Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 28, 1952 · Page 2
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 2

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 28, 1952
Page 2
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Social Ne**s Ministerial Association Honors Botvyer Family at FSrewell Picnic on Lake Okohoji -' •• • ••, - - •-.-r, - r,.v : -.^V th'- P.«-i-. Boflrj-cr has accectpd a \C~ f«rt «-,t, V...I^V„T ,> .i v<, ii,L.-i J7t h •• ••••i ^i- '"'"l* I I M wniiip ill 5.30 p. m. Thosi Cf »TJ:ti--r x:. i fv-^ •>-».: ' Mr. and >Ir>.. (.wirec CrawTiifr. Little Niff t.l.brut.- Birthday Everlasting Whitewalls! Nowhere else do you get tfae Ufettroe beauty and styling of thw great U. S. ROYAL MASTER! Thia w the only tire whooe Bpotless whitewails are fully protected by the completely ex- dorive U. a ROYAL CURBGUARD. No more curb «cuff and abrasion—no special deaning nuisance and exfiense! Billiona of miles of owner experience have proved thia dietjactively new con­ cept of =!tyiing and beauty. Come in — see the U. S. Royal Master Curbguard demonstrated today I - WE BIT YOLR OLD TIRES.' _ You don't kai'^ to uait until your tinm UiW out! You can have thf safety of V. S. Royaii nt^! We will give you full taJue far the anw^d mileage in your preaent iires—oid or rune'. Come in today for tru^ sperial allrjwanret! th<- Rfr.: Bow5cr baa accpptpd a Mr*, fart Wal/ \Va» as pastor of an Episcopal • Ho«i»w at Sb<.«-r. .hurch there. 1 ^-"^ -''^ Th-!^'- prMent last night wcr"? :h<- P.'v and Mrs. Bowycr and fa- iy uad Ihf Rov. and Mrs. John n.- I^-jrg: the and Mrs. TTiom- Nt-'.ton and Nancv'- tb<: R«v. and C'.yd'- L /r «»dJ and family; the I'.. .. and Mrs. L. G. Hinderaker ;:r.d fa.-r.ily; the Rev. and Mrs. H. C VlfMican of Gruver: the Rev.. O E. Ko .'ss^Il; the Rev. and Mrs. | ijovfard Peterson of Superior; the v. and Mrs. Kenneth Fog^Imaa a.-.d family and the Rev. and Mrs. Hr^.ert J. Baker and family. Ben Sar.dera of Station KICD at Sp«n- c<^r. and children also were present for the famren even*.. by John P.ho'l.-, owtr i of tin- hoJl'--!' at .-> i During th- rrjui.«- of lh«' .'^oriiil taisc^'ilsri'-o^f --hoivf.- for .Mi.<« i afternoon Jt u;n rvpfl th;it Shirl.y Ncr'.-iey irA no! .Mr* Den • many of thf- . mfilov. of FihodeH Walz a.< V, ... ir, i^,-. r.igLfi i M<;tor Co. hav. i n v. iUi th- flini D-iiiv .V v.- : for a !on:r timf. .\fi.<-.^ K;ii))li 'n .VIill'i- in -"'I' kirp'-r: Wilforcl O.slii r .M.sti I- hfiv.- hfi'M .sin'Kliiiii ,. . tl„. fc'ioui) in l!i:t2 n.i.l .M MIVIII H. ri; h;i.'< l)<''n tlii-ro fm Hi yi'iiiH, A pi'nii' sii)i|i'i "-'i-i ,rn( with 111'' "I 111'rt; jiiin"! I 'njiiv' tl by ,,>,oU .IM «r"ui. at r .:3f) p. m. Those at- 1 C!irl (,.mlinw "''r'' Mr. -ind Mf"- Hoyer. Turn to pnCR A- column 4 family Picnic at Wayne Uontslncer Borne Th"^- spaclotis back yard of the Wayne Hiintalnger honje was tho =. • n--^ Sunday of a family picnic in honor of their niece. Mary ESleen Hu-Kin's eighth Wnhday. The yard i.- -te •with fireplace and ha.« p:-;r.v.- of rcom for chitdr-en to play v.-h,!.- ih" CTOWTi upa «it and chat. M-i-y K -.k-ra received snasy rif's a.