The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on April 14, 1947 · Page 6
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 6

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1947
Page 6
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S tovvn K T^ . a l' :in " u '' 11 '" i-'ViiiUs- LOANS ro LONG TERM CIUODIT 4 — l-'or; Pimihase of farms.. rcniiHiiclnt; o( m( , ol . t « : . l 7. 1 '^ iv-piiir* or construction of buildings. SHOUT Tl-;i>.\| CHliDlT 4V.%-l'or l uruiuse or dairy cows, farm rna- yniiMMy. it-.:<«,,. caul*.-. fi-, ; d. seed, ftii'tujzer. UeliHi.iicid^ of d'ilns. ro- j>au-s or construction of build- j n t> s. I'VULM CULDJT A 1).Ml \LSTK AT I ON Pytlii;ui Castle Buildifi" 20 No I'll) ijcuiri Si. t'reilerii-Ic. Md Local i;<.:|jre.sent;itive Walter D I>roin 1a v In llu; oilii-e r.t Ufiny Hnlisuiifel. Ill C-ri<.-<.- Building phone 41)9 Haters ton-M, M;iryl:uid Tuesday & l-'rida.v fi-'l2 o'clock WOULJi men wh spare tin ,. ... reliable would lilu- to n-aiu in overhai:}- and install Leiriyei-ition ami Air Conditioning- et|iij]>mi.-nu Should be- mor-haniralty liu-hned. Will not interfere with your present work. Veterans and Cmlmn.s. For information uhmit this training-, wrjtr- at onre Diving- name, address, .apt- and your working boijr.s. Uiilities In.s't. Hox 17!f. with ___ boxer. 4 years children. Apply erslnirK. Pa. _ 7>!<l.'~ box ~Gf>od »T>. DRAWER" . Immediate delivery $54.50 HONEY'S _ P Ir r> n e i o n :; . ll ]- ( ,Jlf.J JS( , ):s: Irac;t0! ' "lid Plow. Apply JJjiiIlL'ii_J«»?«._^»!H!l£lj.iirjj, Ut. i 1 TLK GKNU/.S~M*7ii. dmible~bof- tom tractor plow. Jack M. Kber- > mi. oast of \VilliumBpori HIGHEST cash prices paid for new and used furniture, fr'orsythe Storage- MjlJSt Phone S4S-J WANTED—String bJi.xj* ' and U-flat tenor »:i.vaj)honc. 'A'rlU 1 R. Ii. _ L i 11 g « r^Mji r Mjjgbjj rg-, w. y a. ' l l JA' t J".- s _.yi I Jl' l»<>»rd r,7 ROOM & HOARD for nion. hot water Ml all times.- Apply 327 Elizabeth M<>•«<•» ,, 1 I' 00111 bl ' ick (vacant) Maryland Ave.. «)ji (vacant) 1UJ reduced $(i, r iOO. Carrollton Ave (vacant) reduced JI700, » R. Saniun Avon Hd . ... __ __ Fl'RNI I El) bt?droom, accommodating 2 :id ult's, with small adjoining varfell«3 ]? n.nd retail .MAKTIN'S COLD STOKAGK hi ill ' __ -____ BOTTLUD ered" Uus Service. .See newest models at Jc ,es Applnmce Service. ' _ _ _ _ * .' L !•: A I { A N C 10 S ALE o f ' a 1 1 "Yc i mls"ol used turniiure and liou.sehold yoods at very low price*. Hear of i5»;i. W. l.'ranklin -St.. in alley room formerly occupied by Dixie ..Supply '':o J _PUone_lj. ___ _ ___ CLiSAltANCR SAL10 WM AUiC ovfi-stoclitid and must ma I.e. room. All kinds of hou.sehold furiiiture. untioueK. and oilier article*, at bafKtiin prices. Our ! s our gain. J furry! Sam's \V. l-'raii kl in St. _ ranjf'e, i holes of each. J Jotiled oj- city ^a.s. <;ull at Mitrlin'.s Cold Storage. lif.IvCTRlC \.asher. " ^''"- v . fo GAS STCV'O~"bm-i!ur; aj.s< or oil Hiovt-. Apply ";57 \Y _inKto_n_St. CAS RANGES for city or tfa.s. Conl and wood ran Space Heaters. Automatic or c-lectric water comlition. (i j j , n i ._ '" ' ^.yjl^JL^Cattle^ Oth^r Stook 48 ANtJL'S stock steers with quality also Angua stock bulls eligible for Papers, larye enough for service ('all Keedysville -l^-F-12. J. Kdg-ar Momsburx". Sharpsburu;. FRESil COW ilor sale. A ( )p!y yTTiF- Ifjy S. Shi fie r. Boonsboro". Md 'JlPJllft L 310RSE.S—Some lov. r prico leaders. A few riding horses. Will buy or tradf^. Sum Pa.shan. Phone ir,S6-J PONY — Medium size, child broke. -PTFRE Bred~fll}h7fc77r~inill ciTIFl'lM) •. *V'. V. Niemyer. 1 mi. east Leiters- •T'"O h:avy lead horses, bays. FrPs'h cow. also 2 tons nf alfalfa, baled good rabbit hay. Corn. Applv C. O Pit.snufrlc, HayersLowji. lite. 6 Paramount. :) HORSES—2 S-yr."d'rd7TT2-yr.-oid~ - single line leaders. John Allen 1-arm, road U-adiny-from Garrison's __ ._ 6 VEAfi old work horse. Clood'siiT^ pie line leader. Harry Needy, along - mi. from u» w n . — , - ._ - - « •ANDREWS CRICKS—Day olcTTnd started, flocks state tested. Tube agprlu. Sexed chicks in alt breeds James Andrews Hatchery, Hagerstown. Md.. RFD No 4 at Middle- luirg. Phone L'123-,7 -i. 1 . BABY CHICKS — Ne'w Hampshire Herts. excolJeru for broilers. NOW ON SALE, wholesale and retail NK'UHAUSER HATCHERIE'S 4fi _W._ Ch u rcli_S_t. T el. 4271. BALiY C 7 H"lCKS—Day old oT^tarTed -New llampsl-irc Red. Barred Cross U hite Rocks U. S. approved: nulo- rinn passed. Excellent for eggs or broilers. Cumberland Valley Hatchery .Maupansvill e, M il___ p n onejjjf. 2 - J CHICKS C. O. D. Pay Posnnan F. 0. B. Hatcheries AssoUTED, Consists of; Anconas Buif or Whitt;. Brown Leghorns •••Largo Typt- Ruff. White or Black Miuorca.s, Barred Hooks and Reds ot.-. r'ri.-P ?.}.:):, ,>?,• ;00. ASSORTED. Counts of Barred or \Vhite Hooks. S. C. Reds. Wyajj- dottes. Anstraloi-ps. R. 1. Reds Brahmas. Kuff Orpingtons. N H Reds. Buff Rocks. S. L. Wya'ndottes Hlack or \Vhite Giants, etc. Price ?7.f!:, per 100. Any Sex. Any Breed Our Choice. Nr> Culls, No Cripple;?. Orrier fmm Ad. . RIDDLE'S. Roxborotieh 28. Phila Pa. \Vjtn ted—t<ivc»{i>ck fit WANTED—Poultry of all kinds. Phone Dale B Rohrer. 1018-J-2 after 5 p. m. or Smithsburg- S3. be- _Lwoen S a. m. ro 5 i,. m. Art'clea for Sale SJ ARCH supports fitted to your fooT. Every evening 6 p. m. till 0. Wednesdays 1 p. m. till f>. No Saturdays Mr. Bloombtrpr IS W. Washington _St.. 2nd floor. ' BICYCLE JS. .mid blacksmith drill -Hl'f!:' 5 i_5JL_^. P ply 711 Georg e St. KROODER 12x12 prefabri- i"ii.rd Cothic style. Already set. up. •Nev*r used before. Eastern Grain ^rowers. 