Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on May 27, 1952 · Page 4
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 4

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1952
Page 4
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Lockman Key Man in Win For Giants BT .IOK RKK HJ,r,K 1 Its high tmi" C-irroU <\S>!r'y. Lockman. lfc>- New Ycrk Gsir.f' ucKun? and oft«n cvrrIc--K-'i f;rf ' baseman, t-cean setting t;;?. c:t<i;; he so richly de^crvs. ; The color 'iess but flep -iKia^if ff-r- mcr outfifM^r frotri Chsrht'e. .V C. has iH'-n th? wr-f. cocsi-s:--nt o.' S.U ;h<> Giar.-j! th;5 5. ison. ii-: l-acl- tie c)ut? •a-.ih a .,>.v^ mark • ?"c r.-i - highest :n th. i-ars;-'. top? -.r.t cir -i c-j;t in run; •:o.-ed t^:rd ;r: , j'»cc itays a-nd SaJ M 'li- ^ lie &ad A^v;a Dark r«-r*:v;' men of arctaim. iMeal Loaf Takes on Parlv Airs ORAETTI^GER John Swifts Entertain at Birthday Party By MII& 1^ M. yOlTNO Mr. and Mrs. John Swift entcr- tainfO at an evening party Sunday, May 18 at their home, honorinir the turthday annlversaTy of their dau- phter, Elaine, Mrg, Goodwin Thoreson of Spirit Lake. Present besides the honored pxiest were Mr. Thore- r.on and their son*. Mr. and Hra. Warren Bishop and family of Es- thcrvillf.- the Al nraettinger family and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Swift of Graettinger. « -i.- h^j drajnat; : he — -r" £.rc,;r.F'. Brt--k ::.-Ti :r. the i-.r.i.'. ; .ay- c" ra .T-.'!- Y'.-*-. dv tr.any r.:-:^!! ti:^ ;; WSJ V.'Eit'y Locjisan T^IO aari-. , tr.-: f:t'-iL:cn jK >5 .rit'« -^-ith a double: th -st kr.ock^i f.rr. r-^n th* lECitr. >CHy>d rt .3 _'t'r Pc- N -WTOsii^ a*d ;.>•»: th-i ty-.r^r rues fd to be th-- biir run-producer Ssjt rirfct th? Gi5 .nL.* tsr .clf -d : the Dodzer^ Ht th* Polo Grt >und5 i for Che firrt titn? since that fateful; ficaJ playof! z-axae. ,Bobbj- slais- mc-d a tore? run ir. his first time at bat ar.d drove m three runs ?.a th? Giajita -A -aippf-d their inttrivorough rivals. 4-2. to take over f!rs4 plac» Irt-m ite Dodgtrs by a half pame BIT, LIKK LAST yea:, it wg.. Lockman who set ThompfC'h The 25-)-car-old UrBX baseman drew a v.-aik in the first inning and rode '. In ahead ol Thomsons bonier. Ke ^ walloped a tOO-foot triple in tbe) third and crossed the p'.tt-e o--:, Thomson's WO-foot t)r. Tbcr. be 1 iced the pame in the ftfti z home run into the right fsejd jo&s- i ds. his fifth of the »caKm. Whltey aOso starred is. the Tifjt. accepting^ a doien chances ti-itijcr-jt a miscue. He has made ojJr cue trror in 334 clianc«» this ^*aBO!;. "He's the most improred player in the game. " eutbost-d hj.^ i^r^aca- gtr. Lieo Durochcr. *Td jay that ^ TCXT to the fuo cf d ;»c -OT »r!cg • h -. ^prttri htw there's Ir'.-tsir.i: core satiffyihi: to Ite ^ thai f.rd:ce t C€» way to jerte ati c:d fai .•rite. j Take C-T c .:d fnead seat loaf,' for eiarr,;.;* Baked iti a rlnf Bo!4. | frcslKj "i'ii t-iHr Slished potatoes i and C€^»-l with r<?ld»- carrcts • ssd pale tr «a n tates oa rihtr sir* tt ;tt Un it tar itnTf its ererrtiaT app^arasrt S -aaeicw. tcr d .*ii that locis ptK-i ii »sr< t« tiste eren better lian it loots Try this meat loaf riO|; aad yoall tee what we tneaa! There's cae old stihi-br. thD ;;sh. tiuit most of OS prefer ttsrhazgeC. W« Ifte ow ccSe* Jtjst the sase, rrcry tia« — trtshly tnade. piplaj , hot and with or 'withoot cream aad ' Ktear, Meordlfig 10 taste. It 's op to Ibt homFTDaXer to learn bow to br«w coSee so that it is s>ff°ays as ^Torful and delicious as only good coltee can be. Two lerel tneastsrlng ttbiespooBLi of eo9e<. or one Stand- ard CoS*e Meascre. to each three- { ysarte.'^ c' a ceiscrisi; cop ol imtij-in-r- water—those tre the ; perlect prvpo.