-.d a decorated birthday caie. Ht-'.pir.z Itaiy Eile«n celebrate h- r birthday were her parents. Mr snd Mr-f. Fae Hiegins and her si;- r. C^r--1: her rrieat zraadmcth 'er. y.T- Mary Ve<i<ier of Graettiag*r. h-r p.-andp3re=L5. Mr aiKf Mr*. O^.rge Vender: Mr. "and Mr«. Frank Vedder and Gregory: Mi«a ; Ma.-j- Ann Veddet; Mr. and Mis:; V-rlyn Vedder and Mr. and Mr Mr both hsv- •.vh., thd^.;. cal'.- ( or 'r at ~. 'i .-d .Mr- *r. i? pur p.. bir-/; i iL :n ..h chirtj .13d : T H-r~-.a •.is D: K Mrf ; o: ; •" Cc: <• Crawmi-" s :V !-r •;v-«>k 3n<. i Katny Riosin r.- •.-I f;r?-. bir- ^tion f'O a grfui'! • '. it !V-.-.« I h-.T'- 1 i • .r.'i .\!r^ Cra-.v i . r.'.'X'n f'.r thif. ! -isrl.t ;iione thr.-.- r th. fiv- oW'jcV: .••.f..Tn'.on r;^-. niiiv n'-*.'. s — r-^- ilr .ind Mr-:. -. '}:• <:r. ^!r, and .Mr..', Cui• z-..:r.. Miruyn. IJ .yd. ^nd .i:; ji.k.-jn; Mr. and' r.: P. •«:r.. !';-ir.'- -ind Car f^.--'. rvili.,, Mr. and Mrs. ..rd J ..yc.. of Ai. .-. rir.d .Mr.^. William -f .A.:;;.,'.. .Mr.^. Auno.-^ B!o!.<. S V r^urn -rd Mr and Mr» Huatsinger. Diane. David and Deb- Triple y. Club .Mr<t, IVith Mrs. KJnar Chriitensen ~T :;'.- y. m.n:b.'ts mi ?l y"?- •.-;rdi.y r .r. a: thf home of, Mr^ S::-.-..: •.'hr:5:-n.«-'n, f'lr thcirl r'ci".;lir . T.- ••'.th Mr.<. Geori;- Mrj .\r-, .••^•, rrjitz. c'.ub pi csidfnt, i: j:-. "r.. trj.-inf.s.s nif«-tinL'. t-. aDviLRiiiujfsrrr TOCB OSB TIBE IMTCST M K .HT FOB TEtBS TO COMB Skid Protection • filosvout Prevention Life Protection Hammond Oil Co. KiVhtli aiul OnfraJ Phone 25 WUTIC A L AUVKRTIHKM K.N T Wake Up To More Comfort WHbwit Na <xiB« BMkacW u4 tfxDUW aw Veto u ifiiv- icm U ttiibuet fxiMtiiai t>uian w (nc>e ki<ln<T fosKtiai it v«rT im»«rtaii« B» fiw* f unctk« U »tov AinrojaaAT liKfcrmu* d« irTii «i »<w *ar tB cijM 'K- jrr 'i'fct ^iirt KMT tk/T .j t«JlAr ri*a. Try I>:aa 'f —» 3i;iii I>:«n 'i fTT* ka^.^ e«i^f f run -.i «wp -tmrnm.- .\;-.-r a i.\l aft..-rnoon lunch i -i-3..? ?• rvfi to Mr.s_ Molvin Xeppl. [ M.- i:..r; .<•.!, k .Mrs Walt-r Frick, • Mr- i_"i^rk '^•j.-^af..'iin, Mr.?. J;imps i K;:>: Mr; Llovd OU.jn. Mrs. Hob. Mrv Jatub Fritk. Mi^. 1 prT-.y Wr.::-r.-.'.l, Mrs. Everett Uo- ) A "-" Mr.-.- Art ^chuUz. Mr.-. Georj^i- : Ch.jrr.^r.. Mrs Haiv.y Mathia«, M.-i. L;.r..-. Woir. .Mr.<.. Hans MoriLz 2n.i t: th- follo'.ving guost.s, Mr.s Vf.--:.r. St :•• Mns. Harold Carl«.:- -..-.i Jfirtra and ilr.- Ben Hat- t -Ol.lTICAL ADVKK -n .SftilK.VT P«)1.1TICAL AOVKRTI3F.MK.S-T READ WHAT BILL BEARDSLEY'S NEIGHBORS SAY WILLIAM S. BEARDSLEY Kay 72, 1952 I)«»r Fellow Republicans ft We are the present Republican precinct committeemen and ^eoHfifiltteftteUien of Warren County and have known William S. (Bill) Beardoleyjror^mary, marqr years. We are proud of Governor Beardsley's record of political'service 'to'the Eepublican party as an outstanding leader during his eight years of service In the State Senate. We are particularly proud of his record HZ Gofvemor which has been outstanding because of his vigorous devotion of the work of conserving our human and physical resources - his wise leadership in the handling of public funds - and his consuming interest in serving the needs of ALL lowans. In Warren County,' where Governor Beardsley is known personally^ 1» affectionately