Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 1, 1958 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1958
Page 9
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TUESDAY, JULY 1, 1958 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Four '58 Graduates Of Jersey Win Scholarships JERSEYtflLLE - O. A. Wi1-|hn1f of thr high school class wfth Ends Oct* IS Squirrel Season Begins Aug. 1 In Jersey County son, county superintendent ofiwhich he tvas graduated and. in, JERSEYVILLE - The annual|of the 3724 Basle Military Train- Jersey Rotary Club Will Not Participate tn Parade JERSEYVILLE — The .fersey-lftosr died the past week, ville Rotary Cluh at its meeting! New officials of the local <-luh 'Monday noon in Peace Evantteli-jwill assume their duties with thr 4 Treated In Jersey Hospital second toe of her right foot. Shejmctit stld then tfMSfertef t8 At* was brought to the hospital where I ton. five sutures were used to close the wound. . Harry David Spanglcr of Jer- of his John Flautt, 7. son of Mf. and Mrs. Leslie Flaqtt fell at his home Sunday afternoon, striking his chin and sustained cuts on his mouth. Two sutures were us- jriKht hand Saturday afternoon 1 . .TKRSKYVILLF, - Four pa-Vhile- loading ties onto a truck-™ on T lnjury ' schools, has announced that four! addition, must signify in wril'n? memhers of the Jersey Commun-l Ity High School 1958 graduating class have been awarded four his intention to teach hi the pub- lir schools of Illinois. Scholar-! open sc-ason on squirrels will l»-!lrig Squadron. -in thr Southern Zone, of; Pitchford was graduated from is a part.,the ral and Refornied Church voted meeting of the organization next not 'to enter a float in the annual Mondav noon. Julv 7. Ships are awarded according to [on Auj; ] an( j W j|| nontinue un-ISchool on June 3 and enlisted Op ' year scholarships covering tui-ji,cholastic rank in the graduating;^] Q C) j- tion and other fees at either Southern Illinois University, Illinois •< State Normal University. Northern Illinois University, Eastern Illinois University or Western Illinois University. Those receiving the scholarships are: Joyce Gowin, daugfv t*r of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Gowin of Kane; Earl M. Stone, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Stone. Rt. 1, Jerseyville; Vera Haushalter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Haushalter of Fieldon; and Deanna Davis, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. Invin Davis. of Rt. 1, Jerseyville. In order to be eligible to receive one of these scholarships a student must rank in the upper that office from Jprseyville willj and wi]) c)ose Ocl , 31. flic South also maintain offices ai their, Zorie 1nus obtains 15 more homes ' ~. . - . lard. and Wesley Carpunky. Mr. Car- Open Thurs. & Mon. 'til t p.m. Children's "SPEEDSTER" Canvas Oxford • Blue • Red 0 .4 mm Smnll 5 J| "• AA to • " Lance 9 • SI.99VHI. • $2.»! Deluxe Grade' .. $1.9* WESTERN SHOE STORES 804-06 E. Broadway — Mrs. Tom !for four years lour of duty in PratP a h °° th at *. hp fair ' ' Lork hf ^ resigned her pos;,i,,n | Carl Keehner. inspector injthe Air Corps. His parents re- A new member was admitted ** sec.reiaiy in the otlice of icharee of the Eleventh District|ceived a telephone call from'" I' 1 ' 1 eluh during the husiness, bprt jLons> JERSEYVILLE - The Jersey-j ot ticnts received treatment in the'l npnr tjlp Alton bridge - The larpr !j There i* no legal , , ation was half an inch long and „„„,],.,„,,,«,« nA fc/M* »annnt HA emerccncv room at thr Jersev , a condemned person cannot oe "two sutures were used to treat ,-j n e,mrinv hut u u nn» Community Hospital over I h el, he woundi executed on Sunday, but It is not class. Leroy P. Jones of Godfrey cut Gnu. nine-year-o 1 d | hjs middlp finger to the bone Sat . dMiRhler of Mr. ami Mrs. .Tohn !urday morning while taking a f.ray Jr. received ,» fool in.jury| niowcr off „ tractor at nls horne . Jersey County forms ajhim Saturday from the Texas Cession and given his Rotary but-'/"^"^' 1 *?; S '™ '* hp ' ng ^ Sunday morninc. She hnd h e e n| ne was " g jven "emergency treat- in UK [nisi tiv jvu.i. I./I.MI- j xi^ «-ntr>r nt Unnsnn t.nkn anrli ville office of the Metropolitanj part repor t e d Monday morning. ! base. Life Insurance Co. which was|, n( , m . e i p t O f information fromj Leave for Colorado located at 112 ^ South Stale SI was moved Saturday to Alton where the company has taken ov- (ton. He js Harry A. Coop, (jeweler. Glenn D. Palmer, director of the JERSEYVILLK Mrs. A. M. 1 Cluh members are requested;Illinois Department of Conserva-jWiles of ^Jerseyville and M r s.; to send cards to two of the club's j tion, of the information relative ------ er large office space in the Elf- ito ) nc open season on the squir-Monday for Ward, Colo. whereiMathis is in an Alton hospital ri.-iU( j mi..! 3_u._lTt_..i '.«.. .*• *.* . . . . Mayme Figgen of Qulhcy. left.! mem bers who are sick. John gen Building at Third and Hen-! rc , s this scaRon . ry. The agents who operate out of| Zonp will nof The season in the Northern until Sept. 1 they will spend the summerjand C. D. Updike, who recently months. Members of Mrs. Wiles'jfell down the stairs at his home. family will join 'ier in Ward later for a visit. First piece of pottery manu- i , ._ p ,_ ui _., iiwiiu .. es here. They are : Fred Bal-| dnvs of squirrp i | e gal shooting| fac)ured in Ohio was pro duced . Lloyd Adams. Paul Tucker 4V . aM .u 0 nnrlhern ronp. :„* f n -~».,iu~ :„ 1000 than the northern zone. Under recent revision of' t h e> at Zanesville in 1808. is confined to his residence. Cards pf sympathy are also being sent to Dr. S. W. Downey, a forme r longtime member of the club, whose sister, Mrs. Nol Very Practical HONOLULU #—Members of the Wilshire Chamber of Commerce ofj Los Angeles donated a part of thr i city's fabuldus Wilshire Boulevarri' to Honolulu when they arrived I here on a goodwill tour. j Mayor Neal Blaisdell of Ilono-: lulu accepted the gift of one square yard of land. in the water at Mcnson Lake andi ;ns slie came out and started fol _|lhe shower house, she stepped] Ion a piece of glass, cutting the Woman Screams As Feet Burn! "Cnn't anything help—my feet nrr rn fire", she rriud ns she took off her shoes. Too had slip didn't knrnv About soothing mrrhrnlcd Ire-Mint with Innolln. Im-Mlnt starts to «'ork Instantly to sootho nnd rcltr-vt- tired burning fret—so I tens corns nnd cftllousQB. Oft Ice-Mint today. Watch •Jewelry Repairing Expert Service Fully (Guaranteed STONE BROS. TELEPHONE 2-7118 Alton, ill. — 118 VV. Third St. Wood River Store at Corner of Ferguson & Wood River Ave. Dial 4-1822 punky who has been residing in| two zoneS| jersey and Calhou Carrollton. has sold his home counlVi members of the Elcvent there and he and Mrs. Carpunky are moving to Jerseyville wherejg ollt ] lcrn z one . The other coun he will be closer to the company tjes of 1he district, Greene. Ma headquarters. Visiting Here JERSEYVILLK — Mrs. William