Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 27, 1952 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1952
Page 5
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"News fr 6m Armalrong Community Stadcnta Horn* for Ulniw^r. rnmlly, Mr «n<j Ur». H*/»ld Hnr> Don Richmond. Joyr« Uom.llrr ,)„ „„4 f«,„)iy, Mr »M M»». Hnrt- "V A»e. .n-t family. Mr, .nd Mr« college students of Amin hiul din- „, i .n/i Mr »r.H Mr. ner Sunday with tho fnrm«r'i. pur-1 J"""" . "«n'*y ««4 Mr .M Mm. ent«, Mr. and Mm. Wiiym- Illch- mond. Skip I>*y at Velnhca. The Armstrong high nchnol nun- ion and their class sponsor, Marian Jarvls, spent tholr Bklp day nt Ames Friday, May 18, atinndlnK Velsbea. They made the trip In one of the school buses. Tom Mttnli-y. K «rn, ^'Vfttl•• »n<l iM V..f. A family catherlnR Sunday at tha WHH B 'Hvrls home honored Mr. and Vita. William Knne and Mrs. Sarah Cronk of Iowa Falls, who were visiting the Tom and James Manley families. Ri^atlves attending the reunion were Mr. and MliJ. Ray Vungberg nnd family, Mr. and Mrs. George Manley and llUhii|i In VUlt m »Uni> <:h»tUM V, Kalrtirilrn of M<;;')iiTr>i/<n, Knn*, thf H>;v. ('.. M. IluNscll of HprInK ValW-y, Minn., anri the- It.v. J, W. Ollkm of Mln- ni-apoIlK wirn uvrnlKht KUests ThurHday In th<- W. C. Barber hom<'. Th' fondU''l(!d sfrvlcos at the Kriie Methodist ehurch Thursday evf-nlnii.' ArmntronK I'rmaniUK. Mrs. W. r. Mangold and Mrs. Howard Pollard att^dcd the Es- thervlllc Womfm's club hreakfaat Saturday at Margaret Mttnleoe Hchool and Mrs. Mangold installed tht noWly elected club officers. ADVKRTIBEMKNT BE SURE TO VOTE FOR DICK JI.rROKNS. brings his nationally fanious orchestra to the Roof Garden ballroom nt Arnolds Park ^or the grand opening of both the park and , • btillroom on Friday night. Jup- gcns, onc''of the country's'top-. flight orchestra leaders and . composers, has grlginated such tunc.") as "One Dozen Roses," "Cecilia," "Elmer's Tune," "Careless" and a number of others. Answers Protest Of Canada Seoul, Korea. May 27 (."PV—Canadian protests regarding the transfer of Canadian troops to riot-torn Koje Island as guards of Rod pros- oners of war were answered today by an eighth army spok.esinan. "This army la n United Nations army and the prisoners on Kojo are United Nations prisoners," he said. "The Canadian unit (one company) wa .1 dispatched to KoJe with the concurrence of the senior commonwealth commander In Korea." The \:ommander is MnJ. Gen. A. J. H. Cnssela. nn Englishman who commands the first commonwcnltn division. In Ottawa Mondoy the government expressed displeasure and concern in a strongly worded note to the U, S. state department. Nova Scotia means Now Scotland. LoseM 88 Pounds After Joining Army \Mth I'. S 45th Division, Kon-a. May 27 i.=P>- Cpl. Hrrt< Tlntlo Jr. 24. a high i«cho<>l ti-juhi r fron> Dumonl. N. J., weighed IiU pnund* when he entered the nrni>- Nineteen months of training In Iho I 'n- j ited Sl.^tl•» .ind Japan and iluty in Korea have slimmed him down to a fashionHhle 1*5 pound .i. Electroculu-d Win If ItiMtalling Sockt>t Ilenver, May 27 (4^ A Pmvor man wax electrocuted laxt night In the basement of his home wlillr at- temptlnu to InKtali a floor socket. Deiul Is R. T. Nissen, 44, a yard clerk liere for the Union Pacific railroad. The victim's wife. Klor- enoo, discovered the liody and call ed police. Gen. Uidg^vay In Europe for Ne\v Assisjnnienl I'ati!". May 27 .T C.n .Mnllhew B Uulgwny ri'tiirni-tl xo Knrope lo- dny to t.'ike romninnil of NATO flshtlnu forrps nnd de<-l«n<il his ox- pcrii 'ni -c iij Kovi 'S convinced lilm « Kouml di 'ffnsi- nf ;nln!