known as Bill; he is recognized as a successful man in his « B «11 town business, in his fam work and as a Republican political leader* lio greattv testimonial has aver been given to any Iowa public figure than to say that the Governor received 91^ of^the votes cast during the Governorship _race in 3,950 in bia home town. We,' individually and as a group, recommend our friend,"" Obvornor'(Bill) Beardsley, to you and invite you to work with us for his nomination as the Republican party's candidate for Governor and cast yotir vote on June 2nd for one of Iowa's greatest Governore - be is the strongest Republican, vote getter in the state today. (Very truly yours, 4J? jit^^j^ Weinonoy, KsUi .irVlllis C«. AndorMin, K. 1.. Ku„ty.. N. |.;. 7.-,- .'..r.-.- n-.-.jtin^ will be with .-i.-.:r. J ;in;. .s Kirk with Mrs * Mr». B'>>i'. Burton Honored at Fari 'vu-ll Party y.:- H.;~;.. Bu.^vton waij honored I '-t-rd^y afternoon at a farewell z&.-ty iT.-n :/r h»r by mtmbcr.s of • .r^r:.= ;:;:a cla-s;-. of th'' Mi.'thodist :-.r:r. at th" hom-- of Mrs. Henry Mi.-.:,.-::. Mr.. B'jxton i.s If-avinf; Saturday • r dau(;hlei, Mr.s. Harry •.Vi.-r,i..r.fjn and family to makj t.-.-;j r.'jmt; at Billing.s, Mont. A .•.•.cal afternoon wa.s Hpent, i ::r:nii which -Mrs. Buxton wa-j jr-s-rr.t'id a gift from the Rroup. R» fr. shnitnt.s wore si rvrd at the •'.[Cifi- lit th'- afternoon to tho Rev. and Mrs. J. K. Di-Lonf,', Mrs. Viola Kllaoit. Mr.«. L,. C. Wannmaker. Mrs. Almn Bigncy, Mrs. E. C. Bil- ncy, .Mrs. Roy Burt, Mrs. GraCt- Ros-!, Mrs. Maudf Dayton, Mr-s. B. F. Sharp. Miss MarRarct M.tniecp. Mrs. R. S. Clark, Mr.s. Mary Schoening, Mt.s. Lloyd Schcnck, Mrs, John Smith of San Diego, Calif.! Mrs. Earl Wilcox, Mis, Frod Robinson, Mrs. Herman, Mrs Marion Silcox. and Mrs. George Higgins. TOLITl'Al. .M J VKRT1.''KMKNT Lester Hoyer Honored on 25th Annlversarj- With Bhodi-s .Motors. Lester Heyer was honored Sunday afternoon, by Rhodes Motor Co. employes, In observance of his twenty-fifth anniversary with the firm, Mr. Heyor has been shop foreman for most of these years. Tho observance was hold ni Spirit Lake at tho cottage of Mr, and Mrs. Cecil Oulman, Mr. Heyer wa.s presented a gift DANCE HERE'S THAT BAND AfiAM ••• nam Hen Coming IN PERSON Memorial Day Friday, May 30 •ROOF^GAROEN O K O U Q J I E-sfhcrvllIc, Iowa, Daily New.s \V.(1., .May 28, 1952 2 Wil.ITH'AI. AI'VRIfflS'^.MKNT Better Government Begins at Home Vote for AAAURICE B. OLESON For Supervisor First District Don't let half-truth.s inislcad you, the voters of the First District, as you fletermine the eaiulidate you want to carry the Repub: lican nomination into tlie November election. The real and basic issue is integrity in the puhlic trust. Only last week iVIr. Ellerston advertised the fact that the tax levy for county purposes had increased less than one-half mill in the past three years. What he tlithrt advertise was the fact that property valuations have increased more than $1,,500,000 in the same period and county taxes alone increased more than $25 ,000. The taxpayer is interested in llw taxes he must pay — not in the size of the levy. Actually, the 1952 levy is within iVg mWh of the 1948 levy, the