The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 5, 1997 · Page 20
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 20

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 5, 1997
Page 20
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SUNDAY. OCTOBER 5, 1997 LIFE THE SALINA JOURNAL THE SUNDAY CROSSWORD V SPORTS MEDICINE * "MINE FIND" By GLENN SYKES ACROSS 1 take to sea 5 Sounds of sorrow 9 Enthusiastic 13 Plot 18 Skin problem 19 "Unbeldi,"e.g. SO Early calculators 21 OneofPres. ": : Qranfs names 22 Sousa combo 24 Casual shirts 25 Actress Verdugo 26 Giving new vigor 27 Cold War term 29 Wlnddlr. 30 "Bus Stop" _ playwright 31" Serengetl sound 32 Author Murdoch 33 Great joy 34 —-0 35 German admiral 36 Pharmaceutics controller: Abbr, 39 Pegs 42 Newsman Pressman 43 Properly . 44 "— Man": Hoffman film 45 Word with head or heart 46 British composer 47 Frigid finisher 48 Spelling ol TV 49 Certain bounty paid 54 Goof ; 55 Three feet •56 Discards : 57 Sift, In the Old English Dictionary 58 Sistine Chapel figures 60 Classic Western 62 Type of glasses 66 Ebro, for one 67 Melee 68 Connery 69 Actress Myma 70 Judy Holliday vehicle 76 Council of — 77 Tarzan playmates 78 Epochal 79 Ireland, in Ireland 80 Rich coffee 81 Farewells, Informally 82 Broadway hit 83 Geneve's country 85 Switch positions 86 — Crunch 87 Grouper 88 Threads 89 Uncomplicated 90 Heads for 91 TunefulTurner 92 Air quality gp. 95 Time of the Minoans 99 Put under the yoke 101 intolerant one 102 Carpedlem: — the day 103 Silvery trout 104 Actress Massey 105 Attack 106 Wrongful act 107 Formerly 108 Ruhr Valley city 109 Lunch time 110 Slaughter of baseball 111 North Sea feeder DOWN 1 Dueling weapon 2 Lots of land 3 Lacking a purpose 4 — majeste 5 Romans' victims 6 Marmalade fruit 7 Toot 8 Long-faced 9 Away from the mouth 10 Boldness In danger 11 Pedestal percher 12 Followers 13 Dear, to Brlgltte 14 Weapon handles 15 Sphere of work 16 Sari wearer 17 IRS employee 20 Colorless ether 23 Drink greedily 28 1934 Nobel chemist 31 Fiddle, of old 33 Grampa Walton 34 Author Austen 35 Rides the waves 36 Cabby's charge 37 Stylish name 38 Actress Sothern 39 Puts a time on 40 Paint pigment 41 Hum 42 Network 43 Power tube 44 "Bolero" composer 46 Spring mos. 47 A —apple 48 Reunion people 50 Steno, at times 51 Boorish one 52 Harp-carrying Muse 53 Trojan War epic 59 Sphere of action 60 Viewpoints 61 Greedy ones 62 Not Imitation 63 Immigration Island 64 Goes to heights 65 Former Chinese money 67 Attain the right flavor 68 Sing like Ella 70 Jeff Bridges film 71 Farm females 72 Non-clergy type 73 Lusting looks 74 Bond beginner 75 Nawlllwlll necklaces 76 Ring decision 81 Cutting remark 82 Confer again 83 Evening beginnings 84 Kennedy's Secretary of the Interior 86 Beach cover-up 87 Fore-and-aft sail 88 Monterrey moolah 89 Famed frontiersman 90 Uneven: Prefix 91 Wyoming range 92 Odds alternative 93 Nobel prize 94 Sumtotaler 95 Rose fancier 96 Hodges and Gerard 97 Selves 96 Wine: Prefix 100 Hello, on board 103 Fr. holy woman 10/5/97 ©1997 Los Angeles Times Syndicate ANSWERS TO TODAY'S PUZZLE ARE ON PAGE B2. V PET HINT Bladder stone prompts dog's 'accidents' HELOISE King Features Dear Heloise: When carpets and. rugs are stained by pet accidents, it may result in an innocent but ill pet losing its home. When * our family adopted a wonderful little dog from a shelter, we were told she had been given Up because she w&s wetting the carpets. As it fumed out, she bad a large bladder stone that, When removed, * solved the problem. Diagnosed earlier, she may have needed only a special diet. In dogs and cats, urinary tract infections or stones are often the cause of inappropriate urination. Please advise your readers to see the veterinarian first and save money on carpet cleaning or replacement. Don't abandon a pet that may have a physical problem. — Linda Middleton, Houston Dear Linda: Your hint hits home. Our miniature schnauzer, Savyi, has had bladder stones removed and she is on a special diet to help prevent them from form- ing again. — Heloise Dear Heloise: My husband was ill for some time and had many doctor visits, hospital stays and ambulance calls, so there was much correspondence with Medicare and the providers. I put each year's correspondence in a separate folder and I took a loose-leaf notebook and listed everything in it. In the first column I listed the provider and the date, the second column was the entire charge, the third column what Medicare allowed, the next what Medicare paid and the last one what his company paid. through Oct. 31,1997 DESIGNS by 528 Kenwood Park Dr. 2 Blocks South of Bicentennial Center 827-5581 Mon.