1^ mi. east Leitersburg. '<?O l7LA~P.s'i Rl ~E ~l7a by~17up"-;\\ Prn7 r - tically new. J20. Apply \S2S Con- COMPr/ETE I trie of Trusses Abdom' inal Belts, .Supporters of all kinds. . Crutches, etc. Private fitting room. Eak'e's Drup Store. IIS W Wash- -ll]i?.l£L r -! ^.L^—iii'F^^'towil! GLIDES KS—Reconciitioiied lyp'enTiToi- <lcphs for sa.lo. Rea.sonnb'le. A. M. St. . r Lot of tVotiers and fountains, f-a lom A. bottled jes. Oil oil, gas — —._ ,..._„. heaters. Warm air heating—stokers —oil burners. H. L. Coder. Kalamazoo Dealer. .jA_.p. R_ox_T 11 ^J-I a so rs t o w n. M d. N IS W M E r-ci-I A ND is¥- ~cflb«m~re^ rriserators. Stewart-Warnt-r radios, end tables, coffee tables, porcelain top breakfast set. mattresses Phone 14 — rear 25Vv W. Franklin St. room lormerly occupied by Lnxie. Supply Cjx PRIVATK SALlir~~~~ LARGE 10 piece dininf? room suite, velour \ipliolstered chairs S250: mahogany bedroom suite, twin beds, spring mattres" $100 Seller^ kitchen cabinet 515; Philco cabinet radio $20. Sale will last one week. Apply 705 Hamilton Blvd. F'hone 1196-M. RE PRIG ERATOR—Leonard refTig"- err.tor. porcelain lined. .Excellent condition. Reasonable. A. M. Lonsr J>2 \\ r . Franklin St. ROUND steam heating- boilfr now hoiwinf 0 rooms a/id bath. Gas Automatic water heater. 1132 Poto- miu.- Ave. Phone 254 K WttSTlNGHOUSifi electric rangre. table top. good condition. Apply S10 Forrest Drive. 1 COMBINATION stovj, priced rea- A e - L> HIE room iiartly furnished hoiiselceeping. Also one sleep- room. Apply 6;;-) \V. SLEEPING ROOM for two. Apply and semi-private bath. '. Apply 3D I-JHSI Ave- i FuriiiHliud, private bath. Accommodate 2 settled employed per- jjons, Kc-fs. Av'blo \\>d. i:!!» Summit „!;'," f .'!r/!l*i!?.yj._.Aj.M l tL ll !«L» <'« "•' 2 ROOMS and kitchenette, f'lose to MKldleburtf. Apply Job T. liarn- -I'iL-L.^tii.te ...!, J_ ji- _ ;i ROOM apartment wfih'baTh ele- Vitlnr. j;inii<n- .strvic«;. Address P.O. _JLiliiLj.5.L_!i;«^rhtown. Md. NE\V jJfiTTdfnk. wine 24"'7 for a small business. Apply Sit* __ ROOMS, oiffces. Vfo7uK r e and manufacturing apaci- for rent REALTY co. 40 summit AV" v> : U[ t ''L l .-rr'\'j>_ ltl 'i^ Si COM RAT veteran. wiVe & 1 yr dHiitfhter in N. v.. desire 3 or" -I room apt. or house. Within IS miles of Jhisersiiiwn. I'n-.seiiUy employed as l-'ajrchild eug-ineer. Phone 3600, COl'PLE Al:o baby, 2 moTiths oTd living- In one room. Desperate for apartment or house. Please call WANTED TO RENT: fi to 5> room house in North or South part of l-lagerstowji. Write or phone Robert A. Lewis, Circulation Dept.. Herald-Mail. WANTED—2 or 2 garages for stor- Keedysville T-F-31. $50 REWARD for rental of 4 or 5 rm apt or house. 2 adults. Write Box _15S f/o Herald-Mail. CON'S L'LT" REAL ESTATE MART for up-to-tlie-minuie listings Appears on this page every Tuesday—Thursday—Saturday L. S. SPANGLER AGENCY 2nri Nat'l Bank-Bldg. Phone S3 FOR A QUICK CASH SALE list your home nr farm with us. No cost to you if we fail to sell. GAYLORD BROOKS .t CO. "lien 1 tors" U5 N. Potomac St. 2nd floor. j>rnin and Land* for Sale •r-rT/.—V' •-•—•-_---_i..-^i~-'-.:' ••_•.-•:: i.- D ICLPf L K Y'S POULTRY FARM - r<_. br..v.-ii wool over.stuffed living 1 CONSISTING of: chicken house. 2 om suite. Sciuare arms. Furniture i j-overs. jr.O. Apply 250 Helview_A_vt-. J PIECE oak breakfast set; 9x1" ruff- _ Apply r-hnrles S. Ilykes. Jr.. f l^~W WD"E.v"~i^ibrneT~si"n"3c! H.~~lT" Jleije. Clearspring. Rte 1. near l-'nii-view. Machinery Toolr, PARMALL tractor, with cultivator. Priced right. Guy C. Kline. Myers- vine or phone Myersville 2801. M .t J BLOCK MACHINE—Hand operated press stripper type, uses plain woouen paller.s. 400 to 600 S"xS" 16" concrete or cinder blocks per S hour day. also one bag- and y, has; mixers, and racks. Immediate delivery. Write. M ,t .1 Machine & Supply Co.. 2716 Sutherland Ave. K n o x vi 1 j e. Ten n ease e vv ELDING EQUIPMENT. pumps speed reducers. V and flat belts and pulleys, chain hoists, electric hoists, basement, and underground fuel tanks high pressure and heating boilers smokers, exhaust fans. Denies, nench grinder... etc. HAGERSTOWN EQUIPMENT CO. Haccrstown. Md. Seed*. ASPARAGUS roots. Rhubarb roots" Strawberry plants. Cabbapre plants now ready at 1-1 Izapfel's Truck Farm. Frederick St. '.Oil SALE at once. Raspberry plants, Cumberland variety from inir.s - stock ?15 per 1000. 4 mi West of Clearspring. Md. Norman Forsythe. _....,._._. LARGE pansy plants for sale. G Y ifong. cal! after 4 p. in.. I'lIO Corbett street. Phone 12.0S-W. MOST Complete line of field alul garden seeds. Fertilizer MARTIN FEED and IMPLEMENT _Penna Ave. Hag-erstown, Mil. JUR blended lawn grass-, seeds are responsible for many of Hagerstown's most attractive I.iivns. Now i." the time > plain the new lawn or repair the old. Excellent deliveries. HOWARD'S of HAGERSTOWN 5-,-P E. Ralto. St.__ Phone . S0R S'L^AWRERKY plants. j"i.dfr~p^~ r hundred. Apply Robert Martin. pielman's Stntion. tlOV'ARD'S triple tested E~eecTs~"n"re your best warranty. Our stock is fresh. Place your order now and be sure of the varieties vou want. Excellent deliveries. HOWARD'S of HAGERSTOWN S-T-S E Raltn. St. Phone S05 Speclalr In JhuSloren ELREKA tank j»od«I vacuum cJeari- . or. complete with nt tachment-s: - same as n^w. ,>.",. IDEAL liot \vat' er hentrtr^burket a day type), very 7 p^od (Snnditi'Mi. Simmons iron don'. hlo bfri. co:nplrlc with'springs and - ma.rtrcsff. Bird rage, electri<- hot - platp._ ami several other articles. E X F E RT M A T T ACTp'ivRVl'c'R HAGERSTOWN MAYTAG CO. 22 .« Potomac St. PriONF 6^2 AVonderful FOR SALE our rtoposit MARYLAND LIME i HAND slicor uiachi'no; tor. new: storm door, Fhow .•use. Till jrlass. _.Pa K? PL TOP SOIL FERTILIZER 'b. ?r.T or 2f>3fi _ _ i H. P7 ii»V>new; 10 ft Apply SIO HH.CO floor saiulpr. odger and pol- Jsher. Apply Atlantic Service Sta- Jign. i T. t Pot o n^a£_,A v r . HOOVER SALES >t" SE~rTviCE H. C. MYERS' -ILIL-!