Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 22, 1948 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 22, 1948
Page 9
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Phone 4GOO for n WANT AD Tnltcr EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MIX, WEDNESDAY, ))EC1SMBEH 22, .10-18 NINE Thousands Of State Veterans Lack Housing., Survey Reveals Twenty-two per cent of World War n veterans in, 14 Maryland counties, arc without housing and live "doubled up" with other families, the Maryland Veterans Housing Commission has revealed after a newly-completed survey. James P. Lazzntl, executive, director, said 23.512 veterans out of JOO.OOO . queried want homes. Of Paese, 15,674 want to buy or build and 7,837 want to rent. Of those desiring to rent, Lanza tt explained, 75. per cent prefer houses and the, other one-fourth prefer apartments. The' survey shows the average veteran is able to pay $40 to $50 a month rent for a house nnd S30 to $40 n month for an apartment. Of those interested-In purchase, 20 per cent could provide no down payment. Nineteen per cent could afford $500 and 28 per cent could provide $1,000. The survey indicated that practically no veterans answering the questionnaire could nfl'ord a iiouse that cost more than. $12,000, with the more likely range between $8,000 and $10,000 or less. The average number of rooms required per house 'was five. The average number ot rooms required per apartment three and a Jialf. The average veteran family Included three and a half people. . Under earnings, the .survey shows the uveraRc annual income of,veterans is around $2,500, One-1'ourtn bf those surveyed earn below $2.000, yhile ' one-fourth- reported annual income, above $3,000. Of those dissatisfied with ' their present accomodations, 33 per cent claim, that lack of GI financing was the major obstacle preventing them from buying-or building.. Some of the reasons stated for dissatisfaction besides those livin? "doubled up" included: accoinoda- tions too small, faulty construction, home In need of repairs, no conveniences, undesirable living conditions and poor location. Other reasons offered included: unable to find rental aceomodations they.could afford,'family separated duo to housing problems, and restrictions on children. Three per cent of those surveyed said, they own lots. on. which to build but .find present construction costs too. high for their incomes. This survey, made in 14 counties,. was begun in Allegany and includes the results of the local analysis, published about six months ago. -The survey .was financed by County Commissioners in each county and vclcrivnS'OrKn!;!zn.l.tons asNlsLliijf wllh questionnaires include the Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion, Disabled A'merican^Veterans, Jewish War Veterans. Catholic War Veterans, Military Order of Purple Heart and Aravets. The result of the survey and its analysis is to be submitted to Gov. William' Preston Lane by the commission, It was indicated, •wi'.h the view or adopting sorr.e kind of legislative program which would assist Maryland veterans in obtaining adequate housing. Hypotlsm has been known for ecnturins,' to the Persian magi and 1'ndlmi yogis and fakirs, among others. Ncw York City's public water.sys- terns supply an average of 125 gal- Ions of water per capita pei- day. S«.; veil Sronlii Otialify Tor Budges AL Review Tost A Boy Scout Board of Review was held lasc night' at the Scout office, Lee and Cumberland Streets, and seven members of throe troops Cjijalificd for merit badges. Four of !,hc boys represented j Troop 8, which Is sponsored by St. Mary's Catholic Church. John- Ambrose completed requirements for llrst class, first aid nnd forestry merit