE OP supers - CANT we SHOW vow GfVN BEEN LETTER UTS TrV WIND TH 1 ufcTteR. AN'I AN' "&UT \T WENT MANls WHISTLE LIKE MAIL I/J Keep f i SHIN'I HOOK OUT of 1 BtOO —THEN MY POP "Bt«0 " TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS f FOR SALE ! PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE — Uroom corn seed. Mclntosh Broom (.'o. c-tf \VAXTED — Taper hanging, reasonable. C'oyner, Phone 1^70. SOCIETY SCANDAL. Itri'arli nf I'l-omisc Snil in Kng, land Cansinj; Talk. Rivals for Lightweight Title WANTED—Garden plowing; work guaranteed. Ira O. Haden. r'UIl SALE—Kerosene cookstove. j Phone 3536. p-191 MendenhaH's Studio. e i'-l!>:! London. May 11-—England awaited today, in a dither of anticipation, the resumption Monday of Angela Joyce's breach of ; promise suit avain.-t IM-year-uld ] Lord Uevelsloke. i His love letters, read in the ; King's bench division on the high courts at the opening- hearing of, — — l THERE'S MONEY in inventions. <!>«' ""< y.-sf relay. v,e,-e au'rec.M FOR SALE—Comb honey. 11) U.S. ^^ l . !SS ,. mIals as irei.u unmat, h.-d with re,-,.,,, : for $1.00. Kathleen O'Banionj ^ ,..;.,„„,„ y( , m . tillollts . ,,„,„; nu niory. a, leas, in night life. , 14. . .1 *i'l, ,1 FOR SALK — nunfield soy bean | seed. 51.25 bushel. I 1 . J. Pen: tceost. Phone 111:;. c-l'.l" MISCELLANEOUS PAl'EIi CLEAMXli — Call Claud Jolly. Phone 10 Iti. ! them through spare time study of I. C. S. new and practical IM I'MUTANT—i >nl.-r chid; in advance. Hatch e.n-l i™!:"' ,"; i S l .'rf7 7 .«V' 1 ,!T r i.!,H»J j i^'^/oMH'fr.'.'r imcrnation-! ^'in-> U' v.-l,,oUe. Many ,uomi- I-aruo ty,,,. YV1 il.- 1.,-Klli^liH ' • I....1. I nellt te ... . inn; ? ,;.7;, |n-r ,-....,.. jn-r l.nmi. l-\-u- start'") lluo.-icr llatclu-ry. -Michigan-, town, Inil j FOR SALE — Tip-Top chick;-} proven the cheapest for iarmej .or poultryman; a few starte.j chicks. Tiptou Hatchery. ' al Correspondence Schools. .lack j "e,:t p-i-sons were ,n conn, in- Cnnningham. Representative. J''luilin^ friends of Lady K'-xel- i:i:;i South Adams street. -Mar- *'"'"'• who a-: the lortn-r M"ia ion. Ind. FOR RENT FOR SALE — New Remington N Oil KENT — Furnished rooms, j i-lM' i I*. •i-mor-llesketh i-; ;be dau-'ii !••!', of Sir Thomas Fermor-Ilesketh . and Lady Fermor-1 l.-sl:' III who was Florence Loni.-a Mrecken-: rid-'-, of San FraneHro. Miss Joyce coinplaiiied that in ; 'OR HALit.—JNew iieiuiii=i»» ->»i • i . S noiseless typewriter, shop FOU RENT - Modern heated ,.,:-.!. while he was a, , ,„,.„•>,.,. W0 rn, regular price ?7U.50. sal] | rooms as low as $3 per weekUniversity. Revclstoke be, a,,;, price ?6150 cash. | Miller Hotel. Tribune Bldg. t j enanion-d of her and n j.-at-d.:. Press. " ! , j house, barn, mirage. lirick warm FOR SALE - Super clean han; ^ ^ .^.^ coal for brooder stoves, rliong . . . 55. Edna Burkhait Co. c-l3 j blue grass pasture with run- Then came the letters, inclnd ig: "Angehi. 1 adore and love yo'.t five years of confinement in the state hospital for the criminal insane at Michigan City, Charles E. Heid, 55, was found sane today by two physicians. He was sent to Michigan City after killing his wife in 1930. Heid is expected to be freed from the original which charged him slaughter. indictment with man- Serious Blaze. The home of Clyde Balser 01 North East street was Uadly dam aged by fire starting from a de feetive flue Saturday afternoon and the fire department used much water in extinguishing the blaze The greater part of the roof wa burned away and Mr. Balser suf fered loss