-Uocj for each serTlot : Frosted Meat Loaf Ring J Itj prowiuS berf V cup grciei jmion 1 cup i>reoi fmwt* ntp tlrc^j coftc i cwpt >••'>} mo4He4 potatott Cocked ttma leant and ecrrpfs Coabine b»ef. oalon. bread tracibs. coiTe*, salt and pepper; bleed weU. Pack UghUy Into cres»«d ^inch rixxg mold. Ba^«> Is aoderata oven. SSO' F.. 40 tainnies. Drain off any Uqnld; inTert ring on senr- Ing platter. Quickly "froet" with hot masted poUtoea. Fill ceDt«r with cook«d. seasotted Tegetablea, Sprinkle with paprika end dot with butter or margartoe. Serre at osoc Makes C to 8 senriitga. latared In Accident. Mrs. Rob Elsenbast and Mrs. Joe S%>ift t-isited w-ith Mr. and Mrs. Karl Spies at Memorial hospitaJ in Emmetsburg, Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Spies are hospitaJ jia- tients as a result of a car accident on the prerious Wednesday. rjfht now he's as g'..od a f)<-ld<r a--, Gil Hodges of the DodkM-is." i £X OTHEJB .National l-at-ui z'i.m- M. the Chicago Cuhs blujik/d thv St- Louis Cards, S-0. to solidily their boid on third plao-. Bob Ktis.r. pitched a six-hitter to i-Kis- ts-r hi* fjxlh 'victorj'. ! Ralph Kin*-r B^ummed a thre*--' tun his fourth rour.d-tnp 1 p^r of tne \-ear and hi^ second in , t-*-o davf, Uj lead the PittsbiiJi-h | P;rat'-5 to a 6 -3 victory ( ver the'. Citicinnstti P.cds Electric Shavers for Dad's Comfort on his day, June 15 ^ Remington ^ Sunbeam • Schick and up Boone Jewelry In the American Iracue. the Boston Red Sox thrushcd the New Vtjrk Yankee.-.. 6 -.i. as Don Len- kardt drovfr w tlve runs with a thr'-'-ruD horoir <ind » two-ruii double. * • * SID HVDSON pitched and batted the Washington Senators to a triumph over the Philadelphia AthkticF. Hud.Hon allowed nine hits and helped win his third game by diivini: in two runs. Biily Pierce picked up a pair of virtoricK as the Chicago-White Sox s^-.eept two pamcs from the St. LiOU- 1.^ Erowrip, 30-5 and 6 -2. The first game was the completion, of th= .••uspended game- of April 20. Kerce was touched for nine hits in the rciruiation gumo but notched his fcurth win ajrainst as many losses. P .iijn washed out a scheduled .-^ijt'ht ^-aroe between the Boston Ernvcs .TJtid Phillies in Philadelphia. Cleveland and Detroit were not .-.clieduled. Itf-turn from ArixotUL Andy and Miss Bertha Axelton have returned from a winter's sojourn in Arizona. We«-kend >l»Hor. Jo Ann Flannegan, student a; lo'wa State Teachers college in Cedar Falls was a weekend \-isltor in the parental Francis Flannegan home. SeUs aothing Storet. Mai Baumg'artner sold hia mens furnishings store to Sanford' Olson last week and has gone to Minneapolis for major Burywr •which was performed Taeaday of this week. Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Olson came from Los Angeles, Calif., for a three weeks' -vacation and now will reside here. They are former Gractting-er business people. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs, 'W. C. Olson of Graettinger. They will* reside in the Arnold Henningsen home. Th? Henning^ens will move to the A D. McWilliams residence which was sold last week. Home from Ort^on, Mrs. Roy Masters returned from Albany, Ore, Friday where she had spent the past several months. Her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. El wood Erlckson, formerly of EstherviJle, live there. The Weather Mystery About Rexh Solved Okl.-ihomn City. May 27 (.-Pi—For a while it looked like City jail cells h.-i<) turned into Cells. But the mystery is .solved, says In^poctor Roy Bergman. Communi.-it pamphlets found in several celL-i made authorities sus- jijciou.s. But they discovered, after days of investigation, thut the pnmphlet.s had boen seized several yeiirs aiio and stored Ht the jail Ji-s evidence against a political group. Trusties, Berirman .said, apparently unaware of what they wore hantllinK. removed the literature vvnii pussoil it urounri when carpenters remodeled a storeroom. Complete Household Sale As my lease w-iU e.