The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on May 11, 1935 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Saturday, May 11, 1935
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Entered as second class matter, Oct. 4, 1895, at post office ait Tipton, Ind., under the act of March 6, 1879. VOLUME XL, XO. 18!). TIPTOX, IXDIAXA, SATURDAY EVENING, MAY 11, 1935. Worst Storm Which Ever Visited County Came - After ; Heavy Rain. DAMAGED PROPERTY Marks Left by Tornado That • Razed Buildings Are " Still Visible. ; Sunday May 12, is i-ie lluh anniversary of the worst storm whi-:-h ever visih d Tiptiin county and Mart Pyle. veteran ic-eni.-ui. reminded a Tribune man Saturday that he recalled vividly th *i/enes of disaster and havoc af'--r| 111.- storm had passed. Although j •111 yi>ars have passed sinc-e thai] storm, old timers can point on: j today the evidences. There are: still some trees and buildings I standing showing marks of the: sturm. the nearest one to Tipton! being the big brick residence on •the Heron farm just east of llf-' park, where a hole was blo\v;i ! through the solid brie!: wall ami this is still visible. The storm struck ibis county about li:00 o'clock on Hie i veiling of .May 12. coming with ;i ruar and was preceded by a downpour of rain in which hail as large- as walnuts fell, breaking many win- Had ••.Substitute Husband," Faces Hi-lief I'Yaiul Charge Philadelphia, May 11. — While Benjamin Colli was at work earning $24 a week, his wife Rose kept a substitute handy to act the part of an unemployed husband so as to deceive relief investigators, it was charged today by Michael A. Spatola. special deputy attorney general. Mrs. Colli. who is :;7 and the mother of six* children, was arrested tin a charge she received $1,117 under false pretenses during the last two years. The prosecutor said he would make an example of her case and send her to prison, if possible. Tlio substitute husband is being sought. i Alumni of St. Joseph's Academy Sponsored First Observance Here. OTHER SCHOOL EVENTS Saturday, St. Joseph's alumni | .'.ssociatioii sponsored a Mary's | •lay celebration for the first time ivith ibt! local association, but the eighth Mary's Day celebration vitli the International Federation cf Catholic Alumni. In'the morning at 7:00 o'clock. Judge Russell Granted Decrees After Listening to Sordid Details. OTHER NEWS OF COURT Small Amount of Inheritance Tax Found to Be Due From Bowen Estate. Saturday was divorce day in the Tipton circuit court and Judge Frank B. Russell heard various tales of domestic woe from wives who drew blanks in the matrimonial lottery. One divorce action that of Maxwell vs. Maxwell was -continued for the | reason there was a misunder- | standing in the trial date. Mrs. Velma Decker was granted a divorce from Robert Decker on the grounds of cruelty and failure to provide. The wife testified they were married December 21. 1!)26 and separated October 19:14 when her husband was sent to the state penal farm for drunkenness and driving an automobile while intoxicated. Prior to that he had been in the habit of becoming intoxicated and at such times abused the wife. The couple have a daughter Constance Eileen age 8 and the wife was given the divorce, the custody of the daughter and an order for $2 per Hold Father, Son for Murder 6. 10 STAND TRIAL Famous Draft -Dodger, 'Liv- j ing .Germany, Makes Offer to U. S. HAS SPECIAL REQUEST Would Come Home for Trial .if Court Martial Sentence Is Annulled. Camera Si/e Phonograph, With l.bdO-Hoiir Disc Si-i-n Atlantic City, May 11.—Evolution of the talking machine into a device no larger than a camera that will play records the size of a silver dollar was envisioned by F. I.. Dyer, former associate of Thomas A. Kdison. .Mr. Dyei' said discs of the future probably would have u playing length of 1.000 hours. He is inventor of a specially •built phonograph for the blind which plays records over a two- hour period. Mr. Dyer is chairman of the Recordings and Silmatic Pro- hoard of Morner Multigroove jectiphones. former president of the National Phonograph Company and Edison Business Phonograph Company, and former vice president of the Edison Manufacturing and Edison Storage Battery Companies. TOltVEl These Forces Believe New Senator From New Mexico Will Aid. STILL NEEDING VOTES Some Effort Is Being Made to Put Vinson Bill Forward Again. dows over the county. Mam moth | t(!V . Father Y enn, chailain at the week for the support of the child trees were uprooted. buildings i , __i^i.