<t r.immiinum hrn- could \<r l>uill frora s eombln- iition of ninny niitiunx. Thi-n. aorumpnnlt 'd l>y tien. l)w(- gltt n. Klsi<nh»wpr whont hc> Is to succeed llirei> da>'ii honce, he drovv through the streets of Paris In contempt of communist threats to stage hontile denionstrntlons against "l.,e t'eneral Mirrohr" they call hln>. The communists have applied the tag as part of their propaganda, repeatedly denied hy the wast, that the United Nations used germ warfare in Korea. _ Hltlttwa,v stepped out of hi* plane a( Orlv field Just 10 Ant* short of eight years aflrr he pnrachutrtl Into Normandy on PMav tlen. Rlsenhnwrr was «l th«< »ir pott to grert the man who will tr lleve him juipri-n-.'- <-ommi«n <lT of ihr North All.iotii- tr««ty nririin tiatlon fon-ps on F I I>I. T \ Also lhiT.> wjTs several othT offi.l«l». lnrlti<t tng French lvfenj<- ^^lnl^ler F{«'ne Pleven, f .S. Anit«>Mnrti>r Junien O. Dunn and many offlovm from SHAPF.. the Eliienhiiv»( r heii.l quarle m rj ^theniU**, Iow«. D«Uy New* T MM .. May 27, 1952 5 THK To Apiwar In Htniro nes Moines a-* rmnenn H. o.l do, known as the ••Cl »C" Kid. nn.l tx>o Carina n« "IVxnoht..' lw,> »el! ! known television film romedy »ii>r-< j will appear all four nights at the: Greater Iowa ro.l.-o hen- June 11 ; Cattle falleninK operation* neiii Unlonvllle. Pa. lnv..U. e..wt-. \ •; who ride the rnnwe In Irndmoin.l costume. Your Prescription Specialists I PharmarLiU oo Duty* Day and Niicht ServinK vour prescription nera« promptly and irticlenlly. J t. ifoTs — r ?t««n# la Veteran of World War II Candidate for nomination for,; Clerk of District Court at the Republican Primaries Monday, June 2 Recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. U. H. Locker were Mrs. I^oraine Hermanson of Milwaukee, Wis., Elaine Ix>ckc of Minneapolis, Shirley Mcrmanson and Lambert Locker Jr., of Mankato, Minn. Dr. nnd Mrs. W. J, Morsch and Susan spent the week end at Iowa City and Dog Moines. They visited their son, Paul, a student at the university on Saturday and Sunday. Whil^ in Dos Moines Monday and Tuesday, Dr. Morsch attended a dcntoJ convention, Martha Kobelo. of Dows and Frances Kobelc 'Of Gpldfleld were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Bogard. Dr. nnd Mrs; Willard Irmlter and Morita of .Bloirstown and Mr. and Mrs. Maltlond Kelly and family of St. Pavl spent the week end visiting Mrs. Henry Irmlter. On Sunday, Mrs. Irmlter and her guests and Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Irmlter and'farally were guests for dinner in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Hans J. Hansen. Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Manoc, Janet and Donna spent the week end at Williamsburg visiting Mrs. Man- oc's mother, Mrs. Charles Martin. Gailord'Solbcrg spent the week end visiting Don Richmond, a student at Iowa State college, Ames. TObAT'S GIANT VALUE O-X is a different, better ffHsoline be• cause it contains a special "X" lubricant, scientifically added to higher anti-knock gasoline. You get giant power, giant mileage, giant performance and economy—yet D-X costs you no more than ordinary gasoline. 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Nylon-ro- inforcad looi, hook Ribbad tops. Natural whit*, h SporK Dapl. 3111 Tin, SMI Tatn-CiUtMy C-2 REGULAR 1.88 . BIKE TIRE 1 .47 Air-Cuthton laHoon Tiro—2-ply comlrudien. Sin 26x2.125'. REG. 98c Air C M M OA Tub*.77C 8.79 RUBBER , _ _ HOBE, 80 FT. 4.88 5 yr. guar. Ruggod 3 -layor con- ttrudlon wilhttondc vp to 7 Nmot ordinary _ctty wolor proituro. RCO. 16-97 LAWN MOWER 5 -blado hand Mowm pnouNwtie nibbor liroii. C«i(iron fraiM. MoMd fo«rf. 7.98 OIRCLINE A 07 FIXTURE 13" dlam. dvoMO -pialo^ flxluro. Cryttol cantor omoiwawt. Oita 32W Ci bulb MuM. Ul appi nsi C»iH«ry €•! REGULAR ?ORCH LANTERN 2.38 Marina styling. Oaor «I «M itmiU with rlbbad dotign. SoHn'MMk ftnWr —brgH M M. Ul approval 14.97 8.65* ooi BAl Rag. 10.65 «»(dNNif«. Gnafa*. taad 12 MO. 39 Mi -rfM^ platot givt dapandoMo paripfiaaaw. 4.99 REGULAR 6.38 MED. CABINET Words lewMl -pfkad modal. 2 Aalvafc 14x20 iKMinor. WWto baUfw BEG. 1.89 BOCK WOOL 1.08 S^tnelent. odorlcM insuUtUon Will not letUe or deturlorate. 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