-Fri. 8-6:30 Sat. 84 AUTUMN MADNESS Sale Gifts & Silk Flowers 30% off The Salina Presbyterian Manor ^-'.•~*>'V$&te^^te-^\fafy 2601 East i Annual Good Samaritan Soup Supper Friday, October 17,1996 • 4:30 to 7 p.m. Serving In Three Dining Rooms • Carry-Out Also Available! Tickets Available At The Manor and UMB Downtown Adults: $5,00 Advance $6,00 At The Door Children 10 & Under $3.00 Corporate Sponsors... DR. PAUL DONOHUE North America Syndicate Exercise lowers cancer risk Dear Dr. Donohue: Will you please list the sources of information you had when you wrote that exercise could prevent breast cancer in women? — W.F. Dear W.F.: When I first wrote about the protective effect of exercise against breast cancer, I did so with some trepidation. I was convinced that some readers would think I had gone overboard. Exercise as a preventive measure for breast cancer sounds like a fantasy. But the results are there for anyone who wishes proof, in the May 1 New England Journal of Medicine, one of the most prestigious medical journals and one not given to tout unproven claims. Dr. Inger Thune is the article's main author. You can find an abstract and an analysis on-line at http:/ Exercise suppresses the production of estrogen. The hormone, along with many other factors, promotes the growth of breast cancer cells. Turn down estrogen production and you turn down the risk of breast cancer. Furthermore, exercising women have leaner bodies. Fat is essential for activating estrogen, turning it into a more potent hormone. A lesser storehouse of body fat dampens estrogen's effects on breast cells. Exercise also can protect you from heart disease, which is a bigger threat than breast cancer. Do you want a topper? New information indicates exercise lowers the risk of colon cancer in women. Dr. Donohue regrets that he is unable to answer individual letters, but he will incorporate them in his column whenever possible. Readers may write him at P.O. Box 5539, Riverton, NJ 08077-5539. KAREN DOERRY, M.D. Dr. Doerry, Associate Director at Smoky Hill Family Practice Center, is now accepting new patients. Dr. Doerry has both a.m. and p.m. office hours. Call 785-825-7251 to make an appointment. "We need to get started on that Robert FrooiMniffs ••••••••••BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBl^MiBBHH Funerals are easy to put off, But, that's not a good idea. It is not as difficult or time consuming as you may think. We can even come right to your home so you will feel comfortable. Call us today. You'll be glad you did. Pre-arranging and pre-fiinding - your gift to your loved ones. Robert Frobenius Roselawn Mortuary can help you with your pre-arrangement and pre-funding plans. Call825-8231 for further information or to set up an appointment. a representative of Homesteaders life Co. and ollia financial insrilurioni. ROSELAWN MORTUARY 1307 S. Santa Fe If I wanted to look something up, it was much easier to look in the notebook than to shuffle through all the papers. — Jean Ricke, Estherville, Iowa Dear Heloise: As I was getting ready for a party, I saw that my white wicker tabletops had spots of paint worn off. I didn't have paint in the house, but I did have some white nail polish. After just two coats, the polish completely covered the spots and the tabletops looked new again. After a couple of weeks, I can't tell where I "polished" my tables, — Miriam Atkin, Silver Spring, Md. WORLD'S GREATEST HAIRCUT EVERYDAY! snip rr CUP FAMILY HAIRCUT SHOPS GALAXY CENTER 825-4054 (Across from Central Mall) Open Nights and Sundays — Just Drop In! REG. $45 QUANTUM PERMS $29 95 COMPLETE WITH CUTI Long Hair Extra $ I49 eyeglasses any frame any prescription with scratch-resistant plastic lenses Coupon expires October 11,19971 eyeglasses Right now, choose any frame and gny prescription even lined bifocals or trifocals - with scratch-resistant plastic lenses. All for just $ 1491 Ey* «xami gvaUaMt next to mod dtportrrwrti. Valid prescription required. Specialty tenses and lens treatments extra May not be combined with other discount, vision care plan or prior orders. Valid at participating U.S. Sean stores except In AR and OK. Coupon required. Cash value 1/200. R |j. | Optical HUTCHINSON Hutchlnson Mall (316) 669-570Q SAUNA Central Mall (785) 826-4300 WICHITA Towne Weat (316)941-2782 Towne East Shopping Center (316)681-4116

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