Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 14, 1953 · Page 1
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 1

Galesburg, Illinois
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Wednesday, October 14, 1953
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Weather Forecast: Fair Tonight. Thursday Fair, Continued Mild THE DAILY Ke #ister-Mail A Better Newspaper Community Chest Goal $75,513 VOLUME LXXII — 243 GALESBURG, ILLINOIS — WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1953 PRICE: FIVE CElfe U. S. Employes Must Testify Or Leave Jobs Washington (AP) — President Eisenhower today made it a firing offense for government employes to refuse to testify before congressional committees on grounds of possible self-incrimination. The President issued an executive order adding this to the existing grounds for dismissal of a federal worker for ' security reasons. Farm Policy ' ThG ordor pcrmils action Blamed in GOP Defeat EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (/IV-Rural west-central Wisconsin elected a Democrat to Congress Tuesday for the first time in its history. And the Republican who lost said the results "showed clearly that the farmer and laboring man against the individual for: "Refusal by the individual, upon (he ground of constitutional privilege against self-incrimination to testify before a congressional committee regarding charges of his alleged disloyalty or other misconduct." While House Press Secretary James C. Hagerty said this was an effort to "close up all possible loopholes" in the government's, security machinery. He said Ally. Gen. Brownell would enlarge upon the 5th amendment question at a speech this afternoon at the National Press ANDREI THE GREETER—Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Y. Vishinsky is all smiles as he greets his wife, Kapiloiina (right) and his daughter, Zinaida, in their stateroom aboard the Queen Elizabeth in New York. Vishinsky has been in the U.S. attending the United Nations sessions and whs joined by his family. docs not like the present admin-jchib stration's farm policies." | The timing of the order appeared Thus ended one of the most un-^o s t cm j n part from the current usual elections in Wisconsin's un-jscnate investigation of alleged se- predictablc political history. curity leaks from the Ft. Mon-, ,„Acir ™rTAM T I- i- t rr n-t The man who won the special!mouth. N. J., Army Signal Corps' WASHINGTON (AP) — Indications from Kansas City election for Ninth District repre-jlaboratory. .that Carl Austin Hall may plead guilty in the kidnap-killing Plea of Guilty No Certainty of Break For Kidnaper Pair sentativc to succeed the late Merlin F. Hull, a Republican and former Progressive, is Lester R. Johnson, 52, a small town district ;thc closed hearings in New York attorney from Black River Fallsjby Sen. McCarthy's (R-Wis) inves SecretaryTthe'lTmy Robert^ Bobb y Greenlease raise the question whether he could T. Stevens has been sitting in on thereby escape a death sentence. Secret Radar Papers Stolen in U. S. Found In East German Zone Most of Men Return to Joppa Plant JOPPA, III. (UP)-Morc than Senators Bare Security Leak Reservist's Family Ties Mean Ouster? MT. CLEMENS, Mich, W — An Air Force Reserve officer whose personal loyalty is unquestioned faced ouster today as a "doubtful security risk." He is Lt. Milo J. Radulovich, 26- year-old father of two and a meteorology student at the University it's beginning to assume the as -.R.-Hl- Tuesday that 26 of 57 top secret documents missingj 0 A ' Joth 8 Ah : Force board of three pects of a normal operation," Jack from the Army Signal Corps radar laboratory at Ft. Mon- icolonels recommended yesterday NEW YORK (AP) —Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, R.-Wis., 200 men, about two-thirds of the said today a number of top secret Army documents dealing normal working force, were back with radar and other matters "turned up" in the Russian- occupied section of Germany and "were used by the Communists." This followed a statement by Sen. Everett M. Dirksen, on the job at the Joppa steam; electric project today, in the wake, of a four-week wildcat strike, j "All crafts are represented, and and also a former Progressive. The loser was State Sen. Arthur L. Padrutt, 3G, who has spent 11 years in the Wisconsin Legislature and like Hull and Johnson also a former Progressive. Heavy Vote Surprising Johnson keyed his campaign to a promise to vole the same way ligations subcommittee. Stevens said Tuesday any civilian cmploycin 1 f 11 ? of the Army who refused to an-; riOCKCICllCl S swer questions on communism at Sspended.