__._j ,.:„,. :..!„.„„ „,„,!„ i,,, ,!,„ „ , *»,.„ razed and one child was killed outright the child being flrarie 'academy, celebrated high mass in [ was made hy the i the Academy cJiapel. This ser- the daughter of Mr. and Mr;. Vriah dates east of Hie city. Their homo was torn lo pieces. A newspaper account of thf storm published at that tim was attended by the Sisters, Decker who is court. Mrs. resident of Hobbs. .stated she understood her savs: "A buzzing humming sound j r " (1 a " organizations are urged to was heard comins from the wes:.! jom ""' '• F - c - A - '" this B reat similar to a swarm of heos only a million times louder. Large trees students and alumni members. i husband was with a carnival cnm- Mary's Day is annually cule-j» a ny b <" did not know his ad- lirated on the Saturday before j dress. Every individual Mrs - HaZPl Rains, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Omer Goodnight of Tipton, was granted a divorce from her husband Floyd Rains, on j grounds of abandonment and fail- I Mother's Dav. Movement. Next Saturday will be May Day Anthony Di Stasio Frank Di Stasio First degree murder charges were drawn against Frank Di Stasio, above, and his son, Anthony, inset, of Boston, in connection with : the death, of an junknown man whose body was found cremated; in nn abandoned automobile. Police said that the unknown man, closely resembling, the ilder Di Stnsio, had been!the victim of a plot to, collect! $12,500 insurance carried by the father., ; «JJy Unite.l Tress). j Weinsberg. Germany. May 11.—- ; Grover Cleveland Rorgdoll. American draft dodger, today offered; to surrender to American atith- ' orities and stand trial in federal ] * j court provided a 5-year court mar-1 tial sentence against him is an-) nulled. Bergdoll's offer came when he was commenting on the curt r.H'u- TO START American his young authorities to German wife's Stands for Second Time at Threshold of Death, Prison or Liberty. Contractor Dattner of troit, Sends Word Razing Will Begin Monday. I J5 VERDICTS POSSIBLE Former Democratic Member of Congress Named to: Cutting Vacancy. plea that for the sake, of their four German-born children he be permitted to return to the United I States. "I have not the slightest idea whether President Roosevelt will listen to my wife's appeal." h-- said. "I am willing to go over nnd surrender and be tried in .i federal court provided the court martial proceedings are annulled." The offer is a renewal of one time at the threshold of death. he made early in the days when, j prison or liberty. just after the world war, he es-j After 12 arduous weeks of tes- ictped from federal soldiers taking j timony and leltjithy i-oncluding I him to prison and reached refuge; arguments by prosecution and de- jin Germany. But when he madi!J fens " counsel. Lamson's second the first offer he retracted it br-! trial on wire murder charges (By United I'lvssl. San Jose. Cal.. iMay 11.—After two years' imprisonment. David Lamson today stood a second! (By Unitdil Press). Washington, May 11. — Patman bonus bill forces today claimed their chances of overrid-' ing a veto of the 32,200,00.0,000 inflationary measure had been strengthened by appointment of, Dennis Chavez, D., to succeed the late Sen. Bronsou Cutting, R., N. M. Sen. Elmer Thomas, D., Okla., a leader of the Patman group, said he had been informed that "Chavez is with ris and will arrive Monday ready to vote to ov- jerride the veto." The Patmanites. however, still appeared to be a. few votes short of the two-thirds majority necessary to override a veto. ; Telegrams at the rate of 250 an hour poured in on the pre-sj-i dent and senators in response to an appeal by the veterans' lobby.! cause, he said, feeling was so high against him in the rtilted States WILL EMPLOY SEVERAL j THIS WAS were heard cracking and splinter- : '-t the academy. On this day the ing and limbs filled the air." ; pupils and Sisters from the differ- North and east of Tipton tlu'j'iit missions taught by the Sisters storm spent its fury, utterly de- lit' St. Joseph gather at the acad- molishing the home of an aRed .