by damage from botl lire and water. The property i owned by the Tipton Building Company and was insured. Firemen stated the flue hac two large holes in it near the roof permitting sparks and burning soot set fire to the shingles. WINDFALL. Lou Amber$ Tony Canzoneri Mrs. George Young, who prior I to her recent marriage Was Miss francos Dennerline, was the guest • of honor at a kitchen showier wicli was given Wednesday afternoon at the home- of her sister, Mrs. ames, conteata and a general good iine was enjoyed by all. The June meeting -will be held at the hall with Mrs. Jennie Crum, Cora .litchell and George Beymer en- ertaining Mrs. Herbert Plummet, has en- ered the Methodist hospital at ndianapolis for an X-ray examination. Mrs. Plumm'er is bothered with sinus trouble and has been in failing, health for some :ime. The May meeting of the Buffalo club was held Wednesday evening at the home of Miss Leona lyphers. A brief business session was held and the following officers were elected: Genevieve Al— ey, president; Leona Cyphers, vice-president; Ralph Metcalf secretary and treasurer. Three new members, Wilfa Johnson, Mary Russell and La von Tolle, were added to the roster. They will be initiated at the next • meeting. Games and contests were enjoyed and Ralph Metcalf carried off the- honors in the latter. The hostess served lovely refreshments to the following gnests besides those already mentioned: Lenore Rosier, Gilbert Thomas, Elvin Meeks, Fred Clouser, Ste- .phen-Shockney, Ruth Jordan and Carl Woods. A splendid program has been arranged-for the junior medal contest which will be held Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock at the Christian church in Windfall. Included on the program will ibe a class of five medal contestants from Tipton with Mrs. Nannie Grishaw, director. Song, junior chorus of the Christian church; welcome address and devotions. Rev. J. T. Frost: vocal solo, "Rescue the Perishing," Miss Ellen MeNew; medal contest; a worthwhile address by the Rev. Luther Addington of Greentown, speaking or. the theme of "Playing for Keeps;" vocal number, Mrs. Claude Little of Tipton; presentation of medals; benediction, Rev. J. T. Frost. John P. Kemp Chas. A-Kemp KEMP & TEEJKTP Attorneys-atnLaw Citizens National Bank Bldg. Phone 29. DE. V. H. COOPEE Veterinarian Phones: Office, 138; Residence 1138 CLARK & MINER CO. Abstracts Insurance Real Estate Farm Loans 108 W. Jefferson St. Phone 6 First National Ins. Co. Every kind of insurance written in safe, sound and secure stock companies. Chns. Warne, Secretary Cecil Harding, Solicitor 12O Opera House Block Ground Floor. Phones 271 and 1332. Tipton FOR SALE—Timothy and mixed! 1 ning water; will base to March j , ( m . 1 ,. ;i .,. ,„,, . |( , on . yoll ,„,,,,. a ,,d hay; also good work, mare !o;t 1. l!i:;t; : 1 -mil. -.- imni Tipton.' sale or trade. .laeob Sehmilt j Call A. W. Holton. «::!. c-l!IO Sharpsville. FOR SALE—Real gems for yoiij; — MONEY TO LOAN ,)R SALK--Kca, gems 10 } „„; LO ANS--Reasonable rat, rock garden; new and old tav,, KioldiiiL-. o «t orites in hardy perennial plant for beds and borders; lar.ue va riety, but limited quantiiy. s. come early; annual plants hit er. Blanche Illg.-s. p-ls FOR SALE—One Fordson tracti 1 WDAI.TIIY SPORTSMAN. '\Vill Again lie In (lie Specduay ; Itacr This War. Pc'ult* of the nittl -pM t " c-htiinpioni and Lou " *~ * "* ' c between Tony Canzoneri, right, former light- j Bruce Miller, near Windfall, with Ambers, left, in New York, May 10, Will erit the lightweight crown vacated by Barney Oliver 12-in. plows; one broojj ||l ,, j . 