^!SLSL_ ____ Ph. 1125-M I.ARfll'; T'l !•"!., l-'--Primers for vale ' _ .. .. ._ . 'SElS atiyihiiic- like" if?' of Firia Foam for clean- Eyvrly's Depl. Store. P«iw I'"; :>u-jr":illon hot water tanks o-'-d condition. Apply \\". T) ll. I'iumbiiij," and Heating '7^ 4xf.xl2 rhic-kon coops.' Apply ..'_?._ A! .MI} '• l i_i2_A Vt '- __ WASHING machi nes" 7<7p;7fft~d7~paTTs nnt] wringer rolls. Jun«-v Appliance _ ... ' ni'CTCET a day h(»t water hfaTer ™. 00: 1 side arm pas .vjite .?-'- ft .';'-.. ' : --" G nil ford Avi\ 2 ANtii.irE "'beds: 1 ""'child's V.-rtiM.' i'-'rl-fi-att!.- crib: I r.-pieo: bo otlior service blc pi triuidlo room M >>s. R. C f»M2 AXMi:.;:-'Tl':R Apj.l\^lino \V.\V I'-'O Mill >n ,,d cushion o \V._\VashitiKj.. n St Slots. ' n< . xv lt - ,..s,.,!-~n,0 (...•iisoles. vario,,.; makes new & IIM^I: ••> pin b;i]J K-;nn.\s. 2.'. music .nikc box..y. All or part. Write Mr. \;ni Stovens. .Southern Hotel. , ___ _ , INSCLATED " •°l ol i r ,nf ow ' )ril ' r for a complete job . IJRERTY ROOFERS pimno "s-'i ^ RKSTAURA'NT tu res. H A. WEISS Rar and~~store" '(T is In the Bu.sfncss Ooporluni- tie*. ARCTIC Ice Refrigerators jr>9 SO up" •RANKLIN FURNITURE CO. 1_3_ _ W. A n t i e t a m Pt. ENA M EL' W A LL CO V ER ING MAKES a Permanent Wa^hnblo Wall. «'olors in BLACK -- PEACH —BLUE. -/c a Rumtinr foot M 0.\ T G O M E R Y WARD MOTORISTS T WO W H LI E L T R AILE R—1 S 0 n • 1 u <-aHacity. all stvel. special dinnp type body. It; inch wheel size. 4t« inches wide. «S inches lonp: 5(20.35 WARD FACTOR V RERITILT MO- TOTl—dynamometer tested motor i'liick. asscmM^d for Ford OOr.5- Chevrolet. Dodg-c, Plymouth - £127.95 exch. MONTGOMERY WARD COUNI) EQUIPMENT SAND ,;OX v.-ith canopy... in FOOT SLUM-: ". 12 FOOT Sl.n>F. S PLAY CYM SET K VERIEST HOY'S ANO HICYCLES 20 VC YKLOCH'KDK hi fN'JH \"ELOCH'l-;i>E . ALL METAL WAGONS ball benrini . . SCHINDKL ROIHICR ,t TO 2G-2S S. Potomac St. -... 5 2:;. 1)5 — sTG.'ns GIRL'S JIo.'oO $11.50 INC. SPEC I A L— Cu r t a i us. shot's. T-;,;;."^ towols. fancy linens. Easy terms' Store. 15 \y. THE TIME IS RIGHT — NOW;::: HOl'SK PAINT • :- GALLON HITS—.per gal ....+:. 1;, CNF, <;ALLON ....". *,-. •>-» (iCAP.T ji'lio HOI'S)-; ROOF SHINGIJOS IIICNAGOX in red blond. ^rofn blond, plui red ;>.ii»l plain prroen colors $,-,. i ^ s q, THK'K TAH in plain green. r»;ii nnd green bl^nd ... fti.4J sq. Nails nvailnblrt for roofiit" aiul MONTGOMERY WARD ... . A CALL to Sam's ExJhanpe will bring- you tho hiphcst cash value for your used furniture, bric-a- brac, glassware nml household poods. Let Sam call on vou now Phone lai.wv GAS iicafer wn»(c<K Phone 217fi nr nnolv 114 Rrvan I'laco. story 140x20. fully equipped: do i b 1 e hog-pen; combination butcher house and smoke house: tool house, small barn, fi-arag-e. 2 room living fjuarters. electric lights. 2 wells, one with pressure tank, 6 miles west of llagerstown ua Rt. No. 40. Lot is Il(ix250 ft. Api>iy Deiphey's. ;il E. Franklin St DOUBLE FRAME—North End. Mod" ern, fSOOO. SINGLE—West End. Modern. Garage. ?r,2U(l. UK A.—.4 room IHIIJ^K. Hart! lixed for milk. 2 A. wheat. . , LOTS—Rt. 11. Dual Highway and city. l"". E. WINGER. Call for Annie M. Winger-S. Helen Winger •.':;»> 1 lager SI. pji. 2?S."? acres. acres. acres. DOWXSVILLE PIKE— 126 stone house. ROUTE 1—Mt. A trey, 1S6 dairy farm. NEAR LElTERSBCnG—52 low price. 7 MILE FROM FREDERICK— S 11 acre', 5 bedroom house. MANY OTHERS GAYLORD BROOKS & CO. "Realtors" 135 N. Potomac St. 2nd floor. MonscM for Snle A KFAHTIFDL 7 rm. frame and brick. Pre-war built; 100 ft. frontage on desirable corner in Fountain Head. Very modern. Lavatory 1st floor, hot water circulating heat, stoker, laundry, playroom", g-a nitre attached. J mined. Poss.: owner leaving- town. This is a real bargain. REYNOLDS AVE.—An S rm. frame in good cuiidilion. Stoker. Poss. pi.on. Uf-dm-ed for quick sale. KING ST.—6 rm. brick, g-ood condition. CARROLL L. RAKCHTF.L £llri_Ni"-'' Rank Bldgr. Ph. 1201 FOUNT A Ir? HEAD — Distinctive charming- home, pre-war construe- hoii, this lovely modern home has J bedrooms, 2 baths, beautiful Hy ing room with fireplace dining room, modern kitchen, basement finished with 3 rooms, oil heat rock insulation .spacious grounds. Quick .sale m.OOO. Immed. poss COUNTRV HOME—Taylor's Landing. 5 room frame dwelling electric and garden. $3.000 KA1LM-—108 acres very productive latiu, One large modern stune dwell- ms and barn, ever flowing spring. U'ltliin easy access to Hag-erstowii, Priced to sell. poiniUHc Sj^. INVESTORS—10 tfiiiant o.-ciipibd Jiousea, very cheap. Good for investors only. NLOAU HANCOCK—6 rm. house with it-fi acres $241)0 NEAR CAMP OF-TRICK-ijriJk C rm, cottage. H\\' Huors. excellent condition. CAYLORD HROOKS & CO. 135 N. Potomac St.. 2nd fiuor heaper, to monthly IT'S EASIER, morib-Hge by r»% mi. Firwt Federal Savings _ijj_^_N. .loiiathan St. retire a I'.oan A 'i'el. 1 _ ^ MARYLAND AVE — New~5 rooni modern bungalow, all conveniences. Immed. Poss. .Inspection by' appointment only. H UTHON-II ET'/ER AC ENC Y S. H. Staubs. Asjfoc. 7 Summit Ay_e _ .Phone 1208 NICE modern home near center of city. Modern kitchen. Private bedrooms. Concrete cellar. Early POSH. Priced for civick sale. 2!) N. Mul- b.rrry_after_.5 p. m. and all Sat; REAL ESTATE. Insurance, mortgage, loans and auto financing. JOHN F. nEAKD. Phone 1085-W EVEN 1 room house. 2 car garage Large beer parlor, recently decorated throng-bout. Beautiful iaivn .Stoker heat. Modern in every respect. Immediate possession; Phone o lS0 ' A jpP'>' :i - \ r ''sta St.. or see IJrewor A- Lindsev TOURIST HOME: Located on one oi the main Highways leading into the city. 5 rooms. 