<-my for a gala day. man and his wife, named Vawler. j Oll Sum j ay jjay 20, the stil- The latter was found after H>" | jems at the academy will present storm passed, wedged tightly iuj, in operetta, "Ask the Professor." • JThe public is invited to attend this play which will be given In St. a barrel partly filled with Neither were badly hurt. East of town Lewis Deal and his family resided and Mrs. Deal's j,>., 0 sister Miss Myrtle Harper was picked up when the house was de-j' i(] stroyed the wind' carrying he.- some distance from tin; building and she was picked up in an unconscious condition. If still living she bears the marks of th'- cyclone,, as it cut a liirgi: jasigi-d wound across her face. Katherine's hall beginning at On Wednesday afternoon. May . will be eighth grade exami- lations and elocution contests. Tiiu high school commencement s announced for Sunday afler- loou, June 2. The public is ordially invited to attend any or 11 of these events. Property damage in that storm ji St. Joseph's Alumni Association was suffered by many persons and ! >vill have their annual meeting I all buildings on the fairgrounds. southwest of Tipton stroyed. were de- Worst damage in Tipton was and banquet on the evening of May 28. At this time the seniors will be admitted to the assocta- :lon and after the the banquet done at the home of March Tuck-! Alumni will entertain their friends er on South street, the Cominer-jln St. Katherine's Hall. cial hotel which was entirely unroofed and at the Tipton mills where the smokestack and a portion of the'nwf were torn away. On every hand -Was evidence of the damage, trees being uprooted and ' buildings marked, showing the evidence of the storm. ' Tipton county has had some severe storms, -hut never one so severe as', that of the cyclone of May 12, 1886 and it is still told ure to provide and the wife was given the care and custody of the children, Charles 0., 10, and Robert Jean, '7. An order of S3 per! week for the support of the children was made by Judge Russell. This couple was married in Tipton in 1022 and separated in 1984 when the husband abandoned his family. .Mrs. Goodnight stated she understood her husband was with a carnival company and that the last time she heard from him he was in Savannah, Ga. Mary Catherine Stephonson, a young mother of two children, Bobby Joe. 20 months and Susan Jane, 7 months of age, and now only 19, was given a divorce from her husband Orlando Stephenson, who is now serving a term in the Indiana state refomatory for assault and 1 battery with intent to kill. Stephenson was sentenced at Noblesville after drawing a gun on the town marshal of Sheridan. Mrs. Stephenson testified her husband had never supported her Work, on the raking of the old building occupying the site for Tipton's new postj office building EXPECTED'" lat Ile f°a''<-'d lynching. Bergdoll was skeptical (liy tinit.-il I'ri-ssl. Saute Ke. N. M.. May 11.—Gov. Clyde Tingley today announced appointment of Dennis Chavez. cording to word received Saturday ''• formt> '- I^mocratic congressman. by Mayor W. A. Compton from, to the United States senate to; lill Henry Republican. is to start Monday morning of reports that his wife, now in Philadelphia, where he was head of tha Bergdoll brewery interests, had received threats to kidnap their j children. "If there are any threats." ho concluded yesterday and the submitted to seven men and wonit n jurors ai S::;u p. in. The jury deliberated until 10::iu p. m.. taking an hour and a half for dinner, then was ordered to retire for the night Superior Judge- H. R. Syer. Thev were to reconvene at !> iBy United Press). Washington, May 11.