last year before the Cleminshaw valuations were used, but the valuation upon which this levy is made is nearly $10,000,000 more than in 1948. Does that sound like "real economy?" Is it 'Veal economy" or fulfilling the puhlic trust for a Supervisor to double up on his charges so that he hills the county and a drainange district for the same time? When this item was discovered by the Stale Auditors, Mr .Ellerston was informed that he would have to repay the county on these double charges. Has this been done? Wa.s it good business in operating the county's biggest business to sell county heavy dirt moving equipment at private sale with no advertisement for bids, to purchase $20,000 trucks with no competitive bidding, to use the County shops to maintain a private fleet of trucks? The list is long but these few examples show how for seventeen years the business affairs of Emmet County have been conducted in secret behind close<l doors. Do you want this condition to continue until 1957? Your vote for Maurice B. Oleson in the June primary is your way to speak out against such practices. FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD INSTEAD OF PRIVATE GAIN Vo +6 for AAAURICE B. OLESON For Supervisor First District -yOLlTICAJ. ADVKRTIIiiEMKNT ' WiLlTlc'AL AUVl.JH'Uiiti.WEXT- Senator from 4lHt DlMtriot, Hiss-la's!. Senatorial Senate .Majority Lender, 18401932. Ser\'ed on All KTnJor Sonato Committees, Chairman nf Ke \^eral. TauRht School, 1018-1920. Oporatetl Farm, 1920-1937. Oeneirol Manaeer, LInicotono ]>rodiictH Company, 10S7-I952. At rresent 0\vn» and Operates, Jointly U'lth won David, a 380- acro farm In Worth count}-. Nominate and Elect Leo Elthon Lieutenant Governor "Nobody in Iho stato of Iowa is better qualified for the position than Loo. He has served tlie Republican party and the state of Iowa well as a state senator and as Republican floor leader. He has all those qualities most candidates can boast about—he is honest, stronp, able and fearless, and, what's better, he isn't the boasting kind. "The lieutenant Kovemorship needs a man skilled as a parliamentarian and well-ver.sed in senatorial problems, for his principal job is presiding over the .state senate. In every requirement Leo Elthon fills the bill. "More and more newsfjapers have been suggesting his candidacy recently. Ills friends and constituents In Worth, Winnebago and Mitchell counties would be proud of the chance to support him for this ptomotion. Wo hope he wlU try for it—and win it."—Northwood Anchor. ELTHON PRAISED BY PRESS AND RADIO "The outstanding and most valuable member of thn ^, c, wiv^ — to Leo E„ho„ by pre. and ™* „. the „„„t, 'SLtT ^K The press-radio citation of Leo Elthon continued; "It is characteristic of him that in thi.s .session of tho loffiki^n.^ i, lives have been in support of tolerance and religion He hn« i^V., .u Personal oblec- bllls than he has sponsored. ^ '^^'^ <he architect of far more "The press and the senate honor him, not for his nnwc ™„i i . wholly personal ti-alts of faithfulness, industry, ""derstaSnJSnd fraS^"""" ^^'^ laserted by Danlol D. Sanderson. I^Sr^"^^

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