2 baths, hardwood floors, oil burner hot water heat. ROOM COUNTRY HOME: 411 m'cossary out buildings. 9 A.cre« of land. Sold over ?1.000.00 worth of strawberries last year. Price; JvA 1 V 1 ' M1 ' :x ' r: ^ est location. Rental ?2,OOU. P. ice: ?1S.OOO. No janitor .service: required. Real Bargain. NEAR VIRGINIA AVE: Lot 60' x :ja&'. City water. Enough lops io build part of house and to finish garage. 14' x 22' Price 51000.00 HAGERSTOWN REALTY CO. — Realtors— 12 W. Franklin St. Phone 166 8 KOOM frame hotuse: all modern conveniences; 5 miles West of Hancock on hard road. 43 acre farm with 65.000 H. of hardwood timber Phone Hancock 25-F-j. Jfrs John True. 6' ROOM double frame in W-st Eml all conv. Ii. L. Conk, Hag'st Trust < o. Ti\<}z. Ph. IflTQ.w or Sale "HOME WOOD"—Choice" TotS fb"r sale, opposite Smitlisburg- High School. S. M. McDonongh, Smithsburg- .|.-]-F-:;. Hairerstmvn RK-> WE HA\'E LOTS ON Lauren .Road Cleveland Avenue Chestnut Street Hamilton Blvd. Bryan Place Wilson Blvd. Ft. Salem Drive Route No. 4ft And ilRny Oiher Locations GAYLORD BROOKS & co. 13a -Y. Potomac St.. 2nd floor LOT—.=>G'x160' on Devonshire .Road. Apply '.'.'>.'; Main Ave. A _DESIRA3LE HOME—One of the kind that does not often come on the market. 6 Rooms. Sun Parlor Bath, Modern Kitchen with Built-' in Cupboards. Automatic Hot Water Heat-Stoker. Itock Woo! Insulated Carage, etc. Stone "Wall in front. Abour M. Arre land. Early poss. Located near Clearspring. |6.00i). n. A. McCFXE •112- 2nd National Bank Bldg. ATTRACTU'E in dcaiRn and loca- rto, . a i'. bedroom modern home Sl«.Si>0. Possession July l A^ WELL LOCATED Apr.'Kicijr. yearly rent listed i<nVt>. STROLE REALTY 17 Summit Ave. . A good buy CO. at BARGAINS—PRICES REDUCED A\'E.— «ric CE ST ..... FRAME ____ Fi:,\ME . .." V1RC.IN1A AVE. Lot.. . FOr.VTALY JfL'AD Lo! . MIDDLEBUP.G Pike Lot. ?77f*0 $r,000 ?r.00ti .Jnoo 52200 J120" . JOHN L. SWAIN 20 Summit Ave. AGENCY Phone 20S9-J BREWER AND LINDSE? OFFERS * HOMKS—LOTS—INVESTMENTS WOODLAND WAY — Attractive 5 rm. modern home. Insulated w e ;i the rs tripped, modern kitchcii and bath, oil beat ... Jl 3,500 00 LOT—DEVONSHIRE RD. 50x 1S'>. Non-resident owner re- <mests immediate snle. Make host, offer. FOUNTAIN HEAD—Immediate pos- se^sion of new 7 rm. brick and frame home with two bathrooms and automatic heat. Buy to-day move in ;n-morrow LOT - FO R K S T D RI V K. r, 0 x 1» 0. dandy locution fot duplex' 11600.00. VIST A ST. — 7 rm. home double prarag-c. iwo k<ls stoker, posses- Dollars from OLD rlothos sold through Want Ad.s bring ihe price of new clothes. ^ion Mny 1st. See us. inspect and tTivo bost offer. LOT—SALEM AYE. =>0x.100. a beauty, nwnor has purchased home and desires immediate snle. NORTH AVE.—Corner htiok property coniaininj; 4-4 room npts each with private bath, hot water heat with stoker. An ideal location for business. Non resident owner instruct." tis to sell at once. LOT—HAMILTON- BLVD.. RO x ISO. A real buy at SI COO 00 OAK HILL AVK.—owner leaving: i-ity has reduced pri«:^ on beautiful I<-.,-atorl S rm. brick home LOT—FOFNTA1N HEAD. Beautifully located, fronting ]53 ft. on Lnuran Rd. NORTH UNO—Exclusive Apartment property containing <>-.> im aptp. In'nuti*'ully landscaped prounds! contains over 22,.^00 ^nii-ire f^et and ninkos for cheerful and cx- I'ltiifiio livine. HIT—MlDOLEP.rKG PJICK — FOUNTAIN HEAD. ROxlSO. Owner moved to (^vu'pia. says soil quirk for $70(1 DO. MJ'LRKRRY ST. ?.()-?.: NORTH — To sot t If f.stato ion-resident ad- minisivator rcnucsls imrnoiliatc f.\\c. of this doubU- brick property Tiviriir possfs^jon of No. r>2 at onre LOT—Till'. TKRRACK—50x180. Fine location for disrriminatinp: purchaser. SHERMAN AVK. — HALFWAY. — Modern 6 rm. frame, large attr.ic- livo lor. Po.«s<\«.«ion .luno isf. Mr. Lindscy or Mr. Soibert RRKWF.R AND LIN'DSEY Tml National Bank Bldg. Ph. 2ISI LOTS FOR SALE SHARPSBOKG PIKE & ST. JAMES ROAD: Buy your lot now on easy terms. 20% down and balance monthly. Make your selection; ?5 to $10 a front foot. Accessible to city water, transportation elect- tricity. After you have paid for your Jot. we will help to arrange your financing to build your own home. This is an opportunity to plan fnr your future HAGERSTOWN REALTY CO —ReaUors— S A C~R K S—wTTo fe~oT~paTrt "Ti"~ m i 1 e south Leiterstiurg- on Uag-ersiown- Wayn t .sboro Road. Rex ford B. Hurtle. llJig-erstown, Md. R D 5 Phone :i064-.T-i2 IVantcil—Real iilainte HOUSE with fair size lot — 6-7 rooms — 3 mi. radius of city — Fairly modern. $7000 to $»500 price Write Roy 1 Tj^jernld-Mail. . . WILL Pay Cash for a s'Ood double dwolling in any residential section of Hatrerstown. "Write Bov 77 c/o Herald -Mai L _ WANT E D — T o rent or buy house with fair size lot — -ri or 6 rooms urgently needed by middle aee couple W. E. Irwin. SOS Marvlatid Ave. Phone 345S-.I Nolircc <.' R D E R NISI — ' ~~ In Ihe matter of Eva B. Lowrv, non t;o. ipos me.inis. No. 15.28R Efjtiiiy. 3n the Circuit Court for Washington County, sitting: aa a Court of hquil y. Ordered. By the Clerk of rhe Circuit Court, this llih day of April I!H7. i hut Mie saie.s made and rt>- portod by Kmmert M. Lou-ry. heretofore appointed Committee'"in the proceedings of this cause mentioned, be. rat ittert :md ronrtrmed. unless i-ausf to the contrary be shown to the Court on or hrforo the 5th day of May next: Provided, a copy of this order t><: inserted \ n some newspaper published in Washington County, at least onre a wp<?k for IhrfH- successive weeks before the said last mcnnoiifd ri;iv. The report states the' amount of sal^s io bf> $700,110. True Copy— EDWARD OS WAI.P Clerk. 