^ would be '' summarily j Divorce Bill The President's order had the!^, — , T»». H. effect of giving full White House | % ^ I/9 Willi mi? backing to Stevens' stand. \<W*-> / But legal authorities say there is a way such a sentence could be imposed, regardless of the plea. Fenley, spokesman for the plant contractor, the Bechtel Corp.,' said. i Pickets Withdrawn j The strike by 33 AFL Iron Workers from Paducah, Ky., Local 595 ended Tuesday as the strikers withdrew pickets under a Federal Court restraining order.; Fenley said a group of men; gathered outside a restaurant; about a quarter of a mile from; Dulles Insists Trieste Issue Not Emergency mouth, N.J., were found ini^ 1 21^™''^^% ' ' Air rorcc Reserve and that all commissions held by him be ter- the Russian zone. In Washington, the Army;™" 3 ^, in Germany. McCarthy is chairman of the Senate permanent investigations (subcommittee conducting closed ihearings in New York into the pos- WASHINGTON W-Secretary of\^\\° fn £°™? Uaist subversion State Dulles flies to London tonight j at Ft Monmouth. In announcing the decision, however, 10th AF head- said it had no information onjquarters made a point of repeating the finding of any such papers V} at '' his loyalty was not ques- 6 J * 1 'tioned." In the federal courts, which will'-the plant today, handle the Lindbergh Kidnap Law, » T assume they were iron work OLaLe 1JullKa lutJ!1 LU lMUUUl . charges against Hall and his wom-! ers , but they made no attempt to!^"conference^"which may deter I Number Secret an friend, Mrs. Bonnie Brown slop anyone," he said. ffi^f°£f"™ ^ m oveb^y The United' " Wc have completely convinc- Heady, the presiding judge has; T he strike was the 39th in 32 states and Great Britain in the ex-! in S testimony that some of those absolute discretion whether or not mon ths of construction at the 195 -'ni 0 sive Trieste dispute with Yugo-i documents ., on radar . and other to accept such a plea. million-dollar plant, which is be-islavia (matters did turn up in East Beras Hull had voted. He also dc-j The Eisenhower administration] CHICAGO iff) —A divorce settlc- nounccd the administration's farm 1 set up last April a security pro-!ment, with more than SVi mil- policy. |gram which the President saidjjjon dollars involved, reportedly j the thought of throwing himself atomic energy plant with power.' 0 f time to seek a diplomatic solu- ; .,, , Padrult never discussed his; was desicned to keep "the dis -ihns honn nrrwrl nnnn hntu-pun Rn r .;solely upon the mercy of the judge,! |tion of the issue in the face of war-j ne .\™men'P\'° r 10 louay s SUDCOm ' mittee session. Father Buys "Radical" Paper Activities of his father and a sister were questioned. The father, John Radulovich, 65, a Hudson Motor employe, was accused o£ having been a subscriber of a "radical" newspaper, and the sister, Mrs. Margaret Fishman of Detroit, with having engaged in "picket line activity." The Air Force claimed young Radulovich had maintained a If Hall should plead guilty with ing built to supply the Paducah! U. S. officials said there is plenty lin, but as to the number, I will;"close and continuing" association not comment," McCarthy background as a Progressive nor did he mention Hull while he stumped the dist.""ct, but stressed that he was "four square" behind President Eisenhower and his administration. It had been~anticipated that the vote would be very light and the Republicans predicted not more than 30,000 votes would be cast. In contrast the election drew nearly 50,000 voters, which however, is less than one-lhird of the estimated 150,000 eligiblo electors in the district. FBI Hopeful of Recovering Missing Ransom KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UP)-Fcd- cral agents clung to their belief today that Carl Austin Hall or Bonnie Brown Heady would lead them eventually to the hiding place of $300,000 ransom money still missing in the Bobby Greenlease kidnap case. The kidnapers, showing no remorse for their wanton killing of the six-year-old kidnap victim, persisted in claiming the> don't know what happened to the missing half of the $600,000 ransom payment. Hall and Mrs. Heady settled down in separate cells today for what may be a long wait before society takes its toll for their crime. U.S. Dist. Ally. Edward R. Scheuflcr said "We're going to move slowly" in preparing the case against them under the Lindbergh kidnaping law. loyal and dangerous" out of federal jobs. It replaced previous loyalty-security tests put in during the Truman administration. bara Bobo Rockefeller and her and the cour > agreed to this ar-j estranged husband, Winthrop Rockefeller. A