1 .;.;;;,, ]| J" ,|., v 'j, s man,: one 7-ft. binder: ""j ! [:,, y le. ^..,,];,! and weakhy Chi- used Speed Dexter gasolin j f i .. l .. u „,„„.,„„.,„ ..,.,, w „„ witll ., washer; one used Coleman ga.t; sni . in ,,„_,.... , hlilR „,- vh , w 1I( . <)line iron; one Lelz feed mill ;..,„, , ikl . s , ( , ll ,. iy wili| ,,,_„... "Von are tlie must supreme, most superb, most wond'-rtnl girl, in the world." ' "1 am more and more dazed by the after effects of last ni::'it '.'.'. \ am panting -to see yon auain. i shall never g. t ove r yen. o: my i darling, darlin::. darlin:.' ^irl!" ' Rev.dsloko denies lie iironiiseir i to marry Miss Joy. e. There are j j three women on the jury. i I »<-» XA/I A< !IVI!Ii:S. decide which will inhe Ro^, the winner to be recognized by the New York boxing com-. mission as world's champion. dent Roosevelt execntive' order one .John Deere disc tandem, Butz Implement Store, llobb. Ind. l: - FOR SALE—All kinds vegelabl plants; come to my place: g- your plants pulled fresh; sav the difference; sweet potato | Kujita Clans never brought him | the playthings with which he in- dnlg' s his hobby. lint even though Mike's toys co>| hi'll .1 today signed an another sister, Mrs. Billie Butner . .. . . __, asisting in entertaining. The Miller home was attractively decorated with spring flowers. Bunco and .bridge were the entertaining features, with prizes being establishing the ] awarded to Mrs. Eddie Nash, Mrs. elect riiication adtninistra-1 Russell Foreman and Mrs. Mar- carry out part of the wilrl;- The sisning cam-before Mr. Roosevelt tha Shaw. High score winner in bunco was Mrs. Ford DeWitt of Sharpsville. Mrs. Young was the a: ted on ii week-end lishinc; trip, i recipient of many lovely gifts that Keporlcil lo lie IntenMlieil Aii Tiiioiigb Au-iri:i. Florence, lialy. .M.iy 11. -Austrian Cham ellor Knr: von Sclinsehnigg w;is undersimiii loda; lliougll .»lllie s tovs co> ni'll .1 ! . . , , ., ilo have iniornieil Premier lieiuii' kings ransom, he ^'ets ii kid: out I ,. . ... i ' '.Mussolini that Nazi activi'.ii-i :;ri Hit watching them pertorm as one i . . . .... . „.. ' •l . , . , il.'eing inlensiind in Ait.-ina. 1m . did last year wh.-n it v.on liiinj ! the difference; sweet potato,| ; ^ ^ - 11 , ) . mjk . ^ ;[ . Im|j;in;i . |t»'o government leaders exM.a^-.t now ready; cabbage ;ind tomatj.j i](|lj ^ jiiews on im.-.-il.dc ni'-asin-i.; ii. . plants, 5c dozen 1!. C. Chanj-j ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^.^ ( . n| . s phcik ,,,,-h a.tiviti.s. i, « ; ,s ,.1'i,: hers, 531 N. Independence .-,.. !„.;„,.,,,,.;,. j,,.,,,^,,,,,,.,. I , | . il .;. ,.,, J-''"' H'-ir conference her,-. | " J! -1 i.s a bov looks on a n-w electric! " ;l1 ^' uas ^' lci Ul ' a : ' i "' ii ' i ' J """ train. And the facts are that ho!"''" vili ^ ''••-nily ''^'c bee,, ,,b- division wero much appreciated. Conclud- t h a t i ing tho delightful afternoon a de- Organization of this I'ollow -d • announcement .- inn. tiiMi, din) will bo divided | licious luncheon was served to the annum the states next week for; following guests besides those al- hii;liway : and gradu-crossiue elim-, ready mentioned: Mrs. Glen Bar- ination. j ker, .Mrs. James Sowers, Mrs. Mr. lioost.'Vi It allotted $75,000 ' Aubrey Beymer, Mrs. George Den- fnr initial .administrative ex- j nerline, Mrs. Glen Cottingham. the rural electriiication i Mrs. Lewis Mefford, Miss Frieda be or- j Case and Miss Mildred Young. Mrs. John Pugh and daughter L-ani/."d lly Morris L. Cooke. Phil- adelphiii ^engineer who has dcvot-j i d much study to power problems. GIFFORD & GIFFORD Lav?yers 13 Vi Court St. Phone 30O. TITLE GUARANTY and ABSTRACT COMPANY Farmers Loan & Trust Bldg. Phond 290. C. A. TAYLOR. Notice of Insolvency. In the matter of the estate of James E. Decker, deceased. In the Tipton Circuit Court, No. ! 