01 -I I' E R N IS I — ~ UNITED STATES OF AMERICA D. JESSE MARTIN and MARY MARTIN, his wife. In the District Court of ih« United States for the District of Maryland Civil No. 3-11S. ORDER ORDERED this twenty-seventh day of March. l.'MT. by the District Court, of the United States for the District of Maryland, that the 5aie of the fee simple property described in the above mentioned proceedings made and reported by the mort- - _ _ lamod therein on the twenty- fifth day of March. 1H47. to Russel E. Provard :uul wife, of Hag-prstown 5, Maryland, as tenants by the entireties, at ami for the sum of Nj ne Thousand Three Hundred Dollars - - ... -"aid purchasers being the highest bidders for said properly, be ratified ami confirmed unless cause to the contrary be shown on or before the first day O f May IM7: provided a copy of this Order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Washington County, Maryland, once a week for three successive weeks orior to tho first dny of May l^-iT WILLIAM C.'COL KM AN. U. S. District Jud^e. True ropy—Tost: CHAS. XV. ZIMMERMAN n«M-k. Public Snle LIC SALE SATURDAY, APRIL 19 AT I O'CLOCK the on ."? milos below Downsvill ohJ Tnffncy Fnnn 25,000 Feet Lumber consisting of 2.v4's. 2x6's. 2xS's. inch boards, 3 slab piles. 200 cord top wood. and Also Boyd Michael Immediate Delivery OAK 1MKAKPAST J3ET, 5 Pieces » 2 9.r>( BLACK & WHITE PORCELAIN top 5 i)ie;-e breakfast set-.8B95( PLATFOHM HOOKERS'. JH'OB GENERAL ELKOTRJC GARBAGE DISPOSALS, fits any sink GENERAL ELE/3TR1CJ HOME PtthJEZBUS, 4 cubic ft. GENERAL ELECTRIC IRONS GENERAL ELECTRIC 60-inch ' SINKS. MAT MATJC ELECTRIC IRONS COLEMAN OIL 30-gal. WATER HEATERS. SIMMONS ELECTRIC BLANKETS. GAS RANGES. Equipped for bottle gas, natural gas or artificial gas ARMSTRONG LINOLEUM RUGS SEPCO ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS, 80 gal. SHOCKEY FURNITURE CO. 28-30 Summit Ave, Phone 1203. .•(•tire* Wis PAY* •1 DC LOAD FOH ASHES DELIVERED POTOMAC DINER I'untiu IN MAUGANSVJLLE SATURDAY. APRIL I9lli At 12 o'clock S roonis of household furniture belonging- to the late Mary O V inters Smith. This includes piano' new hooked ru^s. oilpaintings feu antiques, clothing-, bedding. Singer sewing machine, 'Dexter washing machine. 2 oil heaters, l New Perfection oil stove, dishes, cooking xi» isils, 2 lawn mowers, garden tools, canned fruit and jellies and various other items. MRS. 'MXA TRVOR MARTIN* Aui-iionepr- -'Ward. Clerks—Horn & Martin. I'lTBLir SALE OK PERSONAL PKOPEIITV — On account uf my health 1 am forced to quit farming and -win sell the following: at my farm three miles southeast o"f (Jhaniher-sburg; ar.ti two miles northwest of DIJ(field, along the Falling Spring road. formerly the Paul Patterson farm—watch for sigrn at ane. TUESDAY. APRIL 15. 1047 Farmall B. N. tractor ecuiip- lied v/itli starter and Jig-ht.s and ,iower lift., one bottom plow and 2-row cultivator, never used, tractor umbrella. John Deere: Van Brunt grain drill 7-11 tractor hitch John Deere 99'J corn plant.r with fertilizer attachment." checkering- chain and tractor hitch, used two days; McConnick - Deerin- rubber tire Iractor. manure spreader, junior size, rubber-tire 12 ft. Hat trailer tractor corn sheller with bagger never used; dump rake, 40 ft. endless belt. Ifi tooth harrow, 7 ft. plank drag. This is all new machinery and some never used. Lot of chicken fountains, new Conlerator ice refrirerator. iron kettle, heatro- la, oil drums, benches, several good house doors. 2 story wash "house, 14x20. :n good condition, could be converted to a nice dwelling- house Pale at 1 o'clork. Terms: Cash. DANIEL D1LLER \Vanger—Aurt. Raifsnyder—Clerk. OF VALT.5ABI.T3 BRICK APARTMENT flOUSPT KNOWN AS NOS. 479 .t 4S1 POTOMAC STREET, CORNER OF POTOMAC STREET AND CHARLES STREET, KAG ERSTOWN. W A S H I N G T O N COUNTY, MARYLA.NU. B" virtue of an authorization and .ower contained in the Last Will and Testament of Charles E. Roach, deceased, of Record In Wills Book, i-iber No. N, folio SfiS, in the office of the Register of Will for Washington County. Maryland, the undersigned Executor will offer at Public Sale on TUESDAY. APRIL lath. 3947 in front of the Court House. Hagerstown. Maryland, between the hours of I ._nd 3 o'clock P. M.. the following described tract or parcel of land, with the improvements thereon, rf which thft Charles E. Roach died seized and possessed. All that lot or parcel of ground situate on the Southwest corner of Potomac a.nd Charles Streets, in Hape_rstoTvn, Maryland, and froni- 5ng (I) feet, more or less, on said Potomac Sfeet. snd has a depth of 250 feet, more or less, on Charles Street. Being the same Jot of ground that was conveyed to Charles E. Roach by John W. Slonebraker, by deed dated July 21st, 1SS1. and recorded in Liber No. SI, folio 23S, one ot he Lnnd Records of Washington County, .Maryland; except that part which was conveyed to Fred W. Reynolds by Robert E. Roach. Executor, by deed date'' September 2Sth. 192S. and recorded in Liber No. - 15. folio 298. another of $aid Land Records of Washington County. The improvements thereon consist of a Brick Apartment House containing: 32 rooms and an attic sufficient to be transformed into nn apartment, fi baths and 1 lavatory, consisting of S apartments, one useVi as a private school—Hoffmeier School and Kindergarten metal roof, new oil burner steam conversion furnace, nearly new. City convenience. TERMS OP" SALE: A deposit of $3.000.00 on the dav of sale wilj be required of the purchaser and the balance r>( said purchase price upon the ratification thereof bv the Court. Taxes for 1M7 will bn adjnsled' ami apportioned as of the dav o f S'ttlement. Rental possession as of the day of settlement. Appointmont for Inspection nf property can be made by lelcphon- "ROH'ERT E. ROACH. Executor of C. E. Roach deceased. Jos C. Snyde< Auctioneer. LDpi i n 1 d An k o n g v. ^ t j y. BIG 'Jcmand for used farm mach& A^SAR^" WatCh ' n * thS 1'uhMc OF VALUABLE PROPERTIES IN HAGFR'VTnurv Under.and by viru.e ot a i?