bruises; John Stevens, first' class, rending and first aid merit badges; and Raymond Brown and Willinm Comer completed tests for second clnss. Ned Jones of Troop 1. which is sponsored by Centre Street Methodist Church, completed second class tests. Two members of Troop 7, sponsored by the Cumberland Ro- from Joe & Martha Anderson proprietors of "the restaurant unusual" Closed Christmas • Open Sunday •ANDERSON'S 119 South Centre 'RUPTURED?' FORGET IT WITH A CUSTOM BUILT TRUSS Each truss built for the individual case. The only perfect truss built on the market today. Why\ throw money away on hit or miss affairs? Don't' suffer another day. FREE INFORMATION AND DEMONSTRATION by calling at the ... (CUMBERLAND L ABORATORY I 511 DECATUR STREET Phone 800 for Appointment ORDER YOUR CHRISTMAS TURKEY NOW FRESH DREST ROASTING AND FRYING CHICKENS Tenderized Steak Ib. 75c Choice T-Bone Steak Ib.'77c Fresh Ground Beef Ib. 55c Pork Shoulder Chops Ib. 58c Fresh Side Ib. 55c .,£*; HOME MADE li&l ..-..;.. Scrapple . ,. 2 Ibs. 23c Pudding Ib. 35c Bologna Ib. 75c Loose Sausage ' Ib. S5c CHRISTMAS CANDIES, ASSORTED NUTS FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES JUDY'S MARKET 442 •Columbia St. FREE DELIVERY WE GIVE S. & H. GREEN STAMPS' Phone 2791 Club, completed tests for jhip and home repairs badges. They are Billy Swarncr and Charles Deter. Serving on the Board of Review were Bernard Beck, scoutmaster of Troop 8: Edgar Bucy, South End Scout commissioner; and Earl Black, acting executive for-Potomac Council. Scientific and medical interest In hypnotism -was first aroused in the kite 18th century, by the work of a Viennese physician named Mcsmcr. Six Persons Seek Post At Local Trial Court Six persons-have filed applications with the-Board of Allegany County Commissioners lor the post of'clerk to the Trial Magistrate's Court to succeed the late William Stewart. Applicants are: William Bishop, W. O. 'Wolford, John Morgan,- Branson Nelson. Charles Smith, of this city, and George McCbrmick. Lonaconiilg. Bishop and Nelson are employed at Trial Magistrates Court, Blxhop is bailiff and Nelson ft constable. President Of U. - S. Farm Bureau to Speak In Slate . BALTIMORE'—-W — Allan B. Kline, president of the American Farm Bureau: Federation,' "Will come_ here from Iowa-- to address the Maryland Farm Bureau oil January 11. The Maryland group.holds its convention January 9 to 11. .• . XXVfXXX ? § y I V V r^ig^(g£<cistgte.«ti>.xigie^icK%iev«^ n. TRIANGLE FOOD STORES % r » Appreciation Sale means Xmas Greetings BUY EARLY GET YOUR CHOICE - TOMS and" ; HENS Young - Fresh - Tender Fully Dressed — High Qualify OYSTERS For Your Poultry Dressing SWIFT'S BROOKF.IELD Butter ;,.- P S One Pound Quarters Swift's Selected Fresh Pork Loin Roast RibE nd .n, STOKELY'S FINEST! C RAN B ERRY SAUCE with Chicken, and ^ Q*7c other fowl, meats or £ eans O I -•^fish — it's delicious! SWIFT'S PREMIUM , Farm Fresh — Full Drawn — Harrisonburg, Va. ROASTING 3V4-ib..-,. HC\ CHICKENS AYCr ' 9e lb O:y c The pick of the flock for your Xmas Dinner. Swift's Premium Freuh Full Drown Harrisonburg, Va. FRYING CHICKENS 2Ib „„„„ SWIFT'S PREMIUM Sliced Bacon ... Swift's Country Style Fresh Pork Sausage.. , b: 47^ 67^ Star Kist Fancy TUNA FISH LIGHT 1-m. SIEAT ' Can SWIFT'S PREMIUM l-filc Butt Portion 67c lb For A Real Feast or Buffet Snack » Rt K\ K\ Stoketys^ Corn,...;.,.,..2^47c Stokelys ST Corn .;;.:;;; 2 ^;! 47c Stoketys S Peas . .. 2 17 ca° nzs 47c | Stokelys Cut Green Beans 2 ? an ; 49c * | Stokelys Fruit Cocktail -.,..*«*47c y I Stokelys Peaches -"SSU 0 ".. 2 N L? 69c | Stokelys™ Pickles .... ^T 53c Stokelys Dill Pickles 2 ;° rz 29c Maxwell House Coffee "53c Garden Fresh Produce Callrornln'n Fln«t Jumbo Pascal Celery „„„<*. 