<pire soon I ui)) .sell I he foUowiiiK at Public Auction, The property is located al 312 N. 6th St. 11'.; blocks north of po-stofficc) in EstherviUe, Saturday, May 31 1:30 p. m. Dinettt" Set with (our rhuirs Kenmorc, Gas Kange, with (Lmcr Phllco 7-{oot Refrigerator, with the top freezi'r Gate-leg Tabic Oil-burning Space lleater Alaytag Wa.shing Machine, with alutn- inum tub 9 X 12 Alexander Smith Car]>et, with pad 8 X 10 Wool Kug Studio Coueii S-piece Sectional Daven[«)rl—blue Overistuffetl Clialr Kenmoro Tank TJ-JM; \'acuum tl<'auer, with all attachments UooU C 'jiM' Platform RocUcr Uoeking Chair Chest of Drawers Betl and Spring Three luimpx Smoking Slam) Clotju's U'Anii>er Large Uab.v Crib Card Tablr Two End Talik\% ad .\ 30 inch IJnied Oak LeoiKild Ishtnd Tjpe Desk, with glass top D. D. Gilbertson AUCWONEKIIS' NOTE: Most of this furniture has been purchased within the last three years and is of e-xceptional)y good quality. If interested It >viU pay you to atend this sale. Foahier & fiunu, AucUoaecrs Kuuuet County State Btutk, Clerk OFFICIAl. TKSrPERATCBES Ma-ximum yesterday: 85 Minimum last night: 54 TODAY'S WEATHER 8 a. m.—^Xoon Temperatures: 5g 65 Wind, direction: NW WNAV Wind, velocity: 7 8 Barometer: 29.72 29.72 IOWA FORECAST Mostly cloudy and cooler northwest, showers an^ turning colder central and .southeast this afternoon, scattered thunderstorms southeast in late afternoon. High today 65 northwest, 7S to 80 southeast. Partly cloudy and cooler tonight, preceded b.v showers along Mississippi river (his evening. Wednesday fair, cooler. South and central and in e.xtreme east, Lo'w tot- night 40 to 45 northwest to around 50 southeast. High Wednesday mid-fiO's. Further outlook: Fair and coo\ Thursday. IOWA FTVK-DAY ODTLOOK Temperatures will average 2 to 5 dcjrrces below normal. Cooler 'Wednesday. No marked temperature changes thereafter. Rainfall will average one-fourth to one-half inch In showers today and in the eastern portion tonight and again Saturday or Sunday. Normal high 75 north, 79 south; normal low 51 north, S6 south, MINNKSOTA FORECAST Fair south, some cloudiness nor- .th portion tonight, a few light showers or snow flurries along the northern border and in northeast Cooler with scattered light frost west, Wednesday fair and cool. Low tonight 38 to 44 west, 41 to 47 east. High WednesdaySS to 80 north, 60 to 65 south. FBI Joins Search for Bank Bandit De« Moines. May ?T C?»i—The ffderal bureau of investigation has joined the search for the gray-haired bandit who robbed the Central National Bank and Trust Co. here of about J15.000. The man. described as about 66 or 60 and wearing a white shirt, dark trousers and a graj- felt hat yesterday handed teller Paul. Mari-in, 21, a sack and a note, which told Mark-in to put bills of up to S50 deoomiz^ion in the sack. 4: 4: * TItE XOTE SAID the bandit •was wanted for murder and threat- cnt >d to kill Marvin "and half a dozen like you" if any alarm was sounded. LocaJ authorities sent the note to the FBI laboratories In "Waih- Ington for handwrtUng anal}-sis and other tests. The FBI also sent out an alarm to all large midwest cities and adjoining states. The man •walked out with the sack full of currency before an 'Vone iH-sides Marvin knew what was happening. Not a word was spoken during the robbery. * • • DES MOIXES authorities said the case had all the earmarks of a tough one. Some men with known criminal records were quesUoned, but were not held. Although the bandit asked for bills up to $50 denomination. Mar\-in