^ fv,! f Cl . rul Y> (J . olirt tor Washiugto c-ounty. in ICquiiy. duh- nns«.^t :i ,id on ty, h, K^ity. dulV , a^ in Equity (;jm se x o . } ^<j ' liai "^' will offer at puuhc sale in front of the Court- "»iis« in Hayerstown. Maryland b<-- • W 7;ii the hours of 1 and" j o'clock P. .M. <m ,.,, / 1 u IKH , 1>AV .- MAY Cll) . »9*7 tiV/rMM 1 "?, (lt -' M ' 1 ' ilj '^ rciil estate: nr A1 i°'' L No> !: AU lllo - so »»l«n- u ved join or parcels of land «it- u.ile on the Northwest corner of the 'I. 1 ™!; 1 !? 11 .°' 'N»rtli CitnnuiL Ave frcjntiii itue I'i , - , Nljrlh Cannon Ave- eet, more or less, and on Aveuuc 87 f^t. more or mid 1)oiny the same proiic-rty ' conveyed to D. N'owitin Hei.son, «„. ceased, by Alexander Aniisironjj, el :H, by deed datod August 1C. ]«J04 <uii( recorded unionti the Washing-' Ion < ounty hand Records In J.iber No. 1^0. folio 708, and by A M Ordway and wife tiy d ec d dated Julv :' LHU. iu.d i-fct-orded atiuuiK said Land rV 1 ^', 1 ", 1 , 1 , 1 I>llK ' 1 ' Xo - 1S(; - f "li<> U'9 PARCEL NO. '>: All those unimproved lots or pan-els of land on the West side of LjuKanore Avenue in JJutfersioivn, lyiiig conti^uiHis iirid .. thcifeon 45 feift, more or u-iih , n i lu ' ni . ll . MillW h ' u ' k therefrom V,.. U - il1 Ulllt °i'»i width a distance oi lil leet, more ur less to an a)K-y beiiiff all of Lot No. lu and t'he Northern half u f Lot No. 17 in Sec- lion '2:, of the CUiKt-ns' Developmetu t.omi)iiiiy's Addition to Hnjforstown. as shown on the Plat recorded in Liber No. SU, folio 701, of the Wash- intfion County Laud Records, and i>eni£ ihe same property conveyed '.? J>. Newton Hen.son, deceiisftd, l>y Karl Hf-nson and wife by deed dated March 20. 11)^, and recorded ainonff said Land lie curds in Liber No 1(52 folio 11G. ' PARCEL NO. :i: All that unimproved lot ur pared of land situau on the East side of Pan#ljurn Boulevard (formerly Crestlii.e Avenue) in Magerstown, designated a.s Lot No 2!!J on the P!;u of Kaylor's Artdltioii to ilHg-erstowii, recorded in pjal lU-cord, folio \'l-,. fromine ihoreon r.) teetund extnidinjj bark with mat uniform wultli a diiinnce of 150 feet, more or less, to an alley subject to the conditions ami restrictions KCA forth in deed from S \V bowers, tt al, i.o Lntie H Si'cssard recorded in Liber 143. folio ;j;{0, ajid l>c-!iiK the siime property conveyed to u. Newton Henson, deijftused, by Holland F. Bowers tind wife 'hy deed elated March ISO, 1D2S, and re-corded in the Land Records of Washington County in Liber N'o. J7. r '. folio (J4G PARCEL NO. •): All those three lots or parcels of land de.sig-nated as Lots NOB. 1. 2 and 'A on the Plat pf Henson Brick and Supply Company which is recorded in Plat Record, folio '.M), all lying- contiguous, being- Irregular in shape and of a depth varying from 45 feet ;j inches to 150 feftt. and having- an nffKregate frontage on the Northeast side of South Cannon Avenue of i:u feet G Inches, more or less, beintf the same property conveyed to D. Newton Henson, deceased, by the Heneon Brick- and Supply'Company, bv deed dated 'May ], 1J)^2. jind recorded in the Washington Countv Lund Kec- u-fls in Liber No. IC2, folio 4|i2. and mproved by a brick residence known as No. F>20 South Cannon Avenue, said resideiu-e contains nine rooms and bath and has a metal roof. This properly also contains a single frame garage, chicken bouse and hnck outbuilding and frame washhouse with running- water PARCEL NO. 5: All that lot or parcel of land front ing .",9 feet, more or less, on the Southwesterly side of Soiitli Cannon Avenue in ~ lingers- town with a depth therefrom of IDS feet, more or less, to an allev. being the Northernmost :i9 feet of Lot No 1 on the Plat of James W. Troupe's land, and being' part of the same property conveyed to "D. Newton Henson, deceased, by Alfred Henson by deed dated April 2. 1S9S, and recorded anioivr the Land Kecords of Washington County in Liber No. 10S, folio 2Gn. and improved by a single brick residence kno\vri as*No. 35ij South Cannon Avenue, said house contains seven rooms and hath. PARCEL NO. 6: AH that lot or parcel of land situated on the North side of East Baltimore Street between Mill Street and South Cannon Avenue, and more particularly described as follows: Beginning nt a point in the Southwest marginal line of Uie public alley Southwest of South Cannon Avenue, said point being in the Northwest boundary line of Lot >in. I o- the Plat of lands of James W. Troup (Cannon Avenue) Hagerstown. Maryland, recorded in Liber No. 93. folio :ifil. one of the Land Records of Washington County, and \ foot Southwest from the Southwest edge of the concrete pavement in said alley, and running- thence with said Northwest boundary line South 5f» degrees 4S minutes \Vest 71.89 feet into East Baltimore street, theiu.-fc Soiidi SI' degrees -13 minutes Enst Sr>.!)3 feet to the Southwest marginal line of the aforementioned .iiiblic alley, thence along said alley North 34 degrees 10 minutes Weat 63.54 fee, to the place of beginning; and being a part of the •same property conveyed to D. New- on Kenson hy Alfred Hensori hv deed dated April 2. 189S. and reconf- ed among the Washington County Uind Records in Liber No. 10S. folio 265. This parcel is improved by a moderately large brick stable or garage, the Southernmost corner of which projects beyond the lines of 'his parcel, but approximately thr«e- ourtlis of said building is upon this parcel of land. PARCEL NO. T: All that lot or parcel of land situated along- the Southwest side of South Cannon Avenue between Mill Street and East Baltimore Street and more particularly described as follows: T>eginnin;r at a point in ihe Southwest marginal ine of South Cannon Avenue, said r>oin' bping South :\.