PennimHii of Kirkwood, Mo.,|)o hunt the "friskics" in this a formerly of Jerseyville. is aiea until Sept. 1. guest at the home of Mrs. H. G. The daily bag limit this sea Neely. She accompanied homeison has been set at five squi Mrs. Neely who hvs been visit-irels. The possession limit is fi\ eoupin, Pike, Scott and Morga are in the Northern Zone an consequently it will not be Icgr ing at the home of her son-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Carson in Kirkwood. on the opening day and ten afte the first day of the open sea EVERYTHING FOR YOUR HOLIDAY! For the Beach - Ot Hie Back Yard! Ladies' and Girls' SWIM CAPS '1.00 T. '8.95 BEACH BAGS Many Styles and Colors. '14 To Doughboy Air Mattresses Doughboy Beach Balls . Snorkel Masks $1.98 Swim Masks 89e Swim Goggles 49ej DOUGHBOY WADING POOLS 50" Dia. 10" Deep $5.00—54" Dia. 10" Deep $8.00 65" Dia. II" Deep $10.00 BARBECUE EQUIPMENT O Picnic Supplies O Thermos Jugs ALL YOUR FAVORITE SUN TAN LOTIONS! WARDEN PHARMACY Alton's Most Modern Self-Service I'hnritmcy 2510 State St., North Alton Dial 5-5313 Free Drug and Prescription Service—Free Parking ; son. ~:—— ~ : — ! Inspector Keehner reporte Ohm Slate University was thc,^, , he out]ook fo ,.- squirrelhun first school m the United Slates m thjs Roason , g abom Bvpr to offer courses in ceramic art. jHp s(at<1( , ,, wro arp many squi jrels just now working on th mulberry tree s. He issued stern-warning to parties who ma he shooting or planning to shoo | the animals out of'the legal sea Ison. He stated that reports hav been received that, some viola lions may be committed b parties using so called "pclle guns" which operate with a min mum amount of noise. Violator i caught and convicted may e\ ipect heavy penalties. | Announce Birth of 8011 JERSEYVILLE—Mr. and Mrs |Cletus Meuth of Rt. 1, Kan [have given the name Steven EC i\vard, to their infant son bor I at 6:35 a.m. June 28 at the Jei jsey Community Hospital. T h |baby weighed eight pounds 101 lounces. He is a grandson of Mi and Mrs. Jess Allen of Jersey ville and Mr. and Mrs. John Meuth of Rt. 3, Jerseyville. Mrs Meuth was formerly Miss Hele Allen. Other children in the fam ily are: Robert 7, Joseph 6, Tom my 5, Theresa 4. and Billy 2 1 : Leaves on* Vacation | JERSEYVILLE — Mr. an Mrs. G e o r g e ,ThrelkeId an (daughters, Susan and Ann, lei Monday afternoon lor southern Illinois where they will spend week visiting relatives near Har risburg. He is on vacation from his duty as soil conservationist At Texas Airforce Base JERSEYVILLE — Robert D Pitchford, son of Mr. and Mrs E. L. Pitchford of Rt. 1, Jersey ville is stationed at Lackland Ai Force Base, San Antonio, Texa; where he will received his basii training. He is with Flight 47: $5.00 $1.00 SWIM FINS For Everyone! 1.98,,, 2,98 Wiener Forks, Etc. O Paper-Plastic Plates, Forks SPECIAL GIFT OFFER For New Accounts (or Additions) of YOU WILL RECEIVE The Sayo-Clown Bank TONOUI WAMI mi Arm***... Min to "DWOSITW to «AV«'« *M»I EACH ACCOUNT INSURED TO $10,000. BY AN AGENCY OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT MACI A com m lAV'O'f HAND- Mlll DOWN ON MM POMPOM AND W-M-A.M... S AVE Whert You Have the Advantages of: CONVENIENT LOCATION ELEVATOR SERVICE URGE PARKING AREA DRIVE UP WINDOWS PRIVATE CONFERENCE ROOMS AFTER HOUR DEPOSITORY PLUS A FRIENDLY EXPERIENCED STAFF TO SERVE YOU SAVE IY MAIL POSTAGE PAID IOTH WAYS 543 East Broadway Hours: 9:00 to 4:30. Alton, Illinois . 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