27c Crisp, Solid Letiuce .... 2 „„„, 29c 'poiVloeV ...3 ,,,,290 Cranberries 2 , h , 41 c Extra Lurjje, Sweet as Honey Tangerines .. d «..39c Kcd DeHcIou*, Western Boxed Apples 2 w25c Sweet Rctl Grapes 2 _ lta . 29c Alpine Eagle Macaroni or i ib. Spaghetti ...... pk9 EGG NOODLES 1 Chocolate Syrup Waffle Creams HiHo Crackers HERSHEY'S . IG-ox. cans 5 sn K K K'. 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B9c Homo Killed Full Drcst Hcivy 1'omir Bourtlnf Chickens. 4 to 6 lb»... lb. 69c r -~ For ChrislmTis'Gklnj—Smnll Armour > Sur Hams, whole or half.',59c Clinncd or Bulk CrlsllcM ^v*™-Oysters pt. 15c Silver Flosa Snucr I Kraut...2 Ig, cans 296 Occiin Spray Cmnberrj 1 Sauce ..2 tall cans 37c Boriicn'* Mono Such Mince Meaf... 28-oz. jar 43c Jlrlne rig «ir Plum Pudding ;.can49c ItTenctow Gnlri Creamery Butter, roll 75c Campbell? Consomme Soup tin 17c O'rts Walnut Coke Ig, siic 89c L&S Sweet Dill Strips .. Ig. jar 43c Libby: Sfutfcd Olives 7 01. bot. 29c Export or German Beer ... case 2.59 Garrctrs ' Sautorno' Vine Filth 79c Va'Darc Assl. Gill Pkr,, Wine $1.05 V/isc Potato Chips Ig. 7 oz. bag 33c 1,11111. oull^lnt. NAVEL ORANGES, 176 size doz. 17e Tliln Skin Juicy FLORIDA ORANGES, 176 size :... . - doz. 3le Cranberries Ib.sack 25c Salad Mix... Pks 25e/ Tangerines - Apples _ Bcnanas - Pear* - Pink end Wh'it. Grapefruit - ' Grapes - Holly Wreaths - Baking Potatoes - Kolc-"Lettuce - Celery — Broccoli! — Cauliflower — Mushrooms — Turnips — Parsnips — ,§r Sprouts'— Sweet- Pots. — Peppers.— Hothouse Tomoroo. — 'etc. — Diamond /Walnuts Ib.-tic Bl«ck Walnut Kernels ,, "!)c Paper Shell rcoanK Ib. -trie Orl or Cuniiminliy Frail Cnkr lb. 90c Illnnrr Jllnt :.p*«:. 1"" Blue Goose / Froicn Striirberriti . ..... PW. 5»« rottltry Seasoning. ....... " n ^ 4tt CanaiU Dry C. Aln or Club Sod» .......... 20e Cokf. or rcnnl Col«. ...'.« <or *"« llluo million JJnyonnnlite pU J»r *5o FOOD MARKET kn*2760 ••• DELIVERY FREE SWi CORNER 1ST &. GRAND AVE.» SO. CUMBfRLAND HOIIDAY TURKEYS Koontz Home Drest . .... . 18 Ibs. up 79 Young Roasting Chickens r Ducks, Etc. XMAS CANDIES 5 Ib. Schraaffs Blue Banner 5.00 2Vi Ibs. " .... 3.00 1 Ib. " 1.50 Old-Fashioned Striped Stick Candy Ib. 25c Chocolate Drops 3 Ibs. 1.00 Candy Cones .... each 5c 2 Ib. Brachs Asst Choc 1.69 1 Ib. " " . . Ib. 89c dhoc-Cov. Cherries Ib. 79c MEATS —QUALITY Pure Pork Sausage Ib. 4Sc Pork Shldr, shank half 45c Pure Ground Beef . lb. 49c Short Rib Roasty. . lb. 59c Home Mode Pudding Ib. 35c STEAKS—round, sirloin, cube ... lb. 73c CROSSE & BLACKWELL Fig Dessert- ....". can 19e Date Dessert ."'.". can 19c CHoc Nut Rolf .;. can 25e Date & Nut Bread can 23c HARD SAUCE Try It on Plum Pudding or Fruit Cake Community Baking Co. '. Fruit Cake - Ib. 90c Really Delicious Black Heart CHERRIES large • ' •OQ^ 2)i call W * t BROWN BREAD ^Vi^.h" Kaisiris • Larg-c can £* C JELLO . All Flavors 3 p k /,25c CRANBERRY SAUCE l?rcmier 2 cans 37C Smoked — Whole or Shank End '. '• lb- CALIFORNIA NAVEL ORANGES :..:^33c FLORIDA JUICY ORANGES F r 0m 29c TANGERINES ^.-^-^^s^ :.,. ,:. 43c a,.RED DELICIOUS APPLES ^.w^n^^it......:2;-. lb ..29c GOLDEN RIPE BANANAS _ 3m * ^ 2 ,i. 33c Black Walnut KERNELS lb. 79c 3'*' lb. FRUIT CAKE Fruit ' Kins: A •* .39 Real Value ... 1 Frozen.. Lima Beans I'WillifinkK OQfh ,,h f •SMC Frozen 'pl'ff-' /[ Q' r Strawberries '*t f C BEER BOTTLED EXPORT OR GERMAN Cs. of 24 ...... ' t.59 ICED GARDEN FRESH PRODUCE—Heod, Cut Lettuce, Celery and Celery Hcarti, Sweet Potatoes, Yam*; Cranberries, Parsley, Radishes, Hot House Tomatoes, Broccoli, and Brusseil Sprouts. ' . OYSTERS - Extra Standards 75c pts. Selects 85c COYLE BROTHERS tr 232 Virginia Ave. • Phone 1734 • Free Delivery

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