\ degrees 12 min- it.os East. I f>'.) feet from an fron pipe it tho. Northens? corner of lot No. 2 n the plat of Lands of Jam PS W. Troup (Cannon Avenue) Hatvrrs- own. Maryland, recorded in LUx>r N'o. L'3, folio 3*1. one of the Land Record: of Washington County, and running thence South 3} degrees 12 minutes' East :;-f.1S feet, thence leav- "ng South Cannon Avenue and run- ling- along the existing fence lino South ,14 degrees 32 minutes West .jr'.tf foot to the Southern boundary f Lot No. 1 on the 'aforementioned Mat. thence witli said Southern boundary North S2 degrees 43 mi tines West SL? feet to the fence nlong the Southeast side of the par- rel of land conveyed by [). Newton lenson and wife to Elizn. C. Shul< x r >y deod datvd August 1S, 1IM1. .nud rernrdod in Liber No, 137. folio 120. another of the Land Rc«.-ords of Washington County, thence alont; he existing fence line and binding • p. said parrvl of land North oi de'- crees SS minutes East 67.SS feet to he place of beginning; and. beinsr part of the same property which ••onveyed to D. Newton Ht'nson . Thomas H. Barber. Sheriff, by deed d ted June 30. i:)]S. and re~- ordtid among the Land Records of Yashinpton County. Maryland, in ,iber No. 147. folio 2ttr.. This parcel s improved by a double brick slnte- oof residence known as Nos. "67>"0 South ''annon Avfnue. orn.-h side f which c<mtains six; roonis nnd atb. Tho Southern corner of the ouble residenro herein roferrvd to extends beyond the South boundary 'f the parcel herein desrribed. but .pproximately three-fourths of said otil)Ie residence lies upon the par- el herein described. PAKCEL NO. S: AH that lot or >arcel of land situated altitis: the ^outhwest side of South Cannon \vemie bctworn Mill Street and Kast Jaltimore Stroot. and moro pani- nlariy described as follows: Beginning at a poitu in ih«* Southwest narsfinal line of South <~annon Avenue, said point being South "4 de- Puhllc 5»lc ,S»lc ALL-DAY COMMUNITY SALE NEAR MARIO.V, FA. FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 1947 ,A,. i - -.- ;• •"»•.•«••• *. Commission rates run from 2 lft'.r. bnsod on value per article. Will proh;»Mv have a M amount of livestock of our own. No olhers accepted fir this s PHONE MARION 32-R-n RALPH W. HORST, Sales Manager R. R. 5, Cliamber.sburjr. p,-\. The Morning Herald, Hagerslown, Md. ELEVFN MonrfMy, AurlJ H. 19^7. *-*i^*J i iji^ Public Sale \-> minutes East ]-1:5,is feet from an iron pipe at the Northeast corner of Lot No. 2 on the Plat of Lands of .James W. Troup (Cannon Avenue) HauorsLown. Maryland recorded in Liber No. »3, folio 361. one of tho Land Records of Washington Bounty, and runnnlnff thence South •i4 degrees 12 minutes East 2G 8'> teet to an iron pipe at the Northeast corner of Lot No. l on the aforementioned Plat, thence with the hoiilUern boundary of said lot North y degrees •(;{ minutes West 3.9 5 «-Vi r i° .!! n f - xlsli »ff fe 'i^e line, and uitli it- North 54 degrees 32 minutes nitfi. , felei . l ° the 5 )l!i(;e °£ beffin- • ?i , H " U , b - C1 ,"* 1 ' tmrt Ql the «a' ne Pi operty \vhieh was conveyed to D Newton Hensojj by TJiouia* H Bar- >er L .sheriff, by deed dated June 3D. Ulf, and recorded ainong the Land Hecorda ot Washington County, Maryland. j» Liber N'o, 1^7. /olio ''03 i n.s pan:ftj is unimproved. Any persons de.sirjng- more detail*-•(! Information concerning the various parcels uf this advertisement ma> examine a blueprint drawing ?>towui B _ parcels No.s. 5. 8. 7 and V in the othce of Wagraman & Wa^a- "uui. Attorneys, 'i Court Place Ha- {ferKtown, Maryland, or may consult the Iriistee or Auctioneer named below. TERMS OF SALE: One-third of the purchase money shall be paid in hand on the day of .sale or the ratification thereof by the Court and the,i in two enunl installments Payable m one and two years from the day or sale, with Interest from the day of . sn |f ; , the purchaser or purchasers to give his. her or their notf-.s with surety or .sureties to be approved by said Trustee for the de- r.-rred payments, or all cash at the option ot the purchaser or piircha*- £r*; a deposit of $500.00 in cash • to r>e made on the day of .sale on each unproved parcel sold by said Trustee •uid a deposit, of $300.00 in cash to '« mrule on Die day of sale on each unimproved parcel .sold by said Tru.s- te«.; State, County and City Taxes' to be prorated as of ihe day of r.iti- flrauon of said sale or sales- rental posse.sjiion upon compliance- with the terms of salo. JOHN WAGAMAN- JOS. <-. SNVDER. Trustee. A net ionppr. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 16TII MULBERRY ST. AT Electric Frigidarie, electric wash, gas range, laundry metal tub electric cabinet model sewing machine, glass door kitchen cupboard extension table, rockers and chairs' pedestels. 4 metal beds and springs' one, .Kold-A-VV'ay bed. 3 dresses -stiiMo couch, music cabinet metal' wardrobe, small electric cleaner •> electric fans, chest of drawers ' 2- burner oil heater, library table 4 Coap)lemn rugs, buffet, hig-h chair clothes trees, dishes, cooking utensils. pom* garden tools, bedding. SALE TIME ONE O'CLOCK rtelUir- CASH Day of Sale. JOHN N. LONG Jos. C. Snyder — A mil. _ P»iMle S ^2 A ff rr? SALE I. the undersig-ned. will sell it public auction all 'the following articles of hotel equipment and househo d furnishings at tho Lo« Cabin Inn. seven miles East ot Chambersburg on the Lincoln High way i,i Caledonia Park on £&: day. April 19th. at 1:00 p. M 2 soda fountains. 