—Leader of the senate veterans' bloc, -convinced that a presidential veto of. the- Patman bonus bill would be i sustained. Laid plans today to revive the issue before congres- isional adjournment. IL was learned that the Vinson| American Legion measure would ! be rt introduced if the senate re! fused to override a veto of the ! Patman inflationary program. ;,,. j Veterans' leaders believed a | place could be found on the sen- : ate and house calendars for the m. today in their chamber in the Vinson bill. Sen. Huey P. Long, white Santa Clara county on the new building. son Cutting ni-t-! D -- r ' a -. leader of the Patman two 1 forces, said, however. "We'll take : ( said. 'I think they must ], OU se. scene of Lamson's ron-j from a fanatic or an imbecile. I trials, the swoml of was I who wants to do nothing more I velopjxl into the lengthiest and j •crash ( in j than to worry my old mother ami I most costly criminal trial in the-I'hey were anxious to settle contract for wrecking the old Missouri.' \ j my wife. '| county's history.'buildings had been sublet to the] Chavez will hold office untilitho "I do not take the threats sc-j' Speculation was rampant. next genecal election. November, riously because first, a barking j Courtroom observers already were Mr. Dattner senj word that the |1;il i 0( | jn an a irplan< cki eh Arrow House Wrecking Company; of Detroit and that their repre-,j 19S6i wnen a succcssor will 1 be I dog never bites, and if anyone en- [forecasting a .jury disagreement, sentative Mr. Sanko, would be inj ele( . t( , d to occll , )y the seat left; va-l tc-rtained the idea of "kidnapiiirj j "ctirins placidly following final which ile-!" 16 1'atman bill or nothing." - Others in his'group indicated the issue. It was said that the Vinson bill, which authorizes a bond issue to pay the veterans'- adjusted service -certificates, could receive between six and eight votes Tipton Sunday and asking Mayor i cant hy ; Cutt j ng - s death during! my children he would not make j instructions by Judge Syer. the j over the Patman proposal on Compton to line up available help; tho , ast [ our ypars of his s j x .y f! ar as several person^ will be given < ( ( ( rill employment in wrecking the building. This -is the first move Chavez, actual head of the threats hut steal • them and then | J'"' ors appeared agitated when demand ransom- secondly every- ; tlu '>" ".merged from the chamber one knows my property has bee,, : ' lt G:15 last "'» ht to 1)0 t!lken to made in the post office project for several weeks and Democratic party in New Mexico.' seised by the United States gov- r llitlnt>1 '- question which ha i •been asked many times, as to the new'building when work on i vill he started. Wrecking of these old buildings, which stand east corner of Independence and j Jefferson streets, answer a : was defeated by Cutting byi a I eminent and I could no't pay margin of about 1,01(0 votes in | ransom demand, and thiidly, any- j Many in the conrlroom be-i lievcd their expressions denoted I the senatorial r;'.:v last November. He ffled a contest with the elec- one with not make 'i drone disagreement among th •> common sense would!' • , , • , . twelve, drawn from tho county s a threat to steal four at the south- will remove; tions committee of the senate, children, one an infant. which was pending when Cutting! "Naturally there is always some i was killed. one with the baby and the four are seldom together at any one time except indoors." Appointment of Chavez had by the older, residents to grandchildren. their Jury Cnse. (By 5DTnlt«a Press). Mar 11.— The 0 , ney, charged jury Miss with in the books Tippecanoe Loan By, retired for , St. John's, Capital of England's Oldest i Colony, Is in the Midst of Labor Crisis ,. St. Johns, N. F.. May 11. — Police and world war veterans patrolled the streets of St. Johns, Capital of England's oldest colony, today in anticipation of a jre-outbreak of bloody rioting that marked months of growing Jlissatisfaction among unemployed. • Looted shops, broken shop windows, a crippled light and power service and scores of bandaged beads were signs of an afternoon fcnd night, during which organized unemployed: made good 'their Jong-voiced threat to take direct Action. | '• ] Fearing hostile demonstrations lion .Monday, the commission government which rules by royal flat because of Newfoundland's financial crisis promised that work would