Chicago attorney in close touch with the case Tuesday night reported the settlemenfT"\vnich is said to be the largest on record. There was no comment from Rockefeller. Trust Fund Rumored The Chicago attorney, who asked Disgruntled Workers Fire Guiana Field GEORGETOWN, British Guiana tJPi — Smoke from burning cane-'or securities plus a one million fields hung over Georgetown to-i doll ?r trus t fund guaranteeing her rangement, the most severe penalty he could get would be life imprisonment. Jury May Be Called /This is true because the Lindbergh law provides the death penalty only when (1) the victim is harmed and (2) a death sentence is recommended by a jury Numbers Game Is Under Way; Strictly Legal like threats by Yugoslavia-'s Marshal Tito. No Evacnation Deadline They noted there is no deadline for-removal of about 7,000 British and American troops from Zone A and their replacement by Italians. Tito has said he will counter the Radar is used as part of a Ae- tense network to detect the ap proach of enemy aircraft — in short, a defense mechanism against atom attack. Two of five civilians technical experts who were employed at Ft. SPRINGFIELD, III. (/ft- A legal This led legal experts"to" specu-jsort of numbers game that hits its ! "" an V c " 1, J O ,™ i„„«,„r h 0 ^J^^lfjJ^K^^ e-ch autumn in Springfield!^ tte ISS^ g'Sjg*"' day, pointing up a threat of eco- JJ income of $ 20 ' 000 a y ear for nomic distress to this troubled ' The attorney said she also is to British colony. receive $70,000 a year in alimony Fires blazed on at least two j from Rockefeller, payable until nearby sugar plantations after workers walked out in protest against the British ouster of government ministers from the colony's left-wing People's Progressive party (PPP). Sugar Industry Slowed The canefield fires were set Tuesday night. With strikes paralyzing or slowing most of the sugar industry, British Guiana's principal source of income, observers predicted the pinch would come soon. Cattlemen Study Means of Cutting Growth of Herds WATERTOWN, S. D. iff) — A program somewhat akin to the little pig killing program of the 1930s was being advanced by some Great Plains cattlemen today as a means of stabilizing depressed livestock prices. It calls for government buying upwards of six million head of cows for the purpose of reducing cattle breeding herds, and in turn cutting the number of calves that vvo'ild be born in the immediate years ahead. The government would have the cows processed into canned meat and shipped abroad for the needy. Tense Atmosphere Surrounds Start Of Brain Washing PANMUNJOM (j) — The potentially explosive face to face meetings of Communist explanation teams with 22,300 former Red soldiers who renounced communism while iu Allied captivity begins Thursday in an atmosphere charged with tension. The Communists notified the Korean repatriation commission today they would start the long delayed interviewing of anti-Red POWs in an effort to coax them back to their native lands. Corn Harvest at Halfway Mark; Quality Excellent SPRINGFIELD, III. Mi-Going ahead swiftly, the Illinois corn harvest approaches the halfway point. And all but about 10 per cent of soybeans have been taken from the fields, the State-Federal Agriculture departments and U. S. Weather Bureau reported Tuesday. The quality of corn has been excellent, except for very late planted fields. However, moisture shortages have cut into production. The weekly crop bulletin described soybeans as unusually dry. Despite a general lack of rain, about three-fourths of Ihe intended winter wheat acreage has been seeded. that his name not be used, said Barbara, 36-year-old daughter of a|entered, and accepted by the;: , sw : n - aea , n Pennsylvania coal miner, is to re- court, the judge may proceed to ! s 6 ceive two million dollars in cash!empanel a jury for the specific purpose of getting its recommendation on a sentence after it has heard the full story of the abduction and killing of 6 -year -old Bobby. If this jury recommended a death sentence, shift in occupation troops with M 0 "™"* ™ e rtl f sch £ duIed . fffo r force. U. S. and British diplomats i queening by the subcommittee alike said it would be two or three! toc % ecialis{s Face Committee told'with his father and sister. Two 'fellow workers of the father testified they knew him as a loyal American. So did the son. ''The decision came because I told the board I didn't think it was in my province to tell my sister what her politics should be," Radulovich told reporters at Ann Arbor. "This is the same kind of decision you would have/ expected from the Nazi army." Its