4 milk Hhaker sets. :' Coca-Cola dispensers. 1 glass show cases. j .large food dispensing case 1 a ge gas grill. 2 place warmers. 1 gas french frier. I gas range and grill. 1 coal stove. 3 kitchen tables. 1 mangle. 1 ice box (large). 1 lOlectric refrigerator <30 cu ft) ]p bedroonj /suites with innerspring- mattresses, blankets, sheets Pillows and bedspreads by the dozen. 2 booths. H benches. S chairs with arm trays S rocking chairs. 100 dining room chairs and ->0 dining room tables. 7 chrome legged tables and chairs to match. 1 oak breakfast set and red leather chairs. 1 Piano. Kitchenware, silverware and dishes of all kinds. Beach chairs and lawn chairs Alan: other items and merchandise too numerous to mention. Win. D. Flood, Owner Lesli° Bohn. Auctioneer. Even the "carriage trade" uses Wanted To Buy Ads to get the things they need. ROT2 BAB? CHICKS Live. Lay and Pay Nine standard breeds. Sexed pullets and cockerels. Special price pn Leghorns and heavy c^ck- erels. Al> bree^er^ >'.ntol iaj blood-tasted, ^reo Catftlojt* Price List KAifMOND S. ROT/. Poultry Farm and Hatchery Box 3F, Fort Loudon Pa. Phone St. Thomas 137-R-21 Notlcei Davis Salvage Sales 47 S. Potomac St. We Are Clearing Out Our TOY LINK Prior to moving to Blue Ridge Summit. Pa. CONDENSED STATEMENT Of THE BLUE RIDGE FIRE INSURANCE CO., HAGERSTOWN MD DECEMBER 31sc. 1946. ' ' I otal income during the year '$' J 394l"3 Total disbursements during-'the year •tV-'Ts'ii Total admitted assets ' us'-Un^i ' ••• h -..,-.. lOy,(jU.iJx Total liabilities except capital Capital actually paid up in cash Surplus over all liabilities o' J 'H5 65 14,535.66 Surplus as to policy holders Total liabilities 1S5 750 31 Premiums on Maryland business in ISIS .... Reinsured • ' ' ' Losses paid in Maryland in PJ4B Reinsured State of Maryland. Office of the Sinrp Insurance Department. Balti- 171,214.65 .. I Hereby Certify' That the above is a true abstract, taken from the Annum Statement of the Blue Ridge Fire Ins. Co.. for the year e dinK December 31, 134B, now on file in this Department. ' ctm > n * - LAWRENCE E. ENSOR. _ Insurance Commissioner. REPORT OF CONDITION-OP THE SAVINGS BANK OF WILLUMSPOPT MARYLAND OF WILLTAMSPORT IN THE STATE OF M \RYLANrj AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON MARCH 37 1947 ^ • • ' ' r- v. , ASSETS Lash balances with other banks, including reserve balance* and cash items In process of collection ..... ____ united States Government obligations', direct and gu'aVa n teed" " Obligations of States and political subdivisions . : ... Other bonds, notes, and debentures . . Corporate stocks {including ?1, 000.00 stock of 'FedeVal'Reserve • • ^17:1,004 4S 466,412 00 . 11,261 30 * 70,850 64 - ...... . ............ .............. Loans and discounts (including $57.54" overdrafts')" ............ bank premises owned J.S.COO.OO. furniture and fixtures $2,4oY^4 (Bank premises owned are subject to No liens not assumed by bank). • • ^ Real estate owned other than bank premises . ... Investments and other assets indirectly representing bank"" premises or other real estate. ....... ...... ll "' S bank ° n acce P lanc «« o'" 2.114 00 iait,97S S7 S,OQ4 24 None None None TOTAL ASSETS S71.94.3 7S ., , , LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 46'' lime deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations . 30 7 > Deposits of United States Government (including- postal • " savings) ...; : l in Deposits of States and political subdivisions ' W Deposits of banks ~ • O 1 " 6 ,! (Jeposits (certified and officers' check's," etc.) V.'.".'.'.".".'.".".'. 3 Bills payable, rediscounts', 'and' 'other' IfabVli'ties' 'for 'borrowett^ 9 Mortgages or other Hens, .None' on "batik premises 'a'tid None on other real estate '.'. Acceptances executed by or for account'ofVh'is'bknk'and outstanding Other liabilities ".'. ,m Of, .44S 75 454 5S ,308 S4 None .060 27 None Ncyie None 1 00 ( " Ot inciudillg ' subordinated obligations 503,264 43 Capital- C : V - nT . AL ACCOUNTS Su rpl us ...'.'...... Undivided profits *'." ........ ^.....'.'. ' '."." Reserves (and retirement account f or preferred'"capital)"."! '.'.' TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS ,-r, • TC v TA , L ^ABILITIES AND CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Jnis hanks capita! consists of: First preferred stock with total par value of None total retirable value None. Second preferred stock with total par value of None total retirablR value None. Capital notes and debentures of Ncne. Common stock with total par value of S25 000 00 . , MEMORANDA ' ''" ' Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes ; " • Obligations subordinated to claims of deposit'oVs'and" other" " creditors, nor included in liabilities vuier 25,000 25.001) .7,012 15.666 00 74 23 •871,013 7S 113,000 00 CHARLES N. HAKSH. Cashier Correct—Attest: R. B. SMALTZ R. G. HOFFMAN. DAVID K. CUSHWA. Jr.. Stair of Maryland. County of Washington •<>--- Directors, sworn to and subscribed heforo me this llth day of \oril it^ at I hereby cerufy that I am not an officer or director of this bank My ,-o mmi, t ,, expires Mav tM™ S L MADISON - Notary Public I'ubllc Sale PuhHc Snlr Are Fairinfii@irs They are buying Purebred Hereford Cattle You too, Can invest in Purebred Hereford Cattle Attend The 7th annual sale by Maryland Hereford Breeders* Assn. at Frederick. Md., on Wednesday, April 16th. 1947 Your selection can be made from the ^ horned bulls. 1 polled bull and 65 females, consigned by the leading breeder? in your state.

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