did not put any 50s in the sack. AbuiJt $12,000 in bills of larger denomination were In the teller'"! cage at the time of the robbery, but the bandit did not get them. Evans Begins His Helicopter Campaign Jaunt Davenport. la. May 27 tsn—Us­ ing Davenport municipal, airport as a stepping off spot. Kenneth Evans, contender for the Republican nomination for Iowa governor, took off early today in a helicopter on a three -day tour of lo^wa's small towns. Evans arrit-ed shortly after 8 a. m. in a private plane and was met at the airport bv Dan Davis, Galesburg. 111., his helicopter pilot. After a short visit with Scott county Evans for Governor boosters, they took off at 8:30 a. m. for MonUcel- lo %»-here the helicopter landed in a roped-off secUon on the main street The three -day novel air trip will cover almost 500 miles which •will include stops in about 30 towTis, weather permitting. The Ught schedule calls' for an average of 10 stops per day. In most of the towns, the helicopter will land in downtown park ing lota, baseball fields and lots to caable Evans supporters to get a good look at their candidate. Evans Indicated he is making this trip '"just to meet the people" because the tight schedule doesn't, allow much time for any extensive campaign speeches. * ARMSTRONG Ladies Bowling League Ends Its Season BY VERA IIEATIIMAN The Armstrong Ladies Bowling lea^e ended Its season with a smorgasbord and business meeting Monday evening at Roy and Kl- Bie's near Fairmont The party included the married ladles' bUR- baad« and there were 70 present TaM« decorations were flowers with greenery and bowling pin candle* and place cdrds. The flowers were later presented to Mrs. Frank Snyder, the retiring president. Officers elected for next year are: Mrs. W. E. Teeter, president; Mrs. James Pfell, vice president; Rlt» Wels. secretary; Mildred Jensvold, treasurer and Mrs. Guy Woods, sergeant-at-arms. Checks 'were given each team, the amount depending on the number of games won. The following were awarded prices: Farm Bureau team, high score; Mrs. Clifford Rasmussen, higii three-game series; Mrs. George H>-pes and Mrs. Guy Woods "20(r club; Mrs. Effner Opsol, raised average most; Alice Bcrvin, lowest game of year. ComnioiH'cinciU Than l/siuil . yiooniMbiir),', Pa., Miy 27 .V - Commeiicenunt e.\ .i a t Bloom«lmrK .State Teueluiri oollege were n HUU' Uii\K>'>- tluin liail t)een planned. Author .Suloni Klnzk of New York was the ."lehediiled spealior for the affair yesterday, ll«w/<v- er, hi.s hUH WUH delayed by a flush flood. Bloomshurg Tenohers' president, Dr. Hiirvey A. Andre ,H .s, started the exercises on lime, When it hecnnte evident that Rlnzk would be late, Dr. Andre .SM a .sked n mrnilier of the «clioor.s lioard of triiKtees, Victor C, Dlehm, to dike over. nichm, owner of Hazleton, l'n„ radio .itiilion WA'/L, delivered an Impromptu addrns.s. As he finished and the crowd prepared to go home, in walked Rinzk. There w'lia only one thing to do. Dr, AndresH introdureil Ihc scheduled speaker-,-uid everyone sat down fi^raln. Preibyterian Women Meet The Presbyterian Ladies League and Missionary society met Thurs day aftenwKJn at the church. Mrs. George Vandenburgh conducted the devotional period. She chose the scripture reading from the book of Psalms and the hymns and meditation added to the thought of the Fatherhood of God and his conataat care and provision for all peoples of the earth. Mrs. T. S. Manoe gave the lesson cm the study of Latin America which related to Brazil. Reports concerning Algona Prcs- bj,-t«rial were given by Mrs. De •WJtt GnisslniTi Mrs. Ray McKcan and Mrs. T, E. Haworth. Mrs. Haworth presided during the btiainess session. Mrs. A. N. Hansen reported on the White Cross work and plans were discussed for the fall rally of Presbytcrial. Mrs. UHian 'Van Duzer was given special recognition in observance of her Slst birthday anniversary which •was that day. Hostesses were Mrs. J. 