263. Notice is hereby given that upon petition filed in said court by the administrator of said estate, setting up. the insufficiency of the estate of said decedent to pay the debts and liabilities thereof, the Judge of said court did, on the Sth day ot, May, 1935, find said estate to ''be probably insolvent, and order the same to be settled accordingly. The creditors of said estate are therefore hereby notified of such insolvency and required to file their claims against said estate for al- j •, lowance before Saturday, May 25, i " 1935. I Witness, the clerk and. seal of-j said court at Tipton, Indiana, this 8th day of May, 1935. RAYMOND W. SIMPSON, 1S9-194-200 Clerk. CULVER & PICKERING Attorneys and Abstractors Office Phone 107. Kesidgnce Phones: S. A. Culver—348«. . H. D. Pickering—3409 ' See the New Leonard Electric Refrigerators H. J. SCHRADER & CO. J.C.PENNEYGQ 116-118 South Main St. Notice of Administration. WKAL Kl,i:( TltlCI'IY. SAXE. WANTED WANTED—Paper cleaning. K< Barnes. Phone ",'•<. iil Sii;ii> Ordi \\illi Wi;:-l,-I • Linking ,-Ircf. After Five Years in I'ri>on, Is Kipecled to be Freed. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has been appointed by the Judge of the Circuit Court Karleen, Mrs. Carl Scudder and of Tipton County, State of Indi- daughter Ruth, Mrs. A. W. Preaks and Mrs. Emeline Middle- j ana. Administrator of the estate of Marion V. Axtel. late of Tipton [County, deceased. Said estate ton were Indianapolis visitors on supposed to be solvent. Wednesday I DAVID L. THOMAS. ,. r. • TT • L j i (May 9, 1935. Administrator. Mrs. Daisy Henry assisted byipURVIS & PURVIS (i:y I'nih'l 1'rcssl. Indianapolis, May 11. — After train. Oi course Mike likes ;, win-i l;ili "» '''"' ""'"" " f < ;i '"»"">' •'"•'; nor as who doesn't, lint win or j A " Mri '' '""" ii: ' s '"''" a M '"' ;! "'' lose, he K ,.. ls his thrill. l' 1 ' Austria 'and a threat to t n j "It's only the break- you g.-:." 11" •'"' '"' centra! Europe. WANTED—Yon to know we hav plenty of wall paper at ,s cent ^ ^ ^ ^^ a double roll. UexaH, Dnt!;.-| Mjk( , (;XI ,i ains _ "YOU win or yon' The question of re.innameni n:", c "'j lose. I've got L-ood cars and gooii j Austria also was discu^ed hv : INTEU - Work of am- kin.i 1 " W"™™ '"'ibling them. I've go! . Mussolini and von S,-ims.,c!,,,i, ; . j 'arm work included, hv | Sood drivers and my chance of re-j :'. : ,1 it was sa.d that n,.. iraliae , Ip'ating again tiii.s year i.s as good , 1'reinier approved details ol t e. j |as any other. Mill to me it's th • '• Austrian rearmament plan. Sim- fun i get walrhing them go." j (ienuany stiirter n.-arnuimeni. | This S'-r' ii good iiliilos.opiiy : Austriii has demanded llr- ri"iit i for the Mike Hoyles of sport. Hi-jt'i (reale an army of luu.nUU <j- Hoyl'-s Produi.-ts Speciul. one of j more. three cars he is entcriny this | year, won in 1!i::i wit!i Wild Mil! j Washington. .May 11. — Lift ! —and the Worst is Ylet to Come -Mrs. Allen Hopper, Mrs. Walter McClish and Mrs. Willard Brown delightfully entertained the Past Sachems and Past Poeahontas club at an elaborate 6 o'clock dinner Attorneys. 