sanction in law is Section 8 of the Illinois Motor Vehicle Act, which gives autoists the privilege of having present license plate numerals reassigned. About 250,000 take advantage of They are Hyam Gerber Yamins, was as- Caslle Presses County Officers To End Gambling SPRINGFIELD (UP)-Altorney General Latham Castle said today he will ask Alexander County authorities about a report of open gambling in the Cairo area. Asked whether he would communicate with local officials about the published report (in the Chicago Daily News), Castle said "I certainly will." Castle said he would send a letter to the state's attorney, with a copy for the sheriff, telling them "if they don't clean up the situation it will be necessary for me to move in." The attorney general has sent similar letters to officials in Macoupin, Christian, Grundy and Madison counties. State police staged raids in the first three counties June 5. her remarriage or until Rockefel-!the law could impose it, the ex ler's death. 'perts said. In addition, two trust funds totaling 2'/i ntillion dollars are to be set up for their son, Winthrop Paul, 5. The son is to remain in the mother's custody but the father will have visiting rights. Rockefeller also has agreed to pay all attorneys fees and costs in connection with the divorce. the judge under j ta S s bearing a specific combination of numerals with special sig- Anglican Primate Hits Persecution Of Roman Church LONDON (/ft-The archbishop of Canterbury today denounced Communist persecution of the Roman Catholic Church but added that there are "oppressions and denials of just liberties which lie at the door of the Roman Catholic Church itself." The archbishop, Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, is (he highest ranking cleryman of the Church of England. He made his statements in an address to the joint synod of both houses of the Canterbury Convocation, which includes diocesan bishops and clergymen of various j ranks. The archbishop added: "In honesty to them and to the truth, I ought to say that there nificance for the applicant Deadline Nov. 1 This year requests will be honored until Nov. 1. The old deadline of Dec. 1 was moved up a month by the 1953 Legislature. Secretary of State Charles F. Carpentier said the usual bids are coming in from former servicemen who want license plate numerals corresponding with the ones they had on service dogtags. And some applicants are asking for street addresses, poker combinations, telephone numbers, repeating sequences, plates ending in zeros, lodge numbers or "lucky" numbers. Carpentier says processing the requests is a "terrific" headache. He figures the extra expense involved at between a quarter and a half million" dollars. GI in Dutch Over Plan to Wed Princess TOKYO i/Pi — Peter DeStefano, son of an East Boston, Mass., bar- x L. J i- 'ber, said today his Japanese fi- „ - whn nr «„ d his covern-; of 57 s ^ cr , et d °c ume n ts fad dis-i h he claims js of royal Popoyic, who pressed n ^S° vrternf !appeared from the laboratory and hlnnH rPririrnan ^ him- rnr nn . ment s proposal for a meeting otj The "State"" Department insisted\ a . rada {" specialist who ^S^s^°^ B S^^ 1 achSts S SuS^ result of any sudden emergency. Dulles Meets Slav Dulles, due to leave tonight, con- liaison and Harold Ducore, an electron ics engineer. A Chicago Tribune story quot ed Dirksen as saying in a speech tie privilege annually or ask for £™ d f an M^^iin Chicago Tuesday night that 26 taes bearing a sDecifie comb na- xugosiav 1 oreign secretary r\oca f ,w lim0 ntc U„A A^. the United States, Britain, Italy and Yugoslavia on control of T r i.' zone - este in light of the new U. S.­ British policy. had been found in the Russian Truman, Adlai Decline to Run Stratton Illness Forces Cancelling Speech to Labor Iblood, reprimanded him for announcing their Nov. 14 marriago plans. U. S. Far East Air Force headquarters said DeStefano, a 27-year- old airman first class, told an interviewing officer at Nagoya that Michiko Tsukasa "reprimanded me because she said the announcement of our marriage is the royal , SPRINGFIELD (UP) - GovJfamily's prerogative." GLASGOW, Scotland 1*1 — Adlai William G. Stratton rested at the! Imperial Household Aloof ^,m- V n Cn h!!Sn a M Executive Mansion today suffering! . DeStefano said his 24-year-old Truman have declined to run for infnHinn s |fiancee's late father was a mar- rector of Glasgow University. /lorn a virus infection quis amJ ^ mother a cousin o£ Nominations closed Tuesday Ihe illness forced Stratton to;jj; m p eror Hirohito. He said Prin- with no reply from the former| cance i an address before the Illi-'cess Chichibu, widow of a brother Fnw,!n!' .