'V. Burk- bead, Mi«. Martin Anderbcrg, Miss Titlie Carlson, Mrs. Earl Mclntire and Mrs. MarUn Rovn. Tea was served from an attractively decorated table centered with a bowl of tulips, Mrs. Alex Orr poured. Pink-eyed Hen Sets Record Cud worth. Eng.. May 27 (;P)—Prolific pink-eyed hen named Jennifer had Britons claiming a new world's record today—10 eggs in leas than one hour. Jennifer's owner, farmer Charles Rogers, said she hadn't produced an egg for days and looked "a bit off color" so he brought her into the house yesterday and mauie her comfortable In front of the fire. Then things began to happen. The eggs came popping out at five- minute intervals. Charlie got worried and summoned tn:o neighbors and thie viUige postman to stand by. The Royal society for the prevention' of cruelty to animals declared that by all rightfr Jennifer should have died of perltonlUs and sent a \-eterlnary to look her over. The vet said she seemed to be doing fine and her output looked like a record to them. -' A SIX-LETTER WORD THAT MEANS SECURITY: Regular saving i| the ,^ surest way to create Ji< comfortable cash reserve— a fund on which )ou vtux draw when emergencies arise. For your own security tnd that of your ImnJlys • open a savingi «oooimt here and add something to it each and every time you are paidT 2% Interest, Payable Semi-Annually Ipwa Trust & Sovin^s Bank ' Your DeiMMlts Insured up to $10,000 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Adams were week-«nd ^ests of Dr. and Mrs. C J. PUth at Yankton, S. D. Mr. and Mrs. All^n D. Burt of Minneapolis spent the week cnt" •with Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ander berg. Jo Ann RasmuBscn, daughter of the R £V. and Mrs. H. E. Rasmussen, wiU graduate May 30 from Augustana academy, Canton, S. D, Mr. and Mrs, Andrew Wilson of Hayti, S. D., sp«nt Friday and Saturday visiting Mr. and Mrs. I. E Holvereon. FOUnCAL ADVERTIgEMKttT >;.•>^..-..n„ .nvv... IhtUv News 'men., *o ^^^^ .Southern Arabia ha» alraoct na human inhabitant* The REXALL Drug Store TRr-OGEN Rose Spray A 3-way treatment in one applicatioii IST" $1.49 Tri-ogen Dust 85c Rose Food Tri-ogeB 5 lbs. 98c lUfklkeanied A real ciianner-this liaen shoe styled wdth a delicacy in its slim young lines. Newsworthy becauw it combines the newest in summer beauty with Air Step's porfect St and the stepping comfort of the Magic Sokk $1095 YOU Slir OM Alt POLmCAi ADVERTl »elHa »T. To the Voters of Emmet County This is the final week before Monday's Primary Election and 1 want to thank all those wlio have been working in my behalf for nomination to the office of Sheriff on the Republican ticket. Let us all double our efforts for the remainder of the week. You have demonstrated your intercHi in }j;ood government in Emmet county and nothing should be h;ft undone lo further this interest. In your county you have the opportunity to know the type of candidate you want in office — hiK honesty, reliability, integrity, hi» morals and his past record a.s a citizen. As one of the candidates for Sheriff on the Republican ticket 1 welcome a check of my past recor<l. If nominated and elected I will comluci the office of Sheriff in s^5||^manner a^ to bring it ut» to the high slamlurds of the olh- er ojfficwJia tlie county courthou.stt. 11 ^iecM my servic? lo^ho county will demonstrate my sincw^w ily when I say. Your Vote Will Be Appreciated MAC, LOGAN Rei^iiiiWc^n .candidate fo, sheriff Veteran of World War I

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