1S9-195-201-207 Notice of Administration. WANTED — farm man. 1'lioi or lti-12. MAYTAG SALES and SERVICE SEVICE MOTOR CO. Rand G Used Car Bargains f933 V-8 Coupe 1933 5-Passenger Coupe 1929 Model A Coach 1929 Model A Coupe : 192$ Model A Coach * \. i Urn Main itor Co. \>iiiiiiiiini_,^i «>' «n "ii-ii. ,iii 11 v,;n^ ii" \ (l* <l l (' I :•> ii! i * i * 1111 ii:, 1:11 fioyl" ha:; poured n fortune iiiliiM,,, ,,|,,.,, v . itli lin-ir |dan 1. sn; his toys and his earning:;. Ihongii : j,|, „,,.,,. n,,. adiiiiiiist rat lo;. ... ,.i important enough, are not a drop j ,.. ;l | |,. MI ]. |,jn u j :il j,j,,j,, ,. ,,,......; in the bucket cojnparcd to his i-\-i h.i.king toward a redislribnlion penditures. | ;n („.„„,,, jn , ll( . cniicd Stales. ! He takes his los^s with :,; j - (i ov ,.nu.r Marrii !(: r rf. En-les „:'! '""ithe federal reserve board public!;, j good graces as he takr.s his vie-! lories, which makes him a pop.i- ! lar fiKur;; in a colorful sport. I litforc, a senate banking aii:l cur- The noylo cars always are 11, ,.,,„,.,, sll , ) . ( . on , nliltoe . „,. rt ., s ,,,,. .for the toughest raw every May f^', t ,, c lwlll 130 over the Indianapolis Motor 1]lc house Thursday. Speedway. endorsed that theory in testimony | .ing au:l cur- lle nas d"- whidi passed l^ibune Want Ads Pay. Used Car Bargains '31 Ford Eoadster i Twin Harley Motorcycle A ' .. *.. A SKCOXI) DKATil. Has Kesultrd from An ideid .\or:b of Indhinapoiis. (IJy llnltnl I'rtssj. Indianapolis, Ind., May 11.—A second death was recorded today as . result. of a head-on / collision between two automobiles on tF. '"" ""'fe&fci/jyy^ e *' ; ^ Notice is hereby given that the , i.adersigned has been appointed Thursday evening at the home of| by the Judge of the circu i t Courl the former. Thirty-three were of Tipton County. _State of Indi- present. Following the dinner ana, administrator "with the will annexed of the estate of Nancy E. Jackson, late of Tipton County, deceased. Said estate is supposed to be solvent. OMER E. JACKSON, Administrator With May G, 1935. Will Annexed. C. W. MOUNT, Attorney. ^189-195-201-207 Notice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc. In the matter of the estate of Mary Schmitt, deceased. In ; the Tipton Circuit Court, April i Term, 1935. Notice is hereby given that Jacob Schmitt, as executor; :>f the estate of Mary Schmitt, deceased, has presented and filed hlB account and vouchers la final settlement of said estate, and that the same will come up for. examination and action of said Circuit Court on the 2nd day of May, 1935, at which time all heirs, creditors : or legatees of said estate are required to appear In said ' court and show cause, if any there be, why said account and vouchers should not lie approved. ! | Witness, the clerk and seal of •aid Tipton Circuit Court, at Tipton, Indiana, this 17th day of '' ,.-i' ':? RAYMOND -XV. SIMPSON, '. '(Seal) Clerk 'Tipton 171-77-83-89 •*'• Circuit Court. Loose leaf recipe books. for favorite re4pes for the LEATHEEMAN FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Furnace Coils Waste FueJ Replace Your Coil With a Self Action GAS WATER HEATEE Public Service Co. of Ind. 9c BREAD— li/2-lb. loaf .... KROGER GROCERY & BAKING CO. Comforts, Blankets, Quilts SMITSON'S LAUNDRY & DRY CLEANING Phone 120 i YOUNG & MASON Suits and Furnishings 108 East Jefferson St. Radio Repairs LINEBACKS BLUE BEAO,ON " A^C«W ith'BwfiiMe m DonW. Coffin • Efie Street 4 [

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