^hif^fS h ?Air ^n°is State Federation of Labor of the Emperor, was arranging a telegram to his student backers:] ., . . . . , shrine wedding "Wish I could thank each signer!«hcdu ed or today The householA said it of the petition personally for this; Stratton became ill in Chicago t ^ new nothing of anv such cere- moving honor but must adhere toiTuesday. He cancelled speakingj original decision and decline with engagements there and returnedi heartfelt thanks. here late in the day. Ike 9 s Birthday Wish: Peace HERSHEY, Pa. (AP)—Pres ident Eisenhower is 63 today, and his birthday message to the world is this: America Anti-West Turmoil Mounts in Slav Capital on Trieste Issue BELGRADE, Yugoslavia Ml—Irate Yugoslavs stepped up their anti-Western demonstrations over Trieste as President Tito today awaited the outcome of U. S. Secretary Dulles' trip to London. With thousands of shouting demonstrators storming Belgrade's streets, the Yugoslav chief assembled his top lieutenants for a conference Tuesday night shortly after it was announced that the Big Three foreign ministers would confer Friday in the British capital. word as to their proper relations is the first and essential word to those who would follow the teachings and spirit of the Lord." Although there was no word on what the Cabinet discussed, it was thought Tito might be considering sending a special representative to press Yugoslavia's viewpoint on the ministers. Tito previously had called for a four-power conference of the United States, Britain, Italy and Yugoslavia to search for a s and Yugoslavia to search for a solution of the explosive issue. tion to Russia's surprise demand; at the United Nations that the Security Council quickly name an international governor for the entire Trieste territory and make it independent. Informed sources in New Yok, however, described Yugoslavia's U. N. representatives as "indifferent but not too happy" There also was no official reac-over the proposal. * 11 RED FEATHER AGENCIES • Galesburg Community Chest COAL $75,513 arc oppressions and denials of just liberlies which lie at the door of. „„, . „„„„„ „, the Roman Catholic Church itself, wants peace-nothing else And one must say that the church] He voiced that sentiment Friday has not yet learned the lesson that night at a mammoth celebration toleration as between Christian lin this little Pennsylvania town bodies, while by no means the last j staged by the state's Republicans. It was a lavish affair, attended by some 20,000 persons. Pennsylvania housewives baked 800 cakes for the occasion, and there was a 25-foot-high cake of wood as a crowning gesture. Today Eisenhower is back in Washington observing the day with a business-as-usual schedule. Tonight he will leave again—for a seven-day journey to the central and Southern States. ! He was greeted last night at the ,7,000-seat Hershey Arena by a 'crowd chanting, "We want Ike." I Accepting as a birthday gift the establishment of an international scholarship foundation, the President said the world's greatest need is understanding among nations. He declared: j "What we need is understanding, land this understanding will come [from these young men and women las they go back and forth . . . and ! others . . . will carry back with 'them the skills and techniques of our country and ours will bring .back the skills and techniques of 'another country. NO BEER—President Eisenhower smiled as he extracted a pretzel from a box lunch served him Tuesday night at a gigantic birthday party held in his honor at Hershey, Pa. Mrs. Eise&hower was visibly amused. (AP Wirepuoto.) mony. With cold dignity, a spokesman at Emperor Hirohilo's palace said he was unable to find the name of Tsukasa on the list of members of the royal family. Quiiiey Machinist Off for Honduras In Molorboat NEW ORLEANS W — Jimmy Broun, Quincy, III., machinist, leaves New Orleans today for British Honduras on his planned all- water tour from Caruthersville, Mo., to San Francisco. Brown, 35, arrived in New Orleans Thursday. He left Caruthersville on Sept. 22 in his 18 - foot outboard molorboat Kathryn Ann. He said he expected to make about 12 to 14 miles an hour on his trip across the Gulf of Mexico to Belize, British Honduras. He- has scheduled stops in Colon, Panama; Aeapulco, Mexico, and San Diego, Calif. Where to Find It Sections 33 Pages Abingdon 29 Bushnell 29 Classified Ads 30,31 Comics 27 Editorial --- i Galva 28 Knoxville 29 • Markets — 28 Monmouth 18 Obituary 29 Social 10,U Sports - 2$fit Theater 6 Weather 3

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