be provided for unemployed men, it was charged. The promise, unemployed leaders said, was not made good, and 6,000 men and women, at a mass meeting Tuesday, pledged themselves to march on the government prepared to assert their claims. Three thousand of them paraded la^e yesterday to. the colonial building,jto interview the govern- ment£<i|(ipinlMloners. Policemen c^jM^ j -their' f t«mo1hfeM "TiHBfn, ? T ' r " if \rt \r\t cades. The erected for a Martin Kleyla and business during existe century had w nationally i known colebr pleted and d 1882. The other I for a hardwa years was occ purchased by for a post offl The wreck: have a force this project at this part of th pleted in a sh the ground -1 work on --the start ' and th i from Tipton two moi-tr landmarks 1)pen ^gfrded as a foregone con- which have been familiar to;Tip- cl » si °»- Governor Tiirgley. a Demton county peopleffor many de-i ocrat - isia " cr?ona ' aml polit!cal Corner building, I ally of tlle former congressman and ihouse by >r merchant i of Tipton. has, of over half aj •>' its walls many j internationally who surrendered his scat in house of; representatives to the op- cuit court. It ted was corn- early in 1 jre and j for by such until United States !. " i : companjr \ will •k wjllhe jcomj- i r ndrr Treatment. ! rural orchards, its <!nie,t residential areas and its modest business establishments. In his instructions to the jury. Judge Syer offered five possible verdicts, one a delinito compro- T " I mlse by the-state. Attorney J. C. Overaon of K->-1 They were guilty of first komo was hero Saturday attending to matters in the Tipton cir- degree murder, guilty of first degree murder ,with recommenda- ContinneU on Page 2. Friday afternoon the Leatherman ambulance removed Vivian Sells from the home of Mr. ^nd Mrs. Dajld Wiggins on Walnut street to the home of her parejita, Mr. and i Mrs. Caspi er Sells near Tipton, she having Isurtered a j severe attack of appendicitis shbrt- ly after midnight 'Wednesday. midnight She wl i be under! treatment a few days and It [is thought ae. ~~ ,-. »| tu | buftding iwllj ij&r for an operation may be performed is sti onger. i She ha i been With Mr. and Mrs. ns here sine > August Mysterious Death of JVoman and Four Children tias Involved a Crippled Man New York, May 11.—A'mild- j The King's county district at- mannered man, who faced. poverty .and a physical handicap with a r-mile, became a mysterious figure today In a rare poison case resulting: from the death ot his' wife and four children.- ' Authorities enmeshed Frederick er Gross, 49 for a chem -year-old bookkeep- chemical house, In, a net of clricumstantlal. | evidence' and sought to solve the mystiry in torney and police flled a homo- cide charge against Cross on which he will be arraigned and then held for the grand jury. That body will determine whether an indictment will be returned, and If BO, .on what degree of murder the bookkeeper will face trial; Investigators admittedly could Irid no motive In the case. Gross lad,, lived In straitened | clrcum- ^tances .for more than a r ^ear; ; he veto vote. Meanwhile, Jesse Jonos, chalr- man of the reconstruction finance corporation, • announced in a speech before the North Carolina State Bankers' Association that he believed the bonns question should be settled and removed "from politics." He said it appeared "entirely possible" that congress woufci override a veto of the PatmM bill. "But after all," he a<U«U "we voluntarily assumed the 10 years ago and paying it BOAJT is merely anticipating by 19 years something that must at all events be paid. ', Jones said the S4.SSO, 000,000 fund voted by congress for work | relief would not be an "mrbear- 1 able burden" on the government.; He placed the Patman bill. its $2.000,000.000 currency,, 055, pansion provision, in the Barns- category. i I ^ Jones' attitude was i not intep4 preted as the viewpoint. Mr. ported to be ready to administrationl Roosevelt Patman bill as soon at the white house. Final defeat of plan would give Long | weapon to use mies in the next: camt was announced he wp* defeat ~ " : ''' : ''"' ' : Hi

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